Crafting, Cursors, Clothes and Caves

Walls on Walls

You may have noticed that previously you could only build a wall on a foundation or a floor. This meant that if you built a staircase going up the side of a wall you couldn’t really build a second wall on top. Well, now you can build walls on top of other walls.. which means you can potentially build warehouse sized buildings.

Lock Item

Last week we added the lock and key system. The lock was automatically added to each door. This week we decided that his should be more modular. Doors should exist, then locks should be added to them. This allows us to have different types of locks in the future.

So now the lock is a craftable item, which you equip in your belt bar, aim at a door and use. This system is pretty raw right now, and will get a lot more refined over time.

Crafting Menu

The crafting menu has been rounded off. It now has lots more categories down the left hand side.

And when you hover over an item it will show the ingredients.

We’re not done here, but it’s good enough for now. We’ll review this UI periodically as we add more items, and when you don’t get all blueprints automatically (research etc).

Cursor UI

We added a new UI system this week. You’ll now get a tooltip when you look at stuff you can use. There’s 3 main tooltips right now.

This one shows when there’s only one action. Pressing use now does that action straight away instead of popping up a menu.

Secondly, this one shows when there’s an item you can pick up. Seeing what the item is before you pick it up is pretty useful :)

Thirdly, this one shows when you’re looking at an item that has multiple options, which will open a menu when you use it.

This makes doing things in the game feel a lot more polished. Also, don’t worry.. this whole design is kind of placeholder right now – we’ll hopefully be updating that in the near future.


I fixed players being censored even if you had trousers on.. and I added an option to toggle censorship (censornudity 1 in console). Censorship is now disabled by default.

It’s a dick, get over it.

Frames on Frames

You can’t place frames on frames anymore, in certain conditions. This means you can’t completely build a base out of frames and then run around building it anymore. You need to place foundations, build them, then place the wall frames on top.

This seems like one of those things that makes perfect sense and I imagine everyone will agree with, but inevitably ends up being cited as the single reason someone is going to stop playing Rust.

Clothes Slots

Clothes slots now work.. so you can’t wear 5 pairs of trousers anymore. The slot system has been designed with the future in mind. It uses bitmasks, and can have multiple layers. Right now we have two layers, under and over.

You can see how the clothes are configured here.

Real Armour

I implemented Tom’s Metal Chest Plate this week. It stops bullets killing you. Because it’s made out of metal.

Clothing with actual uses really excites us, so expect more of this kind of stuff in the future.

View Distance

We increased the network view distance dramatically. For those that don’t understand the premise.. entities are only sent over the network if you’re near to them. Because it would be a waste of time sending the information about a player running around if he’s 4 miles away from you and there’s no possible way you can interact.

This distance is now much much further. This means that when you look into the distance you can now see trees, buildings, fires, players, resources, animals.

Client Performance

The view distance has has a huge affect on client performance. This is something we’re aware of, and something we’re slowly fixing.

A lot of this stuff is stuff we’d need to fix eventually anyway – so it’s a great stress test.


Andre has implemented caves! They’re not fully procedural yet, they use the monuments system (which was discussed last week). We’re just making sure that the whole terrain clipping stuff works right now.


A lot of items have been updates with blueprints, so they’re now craftable. Skulls have been added. Animals now drop cloth, so sleeping bags etc are now craftable.

Torch Model

Paul concepted a new torch. Third time lucky -right?

And Dan has started work on modelling it. I think this is on the right track this time.

Howie’s Concepts

Howie has been concepting building parts. These image contain the Rust logo. This is so you don’t assume we’re making concept art for another game and posting it on our Rust Trello and in our Rust devblog. Please don’t assume that every image you see on this website without a Rust logo is for another game.

Meg’s Concepts

Meg has been drawing meat. She’s been exploring the idea of making meat models that describe which animal they’re from.

We’re also looking at making helmets and masks. We want masks to obscure your vision when you’re wearing them, so we’re trying to find an interesting design for that.

She also did an in-depth sleeping bag concept. The following image is a concept for Rust (if in any doubt please observe the Rust logo).

Unity 5

We’re working on moving over to Unity 5. We’re hoping to have done this by this time next week.

Before everyone gets excited, an engine upgrade doesn’t automatically make everything look and perform ten times better. So please don’t expect things to change, at all.

That said Unity 5 comes with things we desperately need. A 64bit edition means we don’t have to close and re-open the editor to avoid crashing with out of memory errors. The PhysX update in Unity5 means that we’re no longer limited to 65,000 collider objects – which means that servers won’t need to be wiped anywhere near as often. The PhysX update brings faster physics too – I’m hearing more than twice as fast from a lot of people.

There are other nice things. The physically-based shader means we don’t have to write our own custom shaders for a lot of things. SpeedTree support should mean that we have the best looking and performing trees in the game industry.

These things aren’t something you just switch on and Unity5 only entered beta 2 days ago, so don’t expect this stuff to happen over-night. But things should get a lot more interesting.


A lot of loose ends this week. A lot of work on the item admin website. New items, blueprint fixes. All good.

Next week is going to be about transitioning to Unity 5. Anything else will be a bonus. Unity5 is in beta but the big man has given us the go ahead, and we’re in development.. so it makes sense. It’s what we would do if we weren’t in early access. So expect crashes, expect unresponsive servers. We’re developing.




    jonowibbs “Since” and “killed”. I get what you meant, but what you wrote is something different.


    DustinFibsPerry So wait.


    RainFazed Pickstar deafjimmy Aight. High school, right. Age, wrong. Serge, right. Studied, wrong. I am so scared. Some kid with access to google is gonna come tickle my butthole. 1v1 faggot


    Hypnotoad1998 bravehart161 Yeah, Maybe even implementing sheilds and javelens for close quaters combat. Even adding horses instead of the planned cars would be awseome. I can just imaging ten guys charging on horseback into a group of naked noobs and spearing them to death, then taking their chicken.


    bravehart161 Exactly, id prefer more focus on melee combat such as the bone knife they are adding / added, i want guns to be very uncommon, i have played rust to the point where it takes less than an hour to set up from scratch and actually make a gun never mind how quickly you can sometimes find them, i just want more of a transition between a stone hatchet and a silenced m4 with a holo sight.


    Hypnotoad1998 I like this idea! It would make getting guns far harder and players would learn to rely on other weapons. It would also stop bloody ten year olds with shotguns blowing me to smitherines.


    Garry if your reading this please consider adding some more non gunpowder related weapons to the game. While it’s fun to use a machine gun to tear up your best freind’s naked body I would like to see some other weapons too. How about slingshots that can be loaded with clay jars full of pitch so when it impacts a wall the sticky tar goes all over it, next fire a flaming arrow or throw a torch and hey presto! Your enermy’s fortress of wooden security just became a flaming death trap, or a Barbeque if you have cannabalistic tendancies. This would also encourage the use of stone and metal building materials and give early game players a chance against the gun toting bandits. Finally maybe you could make guns harder to get, I am always annoyed by ten year olds who get a M-14 in a rad zone then kills me and takes my chicken after teabagging my body!

    Anyway I like the work so far and keep it up.


    Krael Leignheart I think there is something wrong with you Krael, you are incapable of having an adult conversation and can literally bring nothing to a conversation or an argument. So unless you have more to say other than name calling or just saying that “your right” then you should just not type at all.


    SD01 Leignheart It said in the article that the hair and fingernails continue to grow until the glucose supply is drained to a lack of oxygen, which means the body still grows until the supply is gone, death puts a stop to it, but not immediately. Your a very rude person who did not take the time to read the article proper. So you please be a “man” and reread the article.


    So the creators do not want to introduce a map to the game.. the worlds are randomly generated and huge and players still want to be able to find their friends.
    How about being able to set a waypoint where you stand in-game and being able to set multiple waypoints that way, each waypoint a different color arrow and waypoint name you can choose yourself ..after which you can choose to turn waypoints on/off.. and share those waypoints with friends ? 

    This seams like a good idea to me, does anyone else agree?
    I hope the devs will look at this message and agree..
    I love the process sofar, keep it up!


    Leignheart Lol, your link states the following. “Death puts a stop to the supply of glucose, and therefore to fingernail growth.” And this about hair: “Once the heart stops pumping oxygen round the body in the blood, the energy supply dries up, and so does the cell division that drives hair growth.”… so with your own link, you proved you were wrong… Please be a man/woman and accept your mistake.


    Just an idea, why don’t we have the gun creation system so that when you find a box with what would be a gun in it why not make it so that you find a rifle barrel or a pistol trigger mechanism an so on, you could also make the bullet systems so much more detailed with primer recipes and case recipes to build each part of the bullet personally this would make Rust much more realistic for me but also i love where this game is going :D




    DeSyncD It think everyone wants do do that ;)


    I am really starting to get excited by all of these new ideas, features and changes which are coming to Rust. I just wish I could fast forward time and play this new world in its finished state.


    tehflamex and maybe add a head-in-bucket sound effect to the voice?


    I hope metal armor and clothing, and weapons show visible degredation.


    Leignheart If by “both right” you mean “I’m hilariously and provably” wrong, then sure.


    Pickstar deafjimmy So far i know you live in Toronto, Ontaio.. went to Silverthorn Collegiate Institute for high school.
    You are 24 years old.. you are related to Serge.. you studied accounting and finance.
    I am sure if i spent more then 5 minutes i would possibly find your address.
    Not trolling just sayyin…


    BradHeat Dont know if anyonelse has been hit with a vest or plates on in a vest but it can very well knock you out cold


    Firebeard I had missing ground too, but it seemed to happen only after alt-tab’ing out of and back into Rust client.


    disruptivexfart Like in Don’t Starve!


    Leignheart This is a common misconception. Fingernails and hair have the appearance of “growing” after death, but what is really happening is the skin and underlying flesh is sort of shriveling away, thus making certain things appear longer.


    ElijahChapman Interesting idea. Pitch was also sometimes used (basically tar) if available. Maybe these are “upgrades” that can be applied to a house after initial framing is done.


    Not trying to nitpick or anything, just a design thought. If you’re going to use logs as a staple for building, one of the most historically prevalent methods of insulating would have been to put mud, sometimes with straw in it, in the holes between logs. This would mean that a properly built structure would not need rocks for balancing, or have gaps in the logs that can be seen through. This could be an option for players, and could have bearing on things like heat retention in the structure.


    kwich Gary, oh Gary, please don’t grant them this foolish wish. They do mean well. Alas, they know not the implications of what they ask. Imagine a shit talker talking even MORE shit, just so he can jump on the game with the tiniest penis of them all running around butt naked screaming “BEHOLD!FEAST YOUR EYES UPON MY GLORIOUS PENIS! FOR IT IS MASSIVE!” It can only bring bad things, Gary. Please, for the sake of us all, keep everyone’s penis the EXACT same size. Please, good sir.


    jonowibbs oh I thought you meant on the corpse since you said killed instead of spawned, that makes a lot more sense


    Leignheart No they don’t, you goddamn hillbilly.


    Not to take sides but beards and fingernails still grow after death.


    connor491 100% agree.


    “Since” is the key word. The longer a person lives (say a week realtime) the longer their facial hair becomes. You can then tell fresh spawns by the lack of beard


    jonowibbs why would they grow a beard if they’re dead?


    No ones saying you would go flying back but getting shot would definitely make you stumble. Bullets still carry a lot of energy. There’s a reason you need to brace your shoulder to fire a gun.


    Agree, but even so bullet proof armor would quite powerful being shot in, say the arm, should act as though there were no armor at all and it should decay in certain areas when it is shot.


    Put you gamma back to normal. Also, yea the ground should be there.


    Make this a thing. I want it.


    Shakner BradHeat  You’re telling me a bullet wouldn’t slow you down if you were running at someone? Even a fist would push you back if you were hit in the chest.
    Search “In the firing line: Watch two Italians act as human targets for gunmen”

    The guy getting shot in the chest (with a vest on) looks like he would slow down a bit if he was running at you. Bare in mind, he is firmly planting his feet and preparing for the shot, and still stumbles a bit. If he is in the middle of a scuffle, he would most definitely lose his balance enough to effect his return fire. Therefore, it makes sense to add an effect to the game to simulate this, such as camera shake or a moment of unsteady aim (with amount depending on the bullet, of course). Also, keep in mind that rifles are designed to lighten the recoil to save your shoulder. A metal plate such as the new one in Rust is only used to stop the bullet from penetrating you, not absorb much force. The person lining up the shot with his rifle firmly against his shoulder prepared to take the recoil is going to be effected by the force less than the guy taking the bullet with a metal plate on. Yes, action-equal-opposite-reaction jazz is all true, but being firmly planted and prepared to counter that force is a totally different thing. And if the person being shot is firmly planted and prepared to take the force to the chest, then he absolutely must not be moving around or aiming back at you (doubt this happens much in your Rust gunfights, right?).


    the human rib cage has the nip on the wrong side


    connor491 You got a point there :)


    Guys, don’t let me carry 1000 logs and tell me my pack weighs 65kg. Weight is never going to be realistic in this game, so just get rid of that feature in the UI.


    nico123 Both good ideas, but they’ve briefly gone over some ideas they like and want to try in the game. Compass and map has pretty much been denied, and I kind of like that. A compass would be redundant as there are no overcast days and the sun/moon are always there to figure out your direction with no effort. As for the map, by the time you crafted and explored the level to fill out your map you would (or should) know most of the map well enough. If you changed servers, or the server you were on restarted and a map regenerated, your map knowledge would be wiped out clearing the way for a fresh (and I would think fun) process of learning a strange new world. As far as adding different objects for orientation, they’ve implemented a prefab system (basic stages so far). This currently only spawn monuments, but it was stated that they would like to add structures, drops, etc. to the mix so there will be unique markers placed around the map to orient yourself.




    Give the game 6 more months and it might be fun, but for now not worth playing


    yeah a beard showing how long since person has been killed would be really cool


    GrandpaJesus NO2Upgr4d3  yes that would make sense and is very intriguing as to how it will affect you! a stun or vision loss with this would be great! especially if your with someone else who can follow it up to take someone down, there is alot of strategy and promise in this game!


    I’ve been using Unity 4.6 beta and the implement UI, it makes it so easier, it’s amazing. And it’s only the 4.6 version.
    So from my experience with this one I can see Rust improving a lot more a faster..


    Don’t you think that add some objects for orientation (like a compass or a map) and to recognize between allies can be a good idea?

    When i started playing rust, it was impossible to exactly  find a friend with only the sun to find my way… cause i really didn’t know the map.


    when it is updated at me off steam! what to do please tell me                   при обновлении раст у меня steam выключается что делать?(


    when it is updated at me off steam! what to do please tell me


    Cool but the vision obscure is meh, i think you guys should maybe have a option for that in the settings, tons of people are not going to like that, including myself.


    Will human flesh #1 be dependant on whether it’s a guy model or a female model being eaten?


    Когда будут зомби?


    A beard that gradually grows thicker and thicker would be a cool addition!

      Evil Badass

    The metal gear seems like a great idea! But, I think it would have to make the player more sluggish than if he was wearing cloth for example and if you shoot at the same spot enough times the bullet should be able to penetrate the armour.


    Shakner Caspaccio Awesome, take that hackers, fucking stick up your ass with no lube. :)


    Add volcanos please. Atleast one big volcano somewhere on the map


    Caspaccio I feel your pain, it’s alright, in legacy hackers were handled by valve anti-cheat, which was kinda crappy. Garry is handling hackers in the new version with EAC, he’s paying a company to fuck hackers right in the ass. You won’t be having the same issues when experimental overtakes legacy.

      Lord Exposition

    You should definitely add hammocks and carnivorous rabbits. Admit it: Carnivorous rabbits would be terrifying.


    BradHeat If you really wanna be realistic about these things you’d understand newtons third law, that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Which means that the amount of force a person gets from a bullet is no more than the recoil of the person shooting. So, fuck all. Movies like to pretend being hit by a shotgun will send you flying through that glass window. If you were shot really you’re probably just falling over because you know, you’re fucking dying. Watch any hunting video, no matter what the shoot an animal with, whether its a 357 fuckin magnum of any kind of shotgun. The dying animals don’t go hurdling backwards and die. They die, and fall over. Because physics.


    I could not agree more. Holy shit I hope gary reads this. Any method of varying penis size depending on how much of an ass you are would be hilarious.


    Audacity FernandoBracci u have right, i should think on it before. but the generators concept art keep my mind blowed :P


    calvinbostickcb the best idea ive seen in a few days


    It would be awesome if all the people who bought early access could get bigger penises for our character.. and all the people who talked shit on these devblogs and steam forums got smaller dicks.


    jaja4001 “Clothing with actual uses really excites us, so expect more of this kind of stuff in the future.” – Under section ‘Real Armour’
    I kind of get the vibe that this might include varied temperature buffs. Then again, he also could’ve said that without having temperature in mind at all lol. Idk.


    Tried to play experimental and got some crazy bugs. 
    The amount of resources would change depending on what part of the icon for them I would be hovering over, like it was echoing what pixel grid referance my cursor was over.
    and more importantly…the ground was missing.


    BradHeat Agreed.


    This all looks like stunning work! Can’t wait fork it! 
    But could I request one thing? 
    With all the meat models being awesome and everything.. Can they still all be called chicken!?? Leave it in just for fun! 
    It just wouldn’t feel right not getting chicken from a boar! ;)


    Since you no longer can build underwater, how about the possibility of building bridges? I think this would be a very good idea for factions and stuff like that.


    BradHeat I agree, there has to be some kind of destabilization to getting hit with weapons while equipped with armour, also depending on the weapon, the more powerful the weapon the more stumbling or what not to the body for a good balance.


    RHRushing You kinda started dark there lol


    NORWAY1 Oh god no. That thing is powerful enough as is, thanks. :P


    So… I just wanted to throw this out there. You guys have a good product, and I like Rust. I’m sensing some hostility in your tone that, when it happened to Cube World, led to an abandoned project. There are always going to be assholes and trolls. Please don’t let them get to you. I’ve noticed in at least two parts of this blog where you were very defensive, and I kind of felt attacked because I belong to the players.

    You guys are doing well, and your faithful see that. Press on, guys!


    my faith in rust is restored :P lost it at the legacy but seeing all these devblogs for the experimental i can only say, WOW!

    now 2 “ideas”, can you guys add in a “map”, and maybe even make it like the “minecraft map” that you need to create some sort of paper for a map and as you explore your “map” gets updated?

    and i hear people saying about transportation, what about being able to mount on a horse? it would be pretty awesome, go into war on a horse and your “DIY” armor and weapons

    Anyways keep up the awesome work guys :D


    Hey, just a quick suggestion towards the metal armor. I think it’s a great idea to have armor that is bulletproof, however there should be some sort of stumbling, or even falling, when the person is shot. The force of the bullet would be enough to push someone back or knock them down.


    I show it allllllllllll off, right here:



    Furrane If you want to see a game that is slowly develped, look up “the forest”

      Alistair Grant

    Hey guys, the Real Armour looks excellent! Would you consider the bullet marks staying on the metal plate? It could be an excellent way of showing near misses to friends and boasting about your war wounds and generally being a badass…

    I played a solid 11hours of this game yesterday, which I have not been able to do with another game for a long time which I think is a real testament to the bizarre wonderland you have created. Nice one.


    I hope I’m wrong and you guys are right.

    Maybe I was a little harsh, I posted this just after playing exp for the first time and was so disapointed. 

    I’ll try again in a month or two I guess.


    I dont know if this is the right place for this but since the update I just did the game crashes when trying to load on experiemental


    I love Rust and I’m particularly excited about what the future might hold.

    There is one major problem though that spoils everything for everyone. I’ve seen mass abandonment of servers and non of my friends want to play Rust anymore. I can’t really blame them. I mean, how is an honest, hardworking bandit supposed to compete against hackers?

    We all raid and get raided, that’s the game. But, when you see your hard work go up in flames from blatant cheaters using aimbot, speedhack, flymode etc, one’s love for the game fades instantly.

    Every server claims that cheaters will be caught and banned, but where is the help when you are being annihilated by hackers? If one is so lucky as to have an Admin online, it is still just your word against the cheat’s in most cases, and if you’re lucky, the culprit/s gets kicked. But then they return 5 minutes later with a different name, continuing the terror campaign with blatant disregard, and out-competing the honest gamer.

    I will not start over on yet another server anytime soon, because I know by now that it will be just the same old story all over again, no matter where I go. VAC has done nothing for me or my peers, and I sincerely hope that someone is working on a solution to this epidemic, if so, I might be back.


    This game need some forum of transportation. Taking a trip in this game takes forever and something that wood help you move fast would be great would also add a new item to craft in game that can be really hard to make Add door locks and things like that to it to protect it

    Pedal Bike
    Old Motorcycle
    Rusty Car 
    Wooden car 

    That dont even have to be really fast just something a bit faster then running is now


    GrandpaJesus Pickstar deafjimmy I’m absolutely fuming, smoke coming out of my ears that’s how anger rage mad no happy I am >:C < mf r/n


    RainFazed deafjimmy Pickstar OI, CUNT. FUCK YOU I DON’T GIVE A SHIT. That account would be public if facebook didn’t make it only to folks in T.O, rendering public useless since I only speak to americans and some europeans. My steam is Pickstar97a, my origin is something along the lines, twitter, soundcloud, instagram, all related to pickstar or my last name. You think you’re so cool finding out who I am, but I really don’t care.


    deafjimmy Pickstar Alright I guess you got a point with the back an forth. I replied on my computer and it didn’t work. Anyways. What I meant by I fixed it through magic was, I literally sat back, did fucking nothing and it started working. I also had a thing where when I clicked on favourites my legacy favourites showed up, I could try to connect and it’d crash out. I rarely use anti-viruses, at the time it happened I had avast, and it started working during my use of avast (I switched to another one). I haven’t played it in ages as it was boring after the first hour running around hacking up people for food and having the food magically cook in the campfire burning in my inventory without me placing it into the fire. That I was carrying. As it burned. Anyways, to reply to the other kind folks, like the guy that thinks I care if he knows who I am


    you should ad a sniper scope so you can use the bolt rifle at longer range


    You guys should put in a system that unturned uses were u can always see ur friends name even if there halfway across the world so this would make it easier to find them.


    tehflamex I like this idea a lot


    I think it would be a great idea if you guys had an option to build tree houses.


    Human flesh should be a viable option for clothing, masks, sleeping bags, etc. Not even trying to be funny on this one, everybody wants to be Leather Face after a hatchet massacre, and who doesn’t want some human skin sleeping bags or wall paper in their home?  This got dark really fast




    I like the idea of a safe inside someones house. This would make the raiding game infinitely more interesting rather than small loot sacks being scattered around as a way to hide valuables. Interesting idea would be what would be needed to break into said safes? Can they be booby trapped? Or will you need lock picks to break into the safes during a raid? Or when using c4 can you damage or destroy items inside? All would be interesting questions to the safe ideas.


    Also i would love to see in game weapon racks and gun lockers you can mount to your walls instead of digging through fucking crates, almost along the lines of skyrims weapon racks. pull it out put it back with ease of access. However, said weapon rack and guns can be destroyed if the wall is destroyed. Now for the gun locker idead now thats something to put a lock and key on. Make those puppies where you have to break into those. Something of these lines below would be pretty bad ass in my opinion. Tell me what you guys think.


    tehflamex I support this comment. would love to see more survival aspects and more customization to the game. i can only build so many square towers before i got insane.


    This game is almost unplayable since last update due to extreme/weird lag, hope they fix it next update.


    AndreAraujo I dont understand how pp still like ROBLOX 2.0 …


    NedPickering Leignheart calvinbostickcb thankyou for all the replies. just tossing out ideas. maybe some devs will pay attention. think about it though. the weapon crafting is kinda fucked up in this game. make an m4, yeah fucking right. A mace howerver…very possible.


    I like this idea


    Idea : going along with helmets you guys should make the front part flippable, as in when you can flip it up and down, ex. flip it up when ur chatting with friends and down when you in combat, so you vision is obscured all the time.


    Play unturned while you wait Rust to be complete


    RustRage Leignheart You’re either trolling me “saying you need something other than a potato” knowing full well i have an enthusiast pc, Or you are an idiot. Either case is not good for you. If you could not help me out with my issue then you should have kept your mouth shut. Luckily i fixed the issue, but had to completely remove windows and reinstall it. That sucks but whatever.

    p.s in the future read a comment before posting, or just stop trolling if that’s what you’re doing.


    Leignheart you need to be using something other than a potato


    Cwevans The original Rust did start of with being able to craft a rusty old car (never worked though) Little dirt buggies or go-carts would work. I can imagine them being made from shopping trollies. If anything can survive the Apocalyse, it’s a shopping trolly.


    Cwevans Procedural Map will have Factories, Rad Towns and other Structures. They will be randomly scattered. The Wolf Statues scattered about are the placeholder version of this to test it out.
    Me and my friends find eachother by looking for the biggest mountain and heading towards it.
    I think you should be able to construct a basic flare that you could  shoot up in to the sky for your friends to see. This would also be risky because ‘others’ would see it and come for you. That would be a cool game dynamic. If flares are pushing the whole basic construction theme then a rough kite would be even better :D


    jaja4001 Yep and i think heavy armor should also heave some disadvanted towards light armour to add some deeper level of tactics in the game


    Furrane “considering the speed they’re developping, I don’t see anything near a finished product in less than 2 years.”
    You are joking right? If not you are the dumbest person in the world.


    I know right


    Please add a bike or some mode transportation, I understand that motorozed vehicles are pushing it, but I would love a way to move faster.


    Cwevans ^ this




    I think you are 100% wrong(I mean no disrespect). Steam will feature them when they update. People who were torn between rust and Dayz will buy rust now because it has more to it them running for hours only to die *cough* Dayz *cough*


    SUGGESTION: the ability to spawn with you friends or find them. In the old rust map, all your friends needed to know the map very well to be able to find each other in a reasonable amount of time. But now with generated maps, god, finding your friends would be impossible.
    Maybe there should be some kind of beacon system or something along those lines.
    By the way, I love rust, this update will carry you guys to top in steam. All your hard work is much appreciated.
    Ps. Maybe not even a procedural map, maybe a pre set map. That would allow for rundown villages for looting and banditing.






    Willyboi01 Somebody, somebody, give this man a cookie. He deserves it.


    niglyncher fucking houses? I like it


    Furrane This comment has to be a joke right? At least you’ll always have Legacy with all it’s soul and all that ;)


    Dude, they’ve done so much the passed two months. Once all the ground work is done (I estimate 5 weeks, optimistically, 10 weeks worst case), it’s all gravy from there.


    Just tried the experimental branch, having played 200+h on legacy Rust.
    I find it both beautiful and cheap. Beautiful because you can’t argue it’s a graphical update from old Rust, cheap because I just look so empty, soul-less.
    It’s more that unfinished, It lacks something I can’t describe what it is but man I hope they’ll do something about it. And considering the speed they’re developping, I don’t see anything near a finished product in less than 2 years.
    Thing is, now that most people interested in the game already bought it, they won’t get any extra money, and I fear they won’t work a lot on this, and we’ll end up with some half done product like there’s so many in the gaming industry.
    Sad :/


    You should add a yell button (Distance increased) and a Whisper button (Secret and short distance) for voice chat


    Audacity Alarick666 Theres already a small amount of servers that have coded in booby traps that players can construct. I believe they call them bouncing bettys to be exact, but the other traps and defenses would be a excellent idea allowing the defender more options that a room to room battle scenario.


    RobertRyding Yeah I got that, tried reloading the game which didn’t work. Next small update and it was working again.
    This has happened before, I wouldn’t be too concerned.


    Shakner Leignheart I think it’ll be a trade off thing… Metal helmet, protects against bullets, butg partially obscures vision.

    Me personally, playing a lot of FPS games will be running without a helmet. I can’t wait to learn the difficult weapon/weapon recoil system and then to master it.


    sagron Rei0 War Wolf Jack Source?


    Firebeard I thinkl that would already be on the cards.


    jaja4001 I think they may very well do this. The environment is a large part of the survival mechanic and if they’re creating snow regions, I dare there will be varying temperatures requiring different clothing to stay warm/dry.

    Can’t wait for rain to be added!


    Alarick666 I love the idea of boats and sailing, but you wouldn’t want to go too in depth. A complex naval system is a game in itself!
    Love love love the idea of fishing, which I think they’ve already confirmed? Finding rare, vanity items would also be amazing!

    War paint, tattoos and clan colours is a good idea too. Anything visual to distinguish players is a great idea. If you see that red claw clan guy running at you from a mile away, you’ll know to start running in the opposite direction!

    Booby trapping and food spoilage are already confirmed. Multiple methods of preservation would be cool.

    I think at least one of the devs would go through these comments each week, so I bet they’ll see your suggestions. A few things you mentioned are already being implemented, the only thing that I think can’t happen is an advanced naval system.


    Sammeh Yell button? Would that like just increase the distance of your voice chat?


    i think getting shot in the chest that close should have some sort of effect. Like idk you get knocked back a bit. real gunshots have force behind them.

    also havnt heard anything about my “yell button” being added yet!? c’mon it is an amazing idea!


    A more in depth system with temperature should be implemented. I want to see disadvantages and advantages to wearing a specific type of clothing. I feel like it’s way too easy to keep warm.


    Hey, amazing work so far. Here’s some of my suggestions for the future.

    1) Add a naval system which includes a complex, realistic sailing system, fishing (with rare treasure finds), and pirate warfare on the open sea (with cannons!). I guarantee you, this would make the game SO much more fun. I hate gazing hopelessly at the open sea knowing I can’t really enjoy it.

    2) Add war paint, tattoos, scarification, or other tools of self customization such as adding a variety of different fur clothing types which depend on whatever animal you skinned. I like the whole theme of humans returning to primitive, clan based social structures and adopting specific cultural practices.

    3) Elaborate booby trapping and home defense systems. Attackers in a siege should be severely disadvantaged, just as they are in real life. And to counter this, add food spoilage and food preservation system including salt, smoking, or caring for domesticated animals so that it is possible for an attacking clan to set up temporary siege bases around the target base, and attempt to starve the defenders out.

    Thanks for reading, and please everyone like so the dev team can hear my suggestions!


    They should call this game evolution and then allow us to start as cavemen and then evolve our way to modern day weapons and metal fucking houses.


    If I see a guy in a full iron man armor suit I’m done *whooshes into kitty infested space*


    I’m having a problem with experimental, if anyone can help me, please do. Basically when I try to launch from steam it says Rust Launcher Error: LoadingError – Driver initialization failed (40010004). well to get around that problem I launch the game from the exe in the folder, but when I get in game I cannot stay in a server for more than 10 seconds before getting disconnected. I’m actually getting very frustrated. Also I can play any game max settings including legacy rust just fine and dandy.

    windows 8.1 x64
    i7 3930k
    gtx 690 340.52 drivers
    32gb ram@2400mhz

    if any other info is needed just ask and I will tell.


    Make A Bandana Mask Or A Bandit Mask Type Helmet


    make an iron man mark 1 armor set XD that would be cool


    was thinking that the moss on rocks would be for navigation …seeing as moss grows on north side of rocks it points us north , but using this logic the sun seems to rise in the west … confused


    Pickstar deafjimmy Pickstar’s so mad lol. You guys need another hobby.


    Audacity Leignheart AlexGarzke Plz remove stone hatchet plz too OP i die everytim to bandit wit ston hatcet and it mak me crryyy


    Any idea when ragdoll physics will be in any way usable?? Im looking forward to being able to throw my friend out a window and squash someone…


    Will the  PhysX update in unity effect my ability to run the game? I am running AMD hardware. Also if you somehow answer this question, any plans in the far off future to support SLI, Crossfire?  Thank you in advance.


    Audacity PR8G4M3R games44ksa Dunebuggys made from steel pipes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Audacity Leignheart AlexGarzke that would make this game suck…hell no!




    Long Live the Legacy Branch xD


    FernandoBracci Bro, calm down. 
    I think weapons should be the last thing they start adding, especially since C4 is an end game item. I’d rather them get all the basic bulding/crafting/gameplay elements in place first.


    PR8G4M3R games44ksa I agree, cars would be very hard to implement and even harder to balance.

    I think small capacity (125cc?) motorbikes could work. Mostly because you could be easily heard and then shot off your bike.


    ColonelPoop “reinvest in the brand and not just the product.”
    Well said.


    rambo070 games44ksa some sort of makeshift dune buggy would do well. Maybe only have 2-3 on a server though


    PR8G4M3R Leignheart calvinbostickcb Crude medieval weapons fashioned from existing real world items I can agree on. For example, a wooden mace with nails for spikes, maybe a flail using some chain and scrap metal. 
    I do NOT agree, however, with swords. Wouldn’t feel right in Rust to have a guy coming at you with a sword. And the real world time to create a sword vs looting or creating something from scrap is MUCH longer, and therefore much less realistic.

    As I’ve mentioned previously I think military grade weapons and ammunition should be pick up only. Low quality weapons and ammunition should be craftable.

    The damage between the two shouldn’t be too much, but rather accuracy/recoil.


    Leignheart calvinbostickcb Medievil weapons and modern weapons would work well together


    All the helmets are great. There should be customisable clothing in the menu, so that you can choose to have your leather jacket different to others, you can choose what your helmets look like. Same goes for houses and stuff. That would be really cool. That way everybody won’t be the same.


    Leignheart enyeart30 As above, I think a 1 second stun/immobilize would work well, just enough time to chamber another round, but not long enough to take aim.


    AlexanderLaheij Great idea, especially since it would super irritating if you shot someone in the back and without flinching, they turned around and shot you. 
    I think a 1 second stun/immobilize would work well, just enough time to chamber another round, but not long enough to take aim.


    Leignheart AlexGarzke Also, can you remove radiation and cold? Maybe hunger too? Bullets are also OP. Rock is OK.


    Sorry, it was my mistake. I was using the following command in the lauch options of Rust: -force-d3d11
    I removed that, and now works perfectly!


    There´s any way to fix the constant FPS drops experimented in the procedural map?


    Whenever I launch Rust Experimental on Ubuntu 14.04, the whole window goes purple, but still maintains background sounds as you would expect for the menu. Noting else happens, only choice is to quit the game. 

    Please look into this!


    Leignheart Mudkypp I don’t think you have to be happy about it. I just think you should know what you’re getting yourself into when you buy something that is so early in development. I used my example as an extreme. The fact of the matter is that they are updating this game faster than any other early access game I’ve ever purchased. Which, if you know anything about game development, is pretty impressive. You don’t have to like the game, but please don’t be like the people on here spewing misinformation about the game never getting updated. That’s simply not true. 

    If you are confused about what this game is going to be, I will clear it up for you. You will build a home, fill it with resources, try to protect it, and eventually fail. That’s rust.


    AlexGarzke Just letting you know, if you navigate using the sun then 9 times out 10 you will meet up with your friends


    MagicStyle Leignheart Whoa whoa whoa, calm down, I said i meant no offense. I thought thick walls idea was lame, but like the safe idea. please do not take offense.


    Hey Garry,

    Will you add a mechanic that will allow us to play with friends?
    I know that theoretically you can, but I think it is nearly impossible to find each other in a procedural map.
    My suggestion would be an ingame-friendlist. When you join your friend, you will spawn in his proximity.



    Leignheart Dude, that was my only idea i ever had for rust and you say most of my ideas are lame :D ? I don’t understand you. A safe should be craftable but cost much ressources and also need like 10 – 20 c4 to be destroyed (depending on the quality).


    If you can in the future add player designs it would be a lot better, seeing the same people over and over again make the game feel strange.


    i like the 5th helmet the best

    i hope it makes it into the final


    Reverend0120 ColonelPoop labrat611 andreherberth itzclarkey23

    True. I might have generalized somewhat. It was more aimed at giving advice on how to find a server with higher quality admins, not to look down on those non community servers that have good admins. 

    Then again, those small servers, if they the quality is good enough, combined with enough PR often turns into a community in the end anyway. 

    Personally I run a community called OurGaming, and while we mainly host Arma server, we never start up a new server without having good, trustworthy admins to back it. We also have systems in place to report admin abuse, and we investigate any such claim.

    At the moment we are recruiting admins for our take on Rust :)


    Pickstar deafjimmy 
    yeah I know you’re trolling but the longer this back and forth goes on the more likely garry, or someone from the Dev team, is to see it. Anyways, I have tried reinstalling it and that failed as well.
    My issues are these: Legacy version works just fine, but for some reason I can’t play experimental. Now I’ve researched the forums and found several people having trouble with experimental servers not showing up as well and they usually had bitdefender installed so I tried the solutions they offered. None of them worked though. Pretty much I launch rust experimental and the pretty wolf pops up and when I hit play I see the place where the servers to log on to should be, but there are none there.


    deafjimmy Pickstar Oh damnnnnn, shots firedddddddd
    And you, my sir, ~stupid~. 
    Yeah. You’re stupid, unce unce, you’re stupid, yeahhhhh
    you’re stupid, unce unce, you’re stupiddddddd wooooo.
    Did you know that once you payed for a product, and you uninstall it, you can do a magical thing called—- wait for it—-

    Also I guess I’m gonna have to make it more obvious than it already is. I’m a bored teenager. I’m doing a real shoddy job at trolling you, you wankface. Now I had issues with my rust that I fixed through magic.
    What exactly are your issues. How does it not work. What happens, is it only with experimental? Cus experimental is real fucked r/n and I couldn’t play it for ages.


    Pickstar deafjimmy I’m sorry you’re so ugly that you’re filled with hate for everyone.
    Garry does read a lot of the comments on the forums and here as well. Seeing as there are only about 200 or so comments, I don’t see why he wouldn’t notice mine. I’ve tried everything short of uninstalling the anti virus because I refuse to do that since I paid for it. Seems stupid to pay for an anti-virus if you have to uninstall it to play for a game you paid for. I have seen this problem for many other people on the facepunch forums.




    deafjimmy Pickstar OH LIKE THEY READ ALL THESE COMMENTS, DUMBASS. I’m just commenting to call you a dumbass, because a twelve year old that just figured out the wonders of internet porn- yes, a child wanker- could figure out that it isn’t an issue Facepunch will help you with through the comments, and that you’re supposed to send them an e-mail or two, with pictures of the error. Also, anti-viruses don’t just “turn off”. Have you tried uninstalling it? And another thing, is your firewall even open for this ONLINE ONLY game? You have to check everything. Network settings, steam settings, uninstall the anti-virus. Only then do you ask the devs for a problem only you seem to be having because if it wasn’t only you it would have been fixed cus they care when there’s more than one wanker. 
    Anyways xoxo
    Love you babe, hope you have a nice wank
    Try pornhub, great selection of gay porn just for you <3 <3 <3


    Pickstar deafjimmy what are you talking about? I paid for this antivirus, it works with every other game I have. Ergo, it should work with this one as well. I have tried turning it off and it still didn’t work. I have tried googling a “work around” and none of them worked. Why are you defending them from fucking over one of their customers? I’m pretty sure they are old enough to not need others to defend them.


    deafjimmy Hey, dumbass, turn off bitdefender and get avast or something, or google a work around. They’re not gonna fucking fix the issue for every specific antivirus. Dumbass


    Leignheart PR8G4M3R calvinbostickcb if you are in the mountains, plains, caves or in a forest where no shit of civilization is left and all you have is some knowledge and a rock, so go on and make out of dirt a sniper gun that is totally accurate. watch the previous posts about selfmade guns etc. Ak-47 the Tommy gun, they might look like this, destroyed, broken and fixed with wood and bandages.But you can’t make a gun that will be like it is today in factories. and until you reach the high skill level of making guns, you need to protect yourself with something and you can’t live forever with a boneknife or a rock, you will need to make iron out of these you make daggers,knives and then swords with some others shit you will be able to make crowssbows not only regular bows and then after long time you will be able to make guns like flintlock pistols and blunderbuss and so on… but you still need to make yourself some medieval weapons


    PR8G4M3R Leignheart calvinbostickcb Dude, i’m telling you right now, if the shit hit the fan and it was life and death to live in the world, people wouldn’t be crafting longswords and crap, they would be looting gun shops and hitting machine shops to produce bullets and more guns. You can totally build guns yourself in this day and age. Heck you can 3d print guns nowadays.
    I like medieval stuff, but it’s not this game. If you want a good medieval game play mount and blade, it is one of the best.


    STILL CAN’T PLAY!! I have bitdefender as my antivirus and I haven’t been able to play experimental version for MONTHS. Very frustrating how update, after update, after update this never gets addressed.


    games44ksa zombies are annoying and getting old. Cars… seriously? think of some Motorcycle thing but no cars . aircraft and cities: you think you can get so easy electricity, glass, beton, asphalt, machines, wires and all the modern stuff with wood and stones? you gone too far with modernisation.

    i can only agree with katana and new clothes, everything else is not good to rust and to mainstream.


    This new update really caused some issues…Its very slow, trees disappear, I’ve never experienced much fps drop in Rust(old or new) until this update. Looking forward to future updates, but this one sure caused problems


    enyeart30 agreed, but it looks so awesome. maybe the amount of your body covered in armor will be very limited, if that’s the case then I could live with it.


    Leignheart calvinbostickcb no he is actually right medieval stuff wouldn’T be bad, because you can’t make M4 or Kevlar yourself. but making steel/iron tools and weapons is pretty possible in the wilderness


    that armor should give a KNOCK BACK. If you hit somebody with a bullet, yes he may survive, but it still hurts, it could even knock you unconscious. It would knock you to the floor. R U S T <<<<<


    calvinbostickcb well to go medieval they would pretty much have to get rid of the modern survival aspects and just set the game in the year 700 a.d. I myself prefer the modern survival feel of rust, and not implementing guns in a modern day survival game would be very unrealistic. The only thing I dislike are airdrops, since it seems insane that in a post apocalyptic world someone somewhere is sending relief aid? WTF? And i dislike how you can craft any weapons like they were machined. It also is very unrealistic. There are definitely ways to fix those problems.


    i think the armor is a little op, it should at least do a little damage.


    This armor system so coooooooool


    I love the body armor idea. Actually makes fucking sense. I just wish they would go more into the old school “go medieval on your ass” aspect of the game. I.e. Swords/Shields/Axes/Maces. So we all do not have to m4 and kevlar the whole game. Shit gets old real fast.


    Neerovra Sounds like your fetish is running a bit rampant.


    zappergj Well said.


    NO2Upgr4d3 Assuming with time new things will be implemented. Maybe getting shot to the armor cause a brief stun or causes blunt damage or some shit. Maybe knocks to down on the ground.


    kubertdk Well you know, cannot craft a compass, cannot draw a map, cannot not clock, but you can make guns, keyholes, etc.


    Leignheart FernandoBracci itzclarkey23 MagicStyle I just like the idea of safes in general. Even if there becomes a Ultima Online banking system, where you could at least some of your possessions in a guarded town. Of course your base could be completely raided, but maybe you were able to store a few things in your bankbox.


    yakub4444 a hour ago . . .


    games44ksa could not find a point to disagree on :3


    AFuller Or skill based, the more you craft the more likely you are to craft the better quality version.


    ColonelPoop PedroPaiva Said to that the gypsum board on the wall crumbles to the virtues of all those who alone have forgotten. Like no man, animals be ravished by the gods of every blade, purples and pinks will streamline the fan. Covered in bliss, covered with grapes.


    ColonelPoop labrat611 andreherberth itzclarkey23 Then again, you have some servers run by people who are not part of any gaming communities but spend a lot of time adminning yet still have very few people on their servers…


    ColonelPoop Reverend0120 labrat611 You answered your own question. If I want to spawn my own resources, I’ll pay for the right and privilege to do so. Using hacks and cheats takes away from the game and is a major complaint of the community. I may not have a popular server, but I do have a server which is heavily admined and constantly checked. I’m also proud to say that we really don’t have a problem with hackers or cheaters. The few we have had got banned within a couple of days of using them. The admins that use their admin privileges to harass and ruin others may be assholes but that is why you can choose not to be on that particular server. Cheating  jus cuzzz ruins the game. I still go out and collect resources food etc. unless I want to build something and dont feel like it. Heh I ran a no raiding server and spent a huge amount of time searching people for C4 before I figured out how to make sure it didnt appear in the game. I rarely had time to mine for resources. Properly admining can take up a lot of time…


    Garry sounds maaaaad. 

    the whole “it’s for Rust, don’t question it” thing… seriously dude. 

    The people who care enough to complain don’t represent as many people as you may think. Sure, in the golden age of television it was said that every letter a station gets complaining about something represents the sentiment of 10,000 viewers. But in the tarnished-crap-on-a-stick age of the Internet, the pissed off ranting blog post of one child represents only a fraction of even that one person… chances are they’re having a bad day and wanna bitch…. and 20 minutes later are playing Rust and having fun. 

    Congrats on making a small fortune on the game, thank you for doing things right and not just taking the money and running away with it. I for one understand Rust is bigger than just you, and facepunch studios is bigger than just you, and that the only responsible thing to do with that much money is to reinvest in the brand and not just the product. 

    I for one look forward to seeing what other games you all come up with, and if you can be more efficient using your team to cross-develop for multiple titles then please do so… graphics are of course game dependent, but coding, and even base models, those are easy to re-purpose for other titles.

    so yeah, DOWIT!


    Reverend0120 labrat611 
    the “it’s my server, I pay for it, I’ll do what I want” attitude is lame tho. 
    Yes, you pay for it.  Having a popular server should be all the thanks you need…

    spawning in items and giving yourself an advatage…why? because you’re not as good as the other players? You understand that’s one of the main reasons people use hacks/cheats right? 

    Why pay for a server then, there are free hacks out there….


    just  we need cars …. & girls  not just boy !  ….. & katana & aircraft & new Clothes & City & Zombies !!!!!!!!!!!


    labrat611 andreherberth itzclarkey23 
    The only “rules” are those hard-coded into the game (i.e. the behavior of the animals, that you can only place walls on foundations/other walls, that you die when you get shot enough, that you can’t fly, or spawn a car in and drive it to the moon)

    Like virtually ANY multiplayer game the server owner makes the rules. Obviously there’s the EAC to stop “cheaters” which is anyone who is trying to violate the coded rules of the game and find ways around that…. I don’t think any good server would opt out of EAC or any cheat detection system. 

    As for SOCIAL rules, those will make or break a server, go look up “battlefield friends bf4 badmin” on youtube for a great video about how a lame admin can ruin a game. A lot of people have the money to have a vanity server and don’t care if it’s popular with the public, they just wanna have a little chunk of a cloud server to lord over and run as a tyrant. That’s fine… they can have that, since it’s a personality type that’s never rewarded in the real world they probably don’t really have much to show for themselves outside the game. Frankly I think they should stay on their sad little server and be petty dictators all they want….
    meanwhile there are plenty of GOOD servers run by mature/adult gaming communities… look for servers that have their own associated website with forums, stat tracking, teamspeak/vent/memble servers… they exist, and they’re great.


    Nice))))))))))))))) When we can play ? ;C


    PedroPaiva Not sure I could have said it better myself. 

    Mainly because I have no idea what you just said. 

    but you know, a speed boat full of pears are just the cardboard disk of glamour that industry of the going for it, because if what is you can expect goes into night time then maybe sleep for a speakerphone.


    Rei0 War Wolf Jack From what I understand wood piles should be going away… they were a workaround in legacy due to the way trees worked.


    FernandoBracci itzclarkey23 MagicStyle okay, then maybe something like a super hard to get lock picking set, and you need like 3 of them to open a safe?


    labrat611 Reverend0120 That’s pretty horrible man. That admin sounded like spoiled child.


    itzclarkey23 MagicStyle okay, but how u can open it after 5 c4s? o.O ovbiously the safe should be destroyed


    Mudkypp Leignheart Just fyi, you don’t have to insult me and say I can’t read, I mean you are capable acting civilized are you not? And also, no, when you purchase something that is advertised to be a certain thing, it cannot change the make up of that “thing” altogether, because there is a certain expectation of purchase. So no it cannot become a dragon riding apple firing simulator without serious problems heading towards the dev’s. Look I agree with 98% of the dev’s do with this game, but I feel no need to kiss their behinds like some people do. I’ts kinda funny. 

    CRAZY PEOPLE AGAINST RUST =  ” WHAT!? they won’t update the real rust!? The devs are pigs who should die! I HATE them bastards!

    CRAZY PEOPLE PRO RUST = You should be happy even if they turn this game into a squirel simulator and all you do is harvest nuts. YOU MORON! Praise garry and hail rust.

    2 examples of crazy.





    labrat611 andreherberth itzclarkey23 Yeah, basically they pay to run the server how they choose. It can be hit or miss. I didn’t think you were being sarcastic, but it seems to be a legit complaint that some admins grossly abuse their powers and ruin the gameplay on their servers. Then again, it is their server to ruin. Just keep looking around. There are plenty of servers where the admins make an effort so everyone can enjoy the game.


    Firebeard Agreed, I had very similar idea that your armor would look damaged after taking hits from weapons, but could be “repaired” to new if you want to.


    MagicStyle Most of your ideas are lame, no offense, but you did have one brilliant idea, Safes. There should be non craftable safes that are ultra rare that you can put in your house that cannot be moved after being placed that requires 5 c4 to open. That would be freaking awesome.


    1 years ago more or less, was created rust, came shortly after around 15 att or about not thereafter took the game forward and remain so with promises and devblog but the game was so good today deployed without hacking no attitude of producers just slowly dying because there are no promises and update the original of which still to play so lies hackers and more hackers


    Reverend0120 labrat611
    I built a wall around my house–it was not too big, but there were some resources inside it. The admin spawned inside of my wall, and could not get out. Instead of just destroying one section of the wall, he destroyed the whole thing. 
    There were no rules concerning this, 

    But yeah, I did stop that server right away. I was just quite perturbed when I saw six hours of my life being chopped away. I complained to him, and he said in his broken English, “this my server I do what I want.”


    I really like the idea I read the other week about implementing multiple models for craft-able items and randomly assigning you one when you craft something.

    i.e. Have 3 of the metal helmet models in the game and when you craft one you can either choose a model or it could be randomly assigned. All with the same stats or less visibility = more protection + more materials. I understand that would be quite a bit more work and depth than what you’re looking for or can achieve with the current engine.


    andreherberth labrat611 itzclarkey23
    Thanks for the information, I was totally in the dark. I live in China, so there are no official servers. 
    But yeah, I did quit the server once he started destroying my stuff, and there were no rules about walls.

    If there are not rules, then can they allow hackers to play? I am not trying to be sarcastic, I am just wondering if these hosted games have completely no rules except for what that person chooses?


    labrat611 itzclarkey23 There are no rules, and there should not be any rules. Admins pay money out of their pocket to host their servers, and is very much entitled to run their server as they please. If their style makes people leave, then they pay money for an empty server ;)

    Instead of just joining a random server and hope admins will be nice there, research the topic and join a server belonging to a community with a high standard. Also, make sure to familiarize yourself with the server rules before building stuff.


    Draw distance increase.  Quake in fear peasants, the sniping is real.


    ThomasWolfgruber This would be awesome. Chopping prechopped woodpiles that randomly appear seems awkward.


    labrat611 You may want to clarify why the admin did that. My server used to have rules about building structures larger than a certain size and, running oxmin, the help file told people that their structures would be taken down if they were too large. Even with that rule I reserved the right to build one massive structure as large as I wanted because I pay to keep the server up and running. The other admins and myself give ourselves plenty of resources and are willing to share should someone need a weapon to make blueprints, but we don’t go around using our stuff to steal from people. Couldn’t you just try not playing on that server? I’m sure if there was a list of servers where admins abuse authority, mine would be on their for bullshit reasons. Reasons like… I helped my friend build a building and now he kicked me out but I want it so transfer ownership to me, or I was kicked for trying to kill the admin on a PvE server, etc. These people paid for their servers; just play on a different one if you’re not happy.


    AFALGameplays BryanHarmon Ya, I have a pretty new Alienware X51 and I can run most games on max settings and was running Rust Exp with no lag prior to this update. Now I can’t even walk around when I enter a server.


    The game is unplayable for me since this update. I can click join a server and then seconds after the loading screen it just causes my mac to crash. Although before this update i was completely fine running on full graphics and full resolution. Now i can’t even run on 640 x 480 resolution :( never had any lag issues or anything prior to this update. Please fix this so I can at least join a server and move around a bit.


    You mentioned network view distance.
    Can’t you at least load all the static objects like buildings etc. when a player joins. And then only the changes to those objects as the game progresses. You can still keep a finite network distance on players, NPCs etc.
    This will prevent network spikes everytime you walk into a village with 999999 story buildings.


    No it seems as though it’s area based, so shoot the chest he is safe, or shoot the head or arms and he is dead or hit.


    I think it would be really cool if you could wear this armor also under the shirt, so by that people wont know if i have armor or not, giving me the effect of suprise.


    itzclarkey23 labrat611 none taken :D

    anyway, if anyone knows of a place where the rules are even listed, it would be awesome to have a link.


    Leignheart You obviously can’t read. “This means that everything could potentially change. Everything. We could decide that instead of walking around everyone should ride dragons and fire apples at each other. This is unlikely – but it’s the kind of thing to be aware of.”


    labrat611 itzclarkey23 Very sorry for any offence taken >< 

    yeah a reporting system for admins does sound like a good idea, they should also follow rules as we follow there’s.


    itzclarkey23 labrat611 and the biggest irony is that I am actually Jewish ><|||

    But yeah, admins will often make “friends” friends with players on the server and give them free tech or supplies. I had a couple admins offer me stuff, but I always refuse because its not fair. I mean sure its their server, but it is not their game, they are just hosting it.

    I think that admins will continue to do whatever they want unless there is a way to report them, maybe have to supply screenshots so this does not get abused.


    labrat611 Yes this is a good point, Admins do feel like they have the power to do anything they please, just as Hitler did, he may have removed 6 million Jews with his Uber Hatchet but he did pay the price and so should admins of the new Rust.


    Only thing it is missing is different sized dongs, what guy doesn’t want to spawn in with a bigger dong then the random beside him, although this may increase the suicide rate drastically I think it would be worth it.  Give my comment a Like if you think so to.


    MagicStyle I think your idea of “safes” is very good really do hope they implement something like this in.


    BryanHarmon According to people on these forums it is to do with our computers…

    Not true, a friend of mine has a shitty computer compared to mine and he’s able to play today. I can’t, super laggy. I imagine they will fix it. It’s unplayable at the moment. 5 days ago it was working great.


    Kunteebee AFALGameplays 
    Thanks for your help you dumbass.


    Is there a list of rules for GMs/Admins to follow. I recently built a huge wall to defend my house. This wall took me 6 hours to build, and the admin just comes by and breaks it down in less than 1 min with his boomerang.


    A loud satisfying ringing ping sound from the armour hits pls 
    so we can here when our bullets have missed the mark, and hear when all that material invested in armor paid off.


    Everything about this update is gold. 
    Would it be possible to have bullet holes and damage stay on your armor permanently? I love the idea of coming back to the house only to have my friends ask what the new hole in the back of my armour was, leaving me awestruck that I managed to get away from that last encounter.


    I want to tell you my idea rust team, pls read it! Add a very thick wall of steal which need many many ressources to craft but also needs like +-20 c4 to destroy, at this way the players are not forced anymore to build very high and large buildings with many spike walls to protect their valuable items on top of them. Or if you don’t like this idee of thick walls, then maybe just add safes!
    This would probably also influence the performance and reduce lags because the engine doesn’t need to load so many walls because maybe more players will build smaller buildings. What does the rest of the community think it?


    if its all supposed to look handmade, whats up with the keyhole??


    Release date in Live server ?


    I love the idea of the armor, it seems really legit, but I hope that armor doesn’t actually block bullets, I know you might change it but please , i don’t wanna shoot 50 bullets and not kill the guy because he has a thin sheet of metal on his chest


    It is just awesome what you guys doing with the “new” rust. Love it.
    Maybe you can add a the tree chopping system like in “The Forrest” would be really cool.


    I caught the bug with the installation of walls


    zappergj I miss anything like “urban biome” :P


    zappergj Agreed.
    Things like towns are something that we need now.


    I really like the game Rust is turning out to be, however I think you’re going about the “survival” aspect of the world a bit oddly. I think since the game is called “Rust: and not “happy bright landscapes” you should work on making the game “Rusty”. I would suggest this by adding maybe towns and city or military and stronghold type biomes that actually look a bit ruined, then work on the effects of the world, then work on imposing this world on the player. By doing this you could then make things for the player that could help them adapt to the world, instead of letting the world adapt to the player, in my opinion this would make the survival aspect of the game much more immersive and fun, making the game less of a death match and more of a fight for survival.


    I am ready for Meg to draw us some female models and some traffic cone bikinis!  Meg, don’t listen to the critics. Dig deep in your ( beautiful ) imagination and come up with some epic female clothing options.  A “double wolf head bustier”?  A skirt made of strips of wolf fur? Go CRAZY!!

    (And as long as it is only concept art, give her pointy elf ears!)


    refundplzgarrynewman kohdakaminotsuk an entirely destructive, procedurally generated world? daaamn that would be wicked.

    would have to be a ‘no destruction’ something or other around the Rad-Towns, but something like Red Faction series!


    War Wolf Jack or maybe you can only get logs for the walls from trees and not the wood piles? 
    you can cut down a tree to make logs, but making logs out of a pile of wood already stacked?

    I think you need a higher wood count then just 1 for 1 for all the uses for it (not just in building but in the burner, cooking fires etc)


    Shakner War Wolf Jack if you wanted more incentive for people entering caves, why not put a rad-town version down there? some sort of ‘radiation bunker’ that *used* to be for protecting people but now just spits out rads..
    That plus the extra awesome ores down there would be enough to get people using the caves. 

    that said, it would be really awesome if you could mine out someones base like a Sapper! C4 on the roof of the cave and blow a hole destroying the foundation tiles :D


    It is looks real good I love the new buildings and what your doing with rust I just really hope you put in some land marks and release a map so I know where I am and so my friends can find me


    LeminLyme refundplzgarrynewman I entirely agree, sick of seeing people bitch about no updates. The game updates several times a day with many minor tweaks, and every friggin week there is a new devblog. People were commending the minecraft developers on their once-a-month updates. This shit is happening in real-time with multiple websites dedicated to showing us the progress, several trello boards, several twitters, and this site we’re on. These guys are doing heaps good work.
    Also refundplzgarrynewman in regards of your “heck if i knew I was supporting such putrid devs. I wouldn’t have bought into it”
    Bro, your not a venture capitalist who just lost several million on a poor investment choice. You gave the guys twenty mother fucking dollars. You probably spend almost as much on lunch. This game is cheap as shit. Stop bitching you loser.


    CorporalAris RogueEsp Whoops*


    Leignheart I don’t think they’re gonna make it overly annoying. But as you saw in that video of the metal plate’s functionality, I have a feeling they will allow us to wear helmets that don’t obscure vision, or choose to wear helmets that do in a sort of sacrifice-vision-for-better-protection as in, if you sacrifice vision, you’re less likely to be shot in the face.


    War Wolf Jack This isn’t a bad idea, especially if we want incentive to enter caves, perhaps they have more ores, or more specific ores only occur in caves. I suppose at this point there IS a difference between rocks with more sulfur, more metal and the rocks with a balance of both. So the developers have/are thinking about this kinda thing. I guess it kinda goes hand in hand with having variations of the same animals, this sorta stuff is polish up work, I think the devs are currently focusing more on functionality, and adding the main aspects of gameplay. All of this should be handled later on in the cycle. :)

      War Wolf Jack

    Mining should be more specific… instead of metal fragments and metal ore I would love it if you could see the red iron oxide veins in a cave and then mine Iron ore from it.. or green Copper oxide veins that gives copper ore.
    if caves had veins of metals they’d become more valuable. With more metals the items you can craft can become more specific and realistic.
    It’d be nice if every item had 5 versions that are randomly generated but work exactly the same. Then you could use 5 of Meg’s best concepts for 1 item.

      War Wolf Jack

    We shouldn’t be collecting 100 wood or 50 metal bits at a time with a pickaxe. Judging by the way the inventory and inventory items look know Garry and his buds used to play lots of RuneScape.. I get that, but let’s make it so 1 wood = 1 log and is shown as 1 log.
    Scale it all back a bit.. Tone down the numbers to something less statistical and video gamey…. Make it so collecting 1 wood takes 10x+ longer and that 1 wood is equal to 1 log.
    so say 8 logs = 1 wood wall. More like The Forest but the less extreme version.. That would be perfect.


    RogueEsp CorporalAris Damn, woops! Sorry Garry!


    I think I know what piece of human meat your gonna go for. Just don’t forget the hot dog bun.


    I really hope they reconsider masks and helmet s obscuring your vision. You guys think it’s cool now but you have no idea how annoying it’s gonna get. I prefer a fun game vs an overly realistic game that will get annoying. This game is getting to a point where they will add toilets and a shit meter.


    RobertRyding That’s the game bro!


    Technically your wrong, when you purchase a game that’s advertised as a certain genre then your allowed to have certain expectations. So Garry couldn’t change the game to my little pony without facing real problems.


    I am not even getting a selection menu in order to play. Its just showing a forest with a wolf looking around


    Can’t play the game since the update. Super laggy and I have a pretty powerful computer. Hopefully it comes back around. I enjoy playing.


    refundplzgarrynewman BryanHarmon they’ve updated the game just about once a week now for the past few months. Thx for keeping up.


    refundplzgarrynewman derpytheeagle
    Dude you do realize they update this game like everyday? I think it’s
    kind of sad you get this worked up over something you spent maybe 20
    bucks on. You’re pathetic. No one twisted your arm and made you buy a game that wasn’t finished. Garry doesn’t owe you or anyone else unhappy with this game a thing. YOU chose to buy the game. If it turns into a my little pony MMO because that ends up being the direction the devs think it should go, then guess what? You have a my little pony game. Maybe you can learn from this and not buy something that isn’t finished. Especially if it is going to upset you so much that it consumes your sad little life.


    refundplzgarrynewman Found you funny so I thought I’d just refute you haphazardly and see if you actually have a point to make; – 13servers under 100ping. Maybe you should rent a server if you live outside of the targeted demographic, North America and Europe?

    Aswell, trees disappear when you loot them for all their content. Also, Garry tweeted a video of physics based tree destruction, basically the same as “The Forest’s” effect, though it  was unrefined. I don’t think he plans to implement it, as whether it’s realistic or cool or not, it’s unreasonable to include in a multiplayer game with constructions and it’ll require a large reconstruction of the game elements on harvesting, as well as it would derpy and retarded if you could fell trees onto buildings but not damage them, but also broken as fuck in the other end of the spectrum if you could.

    What else have you said.. Uhm, the updates? Baseline was a terrible game made on a fun concept, so it was fun for what you made it, barely what it contained. Adding to it was an option, but they opted to rebuild it instead. The features added so far are at an excellent pace and clearly you know a lot about development paces since you know community members could create concept arts in a period of hours. Because that’s relevant information to the point you’re making. Also, a far smaller but still abundant population know how to model and texture and generate all the forms of mat files, but since they’re not pumping it all out at the maximum pacing and uploading updates, they’re complete shitters right? I mean, they modeled textured rigged and animated each animal in a period of 2-4days, but you don’t follow development because you want to criticize them instead, right? :o I don’t find your trolling funny, or upsetting, it’s just simply wrong and ignorant. So now that you are contended and corrected, what have you? :P

    Watching this game come together week by week, starting with Friday devblog 1 and watching the live commits on the @RustUpdates twitter, holy shit I get a stiffy for the fact that compared to every other game where you get to watch semi-transparent models for development, they grind on forever and mind numbingly slow. Rust is the fastest developing game I’ve ever seen, considering the rebuild from scratch was a mere 22weeks ago. They’ve made a game basically the same features but far higher quality as previous, in less than a third the time.


    yay U5, enjoy playing with your new toy looking forward to see what comes out of it give me a lootable town and ill be in your experimental (loot, a house people cant just get in, and peoples to shoot and i am a happy man) 1400+ hours on the last rust ready to live in the new one :)


    CorporalAris GarRy* >_>


    When Rust switchs sucefully to Unity5 I will insta-buy it :D


    Hey, I’ve been trying to load up Rust on my Mac, it worked maybe a month ago, but now whenever I get to the first screen of both Legacy and the Experimental version, the screen turns either black or dark green, and I can’t see anything. Could one of the debs please help me? I love this game!


    Great job guys! Definitely making me super hyped for the Rust reboot!


    refundplzgarrynewman 9/10 troll. I laughed


    refundplzgarrynewman How are the devblogs bullshit?


    Thanks Gary!


    derpytheeagle refundplzgarrynewman Yea I don’t enjoy 300 ping sorry.


    refundplzgarrynewman derpytheeagle All of these changes go live immediately; they’re in the experimentals branch. The game is updated regularly.


    creatiionburn refundplzgarrynewman Its alright, you’re already on the way to ending yourself from complete boredom on a putrid title.


    refundplzgarrynewman Please go kill yourself. You won’t be missed.


    derpytheeagle refundplzgarrynewman You know why I said it the way I did? Because since feb this year the same “type” of person has been saying exactly what you said. “This is alpha” But a game being in alpha is no excuse for no updates. Maybe if you were incredibly understaffed or broke, which is not the case with these gimps. Garry can’t defend himself, his too busy filling himself with cock. So whenever someone says “this is alpha’ they will get the same response you just got from me.


    refundplzgarrynewman derpytheeagle  “just like every other ass sucking maggot out on these forums you”
    And no; I’m not defending garry in any way; He’s more than capable of defending himself.

    And trolling, in some form, I can actually understand; I’m guilty of having a little fun with some particularly volatile online communities in a more subtle way.


    I find that each week I’m more excited about reading these updates than I am when I’m playing the actual game.


    derpytheeagle refundplzgarrynewman I attacked you? Where? Must of been a quick-attack, couldn’t see shit.


    refundplzgarrynewman derpytheeagle Fair enough. The sudden change in development focus was unexpected. (Although, in my opinion, a good change) However, I really don’t see why you insist on attacking others who don’t share your opinions.


    derpytheeagle refundplzgarrynewman And just like every other ass sucking maggot out on these forums you assume I want a finished product. Can you copy paste me where I said that? Updating your shitty baseline does not mean “I WANT A FINISHED GAME NAO” 

    You do know if they stated they would ditch their first version for another version they wouldn’t of made the sales they have. I defs wouldn’t have bought into it.


    refundplzgarrynewman You do know it’s early access, right? It’s not finished and expecting a AAA product at this stage in development is raving mad.


    Are there any admin commands that are useful for reducing lag? Like when you press F1.


    kohdakaminotsuk refundplzgarrynewman No. I don’t think so. Go read his dribble and see.


    Azoic23 IIEarlGreyII Jay M 
    I must admit I am not looking to the key play system. I love nothing more than playing alone. I love slowly building up my base at my own speed, planning it out to put off raiders and also slowly exploring the surrounding areas. I will often get killed by 5-6 angry American kids screaming “HAIL HYDRA” or “FOR THE [Enter clan name]” as they kill my leather clan body using top of the range guns. I don’t look forward to getting my whole 4×4 tower house ran sacked and having to start again everytime I meet a group of angry kids.
    That said the rest of this new version is mind blowing to me and looks extremely fun! :D I do hope they drop the whole key thing though or change it :( Maybe have the ability to change the lock instantly when you spawn back at the base.


    refundplzgarrynewman kohdakaminotsuk so i’m confused , did they announce that there would be underground tunnel building?


    kohdakaminotsuk You wish dude. Trees still stand after you chop them with an axe. I don’t follow half the shit garry says in these devblogs cause its all bullshit. SO maybe it was announced, but goodluck seeing it.


    so i’m the kind of person who enjoys housing underground and tends to build bunkers and underground tunnels in games like minecraft. Will we ever be able to have underground buildings?Also ignore this if there already is underground buildings because i am also waiting on easy setup lan servers.


    IlmorTech Mechalic Don’t worry soon it’ll be more realistic with your rocket launchers and shit.


    Its alright garry we know you’ll use the unity 5 engine as another excuse to why you won’t update shit. No one wants to play on 400 ping experimental servers. Concept art huh, maybe you should ask the community for free concept work because heaps of people could of banged out what meg did within a few hours not an entire week. So still close to baseline? Guess you didn’t really mean that at the end of the summary a few weeks ago. Oh well.


    Making masks limit your vision would be amazing if you were using a Oculus Rift!!


    elock01 Give this guy a cookie!! :D Great idea!


    You guys do an excellent job of updating and keeping us informed. Thank you.


    Mechalic that’s whats cool about it


    I gotta say, disabling the ability to build an entire base with frames first is a downer, in all honesty, it doesn’t make perfect sense. Considering this game is all about realism, in real life, you build the entire frame of a house first before completing it.


    A creative mode would be great to test traps, houses, guns etc. Also with all these changes it could help get people caught up and familiarized with the changes as well.


    jimbrianfeenstra Not sure if it’s changed, but you should just be able to left click to wake up. Like, left click anywhere? I’m sure you tried this, so maybe it has changed. If you can’t see “Wake Up” though, something’s up with your resolution. Are you playing full screen or windowed?


    jimbrianfeenstra GzkRust Try changing your resolution before starting the game. Or I have also used the f1 and type respawn. See if switching between spectate and respawn affects it.


    AFALGameplays What the fuck is it with you cuntnuggets and spamming ellipses


    GzkRust It doesnt say anything.


    At the bottom like the middle of the bottom it says Wake Up


    GzkRust Which button is that? I can’t see anything not even the menu. I have to Alt+F4 out off the game.


    Wassup love ur videos man keep up the great work


    ……. U press wake up


    Still haven’t played it yet. Everytime I spawn I’m just lying on the ground sleeping. NOBODY on the internet has the same problem.


    @MineDatFunky wassup I love ur videos man


    I think with the mask designs that some can limit ur fov like the bars one like there being black spots on the screen idk if this is a good thing I would hate it but it would be more realistic


    AFALGameplays Yeah he said that they just upped the render distance and player draw distance. So that’s probably your problem (He also said they’re working on making it less laggy)


    Am I the only one that is lagging like mad? The experimental version was FINE until 5 days ago after I downloaded one of the latest updates…since then my game lags terribly…its not my PC, it powerful enough to run the game….suprises me I dont see anyone else mentioning this…

    Oh and another HUGE BUG is when I quit RUST…my internet disconnects. Garry in Trello said it had been fixed and it hasn’t.


    IIEarlGreyII To anyone who understands what endgame rust building, and play is like
    knows how terrible a key only system is. Nobody is going to use this on
    anything other than start out 1x1s. You know it only takes a few c4 to
    raid anything up to a 4 floor high structure. Most buildings that are
    even decently protected have over 30 doors. If this sticks without
    passcodes soon when full build is implemented you wont see anything but
    suicide bases for smart players. Lets say you have a 30 door base and go
    out farming across the map and die. If the player doesn’t know where
    you live and just chucks the keys on the ground you will have to farm
    wood etc just to get back into and out of your base again. Worse if you
    got camped outside and suddenly your enemies have full access to your
    base. The game on legacy is punishing enough to noobs and established
    players. It would be even worse if you could raid everyone’s 1×1 who is
    just out gathering with their bow and hatchet by simply killing them
    outside. You won’t even need to use c4 to steal and break everything
    they have. If you have even more doors or multiple exits and they don’t stack you won’t even be able to effectively get into and out of your base. Leaving would be extremely risky and you would not have inventory room. This discourages even smaller group play. You would have to have people sitting in base ready to shoot anyone who approaches if anybody in your group dies. This is even more devastation on solo or smaller groups. Pushing further in the direction of massive clan play.


    is better i think if you can make your own Inventory, like you can move inventory around. maybe add this Feature?

      Jay M

    IIEarlGreyII Jay M Well, you could have a guy hold the fort while others leave, and have him be in charge of opening/closing the door (If you don’t want to carry keys outside, that is). But I totally see your point. Just offering mine.


    Полностью переведённый блог разработчиков на русский язык:
    Вот наша группа ВК:


    Jay M IIEarlGreyII I run a group of maybe seven or eight who play Rust a lot, and I tell you it is hard enough getting people to leave the base in even a leather shirt. Now tell them that when they go out they will have a key on them that leads to all their stuff. No. Right now I would say 40-50% of most players time is spent hiding inside for fear of losing their stuff. That is already far too much, this is meant to be a game about adventure and exploration.

    I am not talking about the ‘uber l33t’ players who seem to have an M4 within five minutes and are constantly running around having fun. I am talking about the little guy who is slowly trying to gather enough wood to get that second level to their base. The only thing that keeps them sane is knowing that their belongings are relatively safe inside their base, which is already suspect since it only takes a few explosions to get inside. This will lead to many 1×1 shelters where the player hides in the corner, too afraid to leave in case someone gets their key. That is the most extreme example, not the average, but it is still wrong. 

    TLDR: The very basic fact is that more players WILL go outside LESS with this key system in place than if it did not exist. In a video game that is about having fun I feel like that’s a huge loss just for the sake of ‘realism’.

    Though these are just my opinions. As I said it won’t matter, there will be many servers that will disable the keys, and I will play on those.


    NameofPerson MineDatFunky Yeah he does Rust news and game play videos on Youtube. I highly recommend subscribing to him, or at least checking out his stuff.

      Edward Harby

    TheOverDose Edward Harby

    I’ve tried that a few times. The background is still pink (window mode) and is various gradients of brown (full screen). It’s been like that for 2(ish) days.
    It’s all good. I hope to play it soon, but looks like I’ll have to wait.


    kingnewbs awesum I completely agree. If you have the skill to cut a clean slab of steak off a cow, or a nice porkchop from a pig, or some sweet bacon strips, surely you can do the same with a human. I mean, all of those animals are mammals (yes I’m referring to humans as well) so it wouldn’t be all that different when you think about it.


    Jay M I think that this would be a great addition, because I know that once I found a sizable group of friends in Rust, we raided everyone with impunity. The only thing stopping us was a rival group of raiders, and even then just because they did cheesy night raids and DDoS’d the servers when they didn’t get their way. So I think adding that bit of strategy could really make things interesting not only for raiders, but for regular gathering and such as well. For instance, you might not really want heavy armors if your going on a gathering run because ti would slow you down, so maybe you take aluminum armor instead of industrial steel.



    Edward Harby TheOverDose Even with it off your computer will still have that driver loaded for possible use. Either the message you’re seeing isn’t the real culprit and just a red herring or it’s something more fundamental in the engine that needs to be resolved

    Try going into your Steam Prefs (Cmd+ , or Steam menu/Preferences) and turn off the steam overlay. That often causes issues with menu systems in steam based games that use HTML for the menu system. Project Zomboid does it to me

      Edward Harby

    TheOverDose Edward Harby I have that box checked off all the time. If needed, I can reproduce the report.

      Robert Jefferies

    How do I eat wolf meat? I put it in a buring campfire but nothing happens with it.


    Edward Harby Don’t have a MBP in front of me but try this…

    Go to the Apple Logo at the top left of the screen, system prefs, Displays

    There should be an option to use the best performance instead of best battery life. Tick that on. It forces your computer to just use the AMD instead of the discreet graphics GPU on the logic board

    If that’s not there or still having issues then reply and I’ll look further into it

      Jay M

    IIEarlGreyII But it’s so much better than a simple passcode lock in every way. It’s emergent, it’s realistic, and it’s certainly interesting. I for one totally support it.

      Edward Harby

    I’m using a macbook pro. After today’s update it crashes before I get into the world. The crash report shows issues with the driver for “AppleIntelHD3000GraphicsGLDriver” despite the fact the game should be utilizing my AMD Radeon HD 6750M 1024 MB video card instead. 

    also the menu screen is pink (no back ground).


    awesum You said it. I want the window of my human butcher shop to be appealing to passers-by.


    I try to be so so so positive about everything you guys do, but this lock system needs to go. I know it’s raw, but it’s still awful. This is like durability all over again, the second you release it you’re going to see 9.99 out of every 10 servers with keys turned off.


    Every update makes me more excited for the direction Rust is heading, Garry! I do agree with others who say human meat should be just as appealing as animal meat. Perhaps a crafting method to “clean” it up a bit, make some nice Newman filets, maybe cut down and find the delectable human oyster?


    iggynacio THIS! Very much so needed lol

      Jay M

    iggynacio Great idea. Could easily imagine it being binded to M (by default, at least). It’d just need an animation or else it’d look odd.


    I really like helmets 1, 4, 5, and 6. The rest are all good too! Will armor protect against melee? I’m guessing the answer is yes, because it would be obscene if it didn’t. I’m kinda jizzing myself over the fact that there’s gonna be armor. I love armor xD

      Jay M

    I really hope armor types have downsides along with benefits, such as heavier armor slowing you down a bit, perhaps. It’d really add a sense of strategy, where raiders (possibly others as well) would have to thoroughly plan and work together, rather than just gunning everyone down and running with loot — for example, the raider with the lightest armor could be the designated carrier, while the more heavily armored ones wouldn’t.


    Русский перевод Дев блога № 22:


    Can’t play experiemental now because of the view distance. Thanks a lot. Also I would like it if you were to finally fix that damn terrain quality slider, just make it a normal slider instead of a frustrating draggable cube that takes usually a lot of time to actually get hold of.

    Not everyone’s computer can run your stress tests, atleast make it so we can edit the view distance.


    I like the concept art for the meat, but I’ve noticed that when people do human meat, they have a tendency to make it badly cut and bloody just for the sake of spook factor, when the same would go for the animal meat or the human meat would be in clean, consistent cuts like the latter.


    So fun watching this game get better over time, you guys are doing an awesome job!




    Quick thought on the masks: I think it would be awesome if there was a hotkey that let you take off your mask/put it back on. Obviously you’d be vulnerable with it off, but with vision obstruction I feel like a lot of people would want a quick way to take off their mask, even for a couple seconds, without going into the inventory, dragging it, etc. Just a thought. Anyways, the game’s looking great!


    MineDatFunky you seem familiar… youtube?


    thas wsup tho


    DevBlog 22 in Russion on the site:


    Great job Garry! Can’t wait to see the finished product!




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