It was mostly all about building this week.


The building system was ready for art this week. So we started giving it some attention.


I made some documentation on the building prefab system to let the artists know what’s going on. It’s important to me that artists can not only make their art but they can also go into the game and implement it. This way you don’t end up with a chain of 3 people working on different things having to continually get in sync to push a bit of the project through. The programmer can put a placeholder in, the artist can make a model and iterate on it in game.. without having anyone else involved. You don’t end up with the situation where the artist is guessing things like proportions or colours, getting it wrong then the programmer sending it back to be re-done.


Bill really kicked ass on skinning the existing components. It’s looking a bit like “The Forest” right now, so apologies to them if they think we’re copying them.. we really didn’t set out to, it’s just where we landed.

Conditional Skins

We came up with a conditional skins for the building system. One of the original thoughts was that we’d get you placing corners manually.. and if you make a mess it’s your own fault. But thinking further down the line the amount of these edge case components we’d need would have been massive.

Instead we came up with a system that looks at the placed building components, and if two edges are intersecting at 90 degrees it decides that it must be a corner – so places a model. A good example of this is the foundations. If you place one foundation it looks like this.

The stones around the four sides are all conditional models. They only show if there’s not a connecting model.

These simple rules are pretty easy for an artist to set up themselves, but it’s completely modular so we can add our own custom checks. This makes me really excited for the future of the build system. It’s a new toy for us to explore the possibilities of.

Test Level

Because it was getting a pain in the ass to keep starting a game and building something to test changes I made a test level for checking buildings. This works because in the editor you can host your own game and then save it.. and then rejoin. The test level is set up to load a saved game I made. When the other guys play it they see my body asleep.

This is also good for testing performance without having to join a server then trying to find a fully built building. It will be expanded over time to make sure we can support big towns of buildings.

Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bag is now craftable! I’d implemented it but not made a blueprint.. oops!


Footstep sounds are back. The sounds are dependant on which surface you stand on.. but we haven’t implemented each surface yet. So if you get a concrete sound it probably hasn’t been implemented.

Unlike legacy Rust the new footstep effects are synced with the animation.. so they play when players put their foot on the ground. They also play make particles.. so dust will be kicked up if the surface you’re walking on is dusty etc. The particles are all still very much work in progress.

Damage Fixes

There was a bug where you’d get killed by someone, then respawn, then die again from the damage you’d got in your last life. This is now fixed.

Server Improvements

We opened the experimental server up to the public last week.


The server has a linux version. It isn’t tested or supported but it’s there if the linux guys want to grab it and try to make it work. At the moment there seems to be issues with the Steam libraries. Also there’s probably no console output or input in Linux.. this command line stuff isn’t totally built into Unity.. it’s something we had to hack together for Windows.


As promised I threw up some documentation for those that want to host their own servers. This should get you started on the basics.. for anything more feel free to drop by our forums and ask the guys there.

Find command

I re-added the find command. This should help server owners figure out what convars/concommands exist.


RCon wasn’t working, but now it is. You can’t use RCon from the game anymore, it doesn’t work like that. You need an external client to interface with it. It uses the same protocol as the Source Engine’s RCon interface, with a few exceptions. Unlike Source Engine’s RCon it also feeds the console output back continually using SERVERDATA_CONSOLE_LOG.

It shouldn’t be too much of a task to write a tool to talk to it, and Boback who made Rusty is working at making it compatible.

Owner/Moderator permissions

In legacy you pretty much set a rcon password and anyone with that password can administrate your server. This seems a bit yucky. In the new version we’re having two groups that you can add people to, owner and moderator. The owner will be the server owner, they can add other owners/moderators, close the server etc. The moderators are your day to day admins.

This system is in early days but you can add your owners by running “ownerid <64bit steamid> “, and you can add moderators by running “moderatorid <64bit steamid> “.

Serverlist Improvements

Since we have more than two servers now, it’s probably a good idea to make the serverlist work properly.


Servers are now by default ordered by ping. The other ordering buttons are functional too.

Official Servers

Official servers are back. Severs run by us will show up in official. This is to ensure we always have a healthy number of players to test with.

Double Servers on refresh

There was a bug that made servers appear twice when you refreshed. This is now fixed.

Terrain Improvements

Andre has been doing more work on the terrain generation. The previous version of the terrain generator tended to have the issue of generating a world with one mountain in the middle of the island and further away was flatter and less interesting. This became more and more of an issue when we started adding biomes since especially the northern biome could really use some cliffs towards the ocean and massive mountains.

I think he’s fixed that problem. Everywhere you go now has an interesting landscape that begs to be explored.

There are still issues that have to be addressed – the biggest one being forests. We are fairly limited by Unity 4’s physics engine at this point, which is why the tree count cannot be as high as we would like it to be. We’re working on evaluating the ideal tree density – once that is found we’ll cut it down to something Unity 4 can handle and go balls deep with Unity 5.

Dynamic ZNear

You might have noticed some flickery shadow weirdness and z-fighting on the landscape at times. This is because we’re stressing accuracy of the z-buffer by having a really close nearz. We need a really close nearz because of how we draw weapon view-models with a single camera. We need to draw the weapon view-models with a single camera because it’s the only performance friendly way to get them to accept world shadows.

So this week I added Helk’s dynamic ZNear from legacy. What this does is push the z-near forward when there’s nothing in front of the player’s view. So if the player doesn’t have a viewmodel it tries to push the znear to 1.0f. If there’s something in front it sets the znear to 0.05.

This works. There are better alternatives to this, but these would take weeks to implement and test properly, and we’d probably end up finding them too heavy handed. But this works for now. Here’s a video of the problem.

Player Animation

We accidentally worked out how to use Mechanim properly this week, and now Goosey is working at revolutionizing the way we handle hold types. We were previously masking off the top of the torso and overriding that layer with the weapon hold animations. This ended up looking odd. Then we discovered the sync option. So now we’re doing it that way.

In our defense I’m not sure whether that sync option was there the first time we set it all up :)

Wooden Box

The wooden storage box is now craftable and deployable again!

Chat Notifications

I added a notification when using voice chat. I don’t think many people realise that voice chat exists. It does. The default key is V.

Thompson Textured

Dan has pretty much finished the Thompson!

Procedural Virtual Texturing

The terrain shader is slow. It has too many texture reads.. and we’re hitting a limit. So Diogo has been hard at work implementing PVT. So instead of the shader reading a splatmap, then reading 1-4 different textures, and 1-4 different normalmaps, then blending them all together.. we just generate the textures and stream them in.

This has a dramatic impact on performance and is required for some stuff we want to try to do further down the line. It also means we have normal maps again.. and in the future will be able to mess around with parallax mapping.

Hopefully the only difference you’ll notice right now is that the performance is a little better and it has normal-maps. Please let us know if you have any issues like the terrain being pink or your house burning down.

Concept Corner

We’re desperate to get more clothes in soon (or some clothes at all because the hoody is technically a placeholder to prove that clothes work). Meg has been doing more sketching.

We’re also going to be looking at re-doing the bow model at some point to make it work better with ironsights. Meg made some options.

Paul conceptualized a better furnace.

And a bunch of stone based hatchets


We’re making a lot of good progress on the building system. It’s getting really exciting. Over the next week I want to give Bill some more wiggle room on experimenting with the building meshes, to see if we can find a better way to do it before we fully commit. One thing we’re keen to explore is different inside/outside wall models. But it’s tricky to determine whether something is outside because of how open the building system is. We also need to start experimenting with the frame and lerp models. Then the plan is to make it so you can upgrade your walls.. so to go from wood to stone, then from stone to metal.

I’m hoping next week we’ll be able to get a set of meg’s clothes together too. Tom has already started progress on this. I want to explore the possibility of using workshop for clothes, in a similar way CS:GO is using it for weapon skins. This seems like a fun and harmless way to let the community mod the game. Not sure how all this would actually tie together though in terms of getting items, maybe a random drop like TF2? We really hate the trend for IAP so want to avoid that at all costs.



      Maylson Matos

    Obviously I am no expert on the subject hehe so thanks for correcting and complementing my post :)
    I’d like to make CruelCoin’s words my words.


    Maylson Matos  As an active field archer, i’d like to add that the proper anchor point before releasing the arrow is just under the eye, along the cheekbone. Your index finger should be cradling the underside of your cheekbone. Aside from the extra power from the increased draw distance, the closer you draw the string to the eye, the better the impact on accuracy. A quick google image search of “archery anchor point” will illustrate what i mean.

    In the picture above, she’s not drawing far enough, and is anchoring far too low.

      Maylson Matos

    I’d like to suggest changing the bow holding animation slightly. When you wield a bow in real life, usually you have your left arm extended to it’s max to make it look like you’re standing sideways, because you need to provide enough strength on your left arm for you to pull the string properly with your right arm. Should you have your left arm bent, you’d need to extreme efforts to be able to hold the bow in place AND draw the arrow. If your arm is extended, however, you don’t really have to “hold” the bow, because your arm is already set “in place”, therefore you won’t have to worry about extra strength requirements.

    On the image I attached, you can notice how her arm is straight, and not bent. This is the proper way of holding a bow.
    Nevertheless, great progress! I’m very excited about Rust, hopefully it’ll be “playable” soon!


    I can help with the Linux server. I have a decent amount of dev ops experience and work at a startup that is a web platform. Plus, I have put together some neat server management stuff with Ansible for my Minecraft servers.[1]

    @jonathan_porta or



    The Thompson is Beautiful :) What about the city ? There will be city or not ?


    ArxPlay It’s a lot simpler than that, you just render actual black fog, then after a certain distance there’s literally nothing being drawn on the screen except blackness. If you raise your gamma all you’ll be able to see is the blackness in a bighter tone.


    With the bow and stone hatchet, you could make them randomized. I mean like you craft one and your friend crafts one and they each will have different models. In Unity engine it seems possible


    i like the new concept for the furnace!!


    rickygomez221 Aye, so something resembling Minecraft’s creative mode. I’ve typically just used creative servers to plan out my build/make large stuff, because griefing is not allowed on those servers. I see what you mean, however. I agree, there should be a SP/creative mode for Rust.


    u should add more craftable things and more workbenchs ! thats will be amazing ! like old weapons parts work bench and like metal work bench thats crafts like more better things and make like when the player pressed TAB it shows just the first things he needs to craft for the first 1 day or week :) and like 2 work benchs that he should craft them that will help him unlock more craftable things and more work benchs thats 1 crafts some weapons like bow and pistols and he can upgrade it to metal work bench so he can unlock more and more weapons and the second work bench like for some simple tools and he can upgrade it to unlock more tools and just like this :) and the third work bench for some campfires and torchs and simple torch that he can place it to see in the night and he can upgrade the work bench to unlock like a furnace and a cooking campfire and a building parts work bench and like this not just every where i walk i see a huge building just make like we can craft a sleeping bags and camps and shelters and simple small houses just like for the first days and weeks, and like when he crafts a work bench it just shows a couple of things and he can upgrade it to unlock and just like this and he can upgrade his work bench and like this THATS will be amazing not just TAB shows the freaking everything thats sucks and thats makes the game sucks and every1 got a gun :( u should make weapon parts work bench and add more work benchs like what ever u want plz like i think its a good idea (WORK BENCH WORK BENCH WORK BENCH xD) Hope u understand ^^ u can just simply turn all of these words into 1 word xD sorry for taking time see u like if u agree with me


    Everyone has the power to build amazing things in Rust but there are many things that stop them, one of them including people with guns, and while many people will disagree with me, I believe there should be a singleplayer option, where you can tweak what’s in the game so you can play however you like, such as unlimited resources, no danger/harm… people will probably build awesome stuff if this were a feature. I hope you conside it dev team at Facepunch. Cheers!


    I love the log cabin look, but I hate the massive cracks that would allow light and prying eyes to see in/out of your dwellings. Fill those cracks with mud so that we can live in relative privacy.


    @Leignheart i like your horse idea a lot but how would you be able to tame them? And i just think bikes are a good idea beause it cant be a good source of transportation for on and off road and it can make it challanging by getting your character tired, get dehyrdated, etc. reply on what you think pls


    DjRave No offense, but I think bikes are a bad idea. However I do believe horses and boats would be great travel items.


    This may sound stupid but i would like to see if bikes could be added. You know like make the chain with metal fragments the actual frame of the bike with low quality metal or metal fragment then make a wooden seat. I dint know how someone would make the rubber wheels but u know theres always a way to do somerhing right? Any like the idea?


    ***NEW Canadian Server Just Opened*** Looking for New Players To Expand Server, PVP ON, Sleeper ON, x3 Build/Craft Speed, Couple Fellow Canadian Players Already On Server Looking For More Please Join. It’s New So Now Is Your Chance To Join Before It Get’s To Packed. Friendly Admins, No Abuse, Air Drops Will Start To Occur Soon As We Get Enough People So That”s Its Fair For Everyone.      INFO:       net.connect


    jtudehope02 use frames to make the ceiling when done remove frames


    when does the update end? plz tell>>>


    check this out, it is a grenade war that happend on a rust server held by admins it was awesome


    i really like your thoughts!


    I had an idea with the first build house. With the windows. You could do like thin dark wooden planks that can be opened and closed and could possibly (if you can do this) when a bullet hits it. It opens up and the bullet goes slower and does less damage. Kinda like arma 3 and the bullets penetrating through specific walls, ect. You could probably do the same with walls but bullets do even less damage due to the wood being thick. Hopefully you guys see this message. <3


    dont like the walls, there to thick, and bring back the pillars i like big open rooms without walls and doorways.


    This is a problem I get with the experimental too, seems to disconnect me after a while of playing or when I exit out, very strange as it never happens unless I’m playing the experimental rust, I just have to reconnect to my wifi signal every time


    Good Progress guys :D Keep them up. it would be nice to add trapsto make raiding a bit more harder and makes more fun to defend the base :Dand also it would be awesome if you add a female character model ;) there are also girls playing this game.


    Great work on the building system so far! Love the new foundation texture. I only feel that rust needs ladders, for more vertical transport other than with stairs.
    (maybe ladders wouldn’t need a foundation?)


    Just two characters: <3


    ебуче бахают разрабы)))))


    Nickdim7 Yes! This times over 9000, need many more trees.


    Will the UI be getting any further refinement?  This overhaul of Rust has been absolutely fantastic so far, but the UI has unfortunately felt a little lacking.  Things are not as intuitive or “click-easy” as they could be.


    Hi Garry and CO.

    Thanks for creating such a great game…but I have a serious issue that has started since last Friday’s update… everytime I finish playing on the experimental game my internet crashes. Tried with various other Steam games and they work fine. But with Rust it always hapenns. Could you please look in to it?



    Big Frenkie
    If you spend £400 buying a new phone and as you take the SIM from your old phone you drop it and the phone breaks, would you pay to repair the old phone?  There is no reason for Garry to spend any time working on a version of Rust that is obsolete, buggy and has no future.


    I hope there are some decorations for your house in the future, mine is too big without extra stuff :D


    Big Frenkie The normal version of Rust is basically dead. The experimental is the only thing being worked on right now.


    I Think it would be cool if there were like 2-3 different gun models, so when you make a gun, not everyone would have the same gun model.. It would make it more realistic and more difficult.

      Big Frenkie

    I was just wondering if it is possible to put some updates in the normal rust (not the experimental). I really like playing rust but the normal rust is getting a little the same atm in my opinion. I understand that you guys need all your time for the experimental rust (which is looking awesomer by the day) but I would find it even greater when I could play the normal rust and enjoy it. I have played it already a lot but it is just too much of the same now :( So was wondering, can the normal rust be updated or is that  a stupid question (: ?


    I think that there should be 2 models of each gun. One so that if you craft the gun, it looks as though you have crafted it, and its durability should be lower. However, if you find a weapon in a rad town (or whatever theyre going to be in the new build) it should be in much better condition and look like a pristine, proper gun. It could also have a higher durability as a result of this, but they could be very rare. Although, they should still have the same stats such as damage. What do you guys think? I also do think that some longer range scopes could be added. I know this game is supposed to be a “survival game” but if it was made very realistic it wouldnt be any fun. Youd build a house with a rock, and then there wouldnt be anything to do. The guns, the pvp, the raiding, thats what makes this game! Bullet time and bullet dip could also be added (i know bullet dip is in the experimental). The game looks great and the new animations look amazing, well done guys, keep up the good work! :D


    JunghunChoi Yeah there has to be something more valueable than c4 or the materials to make c4 because when you raid someone the best you can hope for really (by that point youre already geared to the teeth probably) is c4 or the mats to make it, but youve just used c4 to raid them so its pretty pointless end game really.


    I would say that a great improvement would be to add way more trees. I really suggest that you guys should add ALOT more trees. Like a 5/6 ratio of landmass to have trees.  I’m really looking forward to what you guys have been working on! Its looking amazing :D


    JunghunChoi i agree you suddenly become an expert gunsmith and blacksmith able to create a machine gun out of some metal you found in a bolder five mins after you where start naked chasing a deer with a rock


    Damn Im realy excited about the new housing thingy


    I just hope that there is a super rare loot like a broken gun to make it hard to build a gun. In ‘legacy’ as you called it, you went from a hatchet to a refurbished, army quality pistol after smacking some stones.


    BlueScreenFiM Uh, no. Nice strawman, thanks for playing. If there’s a night time in the game, it should be dark for everyone.

    We’re not talking about minor differences in visibility here, we’re talking about the well-known gamma “fix”. That very “fix” that makes night look like day, and it should absolutely be disallowed if possible.

    I have a shortcut bound for it  that allows me to toggle it on in Rust. I’ve tried toggling it on in games like CS:GO and it didn’t work. So it seems it is possible to stop people abusing gamma.

    I would rather have no night time at all if it can’t be fixed. What’s the point? It only serves as a disadvantage to people playing the game as intended.


    Adding horses maby sounds dumb but i thibk it could be a great idea.


    Grass that been walked over and stayed down for a while are a awsome idea!


    ArxPlay that would be like me asking to make the game black and white so that other players dont have an advantage over my colour blindness


    Is the gapping in the log housing intentional and going to be kept? I know you guys strive for realism and it’s normal for some compound to be used in the cracks between the logs in order to create insulation.  Doing this in a survival game like this would, to me, be kind of a given.  I realize that it might be done purposly so that you could “see” whats inside the huts, however again, as it seems you guys strive to have some semblance of realism, I’m just curious if this is going to be addressed in the future?





    ArxPlay That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Everyone has different monitors with different color and brightness settings. So that’s like saying people with shitty monitors are at a disadvantage to people who spent a little more money on a monitor. Besides, if I go into my graphics settings and change my gamma to 2.50 rather than 1, that isn’t an advantage since you can do the exact same on your end.


    Would it be possible to have effects like snow, or leaves, build up on structures built in biomes if they are caught up in the elements?

      HDShot Zachary

    ParalyZe HDShot Zachary So true you can’t join a server with 3-4 FPS because the game doesn’t let you.
    SO I ended up adding them to my Favs finding the ip and do F1 and net.connect <IP> I’m really fucking mad about that




    k66 This is ridiculous, you are describing a completely different game, FacePunch have obviously done something right considering the millions they have made and the amount of people that play it, it is a survival game and that cant be argued, that doesnt mean it has to be the only thing to do is literally try to stop starving to death and dehydrating, what a boring game that is that you want, maybe you should head over towards The Forest and hope that it goes the way you want it to, but this game is already very well established being what it is and has many fans, you cant come here and ask the developers to completely chuck out everything that makes this game what it is and build it to your vision. All the running around and gathering is excessive as it is, you want us to only be able to carry 10 bits of wood at a time? you want us to raid a base the other side of the map and have to run back over 100 times just to get the stuff back to our own base? That’s not what Rust is. Actually maybe what you need is to just get naked and go and starve to death in the woods, that sounds like your idea of fun.


    Dear Rust Game Representative,
    The old version of the game Rust had a problem with cheaters who had been altering the gamma (monitor brightness) by turning it up. As a result, the amateur gamers who were going blind for a period of time had a disadvantage (as a matter of fact). The cheaters were able to differentiate pretty much everything on the screen.
    Therefore, there was an imbalance and it continues to be. I feel the problem will be present in the latest version of the Rust. While developing the new version of the game concept there will be variables for unfair gaming.
    I ask you for making the night mode of the game as bright as possible, for the purpose of equal gaming opportunity. The cheaters would not be able to take advantage of ordinary gamers/players.


    when is this update coming out?


    <3 S2 <3


    soulriever Already changed in experimental


    Hey, so like ages ago I started a suggestions thread on the Rust forums, I’ve since sort of died and stopped editing it, but it’s still totally worth checking out. I added a ton of ideas that I would love to see implemented, and quite a few of them have, even though sadly they weren’t added per my suggestion.


    loving all the changes, but i don’t really like the idea of the dust unless you’re actually over dirt. it would be cool to see grass bend down if someone has recently walked over grass though, and after a certain time rise back up


    skyfire247 gamer_105 Yep, am really hoping for walls that look like rough wood mixed with mud, with stones jammed in. As well as construction out of random stuff lying around: Plywood, sheet metal, tarps,  etc etc… As construction becomes tighter, the wood, metal, and stone structures become more refined, light, sound, and bullet proof.


    i haven’t been more excited for rust since i was watching the auction page trying to buy it for a low-price


    Looking really nice and I am loving the part where you guys are learning as you go along =)
    just wish there was more to this game than farm>build> raid then thats it, imagine if there where birds to shoot at, fish to catch, animals that are actually a full on threat that knock you down..some only come out at night and stalk you etc.
    no airdrops, no powers to admins so they can’t just spawn in items and turn on godmode (ruined the game since day 1 to be honest) and more power to the new guys starting on developed servers…with such a tiny map people are constantly running into spawns should be quite a distance away from populated area’s IMO…
    allow us to set traps outside our homes like unstable earth that collapses when a player walks over it..players can’t get out of the hole without help from another player EG rope or ladder.
    allow us to build proper walls around our bases or even build below ground or inside mountains!  hell even building a moat around my base so people can’t spam foundations and ladders to get on the roof for example =) I am hopeful the game goes in this direction..if not then its all good and I hope other players still enjoy what your team has created.


    i like the designs, just keep the ability to add doors to keep people out


    gamer_105 There not keeping it this is just where they ended up for the moment.


    Honestly i dont like the building design. Too many little holes and it just doesnt feel right in my opinion. i like having the walls, instead of logs.


    Oh man guys, I really think you guys are gonna pull this off. This game is gonna be even more famous than Minecraft! I really believe in this project. There are alot of people wanting this game. Its gonna be great. I have full faith for you guys. If you asked me to donate, I’d donate 1000000000000000000 dollars because I know you will succeed. I enjoyed Garry’s Mod ALOT. I’m going to enjoy Rust just as much :D


    Good job with the thompson! i love it, but u have to consider what thath weapon was made in the WW2 :/


    k66 GTbrawlers I do agree that it’s very unrealistic that from basic wooden planks you can create a 10 story tower, that’s just unrealistic but that’s why the game should progress and allow you to build that stuff by providing better materials. Not exactly limiting the player to a certain height but making a bigger emphasis on physics.

    In addition, I do agree that the environment should be the main challenge and not the players as I to don’t particularly like the PvP and agree it shouldn’t be what happens all the time. I think you should be able to make that safe haven for you and your friends as that’s the fun part of the game and it gets taken away pretty fast.


    Firebeard 100% with you.




    I understand all your point of view thats why i end my little post by : 

    ” I will just wait for a other game = A realistic game… With maybe LESS players but with a better basis.”

    For me and maybe other players, having castle on the map is just not possible…. 

    I’m not saying that rust have to be realistic.

    I’m just saying that it will be an arcade game that all and im not interest by that.

    If you cant carry lots of woods  : You find a cave, a deep forest, rock, you dig a hole or any other ideas !

    For me a survival game is not necessarily pvp for 100 % of the time.

    To finish this i know that it is a beta. I’m just sad of the turn that the game take.

    My feelings can be stupid but :

    When i start rust with my team, the first time we made a house ( we where all happy to be ” safe ” in, with the fire when the night come )…
    When the night come, and you didnt really know where you are, and  you hears people shooting we where all scary to be find….

    I want to feel that every time i play this game.

    Ps: Remember all this is just my point of view, and my team too. 

    Ps2 : For my team Rust is actually boring cause the survival part of the game is just missing.
    People stop to play at this game cause runing around trying to find people 100 % of the time is boring.
    Actually rust is more a shoot game than a survival game.


    One thing that i personally think that needs to happen is the removal of hit-scan weapons and be replaced with bullet travel. Make lead and range count. Other than that everything’s looking good!


    Awesome work as always team, Coming along nicely and getting better and more exciting each week :)


    Start working on security (cheaters)


    I’m hoping the used part of the island gets bigger, I’ve been playing on some servers where we use large amounts of the areas not mapped for the game yet, over rust mountain 1 and 2 :D

    I agree with @aledroid about the character customization.  There needs to be a way to distinguish each other cause on Vanilla servers I have sniped out a teammate because he looks the same as the other guy by accident.  Hair styles, a way to dye clothes with items found in games, possible use of berries?  (Throwing out ideas.)  

    The game has a long way to go though and it looks like its going in the right direction which is awesome. Cant wait to play this version of the game.


    Mordrull its alpha, and its been already released to live can make server yourself as well..


    Release date this Beta version game ? ..


    ALL of the bows should be different, i.e. from certain woods to certain materials. Also different tipped arrows: poison, fire, explosive, smoke bomb, hunting broad heads. The bow design used currently is crap. Maybe a higher end compound bow, made from plastics you find. When i play legacy rust its all i use, i find weapons take away from the whole “survival” aspect. I would love to see some snares, traps, pitfalls, stuff of that nature implemented. Actually be able to defend ones base.


    could add a player customisation


    omg very nice job


    k66 The game is fast paced and fun because of all of this though. A game doesn’t need to be realistic down to every fine point, It’s a game which is made to simulate an alternate world with realistic aspects. In our entire history the world has never been like this game or any other as these are just games and can’t mimic life.

    If the game was as serious as you want it then it would be like a serious roleplay server and people would get bored within a day of purchasing. The pick up and play part is why it’s so successful.


    HDShot Zachary Solution? Stop playing the game on a fucking toaster.


    nbarrager If you can’t use the bow at current then I don’t think you should be trying to shoot one. The bow literally takes about 5-10 shots before you get your aim perfect. Plus a lost arrow isn’t exactly a lost cause, stones and wood are too abundant.


    LeoCiampo I think if food wasn’t so easy to come by then farming would be a very good option for the game. Farming and hunting go hand in hand as far as survival goes but I often find myself with stacks of chicken that I can’t be bothered to cook as I have stacks of canned goods and already cooked chicken. Food isn’t exactly a priority at that point.

    However, farming could be an option for getting certain plants (possible another rarity like metal buildings were). These plants could be used for antidotes (for things like poison) or perhaps better medical items like antiseptics.




    BorisTroyan I think they need to redesign the purpose of radtowns and how they feel. Possibly have smaller towns as there are currently and have a sort of big city or port on the map that people can build in and perhaps one that is also radiated. There should be more than just radiation as a threat in these towns though and perhaps a bigger reward.

    Possibly if this is a post apocalyptic setting which would explain the radiation and the buildings then there could be a new resource type like concrete or plastic that is only obtainable within the larger cities. However if this is the “darwinian” survival game that people keep describing it as then the radiation can be explained but the buildings cannot.


    AnthonyClaes Some servers like bartertown have a specified area which is no PvP and no Raid as those are bannable offences. I can’t see why plugins can’t protect certain areas either like they do in minecraft plugins


    aledroid I’d definitely say no to a workshop for this game. It doesn’t need it as it’s currently in development and I think adding workshop would diversify servers too much and force people to get content that they don’t want.

    The game should be an easy pick up and play without having to faff on with custom content like in Garry’s Mod. Don’t get me wrong I’d love to see artists contributing to the game and there should be a platform for them to submit content for review to be added or something but I just think workshop is too varied for this sort of game.


    I don’t think workshop system would work well in Rust. Dota 2 and TF 2 items have a good quality because the artist gets profit for what they done. If you look at a game like Blade Simphony you will see that the quality is far worse (with all respect).
    Random drop It is not a good idea. You should be able to craft everything you want without having to “farming” it (random means almost everytime farming).

    Character personalization is a must in this game and thus you have to be able to personalize your character without having to spend too much time – and even loose the personalization. This is not Dota 2 where personalization is only a second thing, here in Rust to be able to choose how you want to look and how you want to uniform with a clan or a group of people or play roleplay is a fundamental of the game. 

    That being said I do not have a solution for now, as an “artist” myself I would love to see my ideas implemented but I don’t know if a steam workshop system would work properly. 

    (everything above is Imho obv)


    AnthonyClaes It’s Rust, not Playmobil.


    Just a general note…seems like when walking through the grass, I’m much too low in the grass (or its too tall).  Has this been noted before?


    JoshMiller3 actually its cloth, not tape.


    Just make wallpaper we can put up inside our houses so we can determine what is inside and what is out… wouldn’t that be easier?


    I tried following the instructions you listed on to install the experimental server, but I just get “Failed to install app ‘258550’ (No subscription)”



    Loads of Progress is being made this is so awesome =D , my only suggestion would be for those who did loads of work on their home that you can toggle on/off from being destructable and undestructable , i love playing rust , but sometimes i have this awesome base that i dont want to be grieved my main house…it would be nice if we could preserve one home which is a safe haven to regroup and resuply…or making a safe zone of some sorts which only the player who made it or knows the password may enter the claimed plot of land , ofcourse they need to build some sorts of soil in order to claim 1 by 1 meters for example for each soil made.

    anyways these are great achievements and thanks again for the great game you are creating =D


    LeoCiampo I think that would be cool too, but only if they made the map like 5x as big as the original. I feel like it was hard to find a secluded place to build a small shack in the original version as it is. Add a garden to that and we will have neighborhoods.


    Those houses look good, new style is better than old one. I like it. It is look like house, now. Thank you.


    Of curse i dont want them to make it too real. I mean that as long as they do the weapon more “crafted” looking. I think its ok. I would play this even if its lots of weapons because rust is rust :P just saying. Do not implent to advanced weapons cause then its not a ” survival game”


    Such cool! And what about radtowns?


    I like the better furnace, It looks a lot more prepared that the previous pile of rubble.

    I hope those gaps in the wooden walls aren’t going to be that big in the next builds or atleast give us more materials to build with as those gaps are ridiculously big. Hopefully there’s an option to use planks and logs, possibly both at once too, logs being harder to break through and planks being easier to break through but less likely to see through.

    The thompson models are nice and I hope the grass isn’t as annoying and intrusive as it was in legacy since it now can’t be disabled.


    LeoCiampo I like the idea about trees falling down. But rust should nowhere, not even close to as slow as the forest is. Rust is a fast paced game believe it or not, and the forest is incredibly slow and can become very boring after a short period.


    skorje I know right, it’s like these guys don’t even think half the time when they post crap. I for one like fun games, and making games “too real” almost always makes them “too boring”.


    nbarrager Yes in real life you can put a red dot sight and stuff on a Bow or Crossbow.


    I really do hope.


    LeoCiampo They’re making everything from scratch. I’m pretty sure those weapons don’t exist in the new version.


    Like I mentioned on the past dev blog, I feel as if the M4, P250, MP5, and Shotgun should all be replaced OR make them look like hand crafted guns.


    Having gardens in rust would also be very good, in my opinion that is!


    I really like the idea of having the dust on foot steps, but from the picture it looks like a little too much. It should only be lake a little puff of dust.


    Was going to say this before but didn’t think anyone would agree. “Rust Reboot” should work with “The Forest” you guys would make amazing things. I personally like the idea of trees falling down when you chop them!


    If they make the game completely realistic it would become boring let’s think okay start playing rust I need to build a house but I can only Carrie one log due to the fact I only have my hand takes seven months to build a 1×1 shack its made out of wood one guy with an axe chops through it and kills you welcome to another seven months of gathering DAT realism


    Hi, I want report a bug with building system.. I recorded it here
    When you build a stairs in the corner etc, you arent able to build walls etc upstair, so you cant finish a building..


    nbarrager yes ;)


    The “game” is not done + it’s a “game” not real life…


    its great to see that finally the background work is more or less done and real gameplay additions start rolling in. Keep up the good work! Clothes, weapons, and i’m back at playing rust in no time.


    nbarrager do you have a marksman sight in real life for a bow?


    hey gary, you guys should, at some point, make some kind of marksman sight for the hunting bow. it would make it a lot easier to use


    Coolmoe300 i would assume 3DS Max or Maya, both great programs although I am more familiar with Maya because that is what we use at school.


    Where the hell do the survivors get all this tape from?


    Steam workshop integration would be incredible, maybe certain items could have properties like cloth or leather and then you could pick what workshop item to craft?


    Firebeard i agree 100%

      Jymi Newman

    ParalyZe HDShot Zachary lol, yeah:P

      Jymi Newman

    Coolmoe300 I think Autodesk Maya


    All i see is one player crushing a bunch of naked players with the thommy gun


    Yeah :p i was like “wft did i just typed. No one will evver understand that gibberish” xD


    Its the immersion that sells this, I hope we get less guns and more things you could really make in a survival situation.


    consciousness rock to the face mutes em real good.


    its coolhow they added old footstep sounds with new ones =D keep it up guys super cool


    JackNardz NinjaNugget Take easy bro


    beefbasket GAME ISN’T FUCKING DONE!


    pellehardrock That’s not bad spelling, that’s terrible typing! :P


    k66 Thomson gun. It is stupid. Better to give potato, and a daughter with no rape from soldier. Good real game you have now.


    Sorry for my spelling. Its really early in the morning


    HDShot Zachary  Yeah.. I mean, when I play Rust I usually hang out for hours at the menu screen, and constantly complain about the fps.. When I am in the menu screen I need appropriate fps to have a chance at least!

    TLDR: 4-6 FPS in menu screen: uninstall Rust, write a bad review, complain about early access games.


    I tpp wounder ehat kind of survival yhis ame are going to be..canr be hart yo survive eoth sn Thomson in ypur hands lol. I alsp though itwould be more like “survive the dangdrs in the woods and whether and your not alone”


    “we’ll cut it down to something Unity 4 can handle and go balls deep with Unity 5.” LOL…. killed me


    I love the log cabin walls, makes more sense than a shack. Shacks take planks to build in real life, plus nails. Log cabins just need logs and something to cut grooves on the ends to stack. Planks take a lot of work to make, a slide blade, hatchet, and metal for nails, plus a forge to smelt the metal, and casts to make the nails.


    Now we have two versions of Rust with micspammers you can’t mute.


    Recurve Bows- Extremely powerful and accurate. They ought to be hard to get/make, as a recurve bow can be better than a gun in many cases. More accurate, silent, and is way more effective on horseback ;)
    Imagine bringing Mongols back, crazy buggers flinging arrows off horseback. I’d love to see horses in game some day for transport.

      HDShot Zachary

    Trying not to leave this game completely I mean I love the game and all but really 4-6 FPS ON THE MENU SCREEN? Wow


    Please add a construction menu similar of The Forest, next to the crafting menu, where you choose what you want to build and add it to the world …


    Glithes 60Dan06 Considering they are very advance coders it should be fairly easy for them to implement a system like this. All they need to do is detect what items you have and design a model for the object and there you go.


    k66 “Are they all architect…” Lol that was perfect xD
    Relax, the game is still in alpha, they’re still testing and implementing new features. Right now they’re focusing on core mechanics of the game, I’m sure they’ll move into more survival aspects later on! I’m really happy with how they’re doing things, most devs wouldn’t be so open to their community nor would they listen as much. I mean, didn’t Garry put in a mouse invert command because he saw a few of people giving off about it in-game? Just be patient and see how the game turns out, if it all turns south then just hope that a 3rd party makes a server mod for extreme survival!


    Pls pls, and by the god pls.
    I will try to write in english.

    What is the goal of rust ?

    To be a Arcade game or a Realistic game ?

    – Pipe shotgun, bow, axe, Throwing rock ( why not ) = realistic game
    – Bolt, M4, C4 ( wtf ) = Arcade game

    To be a Survival game or a Minecraft game ?

    – You try to hide, to make no sound, to built little house with what you find, you dont run like f.. tar.. with your mate cause the map is 
    hostil = Survival- When you go out, you are afraid of all = Survival
    – You cant carry more than one weapon, ( arrow and axe,knife), You have a limite of carrying food, woods etc.= Survival
    – You need to find water in a spring, river or to get it from your roof if its raining = Survival
    -More you run, Faster you run, more food and water you need = Survival

    But for the moment in Rust game or in your new alpha, capa, beta or what you want i only see :
    -How to costumize building. In a high grade map you will not take time to custom your house ?? wtf 
    -Lots of team make udge building, 5 to 13 floor or more ?? WTFFFFFF  Are they all architect… Be serious one second pls. Its not concrete buildings, its wood buildings……
    -People can carry  6 k woods or other  ?  
    -People can carry C4, M4, Bolt, Gun, 30000000 medipac, Wall protect, grenade, bed ?? Are YOU SERIOUS….

    I stop there… as a final result I think that :
    You will try to lure us, by promote a survival game but  it will be an ARCADE RUST GAME. 
    Arcade = call of = disgusting community = no respect = cheat = half player leaving the game.
    Ps : Thomson = You kill me with this ….
    I will just wait for a other game = A realistic game… With maybe less players but with a better basis.

    Thx to have read me !


    AntiiGrav Vulpyne Haha I would love to see their findings! “Sir, it appears that when shit truly hits the fan, humans will run around, penis flapping in the wind, killing each other..” xD


    GarouxBloodline I had the exact same thought but this might be restricted on most private servers by the admins, it will no doubt lag having foundation roads crossing through several chunks.
    This is all just speculation on my part, but I’d be surprised if this didn’t cause a lag issue.


    Having fun looking for weird stuff/bugs on the awesome rust experimental!
    Join me at


    60Dan06 It would be nice but fairly impossible with current technology. The developers would have to make a specific model for every combination of materials. So while this would be very cool, and it may show up in a game someday, its up to the devs to decide if they want to do the work to do this kind of complexity. I’ve had the same idea ;)



    While I was lookinkg at the hatchet concepts, I was thinking that it would be pretty cool if all these hatchets were in the game and look diferently beacouse of thnings that were used to crafting :) And the crafting list wont be like: Need 20 wood, 5 stones….. It can be like this: hatchet: 1-Find something heavy, find some stick, Need something to link it together… that would be pretty nice :))


    Vulpyne How do you know that where Rust takes place IS the whole world. Maybe we’re all just clones sent to an island to study human behavior and coping mechanisms.


    KingOfHell I’m sure they’re working on it, Unity5 is pushing to be released by summer. So it shouldn’t be too long before they’ll have the ability to better optimize the experimental. (after Garry is done playing with it like a boy with a new Hot Wheels car, naturally.)


    Excellent work guys, I really like what your doing with the houses, but I think more materials/looks for walls ext. because that buildings now are cozy, something that your casual gamer would make. And that’s nice, but a big part of rust is the variety of personality that it allowed for, and while build cozy log cabins in the woods is cool, I know other people are gonna want to make giant bases or fortified strongholds that wouldn’t really work with a log cabin style. Just a thought.

    The Thomson looks really awesome so far and I know its not done but I’d like to see it look more crafted with scratches and other stuff like that.

    I really like the idea to have a workshop for clothes, it allows people to make their own clothes and show off that variety of personality i was talking about earlier. But a random drop? No. I don’t have that much experience with the CS:GO workshop but I feel like it should be closer to the TF2 workshop where someone would model clothes and maybe put some crafting recipe suggestions and stats, the community votes on their favorite, and the winner(s) are added on the next update (assuming their not overpowered or something stupid like that). Before you know it you have a substantial variety of stupendously amazing creations made by Rust’s biggest enthusiasts. Sorry I got a little overly poetic their but you get the point.

    I like bow concept #4 and stone hatchet #1.

    Really happy with the progress and keep up the good work!


    Cobaltmarksman I’m more than certain that someone is working on that at this very moment.


    With the concept art I’ve seen, it looks like the artists like things pretty. So once the test build is stable enough and fully caught up to legacy, I’m more than certain the artists will be working on cosmetic items as well as the required building materials.


    Why are there broken videos in every single debblog?


    Loving where this looks like it’s headed and continually blown away to see the dedication to keeping the community so up to date and involved in the testing of the game. 

    For what it’s worth my favorites are: 

    -Hunting Bow #2
    -Marksman Bow #3 (If these are meant to be 2 levels of bows)
    -Stone Hatchet #2


    Looking forward to finding out what other enemies we will stumble upon in rust, I don’t believe they will actually put robots it despite the attention that concept art has received, Although it would be quite cool it also changes the game completely it’s not so much a survival game anymore, zombies are one of the only things that really work in survival games I think but they are just soo overdone these days. Maybe dinosaurs, mostly little, some harmless (but worth hunting) and one giant bastard who walks around once or twice a day that everyone would have to attack together to bring down (or maybe you could just backstab a Jimmy or two for their gear while they go for godzilla).


    I love the log cabbin look it makes the structures feel more at home, Although I see other people like the metal sheets from before more. Maybe both before you had metal and wood walls this looks as though it’s the same thing .

      Paul B HD

    Keep cantilevers for buildings, so you don’t have to place pillar to support structures that extrude from buildings to a certain distance.


    They should be a requirement if there is no supporting wall underneath, I believe they are working on that when they mention gravity defying buildings. Will be interesting to see how different raiding will be with the new build models.


    Also please don’t go with the log cabin type walls it feels too heavy almost, I like the shack type feeling in legacy bases as apose to the permanent housing feeling the log houses give off.


    JoeRovai Indeed! Radios would add a lot of depth to communication!


    On the concepts page it shows radios, I think if implemented correctly this could be fantastic, a way to communicate with other households or send out messages from a loudspeaker on your roof.


    Normal maps make a lot of difference on terrain. Looks really nice now.


    So much great progess!




    I love the new way to build buildings and I was wondering if we could get post/pillars back (not in the same sense we use to use them). I keep finding myself making buildings with a roofed porch but nothing is holding up the roof so I would like to see pillars as a decoration piece, not a required piece and you can place them on the new railings so it could blend perfectly. Doors would be nice too but I know they will come back. The pillars might not so like I said it would be cool for a decoration for homes not as a required building item. Also I would like to say awesome progress I read all devblogs and I always can’t wait for next week’s; keep it up guys! :)


    please change the fire ! its so bad compared to the old one


    JackNardz beefbasket whoa now that is a cheap shot, by no means was call of duty ghosts perfect, but it was in no way a horrible game, I may not sit around and play call of duty my whole life but it didn’t seem horrible to me and i’ve played every call of duty atleast a little bit. The campaign was fun for what it was and the multiplayer was same as usual pretty much. It wasn’t a great game but far from the worst i’ve played.


    I am loving the building system :) When will we have usable doors??


    still getting horribly low FPS, i wonder when will it be fixed. was getting 60+ easily b4, now 15-30.


    Love your progress, nice building, nice player animation… Good Job ! :D


    Of course, this IS Rust, so clan betrayal is allowed xD


    Best update thanks… loved the new house texture


    I was just looking at the last week’s Friday devblog and saw robot concepts, I’m not going to come and say MAEK ROBTS CUZ AWSME SWAG! (although let’s be honest guys, robots are epic!) but it got me thinking about the story of Rust.

    I’m pretty new so someone fill me in if I’m wrong but have you guys thought of a background story for Rust, like the reason for how the world is in this state? You don’t have to add a story with goals or anything (that would defeat the purpose of the game) but just something that could add some content that may not be realistic in our world.. for example, Robots :D 

    Something like humans got pretty advanced and then nuked themselves (OMG IM SO ORRIGNAL), Robots are a thing and they were used to protect important places – after the Calamity happened the Robots were given any new orders so they continued protecting those places. There isn’t any end game screen for killing a Robot but they’d drop a shit-ton of goodies! One thing though, Robots are fuckin’ tough! Because of that you can’t just go ahead and solo a Robot, you’ll need a pretty good posse to take one down. This would encourage communities in Rust, maybe rather than everyone just killing each other, people could join up and form something like clans (or cults, if you’re into that) and then PvP can turn into more of a clan war type thing, where groups fight each other for resources, territory, and just general dominance.

    Or, you know…


    Ignore this idiot! Dude You try working on a full game from scratch. These people are working hard and doing a great job! Also we really appreciate the updates. No other company does this and it makes a big difference allowing us to see and be a part of the game. Thank you rust team!


    mathissteph corrupted videos works for me on google chrome but dosent on Explorer


    mathissteph The “Corrupt” video you might be talking about is also a bug i have. When you press play, wait for it to kinda crash and reload. then press play again. it works fine after that


    Do you also get corrupted video each week ?


    mbneofrance I agree


    I hate this kind of comment. Pointless


    beefbasket Okay, You need to calm down a bit. The game is released. Go to the Experimental branch. you can play it. Second, If you want this game to be rushed, it will turn out to be worse than CoD: Ghost. And thats a low blow. Look, I know we all want this game to be completed so we can play it, but how about you enjoy the ride a bit. Take in the effort that they put into the game week by week to put out great updates with new features and performance improvements. The reason you all bitch is because no one take into account how difficult it is to do performance improvements. Its re-writing hundreds of lines of code that at one point you thought worked out pretty well. Shit like this isn’t easy, but FacePunch is actually making it look really easy. Give them a break.


    beefbasket Release what??? How fucking dense do you have to be to realize the GAME ISN’T FUCKING DONE! So stop being impatient you impatient tawt fuck.


    JackNardz NinjaNugget  I was talking to my friend earlier about how I wanted new guns and supplies


    so is the month #4 in purgatory?  The last of these updates has been gary saying, “omg you guys are so creative, look what you did” Well when you don’t update a fucking game people get bored and tend to get creative with the shit tools you give them. Get on the fucking ball and release this shit already gary you lazy twat fuck.


    NinjaNugget JackNardz Specify next time. Cant call someone an idiot if they werent told. How old are you, 12? Hair wouldnt be too much of a hassle, but its not a game changer like new weapons, new clothes, and new environments. If i recall correctly, they did say they want character customization as well. Give them time. Rust can’t be built in one day.


    JackNardz  I’m not talking about like nose eyes I’m talking about hair you idiot.


    NinjaNugget JackNardz well dont comment something that cant be done in 10 minutes. It takes so long for character customization. Hats take little time to make, and isnt an entire system to build just for hats. Character customization takes the time to create every face structure, every set of facial hair, every set of hair, every set of ears, eyes, nose, mouth, body build, height, thickness, ect. You get my point now? its not easy. So dont compare it to something that is relatively easier than that.


    JackNardz  Also they have added so much more and most of us are ‘bitching’ because they won’t add that, but they add hats…..


    JackNardz  Jeez man player hate.


    NinjaNugget Because it is still not finished. Other things in the game, like the entire game itself, are more important than character customization. May i remind you that this is still Alpha. They haven’t even brought over everything from Legacy yet. Lets take one step at a time so things get done right. Stop bitching and learn to admire the work they have done.


    Why are you guys holding back on character customization?!?!?!


    I love the buildings and how you can see through the gaps in the logs. But one question i have is can you shoot through the gaps? if so it would probably be a good idea so add some kind of mud/putty that you can fill them in with because the gaps could be both useful and very bad to the person on the inside. For example they could shoot someone through the crack and have good protection, but then while they are sleeping someone could do the same to them. With something to fill in the gaps you could still shoot out, but make sure that the area where you sleep had all the gaps filled in.


    Nice update! When are you going to work on better optimization?


    Woa. Nice! Like the foundation look. Hope it runs smoother now so i dont have to chase laggy enemies xD


    Awesome updates this week.


    I’m still waiting on my caves. WHERE ARE MY CAVES GARY? Good job guys this week.


    “Tom has already started progress on this.” W-What is this? Blasphemy! This cannot be!


    I absolutely love those stone/dirt foundations. We can now finally make our own proper roads! That is, so long as the topography allows it, unlike Legacy. Really excited for building in Experimental.


    Fix the Bug when you jump to the moon while pressing space Consistently


    Keep up the good work :)


    Awesome work this week guys! I love Rust! Hope to see more soon :3


    A second server is my :)


    As long as the end game runs smooth I’ll stop bitching. GG:)


    Nice work. I am really looking forward to seeing more biomes that look amazing


    nice job loving the concept this week


    Looks good!




    Good work this week guys.

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