That’s right – we haven’t actually cancelled Rust.

Building Strategy

We decided on a building strategy this week. Scott has been cobbling together some placeholder models and we’ve got walls, windows, doors, stairs and ceilings in. It wasn’t long until people on the experimental server were building crazy things.

Airdrop Package

The cargo plane now drops an airdrop package again. The package can be looted and stuff, just like in legacy.

Building Menu

Swapping items in and out of your belt to build different components is terrible. So now you can right click and choose which component you want to build. The menu here is placeholder – we’re thinking a radial menu will suit best.. but it’s something we’re going to experiment with.

There’s still work to do on the building system (models, conditional models, more parts, upgrading, structural integrity, not defying gravity).. but I’m reasonably happy now that we have a strong foundation that we can build on, so we can start pushing it forward.

New Billboards

Andre and Petur have been putting a new billboard system together. A billboard system is how the trees turn into 3D sprites when you’re a certain distance away. The new ones have normal maps, so they react properly to the environmental light.. making it even harder to tell that they’re billboards.


Bill made some pretty clouds! It’s a relatively simple addition, but it adds so much. Here’s some with and withouts.

Terrain Texturing

We didn’t like Unity’s standard terrain texture blending. We wanted to do texture-modulated blends instead. That basically means that instead of the texture blending via a linear gradient between terrain vertices, the transition is now influenced by a height texture which is unique for each surface type. This is the difference.

A more real world example would be this, where the rocks don’t fade into the grass, they instead break into pebbles.

Player Shader

We changed the player’s skin shader to a better one. It has rim lighting and translucency. Which means that the player doesn’t look completely flat-shaded at certain times of the day anymore. There’s still a lot of tweaking to do as we’re not using real depth maps or anything yet.. something I’m sure Tom will be all over when he’s back off holiday.

Impact Effects

Weapons now define which type of damage they do.. Bullet, Slash or Blunt Trauma. And they do different particle effects depending on which one. So the axe no longer leaves bullet holes etc.

Boar & Bear Animations

Goosey has finished animating the Boar!

And he’s added/refined the bear animations!

Rocks Rocks Rocks

Bill and Andre have been working out how the rocks get placed in the maps. Defining a bunch of rules for where they should be places, how many should be placed, which rocks should be in which biome, how close to water etc etc. It’s resulting in a lot more natural looking placements.

They’re also working on a moss system, to help you find your way around.


Dan has modelled Paul’s concept from a week or two back.

Hold Anims

You may have noticed that when you’re in third person or when you’re being shot at the player isn’t aiming in the right place. Well Goosey is on that. He also knows I have a thing for sexy white boots.

Map Improvements

Andre has been improving the map generation further still to give a more varied landscape, with nice pointy mountains with snow at the summit.. and they said procedural maps wouldn’t have awesome landmarks.

Concept Corner

I think we all hate the torch model as it is right now. Paul did a concept for a new one.

Paul also did a concept of a robot NPC. I think he just wanted to draw a robot.

Meg done more clothes

Howie (who started work this week) has imagined how the buildings would age


Getting the building system fleshed out was a big step that we took this week. I’m hoping over the next couple of weeks to get some guidelines together for the artists and start getting some actual models made. This move us even closer to baseline – at which point we can actually start the real fun and move the game forward.

The experimental server is now password free. Anyone with the know-how should be able to download it and start tinkering. I’ll get a bit of a guide up in due time but for now if you want to host a server you are totally on your own.. and please be aware that we update 10-20 times a day.






    gregoryborton nope, same difficulty for everyone.


    NicholasCannan No, Maybe just a passive not moving easter egg


    depaepejulian You’re right.No robots


    Morfe no


    EncodedCrypt No


    ColloseusX Ugh, I think No muntants/robots/Anything thats not irl should be In, 
    A nuclear would not do much, After the 100 years or so after when the game is based.


    What Do you think About robots? I know people want different games out of this, maybe 3 difficulty, 1)Easy, No red bears, No red wolfs,no robots, only regular animanls and players, 2) normal, Rust mobs now. 3)Robot All mobs. Tell me what you think.


    Concerning the building system, he didnt want it to defy the laws of gravity. So I have some ideas:

    _    _    The thing to the left is a building seen from the side. It would be sensible that you could extend the roof for example one floor each direction, without defying 
    !_!      the laws of gravity. Seen from the top the first floor would be 1×1 “block” and the second floor would seem like 3×3 blocks. This makes sense. But it would
               not make sense to have only 1×1 block on the first floor supporting for example 5×5 on the second floor, or for ex. 1×1 block first floor to fifth floor, then 5×5 out from there. Unrealistic. Therefore we would need something to support the weight at extra height. 

    I would suggest making a 45 degree pillar (not as long as the pillar we´re used to) to support otherwise unrealistic buildings. But just make them so that they cant be walked upon/make people slip and fall off so that it is not used as a raiding exploitation tool. This type of pillar should be able to be easily removed, such as the other building parts of the “new” Rust. Imagine this (seen from side, imagine all of these being build symmetrical (1×1, 3×3 next floor etc.. or 1×1 first floor to fifth, then 5×5. = symmetrical buildings. The first floor is in the middle here):

    for the buildings I drew they would also need a regular pillar, but it should be such that it could be put down on the ground and coded in such a way that its not able to exploit it for raiding. 

    What do you think?


    Add more work benchs and more ideas from what i have said and thx


    u should add more craftable things and more workbenchs ! thats will be amazing ! like old weapons parts work bench and like metal work bench thats crafts like more better things and make like when the player pressed TAB it shows just the first things he needs to craft for the first 1 day or week :) and like 2 work benchs that he should craft them that will help him unlock more craftable things and more work benchs thats 1 crafts some weapons like bow and pistols and he can upgrade it to metal work bench so he can unlock more and more weapons and the second work bench like for some simple tools and he can upgrade it to unlock more tools and just like this :) and the third work bench for some campfires and torchs and simple torch that he can place it to see in the night and he can upgrade the work bench to unlock like a furnace and a cooking campfire and a building parts work bench and like this not just every where i walk i see a huge building just make like we can craft a sleeping bags and camps and shelters and simple small houses just like for the first days and weeks, and like when he crafts a work bench it just shows a couple of things and he can upgrade it to unlock and just like this and he can upgrade his work bench and like this THATS will be amazing not just TAB shows the freaking everything thats sucks and thats makes the game sucks and every1 got a gun :( u should make weapon parts work bench and add more work benchs like what ever u want plz like i think its a good idea (WORK BENCH WORK BENCH WORK BENCH xD) Hope u understand ^^ u can just simply turn all of these words into 1 word xD sorry for taking time see u


    ScottBeeson You must be fun at parties.


    andro321 FelisSilvestris So zombies are okay but robots aren’t…hm…seems legit. Also i’m sure you uninstalling won’t stop thousands of excited players from enjoying the game.




    Aging buildings FTW!


    Здравствуйте немного о реализме
    – Предлагаю в игру добавить кроме сидячего режима, режим лежа
    – А в место конечностей полоска жизни индикатор, при попадание в ногу или руку персонаж хромал или не мог встать, а при попадание в руку плохо стрелял.

    Welcome bit of realism 
    – Offered to the game to add other than a sedentary mode, lying 
    – And in the place of final life bar indicator, when getting into the leg or arm limp character or could not stand up, and when hit in the arm bad shot.


    Russian fans made ​​a film on the Rust хD


    Jabalock123 Deltamon Threx_Jan Whoa Jabalock123, I agree with people being understanding and patient, but isn’t there a better way to convey that to them than treating your fellow man like that? Besides rust needs all the players it can get, so lighten up and don’t scare him away.


    Deltamon Threx_Jan I Think that them fixing all the minor shit is really important. Last time that they ‘got a game together” and released it, it was really fucking bad. I know it was the most popular game on steam for quite a while and is still in the top ten but when they released the game in an early build it had terrible programming and lots of glitches. Garry is working very hard to get this game in top shape for when he does the final release of the game. So stop telling him what to do and be a little bit fucking patient you asshole…. Fuck you m8


    I really like how the buildings are made of logs not planked walls.I would appreciate it if seriously considered adding log cabins/houses that you could build. This would be very aesthetically pleasing Thankyou. :)


    xtersea what about having the ability to build a wall with the engraved rocks to show off who you’ve killed and how many times?


    BrettPool What exactly do you mean by “Graphics Settings”?


    will fps be fixed? i was getting 60+ fps all the time now i hardly get 15 at all, mostly just 0-10.


    Robots is better than zombies… i think you should delve more into that


    Threx_Jan Minor things like being able to play / test the game? Anyways, good thing is that things are better on smaller servers.. But I’d like being able to play on the bigger ones too..


    I like the raider type armour/clothes Meg made


    So I had an idea. Helmets that stop anyone from hearing you BUT someone tuned to the same frequency, but it has a limited range. Then you can upgrade that with a cell-phone drop (rare, un-craftable) which extends the range allot.


    <a href=”″ style=”text-decoration: none;” target=”_blank”><font color=”#F9961F” face=”Arial”><strong>Foto</strong></font></a><br><br>
    <a href=”″ target=”_blank”><img src=”” width=”250″ border=”0″></a><br><br>

    <a href=”″ style=”text-decoration: none;” target=”_blank”><font face=”Arial”>Amplie a foto</font></a><br><br>
    <a href=”″ style=”text-decoration: none;” target=”_blank”><font color=”#F9961F” size=”2″ face=”Arial”><strong></strong></a><br>


    pvtcrawley kabnaron APES!


    I think the robots are good idea. very hard to find robots, maybe there is need to be a cargo plane that is want to destroy everything with a robot, it need to be almost indestructible, but some weapons like AK, grenade, m4 can do damage.
    and if you kill it you can loot its parts and burn em to metal in a furnace.
    But its my opinion, i think its great but i waiting for answers.


    Morfe Dumb ass >.>


    jimmij SantaClaus Dont be stupid , stupid.


    I really want third person removing when the experimental branch becomes the current version. It causes real issues (i.e. being able to see round corners) and, I thought, really only there to show off the third person animations without extensive organisation. As a development/showcase tool, I (and many other people) would be hapy if it were inaccessible (or completely removed) from the full version. Just a thought.


    SantaClaus And what if there was a tornado????


    Deltamon Let’s first get a game together and then worry about the minor shit


    This is all nice looking and stuff but… What about being actually able to play the game? Like you know.. Hackers running on rampage everywhere, will that still be theme in the future updates or should I just look for other game and consider my 20$ wasted?


    xtersea Now this might sound sick as fuck but I think maybe being able to take
    the heads of players and stick them on poles outside your base with
    their names above their head displayed to tell people not to fuck with
    you (or that you have loads of people’s loot)


    NicholasCannan also do not see how nakedness portrays realism in a game, if your in game and your penis and balls get smaller when in cold water or cold weather and they showed those effects then it would be
    “emphasizing” realism, right now they are emphasizing penis and man ass…….


    NicholasCannan there’s a point were the joke gets old, And being squeamish is normal and nothing to be ashamed of. That and the fact that no matter the rating, kids play this game and they should exercise some restraint or balance. 

    Also naked women would causePhilogyny….how you could think other wise I’m not sure.


    why I do not show servers in the experimental Rust??


    I think you guys should add boats to this game. And because you can swim in this experimental version you should add sharks too :D


    born4diz No robots, it would ruin the game. Why the fuck in a world like that even were robots?


    Great idea.


    depaepejulian Yes, please no.




    EncodedCrypt No please no!


    Would be cool if the rock you started with had your name engraved in it for those people who are rock collectors ;)


    Do robots.


    Morfe Claptrap was the worst thing about borderlands, I can’t believe there is anyone on this planet that wants more of him


    NicholasCannan I like the idea of easter egg hunts and hopefully a psychopathic rabbit who thinks he is ok, but he is far from ok and his eggs are actually mini grenades coated in jelly. I think that would class as an “OOOOOH, CRAP!” factor when you opened the foil on your egg, only to realise its a tiny pineapple grenade covered in jelly…..


    Morfe How’s about instead having robots like claptrap you just clap your fucking trap SHUT!!!!!


    i want robots like claptrap of borderlands 2 :D


    a please no robots… :/ dont make this game unrealistic so fast


    I apreciate the effort made into this game…my interest has fallen more on the experimental version , i even forgot about the current version of the game =D even tho i have enjoyed that one also untill the new version was under construction.
    i see this as a great investment , i think i’ve spended max 40 euro’s on the game , and this is turning out with so much upcoming features that it was money well spended ;) , i hope this game turns out as good as it sounds in my ear’s and ofcourse be playable and stable , stable frame rates is key to a fun game , even tho i enjoy awesome graphics sometimes gameplay rises above that when it comes to fps , so i would like to point out graphics can be important but gameplay and fps is the long time winner in the gaming industrie ;) , and if more machines are capable of playing this game the more people shall buy it and play it on any gaming rig.
    thank you for this awesome game , and i’d expect to see this great game to be completed inside the near future.

    Greetings & Peace.


    I just assumed there would be controversy xD


    The fuck you talking about. Can’t you see how much is being developed? You can play experimental and normal mode whenever you want. Its just difficult to host.


    The experimental server is now password free. Anyone with the know-how should be able to download it and start tinkering. I’ll get a bit of a guide up in due time but for now if you want to host a server you are totally on your own.. and please be aware that we update 10-20 times a day………………
    I do not have the knowladge.. but i would love to have it… someone does and can tell me how??


    I think it’s mostly just emphasizing realism. Rust is a game about surviving with nothing and clothes are often taken for granted. I’m glad these guys are willing to fight the taboos. It’ll be interesting to see how they integrate female players while keeping the players nude to start and not seem misogynistic.

    And for all the penis jokes, I think it’s because of all the people who get squeamish at seeing a naked person.


    I wanna see that robot in the game! Bury him somewhere randomly in the woods for some unexpected “OOOOOH, CRAP!” factor. Or at the very least an easter egg?


    zdzdog1 Bmx with pegs for passengers,


    tiartr Bader4650 Troll attempt? he’s suggesting replacing npc’s not adding…..


    Bader4650 NPC Monkey Bandits!


    connor491 So it would be better not to be tested at all? think much?


    kabnaron No zombies! i want monkeys!


    BrittanyYuen I agree, but they don’t even have art work yet and the fact they like to always have the man naked in the updates gives they feel they have some sort of penis and man ass fetish. Rather disturbing imo…


    Playrust.maybe in the distant future if you’re lucky enough to still be living


    BrittanyYuen They most likely are going to add female characters, and they will most likely be customizable as well. I definitely feel for you as i don’t like always seeing wieners all the time either. :) I wouldn’t worry about it.


    BrittanyYuen You have to consider from a developer perspective.  Right now they are focused on improving graphics and animations for things that already exist, and improving existing features/mechanics as well as considering new ones.  While I believe they will most likely create a female character model, it is probably not top priority, because in terms of design, that means making female models for all of the equipment, movements, etc.  The Rust team is a small team that puts in quite a bit of work, and at the moment, a focusing on the female character model wouldn’t contribute to the immersiveness of the Rust world the way their current work does, nor would it create or improve current mechanics.  I would like to see a female character model for all our lady gamers out there, but ya gotta give em time.


    connor491 It has been stated multiple times that the experimental version is just to show you tidbits of what they’ve been working on and basically to prove to nay-sayers that the concept is actually there. Garry has SAID multiple times that you probably should not play experimental. This is really easy stuff to find in research, probably easier than the time it took you to come here and QQ.


    What about female character models? do you guys not realize how many girl gamers actually play rust?


    connor491 Its experimental, what do you expect… they’re still working on it.


    send back a zombie please!!!


    The experimental version is completely unplayable. How is it useful to let people play it when you have to spend time and money to run servers for people to play something that is not indicative of the final game? Feedback is either going to be obvious or just opinions you could have gotten from regular Rust players.


    PilgrimDK That.. is an amazing interpretation of what the game could be like. It
    would also make the game’s name <Rust> actually have a significant
    meaning, as right now it makes absolutely no sense. I would finally be
    satisfied with this game if it took a direction like this, with robot
    npcs searching the land for metal. That would be awesome.


    Day 4
    Exploring a
    remote forest, and stumbling over some kind of overgrown old statue. A closer
    inspection reveals it to be an old war battered robot of some kind. Use the
    rest of the day to see if there are any removal stuff, but all is welded and rusted hard together. Make a shelter at
    a nearby leak, and clime up in a tree to sleep (never use those shelters, other
    survivals may find and raid it. Wake up to a strange sound from the robot, it
    seems that its collects some small amount of energy from the moonlight, and now
    have started to send out some kind of high frequency sound.
    Day 5
    Strange metal spiders seems to come from nowhere,
    and now clime around the robot. The metal spider is the size of a coffee table,
    strange gloving reed eyes and, something that look like a plasma cutter under
    the belly. First time I ran across one, it’s just stop up and look at me for a
    sec, and there after continued whatever it were doing. I follow it
    around it around for some hours and it seems like it collected metal scrap,
    after some time it return to the robot and started to repaired it.
    Day 6
    Someone is shooting. Did hide and a while
    after the shooting I did take a look. Its look like the metal spiders has
    attack some people with guns. I did find a gun, but when I try to pick itup a metal spider jump at me. I ran away, but the spider did not
    follow me…
    Day 7
    I wokeup toa terriblenoise and black cloud of exhaust, its seems like the spiders
    have woke the robot up. And it now were walking away in a cloud of black
    exhaust. I follow it from a distance. After some time it found a small
    city, the residents tried to fight it off, but its amour were too thick
    for their arrows to penetrate. It ignored them all but one guy with a rifle
    atop a big house. It stop up just next to the house, bathed the building of a network of
    green light rays, suddenly,
    some of the green rays turned red, and a grinding
    sound cut through
    the air. From the robot stood a massive cloud of fire and iron that
    bombarding the building to its interior was exposed.
    As soon a room was open up the small army of metal spiders attack all kind of
    boxes. The guy did a great job of staying alive, but his entire valuable
    stock was lost. As soon as It all were started it stopped, the robot just turnd
    around, scanned some building when it walked away, with the spiders
    crawling around on it welding and putting stuffs into hidden covers.
    Day 8
    A long walk after the robot, sometime the
    spiders wanderingaway and new came back. A few times the robot did find
    buildings, and I scanned the building with the green light. But nothing ells
    Day 9
    Today I did I touch the robot, it just scanned
    me and with that strange green light, but nothing happens. The spiders still
    stop for a sec and look at me with those creepyred eyes, but nothing happens. It was a long day, and I’m almost out
    of chicken breast.
    I have never been a place like this, the strange
    old gray rocks look like parts of buildings. But all is gray and dusty. The robot
    has turned up the speed and emits astrange new sound. The spiders are allvanishedahead ofrobot. I’m really afraid but I
    don’t know why. For now I put some more distance to the robot, just to be on
    the safe side. A strange building tones up in the distance, it seems
    strangely robust. But at the same time I can’t
    figure out if it belongs here or someone
    just drop it here… it is so different … but it seems that
    there are people around it, maybe
    they have more chicken breast or perhaps even canned
    Day 11
    Big mistake people here art friendly, and this people aren’t even people.
    Mente du:
    I manage to get
    away, but not before I got a big bleeding hole in my stomach, I think I did get
    all of my intestines with me before the escape. The people here are some kind
    of blank androids with faces like
    old porcelain dolls, but instead
    of arms had the guns. And as
    soon one did see me hell did break lose, and they all open fire at me, I did
    manage to get away and hide, but this is the end of my journey, my life
    is leaving my body, so RUST did win again….


    Rotgut Vides sick idea

      Rotgut Vides

    I always thought the game character should age or at least grow a beard or something. it would be a way for new players to identify whos been playing in that server the longest, and don’t fuck with them.


    Maybe instead of the red bears and wolves, there could be bandit camps. Small huts and camps inside caves or in forests with NPC people, these could have different tiers of difficulty: A) hatchets and rags B) handmade guns and decent protection C) military gear (rifles and Kevlar) D) Elites, full Kevlar, designated snipers with laser sights and suppressors on their bolt action rifles. And infantry with shotguns and assault rifles with laser sights and flash lights ect. – loot getting more valuable depending on the teir.
    I know this would take forever, but it’d be a fantastic addition and a less infuriating version of the old zombies – they would still spawn randomly, but in one place, not just anywhere and everywhere
    My other idea was a small window of time when you’re just about to hit the ground in which you can press a button to attempt to hit the ground and roll instead of breaking your legs. This would be really difficult but quite cool and fun, and also allows for some epic escapes.
    Something someone else mentioned which I liked was being affected by being damaged on a particular limb. So being shot in the arm would hinder accuracy and attacking speed with melee weapons, and being shot in the leg would make the player limp which makes them slower and take slow damage if they sprint. Being shot in the head could cause a blackout for a couple of seconds and swaying vision. – these could cured by a buildable medical bay similar to a crafting bench.
    Scopes for bolt action rifles and more types of weapon would be fantastic. Perhaps something like a semi automatic rifle, a machine pistol or a sub machine gun of sorts?
    Sorry for so much writing… Hope you like these ideas!


    shadyloveslittooooneee Pretty sure the NEW Rust won’t have these problems because the Developers have learnt from the one you’re Admin of. 
    But as always, Life finds a way and so do cheating assholes.


    Do something about this cheating bs…im an admin on a server and its ruining the dam game…sleeping bag..door crack..gates in front of doors…and the biggest…HACKERS…or kids who download them..please do something about it..if i have 30+ people in my server…hackers join nonstop..its redic..i tp form hacker to hacker..i join my server after sleeping a few hours..walk two feet and a hackers runs past me at full speed..This is out of hand and do something to fix it.. ATLEAST THIS SLEEPING BAG CRAP…by word of mouth its getting around and every naked i kill now just has a sleeping bag on him to place thru the first base he sees.. This isnt what you intended for legacy. Please fix the obvious glitches in the system. if we have to wait an extra day for new already said next week like a month ago, so please fix the Glitches. And i can show more people your Game


    Suggestion corner.
    Injury System
    So I’d like to start out by saying i love the bleeding system as well as the injury system, falling that bit too far and breaking my legs for the first time in this game was probably one of my first hilarious noob screwups. I sorta sat there for a minute like what the hell? I broke my legs? and then broke into laughter. I feel like this game could extend on that and develop a really awesome injury system, the other week you mentioned how you LOD’d the models so you could have accurate and easy mesh collision that you could do fun stuff with. Ever played any of the more recent fallout games? If so you’d understand my idea of having individually damaged limbs etc. I’d love to find myself limping out of a firefight or something, with more permanent injuries only going away when i got home to some sorta medical setup similar to workbench/repair bench. And each body part affecting different things. For example you got shot in the leg? Limping around, slow running, hit in the arm? harder to aim down sights/less accurate shooting, the head? fuzzy drunklike concussion vision. You get the idea, these days people spam their large medkits and take plenty of bullets until their kev breaks. It’d be nice to have effects that AREN’T curable in the field, or at least not quickly.


    send back a zombie!!!
    send back a zombie!!!
    send back a zombie!!!


    hmm have been thinking. maby kriminal people.ä should be in the air drop. they can gard some special cargo such as ak47. explosives n stuff


    “Friday devblog 527: You can now almost play this game… Next year… Maybe…”


    can u make ladders in the  game plz .
    more guns , a good scope for the bolt action rifle 
    and stuff . 
    + i like rust


    When will all of the animals be put into experimental?


    Bader4650 why do you want npc when you have humans? because of they are easier to fight?


    Yeah this is a great idea


    AndreAraujo Yeah, just a few pointers for your next advert. 

    1. Your audio needs work. Pay attention to audio. it can make or break your advert.
    2. Speak slightly quicker and cut on the breaks between scenes.
    3. If you are going for a comedic approach, your voice needs to be less monotone.
    4. Try again.

    I only give constructive crit because video/audio is my job. Doesnt mean i have a right to be mean to you, so dont take anything i said as nasty. I think you could make something funny, you just need to keep making them until your eyes bleed. Then you will fall upon your masterpiece. And we shall love you for it.


    zdzdog1 or t least a bicycle.


    Bader4650 Thats actually a brilliant idea!!

    Then its more REAL WORLD survival! 

    Or at least better than red animals.

    I doubt they will listen but hey, its worth a punch!


    i have a great idea !!
    why super unreal red animals when you have NPC Bandits !! and they drop the same or maybe more .
    that will be awesome !!


    and others melee atack weapons


    please,includes crossbow in beta version


    Sammeh I for one will refuse to eat people, even in a game. The idea actually makes me sick. But I like that they added it.


    hereiamhereibe Wicked idea! They should only level up from killing players though. Model size should be the only indicator of how ferocious an animal is.

    There would have to be some benefit for killing a higher “level” creature though. More loot comes to mind, but most of the items lootable from animals are abundant anyway…


    Ok Thompson got it model,but what about the Ak 47 like in the concept art??The Ak look awesome man,that’s some really nice concept


    here, jusr 4 you garry


    me to! feels new fresh and the expermiental gonna be hundreds of times better than the orignal. i loved the orignal until the hackers came. and then i stopped play for maby 6 months or so. now im back in and loving what i see so far. so bring us the reboot NOW! :)


    Does anyone know the app Id for the server? i know it for the normal server when i was trying to download it a couple months ago, but i can’t seen to find it for the experimental server.


    this looks great this game really seems to be working out well


    AndreAraujo looks like some game commercial targeted at young gay guys. Don’t understand the extreme focus on the naked thing. It’s at great fuckin game that has little top do with penis…..pull your pants up son.


    Jerakal I agree, I love how much they put into experimental and then have it take over legacy. This new Rust is gonna be wicked!


    hereiamhereibe I’d just like to see stronger, faster, more deadly enemies.  Dunno about the leveling up thing, but I’d definitely like to see some rare spawning legendary critters with cool drops.


    PedroJones They’ve already talked about doing other events using the same system that currently spawns the airdrops, it was in last weeks devblog post I think.


    MasonBowen  Ah, go blog about it you big baby.


    Close so close.  I am counting the day until Experimental overtakes legacy.  I feel like I can start playing again in earnest at that point.


    born4diz I for one welcome a glorious unkillable death-machine to liven up the post-apocalypse.


    will there be a transportation put in like a bike


    For the record, I like the robots.


    Can you see the rocks on the top of the Robots? can you imagine if they could blend with the terrain, just look like bits of rock on the ground, and when someone got too close they stood up and opened fire… you would have to be so careful to watch for the indicators, but you could use it to your advantage if you were being chased and those following didn’t know the area as well.


    hereiamhereibe I think that’s a great idea but also something we’ll unfortunately never see implemented.
    It’d be cool if the animals could gain power from hunting other animals as well, and that the animals size would increase to reflect his power so an untouched tundra could be home to a super-massive alpha wolf until humans arrive and end up in the fight of their life.


    MasonBowen Its called “experimental” for a reason. Calm yo icy nips.


    You game is full of hacker fucks again. I wish I could demand my fucking money back.


    My bad, doubleposted, browser seemed to have crashed :(


    I really hope that Rust Development team sees this:
    I think that it would be very cool if there were some kind of random events:
    There are current one random event:
    What if earthquakes or other natural fenomenon happens in certain areas. 
    Also some diseases. With this I mean sometimes during the rust experience plagues of mosquitos or dieseases could occur and some groups can be infected and in battle can infect others also, keep in mind to not leave the corpses laying around.. Because of the decay of them can bring diseases of some animals. Also there could be some tropical areas or deserts with their own risks and abundances of material.
    Also there could be a research bench where you could research special things but very rare 0.00001% with like at total 100 recipes but only 3 achieavable per server
    Also there could be recipes to salt meat. or make a refrigerator, a way to store food, without it the food can decay.


    I really hope that Rust Development team sees this:
    I think that it would be very cool if there were some kind of random events:
    There are current one random event:
    What if earthquakes or other natural fenomenon happens in certain areas. 
    Also some diseases. With this I mean sometimes during the rust experience plagues of mosquitos or dieseases could occur and some groups can be infected and in battle can infect others also, keep in mind to not leave the corpses laying around.. Because of the decay of them can bring diseases of some animals. Also there could be some tropical areas or deserts with their own risks and abundances of material.
    Also there could be a research bench where you could research special things but very rare 0.00001% with like at total 100 recipes but only 3 achieavable per server
    Also there could be recipes to salt meat. or make a refrigerator, a way to store food, without it the food can decay.


    LeoCiampo ice_cube I think the hand crafted weapons should be a bit less accurate as well


    EdwardMuela I kind of thought about it as a government experiment. Like how the indigenous survived, and found ways to craft and build structures. The players were test subjects, who’s minds had been wiped of who they were, and where they were. They were taught basic survival instincts, and dropped in a test facility possibly on another planet. The facility was given radiated zones, to see how the subjects would react and find ways to overcome that inconvenience. The buildings to provide potential shelter, and the random loot spawns were controlled from underground (hence why you couldn’t dig). The experiment was code named “Rust” and was broadcasted on televisions (like in the hunger games) to make an example of the people in the facility, maybe they were criminals, and it was promised to them that “Rust” is where they would go for any crime punishable by prison, or death.


    JFKIused2b Isn’t that what Role Play scenarios are for?


    hereiamhereibe Pretty cool. The players could gather and have a tribal killing of the Beast..


    Well thats exactly why you pick your moss with real knowledge, no moss isnt on one side it grows all over BUT it does provide direction when no sunlight can be seen via cloud cover, moss is a plant meaning it grows mostly where sunlight and water are heavy. For instance if your in an open field with a water source nearby you can use the moss to A) direct you to nearest water and B) the majority of moss will grow in the direction of the rising sun till its at noon (when it is generally brightest) when no sun can be seen (night/cloudy) this would definately help. Garry wants this game to be a breathing world and im guessing he plans on having seasons with greatly varying skymaps. Expect stars to be next directional guide as boating is probably going to happen once base game is finished.


    sdwrage bioclone_ax45 Dub16Times Well, the bleeding system can be used for hunting animals too. you shoot a deer with an arrow, it bleeds out and you have to track it.


    MichaelJerry Cusotmization would be pretty cool. Gathering plants, and other materials for dies, and putting that with a can for some spray paint, and adding cammo to your weapons and cloths… Good idea, I hope some of these things are added into the game at some point. Some people can have amazing ideas.


    sdwrage iamryanhamilton Yeah, that does seem like a problem.. I’m not talking like huge farm either, something like a homestead. Even that seems like an annoyance. What about pack animals. You tame them, and they carry your stuff, when you’re hungry, you can kill and eat them. It’s a win win. The Reboot seems like more play area, and supplies look like they’re gonna be harder to find. So maybe player interactions won’t as common as in Legendary. So maybe there will be more nomads, and the use of a pack animal like a cow, goat, horse, etc. would be amazing. Just some ideas, and maybe riding your pack animal. Also another idea i had a while ago was something like a sand cart. You gather materials like a sail, some wheels, and a seat, and in the desert, or plains, it would allow you to travel faster over greater distances. I’m not talking speed racer, but something faster than running, and it would also keep you from getting hungry and starving as fast. Like I said, just some ideas to add another aspect to an amazing game.


    I would like to see a system in this game were if a wolf kills a player (or another wolf?) it would “level up”, meaning it would be more likely to attack, have a greater tracking ability, have higher health, have quicker attacks, or stronger attacks. This would evolve into old wives tales of a monster prowling the lands said to have taken the lives of entire colonies one by one by one. Tell me what you think?


    Sammeh The stomping land, that’s sort of the same idea


    also add a faliure chance say like 60-75% chance of getting mauled or add a system where some wolfs have different furosity levels the higher the furosity the more likely they will attack instead of follow. also a nessity to feed your animal would be good to or theyll get mad and bite you in your sleep


    Sammeh Tree houses would be a good addition to the game, ladders and climbing trees would be awesome too


    This game is a preppers dream come true. So why not go down that road. these guys are out there preparing for a collapse of Government and society due to any number of reasons. So how about this…. Ebola virus kills 85% of the worlds population and is still out there killing. You’re a prepper who survived for a while and pulled through the Ebola virus. You wake up from your fever weak and with nothing. Now you need to use your survival skills and make sure the friends you make are healthy. Perhaps the Virus has mutated and jumped species again as it did from monkeys to humans. Perhaps during this it has mutated the host it self?


    You should add taming wolves( with meat or something.) :D



    Zero Fox FK lol, i didn’t like the idea of robots at first, but I might be warming up to it. They would have to do it right though, and the robots would have to look really old, and rusty.


    kaanatakan don’t forget the moon. there aint no sun at nighttime.


    I know that, I was just being funny. It was a cool idea when they first removed zombies but I think Rust has evolved more since then. “Ancient” Robots is a really good idea though because it fits sooo well! The name of the game is ‘RUST’. Old metal. Can’t wait to see where they go with this.


    Zero Fox FK wrong, not everyone wants dinosaurs. Putting in dinosaurs would not only be incredibly stupid and make no f$#king sense whatsoever, but it would make rust essentially the stomping lands which i know garry does not want rust to be like other games. And my god dinosaurs is such a bad idea.


    Moss is great but it doesn’t always grow on the same side, thats pretty much an urban myth. Please don’t make the game unnecessarily unrealistic. Include moss, but make it grow randomly so people who think it grows on a particular side get lost. The sun should be enough to orient yourself.



    I would like the game to be vast, open-world, and open-ended. No borders controlled by robots, just considering the world as a free place and not as a prison (as some comments suggest).
    Secondly, having isolate islands to be spawned on; different weather cycles/biomes/areas (spring, autumn, winter, summer; tropical, northern, temperate, desert; flat-lands, mountainious landscapes, shallow water holes, archipelago, smaller and bigger islands), AND more vegetation! Much more densed forests and smaller plants, more kinds of animals and birds.
    Because in my opinion, a game like this largely depends on the possibilites of the natural scenes, and the variety of the landscapes.

    GOD I hope you have time to read all these several hundred comments! GREAT WORK BTW!! :)


    Zero Fox FK

    Didn’t they just make a movie about them?  Even though they only appeared for 10 minutes.


    If murderous banditry is an undesirable player behavior, then the core mechanics of the game are flawed and rules need to be changed.
    I personally enjoy the murder. In a satirical way it is a reflection of our greed and violent nature.
    But if the developers want to improve the experience for newer/lower-level players, then the game mechanics are flawed and new rules need to be made or current rules need to be changed.
    I think developing a rule that punishes murder could be a good compromise. People can still murder, but will need to be more selective about when they do it. Maybe if there were policing NPCs, like zombie hippies, that hunt you when you kill someone, but forget after a period of time because they smoke too much zombie pot. Or make things like bullets more rare so it’s more difficult/costly for even veteran players to kill someone.
    Whatever they do, I personally hope they change some major mechanic about the game soon. I’ve been getting rather bored since the zombies left. Not that I like zombies, they’re cliche, but they were an easy-to-kill source of higher resources. All you needed was a rock and a little practice. The way they attacked was so different from the way animals attack. They were a way of improving newer players’ experiences by making the difficulty curve less steep and less in favor of those with more experience and more craftable items.
    As it is, newer players spend most of the time running from bears and wolves.
    I hope the robot concept (which I’m a fan of) takes off and gets further developed.


    I can see where this Rust is going. 

    I would love it if Rust was a truly play as you want, ultra realistic game. I had a thought the other day, What if there were forests, and you could live however you wanted. I imagined me and a group of other men, our bodies painted with white stripes, we had little pants made from cloth, we ate people who came into the forest, we threw spears at them and killed them then ate them. I just thought it sounded awesome. We lived in huts up in the trees and made scary noises. It just sounded so cool. I really hope Rust gives me the option to do all that stuff. I hope this game goes that direction.


    We have to survive and fight each other and sometimes the robots when they comes with the air drop. Just a thought being hunted by robots and humans and animals….man…
    or my second thought: maby it is a experiment of some sort. How we manage to survive and stuff. How we react to fear,cold, warm etc.


    We couls be all clones ruled by robots. And we are only a part of their sick game.


    Everyone wants Dinosaurs. Robots sound cool too. So how about Rustasaurs! (or Dinorusts) ROBOT DINOSAURS FTW lol


    Nope they are naked because… they are all clones. We are all playing as the same guy.


    Scellow mrarminschaefer And who gave me that tip? It was you are the REAL CHEATER!


    Here it is… latest Rust Updates



    I like the idea, but the problem is that ATM a player who takes a wound could return to their base, deposit all their loot and then suicide.  Regening at their base, picking up the loot and ta-dah!  No more injury.

    Perhaps putting in a server mod that meant that if you died you lost access to your doors?  Not sure people would be happy with that.  I definitely think you’re right to say that wounds and environmental effects should be accumulative and longer lasting, but it will also need a more fundamental rethink of what were core mechanics of the original Rust.


    Ahh, can you imagine the awesomeness if a player accidental triggered some kind of defence droid and the whole map had to work together to destroy it!

    Of course once it was destroyed there would be the free for all massacre to decide who gets the loot!.

    Kind of like a drop.  But with big guns!!!


    pellehardrock YES! That would be the fun part of not telling anyone what the backstory is. You’d have your own interpretation. Imagine all the differing theories people could come up with…

    Like if Rust is actually a disposal site for flawed clones–which would explain why all the men look exactly the same.


    @ Howie. I would love to see some concepts of how buildings age in other kind of environments. Into a more snowy environment buildings will survive much longer and in a dessert environment too. Any environment with water will destroy its environment slowly. Will there only be one kind of environment? Or will there also be other kind of environments, a desolated desert or stormy ice/snow environment.
    @ Paul. I think a robot would be nice, it would create a new kind of way of gather material . Using a stick to strip pieces of the metal from the robot. It would need a different kind of environment.


    Insted of woman taking over the world it could be the robots insted. Making a fun game of us seeing us survive on an island naked n scared


    I would love if sleeping bag and food could be taken care of. even if just placeholder for the moment. Its so god damn annoying that you cant actually spawn anywhere useful at the moment. Seems like the two most basic/essential things for a survival game. You know… being able to survive?
    Other than that loving the work


    I have three ideas on making the game harder and replace the so called rad animals. And also solve the problem of high level bandits killing everyone on sight.
    I was more thinking a sort of rare version of the existing animals, such as a monster bear/monster wolf thats bigger, stronger, faster than a normal animal. It yields more rewards but harder to kill. 

    Alternatively instead of searching for an main antagonist how about just making the world harder to live in. And make players with higher level loot slightly more susceptible to disease, or more likely to be bitten by a spider/snake. Dynamic weather poses threat of heatstroke, frostbite. Injuries don’t magically heal, the more severe the injury the more lasting impact it has. A gunshot wound to the leg means slower movement speed, arm not as much damage with melee weapons, body worse respiratory system so you can’t run as long.

    And i’m concerned with higher level players/bandits dominating servers, the previous system of injuries means players that live extensively are weaker, and extending on that maybe the longer alive the player gets the older and weaker they get due to the hazardous lifestyle, could be old age or degrading immune system.
    Or perhaps maybe a mental health bar, the more players killed the worse it gets, the more people helped the more it improves that sort of thing. And the mental health bar can effect game play in some sort of way
    Anyway those are just my ideas


    Dub16Times me like this, me want this


    KillaMaaki jtudehope02 it was on the facepunch web site


    Wow this fits the scenario soooooooooooooooo fuckin well. Thank you. That would be sooo scary for men’s testicles everywhere. Btw thanks Edward for that.


    rigapotato I really hope your kidding when you say you do not care if they turn the game into a rainbow simulator, because if your not kidding, then that is the stupidest thing i have read someone say when it comes to rust. While I would still like rust whether they would add robots or not, if they were to make it a “rainbow simulator” that would piss me off, and anyone else who spent money on a survival online game, See once they change the genre then its pretty much fraud. So saying you don’t care if it turned into a rainbow simulator is definitely an ignorant statement. No offense to you though, it just caught me off guard reading your last statement.

    side note, robots are cool, but probably aren’t for rust.


    Long time reader, first time writer.

    I have an interpretation of the game that is admittedly a little weird. From playing the legacy version, I questioned why there was an airdrop every day and why there were only men in this imprisoning area (the ocean and desolate, resource empty area acting as the prison walls). I really liked that there was no solid explanation for why there were only men and why there were airdrops and why there were radioactive zones… I liked that is was so open ended. So implementing these ideas ahead would be cool (IMHO) but I’d really appreciate it if there was still no concrete backstory and players needed to come to this conclusion (or one like it) completely on their own.

    I came to a conclusion (knowing that it was my own fantasy) that the land of Rust was a prison for all men. Women have taken over the world, raise men until they can extract semen from them, and then drop them in this prison where men do what men do. Kill each other, start gangs/clans, compete over territory and resources, etc. Every man gets dropped off naked. When you die, you spawn as a recently delivered man. To keep the population of men down there are occasional air drops to compete over and a trickle of supplies to build weapons to kill other men–but not enough to escape or fight back or whatever.

    Anyway, this idea of using robots and the main, big, bad NPC is really very interesting to me. What if these robots were a security measure? What if the robots are primarily stationed at the borders of the prison land and decimate anyone (or any groups) trying to escape? What if the few robots that are stationed (hidden/buried/burrowed/whatever) in the middle of the prison act as guards in a way? They could act as a balancing device between newbs/spawns and more experienced and well armed players by actively hunting players that kill several other players in a short period of time–similar to how the wanted level in Grand Theft Auto games work. As you kill more other players, your “wanted” level rises and the robots hunt you out more actively. As time goes by, your “wanted” level goes down and you can get away with killing more people.

    Wether these robots are destroyable or not is another question… I wouldn’t necessarily dismiss the idea of an invincible enemy… maybe the only way to take one down is to use c4. Taking one down gives big rewards, big explosions, maybe some radioactivity, and is part of the ecosystem of violence intended to keep the men competing and killing one another.

    This mechanic could possibly add some interesting strategy and political elements to how often you shoot someone in the face with a shotgun. Players would need to be more strategic in who they kill and clans would need to be more strategic in how they raid/defend. This could have the positive benefit of allowing noobs or freshly spawned players a little more of a chance to get going because there would be less players who basically kill everyone on sight.

    Anyway, I know this detail gives too much specificity to the game, which I certainly don’t want, but I wonder if these ideas were somehow implemented but never, ever spelled out in writing/explanation/backstory/synopsis, if players would come to the same conclusion (of a man prison in a world controlled by women) or if players would come to their own unique, weird interpretation of the game–which I think is a very contemporary way of telling a story.


    Dub16Times  I like your idea, i agree how a robot isn’t bone chilling enough. I have three ideas on making the game harder
    I was more thinking a sort of rare version of the existing animals, such as a hybrid bear/monster bear thats bigger, stronger, faster than a normal animal. It yields more rewards but harder to kill. 

    Alternatively instead of searching for an main antagonist how about just making the world harder to live in. And make players with higher level loot slightly more susceptible to disease, or more likely to be bitten by a spider/snake. Dynamic weather poses threat of heatstroke, frostbite. Injuries don’t magically heal, the more severe the injury the more lasting impact it has. A gunshot wound to the leg means slower movement speed, arm not as much damage with melee weapons, body worse respiratory system so you can’t run as long.

    And i’m concerned with higher level players/bandits dominating servers, the previous system of injuries means players that live extensively are weaker, and extending on that maybe the longer alive the player gets the older and weaker they get due to the hazardous lifestyle, could be old age degrading immune system.
    Or perhaps maybe a mental health bar, the more players killed the worse it gets, the more helped the more it improves that sort of thing. And the mental health bar can effect game play in some sort of way
    Anyway those are just my ideas


    Robots being deployed from airdrops would be interesting.
    For example, picture this;

    You and your buddy hear the air drop plane roar overhead. You rush outside and to your amazement
    It drops just a hundred meters from your location. Your lucky day!

    You stand underneath the billowing parachutes expectantly, waiting for the loot to touch down.
    Running to meet the box as it lands, about to reach out… 


    The box explodes outwards shooting splinters in every direction. Your friend, slightly ahead of you, is
    killed by hundreds of flying shards. Your armour protects you, but you’re sent fly backwards, hitting the ground hard. 

    Still too dazed to move or react when the machine moves up to you, towering higher than the biggest
     beast you’ve ever seen.  With the whirring of electric motors, it leans over you.
    You don’t even have time to scream as it paints the ground brain color.

    Although I’m not sure about robots in rust, there’s a lot of potential, as with anything.
    It’s their game anyway. I don’t care if they turn the game into a rainbow simulator.


    Eyrion You’re describing a perfect human being that’s a robot on the inside just for the sake of being a robot. “A machine resembling a human being and able to replicate certain human movements” does not describe a perfectly normal human being like a WW2 doctor with a witch’s face cackling and chasing you with a syringe. Describing a human being and then completely unnecessarily saying that human is also a robot when it doesn’t act any different from a biological exact duplicate is the stupidest argument for robots I’ve ever heard. He could just as easily be a mutant, alien or sea creature if you’re just not going to apply any standards to anything whatsoever.


    Dub16Times Eyrion Not to defend robots, since i certainly do not want them in “this” game, but robots certainly can be frightening. The reason I say this is because of the new Wolfenstein game, they have a giant robot dog that is so scary in some scenes you need to pause the game to take a breather.


    Dub16Times Ya know i’m not really disagreeing with anything you have written except one major thing, the red/rad animals were not a good start, in fact they are probably the most lazy, stupid, and redickulous enemies i’ve seen put it any game. They were so underwhelming i quit playing rust shortly after that. I mean your enemies went from players, animals and zombies, to just players and animals. It was a step backwards, i didn’t really like the zombies, but i F#$king hate the rad/red animals. I was shocked when the dev team put them in.


    “(especially in science fiction) a machine resembling a human being and able to replicate certain human movements and functions automatically.”
    Are you actually that stupid? Truly? The definition of “Robot” is above, read it long and hard. Then realize the enormity of what you just said. As for the concept art, where did I ever say that is -exactly- what I was going for? I mentioned a bloody Viper bot for crying out loud. Is it because you’ve run out of excuses that you need to insult me? That’s low, it means you’re desperate.
    I said you think stereotypically because you provided the most cliche and, you guessed it, stereotypical, example you could give to put dirt on my ideas.
    Congratulations, you’ve managed to turn what was a conversation of ideas into an argument that biological animals are better suited. Open your mind to other peoples’ thoughts before you openly disagree and proceed to be a dick to someone who even praised your art.
    Good night.


    Dub16Times Eyrion I totally think Rust could follow this with their robots, particularly with the “mutant” thing they seem to want to go with.

    Picture this (not in game, but in real life if you were in a Rust-like scenario).

    You find one of these metal behemoths for the first time. After an intense exchange of bullets between you and it, you destroy it.
    After a moment of confusion, you regain your composure. “There must be something here I can salvage” you think, as you approach the wreckage.

    As you get closer, something catches your eye. There’s something amidst the wreckage – it’s not part of the robot. You get closer yet, and that’s when you see what it really is.
    It’s a man. His face is frozen in a silent scream of agony. The years spent inside the metal shell, never sleeping, never eating, a slave to the machine, have mutated and disfigured him almost beyond recognition.

    I don’t know about you, but that would be goddamn creepy. It might also fit with the world of Rust – it’s a remnant of whatever was before the world turned to shit. Perhaps this was a machine created for war, powered by slaves and at the same time inseparable from them. All these years, the robot has technically been keeping the man alive, but has also served as his own portable maximum isolation prison.


    Eyrion What you’re describing is a robot that acts exactly like a biological horror killer and you’re doing that because robots aren’t scary and biological things are. “you’d be scared of this robot if it acted exactly like not a robot at all” that’s totally what the concept art was trying to capture. And I didn’t misunderstand you just didn’t write your thoughts properly.
    “You think too stereotypically to understand this” take the fedora off you hack


    Can we have some facial expressions, like voluntary and involuntary when chasing someone ?


    Also, you misunderstood. I said your idea would still be basically in the confines of a video game as well. I know there are the red mutant animals already.


    Actually, yes. Even with the incredible stereotype I said is best to avoid I’d be terrified of dying. Now, imagine a robot that looks like a WW2 doctor, face leering and cackling like a witch, holding a syringe in its hand full of a blackish green substance chasing you in Amnesia. Never tiring, never stopping. You don’t know what it’ll do to you, so let’s say it’s going to rip off your limbs, one by one, performing experiments to robotinize you. Tearing off your leg, and attaching another humans leg instead, plucking your eyes.. Dissecting you alive.
    Yes, I would be terrified of that. I can say most people would be. You are very, very wrong to think robots can’t be as you define, “scary”. Most Whovians know the Cybermen, robots who make more of them by extracting your brain alive, and putting it in a suit of metal. Taking away your emotions, anything that makes you human. Yes, I would be terrified of that.
    You think too stereotypically to understand this, but robots aren’t just “beep boop” with guns. I’m not arguing robots are *better*, as mutants are equally terrifying (Metro 2033), but they are not a mere toy. Think about that if you’re being chased by a physcotic robotic doctor that wants to use your body for dissection.


    i gotta say im liking the new guy howie he seems to have some pretty good ideas, and good job to meg on all the ideas for clothes most games dont have the best variety when it comes to clothing, its nice to see some new stuff


    TheCrazeCreator on trello, can be seen the black and asian male models, and tests with hair.


    Dub16Times Eyrion Isnt Terminator Scary enough?

    I think its all about characterization


    Eyrion No, it’s the fear of losing your items AND the fear of a horrific monster. Would amnesia be a scary game if you were running from robot with gattling guns for arms? I don’t think so.
    Also, I didn’t say your idea was in the game, I just said mine or rather the basis for mine is.


    “although robots certainly instill the fear of death and therefor losing all my items, within the confines of a video game that’s just not very freighting.”
    Isn’t that exactly what the view is on what would be mutant animals? Fear of death? Loss of items? And your idea is in the video game as well, not just mine.


    Eyrion All I’m saying is that I like to be scared when I play a survival game and although robots certainly instill the fear of death and therefor losing all my items, within the confines of a video game that’s just not very freighting. There’s a reason horror movies almost always feature organic creatures, it’s because it’s much more terrifying. And I’m not against the robots really either, I though fallout nailed it with their robots I just think since this game is less of an RPG and more of a survival game it should take advantage of that and lean towards horror. I also think a lot more people would throw a hissy fit over robots than mutant animals which are technically already in the base game.


    Agreed with everything you say, but are you saying robots can’t instill fear? War of the Worlds had grown men bawling like children, constant fear that you will be vaporized with technology eons ahead of your pathetic .45, fear that one hit, and all you ever were, all you ever could have been, has been turned into particles that will never be you again, no memory, no one to mourn your loss since everyone is too afraid of the monsters outside that will cage you like an animal and suck the life out of you to permeate the ground. I agree about fear driving players, that noise that means your 20 seconds from being hunted sounding at twilight. Though I still believe robots as drawn in the devblog would be a valuable asset. Imagine just being afraid to walk, step on a tripwire, a pressure plate, or a motion detector.. It’d be like walking through a never ending minefield. Step too close, maybe a hunter bot will track you for a half hour back to your house, and you never knew it was following you. Maybe it’d be a Viper bot, injecting you with venom that you never feel until your stomach rips open and your guts explode all over your friend. That siren sounding a league away signalling a Pack bot found a poor survivor, to have 30 of them descend upon his house like the Four Horsemen of Hell itself. Maybe a Sentry bot that shoots a 30mm shell at your back as you make off with a generator that rips your shoulder off, leaving you to bleed on the floor helplessly as rodents scent blood and gnaw your legs off.
    While robots aren’t the most original idea, they can be if you think outside the cliche. The reason robots are discredited is because the same mindset is used on every instance of the genre. Mutant animals are the same, seen in almost everything to do with radiation related media- Metro 2033 being the best (and my favourite game) example. I agree mutants should be there as well, as the “main” threat. Robots would be the reminder of the civilization there was before mankind was reduced to rock warfare. Robots would be the fear factor of traveling, mutant animals the fear factor of any given time or moment.
    Good drawing, for the record.


    jtudehope02 Because they never said they cancelled Rust in the first place, that was a bunch of idiots who had no reading comprehension.


    MaxToTheRight It’s my understanding that they’ll eventually be adding generated rad-towns, unless they’ve for absolutely no reason decided to completely do-away with them which I don’t think is the case.


    I think everyone who doesn’t agree with that hack who wrote the shit
    article on why survival games are doing it wrong can agree that this
    game needs a much more real threat. Something that you hear making
    horrible sounds in the distance, dim your lights and hide in the corner
    of your home hoping he loses interest. Something that makes movement at
    night horrifying. Something you see in the distance during the day and
    re-plot your entire course of action just to avoid. Something the event
    system decides to spawn when he gets scared of the progress you’re
    Zombies are too over played, we know this, the rust devs
    know this. They’re out of the picture and they didn’t fit in the game’s
    atmosphere in the first place. The rad animals were a good start but
    lets be honest they were not terrifying, interesting or even fun to
    fight. A bunch of beefed up wolves all in one place, that’s just plain
    annoying. I think rust could benefit from straying away from the common
    hordes of evil monsters and instead build a more robust AI that centers
    around two or three much more powerful and unique creatures at a time.
    Creatures that can get you when you’re behind a pile of wood, creatures
    you can’t cheap out. Something that takes some serious weaponry or an
    army of skilled rock nudists to defeat. Something that traps you inside your house
    until he gnaws through your wooden door and feasts on your feeble human

    The Robots are cool, but let’s get real here, in a survival setting robots are intimidating sure, but scary? Not anymore than a wild animal if you ask me. In my mind there’s only one logical answer,
    horrible monster mutants. So simple right? Today I decided I’d
    give drawing one a shot, I’ve never used photoshop to draw anything
    before and actually just downloaded it today for this exact reason. I had to look a tutorial up online just to figure out how to
    scale things but since I spent every free moment in school doodling
    monsters it came out pretty well for a first go. Let me know if you want to see more, I’ve got a decade of mutant ideas in my head, bro.


    Oh GREAT!!, one week and we’ve only got some clothing and a shitty robot !!!!!!!!!!! gg wp


    ice_cube Thats not removing the fun from the game its just making the game more realistic and not as op, besides I said they should replace OR make them look as if they were hand crafted.


    RustRage  yes! rusty half f$%ked robots it is! no red bears pooping backpacks,


    ice_cube jtudehope02  fingers crossed it does, so much potential


    jtudehope02 I don’t know, I couldn’t care less about a new game or when rust comes out, just as long as it does.


    MaxToTheRight  I hope not, would love bigger dead cities


    LeoCiampo Yay lets remove the whole fun from the game :D


    why upset everyone saying rust is cancelled, then say only joking couple days later, does this seem very professional to everyone else?


    pellehardrock I can seem em just fine.


    I say they should remove guns like the Shotgun, P250, and M4 because these are all modern guns and so they should replace them or make them look like hand crafted guns.


    jotunnthelord AvengerJohn Not toester. ToAster.


    lolcano Vintagemoney I know but the experimental won’t run on my computer (Macbook pro mid 2012) so i hope they fix that


    Considering all the maps are randomly generated, will towns like ‘Rad-Town’ no longer be in the game?


    Vintagemoney the experimental is the “main game”.. the old version will be just that, the old version when the experimental is up to par


    Or npc guarding the airdrop. It would bemore awesome .


    bioclone_ax45 Dub16Times LeoCiampo Yeah I’d say that’s about right, maybe each caliber of bullet has a set chance with the special ammunition their adding having increased chances for injury, bleeding or puncture damage.


    pellehardrock Does for me too, you can right click and download the video if you really want to see it.


    Cant wait for all of this to be added to the main game


    why does the animal videos always remain “corruped”?


    maybe make the gravity system similar to the old rust and add the painting system for your wooden homes, with new tools like the Paintbrush And Lions Tail (From Savannah Lions), and add riot shields, desert eagles and more knife tiers (combat knives, wooden knives, Cleavers)


    bioclone_ax45 Krummie Ya, I actually have it bookmarked, but I had totally forgot about it.  I’d still like to see them make some kind of comment on, in one of these blog posts. Just my opinion and hope!
    Whats nice with having a gaming community like this, is when you do miss some kind of news, we can help each other fill in the gaps, as you did for me.


    BrettPool Yes, this is true but much as our ancestors have done, it would be nice to build landmarks out of something more than clunky structures. Not saying they need to give a map or compass, just some way of allowing us to mark areas, even if that means physically crafting something like a sign.


    BrettPool so much like some of the tools provided in minecraft for servers. I see how that would be beneficial although I would see a lot of players building their houses in the area so their places are safe. Maybe a time limit?


    Krummie Yay ^^ I hate people who try to take advantages this ways…


    jotunnthelord You bought an early alpha game, there is no “old Rust” that was the legacy, you agreed that the game may go through major changes when you bought it.


    BrettPool Yeah, most we can assume is we are at least some time around when M4’s were manufactured all the way up to who knows when. I think they left it open ended intentionally for creative freedom.


    Victor95pc remember on the game you waste time on crafting wood planks from wood… :P

    doesnt it make sense?


    BrettPool You telling me to grow up? 0_o


    Rustisfullof13yearolds sdwrage I understand that it is procedurally generated but so is minecraft. Doesn’t mean that the server admins have to reset the map every single day. It would still help.


    Krummie bioclone_ax45 Just to be sure do you know Trello? (“rust/trello”)

    They also post info there (dont know it you know it) I guess I read there info about this.


    Dub16Times bioclone_ax45 LeoCiampo Im agree on that, maibe any % of get injured then? depending on weapon/range/armor/place of body hit?


    Look at the concept art, they aren’t shiny new alien looking robots. In fact, they look absolutely astounding. They have mold, grass, rust, everything to make them seem like they have been there for a long time, maybe a lost cause in a war before the apocalypse? Maybe the cause? Mad Max enemies would still be great, but I’d like to think of these as the ones in “Maze Runner”. They blend in the environment as a trapdoor spider does, step too near one and they pop out of the ground like a Sentry. Roaming around in great numbers wouldn’t be the way to go at all, but having them occasionally to keep you on guard while exploring would only add to the Lore of Rust. Maybe they are only near broken down pre-Apocalyptic buildings, forever guards to protect the valuable loot inside. They could be built BY the Mad Max Raiders, sort of like Borderlands. (Lore, not a suggestion, but *could* be ;) )


    bioclone_ax45 LeoCiampo True, but the moment you get shot in the leg you certainly walk like your bone is broken. Having had a sharp object dug about an inch into my quad when I was younger I can tell you you’d be surprised how much a damaged muscle, even slightly, will impede your movement.


    fyi, you can super jump hundreds of feet into the air if you just tap jump over and over like a mofo.


    bioclone_ax45 Krummie Ya, by “new build” I was referring to the experimental, and their progress with it and anti-hacking. =)  I wasn’t expecting them to update the old build (non-experimental).  I’m a developer myself, so I understand how these things work.  I was just want to hear something from them and their thoughts on it.


    I guess I missed that info.  But that is great news!


    Krummie They cant work on the trouble with hackers because the use exploits that cannot be fixed on the old Rust version because of the horrible codding chaos… when the experimental will be over fight agains hackers will be a lot better.


    Krummie they already spoke about this, they will add a overlay on the night so if you adjust gamma you will see bad anyways (idea from Crysis 1)


    LeoCiampo Maibe with shotgun… but with a rifle? hard to hit one leg and also break the bone.


    Gary should also add temporary tents and backpacks for more storage. But you can’t forget to add a weight limit on how much your character can carry depending on how fit he or she is!


    When animals and humans get shot they should get injured. Example if you get shot in the leg, your leg breaks. If you get shot in the head you die!


    The guns you guys are working on should also be mountable on the windows of our home, in case of raiders!


    I feel as if rust should have a story to it, as apposed to just being the game. How the Newman got to the island and why the radiation is all over the cities!


    this really sucks. i bought the old rust. it runs perfectly. but now with the experimental. omg!!!. ig got the minimum specs. above that.


    AvengerJohn jotunnthelord toester?


    Gary and the squad should handout developer rust tools for the people to use, so we can add our own things in the game and if what we add gets voted up you guys make it official.


    Also, it would be good to know if there is anything you can do against the Gamma exploit people use to see in the dark.  I’ve heard some games actually can stop people from changing it?


    In your next Dev post can you write what your plans are on fixing the hacking issues?  While we of course don’t expect you to be able to completely stop it, as no game I’ve seen has before… but you should be able to at least dampen it down. It got so bad in the current build I had to stop playing because of it.  You could create the most fun game ever, but if its rampant with hackers, it’s no longer fun.  Just curious, and hoping you’re at least attempting to look into this issue before letting your newest build go live.



    mrarminschaefer CHEATER, you change your gama to see during the night




    Looking great! I have to agree with some people here. Adding a Rare Robot occurrence in game, like at air drop intervals or even less frequent would absolutely be AMAZING. But keep the Frequency rare and the loot to match. Keep up the great work!


    russian site :)


    Just and idea and sorry about my english:

    If you put some diferent levels of workbench, with diferent scales of technology, made diferents bosses around the world in his own premade scenario. That bosses left to loot the ingredient or the pattern to craft diferent levels of workbench.
    Defeat that bosses should be hard, like an mmo raid boss, and diferents grades of workbench should be a great step. Workbench 1 Stone age, workbench 2 middle age, workbench 3 Industrial age… all of this ages with your own visual style, of course. 

    Something like starbound meats wow meats age of empires… and again, sorry about my english.


    You deserve to be kicked in the face by a horse.


    Shut the fuck up you little demanding bitch. They are making a new normal Rust. The old one is still there, so stop bitching and play that instead, dipshit.


    hmm ye maybe i was mistaken about the first one cause i had a very similar one, but the 2nd is defienetly my one



    I would like to see anything like:

    M button for map.

    0.-When you got nothing (fresh spawn) when you open the map you see all black. (fog of war)

    1.-Once you got the stuff to make a map, and you do it….

    Then, imagine, if you open the map you will just see the areas you already have discover (after the crafting of the map) but you just see the the terrain, NOT your location.

    2.- Once you got the map the next step would be to craft a compass.

    Once a compass is done, then, every time you open the map you should see on the map: “fog of war” (places not discovered), explorated areas and your location. (for it you should had on the inventory the map and the compass)

    If your compass gets broken (a chance to be broken when you get hit by something, or just by long use without repair it) You will miss that “signal” on your map telling you where re you.

    If you lost your map, then you will just see fog of war (and your location signal, if you got a compass… anyways you will see all black so that dont will help you… just to know if you re moving north/south… whatever.

    *Maps should be able to get looted from corpses.

    *Maps should have the chance to be “copied” also can be though about add something like from “pen” to “printing machine” (to better quality copy or just faster copy time)

    *Maps can be burned/destroyed (to avoid you get killed and the enemy get your map)

    *Had the compass & map should also allow to “add notes and waypoints to the map” this information should be ON THE MAP, so watch what you write in there or you will set a big arrow to your base If anybody kill you and get your map.


    This idea are a bit based on how the “waypoints” work in EvE online.

    Of course, to be aplied this idea on procedurally generated maps, must be added a “system” on the game that takes the 3d Info of the map terrain (rocks, biomes textures, water) and makes a 2D version of it (that will be used as map)

    I think, this idea can be perfectly added to the game, just codding, should not affect at performance (maibe just a bit more time to generate the map the first time on the servers or a few seconds more when a player joins in the server to load the 2D map aswell)


    jotunnthelord Stop playing with toaster. OR wait for performance updates.


    Just ignore these people…


    I want normal RUST Not the experimental


    iannmartinez1 I think they should use “FOnline” ideas about vehicles, how they work, required pieces, way to get fuel and values. (In the game you can use it to move faster and carry stuff, but dont become a OP thing, it just allow you some features (move faster, carry more weight on the vehicle) but sure you can run out of fuel/ be attacked and loose the loot or even the vehicle.

    *I would like also to see like in fonline the posibility that you hunt any kind of animal and use it to move stuff or like a “moving box” (that you can set it to follow you or to stay (for example or your camp) * Animal should require food or water to live and even more if you re moving it from one place to another. (same way a vehicle must be at decent condition to be used and fuel to move)

    *FOnline its a Fallout 2 mod that turns the game into a MMO.


    Leignheart TonyMorton matainsreg There is a difference between criticize and criticize with common sense and knowledge about what’s been discussed.

    Say “I dont like this” Is not a constructively criticize, say “I dont like this because X”  it is.

    Of course people without common sense and knowledge about what’s been discussed dont know to say why they dont like something, or they do without really give interesting info.


    Halucinist If finally game’s gona have prcedurally generated maps, We re going to need any map or something… But I would like this be an “advanced” thing (not the kind of thing you can craft the first hours on one server) but I think its necessary, because each server will probably got a different shape and just start on a server where there is already people since who knows when, makes really hard to the new one to do something.


    Why not, rusty moldy robots could really add to the post apocalyptic feel, roaming through the ruins of civilization.


    When I saw that robot concept on reddit I just knew it was a joke.  Please, please, please don’t be serious.


    andro321 *sigh*


    i want update for normal rust and not for experimental


    huntingdog001 just what i was thinking , something else that can destroy you and your bases, that you need to band together and kill or destroy, then back to fighting eachother


    I want robots!


    Tsartes nope first was mine.


    I made the first building. ;-) Check my picture out.


    The robots seem like a good idea. If they were implemented, I’d rather not see them roaming the world but be triggered events either by players stepping on them look trip mines or by the world mind that will drop care packages. This could finally add some well needed lore to the game. It could explain the reason there is no civilization and why humans have not yet been able to rebuild the societies of old. I see many comments about the enemies lacking difficulty in the game and this could very well add that difficulty and create a reason for people to not fight each other but band together to defeat robots or something like that. I don’t know, I just want to see robots in Rust.


    Translation: drochery actively work this week did what they do in 20 minutes.
    again’ve stole wood from free access or anything its not done.


    normal rust runs fine on my pc. but his experimental! my fps is so low!!!!! pls help me!!!


    Zero Fox FK rare robots would be very cool and if they had big reward for killing one , like generator parts for electric fences that you can only get from robots , im liking the survival but add some back story like robots ran the world to shit or mutants from a nuclear war years ago


    Leignheart Indeed. Tough it would be quite amazing if someday the possibility of modding a server to include sci fi content would exist. A server with a “War of the Worlds” ( mod would be quite epic where the AI tripods (with some intelligence) roam the land terminating settlers :D


    I think the robots look cool, however, when I think of rust, I never think of it as a science fiction type of game, and I doubt anyone else does either. I really do not believe robots would fit with the theme of rust. Things that would fit, would be Mad Max type of raiders, mutants, maybe “monsters”, military, tribal even? But definitely not robots, dinosaurs, killer clowns, aliens, or any other prepubescent ideas. I mean what next, will someone say we should have orcs and elves and dwarves? Please do not turn rust into garbage, it is a survival game that has a semi realistic feel and nature to it, once you put garbage like dinosaurs and robots into it, then it becomes crap. If people want a dinosaur game, then go play stomping lands, if people want single player, go play the forest, if people want robots, go play mass effect, it has lots of robots. Leave rust like rust.


    bhblacky82 SebastienHamilton as much as i dislike too many zombie games, the zombies were leagues better than the red animals. leagues.


    SebastienHamilton Nope. They dont want to be a DayZ clone anymore.


    Robots in radiated areas would be great! This game is looking better and better, cannot wait to play it in its new form.


    I like the idea of robot’s, but they can not be as common as bears or boars etc. It would be cool if they could hunt you down or something rather than them walking about in the open like the zombies. Too many robots will look silly and won’t fit in, obviously animals should be much more common. Orange rust covered robots will look cool.


    more body things like :
    thirst ( 2.0 L) 
    stamina (30.0 something.)
    insanity (1000) (darkness 10 per 3 sec ) (gun shot hearing 5 loss) (getting shot 200 loss) (injury 5 per 1 sec) 
    (bleeding 10 per 1 sec)
    heat … the normal will be 37 degree
    and you can maybe train and gain more stamina and your
    player have more muscle in his model 
    and the player could be fat or thin the thiner .. the faster
    the more muscle the more melee damage .. the more fat you have the more calories you can gain 
    and when you are hungry you start to lose fat and be more thin
    thin’s calories is 2500  normal 3000 fat 3500 muscle 4000
    more effects :
    1-thirst (heat will Increase)
    2-flu (from cold)
    3-fever (from heat)
    4-infection (from zombies or some food or herbs or mushrooms or bleeding for too long or being close to zombies for long)
    5-cozy (like level 2 of the comfort but only in your house and it gives x1.5 .. and maybe you can define your house)
    6-cold (small lose of stamina and hunger)
    7-heat (medium lose of thirst)
    8-cut (very small lose of blood like 1 points per 15 sec) cause by (hitting you hand with hatchet or something small)
    9-wound (small lose of blood like 2 points per 15 sec) cause by (small animals like pig or getting hit by a player’s fists)
    10-injury (medium lose of blood like 3 points per 10 sec) cause by (falling or getting shot while wearing armor or wolfs)
    11-bleeding (high lose of blood like 5 points per 5) cause by (guns or bears or falling tree or hatchet in your face)
    (more bleeding stuff because i’m tired of being bleeding all the time)
    12-poisoning (from spoiled food or spoiled fishes or mushrooms minimum effect)
    13-radiation will be the counter for the infection maybe
    14-in darkness (insanity loss 5 per sec)
    1-  fishing (fishing rods and fishing web and boats)
    2- farming (maybe manure?no?ok)
    3- fences (iron – wood – rock)
    4- Barbed wire (iron)
    5- glass ?
    6- glass windows (and you can protect it with wooden boards)
    7- lamps with no electricity (or you’ll have to add generators)
    8- sand bags to block the bullets (with no durability)
    9- if you you did that you will also like guns that sticks to roofs or sand bags for more accuracy
    10- also you’ll have to work on durability because it sucks or you can just remove t it
    11- the grass looks very nice and it’s very fast you should disable the ability to type grass.on false because
    some players uses the grass as a way for hiding so do i :)
    12- FMJ bullits and plastic vists (FMJ has powerful effect on walls and armor) (FMJ bullits should be very hard to make or find)
    13- the cloths and armor should be more organized because i see it more random then organized
    14- the map is too big sometimes i feel like where the hell are those 15 players ? i could use some maps 
    or some thing to know where am i
    15- i would kiss garry’s head if he does all that :)

    thank you for this amazing game !


    SebastienHamilton i reckon they got rid of the zombies and replaced them so quickly with simple red versions of the animals because possibly the Dayz crew got a bit upset


    Robots or dinosaurs! Would be awesome!


    SebastienHamilton bhblacky82 nope, i hope the zeds dont come back into the game, there are too much zombie games out there, it gets boring.. bears, wolfs and robots would be nice


    Either Robots… or bring the zombies back… it has to be one or the either… I personally don’t really care which… it could even change day by day… one day its robots… then its zombies!… then its murderous clowns who knows… more interesting than the shitty red animals :/


    bhblacky82 you mean instead of Red bears/wolves… which is daft as it stands… :P


    yeah, robots in radioactive areas instead of zombies ;)


    mohammadpcg i also like this rebots


    Translate to russian (перевод на русский) –




    I love the robots for they would fit fairly nicely into the game. To those whom dont like the idea, think about it this way. Currently in rust the biggest threat you got is another player. Thats all fine and dandy but when the reboot comes out offically and replaces legacy they are adding single player. Now going back to the greatest threat you have is another player in legacy, what would your main threat be in single player? a wolf? a bear? No, for i have the feeling these mobs will be fairly weak in the health department. If robots are added id say make them appear a little more steam punky like there made from scrap metal and my grandpas old tractor.


    Robots, old civilizations (Mayas, Aztecs …) should be perfect as ennemies


    TonyMorton matainsreg You do understand that a person doesn’t have to do the work of others to criticize their work don’t you? I mean should a person have to recreate the mona lisa before they can give an opinion on it? If I don’t like the look of the ford raptor do I have to recreate the entire vehicle from scratch before I discuss with the engineers what I dislike with the vehicle? Your entire statement is a fallacy. I know first hand what it is like to create art and have it criticized, and you know what? It’s good for you to be criticized, it may hurt sometimes, but you will never get better if you aren’t criticized.


    andro321 FelisSilvestris 
    when robots will come into gameplay you’ll love them. (100% satisfaction guarantee)


    [Inserts generic comment about the robots]…


    I like the robots.  What I like about them the best is that the Dev’s are thinking “outside the box” and considering new dimensions to Rust.  ( an old run-down high-tech facility guarded by robots.  What’s inside? etc.)  I like Meg’s ability to imagine strange clothing concepts.  Apparently some players prefer a one-size-fits-all burlap sack, but I like the cut of her jib.


    robots, this is exactly what this game is lacking. I believe that robots will fit harmoniously into the game. Robots is not dinosaurs ;)


    BrettPool Brett Pool is the worst thing that ever happened to Rust.



    are you crazy?! if robots comes into game then rust will be ruined and no more survival just some shit… and if they come ingame i will delete rust.


    I like this robots.


    PLS for god dont add rebot :( i dont like this robots


    Sir, you are being hunted soon! ;)


    andro321 me neither


    i don’t like this robots


    I Have to say That I Do believe this game has large potential. I hope that with all the backlash they don’t rush the final product. I like the fact that Gary takes the time to talk , update , and tell people to fuck off. His pizza analogy is perfect and the truth. Its one man responding to thousands of angry people. There is no mercy on the internet.  

    Im glad we are still getting updates and things are still being worked on. 

    so with that  : 
    I kinda want no map. it brings a element of discovery and survival.
    Needing to remember landmarks etc. 
    I don’t know about random generated. One map was fine just needed a larger area. Rocks, wood, and animals didn’t spawn on the other side of the mountain.

    I do feel they could buy themselves a lot of time if there was a anti cheat, and a Items update like guns, weapons, etc. I’m ok with chicken off a pig :)

    It all still looks like its coming together very well. My hat is off to gary and the team.


    BrettPool Or d) look like a queer


    loool and i realized the first one is mine too XDDD


    The 2nd crazy building is my build :D


    desiremercy Lavidicus And if the feed back is “eff you” generally they don’t know what they are saying and you should consider ignoring it anyway…. especially when your a video game company… and if it is anything other than that, chances are its constructive criticism as desiremercy was saying.


    matainsreg how about this…you do a boar animation as well as some concept art and THEN you can judge the work these guys are doing


    BrettPool It is very important to keep this game relying on creative and survival skills and not so much, where to shoot.


    FUDGEiNaToR Please illustrate on that some more…. If possible, make it readable. ;)


    Noone would be mad about them starting new projects if the community wasn’t waiting for anything playable for more than half a year already. I understand that on their side there is a huge progress but on our side we haven’t gotten anything playable basically since the early access release. (yes, there were some updates, but nothing gamechanging). They can say that they warned us this is an early access, and they’re right. But they have to admit that this is one of the worst cases of  early access.
    I do see all that has been done and i really hope that in a month or so we’ll have a playable main branch, it looks very promising.
    BTW boar’s 2nd death animation is sooo bad that i laughed for a minute xD
    And please, don’t let Meg make players look like clowns with those clothing models. Before implementing any of those in game, ask yourself “does this make sense? Would i tie some cans around my elbows if i was going to defend myself from something?”

    Good luck with further development


    i think they should make that you just like write in chat somehting like you have a group like in unturned so you can see him like theres a white ball where he is.






    BrettPool Good. Players without skill will make our time playing much more fun.


    JiP the Chip Yeah, some of them I don’t mind, others look down right rediculous. I hope they all synergize and scale well.


    BrettPool Let’s not jump to conclusions. He did say he was just expressing his opinion… What was it you said exactly Cheif?


    Even though Buildings and New Maps and Clothes are cool we need more weapons and more imersive things like radios binoculars etc… and for what i see the new way the map loads it’s gonna get bigger and so i think vihecle concepts would be nice but nothing op like bicicles cars maybe a helicopter but don’t make em op but i think that things like this would add and enhance the aspect of survival and imersity but make the recepies expensive so that way you don’t get mowed down by a Huey or run over by a car every time you spawn.


    The problem is, is most people who will play this game have never used any navigational skills and cannot comprehend the complexity and cumbrance of a building and maintaining compasses and measures. They just want to be spoonfed and told exactly where to go with no sense of discovery or personal excitement rather you would like to experience the exact same thing as everyone else, well have fun with COD.


    Seriously? Don’t be a douche and you wouldn’t have gotten banned. Garry is a person you know, not a corporation, he can tell you to fuck off if he wants to. Contrary to major belief the customer is usually wrong as fuck.


    I just want everyone to know im on here every post and i read every comment and i love doing this. Calling out bad ideas, providing alternatives, and elaborating on ideas for the game, i dont work for facepunch (god would i tho) i feel like im in the PR department answering questions i know the answers to and predicting the games future is most of what i look forward to every week. If you feel like your comment was ignored it wasn’t, i read it will take it to heart and if i like it will tell garry how i feel about it till he effin implements it. BTW GARRY! The people want paint/chalk give it to them already!


    The landscape IS procedurally generated. We’ve just all been using the same one. When the game is out Experimental the terrain on the server you join will be completely different from any other server. So landmarks are pointless as an overall guide. Moss on rocks will let you know which direction is North by looking at which side it grows on. This can be used to great effect in random maps.


    I still dont like killing dogs or wolves in skyrim for that very reason the sounds are painful to listen to.


    Robots… I dont want to talk about this yet.


    I dont think vanilla rust should use this feature but it should have it for servers to set up newman training areas or just for ppl who dont like pvp all the time without having to switch servers.


    This is like the 5th time in the devblog19 ive seen painting been suggested so im just gonna go ahead and say it, you all will most likely be getting some form of drawing/writing ingame. Its been requested far too much to be ignored.


    Most likely an update was just submitted in which case the server restarts this could take days (if something went wrong) or mere hours, be patient keep trying happy rusting!


    Im pretty sure from the very get this is a post-apocalyptic survival game. What time period? I really wish i knew!


    These guys still think they are working on legacy rust, grow up.


    Id rather put someones head on a spike outside my front door.


    For those of you who follow garrynewman on twitter… Don’t have an opinion otherwise you’ll be blocked and no longer able to follow him.


    Once again blood is not as important as the thousands of things still needed is newrust, you guys that want every little feature and option RIGHT NOW is insane, obviously there will be blood obviously heads wont stretch, obviously its obvious they are still working on the game and you literally just got a hit type effect for slash, blunt, and bullet. Be patient this basic shit WILL make its way in game.


    Just flag as offensive and move on.


    Sparklez you obviously havent read the last 19 devblogs. Do you should prolly save your breath unless you like being called ignorant.


    Ya a compass/map in game is lame and is for people who need to be spoonfed. Rust takes no prisoners you will die lost or you will learn basic navigation skills that CAN be applied to real life. Learning is good, being directed is ultimately harmful.


    Lol or just wait till he realizes he needs stairs to use it.


    Do you read the devblogs or just skim pics? Have you ever looked at any game’s artwork? No everything will not be used but thats exactly why they post the artwork here for us to talk about what fits rust and what doesn’t, not to talk shit about the artists. That is there job TO DRAW ideas. And how does a building mech that defies gravity, physics, and gives next to none personalization need retexturing? It needs redone and honestly i cant wait to play a game thats nothing like Moancraft.


    Do yuo fail to realize the real world is not procedurally generated? Do you even know what “procedurally generated” means? Because your attempted analogy literally does not work. Rust is a video game, not the real world. Some things simply can not be applied in both ways. There DOES need to be some form of navigation.


    Im curious as to what you mean by paragraph 2, could you possibly elaborate?


    Got a pencil? Got paper? Got an art app? In game maps are often clunky and wasteful in survival games. They are taking lots of measures so that you wont get lost without breaking immersion… Moss was JUST announced, theres a sun, landmarks, i mean honestly do you want to be spoonfed?


    Wolves? Never gonna happen, horses i bet will. I just want a diverse ecosystem with a wide variety of wildlife, i do think they should consider “training” animals earlier than sooner. Would love to have a guard dog or have a meat/dairy farm or any kind of farming, riding, basic interaction with the world besides just shooting and harvesting shit.


    Are you playing with your graphics settings? That causes this “bug” for me.

      JiP the Chip

    A lot of the armor concepts look like they belong in an anime mmorpg or something lol


    sdwrage desiremercy Well, I figure if we can craft guns with lasers sights, we should be able to craft a compass. All you need is a pin, can with water, and a magnet. All components that should be theoretically a part of other things we can already build in the game or easily scrounged.


    BrettPool Also have to say that sun movement direction as well as where the north star is would be helpful.


    desiremercy This is where player created signs would make that possible. Always look at how it works in the real world.


    Lavidicus Some call it “hating,” others call it “dissent,” “disagreement,” and even “constructive criticism.” Learn to appreciate feedback, even if you disagree with it.


    I hope to see this feature too it would give the illusion of so much more variety quelling all the aholes who just play rust like battlefield and bitch about it not being a “good nuff shooster” (good en


    The problem is that even with a moss system, the maps being random, procedurally generated constructs, it will be night impossible to learn your way around without excessive amount of time on a particular instance of the map.


    I think you posting “so i dont look like a queer” is far more immature sir, if you are so embarrased about the pics you can either a) explain the game to ppl. Or b) tell them to not be children or c) wait till you get home.


    NinjaNugget So, basically a particle system is spawned at the position of the wound and the particles (blood) on collision with the ground would create blood decals. Only problem is how many decals can the engine take before it starts to lag? this is why most engines start removing decals off the stack, FIFO style.


    csavages This would be great because you could choose unconventional stocks and other parts to be part of the weapon :) I think rust could benefit from the cobbled together look of weapons, items and structures.


    So i saw a comment the other week about navigation, someone suggested a compass and someone a sextant. I suggested moss and sun direction soooooo happy to see my thoughts being implemented by the devs, even if it wasnt me who gave the idea first i love to see that the devs and i think so much alike, i honestly feel like you all are making this game just for me :)


    Lavidicus Have you not learned to internet yet? :) it is going to happen. No matter how much good you do, there will be the opposing view to voice its opinion.


    Wow. Can the haters take a chill pill now, please?


    I really like Howies concepts on the aging of buildings. If done right it can really strike a new thought process on the players mind when they see a really old settlement.


    Please Visit my quick google doc I threw togehter to get your server up and running!


    DamienCatelain what the hell are you talking about with israel, all i know is it sounds offensive whatever the heck your trying to say.


    klaasbaas nope, stuff like moss, moon, and sun will be your compass.


    Yeah, i thought we could maybe get over the whole pointing and laughing at male anatomy like a pack of 12 yr olds, but it seems to be getting worse. Never mind.


    glenoakgolden more than just centuries dude.


    nice, i like the new updates.


    I believe they should do that rather than having automobiles; riding horses with your team would be awesome. Even adding camels would be cool.


    kruztab rust is never sfw.


    lolcano Innominata can u tell me?


    Innominata actually, it wasnt that easy, but i figured it out ;-)



    Alkaera Cassowary . No. Those things are far too scary. FAR too scary.


    tyclief Okay,Thanks


    Anyway to clean up the devblog, so it can be viewed at work, without me looking like a queer?


    A moddable weapon crafting system would be so dope.  The ability to pick your stock, receiver, barrel, etc. to make your own weapon would be so unique in a game like Rust.


    DamienCatelain this is a game dev blog, not a political soapbox.


    klaasbaas They are putting moss on the rocks.


    kakanutz just build a house next to it? :P


    NinjaNugget that would be so great. haha. Hope facepunch think so too !


    Please add realistic fighting like when you get shot it makes a hole in you and your shirt/pants like if you get shot against an object the object gets your blood on it and you can crawl around with blood pouring out of you so if you get shot anywhere or cut it leaves a mark not like “Oh I got shot I’m completely fine no holes or nutin'”  I really am glad you guys decided to make this game my dream game thank you.


    It would be nice if you could add different hair styles facial har that grows over time that you would have to shave with a rusty razor that you could find in like a hair cutting place if you keep towns and add city’s and that you could change the eye color the length of the forehead color (Black white Asian ect.) hair color changeable this is a long run but tatoos o3o. Other than these suggestions I think you guys are doing an amazing job congrats Howie on getting the job. and keep up the great work guys.


    8534 KareemyWeezy roadkill225 well, they could always add in wild horses, trainable and can be ridden.


    roadkill225 horses would be very realistic. horses have been ridden for centuries


    any chance you could give us a hint about how to aquire the files?


    KareemyWeezy Looks like it’s loading the LOD 2 models rather than LOD 0.
    Give it a few days, probably just a bug with experimental. If it’s still happening after that, then contact the team directly.


    KareemyWeezy 8534 That would be hilarious; or imagine being chased by a pack of bears while riding a bike


    8534 Thats true, imagine riding bikes killing people with a shotgun XD


    KareemyWeezy roadkill225 I think a bicycle concept would be amazing and maybe if you trained/tamed wolves with a saddle would be fun (but very unrealistic)


    plz add in spiked flail maces! it would be epic


    roadkill225 would be pretty cool but kinda unrealistic


    roadkill225 that would be freakin awesome


    roadkill225 We should be able to ride bears and bicycles


    I’m having this really weird glitch in experimental that makes every head I see (including mine) look stupid…even re-installing the game doesn’t fix. Anyone know a fix? Thanks.


    we should be able to ride wolves


    Now with the new environment mabey it is an idea to add maps that you can make with like the place you made being the center of the map that wat you can explore the land around your home without getting lost


    Damn, im loving all the new stuff, im very excited for this game keep it up!!!


    would be cool if there were lifeless machines like that one you can pickaxe for scrap metal!
    also, would you consider natural borders and smaller community ideal pockets too large for one but too small for everyone?


    The new stuff look GREAT!
    But one thing I don’t like, and that is the building system.
    People can make thousands of walls on 1 foundation but I know that the game is being rebuilt from scratch and all that stuff and hopefully you’ll guys make it better.
    For me the building system on the normal version of rust works fine and is completely awesome just what it would need is a little bit remodeling/retexturing of the building parts and it would be fine.
    (In my opinion)
    And those art works are really for the sake of why not and for the sake of job that Meg and Paul do, it’s just for jokes, nothing much, just to fool around, at least it looks like that, but what do they do other than that is not mentioned.
    They just do “models” that with a lot of luck “could” make it into the game, those clothes, those crazy underground houses, those big metal house, those cones on the head, and stuff like that to me and pretty sure to the others it looks like joke.
    (That’s just in my opinion and how I think)
    Other than that the game it self is headed onto it’s better way, hopefully.


    MrPaintdry But da burrs, don’t hurt da burrs.


    try and raid me now bitches


    sdwrage yeah something like that, so you later in the game you can go further away from your home to scout.


    So i tried to make a big ass bridge across a lake, and i made like half of it and some dickhead killed me, so i couldnt finish it, it was on a private server i think, so if anyone finds a bridge, please try to finish it, thanks!


    Howie’s tumblr is amazing. I think he’ll do good things with the team.


    dub16times god damn man you are brilliant


    KillaMaaki Garry Newman Zozeux I think it would be great to possibly salvage parts to make your own to patrol a town. Maybe you have to provide the ammo. If it runs out of ammo, you risk losing it.


    Good to see you hired Howie to do some work with you guys, the guy is very talented. I took a look at his website and his art is just high end!

    Good stuff Facepunch!

    Love from


    klaasbaas I would think that would be craftable or something. Other than that, you have the sun and moon to guide direction a bit.


    It’s awesome to see how the game develops, it is turning in a real survival game!
    Now with this bigger map with less orientation points I would suggest to add a compass.
    Keep up the good work!


    Sparklez The game changes every day


    capichef57 I second this idea.


    Subaru071 I would say the more you are outside, the more you tan. The more you are inside the paler you get.


    DamienCatelain Just concepts.


    AndrewJones4 I am pretty sure most of that will be fixed :) This is why they are letting players into the game this early in development. So they can allow them to play test and express concerns before it goes full v 1.0. Also, yeah… robots seem pretty awesome but it seems like everyone has this misconception that the game is some stone aged sandbox survival 0_o


    nikon0iT You are also playing ALPHA. On top of that it is an experimental branch of ALPHA. Back in the good ol’ days, you never got a chance to play a game this early in development until it was at least beta and most of that was closed beta until the very end. They will fix the issues in due time.


    Sparklez Not every idea is going to be used. They are already fixing how buildings are being built. 90% of concepts are going to be tossed on the backburner because there isn’t enough time to do all of them.


    Many ideas, many concepts, 0 change in the game, each time less players online.


    Victor95pc I have to agree with this one. Maybe making a makeshift wood saw would allow you to get wood planks.


    xianate I think maybe maintaining the building would be good too. Even if its just a simple tool to do so. Some people might like that viney and moss laden look to their buildings :)


    I like this buildings with wood created by Howie, I hate the wooden plank because when you get wood from Trees you don´t get a wooden plank directly, a good example is “The Forest”.


    iamE This would be great :) Procedurally generated post war buildings. I wouldnt limit them to radtowns though. What about abandoned houses that have been left to rot? How about a small town waiting to be populated by a group of bandits? (i.e. players). This would give the world a lived in feel and show that something did exist before something nuclear ended up happening.


    bearinaburningcar Bobylein I would just wait to see what they throw in. As you said, right now these are basically placeholders. I think they are just trying to get a good placement system down.


    bioclone_ax45 sdwrage I know this but I think it would end up being turned into a player created game much like the gladiator arenas. You let a player loose in a maze, shoot him once and let him run. The player has to throw you off by creating multiple trails or spatterings of blood along the way. Just a thought :)


    sdwrage Humans are most hunted thing on this game…


    KillaMaaki Homer_MG I think it would represent one of the serious dangers of the environment. Higher players have a tough time taking them down while lower players get decimated. There would be clues though to avoid them. If taken down, could provide a lot of scrap metal and maybe parts for building other things like radios, source of power, etc. 
    As for if it would fit with the theme of the game, I would say it would! This is a “Post Apocalyptic” scenario. This means some form of war broke out and with no real time set when it happened. Who’s to say that there weren’t robotics involved? Just playing devils advocate here.


    inflex184 I think that is up to players to provide. The developers have already expressed they want to keep it a “no rules” environment where the players do what they want. If that means building a group of people to enforce their own rules, so be it :)


    iamryanhamilton I think the idea of farming and hunting is great. This means that you have to protect your loot and your land. You could raise animals and grow crops… but that also means that others who don’t want to go through all that work can raid your land.


    inflex184 MichaelJerry The system could be as simple as you clicking where you want it, typing what you want, then positioning and clicking where the words should be.


    bioclone_ax45 dub16times I can already see that leading to games of “Hunt the Human”


    Scellow Premature optimization is the root of all evil.


    DamienCatelain This is a post apocalyptic wasteland, not a dino survival sandbox.


    MichaelJerry something to leave “messages” to friends or thiefs would be awesome some piece of paper you can read ..”this is not your house…look behind you” *boom headshot* :D


    dub16times Also would be awesome that “bleeding” people would left trails of blood on the ground.


    Why robot ?! Nooo :'( we vote majority for dinosaure and some tribal/primitive clan :/


    Dragonal inflex184 I know but the fact that they put it in a frvblog shows that its possible.. so im just representing my opinion ;)


    Zapthus Bobylein havelcode me chrome aswell, and also got the problem the first time I play any video.


    The games now looks AWESOME, great work



    nikon0iT He don’t care, they test the game with NVIDIA TITAN, they don’t care about us poor people with low end computer..


    I would love to see that robot, or some other creatures, camouflaged until you get too close or you hit them…

    Imagine that robot buried and with that top rocks on surface… you moving close to gathering and …. WTF run! xD

    Also, plz think about any kind of creature that stalk us on night, and tries to hunt us (not a common creature, more like something you can encounter but just do it 1 of every 10 posible times). Also would be nice that this creature will be more interested by victims that doesnt got fire near.

    Something like this will make harder to just stay on one place while night without torch or any campfire, just to avoid anybody see you… this way, you must “choose” (risk against players or against a creature?) :D

    I also hope you think about add any good IA that makes animals will work more like groups. (at least for wolf packs)


    Okay listen, this game needs to be way, way more bloody, it’s what the original rust was missing. Let’s be honest here, you’ve already added chopping humans to bits and the ability to consume their flesh, why not take that extra step? The fact is you’ve put the idea of gruesome murder in our heads without actually fulfilling our desire for blood, that means everytime somebody kills somebody else in rust you’re forcing us to picture the gruesome murder in our heads. Isn’t that a lot less responsible than just letting us see our work in action? I think you’ll agree that by not adding a huge amount of gore you’re putting thousands of teenagers like myself at risk, please do the right thing and add an incredible amount of blood. I’ve included a mock up since you’ve already got me (and thousands of others) putting blood on our minds.


    Graffiti/spray painting could be a big part, spray painting people houses saying what they have inside even if its a lie, mark a house to be raided, add guild or group logos, change the color of weapons or cloths, im sure more but im out.


    inspirator88 It must be your computer mate, make sure it’s all upto date etc I only have a i5, GTX 660 Ti and 16GB of RAM and it runs perfectly.


    bear sounds like taurus demon from dark souls


    Add pets


    the lag in this game is horrendous for some players. It seems like you dont pay much attention to the bug reports as you never address them. 

    I have an i7, GTX 670, and 16gb ram.  I somehow stutter and lag out everytime I try to talk in game or when there is too many players around me. Many people have reported these bugs. Also, the hacking is absolutely crazy in this game. Its even worse than Cod…

    I love your game, but I refuse to play until this is fixed. It just doesnt make sense when I get over 100 fps consistently. Please help.


    inflex184 they never said they would implement the robots


    I would want to be able to spraypant. Like spraying on my door “gi away or you will be shot”


    I think Rust didn’t need zombies, mutants, or robots. Maybe, add hostile various animals or not will better. (tiger, buffalo, snake, Cassowary, Rhinoceros, … and why not sharks)


    I don’t know if anyone as mentioned this yet, but it would be pretty cool to have the ability to farm plants and animals, maybe add a buffalo or some kind of farming animal. And maybe some lions in the savannah areas, just to add more variety to the animals and things to make. If the farming thing does happen, maybe put a life cycle on the animals, make it more real. Something else to make it more real, wolves and bears hunt the pigs and deer, and the buffalo or cows if you throw them in the game. Just throwing my ideas out there.


    Homer_MG I dunno, I think it does fit and would be kinda cool and a much-needed danger (do you want to take on one of those bad boys and risk a faceful of lead? I imagine not)


    I’m glad to see progress on the building system, I just hope when Rust “2.0” goes live that there won’t be any exploiting like making a makeshift infinite ladder out of poles and walls, and that there’s no horrible griefing going on with destroying peoples stairs and then placing a non-destructible ceiling…that blocks them out of their house and ruins days worth of work.
    Also on another note: ROBOTS! YES! IMPLEMENT THEM!, Welcome to fallout – rust edition haha.


    make small objects than less material than -Themes 
    for example the smallest diamond, a little more than gold 
    and players will be able to create the shape. the more difficult to get the material, the more petite


    bioclone_ax45 ivan0590 GTbrawlers oh, ok, i didn´t know it, thanks


    ivan0590 GTbrawlers they re wolking on this. meg awesome concepts


    GTbrawlers ivan0590 It would make homes more different from each other and can be very usefull if you get lost inside your home all the time xD


    Can anyone tell me why I don’t see any servers in the server lists in the experimental branch? At the right moment I see people talking about the game and I assume they are playing and capable of joining any server.


    ivan0590 Yeah like I say, It’d be good if you could place plasterboards on wooden walls to make them sturdier and so people can’t see through then paint is an option.


    It would be awsome if you could paint the walls xD


    Also love the new stairs, hopefully they keep them, I hate the current ones.


    I love the building in that video. Love the pre structure that’s placed before you finally build it up. Hopefully there’s nicer varieties of buildings too as I’d like smoother walls or ones that can’t be seen through. (Obviously have a cheap option still that can be  seen and maybe shot through. (Plaster boards / walls maybe).


    Homer_MG Did you read the caption, I imagine not.


    A safezone would be nice to have… even if it is for trading & stuff o:




    No ..robots would be kind of weird… but mutants would be awesome :D

    btw .. it wouldnt hurt if there were places from the “old” world ..filled with technology and stuff :)
    easy stuff a lighter to fire up the oven or torch, batteries ..wich you got to put into flashlights so they work.

    As girlplayer i also think that some female avatars would be nice… either way i dont think anyone would feel offended too see some boobs in a game xD …jkjk ..
    some differences between avatars would be awesome :)


    robot NPC. are these people serious?


    i love the black covering the dick boxes made me laugh:D


    You know how creepy that would be when you’re walking around a world and you’d see a guy just stood there looking down over a female sleeper? O.o


    ruditos +1 need them digital tittays


    We need FEMALE avatars.
    We need FEMALE avatars.

    We need FEMALE avatars.

    We need FEMALE avatars.

    We need FEMALE avatars.

    We need FEMALE avatars.

    We need FEMALE avatars.We need FEMALE avatars.We need FEMALE avatars.We need FEMALE avatars.

    Thank you,


    I’m not sure I’d wanna kill a boar that was that realistic. The squeals it makes are a bit heartbreaking. That bear looks like a bit of a cunt though, I’d kill that son of a bitch in a heartbeat.


    Subaru071 Zeltrax yes


    Zeltrax no


    Also you can’t shoot through windows currently :(


    yes robots -.-


    No robots


    OMFG if he adds the robots that would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    The world in rust experimental is procedurally generated.


    More we play more we tan


    Great update as usual! 
    Love the aging buildings concept

    Have you tought about using NVidia HairWorks? I have no idea if it possible or even work with unity but the demo with the wolf from NVidia is astonishing. 

    It would just add that little extra to an great game as it is


    I love Howie’s concept for ageing buildings. players running along will be able to tell if the building is abandoned or not. because things being occupied by people are maintained maybe you could set up a system where unoccupied homes decay over time?


    Bobylein it’s not about weakness, it’s about common sense. And yeah I tested it for the whole week. When you place 2 walls on the corner, you can see that there is still small squared part of foundation sticking which is supposed to fit in pillar. I know all current models are placeholders and they might stick with Howie’s concepts (logs) but still this is something that bothers me.


    bearinaburningcar His tumblr… my eyes…


    implement the women characters (titties!!!!)


    implement the molotv :D




    NinjaNugget only the face one


    Vyvex iamE I suggest to start Rust with the experimental branch up :)


    bearinaburningcar Go in at test it, works just fine for me. Pillars are for the weak!


    babulka hacker


    Hyped for Howie’s concepts. He’s amazing artist and I’m glad you hired him.


    how much time i can wait 4 this game


    дрочеры активнее работайте, за неделю сделали то что делают за 20 минут.
    снова спиздили дерево из свободного доступа и вообще ничего своего не сделали.


    Vyvex  Are you.. What? Have you read any of the devblogs? Even just this one? They’ve gone procedurally generated maps for god sake!


    painting system and paintbrush lions tail


    Rust is not working well with me I still have that creepy mutilated face and every time I die it disconnects me from the game. Is anyone else experiencing this?


    iamE I don’t see how that would make sense seeing that nothing in Rust is procedurally generated.


    it says server is password free how do i download


    Bobylein capichef57 i agree with the heli crash but in an airdrop doesn’t it looksmore like an hunger game than in a survival game? i mean by an airdrop its making more like an arena deamatch no?


    Will procedurally generated radtowns be added ever? I like to see radtowns be generated based on the biome. Like if its in the northern lands have a snow styled radtowns spawn.


    Garry Newman Garry your mod has destroyed my relationship with my teenager because he plays so much “Jailbreak.”


    Bobylein Zapthus havelcode I use Chrome :P


    What about pillars? How are you going to fix corner overlapping or corner gap between walls?


    Zapthus havelcode There is no pause or play button for me


    havelcode I just press pause/play again and that fixes it.


    havelcode Yea same for me, can only see the first video.


    havelcode yep me too


    capichef57 I like the idea but I think this kind of loot should only be aquired by random events like airdrops or some heli crashing or something like that.


    havelcode Yes


    The animation videos are always corrupt for me, anyone else?


    Those armor types prototypes or not look epic as hell.


    I got an idea that people probably already have but I didn’t see mutch about it so I write it down here (and by the way sorry for my terrible english, I am french)
    Looking at the new AK, thompson, salvage tool, etc, why wouldn’t be 2 types of loots?
    the first one will be the one you can craft (handmade and stuff like that) and the other one would be industrial/military class weapon, like the M4 and the kevlar armor in some kind of military base ( why not guard by Paul’s robot, hard to destroy for a good loot in the base), and stuff like pickaxe, hatchet, etc in quarry, mines, etc…
    this could add a bit more difficulty, and be more coherent.
    What your guys think about that?


    JenniferKaiSczith Yes, I agree. I am tired of seeing Slongs all day long. Give us some T&A Garry.


    character customisation will be good


    i still think your going the wrong way with the guns rest of it looks great but the guns are just hmm maby make them look more human made possibly


    where can we download server


    Garry Newman Zozeux KillaMaaki I would say that there should be a way for players to “reprogram” it or whatever to become a follower/defender (think Iron Golem from Minecraft), but I can’t help but feel like that would be a bit OP…


    Gary please add dirt bikes and backpacks and character customization and I will loooove this forever and ever!!!!!!!!


    Garry Newman Zozeux KillaMaaki + it would be super awesome!


    Garry Newman Zozeux KillaMaaki
    It Must be “Rusty”.


    The devs could get some inspiration for weapon designs from Dead island: Epidemic. They have some realy “wild” designs.

      Garry Newman

    Zozeux KillaMaaki It would fit with our lore


    Zozeux KillaMaaki I dunno, would it be that out of context? Something has clearly happened to civilization, something like this might be one of those old relics left over from before.. .whatever it was. Just sitting around collecting dust until some clueless player disturbs it and subsequently eats lead.


    KillaMaaki that would look a bit out of context of the game wouldn’t it ? Maybe it could be crafted by the player (for a large amount of ressources) and attack anyone the builder didn’t mark as friend ?


    Garry Newman Haha, this comment made my day.


    I would not at all mind an old rusty robot enemy.

    No, really, this game needs it badly. Something which presents more of a challenge than wildlife. The robot would open fire on any nearby targets it sees, and require a lot of hits to take down (but at the same time could yield some pretty valuable loot)


    Garry Newman Adopt me please and I will live out my days in a tent upon your estate painting beautiful silhouettes of the rolling hills and laughing creeks!


    Looks great! Some people say ”yea Rust is abandoned, fuck that game” and still to the day I redirect them to this blog. I’m proud of the Facepunch Studio’s. First making Garry’s Mod then this awesome game. Respect.


    It looks amazing! Can’t w8 for it to be finished and done to play as a whole game, my trust in you and your team will not fade! :D




    Garry Newman hacks


    k. love u garry

      Garry Newman

    finish riftlight first


    lol ive not even read it yet


    No me!



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