Early Access

Rust is currently under active development. We are allowing people to play the game even though it isn’t finished.

What does that mean?

This means that everything could potentially change. Everything. We could decide that instead of walking around everyone should ride dragons and fire apples at each other. This is unlikely – but it’s the kind of thing to be aware of. It means certain features might not work properly, or might work one week and then the next week might not work. It means the game might not even run sometimes.

Why not just sell it when it’s done?

This doesn’t really work for us. We want the players to influence the direction we take development. Having a huge amount of people testing the game and giving us constant feedback about the things we’re adding, removing and changing is a huge deal for us.

We also believe that you as a player benefit from this too. You get a game that is well supported and regularly updated. And you get to influence the final product.

How long until you’re not in alpha

That is a very good question.. and it’s one we don’t have the answer to.

If I buy early access will I get the full game?

Yes – they’re the same thing!