This week we crushed bugs, crafted new tools, and fixed guns.

Bug & Exploit Fixes

Everyone wants to play without bugs, so we’ve been spending a lot of time this week trying to get rid of the most annoying bugs. There’s not much to say about each of them, so I’ll list them off, like an old school changelist.

  • Fixed locks disappearing when upgrading doors
  • Fixed being able to climb up buildings by tapping jump
  • Fixed Looting/Deploying through doors
  • Fixed strafing right not making any footsteps
  • Fixed no sounds playing
  • Fixed sounds playing too loud
  • Fixed melee attacks vs sleeping players
  • Fixed players wearing a burlap shirt being unhittable
  • Fixed water levels not working properly (not drowning, not getting wet)
  • Fixed crafting continuing after death

There’s currently a wakeup bug that is proving a bit elusive. I thought I’d fixed it but people are reporting that it’s still happening.

New Weapons and Tools

I implemented a few of the weapons and tools that the guys have been working on over the last few weeks. You can’t throw the spear yet – but this is planned (the plan is to make pretty much everything throwable).

All Guns Work

All the craftable weapons now work. There’s a few small issues here still. Keep reporting and voting up and we’ll get to them.

Hide Chat Convar

Streamers wanted a hide chat convar. So I’ve added that. To hide chat press F1 and type “ 0”.

I can appreciate that people making videos for youtube and streaming to twitch want to have no possibility of seeing cocks at all – so I will add that next week. I appreciate that the censornudity convar only partially works.

Building Transitions

We’ve been exploring how the building upgrades are going to work. We want to make it so that you can look at a building and see if it’s half upgraded. To do this we were considering making an animation for each component, moving to each level. Here’s the system working with a test animation. The idea being that in the final animation bricks would appear, or wooden panels would appear step by step to flesh out the new level.

The idea was that the animation could be played backwards so that when you’re destroying a building you get some kind of visual feedback, to give you an idea of just how much damage you’re doing.

After all this work I decided that this would be way too much cocking around. So I’m going to find a better solution via being an awesome programmer, instead of getting the guys to make 72 transition animations while making adding new building block components even harder.

Stone Hatchet Rework

Scott has been working on the stone hatchet

Building Component Editor

I fell into the biggest Unity trap this week. I spent a day making editor tools. A little advice to anyone who is starting with Unity.. do everything you can to avoid writing Unity tools. Not because it’s hard, or terrible.. but because you start making a tool to make your life easier, to make it so you can work faster.. but you then spend more time making the tool than you would have ever spent doing the repetitive task you’re trying to fix.

Then a week later you change a system completely, then your tool is either redundant or broke. Which means you either don’t need it anymore – or you need to spend more time converting it to the new system.

So my advice is if you really really need to make a tool then put the least effort possible into it.


We’ve been putting some thought into the workshop. I’m a big believer in user created content. I know there’s people out there who see it as the game developer palming off responsibility for content creation to the community – but I don’t see that as a bad thing.. at all. No-one is doing anything they don’t want to do.

Our ideal model is the TF2 model. People make items + clothes, if they get accepted to game they stand to make royalties from it. Exactly how this is going to work for Rust is something we’ll wriggle our way through, iterating, pivoting, whatever other buzz words you want to call it. Basically changing shit if it’s shit.

So this is where we’re headed. The sticking point is how we’re going to achieve this. We need to make it so users can upload their entries to workshop. Do we set up a website? Do we add it to our Unity SDK? Would it require Unity Pro to upload because of the native plugin support? Rust is made in Unity 5 – which is in closed beta. Do we make the SDK target Unity 4?

There’s a lot of stuff to think about – but we want to get this cracking as soon as possible.


Diogo started playing with parallax textures on the terrain shader.

Concept Corner

Meg has been working on ideas for underwater remnants

Howie has been working on more monuments

Howie has also been experimenting with what we should replace the frame stage with.

Howie has also been looking into what each stage of building should look like


So, not much proof that we’ve actually been turning up to work this week, but we have been battling with stuff behind the scenes. Since going live with the new version last week we’ve been paying attention to the servers, the bug report site and other community run sites to see what people think, what problems they’re having. We have been trying to fix most of the issues that people are having. The gameplay/balance issues people are experiencing are valid for the most part. We’re giving them thought – we don’t want to give a kneejerk reaction to these things.

I would expect next week to be quite similar. Expect only bug fixes, performance fixes and light balancing. It’s important for us to get to a stable position until we start pushing shit further forward and adding more bugs. One of the biggest things we’re missing right now is blueprints.. how they’re acquired, how they’re used, how they’re lost. At the moment you can craft everything from the moment you get the game. That’s not exactly what we want to happen.. but there’s quite a bit of work under the hood to get it to work how we want it to. Hopefully next week’s work will go a long way towards that.




    This is some good looking progress, I reckon the final product of this game is gonna be unreal :D


    RaphaelMayer i see no problem on them, just hide a lantern in rock or plant and put your key in that


    we need diving helmet :D

      Maine Coon

    do a tf2 model but also make it so server owners can implement any workshop item into their server

      Maine Coon

    Workshop would be amazing with user created clothes and other stuff


    Hi, i have an idea… sorry for my bad english but, you could add the function of the spear to throw to some animals even a person


    i cant join any server -.-


    Dev blog 30 is gone :c


    ” After all this work I decided that this would be way too much cocking around. So I’m going to solution via being an awesome programmer, instead of getting the guys to make 72 transition animations while making new building block components even harder.”
    Garry must have changed his mind on this subject, because I now see those animations he said he wasn’t going to include.  NOT AWESOME ENOUGH GARRY!


    I built a “round” house and realized that there is a bug in the outside walls, causing the players are able to see it inside. Please correct this bug.


    On linux it’s running so slow it’s not even playable. I get like 3-6 fps on lowest settings. On windows I get a decent framerate even at max settings.

      Shamed Medic

    I’d say a crucial step in moving forward, especially since you made the leap of replacing experimental with current, is populating the settings menu. I get that hitting f2 gives you some features, but what if I want to turn down ambient volume abd increase footsteps? Or mute other players voices? What about brightness? Just the basic shit, details don’t matter. A menu would help make it feel more real.

      Shamed Medic

    If they see through walls at angles, it’s a glitch. Report it. Taking 3rd person out altogether is a rediculous notion. Almost every other sandbox/survival rpgs have that feature, it would be a step backwards.


    I’m not seeing people that are suppose to be right in front of me, I have super hearing, and there is not enough animals.. If you fix this the new version will be satisfying to play.


    The super human hearing is really bothering me. Once you get that fixed, i will be happy with how the new version is heading. Also, change the way you move things in your inventory. Make the default pick up the whole stack and then like left click or something to pick up a specific amount. But other than that, keep on moving forward!






    jesus, that building animation looked fucking dreadful
    surely you can come up with something better than that?

    i thought it was quite obvious how it should have really been done.


    RaphaelMayer  Keys are just horrible I really cant see any positive to them, the passcode system worked great please bring it back or something similar


    Leignheart LOL


    RaphaelMayer x3 
    Keys are SHITE!
    The server restart glitch, where you lose ownership of keys and locks, would be a thing of the past.
    Please re-think keys.


    friends help I did not see a clear answer why the game not working


    return 32bit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    gimmilfactory GaryYang Not sure how that makes it okay….you could do a lot in legacy.




    GaryYang You could do that in legacy with 3 monitors..


    HoodFX was exactly my first thought when i used it / saw the vid animation of it


    Should remove that 3rd Person View it allows people to see through walls at certain angles..


    Books books and more books…. for writing stuff in them.


    You should just make this website a little prettier with a main page advertising features, also I think if you want to pay people to make content for the game is an awesome idea royalties are hassle though if I was you I would just buy the content up front and ask the community which ones you should buy. I think that would be a simple solution with you not owing someone hundreds of dollars because his thing got downloaded more. Also underwater monuments look stellar! But maybe you should flesh out underwater a bit more and add oxygen tanks of some sort so we can actually exist underwater to find monuments. Love the gears monument the most though.


    SPEARS: If you are using a spear to stab someone you’d hold it underhand at your side. In game you hold the spear as if you are going to throw it. I’m all for throwable spears, but it looks awkward the way it’s used right now



    100% right!!!!!! Key sucksssss


    Because they are a new system for this now, higher you click on the item icon higher would ne the amount you take ! So if you click at the top of the icon you will take all the stack but at the the maximum down you only take one item sorry i dont speak english vert well !)


    War Wolf Jack that would be nice, but beware of the ”beast” roaming in that city.

      Cpt Drago

    Hi, i bought rust same time ago… Time enough to learn and play good enough for PvP fights and i wonder if you guys could add one sniper since the map is quite large with a sniper we could defend our position for far enemies with one sniper(no quickscope XD). Sorry for my english if im wrong


    Garry can u make third person view more functional, i really enjoy the third person and would like to use it a majority of the time but it is hard for me to see where i am hitting atm.  it could be awesome if we could zoom in from third to first by holding aim or something with a weapon at hand also the textues for a level6 house doesnt seem right lol. i enjoy upgrading my house to every level but because of how bright and yellow the level 6 house is i keep it at a level 5 and i think it makes more sense for the level 6 to be more grayish shiny metal base with bolt and stuff maybe? the community would also apreciate an assault rifle




    Well most likely the reason we wouldn’t ride bears is because of what happened to the last idiot who thought we should ride bears and failed at it.


    Do you play on the Seattle dev server?




    key are bad change thisamd make code plz


    Now then, I’m not sure if it has been brought up already, but I believe my base was raided by somebody placing a sleeping bag through my window and then F1 “kill” and then spawning inside my base. Not sure if this is a common thing or if it is a new and ingenious way of getting into your base. (I can’t say for sure this is how I got raided, but there was no damage to my base, and there was scaffolding next to my window). I ran back and had the idea of trying it out, voila, worked.
    Might be worth looking at? Anyone else had this issue? 
    It certainly is a creative way of ruining peoples day.


    rustergroovie I agree, the stack and unstack system is a bit wonky, difficult to get a certain amount of items into or out of a stack.



    Hello. In my personal opinion. New stack system is kind of dump. So can you give us old system back? :)


    AnwarDrift Also if your base took three days to make, and a man with a rock broke into it with seconds… Not a very good base. Takes a rock a day to break a level 6 wall/door. 

    Three days to make your base, I’d presume it was pretty big I.E. not just one room between the outside world and your loot room. 

    In other words, stop making shit bases.


    Why does the unity engine suck so much when it comes to physical objects in the game? Everytime i work with unity engine or play a unity engine game it runs soo smooth and fluid when its just terrain, water, mountains.. Etc. But the second you start placing physical objects with wireframes the framerates plummet and the game starts to run so bad.
    I thought facepunch figured out how to make rust experiemntal run smooth when i played it a few months ago.. But just as i had expected. The performance has now decreased tenfold the second they started placing physical objects into the game.

    But it’s not just a coincidence either. It’s all unity engine games. In “Lifeless Planet” for example i have 140fps in extremely detailed mountains/terrain and clouds and everything, But the moment you approach a single mini house or manmade structure the framerate drops to 18fps.. Same with starforge and all other unity engine games.. Dead linger.. Almost every one.

    But heres the thing.. It’s not all game engines.The frostbite engine for example can have an entire CITY with nothing but manmade mesh wireframe objects and yet it runs smooth as butter at 140fps.. Then in WARZ you can enter a city and your framerate doesn’t drop at all. It’s like you are not even in one.


    Friends please help me. 
    I do not understand your English Saito and in general I have a problem with Books English. Please help me in my game crash in Exsperimental version when in the course of the server. And sometimes, just do not start.


    War Wolf Jack And collecting their skulls, i wish the name tag stayed with the skull so you could admire it later on.




    What’s wrong with you? There are several posts about the issue and it’s even mentioned in this blog…. Learn to search and read…


    Can’t wake up…. lol button doesn’t work


    RaulVictorQueiroz IsacDourado Well Legacy is never going to be finished…


    Constantly crash the game. In the experimental version and no animals.


    abj1998 I assume that’s just because there is no explosives in game yet.  I dont think a metal base will be broken into by much of anything in the future.  Be patient.


    Some ideas that I thought about that might be cool: > The ability to craft crosses to crucify corpses as a warning sign to wanderers who dare to go near your house
                                                                                      > The ability to have crosses to crucify live players, again as a warning sign (a sketchy idea which would need more thought as it would suck to be strung up for days and not be able to play)
                                                                                         > The ability to make pikes/sharpened poles and place the heads of your victims on as a warning sign (Yes, I know, that’s kind of sick but this is a game in which you can EAT your victims so…)
                                                                                         > The ability to make chains and capture players as slaves, forcing them to do manual labour for you and opening up the possibility of slave trading on the server between fellow warlords (the chains could maybe be made of traditional prison metal chain links with a black ball to weigh ’em down or maybe an Egyptian style one with a big log on their shoulders and their arms slung over it)
                                                                                         > The ability to grow drugs and make stimulants, hallucinogens, etc. which could lend itself to an in-game feature to become addicted to the drugs allowing me to sell them to players who are so desperate to have them. Also, a huge drug trading ring between the most wealthy drug lords on the server

    So, in conclusion, I see this game and I think it can have the potential to become, basically, a sand-box to become your alter-ego, a sick, ****ed-up-in-the-head-maniac and these additions to the game would help it achieve that. Basically, I’m a sick mother****er and basically want to be the Legion from Fallout New Vegas. But also, you don’t need to be a maniac, you can also be god-damn Batman and serve justice to these tyrants (which, on that end, would be the NCR).

    Yours sincerely,


    Appollyon also you can double and triple up on walls


    abj1998 lol so mad… stop valuing your virtual items so much and play it as it is, a work in progress


    I was having a little trouble getting the in-game menu to pop up after I played for a while. Other than that I’m liking the direction this is taking.


    What the literal fuck is this shit, a new spawn with a starting rock can break into your super fortified level 6 base you spent 3 days building in a matter of minutes, at least in legacy you had to have c4 to break in. Nowadays all you need is a bit of time and some shitty new player with no skill has everything you own. And before anybody starts yelling at me that there trying to make it more realistic so you could loose everything in a matter of seconds, no it’s not realistic whatsoever that a naked man with a rock can bust down a cobblestone door reinforced with tons of wood and laced with metal. Also it might just be me so i’m not going to bitch about it but even with a ping of 22 I’m getting the shittiest frame drops, and players glitch across the map making pvp impossible.


    This is another one of my stupid videos. And by posting it here it is sure to get views. The video is stupid, you have been warned.


    Upgrade your base to gold level 6, takes 2 hours to break one wall.
    I have a base on a rock, it’s been fine for 6 days now. 30,000 metal frags lol


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    LOW FPS?


    My biggest complaint with the game thus far is how easy it is to lose everything. I know the nature of the game but spending 3 hours building a nice house just to have a noob with the default rock break in and kill me in 5 mins is just stupid. At least in the legacy, a player had to actually work to break in using c4, something that wasn’t easy to get. Why not make it like that? Could you make it such that if someone really, really, really wanted to break in and kill you, they had to spend a lot of time and energy making the stuff to do be able to do it? I played a couple days after launch and haven’t played since because I just can’t see building anything in this game yet.


    That is nice too see all those improvements, thanks, but if it crash while loading it does not worth the efforts !! Please improve stability !! Since weeks I am not able to run it anymore. It use all ressources and it takes several minutes to be able to use my computer again after closing it or crashing. Thanks for the nice job guys I am hurry to play it again and rush those ruined factories like the legacy one !


    mtlvmpr Ninja_power And boats for travel across water


    I saw the TF2-idea and the first thought that came to my mind was:
    Please don’t make anything we have to pay for outside of already buying the game. :(


    What i’ve found when a new patch comes out: Worst case scenario -> Delete Content and reinstall fresh.

    I like a lot of the bug fixes going on. I do think that there should be a way to get across water now that we get cold and wet and literally die swimming across any body of water. Or, we need to be able to make/find some sort of wet suit to minimize that. 0 Armour but reduces wet effects…

    The weapons are cool, however I am seeing inconsistant damage. IE, if you hit a person with a spear with 1-2 shots, they’ll bleed out and die, however i’ve stabbed people with it 4-5 times consectively, had them not only not die, but turn around and 1 shot me. It needs to get fixed up.

    I like the throwing of the spear…awesome idea

    Guns should not be faster to get than things like bows. And the cost of a Thompson should be exponentially greater than something like the Eoka and Pipe Shotty. As it stands, it is easier to make a gun than a bow. As well, the zoom needs to be reduced on the bow so that you can aim higher without staring at fist


    I believe that is eventually in the works, or as Garry has stated, the ability to add your own items to workshop and have them buyables.


    On Linux does not start :(


    How can i remove a lantern or how can i destroy a lantern? :(


    stephan2882 mine wont launch either.  I assume by now they’ve gotten many complaints.  Hopefully they are trouble shooting it already.


    Ninja_power Why horses when we could ride bears?


    For some reason, Rust (this version, not legacy) won’t launch on my computer. I have tried verifying the integrity of the game cache, but it didn’t make any difference. I’m not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but help would be appreciated.


    put farms


    put horses for fast movement on rust


    I’m sorry, because my english is so bad, but i hope, you understand me. Also …
    I think, the animation for building transitions is great, but maybe it is better to make this easier. The idea is …
    A wall is like a onion, a wooden core with a wooden skin. First upgrade is a better wooden skin an the old core is inside. The wall will a little bit thicker.
    The ends of the wall (left and right) are pillars (no seperate units, it’s a visual part from this wall)  with the maximum width. On the maximum upgrade-level, the wall has the same width like the pillars. So i can see, it’s a upgrade possible.

    Now the upgrade-animation (the picture with the wodden, stone and metall walls)
    On the picture, a wooden wall is a unit with 19 parts ( 2 vertical pillars, 1 horizontal pillar and 16 horizontal planks), the pillars are the grid of this wall, the planks are the skin. The count of planks is the steps of animations. You need one texture with different counts of hidden parts a not a perfect animation.


    I wish, i could remove a lock from a door, if i have a key from this lock in my bag. :(

      The Ghost________

    lstraath The Ghost________ Israath,I didn’t even know that the landmarks were implemented yet! I only play on the new rust once or twice a week for a few mins to check out new features. I never noticed anything that you said in that time. So thanks anyway :)


    When you kill someone and loot their bag, when dragging their contents into your own bag, large chunks do not come across, and you have to drag/drop the same item many times to get it all. EG. Looting 1000 Sulfar, when dragging into own bag, only getting 10/100/any random amount at a time.

      War Wolf Jack

    Londonbrig0 War Wolf Jack 
    they will see if they cayenne find rosemary when the thyme cumin.


    War Wolf Jack what about when they find the rosemary?

      War Wolf Jack

    Randomly generated fucked-up-cities would be nice

      War Wolf Jack

    Just by adding cannibalism Rust has skyrocketed in value to me. Do you have any idea how long I’ve been wanting to eat corpses in Call of Duty and Battlefield? Finally a game gets it right.


    the monuments sound so cool, especially the giant gears concept, gives the impression that the human race was huge, reached it’s peak, built structures big enough to be called titans, then it all went wrong.


    The tiered systems are a great idea however the current key system is terrible and makes the game not fun. If it’s not broken then don’t fix it, they should have taken this motto to the lock system.


    the falling system


    The Ghost________  i replied to others as well maps are not random you are just lost because of the map size. Ground biome layout and landmarks (monuments) have fixed positions, orientations and shapes with each seed number. It would be nice of you could see the seed number in the server list so you know which map the server uses.

      RUSTin Cohle

    1 Add blood
    2 The ability to destroy their buildings 2-3 Shot, as well as if you built up with you quickly from chalet
    3 Ability to create craft through the “Shift”, 50 pieces at once, or Alt to create craft all possible resources.
    4 You can not use the grilled meat or aptcheki made ​​by the panel.
    5 It would be nice to add Vork Bench for faster craft.  ps I apologize for the translation :)


    philipthethrill Xa1tam  maps are not random i found that the procedural map is consistant the same when the same seed number is used base ground and biomes are consistant rocks trees and all other stuff are random. So yeah i join servers and if they use a known number i recognise the map in 5minutes or less and find my way easy. The seed is a longint so maps are almost limit less. Although i find many servers use the rxample seed number. If you want you can also set up a server with a small map imposible to get lost on. Try DragonEmperorLS server to see a small map. and read soms shit about navigating on sun biomes and landmarks its not that hard.


    The new keys system is annoying. It’s keeping me off the game. Please make it like it was before. It’s easy enough to lose your house, but having to worry about making endless key copies is tiresome.


    IsacDourado, u wanna play Rust, u play legacy since the experimental isnt even near to be finished


    what about walking and running?? it sound’s identical…


    there are lots of abandoned suggestion on steam discussions ………… and i think animals disappeers in trees and walls… where is the reconnect button?
    and the favorite list?


    Fix mac bugz plzzzzz


    Today I bought the Rust but 2 seconds after entering a server I go back to main menu !! and the vast majority of servers does not even enter!


    If you could add a new lock based on a password like the doorsharing in legacy, that remembers the players, it would be awesome!


    Xa1tam They are designing all of these landmarks so people can figure out each random map after playing for a while. They are making it random so that it is a new experience for everyone, and nobody camps the best spots on every server. Plus it adds a whole new element of exploration to the game.




    No we dont


    pellehardrock  Well when you think about the name, you know that this is sort of a better look for Rust if you ask me. You know the game was based off survival with some scattered radiated factories and towns. Rust was always a post-apocalyptic setting most likely based off nuclear war or something like that. I think these monuments are fairly fitting.


    Plz add uppgrades to the doorsystem. Example dna access, fingerprint scanner or something like that


    Please, don’t make the maps so it would be different every time. Keep the old one(upgraded ofc), add several new ones, so people would be able to choose a map to play on. If the map will be random every time, it will be way too hard to find a good spot, to meet people for some war, know about good and bad spots on the map and so on.. I do at least think so.

      Neo Li

    Yeay! Can’t wait for the steam workshop!!! Would gladly help if you guys need some modelling work (but currently using blender and uv-texturing). For free of course because i love this game!!! :D
    Anyway,keep up the good work!

    ps : Multiplay server after updated, the world became a mess where items are all floating. Got one of the support’s agent looking into this with the multiplay support but i don’t think he get any updates yet.

    So far,the experimental rocks! 
    Btw,always stick to your foundation of the game.. which are….what again? hahahah. Because from legacy, 1st time it was zombie apocalypse,or some sort of native human behavior shit. well,nevermind, im pretty sure u guys will figure this out later,(or myself). haha.

      Bento Gambin

    We need single player and human NPCs!!!


    marcusravenheart  I started seeing a pattern with people affected with this issue and it turns out its a problem with bitdefender, a little tweaking and problem solved. Again thanks for the link.


    marcusravenheart Thanks for the link. :)


    rahgots Leignheart Ah thanks for the suggestion, I have not tried that yet, but after trying it, sadly it did not fix the issue, but thanks anyway.


    I’m sorry for bringing up Call of Duty (trust me, I almost never actually play it), but the zombies mode actually has a pretty sweet building animation for when you’re fortifying a door.

    Could “borrow” that, so as you’re building something up, bits and pieces come flying in and stick to the surface of, say, the wall.
    The reverse, of course, would be having bits and pieces fly off as you destroy it. Like debris coming loose from the wall.


    you guys should add the ability to upgrade our armor, so you could have improvised leather armor then you add metal plats to it or something to make a stronger, then you could appeal to stealth, speed, or armor with different types of upgrades,which of course would have to be balanced :D


    You have to hit the lock with a stone hatchet/hammer to lock/unlock when the lock glitches


    To anyone having problems with the click here to wake up, simply press f1 and type wakeup or respawn


    I’m absolutely astonished by how great this looks guys, keep it up. I do have a few bug reports. It seems that taking an entire stack of anything from someone’s inventory is impossible. And I have noticed that if I die and find my body, it disappears within seconds of me finding it. How am I ever supposed to get my stuff in that time window if I must move the stack 9-10 times into my inventory before it all gets in there? :p


    I must say I enjoy the new rust its pretty awesome, but can you please fix keys have died too many times after logging off and been locked out it also sucks when you have more than one in your house. Can we please get some more console commands for admin I like the admin powers but teleport would be nice and last can we please get a new enemy NPC to kill with a little bit of a challenge whenever I’m on my serer alone I quickly run out of things to do but other than that rust is looking better and better everyweek .


    sometimes I can’t wake up. So I can’t play the game. Other times My entire inventory disappears. Which is frustrating when you still haven’t built a home. When building a home the walls often line-up un-even allowing gaps between them or leaving one wall inset, leaving less room in my cosy home I’m working on. My friend and I play together. Sometimes we can’t see each other on screen or can’t see other players. Maybe one of us can see them and the other can’t. Pretty much, my experience of the new standard branch is my mate and I getting all excited about being able to play again and encountering many bugs in the space of about 20 minutes and just having to quit in the hope that in a few days it will be better. Hope this information helps. Finally on a maybe more personal note, the new system of moving stuff around from your inventory is sooo tricky to use, trying to find that sweet spot in the corner to choose everything. I didn’t realise the old system was a problem. It had never bothered me. Anyway. Thanks


    My only issue with Rust so far is that whenever servers restart, I find locks on doors no longer work meaning I’d be locked in rooms. Is there any sign of a fix for this any time soon?


    Issues420916 No. Please, don’t put micro transactions, not even cosmetics, that would fucking ruin another big promise of a game. Do you want money? Ok, charge us another 50$ for the finished Rust, I’d rather prefer it. But not micro transactions. Everything has to be craftable for everyone, looteable for everyone, wereable for everyone. Don’t make the same mistake of some other games.


    i cant wake up, the button does nothing.


    PaulEm I agree here. My pc is also somewhat struggeling just to show the main menu. and its nothing but a bit of trees and a wolf…. should be that heavy to load really :/


    A microtransaction does not mean a fee to play, as I said they should offer no advantage to any player and should only be visual it’s for player customization.
    No one would be required to buy anything to play.
    And people are talking about it like it’s coming out next week lol this could be a after release add in, or it could help them dev the game faster with the help of the community…


    I enjoy ‘new’ Rust very much.  Was playing some hours this week and bugs are getting fixed basically on next working day.  I am impressed, great work behind you guys, and I am sure great work in front of you! Keeping fingers crossed, all fingers I could collect!


    dont know if the monuments n tuff destroys the rust survival feeling…


    For all users of AZERTY keyboards … can change the controls would be really appreciated! Because currently this is not due all possible to play .


    I personally prefer a system where good usermade content gets accepted into the core game (with permission) and where there is some kind of competition from time to time to help things along. On the other hand that would not give facepunch any money.


    The Ghost________ I have to second this. Having absolutely no idea is a nightmare to find people or even find your base again! I literally spent 45 min searching for my base after spending 30min looking for some stone. One of the fun things I liked about the old version was discovering sneaky locations to build a hut and spend time scavenging until you had enough to build a kick ass base.


    I have to say I love the way the monuments concepts are coming together. Especially such combinations as the swimming pool (things we can directly associate with) and the cogs (What the hell is this!?). It gives the game that mysterious back story where your asking yourself what happened? where am I? Why do I feel the need to beat a sleeping naked guy with a rock to get at his wood scraps!? Simply what the hell is this all about!!??


    It’s nice too see the Work you have done with this game so far! But. But. but. WTF is t´hat for a stupid loot system you are using. It take ages to loot somebody. Im not impressed with the sounds you are using. No eviroment sounds. No background music. No “walk in snows sound”. Tbh i dont like 95% of the sounds i this game. Like i did with Legacy. I srysly hope that most of these Things will be fixed soon enough. FIX IT GARRY AND FAST!

      The Ghost________

    In my opinion there should also be custom maps; so for people like me who absolutely loved the old map can still play on it on the new version. Maybe making a clone of the old one with rad towns etc (dum it down to something less than the full island though, keep the most used bits) and also creating another version of the old map that is updated with all the new ‘remnants’ (pre-built loot places). And you could also make some new custom maps to use so we don’t ONLY play on randomly generated maps, just an idea :D


    i cant wakeup


    Just wanted to say that the salvaged handaxe idle animation where the character taps a tune is fantastic

    i love this sort of detail in games


    Could it be possible to get a “lighter” main menu? The actual one takes 3 years to load on my toaster :(
    You guys could make the heavy one toggleable for instance :B

    Anyway, love what you are doing with this game, keep it up!


    Also, about the remnants.. Im not so sure if you should split it into “underwater ones” and “standard ones” why you just dont do remmants and later you add some details for each situation, for example more rusty textures or some algaes for the remmants that are underwater… In a post apocalyptic world all can be on any place can be funny, add variety to the map, etc…


    ShawnMueller I prefer the way they are doing it, but I would like more if when you upgrade a wall (example from wood to stone) when you hit the stone it will never return to wood, just get the stone atributes (HP) until it gets destroyed. I dont find realistic enough to see under X material another material I would take out while upgrading. Also the current way would require or wider walls at higher lvls, or walls will look like “just 1 mm of each material”.


    Issues420916 Speaking about microtransactions for a game in development /that a lot of us have already paid…)

    Well thx for trying to destroy the game… :_(


    I must say that I would love to see also something like for example in Left 2 Dead about the Workshop.

    That we will be able to change apparience of already ingame ittems, so (for example) I like Rust Style, but If i like Stalker or Fallout, maibe I could retexture or change some models that later in-game will make me look more like that I want. (Just me would notice the change at all) Obviously this requires some control on the Workshop, so noone will make a invisible model or something like that. But something I definitely wanna see.


    Baffalowingsteaks Culentriel I agree, probably the wort thing at the moment.


    Culentriel Ye thats bullshit!


    Stop force the server owners to wipe their severs with every update, thats so annoying. You can’t build any big house because it is wiped the next days!


    AntiiGrav Issues420916 I dont wanna pay even more for a game that isnt even finished yet!
    They got enough money out of rust no need for micro transactions, that would fuck things up.


    Issues420916 Heck, they don’t even have to be tiered upgrades. Brick/Stone buildings can be entirely a separate type of structure that can be started once the player has the items.


    Add to workshop bots it may be very cool mod.


    Yep, a deadbolt is perfectly plausible.


    Keyboard warrior, tough behind a computer screen.


    Rust doesnt open at all for me anymore


    Hey guys, lovely work. If you do decide to try user created content, please open it to Unity 4 :D I’m a Game’s design uni student, and I’m working with 4.3 atm. I would really love to try my skills if I have the time, and opening it to 4 would really help make that possible. Keep up the good work!


    Colinski283 shut up little bitch gtfo


    it would be much better if keys would work for the entire building otherwise it would make building more than 1 square pretty much senseless, OR no need for keys for the current owner, which is prob my favorite.


    AntiiGrav CharlesDailey1 there are 1 billion 7 year old cheater that would like that.


    CharlesDailey1 Even thought I have no respect for the devs of Infestation (WarZ).
    They did exactly that, you buy an item and if you die It’s lost to whoever killed you. It may seem like no-one would pay for anything under that system but people still bought mass amounts of the special currency and I have to say, it DID add a whole new scary element to the game and made you be a lot more careful.
    I’m not saying it should or shouldn’t be added into Rust. I just wanted to provide an example of losing bought items actually working.


    Issues420916 When micro-transactions are done wrong, THAT ruins games. Most people are fine with paying money for items they know are only cosmetic, it could be as simple as a red bandana over the mouth that cost a guy $2 or a blueprint to build a cobblestone path. It doesn’t give him any specific bonus, he just feels like a badass when playing.
    We’ve all been burned by micro-transactions but that doesn’t mean that It’s a bad idea. We just need to let Garry know if he’s crossing a line in the process, so far he’s shown the community that what we want matters and has been shaping the game around our feedback.


    Issues420916 Mature, no complaints? I don’t know which internet you usually use but today but you’re in the wrong realm. xD

      War Wolf Jack

    It’s looking great
    It’s playing great
    It’s better than legacy
    It’s unique compared to all other survival games
    It’s funny
    It’s intense
    It’s clever
    It’s silly
    It’s tactical
    It’s Rust
    Good job.
    No matter what anybody says, do take your time Garry & Crew! There’s no rush. It’s playable so the hard part is over.


    delladunday More “realistic” trees would be on the bottom of the list as far as development goes right now, as far as your performance issues go you should perhaps make a request for static trees to be added as a command for those who need it.


    TheGamingN00B  that could be a terribly annoying and unfortunate side effect that I hope they will take into account.


    Ive start a vote-up to changue trees in the rust support section, the people who are interested like it, its only a click


    I agree with FernandoBracci, The trees are becoming quite annoying, some are are blowing in the wind much too fast and it looks very repetitive some are made up of bugged textures of what i think is suppose to be the tree and the whole tree is moving / glitching and it also does not help with performance it can chunk at my fps if there is a forest of trees bugged this way, another thing about the trees is they they fade in and out in the view distance so it looked as if a tree was there when it is not, this isn’t all that annoying it’s just unrealistic. I hope you would consider going back to your old system for now you fixing these bugs thanks everyone.


    pls changue these trees, are too much laggy and very unrealistic!




    Issues420916 Micro transactions ruins games. Please don’t make it an idea.


    If I had a guess at working micro transactions I would assume it would be the sale of blueprints for an item.
    Buy a blueprint, your character in game on any server can create that item.
    People can steal it and see it and use it but you can craft them so no big deal.
    Any item will be lost eventually so every server would have unique items based on who plays there, who paid for what and who was actually looted for a limited time.
    This would make items for a none paying player rare and fun, and the item for a paying player it would be abundant and normal to have. This would add excitement to every PvP battle, fat lootz or no?
    For the items? Aesthetic only, no pay to win. But that doesn’t seem to be Garrys style.
    Instead of a bow it’s a crossbow, with skills.
    Instead of a Thompson it’s a Tommy Gun,
    Different model, same damage / range / accuracy.
    You could purchase the ability to paint (your placed objects) if not already planned.
    And many more possibilities.
    I think the point is the system could be anything or could be nothing at this point but Facepunch is doing well at listening.
    Voice your opinion (with maturity)
    Offer suggestions and not complainants (other then bugs)
    And we could have a well designed, working, enjoyable system.
    Start here :

      marcusravenheart doesn’t have any reports of this issue pretty much defining it as a small affected factor. I would follow that link and make a report so they can look into the issue. This comments sections is not a good media for bug reporting. Especially with everyone freaking out about micro transactions because one plumb didn’t understand the definition of royalties.


    Colinski283 In my house IRL I can lock/unlock my door from the inside without a key.


    Leignheart Turning off my firewall fixed that for me.


    CharlesDailey1 They better not add microtransactions on anything accept clothing/useless items.


    mbarnett25 marcusravenheart Nope to both of you, the boxes haven’t been messed with and make no impact on make servers appear for me.


    marcusravenheart Not It, I am opted out of the beta, still no servers, been that way for a few weeks, and I have uninstalled rust and stuff but no dice, this is on their end.


    ShawnMueller definitely want more ‘mixmatched’ houses made of random stuff, just whatever you can find.  The houses look way too polished as it is.  I think a really nice looking and large house should be for wealthy players who have worked hard.

    But I also think it should be harder to rob people.  I like the idea that people are so busy trying to stay alive that they barely have the time or resources to fight eachother, unless they’re fighting over the same scrap of land or food.  So the houses don’t have to be too sturdy, because putting in the effort to break it down will likely not be worth it.  But then there are ways to get in if you’re rich enough, and ways to defend, etc.  Maybe sleepers in their homes fight back and they’re vicious and difficult to defeat without valuable bullets, so raiding an offline player is riskier than when he’s home.


    I agree completely with other posters saying no to microtransactions.  I don’t even see how that’d work in Rust.

    Maybe it could be a cosmetic pack, like a dlc you buy for… not very much.  And every 6 months some community voted items (like, a lot of them) are released as this pack you can buy.  Though idk how that’d work with servers.  If the server host has the pack can everyone find and see the items?  Would they be craftable?  

    What if the payment for having an item go through the vetting process was a free copy of rust to give away?  Or some server hosting for free?  That way the items can be released for free, devs get free content, creators get something in return, players don’t have to pay extra.  Win/win/win.  Not as good as handing them a cheque but most creators would probably be fine with getting some recognition and freebies.


    I think the “Micro Transactions” should be like cs go… Doesn’t have any affect, someone picks up your gun, they see the skin, I think that would be cool. It seems like they want this to be like half serious/half fun and jokes. And what I think they should do is make it where you buy the skin, then you get the regular materials, add spray cans, and craft it like that, that would be pretty reasonable. The only thing I am truly worried if that does end up happening is some little kid saying ‘DO YOU WANT TO TRADE SKINZ WITH MEZZZ?’ COME ON MAN TRADE SKINS ANYONE WANT TO TRADE SKINS WITH ME


    CharlesDailey1 Really hate that in games, like minecraft, theres a amazing server I used to play on but for 50 dollars, you get admin


    CharlesDailey1 LOL man are you crazy? things like that fuck with every game! rust its very nice atm and doesn’t shits like that


    I would love to see something like place a frame (level 0)
    Add horizontal wood for level 1
    Vertical ontop of that for level 2
    Adding stone (level 3). Would look as if stone was put between the slats with mud.
    Level 4 would be actual brick laying style
    Level 5 would be random parts of metal around it.
    Level 6 would be full metal will all the other levels “between” the metal layers.
    As you break it each part vanishes till you are down to wood frame again.


    CharlesDailey1 Okay, good, because I thought you meant like buy a fucking Rocket Launcher or Kevlar, I really hope you can’t server jump or combat log! (Constantly changing servers for amazing loot) and for combat logging (Making it like 5 or 10 seconds before you can log out.


    every weapon looks good but the hand and the weapon model keep shaking…


    TheGamingN00B CharlesDailey1 Fuck me?  Thanks.  Well, anyway – it would be very difficult to implement.  For example, I pay for a cool aesthetic clothing item.  I die.  I get looted.  Does the looter get the cool aesthetic clothing item?  If not, isn’t that kind of weird?  If yes, then people would never pay for items.


    Not good ones…




    I could see how having new aesthetic options for armor or weapons could work, but please don’t add new items that are only accessible via microtransactions.


    Anyone else still wondering what the new monsters will be?


    marcusravenheart  or they are empty/full, there are two check boxes in the server list for seeing ones that are full empty


    this website full of png is totally unreadable on mobile devices or tablets


    Most likely you are still in the experimental tree of the steam branch go under properties of rust in steam and make sure you are opted out of all betas via the beta tab…


    Most likely you are still in the experimental tree of the steam branch go under properties of rust in steam and make sure you are opted out of all betas via the beta tab.


    Personally, I liked the old system better. Want a metal base? Craft it and place it. The only thing I didn’t like about legacy is how you couldn’t mix and match metal/wood base pieces.

    I feel like “reinforcing” walls (rather than replacing walls) would be a more logical use of the current upgrade system. For example, reinforcing wood with random pieces of low quality metal (to have it visually turn into makes sense. The idea of hitting a wall with a hammer and having it turn into a completely different kind of wall (like stone or metal) just doesn’t make sense. If you want a totally new type of wall (stone or metal), I think you should have to craft and place it.


    can somebody please help me. every since tuesdays update my game goes to a black screen and freezes when opened. i cannot seem to figure out whats going on.


    Ya know they say they are fixing bugs, but the most game breaking one or one of the most game breaking bugs still exists, and that bug is not showing servers, I have not had servers show up in the list for 3 devblogs now and still have no servers showing up.


    I love these blogs, I’m looking forward to jumping in after a bunch of updates to see the completely changed rust. Really excited about the new monsters and procedurally generated landscapes. The whole feel of the game is great, I love the salvation aspect so I hope you go further with that. I particularly like the idea of items being hard to come by.


    Nosnibor Yes absolutely. It’s still early acces so these things will come later :D


    NoneOfIt Nosnibor I don’t think so either…or I hope not but it’s a tricky door to open for them. We will see.


    Nosnibor NoneOfIt That would be horrible, but I don’t think they would take it that for. I at least hope not! Again though, I don’t think they would be doing that.


    NoneOfIt Nosnibor It starts off as aesthetic….then they make 100,000$ off a stupid hat…”but wait, how much could we make if we sell a stack of 1000 wood for a dollar?!?”…


    Nosnibor I would only be down for micro-transactions if it was for purely aesthetic items. If someone wants to pay to buy a silly hat then there is nothing wrong with that. The evil of Micro-transactions is when spending money gives an advantage over other players. You can however buy guns in TF2 through the Steam Marketplace, I hope Rust doesn’t make superior weapons available to purchase, skins, paints and stuff like that would be super cool though.


    TheBestJohnEvar Nosnibor At the moment no. I had never actually thought of that until now and it’s a good idea. I also know the current lock system isn’t going to be the only lock system so I wasn’t super worried about it. Gary also stated there are going to be different systems in the future…I’m assuming codes or eye scanners…who knows. However back to the duplicated key, it would be nice if you could rename them….


    Nosnibor And you are just not clever enough to make two sets of keys?


    Colinski283 Once someone killed me and I spawned inside my locked house…I hid and waited for him to come in and got my key back. It’s part of the ownership system Gary stated a while back, “Just because someone builds it shouldn’t mean it’s theirs”. I stand with that concept.


    Colinski283 Stop whining -.-


    I agree with Nosnibor, I don’t think micro-transactions would work well in rust.


    Colinski283 amen


    So this whole community thing has me on edge…really sounds like micro transactions could be coming in the future? If you could elaborate more on where these “royalties” for user created content would be coming from? From sales of game you are going to be sharing with them? Just a little worried on that front. I’ve been the biggest rust supporter of all my friends and also active on the trello site…this is something I would not support.


    i just got almost a 1gb update for just today


    Colinski283 Q_Q CRY SOME MOAR


    I’m locked inside my house because I forgot to make a spare and leave it inside. Boy this game sure is fun staring at four walls!!! Stupid key system. Bye rust, I’ll come back when you’re actually fun again.


    Nice week :D

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