We broke up for Christmas, so there’s only a skeleton crew working this week. But don’t worry, that just means we’re not posting a bunch of concept art and work in progress models that will never make it into the game.

Pickup to Belt

I added a bunch of code a while back that was meant to put thrown weapons back in the belt bar if you re-picked them up. It didn’t work very well.

After chatting on Reddit it became apparent that the desired action is really for any of these items to automatically go in the belt bar if there’s room for them.

So now if you pick up, craft or right click loot a weapon it’ll go in your belt bar if it can. This goes for anything that can be used from the belt bar, so the same goes for bandages (which automatically stack on the belt bar too).

Workshop & Skins

In November our workshop contributors made a total of $81,168 from sales of their skins. I’d like to pass along their and our thanks to everyone that has bought skins from the item store, you’re making an actual quantifiable difference to their lives and to our community.

Something to be aware of if your skins are accepted and you’re not in the US, Valve might be withholding 30% of your earnings due to US Tax law. Some countries have tax treaties that reduce this amount (to 0% if you’re in the UK). It might be wise to have a read through this and make sure you’ve answered the questions in the tax interview correctly.

Seventeen new skins this week:

Multi-access Storage

Multiple players can access storage containers at the same time.

This should make trading and stuff a bit easier since you can both open the box and see what’s in it at the same time, you’ll be able to drop items and take items and see those actions happen live.

If I remember right, this wasn’t originally disabled because of any gameplay desires, it was just because we didn’t know what would happen. So I guess we’re about to find out.

Shadow Exploits

People play Rust with shit quality because it turns shadows off and you get a lot more light. When it comes to fairness vs performance we’ve got to side with fairness. It’s not fair that people with capable PCs feel the need to turn their settings down to be on a level playing field.

So to avoid this bullshit we’re forcing a minimum shadow distance in this patch. Sorry if this negatively affects your framerate but we feel like it’s the fair thing to do.


Entity lookup optimizations
Picked up items go into belt bar if appropriate
Crafted items go into belt bar if appropriate
Fixed reactive target not initializing animator parameters when streaming in while knocked down
Fixed reactive target allocating an array and an enumerator on every network update
Re-enabled small planters
NRE fixes
Fixed small planter scale
Fixed not being able to place planters close to walls
Fixed bells always playing when you first join a server with xmas enabled
Plants in planters survive the cold of the desert/arctic instead of just dying
Candle hat effect position tweak
Stricter, unified RPC_Server.MaxDistance
Server restart countdown is less spammy when a lot of time is left
Admins can chat as much as they want
Multiple players can access storage containers at the same time
Fixed grass displacement clamping issue
Pushed min shadow distance to 50 (exploits)


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