This week: de_dust2 in Rust?


A small confession: this is not the post I had planned for today. That’s still in process of being researched, so instead I’ve returned to the round-up format. Why am I telling you this? Because all the stuff below was gathered together in a day rather than over the course of a week, and it amazes me that it’s possible to pull together a full post of amazing community content in a very short space of time. Give yourselves a hand, but check for weaponry first.

Today’s topper is from here. It’s a smart image, and an idea that applies to a lot of games, not just Rust. Person-to-person interaction is such an interesting game mechanic when you take into account human nature. For the longest time, multiplayer games with guns were all about shooting, and the only consideration was what weapon you used. Now there’s the possibility that the person with the gun might not fire it. They might be nice, or they might do something a whole lot worse…

Needles To Say*

Which leads me neatly into one of the more disturbing concepts to come out of the community. Meg has been concepting syringes this week. They look like this.

You’d be surprised how tough of a job that is: when someone picks something up in Rust, it has to feel iconic and dangerous, and even horrific. So a normal needle isn’t just going to cut it. As always, the concept made it onto Reddit, where the idea of a proper medical implement in the game was already being considered as a way of attacking people. Drook’s concept for that is incredibly dark:

Refills leads to the idea that you can reuse needles, which then means you can share needles, which then could mean that you can try to get yourself super sick, use a bunch of needles, infiltrate a base, replace all their nice clean needles with your STD riddled ones and BAM! Biochemical warfare.

This is one of the rare occasions where I’m glad there was no visual backup for the idea. Meg, who has seen everything in her job as a Facepunch artist, was pretty blasé about it, and when I told her about the idea responded with:

Hah! True. Should make some of them rusty and if you don’t clean it up you can get tetanus.

What is wrong with you lot?


I happen to have the designer of de_dust on my Steam friends list, so I know he’s a fan of Rust, and hopefully he’ll get a kick out of his creation being dropped into a game he likes.

This walkthrough of Reneb M’s recreation made my fingers itch: even though it’s in a different engine with different materials, dust2 is there. Every twist and turn. It’s a map that’s had a lot of scrutiny over the years, so it’s a brave step to take it and plonk it in another game. Everyone will know if it’s wrong.

Bonus: the map is also in the sky, like Columbia. And seagulls.

Argyle Alligator

I think Argyle Alligator is my favourite Youtuber. I like that his Rust trips have more to them than just a lot of people shouting, and that his role as a ‘reporter’ isn’t just one of a bystander. He really gets down on the ground, in this case standing rather too close to a rock-fighting tournament. His fancy-ass reporter garb is probably terribly stained after all this.

Wow, that went to a dark, dark place.

The Boat Show

Non-traditional uses for the things we put in Rust gets me all wibbly. What else gets me all wibbly? Being on a boat. So seeing a boat being built in Experimental gave me two cases of being wibbly, which actually cancelled each other out. The build by Steam User ‘Stick to the Shadows’ is a bit of a compromise: there’s nothing to make the hull out of apart from walls, so at some angles it looks like a castle built into the water, but it’s still the first large, nautical build I’ve come across in Experimental.

Now please don’t raid that, people.

Terrain Spotting

Experimental’s terrain is probably the single biggest change being made to the game: if you’re not aware of it, each server’s world is procedurally generated, so unless a seed is shared between servers, each world will be new. There are guiding principles that affect everything from the mountains to the rock placements, and it’ll hopefully create virgin, organic lands that’ll inspire players to explore and colonise.

Babybigger on Reddit suggested that this sort of development loses some of Legacy Rust’s potential hiding places, and makes for flat, less-interesting worlds.

The legacy map is so well done and so fun to play on because of the rocky structures. Hiding places, hard to get to places, ability to be in one area and you can’t be seen from far away, etc.

I have concerns about the experimental map because it is so flat and barren. It just doesn’t feel as fun to play on. It is less interesting also. The legacy map has clear areas defined by the rock structures and the shape of the fields. There are lots of distinct areas (like near tanks and hangar) on the map.

To which programmer Andre replied with:

Actually, he was way more helpful. There’s a bunch of technical higgledy-piggledy, but there’s also some social engineering at play as well. The server’s level isn’t to your taste? There’s going to be one somewhere that is.

I can somewhat see your point here – the heightmap resolution is of course limited to some extent, especially since we want to generate those terrains on the fly. We still have some upwards wiggle room (specifically, go from 2k to 4k heightmaps) but cannot use it just yet since right now server admins can’t select the map size, so both low-end and high-end PCs are forced to generate the same level. This is why we’re currently trying to use a decent compromise until people can choose which map size to join based on their hardware. From your description I still feel like you haven’t joined a lot of different servers though, since it doesn’t appear to be as bad as you seem to have experienced it.

Play games more. It’s the key to life, liberty, and happiness. But also it’ll let you see how versatile the generation is. I found one level with two huge mountain ranges in the middle. You couldn’t ever get lost there.

Get In Touch

You there, do you have an idea about Rust you want to share? We have a dedicated forum post, or you can post in the Reddit thread. I also poke around the the Steam Community, so feel free to show me to things from there. You can follow and respond to Rust on Twitter, and I’m on there as well.

I’m also leaning towards asking the development team to do a monthly Q&A, which is the reason I’ve included some of the community interaction the team has had. Would you like to read more of this stuff?

*I refuse to apologise for that pun.




    I have a craftable model suggestion.
    inspired from Minecraft. having craftable piston-like objects that can be attached to things or even made to trigger things might make for cool or interesting builds.
    similarly a programming method, along with a method for circuitry such as MC’s redstone could also allow for interesting builds as well.
    take for example the Big Labyrinth someone made. it would be even more interesting if walls could be pushed or pulled to make the maze more confusing.
    or if you could set up booby traps in your house that drop people into a pit with no escape, forcing them to commit suicide and leave you their stuff.
    many different possibilities come into play when you have the ability to wire certain objects to others. [see little big planet :P ]
    But it would be great to be able to make your own secret escape exit to your house by having something that slides the floor from under your balcony and places it back once it’s done.
    those could be created with a piston mechanic and with creating trigger inputs and stuff.
    idk. think about it.


    Dear Garry (I hope you read this, or someone else from the devteam),

    This is a pure suggestion: the moment someone spawns and comes to life, is afraid of other people. Why? Because you will be killed right at the moment you meet another player (there are exceptions ofcourse). Why? Human nature I guess? *I WANT HIS LOOT!!*. Couldn’t you guys make a better gamesetting where nature is your worst enemy? A setting where you will be HAPPY to see another player, to help you. A setting where trading and economy is a big part of the game and killing another player is a big crime. A setting where towns rise, where people create there own quests, where players rule over other players (and decide to be kind to their people, OR EVIL >:) (By asking high taxes, gnegne..)). Decisions, decisions, decisions. Politics, trading, economy, building, crime, etc. etc. That would be alot cooler then the original setting (not that I am unhappy with the game, It’s awesome!). The game is too easy right now: Spawn > Collect Recources > Build your mansion with a lock > Gather some more stuff to deposit in your crates so you can hold out forever > KILL OTHER PEOPLE (Cause theres nothing else to do anymore).. 
    Some simple things: You cut a tree, wood appears in your inventory while you don’t got a bag.. You don’t even carry your loot. It would be alot cooler to carry wood on your back, carry it to your plot, build your farm, house, whatever you can think off. 
    I have alot more suggestions, all to expend the idea explained above, but it will be a sort of book then. Conclusion for now: the multiplayer aspect of this game should be alot bigger.. 

    Hope you find yourself in this suggestion.



    PS: (Sorry for the English, I’m Dutch :-))


    I’d like to see parts of the map on a map being dropped in crates, and you can find the part of the map (as in paperform)  only in the part of the map (as in the level) you’re in. As if some guy that used to live in some abandoned hangar tried to map out his region. And then like a tabular puzzle form of parts of the map that are being highlighted that you’ve found, and dark areas on your map of which you haven’t found any maps yet. You know as in SC2 where you need to discover your map by sending units across the map, but different. There could be an intermediate form of dark areas and lit areas of places youve been to already. That way you keep the survival and nude guy dropped in the middle of nowhere idea, yet accellerating the map knowledge.


    You guys need to add custom plans, so people can blueprint how they want everything, then place the frame, and then make it so each item builds at a different rate, depending on where you hit.


    big update today?


    Bob1955 LeminLyme I hope to god you’re being facetious, because if you aren’t you’re literally one of the dumbest commenters I’ve seen in these rust pages. And I’ve seen some shit.


    Fix fcuking tools!


    FritoHead Maybe they dont want you to feel save. Maybe they want that every time you join a server it is frightening and unique, whit a different map and different buildings.
    Have you thought about that? :)


    ice_cube Yep exactly. Today is also going to be a quite  good devblog :)




    LeminLyme Bob1955 Ahh.. so you like playing with hackers… guess you must have to hack also to stand a change… so guess that’s where your mentality comes from. Too lazy and gob shite to play a game that’s fun, must be better at it then everyone so you feel better about yourself even if it’s false.


    There’s those who thinks the game isn’t going to be finished and there’s people like me who is waiting patiently for the game to come out, quit making pointless posts, the game is making progress and it will be out soon-ish, just wait, gawd.


    WeeItsNookies they dont want hire people (they say). They have 20 millions from sell of alpha and its nice that why they dont want do anything about full game. And now they just do and speak bullshit not a game… I dont belive full game be finished..


    CaseyEunson im the 1%


    Well, I’m sorta new to Rust. Seen alot of biting at it heels here. 
    What can people elaborate about all the vulture comments about it’s development? Like so far they seam committed to doing the work, their trello always being updated with progress of their works. So I can’t see what the demand set around. but this is only a single view. So why the biting?


    PR8G4M3R its easy to use, you just not paying attention to the numbers and the cursor effect, next time place the cursor on the item you want to split then move the cursor up and down, and watch the numbers on the left change depending on how high or low you place the cursor when you find the number you want right click to split.


    Honestly, if they don’t hurry up with this game the bandwagon will die out and there will be no one to play wanting to play it. 

    They were successfully able to charge a crap load of money for a crappy alpha game. It ended up being hugely popular and being on the top 8 most played on the steam list for quite a while. Now the steam is just starting to die out since they are taking way too long. In which it shouldn’t considering the amount of damn money they made. Hire a bigger/new/better team of devs and get to it.


    I like the idea of a static map across all servers, and more distinct landmarks as in Legacy. Specifically because of three reasons; 1) It still takes quite a bit of time (10+ Hours) to learn the Legacy map, and hundreds of hours to master the nuances of it. and 2) I can join a new server, and know a general direction of the safe, and unsafe areas. This lets me build my base in a safe-ish location, and give me direction as to where I can farm without running into trouble. 3) I play with friends, and I don’t necessarily want to spend and hour, or even hours looking for them on a fresh server.
    That being said, I would love a larger map, and the new servers look beautiful, so I will begrudgingly accept whatever you guys decide upon.


    LeminLyme Jamesican To me the reporter was making fun of the hackers. He refereed to them as titans, because they have “super power”. When the one dude asked if he could use aimbot, he said something along the lines of “well we want it to be skill, but I cannot control what powers you use” I found it funny. Funny because just like when you play a game with hackers, you can’t control what hacks they use, but the reporter made it seriously, that is why I chuckled.
    Not because I thought it was fun or cool that 2 hackers were fighting.


    What i said is still true. And you should not respond to people that way, it makes you look like a tiny individual incapable of mature speaking. You would not speak that face to face, and if you would then I feel sorry for you.


    redo please the Split system in Inventory for Rust it’s really annoying and costs much more time, than in legacy


    Very cool but it is de_dust2 not the original . I just rather hear more about progress than maps made .


    Leignheart stfu


    Bob1955 You can get a refund, if you’re that salty over it. Go ticket Steam, you stupid shit. The community will be one dumbfuck less.


    Jamesican These things are planned. Not specifically reboots of the Rad towns, not specifically NOT reboots of the rad towns. Garry made a system where he can create a series of things and group them all up and drop them into the procedural generation code, so it can randomly generate anything in certain places under certain circumstances. For now, they are using it to generate caves I’m pretty sure. They are 100% intending to use it to create prefabricated constructions, this is already made clear in previous discussions.


    benitro Jamesican You responded to the wrong guy.


    Zachbraves24 The answer is a resounding no, and if it’s a yes, don’t expect it before 2016.


    IronWeather Well for now, you can use cntrl alt delete to exit the game on windows 7, it should bring up the windows manager menu, which you can then open the task manager with, which should minimize the game and allow you to end the Rust process. This saves you rebooting your computer. As for the issue, I have no idea.


    Didn’t plan to, that was his last hurrarh before his credibility went out the window.
    (But hey, I wrong directions on how to get Nosgoth if you’d like to try it ^.^)


    They’re cute :)


    Please do something with those invisible players!! I spent hours to test game and than I died suddenly by guy I CANT SEE! It have to be CouterStrike or it has no future with no solution to save your progress!

    PS. Sorry for my english


    Please make an Community Update about ideas and concepts made ​​by users for experimental rust


    Eyrion Meh, shows how much of an ass he is. Waste of time, I wouldn’t go into further discussion. Typical pigeon chess guy.


    And by the way, i cant play alpha rust but only some minutes, after it bugges out, i cant chat, cant enter meniu, cant do anything but move, and i cant exit the game either, only if i shut down the computer… Can someone help me with this (._. )


    It would be nice to be able to be able to dig the dirt so you can make bunkers or underground grids, like command center or something like that, it swould take a lot to dig but you can make drills or some sort… That would be awesome ! :D


    Zachbraves24 Dude, the game isn’t even in beta yet. I don’t see a PS4 port coming anytime soon.


    Eyrion I love these short and ill-respectable comments people make towards others who use common-sense and a basis of grammar and knowledge, instead of slurring insults in hope of making themselves feel superior. Don’t you agree Eyrion?


    If you have played legacy for two years than if you are a somewhat decent human I think you could understand the fact that by now if you can’t make fun without the thrill of loss then Rust is not the game for you. The so called thrill when you die is completely preposterous and surely understandable as a basic concept. If you want that play other games, because from day 1 Facepunch has made clear exactly where this game is going. So no-one should have a reason for whinging unless they actually deviate from that course.


    jdsalsman Eyrion Now all it needs is a 44. Magnum and a Winchester and I’m set for life.


    Weedlocks What are you smoking.


    Ennywoj Yes they already are.


    Breaking Bad + Rust….Funny
      P.S Artist, my girl)
      PP.SS: she is Russian


    Quit acting like a damn child on the playground. I type as respective argument for you to say “You’re an idiot”.
    That’s pretty sad.


    Eyrion You’re an idiot.


    Ahaha, Nosgoth isn’t “shit”, once again, if you dislike something there’s no need to say it’s worthless and akin to your waste. That’s just being a dick.
    “You don’t go purchase WOW wanting it to be league of legends later on…”
    I belive you said this. So yes, you DID say an Alpha game wouldn’t change with your analogy. Your own text betrays you. In this you say Legacy Rust ought to never change, am I right? Of course.
    And the last I checked, the direction he was going caused Rust to almost die out, people didn’t like the direction you so love. That’s why over half the servers suddenly emptied, yes to hackers and bugs, but on Legacy Rust the engine he built just couldn’t fix that. People got bored of the grind through dreary game it became, build a base, get a gun, shoot people. That was it.
    Why do you think I object to PvP? Have I said that, anywhere? I merely state survival is the main component, do you not group PvP with surviving?
    And that’s fine if people wont switch from Legacy, people like what they like and you don’t understand that. People may enjoy Nosgoth if you don’t, people may like cheerios instead of cornflakes, but you don’t have a right to call what you dislike “shit”.
    As I said, Garry is creating the game he wants, plus thousands of people are actually liking the updates he’s putting out. Garry checks Reddit often, plus Trello where people can voice their opinions, and the majority of players are saying this is the way to go.


    Uh, it is…? Have you ever played it? There’s a lot of strategy and recoil control in that game, while I don’t play it religiously even I can see its not as easy as you say. You’re too close minded to converse with, are you going to give me a decent argument now or just snake around and pick apart my argument one sentence at a time to disagree with?


    Eyrion CaseyEunson Nosgoth is shit, stop bringing that game up. I know I bought an Alpha game knowing it could change, I never said I didn’t, I just said that I don’t agree with the carebear direction the game is going and Gary needs to remember why people enjoy the game. He needs to keep going in the same direction he was going that sold millions of copies in alpha. A game where mistakes get punished; an actual hard game for once. People don’t enjoy it to just build and sit hours watching food cook. You know how boring this game would be with pvp? Why would anyone play that. PVP is a main part of this game. The enjoyment,excitement, and thrill of raiding/exploring/fighting in different situations every time was unique to Rust. Crafting keys to unlock your door and relock then hiding your keys for certain doors while timing your food so it doesn’t burn all the while making sure you have the correct temperature for bear meat is just tedious and straight annoying. I’m sure if the game comes down to this the community that still plays Legacy Rust will not switch.


    Do you not understand that normal rust is going away. Experimental is the new Rust, get used to it.


    unless… someone else sends a false signal, same color.  lol… would bring some cool situations into the game.


    Smoke Signal would be nice… for everyone who complains about where to find their friends.  A color smoke signal (that is fairly easy to craft and visible at just about any distance) would be cool.  I’m talking low rendering resources needed for it unless very close… not meant to look good… just give a signal high in the sky.  High enuff where adventuring would still be fun, still be hard to find someone… but you can at least head into the right direction.


    CaseyEunson well put


    Any news on port to ps4 I don’t have a PC I have ps4 want to ply it so badly hope it can get ported over soon?


    CaseyEunson Garry dropped Legacy because he wanted to create a game that he envisioned, to do that he needed to rework the entire game ground up. Garry wanted a fresh start, to do better than he did and frankly he’s a great man in my eyes for doing so, he admitted he was wrong and did something about it. So Legacy is left for people like you, who will complain about the hard work the Rust team is doing. Say you do something that has taken your hard work, your time, your skill, and then some selfish bastard comes by and spits on it. Saying it’s worthless and you should never have made it. THAT is what you are doing to Rust. You are spitting on their work and effort, because you don’t like progress on an ALPHA game. Pathetic. 

    Tell me, did you know for a fact that Garry would drop Legacy and rework the entire game? Then no fucking duh people bought it, because that WAS Rust at the time. There was no new Rust in the makes. So it was either buy Rust as it is or not buy it at all, and everyone knew it was Alpha and being worked on. 

    You bought an Alpha game, you read and accepted that things would change, and countless times has Garry said it would change. You didn’t buy a full game, you didn’t buy even a half made game. You bought a game that was just and idea in the works. You bought a game that WILL change. That is what an Alpha is. 

    It’s yours and your fault alone for buying an unfinished game. 

    Now stop being an insolent pest when you don’t even know what you’re talking about.


    (Seriously though, go check out Nosgoth. Go <a href=””>here</a> and ask nicely for a beta key, there are nice people there who may give you a free key. Then go <a href=””>here</a> and enter that key and it’ll download in your Steam Library. Enjoy ^.^)

    ^— First time trying a Hyperlink. If it doesn’t work call me a HTML noob.


    JdoggBurger Did you just link a video of you and 2-3 other kev guys harassing nakeds for 19 minutes? *sigh*


    Eyrion CaseyEunson You think CSGO is hard, all your points are not valid.


    CaseyEunson I’m not the one complaining about the game, and nothing I said can link me to a hack-caller ^.^

    I can tell you’re new to video games, for that I’m sorry. CS:GO is certainly not an “easy” game. Anyone who plays it can testify to that. Nosgoth is well known for it’s gigantic learning curve, I can tell you now it’s a very hard game until you get the hang of it but I doubt you’ll consider my word on it. You don’t seem like a very open minded individual. Bf4 and CoD are as you described though, hence why I said go play those instead. 

    Don’t condemn Nosgoth even though I doubt you’ve ever heard of it. Not fair judging a game when you have no experience in it. I know that you haven’t because you grouped it with Bf4, CS:GO, and CoD. 

    And I have died to AI in Rust, many, many people have. Don’t pretend you haven’t. No one likes a hypocrite. 

    You don’t define what Rust is, that’s selfish and self-centered of you. I only repeat what Garry has said, this game is in development. For you to say Rust is only about hiding in a towers and sniping people that pass by (not too mention you’d have a fully automatic rifle you create with your hands. Haha) makes you seem like you prefer Legacy over any improvement upon this game. So as I said to the other gentleman, go play Legacy. You like it better, you find fault with many of the newer updates that hard working Devs spend hour upon hours on to bring to you, and you just want basic buildings and a gun. So other than the obvious need for antihack and bug fixes, why aren’t you playing Legacy?


    Eyrion Legcay is unplayable, it’s riddled with bugs and exploits. Of course people want legacy rust… that’s the reason people bought it? You don’t go purchase WOW wanting it to be league of legends later on…


    CaseyEunson Eyrion I agree with you that too much realism can be detrimental, but “not a game where everyone hugs and gets along”? Says who? You might play that way. I’ve recently brought literally half a server together to make a huge group with tons of houses taking over entire areas. How is that not fun too? You need to rethink this man, just because you like to go out solo or in a small group and murder everything you see doesn’t mean that’s how everybody plays this game. Somebody else put it pretty well to you, this isn’t just a shooter, there are WAY too many of those. This is a sandbox game that should have as many opportunities and aspects as possible.


    Jamesican He’s promoting hacking just cuz he linked a hilarious video that just happened to include hackers that are everywhere as it is? Or am I missing something? C’mon dude…. Alpha games are easy to hack, just deal with it or wait.


    Eyrion I can tell your a person that calls hacks after someone gets a headshot and then flames for hours.


    I’m sorry, but enough is enough! Stop adding new shit into the experimental and effing fix the stuff that’s already there! You know, like the all the bugs and stuff?


    little prob with the animals i think


    I like the idea of randomly generated worlds, but it’s hard when a friend and I want to meet up on a new server and have no effing idea where anything is. I’d like to see rad towns and other iconic landmarks from Rust implemented back in. So basically, when someone says, “Meet me at hangar”, you actually have to find the hangar for that server.


    So now Gary is promoting hacking… you know what, I’ve put up with a lot from Gary and Rust over the last year… Promoting hacking in his game.. I’m done.. Wish I could get a refund, I know it’s Alpha etc.. but come one.. I didn’t think this as a game that was going to actively promote hacking. How is it ever going to be a good game when its about patching the files… So disappointed, it really had potential at one point.


    in case you missed it, here again !!                                                    por si te lo perdiste, aquí de nuevo!! 
    monkeys for you with love :)                                                        De los monos para ustedes con mucho cariño :)



    I’ve been with Rust before it’s open access mate, I’ve been playing since pre-alpha. I take it you just came on during the hype-wagon where people started making videos huh? Thought so.
    The reason Rust was like that, as I explained, is because that was Rust before. Where it was being worked on in it’s core elements, hunting, building, killing. now Garry is making Rust how he wanted it to be, and comparing Minecraft as Casey did to Rust, is a huge exaggeration.
    Rust was basically you make a gun and kill people in Alpha Legacy, if you want that, go play Legacy. Do you just not want progress? If Legacy was so perfect, tell me what Garry could do to make it better other than the obvious need for AntiHack. Should he just add more guns that make absolutely no sense to make, like crafting a fully automatic rifle with your hands? How about the ability to make vast wooden structures out of your ass, with only wood logs. What YOU want is Legacy back, and it’s sitting right in your Steam Library if you want it. People like you forget what an Alpha is, it’s bare, new, snd in progress. And now that Garry is making very detailed updates that he and his team work immensely hard on, you bitch and moan that you liked Legacy better.
    Go ahead and bitch some more on how I’m wrong, but remember it won’t stop Garry from doing what he sees is right for Rust. Enjoy Legacy, I’m done ranting :)


    One solution for the terrain problem is to add more decorations on the terrain. What i am trying to say is, that experimental Rust needs more trees and forests, cactus in the desert or even better more grass and bushes in the plains. We need something to hide our buildings or the ability to put/plant decoration ourselves


    imallpor Dawija1017 CaseyEunson if you want PVP in Rust, get up to the top on your own and then kill every newspawn or other kevlar guys. One other way is to wait until experimental wents to Alpha/Beta and that won’t update every week, when actually Servers get your PVP Idea and implement it. Before all this happens you need to wait or put much effort into experimental


    Dawija1017 CaseyEunson Eyrion you must be a noob that started last week.  Yes rust is a survival game and you need to concentrate on surviving as far as eating, staying warm, and having a safe shelter.  But for the people that have been loyal to the game since its alpha availability, rust goes far beyond just trying to survive with your boyfriends in a hut.  The thrill of rust is going out with 2 hours worth of work trying to gain more resources and maybe some weapons, knowing that you could die and lose all you have worked for.  The reason you go out is to ensure your survival in the long run, taking resources from possible enemy players that could raid you later on.  At the same time you could also steal weapons from other players by properly ambushing them and executing a fight.  There is no other game that instills a sense of fear/rush like Rust because of the aspects of its pvp.  Get with it brother.




    Survival implies just that, surviving. Which means you NEED realistic components, to survive you need food, water, and rudimentary medical methods, have it be making a splint with wood (A bullet with shatter any bone, in case you didn’t know). What YOU want is a PvP deathmatch, which you may find in many other games except Rust.
    You need to learn what comes with the word survival, yes, it means trying to live no matter the cost. But people came to Rust for the “start from nothing to have something” factor, people like gathering supplies and building mighty bases. Try CS:GO if you want pure death match. Maybe Bf4, CoD, or this really, really fun game called “Nosgoth” in closed beta, some streamers on Twitch give keys out occasionally :)


    Better than someone opening your door for you and blasting you face off :)


    Yep, biomedical warfare is wonderful, isn’t it?


    He hasn’t got a clue.


    Nice one. Hackers in that rock fight video. VAC BAN PLZ.


    AaronMorris Little resources? These guys have millions. They have a great amount resources for being a small team.


    you should add moutain goats :D


    Andres screenshot doesnt really help. We don’t say we need bigger mountains, we need more height variety on smaller space. If you would see the scene from Andres screenshot in first person, it would still look like a vast empty landscape with a mountain in the distance.
    Perhaps you could solve the problem with a set of premade, interesting small mountains that will be additionally placed randomly on the map. I don’t know – right now it’s just too much vast tundra…




    Hopefully you guys put more emphasis on random building placement as well as procedural roads to make the exploration part of the game more promising and fulfilling. You guys have been doing a pretty good job with the little resources you do have, but it would be amazing if you guys could implement easy anti cheat to the legacy version so the wait for EXP won’t feel nearly as long. Thanks for bustin your asses to try to make a much better more refined game!


    CaseyEunson You sound clueless as to what the player base for this game is.


    Eyrion Exactly, its a survival game. Not a game where everyone hugs and gets along. People die and kill each other, that’s exactly what you are surviving from. If you were stranded on an island with other, you really think you’d be crafting a key for the lock you just made? Hell no, you’d be barricading that base of yours with wood/metal/spikes/anything you can find. You wouldn’t be playing house and carefully cooking chicken to the perfect degrees with the perfect blend of spices in ur campfire, you’d be on edge about every noise you hear outside. Noise being other survivors, robots, animals, the undead, etc. Go back to minecraft if all you care about is building with your neighbours and baking cookies.


    Eyrion Now we need to sit and watch our food cook in-case it burns, hopefully we can open our doors in time with our keys!


    Eyrion I know that I play Rust for the building elements as well as the PvP content.  It’s great to be able to build something and defend it against raiders.  Now we get to throw needles at eachother, yay!


    If all you want is getting headshots and PvP, Rust is not for you. The version you recall was Alpha, they made it barebones PvP because that’s where they started, and have continued to work off at blazing speeds since the newer updates started. Garry set out to make a survival game, not Call of Duty.


    Also I’m pretty sure 99% of the community would agree that the AI was waaaaaaaaaaay better when you had zombies with hitboxes instead of the AI that just took a certain amount of hits. Please don’t cater to the noobie friendly carebears that inhibit this game. Please make this game based off skill/love for the game and not how much money a player throws at it/time. I shouldn’t be the best because I have no life or no credit card limit. I should be the best because I am good at aiming and strategically thinking out in the wilderness. That’s just my 2cents and hope this game doesn’t tank like all other shooters*cough*CSGO/CSCZ/GSGO/HALO/COD*cough*


    This game is becoming more and more like minecraft. Don’t forget majority of the people that bought this game and continued to play was for the pvp. Not the graphics and how pretty my house looks. Not the realism either. People enjoy this game for getting the sweet headshot noise followed by the 10ft neck stretch. The rush from 1v3ing a group of kevlars with just a p250. Please don’t get too realistic like you already are (keys, very stupid idea. Cooking food at certain temperature or it burns. etc.) and go back to the reason why people continued to play the game a year after you stopped releasing content.


    What about doors in Rust Experimental?


    I remember this it was awesome



    I didnt get it. Will maps be seed-based?


    Also, I feel as though the longer you survive in Rust, the longer your penis should grow…. I mean what’s the point of adding a fully uncensored penis without a little purpose.


    I was in that guild of gentlemen who protected the ark…..I am honored to have my name appear in one of the dev blogs screen shots hahaha, that was a fun game


    So when do we get to enjoy all these new features n such as apart of the *LIVE* game? No timetables that im aware of and we’ve all been waiting for the chance to play rust again :)



    Check out my Bandit video! Thanks!


    Release date ? from new update in live servers ? never :D


    Get to tha boat!


    Imagine standing in your house, and you hear “Woahhhh man.. I swear this rock grew a dick… woahhhh….”, you look outside and see a naked guy staring at a rock.


    Ohoooo…. Biomedical Warfare sounds amazing. Place “infected” syringes in random loot locations for unsuspecting people in need of *ahem… antibiotics…
    Collect blood from a dead body with smallpox and offer a passerby a free blood transfusion.
    Build a trebuchet and fling disease ridden bodies over fort walls. Too far?
    If plumbing like the Romans perfected is implemented (water transportation)… shit in their water piping.
    Create rudimentary chemistry labs and make chloroform to knock people out and.. do things to them. Which reminds me, female models soon?
    Last one may not be considered biomedical warfare (unless you… do things… to them. Hehe.) But it’s still a viable suggestion, right?


    rust drugs on the way..

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