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Not the usual ‘Welcome’*, but this isn’t a typical community blog. It’s focussed exclusively on one topic: raid-cam footage. In truth, the ‘raid-cam’ is basically an admin and dev tool that allows those with access to it to freely inspect a server. It’s generally used to make sure everything is above board–as above board as it can be in an Early Access game about people hurting each other–but a recent trend has seen it become a tool for some players to commentate over a particularly nice slice of action. This isn’t unusual in games, but doing it with the free-cam gives Rust a whole new perspective and makes it look super great fun. Being absolute narcissists, this pleases us.

Most of these are from Phaedo82, and it’s worth subscribing to his channel for more of this stuff, as well as cool little videos.

Raiding The Raiders

First up is a small raid team trying to take on a one-man base. A team toting AKs vs a dude with a revolver. Phaedo82 does a really good job of talking through the raid, especially from the perspective of the owner of the base, who has the wherewithal to snipe the raid tower, repair the base, and keep closing his doors behind him as he stalks through his besieged domain. You’ll see that someone with resources can do a decent job of keeping people at bay.

That was a fun twist. It’s also the sort of liveliness that brought me to Rust in the first place: a game where these pockets of action intermingle. Really fun video.

House of 1,000 Corpses

Rival clans clash! This one is a little looser than the previous video, but when two huge clans clash it tends to need more space than a typical raid. You can tell at the start it’s tough for Phaedo82’s to keep his attention across the outside battle. It gets really interesting when some of the attacking clan is locked inside the base, because being locked inside a clan’s base with lots of resources doesn’t go as well as you think it would for the defenders. ‘House of 1,000 Corpses’ is very apt.

Amazing how it can all come down to a single doorway, isn’t it? The ending is probably worth skipping through to the moments lit with torchlight, as this goes on for so long that it ends in darkness.

In Cold Blood

A nice short video about a small raid. Two men enter a base named–sigh–‘The Poon Palace’. Well done Phaedo82 for being able to say that without cracking up. It shows the bad luck you can have as a home-owner: first he misses the noise of the raiders, and then they using his own C4 to continue their assault.

Not a full raid. At least the building was left standing.

60 C4 vs Geometric Base Design

In the great battle of geometry vs explosives can there ever be a winner? This is a different sort of video, as the base is mostly empty for the time its being raided. It’s interesting to see how well it keeps together after the weight of C4 that’s been tossed at it. It’s a good argument for a build with a few fail safes.

Not even a full group with a lot of explosives are guaranteed success.

Epic Raid

An alliance forms between two clans to raid the base of another clan, which means lots and lots of C4! This is a really look at how to approach a base that has lots of defences set out. It’s obviously tough to use explosives stealthily, but in the right way and at the right moment you can give yourself a huge advantage. The defenders are on the back foot from the opening bang, and they’re up against a team of players who aren’t in it for the loot.

The size of that base coming down is pretty spectacular. I love that players can create landmarks as large as that, and that other teams can change the shape of the server by attacking them.

Rustafied Freecam Raid

Bugs from Rustafied so enjoyed Phaedo82’s video he made his own video. It’s a lot lighter on analysis than Phaedo82’s work, but more swearing. Bugs actually takes in more of the world, showing what happens after the first base is taken and how they turn it into a base of operations for more raiding.

I think the lesson we’re slowly learning is that night-time isn’t the best for these sorts of videos.

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