State: Alpha – Active Development (Early Access)
Developer: Facepunch Studios
Location: Bloxwich, Walsall, West Midlands, England, UK
Steam URL:
Game Type: First person, multiplayer-only, survival
Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX
Regular Price: $19.99
Engine: Unity3D
Twitter: @playrust
Facebook: facepunchrust
Press Contact:
Sales Figures: As of July 28th, Rust has sold 1,846,926 on Steam

What is Rust?

Rust is an Early Access survival game on Steam, created by Facepunch Studios. We also make Garry’s Mod, which has sold over 5 million copies. Rust was inspired by games like DayZ, Minecraft and Stalker. It is a multiplayer game where you and other players are attempting to survive through the awful conditions, where humanity has been reduced to cavemen. Rust’s world is harsh. The environment is not kind. Bears and wolves will chase and kill you. Falling from a height will kill you. Being exposed to radiation for an extended period will kill you. Starving will kill you. Being cold will kill you. Other players can find you, kill you, and take your stuff. Fortunately for you, you can kill others and take their stuff. Or maybe you can make friends and help each other survive, using the game’s building tools to create a safe haven? We just make the tools, and allow the community to express themselves. They’ve made incredible things so far.

Importantly: Rust is in active development, but you need to be playing the correct version to experience that.

Rust’s Development

There are two different versions of Rust. When the game is launched in Steam players are asked if they want to Play Rust or play the Experimental Version. The version that launches with ‘Play Rust’ is the version that most people know about and are currently playing. It is currently the most stable. However, the Experimental Version is the focus of the development team, and it will eventually take over from the main version when it has sufficient features and when the majority of players have moved over. We do not have a timescale for that.

Experimental is a complete rewrite of Rust. It isn’t just a patch or an update. We’ve spent the past few months remaking the game from the ground-up, re-building it to enable us to fulfil our ambitions in a way that was impossible with the original release. This isn’t unusual: games get rebooted all the time, but we’re in Early Access and there’s no way to hide that, nor would we want to. It’s part of the process. We want to get the message out that we are working on Rust,  just not on the version the majority of players are experiencing.

What Will Change?

The goal is to first get the experimental version to the same level of playability as the main game, but there are already fundamental differences that we’re excited about. We will update this list as development continues.

  • Procedural maps with a variety of landscape features, including caves and growing trees.
  • Swimming.
  • Cannibalism.
  • Faster, slicker UI written in HTML.
  • You can loot sleeping players, including adding and removing clothes (people seem fascinated by this).
  • Ballistic weaponry, so bullets are affected by the environment.
  • Biomes and weather cycles.

How many copies has Rust sold?

As of July 9th, Rust has sold 1,800,019 copies – this number will be updated weekly. When it hits two million, there may be fireworks and cake.

Keep Up-To-Date On Rust’s Development

There’s a Friday update that details the work the team has done at this site. It covers everything. This week is good if you’re interested in the building aspect. If you’d like to be reminded of updates, sign-up to the mailing list and we’ll mail you about once a month, as well as when we hit the occasional milestone or make something amazing. Make sure you let us know who you are.





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