Hello. This is a different kind of blog post, and hopefully the first of many. While the dev team has been busy updating Rust’s experimental build, steadily making it the game they know it can be, I’ve been wandering through the community, trying to uncover all the amazing things you’ve been doing with the game.


I don’t care when it was made or what form it takes. Everything is new to someone, and my only goal is to celebrate the community’s creativity. I love all the mad shit you make when you play the game, like the incredible piece of fan art I used as the header from Howard Schechtman. The SFW version of the header image is here, if you want to use it as a background. All the images in this post should lead you to the creator. Just click ’em.

Online Worship

Big builds will always impress me. When I saw The Insane Asylum Churche I had to share it. I actually joined the server, but an encounter with a bear left me unable to confirm if it’s still standing. If not, it looks like this. I’ll try and make another pilgrimage this week.

I should point out that I’m totally willing to join any server if there’s something to see. Screenshots are okay, but if you have made something impressive or deadly or huge, or if there’s something incredibly silly on your server, invite me and I’ll fight my way there. I want to see these things and talk about what it’s like to experience them first hand.

Magical Jukebox Tree

The video below shows a bunch of guys shouting at a tree and the tree responding with music. I’m not making this up. Just watch. It should be pointed out that pretty much every video posted will have some swearing, but as I started this post with a house with “Fuck Off” written across the top, it’s to be expected.

All Hail Garry Newman

Sorry about the potato quality, but silly stuff > pixels. Even with the grim prospect of existing on the bones of your victims, the Rust community is fairly ridiculous. Taking it seriously just doesn’t seem possible when you can worship Garry as a God.

That’s not something I’m comfortable showing the world. Being deified changes you, and if Garry watches it and realises he’s the basis for a burgeoning religion, then there’s a chance the Rust reboot could return to the drawing board: if man is made in God’s image–and if Garry is God–then the player model will have to be radically redesigned…

I’m talking about the penis.

The Tuna Bandits

Speaking of fishy things, one of the better long plays of Rust is the series about The Tuna Bandits. It’s a wonderful exploration of the way people can manipulate others. All you need is a forceful character and a gun. Mostly the gun. The whole series is a terrific amount of very silly content, and and this particular section exemplifies that. It was linked to me by Withnail on the Facepunch Rust forums, saying: “This is the best 15 minutes of human behaviour I’ve seen in Rust. Cracks me up every time.”

It’s part 42 of a lengthy series. It starts with loud music and swearing, and makes paranoia and slavery amusing.

Your Eye On The UI

The blueprint concept is from a forum discussion about Rust and the UI, and it’s an attempt at taking the game’s immersion to a more subtle level. It’s an interesting idea.

Death By Nokia

I’m going to sign off with a few pieces of art that caught my eye. I’m particularly partial to the Nokia on a stick. Knowing what the concept artists are capable of coming up with, it’s a particularly sharp interpretation of the game. I suspect that it’s too brutal, though. By all means kill someone, suck the marrow from their bones, wipe bits of their skull from the cracks of your rock, and loot their corpse. But don’t hit them with a Nokia phone. It’s cruel.

Get In Touch

How to share? We have a new comment system, so you’re welcome to drop things in there. There’s also a forum post I started here, and though it asks for videos in the title, you’re welcome to share anything you want in there. I’ve also created a Reddit thread, and you can throw stuff at our Twitter account.

I want to know every moment that’s worth sharing. Write it down, gif it, draw it, even write a rap over the game’s theme music (this has happened and I’ll share it when I can) This is hopefully just the start. Further down the line, I really want to figure out how we can help people tell their stories in Rust, anything from a comment to longer pieces are valid, from the original game or from the experimental server. Let us know about the tiny moments of humanity shining through the meat grinder of Rust. Go on.


      Tom With The Weather

    commandomods I have to disagree here, I wanted that too, but I think the tension of
    sifting through the loot of a corpse you just made adds something
    special to the gameplay with barricading, throwing down shacks to buy time etc. IRL you’d have to do exactly that. I just think the UI for looting needs to be a lot more fluid, which is already happening and that’s great. And I think that there are other ways to combat the slowness of looting, particularly when you’re mid-fight. One thing I want to see is the ability to quickly scoop up a backpack while running past it. Take it to a place that has some cover and quickly pluck out those essential items. Guns, meds, ammo, then get back into the fight. Rather than standing there motionless like a fucking moron just begging to be shot in the face. Then maybe while you were looting, a few of your boys have gone down, you need to retreat, the rest of you pick up their bags and make haste.

      Cowboy Wheat

    I kno now my lif in rust is a certin esental. plz ad scop for bolt actin so i cn do sum magor kwick scoping and non scops some nubs. Plz hail gary newman. i wan to jon the face clan so plz scop for bolty mi trusty snipser


    qoolos KrzysiekWasilewskii What is your problem man ? Its so hard to type comment without taking shots after it


    Sooo… I was thinking… a really cool thing thing to add to the game would be a gps tracking collar that you could put on players who you capture. Then if they disobey your orders, you could hunt them down. They could be removed, but it would have to be really difficult.


    you said you like to see some big buildings – here you go. my gsp went out of business so none of these exist any more though. :( 

    I have attached a few pictures of things I built that I did manage to take screenshots of, sorry for the other crap in the pictures…

    first picture is of my boats, to make these, I first had to build up from the foundations 42 floors until at the waters surface…
    second picture is of my floating pyramid, I managed to get a picture of this because I was taking a screenshot of the floating bear….
    third is of a building I call the “Biltmore” lol… it took forever to get done and cost around 4.5 mil lq metal… 

    we had built several huge structures…. one of which was a floating pyramid in the water, it was 15×15 and took 52 levels to get to the surface, another was built by a friend and was a huge cross shaped building that was over 100 foundations long and 75 foundations wide…. that took a while to find a spot that would hold that large of a building.




    Recluto gente para jugar rust, agreguenme en steam

    steam: ceronida



    RobMcdonald2 Haha, awesome!
    This is (SB) Ditronus in the video…the guy who personally wrecked the x17 leader and garnered their cheap respect; or, what little respect they had for being a 17-member clan protected by hackers.
    Pseudo, his cousin, echo, and I raided X17’s base earlier before this video and did a 4 v 8 match where we won.  It was so crazy…but I didn’t record it!  I’m still beating myself up over it.  It was very hectic, and I just forgot!  Good times on this game on US East 3.  I quit, along with Pseudo and Echo, once “Omega” wiped the servers like 5 times in a row.


    Hello from spain


    ruupsel ParalyZe Are you missing the giant overhaul? If you check their twitter, they are doing live updates every 20 minutes (so to speak, however sometimes it is like that) but not on the old version. Give them some slack and be amazed when you can play the AWESOME new version.


    why is everyone so impatient?? the devblog usually comes out after 12 PST


    ParalyZe that early access thing i bougnt more games like that they all update like every week take space engineers it updates every thursday, then you got rust: no update in months garry is clearly fapping on his monney


    Is this just an excuse for not having any new work done on the game?


    My friend made this on a survival server by our base!


    No devblog today?


    Is there going to be a devblog today or no?

      Succulent Cock

    We are the Cocksmen! This is our home!




    ghostkillers Man High In Weed certainly plus the 5 kilos of cocaine that he “ate” yesterday


    KrzysiekWasilewskii don’t do drugs kids, you’ll end up like this mawfaka.


    KrzysiekWasilewskii no.


    We got all creative one day on my server and made these. The Night Fires mod made them look awesome at night :)


    KrzysiekWasilewskii No.


    Thanks for the great response, everyone. I now have pages and pages of great stuff to cover.


    i wish steam would just support other countrys man now i cant play on original rust and i’m stuck on cracked


    rockodss i know man they are even going down in cracked rust


    AaronMorris What you did to dont load the rocks on the moutains?


    Praise Garry Newman.
    Thy will be done in garry’s world, as it is in garry-realm.
    Garry in the highest.


    garry did you start taking anti-depressants recently? or MDMA?


    Found the limit for build in a server and after we tried to add pieces everyone on server got momentary lag ;)


    I like the way the first song playing was Santeria.  And then they all scream for Freebird. xD


    Guys are you finally about to update Rust in a good way finally.. and improve the anticheat system, cause it sucks hard. I’ve been sitting in Rust all week in hope that i won’t get hacked.. and everytime i lost my chests i lost my stashes nobody havent got trough the doors or walls it was untouchable. And i think it’s better to start updating the normal rust now not the experimental that is still bugged as hell


    davidxbox22 He probably got the memo within 2 sentences, but making 2 paragraph’s about it is not cool dude…  Really? How big of a prick do you have to be? You’re wasting your energy on a small scale.


    Dear god what are you on


    ICIMaximus Fucking cool!


    Remember the alien-tree-monster concepts that the devs are thinking of putting into Rust? I have an idea for them! Meteors will crash into
    the rust map in forests and thats how the mutant tree things spawn! Then if you mine the meteor when all the mutant trees are dead or away,
    you get a bunch of iron ore and other ores, and if your lucky, a meteor chunk, which can be used to ” upgrade ” weapons using a workbench.
    Meteor acts like a normal rock, but makes a giant streak of light and a screech in the sky when coming, then a faint/distant boom when
    landing/the event “ending”. The closer you are to the meteor crash, the louder the boom. If meteor falls on player or house, it is destroyed ( The house or the player that is ). When approaching the meteor it will appear as a big, bumpy sphere, halfway burrowed into the ground with a smoke and that cartoony explosion look around it . The meteor itself will give excessive amounts of radiation if you have leather or worse armour/no armour. It is also very strong, and can take a whole pickaxe or two hatchets to mine all the way


    refundplz If you don’t like the game you should have thought about it being early
    access. You signed up for it, if you don’t like it, then it is your
    fault deal with it. Come back in like a year you will be supprised what
    the game turns out to look like.


    Shift click for Looting please :3


    ICI Gamming Rust Server
    Built this for a buddy and myself. I built a sky bridge to connect the two bases. Approx 10,000 Wood Planks. Come check us out!


    best time in rust i had.. i belive it was na3 or us east 3…. was fun even though we got hacked at the end.. pretty long vid feel free to skim through it.


    Перевод статьи на русский язык. Не шарлатанство, а полный и качественный перевод. http://www.ruster.org/231/


    I know the rust development team must be working there asses off for this game, and Megs drawings could be really good ideas to add to the game, so i would like to thank you guys for the work your putting into this. ;) 



    refundplz man i swear ur a dumb ass what are you 13 year olds? i see you crying like a bitch about them redoing the game when you buy the game when its early alpha you cant be that fucking dumb? maybe you are. This game is alpha why the fuck would it be a done game? use ur little brain fucktard if you even have one. guess what also your dumb ass isnt getting a refund if your dumb enough to buy a early alpha and think its gonna be a done game then ur the fucking dumb ass who knows to go back to school and learn to read or learn what a alpha is. god dude stfu and stop ur crying i see you crying so far 4-5 grow a pair play the game or don’t and ur not getting ur money back tough shit. also *Well, when you scrap your entire idea of what the game was going to be after taking so much money from people (over 20million) then of course its going to take ages. If it said on steam they were going to scrap their original game for a “new version” then i wouldn’t have bought into it. Heck if i knew it wasn’t going to get updates in months i wouldn’t of bothered buying in. Expecting it to be finished is stupid. * Righ here shows how much of a dumb ass you are fucking stupid i don’t think i seen anyone as dumb as you. its  ALPHA which means they can do whatever the fuck ever they want to fix or make the game they are MAKING the game. Now please fuck off this and stop crying cause your one dumb mother fucker.

      Krispy Kreme

    probably the most intense moment in rust


    You should read clearly that it is “early access”. So as you said, you shouldn’t have bought it with that high expectations of fast development. Early access means that it’s being developed, and that’s exactly what they are doing. They just noticed that it is much more efficient to start from scratch as it is then much easier and faster to change, update and improve the whole game. Besides from that, Rust itself now is still worth it’s price in my opinion.
    So please don’t cry about having to wait a bit for a game which is going to be great and still being worked on frequently.


    SOLST1CE Probably other server…seen on 12th of May.


    You think developing game is easy ? Look how much money and time spent Activision on COD and its the worsest buy for 60$. And they have much more people in company.


    My brother and I threw this together in resource hole in about 3 days on a popular vanilla server. 

    The bandits/raiders were so amused they left us alone and a bunch of people donated their wood to the project! :D

    We’re also now making our own game “BLEAK”. You cool rust peeps should check it out on greenlight :D
    Our game:http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=252119327


    New Terrain Showcase


    New Rust Reboot gets people way too excited!


    whats the new update


    Garry Newman is just a hacker who says that only he can use kevlar, and if you use it, he will kill you. a lot of people sent reports about him but nothing happen


    Shot_2_Kill Never.


    HiperMeh You must have some seriously low expectations. I’m amazed how everyone loves no content and hacker infested servers. Not to mention how boring the game gets after so many hours. There is a reason why the player base is dropping.


    JLangevin IsraelSalazar Well, when you scrap your entire idea of what the game was going to be after taking so much money from people (over 20million) then of course its going to take ages. If it said on steam they were going to scrap their original game for a “new version” then i wouldn’t have bought into it. Heck if i knew it wasn’t going to get updates in months i wouldn’t of bothered buying in. Expecting it to be finished is stupid. Some content updates or bug fixes would have been nice. Or maybe not letting the game die on its ass cause of hackers. But they don’t care, they’ve made their money they can be as slow as they want now. Goodluck garry youre gona get some hate messages in this comment section again.


    Can i get a refund yet?


    We need some damn signs Garry :O


    Honestly take your sweet ass time Garry. This game will be perfect and it’s already good in my prespective.


    All hail Garry!


    Thank you for putting comments back. Makes it look more like a community thing.


    Barely 14k players today… going down each day…


    Rhythy Good, any way I can get in touch when things start going down?


    ORYG1N GPU 93 degrees uhh? D:


    Melvillio Rhythy The mighty Leader Matt hasn’t been streaming recently. He’s been editing for youtube and going on a trip for his gfs birthday. But the Girth shall rise again!


    IsraelSalazar why you dont do you own game, if you think making a game is a fast thing




    Look this video!!!!!!!!!


    I really like this workbench. Yeah it’s a nokia ax is also very funny. XD

      RUST Lithuania

    Total Rooms – 41
    Total slaves recruited – 27
    We as owenrs lived in the middle – the unraidable part of the house. One of the most hilarious experience I had in RUST while in this house being able to see from every direction.


    RylanBowman Sweet. I’ll figure out a time and nudge you about that.


    Hey Craig. If you’re interested in seeing the most magnificent building on Rust, I invite you to my castle. I live in Spain Valley on the official server North America 4. Myself a long with 6 close friends have taken over 4 months to build this mother of a house. Haven’t seen anything comparable to it, ever.


    Love the direction this game is heading!  I hope we keep going in the direction of raw survival and make-shift items rather than find-a-military gun play style.  I’m not an artist, but I would love to see some concepts of early detection; pots and pans on a trip-wire, chickens or wolves held up in pens by your house, etc….and would also like to be able to design various traps for both players and wildlife.
    Being able to “dodge” would also make a big difference in combat.  Use a stamina bar or whatever, but a quick “roll” or “dive” would be extremely immerse.



    howi3 :) I actually had a different header, but when we found your art I had to use it.


    angelostal1986 Ace. I’ll come by at some point. Great work.


    Wow, thank you so much! I’m honored to have my artwork featured in the first community update!


    Thnx Craig. Realy awesome that you like my churche, and i can cofirm that the churche is still standing. The doors are Always open. Their is an awesome castle aswell on the server located in Next Valley. Check the link below for the castle.
    Thnx for reading my comment,


    Mario7s Mate, do you realize they’re not gonna spend any time on the legacy branch anymore?


    Rhythy this has got to be the best thing to happen in Rust.


    Oh man we can’t forget about the Penis Brothers! 


    So here’s a video of mine that also reveals human’s true nature… teehee… We call ourselves the Rust Police, and we… we aren’t very nice :3


    Mario7s Wow you’re impatient… They’re doing the best they can.


    Intead of doind that fix the sleeping bag bug on houses and those stupid bugs that makes the old rust version a broken game…. We gives you a lot of money at least have the responsability to fix those bugs


    checkseven Zozeux Or something that sets off a super-ratchet IED…hahha.


    I once made a Pyramid on top of a pyramid ^_^


    Everyday I am more and more amazed by the game, the devs, and the community.
    Damn, girl. This is awesome.


    bucksexington checkseven Zozeux XD that would be somethig to see


    travelling places to gather resources is taking a lot of time , do u guys have any idea of having vehicles  in  the game? or just travelling by foot is the only thing ?


    “What are you wearing, slut?”
    “I’m wearing a pale, thin cotton sun dress, white bra and panties.” I replied.
    “Mistress” was her next entry.
    Oh, shit. I didn’t respond properly. That will get me in trouble!
    “Yes, Mistress. I apologize, Mistress.” Hopefully she’ll let that one slide.
    “Take your panties off and lay them on the floor next to you” She ordered. I complied, hoping that my 1 year old puppy wouldn’t come in and snatch them.


    ChrisSevenLanham  Clearly you have not seen the progress made in the experimental build. Stop QQing and go try it.


    Okay, let’s keep dicking about and not help the game advance, which it damn well needs to do.
    It’s  a woeful, overpriced experiment that looks like it’ll never be finished. Everyone I play online with hates it now and refuses to even try it anymore.


    New comments, yay.

    See if that works.


    I really, really, REALLY like the blueprint idea.


    I’ve read every devblog since the first one was posted, and I’m
    really impressed with everything. the work your all doing is amazing.
    the concepts are awesome.
    Meg’s concepts are the best.
    Paul can go to hell.


    checkseven Zozeux We like the idea of someone being beaten to death as the ringtone squeaks out.


    When GOES The Update Comes Out?


    It should be used as a weapon if it was added. or an admin only object that can harvest or kill people instantly.


    The nokia on a stick is not a bad idea,but I suggest it should rather be used as an harvesting tool. I mean you can’t break it so it will have infinite durability =D


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