We’ve just released an update to go along with yesterday’s blog post. Here’s the changelog.

Important: the F2 menu options have moved to the main menu.


Rivers match ocean
Fogged rivers and lakes
Fixed phantom playermodels
Added SaveList diagnostics to dump command
Fixed NRE when using give commands
Fixed EAC errors
Added in game bug reporter (F7)
Added grass.displace (1|0)
Fixed pool sometimes not setting recycled pointer to null
Reduced the likelyhood of being kicked by VAC timeouts
Improved SQLite performance
Fixed doors not shutting clientside on first use
Improved AI performance, allocations
Added network cache (better server performance)
Added bullet ricochet sounds
Added small stash dig sound
New construction sounds
Added building upgrade sounds
Added large wood gate sounds
New melee cloth impact sounds
New melee grass impact sounds
Salvaged icepick deploy sound polish pass
Super distant gunshot sound polish pass
Rock sound doesn’t sound as much like a landslide 
New survey charge sounds
Console text only refreshes if the console is visible
Console receives messages that have been logged before it has been opened
Ambient sounds load in a background thread
Fixed random “Look rotation viewing vector is zero” warnings
Fixed DDraw shader (old one was deprecated in Unity 5.2)
Fixed foundation pickaxe exploit
Fixed rocket and grenade damage against structures
LOD grid no longer logs errors when objects move their cell
Switched building colliders to the new, more accurate collision system
Added prefab preprocessing step to loading screen (prefabwarmup 1|0)
Fixed mining quarry / pump jack sounds not turning off properly
Fixed mining quarry / pump jack sound pitch modifiers not being applied
Fixed radiation overlay never stopping its most recent sound
Fixed barricade / spikes / compound wall damage trigger effects
Fixed barricade placement on terrain being a pain in the ass
Fixed lantern sound errors
Fixed lantern spawning in the lit state
Fixed various sound issues when using prefab pooling
Fixed various sound issues related to voice limiting
Fixed grass hovering slightly above ground
Fixed forest grass texture stretching
Fixed supply signal effect instantiation errors
Fixed sound template serialization errors
Fixed various inaccurate building deploy volumes
Fixed building part rotation exploits
Fixed foundation cupboard exploits
Fixed server side batched colliders not refreshing after building part rotation
Fixed client not updating building block grades / protection properties locally
Fixed various building stability weirdnesses
Fixed furnace light shadows not fading out
Fixed potential NREs in server RPCs
Fixed trees being impossible to gather from if not standing at their base
Fixed certain situations that could spawn incorrect decals / particles
Enabled server side collider batching by default
Switched server side line of sight / distance checks to the entity API
Added mesh batching to pumpjack and quarry
Added diagnostics to server spawn handler report
Added socket mod names to the socket placement fail messages
Added test radiation zone to CraggyIsland
Fixed server DDOS by creating RPC errors
Fixed stability not always updating when placing new blocks
Added seasonal lanterns
Updated EAC
Invalidate network cache properly when looting
server.save ccommand does a clean save (skips caching)
Server shutdown saves skip caching
Moved F2 options menu to main menu
Added shadow settings to options menu
Fixed UI disappearing after pressing F4 or F9


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