At 68,719,476,736 pixels on a 262144×262144 grid, there is no bigger Rust map.


Unless someone sneaks a Rust Island onto Google Maps, or makes one out of cloth, I can’t see this map being topped any time soon. It’s a 68 Gigapixel image of the full Legacy map, extracted from the game and then, like serial killer and his victims’ skin, stitched together into a grand design. You get to see the entire Legacy map, zoomable to the point where you can see the ruts in the road. It was taken from a blank map, so there’s sadly no player builds. That’s the next step for this sort of thing, eh?

Also, he used a renderfarm to make it. Garry doesn’t even have a renderfarm.

“The renderfarm was basically about 8 medium-end to oldish computers netbooting an arch linux image, and my highish end desktop(also running arch). I used Blender to do the rendering. I used a bunch of bash scripts and some python to turn extracted data into 65536 1024×1024 px chunks.

It’s lovely to be able to zoom and examine my two main build areas: the one in the rocks above Rad Town was my favourite, as it looked onto the populated space and the empty area on thge other side of the hill. I often had all those Hacker Valley resources for myself. I also used to build in Secret Valley, just behind Ecko Mountain and overlooking the water. That gave me a nice route to some resources without taking the roads.

The top image is from Owen153, who discovered a combination of Rust’s triangle building sections and the in-game lighting can create an effect that resembles the Rust Logo. It’s like the Rust signal.

Treely Special

I’ve spent a huge part of the past week documenting what people have been building on the servers. I’m not quite ready to share my screenshots yet (though if you’ve had the feeling you were being watched, it was probably me), but I’ve been privileged to have a few people nudge me about their creations. Most impressive was the godly GrymThor’s tree-house work. He documented two builds where his houses are entwined with nature’s brown and sticky things.

Build #1 twisted around a tree like a boa constrictor, creeping up the trunk by wrapping around it. It looks lovely, particularly at night.

His second build was even better, as he documented the process and made a tree-house that bridged between two trees. Seeing ingenuity like this makes me so excited for when Rust is in a position that people will be able to settle in places for the long-term. Wipe-free servers excite me no end.

Speaking of server wipes…

Server & Protect

I always thought of server wipes as a necessary evil for Rust, and I’ve been looking forward to the day they’re no longer necessary. But that’s not an opinion everyone shares. A few threads popped up on Reddit defending the notion of server-wipes as part of the natural evolution of a Rust server.

Stick_to_the_Shadows started a thread considering how a server wipe could be part of the game, where players would fight to armor disarm a bomb that wipes the server, and have it not just be an admin pushing a button:

This bomb could be dropped like an air drop, or introduced in some other means, either via command or after a 2 week period of time. If people are bored and want the server to wipe, people will start trying to detonate the bomb. Give it a 24-72 hour timer once activated, and allow people to create a tool to check in on how much time is left.

However, storrgie argues that wipes are only considered part of Rust because there’s currently no clear endgame:

I was surprised to see that there was some comments stating that wipes are a part of gameplay. I feel like Gary was right in stating that wipes stink. I’m wondering, is the reason that people like wipes due to the fact that it pushes us all into scarcity once again? I think that many don’t enjoy when they are just beginning and someone is farther ahead of them, the wipe is a way to ensure a level playing field for a couple of days. Certainly we saw that in legacy this became a significant pooint of interest (as it was in almost every server name).

I’m actually coming around to the idea of a wipe being part of the game, but I also think they should be severely limited and incredibly difficult to achieve. Maybe even giving the admin the power to limit the server to one or two player wipes across its lifetime?

Meanwhile, this has nothing to do with anything, but I’m always fascinated by the very specific ideas people have about the game. Case in point is jokerz request from the official forums:

How about the idea to be able to craft a megaspeaker that needs to be attached to a pole structure? Once built on top of your base or tower you can broadcast whatever you want to say obnoxiously that anyone within a 200 meter radius will hear. The speaker should be really expensive or else everyone will just build one… the equivalent in value to making six c4 in rust legacy?

I would love to do something like this one day. Just pick a random thing from the community and make it happen.

A rather wordy update this week. I promise next week’s will be mostly screenshot led, as I’ll be sharing lots and lots of shots from the servers. I’ve been watching you…

Get In Touch

Got a song, a suggestion, or anything you want to say about Rust? Have you moved into a cave because you played Rust?

There’s a dedicated forum post, or you can post in inky depths of Reddit. I also shuffle around the the Steam Community, so feel free to show me to things from there. You can follow and respond to Rust on Twitter, and I’m on there as well. We also have a dedicated site for suggestions and bug reporting.

I can’t respond to everything, but I read every comment and take it all in. Just be nice.




    Darkreign sexysyndrome88 I haven’t had any frame rate issues on beta/new/current…whatever it’s called now…it actually runs a lot better than legacy ever did. I had to turn clouds off in legacy or I’d be stuck at like 8fps. Now I run 30+FPS constantly on “beautiful”.


    Same… and just sad that they haven’t even prioritized restoring it to a playable state…

      Game of Stones

    *** Ive been obsessed with Rust since Feb. 2013, and yet stopped playing cause im sick of the server wipes and all my painful time-sinked building work wasted!***


    I can’t wait for procedural generated, lootable radtowns/monuments. :)


    BrookeAllison That’s interesting :)


    Look at all of that beautiful unused land on the legacy map. I can even see where on the opposite side of the island I ended up on when I made my giant trek to the other side.


    I like the tree house! Reminds me of Riven and Myst…


    well you got a crap pc then because mine has about 170fps.


    I decided to go above the trees..


    sexysyndrome88 Id love to say that was my problem too, however I can run it on beautiful no problem, that is if I dont get an EasyAntiCheat error EVERY time i try to play.  Pretty crap that a lot of people are experiencing this problem now and no one has any idea how to fix it.


    shouldn’t be aloud to build on or several feet away from other people’s houses/fort because it makes it pointless to make a wall that u can simply build  stairs or box or anything to jump over it for that fact walls = useless… game is crap till u can defend what u built

      War Wolf Jack

    Remember to hide your house. Rabbits are smart enough to know to hide their burrows, and wolves are smart enough to know to hide their dens. Building out in the open with no 24/7 security and expecting to not get raided within 24 hours is just human sillyness.

      War Wolf Jack

    The game of Rust is basically a war between the two different types of personalities. There are those who feel like being the defence-based crafting sheep sometimes and those that feel like being the offence-based pillaging raider wolves. People are free to attempt each lifestyle and attempt to find a happy medium.
    That is thuh game.


    Your statement is an insult to our inteligence.
    Being in alpha is not an excuse for this level negligence. This is a fault of the person issuing directions and his inability to get his priorities streight, the rest of the dev’s are not to blame. As long as people are paying money to recieve access, it’s irrelivent what stage the game is in. Player experience (e.g. ensuring rediculous exploits like this are resolved in a timely manner) and game balance are top priority.
    This issue has been around for months (if not longer) and they haven’t so much as acknowledged it. The bug reports and suggestions site has several reports of it and hundreds of upvotes, and its still sitting in “gathering feedback” status, meaning they haven’t even batted an eye at it. Also, there is no mention of it on trello where they actually assign work to each other. This is unforgivable.


    now rust became only focused on crafting,not action and adventure…sadly :/


    Smyrr Well, making the raiding easy is what makes the survival hard… But I do like the turrets idea, but I just think it’d be more fun to put them in front of bases and watch people dance their way to raid you:) Dinner and a show!


    JakeTheKillerr VInnu RealmDweller What none of you seem to get is that it is ALPHA, which means that there are going to be bugs. They big issues that you’re talking about probably take much longer to fix and they have to fix the smaller issues in order to fix the big ones. Did you ever think of that? There are probably a couple of small things causing one big thing, which could only be solved by fixing the small things, unless you’d like to wait a-whole-nother month for them to fix the big issue that causes more small issues which then breaks something else that you complain about. They were kind enough to release it to us early so that we could help them find the bugs. By letting us see how imperfect the same is, they were forced to continue working on it. I see your point, though, Jake, about how frustrating it is if it seems like the devs aren’t doing anything, but just think of how great it’s going to be once it’s finished.


    stephan2882 Start up task manager, look for something called “Process Capture”, end the task, try starting the game again. It does it again, end the “Process Capture” and Steam, reboot Steam and run the game again. Since sometimes it’s not that simple, you may even have to restart your PC. I’m running on WIndows 8.1 and sometimes that happens to me, but ending the task and retrying the game launch usually works.


    penumbra I also wonder if he realizes he’s not the center of the universe? Throwing orders at them like he’s the big bad boss. Lol!


    CrimsonTigerMGO Dude, the point on them releasing this to us early was so that we could report the bugs and glitches, so they could get fixed, so that ungrateful fucks like you can play happily. IT’S AN EARLY ACCESS GAME! Even my 2 year old cousin knows what that means. Try changing the settings of the game to increase FPS. If you’re playing the legacy version and your on a server with grass, turn the grass off and I can tell you, for sure, that your FPS will go up by 10-20 frame rates (it depends on your PC). There is a solution to your problem, but you’re just too damn lazy to find it.


    do you think you could add a flare gun or smoke signals so that you can find our friends easy without braking the game but you would run the risk of other people coming to say hello.


    i think if you want people to play experimental so that you can find more bugs and develop the game faster, then you should find a solution to the raid thing. make the metal walls impenetratable without any explosions. put some grenades and make them hard to craft. but of course not impossible. i know that people leave experimenta since , building is really fun, they spend hours to build fantastic buildings, but even the level 7 building is raided the next day for sure. yeah you can hide the building etc. but it does not make sense. the c4 system in legacy was more logical. try to put a system like that asap so people will play more and longer. just an opinion. 
    Also, animals are not a challenge with even a rock. a wolf could kill you. maybe you might try to add again the zombiess that are hard to kill and more challenging. and in future, maybe put some automated turrets to defend the loot points that you should put a barricade to move closer or whatever. make the survival and raiding much more harder.


    K Man ALPHA that is my doing :D


    I like the new Rust it looks pretty awesome but i really hate the new building system. Once i loved to build in rust but then wallupgrades came to the game and i had to spend 4 hours to finish a small house to lvl 6 walls. this is really sick shit.. it would be the best way like in legacy. And for sure no comments to the lock system, time for a new system to try ;) 

    Theres one WISH i have for rust, please garry make something against the fact that 99% of all rust players are able to see at night with gamma programms.. it would be so much more awesome if there wouldnt be any chance to see at night, where everyone has to be really careful where he is walking. i remember Legacy when it turned night i was afraid and tryed to hide my self between rocks waiting for the early sunrise. Really everyone is using gamma programms thats so crap in my opinion. i hope u gonna read this :/


    BrettPool Yes just like in real life POOF and your gone .. and then for some magical reason you are back in your bed like .. were am I? how did I get here? go home betsy ur drunk!


    please guys start changing the key sistem i hate it you die and bye and the bad thing is when you wanna leave the game you can,t have so much food and when you connect you are dead from starvation


    PR8G4M3R sexysyndrome88 I can see peoples frustration but u gotta remember, this short amount of time into experimental is far beyond what legacy was at the same point in time. They will get there and eventually everyone will be playing the new one

      K Man ALPHA

    Found boat-type thing between giant bridges on a US server – Seattle I think…


    penumbra It isn’t normal when your level 6 house gets fucked up by glitchers that don’t break a shit in your house.


    foofy222 Humans are enough for us all they are really annoying and glitch through everyone’s house


    therustydude you’re totally right i had a level 6 House even 2 level 6 walls in a row haven’t stopped them. The worst thing is they glitched through the house nothing was destroyed it’s like they had all Keys of my house.


    tallchicken Okay, so losing a House by glitchers that is full out of level 6 Walls, Foundations, Floors, Doors and behind those level 6 walls another level 6 Walls is okay for everyone and we accept that it is in early development. Wasn’t this amde to ask players for suggestions, bugs and glitches?


    no34398492 Simple Solution -> 1 hour after Logout Sleeper disappears perfect right?


    sexysyndrome88 no34398492 Simple Solution making interval when Sleeper disappear -> 1 hour after logout Sleeper disappears. Lag, Sleeper Issue SOLVED


    Darkreign sexysyndrome88 I have FPS issues on Beautiful (10 FPS – 100 FPS) when at Fast (30 FPS – 100 FPS).


    sexysyndrome88 I have the same thing here maybe some more FPS, but you’re right about the unplayble thing. I am talking about i started playing Rust again and after 1 painful week of working my ass of building level 6 building that get the enxt day magically raided. 1st time: Modded Server level 6 Walls, Foundations, Doors, Floors got raided by TP Glitchers. 2nd time: Community Server level 4 Walls and behind those walls another level 4 walls, level 5 floor, level 5 foundation got magically raided i couldn’t find it again. 3rd time: Modded Server level 6 Walls behind thos another level 6 walls, 2 level 6 doors until they were inside and another 1 level 6 door for secret room and inside this room 2 walls out of level 6, foundations level 6, floor level 6 when i woke up the next day all my doors are open and locked and then NOTHING except the boxes are gone AWESOME! the best part is infront of the Foundations were Foundation steps and only 2 foundations were open to the outside but all other foundations were inside the terrain SO How the **** they glitched through all this S***?

    simple explaination Rust F***ed up with their collision system and the coding.


    sexysyndrome88 Is this something alot of people are experiencing? i havent had frame rate issues at all


    Machinator  that sounds nice but I would still prefer to be attacked by Godzilla


    JakeTheKillerr  you read all those blog posts and never realized that you can still play legacy?


    Sounds like a you problem


    Rust was my idea, i thought of it ten years ago, i want royalties


    Garry has actually made ‘multiple’ post explaining why legacy is coders nightmare. So i know you havent been readin shit.


    Zombies arent even a challenge though, gimme Vampires or Robots


    A) get rekd, B) communicate C) you can memorize the map you are on no one is stopping you.


    You cant have two welcome to’s




    sexysyndrome88 no34398492


    no34398492 Sleepers are the thing that make the game realistic, and make the need to make a shelter before you log out. It is one of the most intuitive video game aspects that make rust rusty.


    The only reason so many people are switching back to legacy is because its playable…
    This experimental version is so terribly optimized that even with a decent PC that can play Skyrim with moderate graphics, you can only get around 15 FPS normally, and around any structure, it will plummet to 5. This makes the game ugly, jagged, and horrible to play. The sounds are also glitched out. I love the new features, though. The game looks to be turning out great so far. :) I hope I can soon play once it is optimized.


    no34398492 Stupid as fuck. Sleepers are main feature of the game.
    either you kill someone in sleep, or be killed while sleeping.




    i would cut down that Mammut tree with the house on it


    The Bomb idea sounds awesome, It would give players the freedom to choose whether to wipe the server or not or either explode and cause damage and radiation in bomb range radius to certain areas of the map where it affected, making a catastrophe effect to the affected zone. I think this bomb should be dropped by admin randomly somewhere on the map ready to be activated or protected by a  player. This will make everyone fight for it, whoever holds this bomb has the power to do what he or she  wants so a fortress must be build by this certain bandits to protect it at all costs and regain respect, make peace, create wars or make villains.


    JakeTheKillerr game was lagging hard, usually after 2 weeks.


    JakeTheKillerr Why you’re lying about “read every update” part? Dude, just search a little deeper…
    They said they abandoned it because it was poorly coded. When they tried to add one new thing, another 20 was broken.
    I know, I loved the legacy too, but everything has their end, and that was end of legacy version of game.


    Welcome to Rust.
    Where 13 year olds with their mother’s credit card complain about bugs in a game that isn’t even close to being finished.

    Welcome to game development.


    The only thing that is stopping me playing Experimental is the fact that A). To easy to get raided, B). Cannot find your friends and C). You cannot memorise the map so there is not much flexibility when playing on different servers.


    Well, u realized u bought early access and the game is alpha? Stop buying early access games if you want a game thats work as mentioned


    pleas put zombies back in the original and new it was funer whith zombies pleas do


    *Quotations… it’s been a long week


    With you 100% there jake, and even considered giving them the benefit of the doubt (maybe they’re including a solution with the new textures?). Bugs are a given but they need to get their priorities in order if they want to ensure people keep playing. Exploits like wall glitching are absolutely unacceptable.
    Also yes, I have no patience for trolls e.g. placing my name in parenthisis to imply a condescending tone. The only thing I enjoy more than holding a respectful debate, is destroying a troll who cannot. I may have forgiven the sleight if his argument had any constructive value whatsoever.


    VInnu RealmDweller Well this got hostile quick, but know that I support you fully RealmDweller. I still have hope for this game, but it is fading quickly when I am constantly seeing Facepunch skip over fixing the big issues. Or maybe they are working on them, and just won’t tell us, but that doesn’t make any sense, so I don’t really believe it. It seems that the real problems, that make the game unplayable are just too hard to solve, so we will just have to deal with them.


    I have tried to read every update, out of my love for this game, but maybe I missed one somewhere and my question was answered in that one. I still don’t understand why the original Rust was scrapped. No game has ever been able to match the wonderment that Rust bestowed upon me in those first few days of playing it, back when the game was still young, and no one yet understood what all exactly you could do. Back before everyone realized that the Legacy map was WAYYYY bigger than we could even comprehend. Then people started to get adventurous, gathering up as much food as they could, and setting out north just to see how far they could go. Even once you got over the big mountain, and nodes of any kind were left far behind, there was still no end in sight, you just kept walking and walking, marveling at how vast the map was, and how insignificant even 200 people were in a map that size. Eventually people started making it to the northern shores, and then a select few started making maps of the land they traversed, revealing a world in which only about 15% was playable, but with the hints from Facepunch that one day, you might be able to inhabit it all. This was, in my opinion, the most spectacular discovery ever made in a video game. But my point is this, we went from all playing happily, violently, yes, but happily, on this great big map, only to discover this great big map was actually part of a HUGE map, to learning that maybe one day it would all be ours, to explore and inhabit as we saw fit, to then seeing this map torn down in front of our eyes, the game being thrown away, to start over again. Why? Why throw away the incredible, like-nothing-before game that was quickly becoming hugely popular. The community loved it, yes, it needed some fixing, cheaters were hurting the product, but had nothing been done but bug fixes, and occasional content additions, this game would have continued to grow, and thrive. Why did you throw all of that away Facepunch? The only thing I see is laziness. The spaghetti code you were working with would be too much work to untangle, so you just said “eh,” and decided it would be easier to start over. Now we have a completely different game, not at all like the Rust we started with, and fell in love with. Now all I see is a fragment of the original community, clinging to whatever is happening now, hoping that Rust regains some semblance of the grandeur of what it once was, even though we all know that it won’t. This game is no longer Rust, and I don’t understand why you wasted everything that went into the original game.


    Smyrr I think it would make a good voting system etc, gives the community incentive to all meet up with hatchets to take it down. People working together to  cover the disarming person or persons. While the people who want a wipe attack the defenders. I don’t think it is only me that would see this as a fun part of the game, maybe even a chance to meet allies. People would be less worried about going into groups, if you were thinking in 10 hours etc I could loose everything. As long as it wasn’t a constant nuisance and made fun.


    If a server does support wipes then I’d likr


    hello, your game is full of bugs , fx it please , theres a 1mil of ppl wants to play the game so please fix THIS GOD DAMN GAME PLEASE ! thanks :)
    i cant play rust anymore , :(


    Garry. On my Windows desktop, Rust fails to launch (shows I’m in-game for about 5 seconds and then it doesn’t). Please consider fixing this as I would like to play the game.


    When the textures were going through a solid color phase, I decided to create a creeper. This really makes me wish for a paint bucket and a brush that allows the user to paint the side of his house if he or she wanted to.


    VInnu And none of which are impacting current game-play to the extent that these are. Now, would you like to point out any other equally obvious and irrelevant points, or do you wish to continue trolling over matters that have no value here?
    If i have to guess, I’d say you’re just pissed I called out your favorite exploit to abuse.


    Unless the servers share the seeds with the clients(haven’t looked into it), there’d be no way to get the data necessary to do the rendering, other than something painful like sniffing the connection or tearing it out of the memory, which even then would only get you the portions of the terrain it’s sending you.

    However, I have given some thought to offering a paid service to server operators(perhaps those of PVE type servers where knowing the map in great detail wouldn’t affect other players), where, given the seed, I might do up a similar render, and integrate some sort of tracking system(I guess like rustnuts?) among other things. However, I know nothing about how the new maps are stored and rendered, so god knows how long it would take me to figure that out, and on top of that, rendering this sort of thing takes forever. Basically I’d have to see a high level of interest and be reasonably confident it could pay off before even attempting such a venture. Don’t get me wrong, it’d be fun, but I have real world work that I know I’ll get paid for which takes priority


    For some reason, I cannot launch the newer Rust, idk why, it just says “Unknown Error”


    Thank you Craig, for featuring my screenshot! I was all like “WOW – how the hell did my tower get on the blog!” Whenever I do a round foundation with the triangles in the middle like that I always make sure I upgrade every second one to get that pattern giving homage to Garry, usually only me that sees it, lol 

    This is the tower from outside, along with the start screen overlay:


    RealmDweller They also have a million other bugs to fix, “realmdweller”


    Cuhleef Called Legacy Island


    If you’re watching do much then I will expect you to have noticed the severe need to fix wall glitching and fall damage. Anyone with two eye’s can see how broken the game is because of these…


    MordecaiWalfish All maps are procedural generated on a seed, which means the likelihood of 2 maps being the same is very slim.


    Somebody should make a map like this for the official experimental servers, since they all have the same map it would benefit many people in experimental instead of just one server.


    bucksexington messiah123321 AndreAraujo oh yeah like 12 updates in the past 4 hours lol. He should really check that out. This is probably the most updated game on steam.


    bucksexington messiah123321 AndreAraujo they do update it a ton but I can still can’t launch the game :


    AlexanderLaheij yes. on legacy atleast.


    Oh wow! Thanks for featuring my map! For anyone curious, here’s the technical details:
    I disassembled the map, and read up a bunch on unity to figure out how exactly the map is done. Took me a bit to realize that it was generated on the fly based off a heightmap. Had to use imagemagick to turn the crazy chromatic barf that it gets stored as into a more standard 32 bit grayscale tif that blender could use. Then once I figured out how to get the gameobject files, I was able to get data and textures on pretty much every object in the game. Putting it in so few words makes it seem much easier than it was.
    Once I was able to figure out how to get everything perfectly to scale, I set about automating the process by using some bash scripts to process the data into something more parsable. Take a barel, for example. You have one file identifying it. That points to another file telling its location. It also points to a material file, which then points to its texture. I’m sure in Unity itself it’s all much more sane, but once compiled and decompiled, it’s all a mess in that style, so I used said bash scripts to trace through all those links, and give me the information about each object in a rudimentary database.
    Next step was writing up a ton of python scripts for blender, that would import the models and the corresponding into blender. Took quite some time, as I was also having to figure out how to get blender’s rendering to best match unity/rusts

    However, as the map is massive as all hell, I couldn’t do it all at once; it was killing my computer even doing a large part of the southeast corner, so I had the scripts divide the import process into 1024 chunks. However, even rendering those, which were 8192×8192 was quite a strain, so I broke those up into 64 1024×1024 bits. At that size, the numerous medium-end computers I had could handle those as well, allowing me, via blender’s netrender, to divide up the task.
    Once I had all that automated, it took the the render farm about a week of running to complete it all, versus about 20 days(of nonstop cpu and ram usage) it would have taken my desktop alone. On a whim, i also had it spend a day generating a colorful heightmap.
    After all that finished, I was left with a bajillion small images to reassemble, so after realizing imagemagick, my normal go-to command for image processing, would eat my computer alive with something of this size, i found VIPS, which, though not near as friendly, was MUCH faster for things of this scale. So after a day or so I ended up with the 38gb regular map and the 8 gb height map seen at
    My original plan was to use all the data I had available, player spawn points, drop zone paths, mob spawn zones, radiation zone radii, etc, and make a map site that blew all competition to hell. Buuut then I got busy, and got a new job, and with the news of rust soon switching to procedural maps, this project kinda fell to the side.
    However, a few days ago, I just decided, well, might as well have something to show for my work, so I tossed up what I had.


    Is it too much to ask to have rust_island_2013 as an option in New Rust?


    You should also add Custom characters or i’ll be seeing players just like me then…ehhhh


    messiah123321 AndreAraujo The game is updated multiple times a day:


    bucksexington messiah123321 AndreAraujo what do you mean what?firstly u did update once in two days  then once in three days now u doing updates like in 4-5 days!


    Wtf is with this launch error?


    Is it possible for a server not to get wiped. Because if so. That is what so many people would like.


    Suggestion regarding server wipes being part of gameplay. May need to have watched LOST to fully understand the concept.
    In LOST, one character has to enter a computer code every X hours to “save the world.” The code stops a very powerful electromagnetic pulse from destroying the island. A concept similar to this could be made into a server landmark. Should admins choose to include the landmark in their map – a preconstructed bunker would spawn and the computer would send a warning every X amount of time (weekly/biweekly?) saying the server will be wiped. Whoever chooses to live in/near the bunker has the power in his/her hands, unless raided.


    messiah123321 You do realize this is a community update right?


    if the wipe thingy would be an airdrop or something like that, im afraid that people who were new in the server would cover around the bomb with metal walls and sh*t since it is easy to build such stuff, the players who doesnt support wipe would have nothing to do and im sure they wouldnt craft enough c4  to clear those junk. 

    However, i dont have a better idea. But, im always against wipe. it might be like, the top players in the server should defend or attack to stop the bomb while the new players would be doing the opposite. But not by building junk around the bomby.


    AndreAraujo i mean they are becoming lazy again. Every time the making more and more gaps between updates


    I aways expect more!


    well, i expected more

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