Hey guys, Check out what we fixed today :

  • Added Official Server Tab – This will list the most reliable servers sanctioned by us
  • Fixed people being able to place boxes that peek through walls and shelters so they were lootable from outside
  • Spike walls now only prevent foundations from being built, vs all structure components
  • Auto-Healing from being near a camp fire will take effect 10 seconds after the last time you took damage
  • Sleeping bags under foundations fixed
  • Added cooldown timer for hostile wildlife; they will give up and stop chasing you forever
  • Fixed players not showing blood effect when hit
  • Added grass displacement to Spike Walls, Sleepers, and other things missing it
  • Fixed being able to go under water (It kills you once again upon contact)
  • Chat mode will now swallow keys (typing in chat will no longer activate items or move your character)
  • Fixed spike walls not dealing reflect damage at certain angles






Hello everyone! It’s been a while but we have a patch ready for your enjoyment.

Here are some changes and improvements we’ve made to the game over the past little while

  • You now get a repair notice when repairing an object
  • Fixed Ramps not being able to be placed leading up to foundations
  • Shelters can now be placed on rocks and have a more lenient max slope
  • Fixed exploit allowing quicker reload times
  • Lowered memory usage by about 300 megs !
  • Game should load quite a bit faster now
  • Linux cursor issue should be resolved
  • People who log off near walls shouldn’t have their legs poking outside anymore
  • Added new surface system, this allows for dynamic footsteps and improved impact effects
  • Fixed bug where players would not make footsteps under some conditions ( e.g. walking in tight circles)
  • Adjusted LOD levels to be further away from the camera
  • Added nudity convar  : censor.nudity true
  • Duping should be fixed…
  • A few crash fixes
  • Fixed lasers/flashlights not being turned off for other clients
  • You can no longer place sleeping bags under rocks
  • Fixed an extremely rare bug where terrain would be invisible under certain conditions
  • Grass isn’t as tall anymore; it should perform better
  • Moved wildlife over to use the navmesh, they will actually be able to find you now :)
  • Added some new deployables – Spiked walls for base defense, they will hurt people when they are melee’d or touched
  • Foundations cannot be placed too close to spiked walls ( prevents base climbing with stairs unless they put some extra effort in and destroy them )
  • Added a Wood Gate/Gateway – This can be used to block off parts of the map and create compounds! (Art is very WIP!)
  • Added a very rare, non-craftable smoke signal which will call an airdrop in at your location

We’re (hopefully) almost out of this maintenance phase and will soon be able to focus on adding more content to the game!





There have been a lot of questions about the release date on Steam. As of right now we are planning to release on

(11th of December 2013)

We need to make it very clear that this is Early Access. This doesn’t mean that it’s just a bit rough. It means the game isn’t finished. There’s still lots of work to be done. Sometimes it might not even work at all.

If you choose to buy an early access game you are subscribing to the development process – warts and all. So please please please don’t buy it expecting to play a finished bug free game. You will be disappointed.

Hey guys, we’ve rolled the patch out under the development branch. We will roll it out to the live servers as soon as we’re sure there aren’t any game-breaking issues with it, I’m hoping tomorrow or Monday. Stay tuned!

Hey everyone, its all my fault!

The bad news is the patch won’t be ready until tomorrow, the good news is there will be some new content in addition to bug fixes, performance improvements, and stability. Sorry again guys :(

UPDATE: The patch is live on DEV only, however it is incompatible with live servers, you’d need to find a dev server and I’m unsure if anyone is up to update their server right now to try it out

You’ve probably noticed, the new website is online. The old site is still accessible at http://old.playrust.com.. but you should only really need to access that site if you have an old Alpha key that you haven’t converted into a Steam key yet.

I couple of links on this site are premature (because the Steam page isn’t live for everyone yet).. so please don’t complain that they don’t work yet.

Also before you say “STOP UPDATING THE WEBSITE AND UPDATE THE GAME” – Helk will be pushing a new update out later today.

We’re slowly crawling towards going live on Steam.

After all the keys have sold out on Sunday we won’t be selling any more until the Steam version is live. So come Monday you won’t be able to buy an Alpha key for Rust.

The actual ‘live’ date on Steam is still a bit floaty.. but right now we’re aiming for the first half of December.. assuming we get no roadblocks and everything goes to plan.

Hey guys we’ve just pushed an update out. There’s some chat changes that people aren’t going to like. We’re going to ignore any hysterical reactions to these changes until people settle down and try to play with them, then make changes based on usage (not theory).

  • Fixed dupe bug (disconnecting internet and rejoining)
  • Fixed server list not scrolling
  • Updated chat
    • No more pm’img or local chat.
    • Can use unicode.
  • Resource collection and other notices are no longer printed in chat. They have their own GUI.
  • Fixed structure LODs popping too close
  • Fixed grass jittering due to AF being forced on for every texture
  • New options screen
    • We have taken the decision to limit screen resolution changing to the startup dialog.
    • This is to keep things as simple as possible.
    • AF/AA options were removed – because they did NOTHING.
  • Fixed broken player counts (probably)
  • Fixed lots of exploits
  • Fixed black line between sky and land
  • Updated cargo plane
  • Fixed OSX not launching
    • OSX is still not perfect. Please report experience in the forums.
  • Fixed trees not drawing in OSX
  • Grass displacement is enabled by default.

Servers will need to be restarted before you can join them.

We spent the past couple of days downgrading from Unity 4.3 to Unity 4.2.2. The benefit to you is that your FPS should zoom up to what it was before last week’s update. Maybe even higher.

The way we package the Steam builds has been reconfigured too (to speed up our build time). This has no benefit to you guys – but you might experience an extra large patch (about 800mb).