This week we flicked the switch, fixed voice chat, improved the UI and made animals bite you.

We’re Live

If you’ve run Rust in the last few days you’ll have noticed that experimental is now the default option. Which means it isn’t experimental anymore. This is what Rust is. The old version, which is now known as Legacy is still available for you to enjoy if you’re not ready for the change yet.

I want to explain why we decided to make the switch. We know there’s still bugs, we know it’s not feature complete, we know we still have work to do.. but it had to happen. It gives us a kick up the arse. Now the bugs and the missing features are a million times more obvious and a million times more urgent to us. This is how we wanted to make the game from the start.. with lots of people playing it and giving constant feedback. We’re not saying it’s finished – we’re just saying we think it’s good enough to be our foundation.


We currently have 3 branches available on Steam. You can choose your branch by looking at the “Betas” tab in Rust’s properties on Steam.


You’re probably on this branch. By default the version previously known as experimental launches, but you also have the option of launching Legacy from here too. The option to run Legacy on this branch will eventually be removed – and the version previously known as experimental will be the only version available here.


This branch contains only Legacy. Running a shortcut on your desktop will open up legacy. You won’t ever download any updates because Legacy isn’t being updated.


This branch contains the experimental branch. When we commit code, our build servers build it then it gets automatically added to this branch on Steam. Which means that this version updates multiple times a day, and is nearly always incompatible with the live version. But on the bright side this is bleeding edge, you’re playing updates as soon as they’re compiled. That’s gotta be pretty cool, right? Once or twice a week we will apply the changes on this branch to the Default branch. This is the testing ground.

HUD Changes

I changed the HUD to be a bit more familiar when coming from Legacy. It’s now on the bottom right and gives a lot more information.

One thing I found in the previous HUD iteration was that hunger, being cold, being poisoned.. they all meant nothing. The small icons didn’t make it obvious what was happening. They didn’t make it clear just how close or far away from starving you were.

We have notifications for radiation, bleeding, hot, cold, freezing, starving, dehydration, drowning and wet.

Voice Fixes

I fixed voice this week. I changed our Steam implementation over from a hacky little native plugin that I made to This made it very easy to implement Steam’s peer to peer networking.

So voice is now sent peer to peer, instead of bouncing it off the server. This seems so far to be more reliable, and it makes a lot of sense too. The only players that can hear you are all around you, so why not.

While I was having fun I also made it so the player’s mouths move when they talk. I decided not to use the version I posted on twitter.

Furnace Fixes

People realised this week that the furnace was indestructible. I love stuff like this. I love how industrious people are. This is exactly the kind of behaviour we want to try to encourage in Rust. Not this exact behaviour though – so I fixed it.

The furnace is now destroyable again. I also made it so you can’t stack them on top of each other, and you can’t deploy items inside other items.

Player Rotations

There were a few different bugs here. They all conspired together to keep the player permanently facing in the same direction.

Once I’d fixed that there was another bug that meant that the players rotation only updated when they were moving. So if a player was standing still but looking around – you wouldn’t know – because you wouldn’t get the updated view angles.

This should all be fixed now, so things should all feel a bit better. There’s still improvements we can make to the player movement in terms of lerping, so we’ll be tweaking it all over time.

AI Attack

Bears and wolves now attack. They play animations. As with everything – this is the bare basics. There’s lots of room for improvement (like not being able to out-run a wolf). Here’s a terrible video I captured.

Moon Rays

Graded Damage

Melee weapons can now have building level specific damage. This means that we can make a rock not that great at demolishing stone and metal structures.

All the weapons are set up on this system, but it will be something that we fine tune and balance over a long time.


Radiation is back properly. It now causes you harm, it shows on your hud, it fuzzies the view and plays the geiger sound. The procedural map has a few radiation spots randomly dotted around the map. We have plans to further expand on this mechanic later on.

Building Plan

The Foundation Plan now shows up as the generic “Building Plan” in the crafting menu. This is because the plans are generic – you flip between them by equipping and right clicking. A lot of people fell into the trap of looking how to craft a wall plan. Hopefully this will lessen that problem slightly.

Scaling Bones

One of the things we noticed with our clothes system is that they can sometimes not tuck in properly. For example.

Alex and Minh have been exploring a way to handle that without re-rigging the model. It involves adding an extra bone to the clothes item which we can then scale in our code. This sucks the clothes in, which has the effect of tucking in.

This hasn’t been implemented properly yet – but it works in theory.


Dan finisihed the Syringe model!

And Goosey stuck it on a viewmodel and animated it!

Spear Animations

Goosey also made a bunch of third person spear animations

Bow Animations

Alex got the new Tier 1 bow in game – and has modelled the viewmodel

Sleeping Bag

Xavier finished off the new sleeping bag model

Small Stash

Xavier is finishing off the small stash model

Concept Corner

Howie has been experimenting with how the building component frame should look.

Howie looked into the possibility of a satellite monument

Meg looked into a crane monument

Meg looked into observation tower monuments

Paul has been exploring clothing


Good progress this week again. Voice, UI and AI were the biggies. Nice to have that under our belt. Moving the branch over is a huge milestone for us too.

We’ve been suffering over the last few weeks. There’s a bug in Unity5 with Speedtree which has taken our build time of 10 minutes up to 50 minutes. This probably doesn’t seem that bad considering we’re compiling for 7 different platforms but it really slows down our iteration. Unity are really good at fixing bugs and getting out updates, and have confirmed the bug – so hopefully that’ll be fixed soon and we’ll be back to our usual dynamic.

Next week I’m going to be implementing a bunch of the art that the guys have worked on over the last couple of weeks. I’ve got some ideas in mind for improving the netcode that I’d like to explore. I also really want to make the building components easier to edit – and have had a pretty good idea on how to do that, so would love to look into that too.




    Mgowned delete game and re-install


    drpickle95 flex_231 i would delete the game then reinstall it
    should solve your problem…


    Hi all
    excellent work btw.
    i do have a question and I am sorry to bother you cause i know ur all busy….
    I want to run my server as pve and no sleepers but I cant figure out tyhe new commands on my server config for that.
    can someone please post it for me?
    I am 65 years old and i really really love this game as long as I can control the jerks that want to kill and destroy.

    love and peace



    For so e reason walls can’t be placed


    themercyfulsheep There’s no reason to, it has hardly any impact on framerates now.


    salamanderrake themercyfulsheep I agree


    Cant turn off grass.


    To bad.


    Love new rust it will be really great when finished but please do us a favour .. if your going to change things like letting peeps get through windows why not introduce window bars at the same time and give the guys with windows  a chance lol

    I love the large maps and different terrains i am really interested in its progress and can’t wait for the updates 

    my bug ….i died with thomson in my hands and when i re-spawned it looked like i was holding it but i had no weapon


    flex_231 Yeah I think I’ve got the same problem, does it come up with a grey screen with bootstrapping? Then it just closes, I’m not sure whats wrong


    paperzodiac  there are already caves just hard to find but they are there.


    PatrickKell1  look at the sun and the moon there is your compass every freaking minute of the game.


    Leignheart  3th person view should be a server property so admin have a choice to disable it. 2nd point 3th person should be limited in looking straight forward leaving only advantage that people do not surprise you from behind. Attackers should see a symbol above people that are in 3th person so they know these have wider view and have a choice not to attack from behind.


    forvrv  houses are almost unraidable when Using level6 parts(metal) 2 hours and 18 min of banging wit an axe which is the fastest tool. But dont loose your doorkey best is to hide it when you are outdoors and have a spare in your house at all times.


    LexCC  navigate on sun biomes are in the same direction on every map guess in which direction the snow biome is north east south or west LOL. Never geen a boyscout?


    I’m really enjoying this new version. I got seriously tired of the old one and stayed off for months. What a shocker!
    Love the huge map, love the terrain, love it all! I won’t repeat the bugs others have already mentioned, but the one I had was odd.
    I was in third person for a little while showing someone the differences, when I went back after five minutes or so, my arms were floating off to the right side of the screen. switching back and forth didn’t fix it so I closed and reopened the game and it reset.

    Keep up the good work!


    I’m really enjoying the new version. I love the expanded map and the terrain variations.
    I won’t repeat the bugs others listed, my only note was that when switching from third person to first person sometimes my arms would be off in the upper right hand side of the screen. Resetting the game fixed it.


    Well, that helped me see some of the new changes. Made me want to try it at least. Also as a general statement, I am sure I’m not the only one who has had already enough game time to make it worth 20$.


    Honestly if this game is hacker free, it will be the best survival game on the market, literally. Everyone i know that played it, is wondering if its going to be hacker nation. Because its an amazing game that can create amazing things, events and moments. But the hackers would ruin it and people would quit. I know this is obvious but i mean for early development to keep people playing. Because the game is gold. Just got to smear of the shit. #RustHackers=Shit


    DO NOT MAKE THE MAPS SMALLER. WTF is that guy thinking. Also great job. Everything is good you guys are doing an awsome job. I just hope hackers are not going to rule this game this time.


    What they need to do is make 3rd person view really close up so you can only see what your character looks like without being able to move or do anything besides view your character in 3rd person.


    themercyfulsheep Mays don’t need to be smaller, its cool that they are big gives you plenty or room to develop and so you arn’t shooting at your neighbors all the time from inside your house. What they really need to fix is the graphical issues and performance on the linux side of things. Experimental was good for a while then it went to pot.


    crimsonflourish Yeah third person is just easy cheat mode and it destroys the immersion of the game.


    Dear Rust developers,

    Hereby I wanted to inform you of the following issues I have been encountering in de new Rust!

    Number 1:

    PLEASE make the maps smaller!!!!!!

    Number 2:

    The trees are still bugged -_-.
    I took the liberty of making a couple screenshots about it.
    I especially find that the second shot is really something different. Quitte… artistic if i may say.

    Number 3:


    So about the world. It’s to big, as I already informed you of.
    Apart from that should the worlds NOT be RANDOM!
    It will crush the game, resulting in many gamers who will ask for refunds or just stop playing.

    Number 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, enz…

    Many other things that have been mentioned before by lots of people.

    I hope to have informed you enough.

    Kind regards.


    does anyone know my problem? i click to play rust, it gives me the option to play rust or legacy i click play rust and nothing happens but when i click legacy im able to play whats wrong?


    d6vil I think you make a really good point.  I agree that it is experimental and they are still figuring things out.  I have seen posts where they talk about being able to make a number pad lock for your door.  That would solve this problem.  As far as being able to find your friends there are other ways to go about it.  You could always build a strange, pointless structure somewhere as a point of reference.


    crimsonflourish I could not agree more.  There is not need for 1st person in this game.  The only purpose it serves is looking around corners without exposing yourself.  That encourages camping in my opinion.


    this game looks and feels great, and I absolutely can’t wait until it’s done. but I kept running into a glitch that was making the game unplayable for me.
    the game would play fine on a server for a few hours, then randomly my character (lets call this life #1) would KO for no reason and the click to wake up button would be unclickable. if I would reconnect, it would start me with a new character (life #2) and spawn me sleeping in a random location, and i would be able to click to wake up and play normally again. then, after about 15-20 minutes, all of a sudden my screen would switch off of life #1 and follow life#2 again, who would still be KO, and the click to wake up button would be unclickable. if I would disconnect and start life #3, after about 15-20 minutes I would KO and go back to life#2, knocked out, with the click to wake up screen present but not clickable. this would repeat over and over.
    another thing. I encountered a player once and killed him with a hatchet. he instantly respawned on his own body and tried to fight me. i killed him again and the same thing happened two more times until he and his friends (who finally joined him) were able to run up on me and kill me.
    both of these happened on official servers. can’t wait for the next update!!!


    d6vil Hi, I play now the Experimental for some weeks.
    To find Friends, its not so hard, took us max 10 to 15 min on every new map. Where is the Point of having all the time the same Map, its BORING…. LIke this you have all the Time a new Adventure, new Places to discover….
    Sry but if you dont find your Friends, get some Skill.
    Have a nice Day


    Played a few hours after experimental was finally released. I have to say its a change, I believe its more scalable now from a development perspective, but I feel that they ignored some of the things that really worked well in the original Rust. Allow me to digress- 

    There are two things that completely killed the game for me, which I think other people feel as well. I understand they are going for realism- that’s fine- but there is a fine line between realism and playability, risk + reward, and FUN. Going back, the two game killers right now (which I think are the overwhelming majority of complains at this point) are the key system and inability to find your friends. Original rust, being a set map, encouraged you to explore but also made it relatively easy to find your friends if you put in enough time to learn the map. With the procedural map, unless you put a LOT of time into a single server, its extremely difficult to find your party. Rust legacy works with no way to find your friends but with a procedural map WE NEED AN EASIER WAY. Second, the key system. I understand coded locks are not realistic in terms of cavemen, but for playability it is so much better. I built a completely secure house, spent HOURS building it, only to go out, lock my house, and die to a bear in the middle of a field. I couldn’t locate my body. I respawned in my house and had built a roof exist that i left unlocked, so I could get out, but had no way of getting back inside without my body. I quit the game as soon as I saw this flaw because I had no way of regaining access to my house other than to break all the doors down.. If you want to keep keys, fine..I get it…but you should AT LEAST be able to craft keys for locked doors from inside the house.  The other suggestion I have with keys- let us be able to label them! I had about 10 doors in my house, with at least 2 duplicate keys to each door. That’s ~30 keys! They took up so many wood crates and I got them mixed up to much frustration. 

    Bottom line-  I loved legacy, I miss it. I’ve let go though, in hopes that this version will be better one day. I know its experimental still, so I hope Facepunch sticks with some of the old mechanics that worked so well, or find ways around these major holes. A game is not fun when you risk being locked out of your house when farming because you lost your key. This is a game, bottom line its supposed to be fun, above all. Let us find our friends easier, group up. F*ck the key system, go back to codes! IRL you can hide your house key under a rock or in a bush so if you lose your key you can get in with a spare. Or, you call a locksmith and he opens your door. You aren’t forced to break down your door with a pickaxe. IRL, Rust problems dont exist. Cavemen didnt have keys. We get the realism thing, but do you get the playability thing?


    HAAALP! Wake up will not work at all all i can do is watch my buns!


    Mudda32 Dude, if you want to play DayZ so bad then gooo and plaaaay DayZ, nobody is stopping you. You don’t want to play DayZ? don’t play it… you don’t like Rust?? don’t play it! :D
    You don’t like any game that’s out??? don’t play them!
    You have great ideas for a game? You’re a mastermind that can create the perfect game that makes sense? yep, just as 98% of gamers, and you’re invited to create your own unique awesome game! :)


    leongsharp He’s already said there will never be a map of that nature. The goal with rust is to keep things as realistic as he can, so any maps that will be added to the game will be made by in-game means.


    Yeah please get some sort of map top right of GUI screen? it will help heaps with identifying where your friends are and also some form of co-ordinates of all X, Y and Z axis?


    Hay, if its not too much could you fix the linux Dedicated server and the graphical issues that happen on rust. I really hope this game makes a comeback.

      shakeel amlay

    Hey guys could u add likea map or compass thing to help people get around. Evwn if it just fepicts landmarks.
    Aalso could u guyd add more reasourced like water specific resources and animals aybe fish sharks ect and watercbased weapons aswell.


    how can i play with a friend if we can’t find each other ?


    Leignheart That doesn’t help though. What KIND of hacks? 90% of the crap people are calling hacks are just their own stupidity and bad netcode.


    Not to defend the other guy, but nobody really gives a dang about your word fetishes.


    The mutated animals they made in legacy freaking sucked so bad I could hit right in the face through these comments for saying they are good.


    Mystery, that’s just code for make up your own story because im lazy too.


    There are a he’ll of alot more hacks than just a speed hack. Lol


    Mudda32 you really should start using the word “too” instead of either, it’s fucking driving me nuts.


    Mudda32 zombies built the buildings..? Garry said that there will be *a lot* of mystery in Rust, maybe the robot drop crates, or the game masters made them… maybe its just an abandoned area…


    Not Really, that breaks the whole background story of rust.

    1. In Rust there are Buildings, did Animals build that? No Zombies- that was an answer for me.
    2. The Animals arent really looking after fun, cause they are just some wild animals like in Minecraft, so it means Rust copies Minecraft either :).
    3. Why would animals better work as zombies? animals are already existing and mutated animals, I mean thats main stream all the time.
    It should not Include only Animals as AI.
    4. Neary everybody buid the game cause he though its an DayZ clone in the first months.


    absolutely worth the wait its fantastic guys. Scenery is awesome and every time I turn around the little bugs are being fixed, new things added. I wont be going back to legacy anymore this is really great. well done!


    forvrv It’s like 90% there. Still some optimization to be done and few missing things and netcode to be worked on, but it’s totally my prefered version now. Since this dev blog was put out they already removed the color placeholders on the leveled walls and have proper stone and metal texturing already. And the “beta” version even has the doors textures properly too.

    I still suggest that you press F2 and turn off stuff like PVT and maybe even shadows. More optimization yet to be done but I’d say it’s more stable than Legacy was, especially since the times when the client freezes trying to download a huge house are fewer and farther between.

    Since they made it the default version they’re way more responsive to the game-breaking bugs, glitches and exploits, while the concept artists can continue on their side with adding more of these cool monuments and fleshing out animations. BY the end of the week we might see a working thompson, pipe shotty and a water bag to finally drink from :D The addition of key rings also seems probably very soon.


    so is experimental as playable as legacy now? wondering if i should log in and give it a shot. a couple weeks ago i tried to load up experimental and it was extremely slow to load and eventually just crashed so i gave up.


    All looks great, can’t wait for patches in the future, my only real concern is one that I have had since the beginning of experimental. Third person, please, please, please, remove it, It’s so exploitable and takes away from the immersion, I mean you can still see yourself in inventory so why on god’s green earth do you need the ability to look around corners, I consider this a major turn off to rust. It’s also part of the reason why I loved old rust so much and put over 700 hours into it. Please garry/facepunch, remove this.If you can’t thats understandable. I just really would enjoy it more knowing that I couldnt see/be seen around corners.


    Mudda32 Mutated animals sound better and would work better than Zombies in a caveman open world game.


    This is all looking great guys. I’ve been looking forward to Rust’s updates for some time now, and I’m very pleased with the way things are going. It’s looking great, and I love the atmosphere and style the game has. Keep up the good work!


    Wow. Dev Team I have to say great work.

    The old Rust was a lot better, with ZOMBIES!
    Now its pissy, you can win against everything. No enemy is very strong.

    Now its a REAL DayZ Clone, It never was one. And only because some people saying “Rust Is stolen from DayZ” it doesnt mean you have to remove the strongest AI in the game. The Zombies was very very useful, they dropped very rare items and they was difficult to fight.

    So DayZ removed nearly every Zombie in their game too, there only in one map 20-40 Zombies.
    So it means now youre cloning DayZ exactly!

    I wanna back, the old Rust and the half of my friends quitted the game as I do today either.
    We had the hope that finally a survival game is not based on just killing each other.
    Yea Looting is fun, but a game shouldnt be based on killing and robbing other players, that shouldnt be the goal.
    The goal should be to survive not to kill other players 24/7.
    I mean you join the game and get shot from Players with Kevlar and Assault Rifles while youre holding a stone, whats that for a logic?

    But Wait?
    You won’t read this text, you will ignore the Wantings of thousand of ppls just because YOU DONT WANT TO CLONE DAYZ?
    7DaysToDie copied either, but they made the gameplay a lot better!
    The Fifth Day either.
    Unturned too.
    And like 100 Early Access Games too.

    The World is made from copiers, it’s like Obama says to Angela Merkel that she copies his sentences.
    That would be just crazy and everybody will ignore that, because everybody copies!



    grimmjow450 It’s also more finished >.>


    We need a compass for the random maps


    Buy 7 Days To Die. 100 x better than Rust. 100 more crafting,more survival game.


    ZSurvivalist flex_231 I;d like to point out that “default” is the experimental everyone is playing. When you pick the experimental beta you get the version that updates daily and has only one dev test server.


    2FaceBeast 3dmagicdk

    Well if im in my home i can’t “respawn” or “wakeup”. If i try F1 and use wakeup it say not sleeping and invalid command.
    If i start out of my home i have no problems at all only in home. i start log in out of my home, and i try run to my home i get after some times “tele” to home and im sleeping and now i can’t do nothing.. Not Respawn or wakeup and i can not even use Esc and disconnect and try log on again.. I have to close game window from x in the right upper coner. 



    MaxToTheRight My friend and I managed to find each other, but the sleeping bug fucked that up. I think it’s been fixed but oh well. A classic map would be nice too, with monuments and what not. The wolf statues don’t really help currently, but the Satellites do.


    flex_231 You need to switch to the ‘Default branch’.

    Right click Rust in steam, go to properties, select betas, choose none or experimental.


    superiormadben Chill out. Keys are fine, stop being a baby. The game is in alpha I’m sure all of those will be added. For now, play legacy or another game if you don’t want to bug test.


    Xercodo I had thiat problem as well, I believe they fixed it today. I would crash and when i came back on it said i was dead but my friend could see me standing there. It was that your guy never went to sleep so when the game looked for your body, it couldn’t find it so the game would think you’re dead, but you’re just not sleeping. Fucking annyoying.


    game thinks you’re dead because your character never ‘went to sleep’


    necreWF Xercodo 2FaceBeast 3dmagicdk Yeah it did solve that part, but then every time I log off a server I’ve died. Even when hiding in a house, and no matter how quickly I rejoin, I’d always die. That bug seems server specific and reinstalling didn’t help.


    Xercodo 2FaceBeast 3dmagicdk reinstall the game works or type respawn in console


    Please add caves!


    add handcuff please it will be soo funny , and add animation that we can hang ppl l


    2FaceBeast TaaviLadev Never had such problems with other games on my rig. It probably would be better if I had a decent cpu and ram, but Rust freezing up like that is ridicilous. I guess the devs will fix it someday.


    The game crash on start!!!


    vandal92ssl Can you describe hacks you’re seeing. I have heard of a speed hack but that’s it. If people are killing you from too far away with a axe ro rock that’s just the bad netcode and isn’t a hack.


    Hey Guys,

    Here I show off the new patch with my own twist!


    A huge problem with this game is Cheaters.) In it’s impossible to play(bad game)


    2FaceBeast 3dmagicdk Yeah I had a steam friend have this problem and then it eventually started happening to me. The only option is to go to another server.

    I haven’t tried respawn yet though. I will next time I have the problem, assuming they don’t fix it this week.


    3dmagicdk 2FaceBeast Hmm, not sure I’d have to look into, I just saw that Xercodo posted that elsewhere so I thought I’d share it.   But you can try to type “respawn” in console.  That might work.


    The servers are horrendous ,the netcode is extremely poor and gitchs are frequent. Obviously this is the alpha version but you really need to get on top of this its not even playable against some people from different countries aka turkey for Europeans


    garry(or anyone else) pls help me evry time i run my game and press strat game the game crashes


    Hey Garry, are you planning to add controller support?


    I can’t join servers.. like there are none for me to join. Is it because I’m running linux? I’m getting windows very soon, so if that’s the problem then i hope it’ll be fixed.


    2FaceBeast 3dmagicdk

    Well i have try F1 and  “wakeup” and consol say (not sleeping) Invalid command.. ?? 

    So what do i now ? ?


    I am having a problem with playing. After playing for a few minutes the Menzies stop coming up and I can’t farm resources. I have to disconnect and reconnect to the server to play again. Is there something I can change to fix this?


    TaaviLadev   You should have 8gb or 16gb of ram,  if you only have 4gb of ram then thats your problem.  I have 4x8GB of ram and never have an issue using max graphics on anything.


    eaumilieu type “respawn” in console or if it’s your computer try this
    it might be a REALLY slow frame rate causing the UI to be
    unresponsive. You can force it by pressing F1 and typing “wakeup” into
    the console.

    Then once you’re up, close the console
    with F1 again and this time press F2 to open graphic settings. Turn off
    PVT. If it is a low framerate then be slow about clicking it. Don’t spam
    it or you’ll turn PVT back on.


    Coolmoe300 Theres a setting to blur it out.  It use to be, go to console and type in censor.nudity true but I’m not sure if that is still how you do it.


    3dmagicdk Yea it’s probably your computer.  try this

    it might be a REALLY slow frame rate causing the UI to be
    unresponsive. You can force it by pressing F1 and typing “wakeup” into
    the console.

    Then once you’re up, close the console
    with F1 again and this time press F2 to open graphic settings. Turn off
    PVT. If it is a low framerate then be slow about clicking it. Don’t spam
    it or you’ll turn PVT back on.


    I really don’t know what to do since the last update my game lost the sound… Nothing rong with my general sounds because the older Rust is working perfect.
    Just this version i can’t hear nothing since the opening window, i go inside the game and stil no sounds to…
    Does someone have this problem?
    Help me please someone don’t know de solution to my probleem, the game is playing normally but no sound at all.


    <3 wall jumping bug


    connor491 mbarnett25

    Very well said!


    I never said you couldn’t find meteorite impacts, just that you don’t see them. More than 90% of earth’s population will never see a meteor impact from the day they are born till the day they die, so why would that be implemented into rust? And i never compared meteor impacts to aliens or big foot, if you read what I wrote then you see i said you would find someone who has “seen” aliens or Bigfoot before you find a person who has seen a meteor impact as they are that rare.


    phaerin I REALLY like this idea, but how would one naked man start with such a device, Surly this would have to take an established player to make, 
    2 easy and they become common, 2 hard and it becomes a real brain ache to get establish prior to have to find your friends.. 

    This is an awesome idea that deserves merit, but if implemented would have to be balanced well for difficulty to create such a device.


    hi I cant play the new rust it keeps saying that its running but its not,but I can play the old rust plz help


    Smack the lock once after pressing lock or unlock or restart the game. That fixed the lock bug for me.


    I hope that you will add more monuments and radd towns in the near future ;)


    checkseven Same Problem :(


    Leignheart thywolfengamer  because nothing happens in rust on a weekly basis?


    oconnr I’m sure they’ll come out with explosives, corrosive acids or blow torches to cut through.


    MortenSandanger As it should be imo.


    Every time i launch rust it shows the main menu background but never loads the actual text menu. it doesn’t work for me :(


    eaumilieu I get this too its so annoying all I want to do is play and I cant wake up


    Hey Rust world.

    Well im kinda sick not be able to wake up, i come on and im dead. Well i respan and go look for my home think i got raided, but pufff im in my home sleep and cant clik wake up buttom or respawn…. WHAT the biiippp do i do to get to play a ells great game ????? 

    The Joker


    thywolfengamer Well in a few weeks, it will for the most part be unchanged, it took them more than a few weeks just to address the stone hatchet not working. But hey you might really like the experimental, and if you do not, then you can play the legacy version which is super fun to play for the first time, you might sink 300 hours into the legacy version before you start getting bored with it. Give it a try.


    Ravvick None of the other stuff in legacy had any meaning either, nor an intriguing story. If you haven’t noticed the developers have been making stuff up as they go.

      Neo Li

    What’s more important is that in the experimental server, just concentrate more on the bugs (sleeping bag bugs, crashing, animal clipping, wall jumping glitch).. The essence of the legacy version should be working fine on the newer one, yet, it gave bug that never happened before. I wonder what did happen in the backend when you change the legacy rust to this new one until it gave out more bugs on previously working mechanics? does object oriented programming even happening in rust? or the code was messy like being outsource to different countries for every thing?? lol.. 

    Anyway, kuDos, will be waiting at least for BETA version. hehe :P


    mbarnett25 Likeasomebooodeeee Seriously though, imagine hearing a loud rumble and having to run down all 7 flights of stairs to get out and survive. You then watch your fortress come crashing down. You hear a rush of water, and turn around to see a 65 foot wave coming towards you. You spring towards a cave, but the water catches you, and you are flung forwards as your vision goes black. When you open your eyes, you see trees flattened and towns leveled. In the distance you see a small dust devil… Nothing to be concerned about. You go back to your once-grand mansion-house-fortress-of-doom-thing to scavenge for parts. You hear something crunch and a tree flies past you. You Turn around. The harmless dust devil has turned into a much more menacing full-on tornado. “Oh fuck my a-” are the last words out of your mouth before the tornado picks you up and smashes your head into a rock, turning you into nothing more than a piece of shitty swiss cheese ( see image).
    What a great day in Rust.


    MichaelJanes Same here, few weeks ago the experimental branch was decently playable and I’ve got the same processor as you, but OC’d to 2.9 ghz. Haven’t seen any solutions so far, I guess we’ll just have to wait.


    I know the door system is meant to be realistic, and i like it, but almost all of the players like the code system too, so if you could add some kind of upgrade to the door system, like this maby: 1 upgrade = key: 2 upgrade = blood (DNA)(it would work if you added some kind of id to each players blood), upgrade 3 = code. It would been very cool if u added that DNA thing XD


    I think padlock with combination that can be craft would be à great idea


    superiormadben the worlds r random m8 if you server jump ul never get the same map


    please ad pants as defalt otherwise i cant play do
    strikt parents




    PLEASE get a proper map going with a road etc, this one is too all over the place

      88 Fingers Louie

    Oh yeah, if you have a wake up issue hit F1 and type ‘respawn’ helped me out alot.


    waffler Ravvick I understand that, but honestly I think the map is way TOO procedural. And I think the procedural landscape is a bit too… boring? Compared to the structure you can get from artistically designing a static map. That’s what is missing for me.

    Like, if the monument was connected to a road, which was connected to other stuff.. etc.  As long as there’s a feeling of ‘connectedness’ then I’m okay with it.

      88 Fingers Louie

    PLEASE bring back the code system for the doors, having to craft a key makes it very difficult to share a house if there are none crafted and no one to give you one. At least make it so you can share locks and craft your own key to a shared house…..or just bring back codes please.

    Having such an issue with waking up, today it was unplayable as i had to exit game and log back in about 30 before i could wake up.

    Really like rust but there two issues are a priority i think.



    It needs a classic, non-procedural map. Or at least chunk together parts of the map and randomly place that so it’s still procedural, but more structured. It’s just too barren and boring and ugly at the moment. Where’s the art, the environment, and the desirability of certain chunks of land that made me love rust legacy?

    Anywhere you build in experimental is a shit place, because you don’t know what or where anything is nearby.


    Try pressing f1 and typing response, if it still doesn’t work type wake up


    When are the waking up and locks bugs are going to be fixed?


    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do something about the doors, having to make a key and lock your door, and if you die people can acsess your house is ridiculus, Iknow its supposed to be as realistic as possible but it would be super stupid if your neighbour can kill you and then acsess your house ..


    KaneSoto LOL but that high jump though!


    super jump exploit is getting a little annoying…..


    FernandoBracci DuelKill A lot of people are having performance issues right now, those that aren’t are lucky,
    I am one that cannot play this game at all in its current state, and yes I have tweaked all the in-game graphics as well as reducing resolution, adjusting the launcher options, etc.
    I believe that this issue is specific to some hardware/software configuration and once that cause is determined it should be fixed.


    try starting up rust and nothing happens only able to play on legacy for some reason anyone know what this issue is?


    TaaviLadev I’m having the same issues. Have their been any replies to this problem?

    My system specs:
    Intel Q6600 Quad-Core2 @ 2.4 Ghz
    4GB Corsair DDR2 RAM
    evga GeForce GTX 750Ti 2GB
    I was able to run experimental just fine with full specs a couple of weeks ago, but now it is impossible to play for more than a couple of minutes.


    Leignheart well this is a game not reality. Of course you can find meteorits on
    earth, for example in the Nevada desert. No, I have not seen a meteorite
    impact myself, but in theory, it is not imposible to do. You are right,
    to compare meteorits with aliens or bigfoot does really not make sance!
    Well I am not sure about the ninjas, but hey… the equipment and
    clothes would be cool! ;)


    There is no such thing as a vegetarian when it comes to starving and surviving. You eat whatever you can get. If you don’t eat for a couple weeks and I set a steak in front of you, you will eat it.


    Not to piss on your idea, but really, asteroid or meteorite impacts is an absolutely rediculous idea, ask yourself, have I personally seen or even know anyone who has seen an asteroid or meteorite impact? Let alone start mining it. Your far more likely to run into someone who claimed to see aliens or Bigfoot than a meteorite impact so why implement it? Why would that make sense? You may as well add aliens because they are cool right? And ninjas! Hell no!


    The experimental branch needs some serious optimization, I waited for nearly 20 minutes for the game to load a map and then I just gave up and had to restart my PC, cos HDD went crazy and PC was pretty much frozen.


    Bestrich04 NathanDutoit i got to see the menu, lucky me ;)


    I wanted to write about limitting destruction and making the HUD clearer and then when i saw this post i was laughing :D


    I definitely think it would be cool if they had a “Classic” rust map on the official servers, mainly because they can achieve a much more cinematic looking map as we’ve seen in their ‘rust art’. Also every time my friends and I have joined a server we’ve never been able to find each other, I don’t know if it’s just the lack of monuments or the fact that the maps are too large. Then community servers would have the option of having the “Classic” map or a procedural generated map. I just think it would be nice to have a familiar map to come back to.


    mbarnett25 crackqwak I had thought of that too. It could work. But then the question becomes, what’s the sense in the system at all? Will I ever really need 41% of the stack? Perhaps. But if I can split a stack in half quickly, I can come to that amount pretty quickly through traditional User Interface methods (like Minecraft for example). I don’t know. The first time I played experimental a while back, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why when I clicked on a stack of items, for some maddening reason it wasn’t moving the whole stack. I think a few play sessions later I finally figured out that the item stack was itself a slider of sorts. For a split second, I thought, “Hey, that’s cool.” But if I’m honest, a few minutes later I was back to just being annoyed with it and wishing there were at least some hotkey for me to hold so that I could just move whole stacks easily without having to be so mouse-precise. Anyway, just my two cents.


    I am wondering why people can jump on my roof when my house is two story ? it seems that when you place a window people can jump on that and after on the roof. that got me killed and was annoying since i spent quite a bit of time on my house ( lvl 6 walls and stuff ) 


    mohammadpcg i just spammed the wakeup button and 2 mins later i was awake but i cant do it now


    NathanDutoit at least u got to get into the game for me it wont let me load it so i can play it D:


    i loved rust for about since the day i learned how to actualy learned to play it properly and it was very cool but ive joined a new server made new friends as ussaly and the next day boom expermental and i loved it even more it was truly awesome but the next 2 days…… i got on and when i clicked on rust it said downloading and it wouldnt stop and it wouldnt let me open up rust for reason it said corrupted file and rust for me has never had a corrupted file so it wont let me play anymore help plz?


    thywolfengamer  it works great for some and not so well for others right now, if you can get into the game hit F2 to open your graphics menu and you can tweak it some and see if its acceptable to you as it stands.  It really seems like people are having a lot of good/bad experiences in new rust, so you really just need to try for yourself.  It takes seconds to do it.  Its not like you have to redownload the game.


    Zero Fox FK  that kind of banter will die down over the next few months.


    connor491 mbarnett25  you are referring to an early access game as “released”.  All you premise is based on the fact that you think early access/alpha/beta=full release.  Derp.


    huntingdog001  in a world where concepts and promises are the same thing…


    JebusNZ EricNims  to people like this guy those words are all a marketing ploy to make us buy a game that in his opinion 1)should have been 100% complete from day one 2)  Will never be finished because they grabbed our money and ran.  

    Either argument is completely absurd to me.


    I love rust


    nooo :( 

    we ned old rust new rust get to mach fps.. and not have options graphic :(( 
    rust developments lost more players when its only experimental client :((


    Would it be possible to focus on fixing the crash bugs first so that we can actually try the game out? xs
    I used to be able to get to the menu, it crashed when i clicked play.
    Now i can’t even get that for anymore, the screen stays black and then the game crashes.

    I love how the game looks so far (at least what i see on here) and I’d like to check it out for myself. The fact that it keeps crashing is extremely frustrating. xs


    thywolfengamer What are you waffling for?  Give it a try and see for yourself.. people either love it, or hate it.  You won’t know until you try.. and it won’t hurt to try..


    Am I the only person here that thinks lvl 6 wall upgrades should require the ever-sought-after explosive barrel in order to break down?  All the work to gather resources, finally upgrade your wall.. only to have some schmuck with a rock tape down his left mouse button and go golfing, so that he can more than likely return to a broken down wall.   I know “this is alpha”, I’m just hoping that they at some point change the rules on that…


    Nice job guys, i now believe that this game will get there :)
    I had an idea, i dont know if i’m the first person to talk about this, but it would be AWSOME if Rust Legacy was given to the community, with the source code and all, so that the community could keep developing and modding that game.
    The legacy is so different from the experimental version, and it still have a lot of potencial i think you didn’t have anything to lose and we would win a lot with two different amazing games.
    What do you guys think?


    mohammadpcg ahh yeah, the login and being unable to wakeup is a weird problem… :/


    sry for my bad eng  . its like food and water are unlimmited .  and thats bug spawn ( i cant wakeup  . i click on wakeup and noting happend) ty for support


    mohammadpcg the wood is correct when using a rock. Rock was nerfed.

    Food and water what? What about them?


    hi garry . pls fix thats bug : i can spawn (i click on wakeup and not worked ) and i one atack on tree and give 20 wood O_O ;/ and 
    Food and water will not be  ty garry good work :)


    What are you talking about? This looks way better than old Rust and it runs loads better. I also have a really shitty PC. Try pressing F2 and mess with the settings. This version is optimized to the hilt


    Dude… I don’t know how to break this to you… but that’s old Rust.


    Not that long ago. It wasn’t really a promise though, it was concept art.


    I actually didn’t know this until someone pointed it out to me the other day. Its a great system if you have the game in high res. But things like the build list and this suffer when in a lower res because things like Wall Plan are further down and not visible.


    Well the idea is that you just stick to one map and build your settlement. If you’re not server hopping then the ‘monuments’ are going to be permanent feature aren’t they. A lot more immersive than the old boring Rust map with the pointless road to nowhere.


    I haven’t played Legacy since Experimental came out. Now that Experimental is the main one the Chat (which should be removed) is just full of Legacy players typing /kit, /wood1000, /imanoob etc. and complaining that this isn’t Rust. I forgot how easy they had it, lol. I’m glad they have the option to play the old crappy version. I just wish text chat wasn’t an option.


    So from what I am seeing from the comments below, is that i should hold off playing the new version of Rust and wait a few more weeks? Please give your honest opinions so i can debate to even try and attempt to play. :)


    Please add Hit Mark.!


    Thats why im not playing it no more, but every week i open it to see what is happening with this version 2.0, im confident that New version will be the good one but for sure its really not done yet


    rustyy agreed


    ummm i cant wake up when i join a server… wtf im sick of this shit its so annoying


    I agree with the build plan foundation thing. It was the only thing that confused me when playing the new Rust for the first time, but I think just changing it to “Building Plan” isn’t enough, you should add a message that appears when holding the Building Plan… “Right-click for building options”



    Look, the “This is alpha” excuse is so tired. It’s a blanket statement. It can be used to defend every possible disappointment, and it doesn’t actually respond to the issue. Your other statements are valid, they’re your opinions. I have very strong feelings about this community, about this dev process, and about the entire philosophy of selling a game, then remaking it from scratch while still selling it. Needless to say, you won’t be changing my mind and making me suddenly excited to play rust experimental. It’s frustrating that you are excited; I think Garry banks on that fact every day.

    At a certain point, a game that has been released and called “playable” cannot be accepted if it has consistent, game-breaking bugs. A very serious conversation needs to happen in the gaming world about how honestly helpful or unhelpful open alpha is, because right now it seems like thousands of people are shouting about bugs, about their great ideas for the game, about hackers, and about the actual vision for Rust: The Completed game (who knows when that’ll be, they have no end plan). I firmly believe that 99% of it is just white noise to the devs. They know the bugs, they’ll ignore most of the ideas, they know we’ll play it anyway. They already have our money. They can spend weeks making concept art and it doesn’t matter. I can’t find a damn animal to kill in Experimental, but they’re pretty f***ing proud of their concept art.

    On paper, Rust has the ambition of a AAA title, but this new version proves that this dev team doesn’t really need to get there anytime soon. Because they have players like you, who are constantly excited to play a buggy piece of shit.


    nanovolts mbarnett25  yes is that weird? Once Howie’s awesome idea’s are implemented I can drool over them in game and stop doing it in this forum xD


    connor491  I, for one, am super-excited that I get to play this buggy ass game every day.  It literally takes me 5 tries to get in sometimes.  And then sometimes I still end up crashing.  I get like 35fps when I’m lucky and my pc is reasonably good.  (Titanfall runs smooth at high settings)  But I love these devblogs and I love the updates and I watch as they implement a little at a time, and as it gets a little smoother.  Then it goes to crap again for a few hours/days.  This is alpha.  But I love to feel like I’m part of the process by putting my input in where I can and hoping that things progress well.  And they are progressing very quickly.  Have you tried changing settings?(F2 in game for graphics menu)   Have you taken any screenshots?  Have you reported your bugs?  And all the while you can still play Legacy……….so why are you even worried about it?


    i cant wake up when i join a server
    lots of people had been saying tis plz fiz it


    mbarnett25 nanovolts no its just funny


    Ravvick  so what you are saying is you love games that only have one map, and preferably one that isn’t too terribly big?  Procedurally Generated servers are in my opinion like buying an expansion everytime you switch servers.  I always want new maps, i always want to explore someplace new.  But if you don’t want that then find a server that doesn’t update.  I know you aren’t the only one that feels this way so I’m sure you will find a map that is, if not permanent, atleast there for a long time.  You bought a game that is shooting for the stars and you are pissed that it isn’t watching tv with you.


    crackqwak  I think if we just had a bit larger of an area that covered the 100% region it would be fine.


    lol do you read all the comments


    Rust is so slow for me!!! Unlike when experimental started. Now it makes my computer slow and loading takes like 5 minutes. My computer can ran high graphic games like tombraider. Clicking on wakeup doesn’t do shit and it crashes a lot. Really broken game right now.


    If you guys are like me and still play lots of Legacy Rust, you will be glad to know I made a video tutorial for a base which cannot be noclipped or “sleeping bagged” into! The only way in is with some good ole-fashioned C4, and it will take lots of it! Check it out if you want to make your own hacker-proof base!


    Ravvick That’s the point. You make the story. You have to walk around and explore, go to peoples homes and figure out who you can trust and who you can’t. I can’t wait till role playing takes off in this game.


    crackqwak I totally agree that this is an annoyance (though I LOVE this game). I think the issue stems from having too high a resource pool. If we were working with single digits of resources in our recipes, we wouldn’t need to worry about splitting stacks and all that. But since they switched to tens and hundreds of resources per harvest or per recipe, it requires some way of quickly splitting such a large stack. I think one answer would be to simply go back to smaller resource pools. Or the other answer would be to simply allow us to hold shift or alt to pick up a whole stack quickly. Shift + Left Click picks up a whole stack quickly. Shift + Right Click picks up a half stack quickly. Something like that would be a step in the right direction.


    It bothers me that pieces of the former world are called “monuments” and that they’re randomly generated. One of the big things I loved about Old Rust was that tree was a sense of permanence in the map and a possible story for us to figure out. If every map is different and the old structures are random, it’s less immersive. It has no meaning. It’s just a game, not an intriguing story to live in.


    Great stuff guys.


    I dont disagree that there is a difference between legacy and new but when legacy was released it was far worse than new. Also finding game breaking bugs is what alpha is for. Open alphas are about expanding your test base far beyond what is possible in house. Not about having a polished experience for users.


    There’s a big difference between alpha dev phase (legacy rust) and what rust experimental is at this point.
    Game-breaking bugs means it is not ready to be released and should not even be available to play.


    Game crashes
    It can not also be Respawn


    crackqwak The way they should do it : the actual system could be on the bottom half of the image and if we want to drag & drop the entire stack, we do it on the upper half of the image !


    You should really look up what the alpha development phase in software development actually involves. Finding game breaking bugs is typical given its where play testing actually begins.


    Looks who’s laughing now..


    13r1ckz I dont support that


    Wolffog Jeah I hate it also


    huntingdog001 When was that promise made


    crackqwak I agree with you
    The should do it the old way


    Hey there I don’t know if you actually read these but you guys are doing a great job! Although one thing that I find to be a problem for me is when you go to drag a certain amount of rocks are something with large quantity, it is very hard to do so because of the way you have to go higher up on the item to get more of it, and when I want all of it, it is usually only about a 1 pixel space, if you could fix this it would be greatly appreciated, keep up the good work!


    Playing this version on Mac is a short experience, at least for me. Every time I log on, (either community or official server) I wake up, start running around and farming resources, and then I am unable to open my HUD, chat, or any other menu. I can’t log out or Tab + CMD to switch the application. It just goes blurry, and the only way I can get out is by using the shortcut to Force Quit.

    I didn’t have this problem with Legacy Rust, so I’m not sure if this is a OS-specific bug or just a general problem with this version. Either way, I’m not playing again until there is a major overhaul. Really disappointing. This isn’t even Pre-Alpha state, this is still just an experiment.


    EricNims What is it about the word, active development and early access that you don’t understand.


    Hey Everyone i made a rust cinematic youtube video where i show the beauty of rust go check it out…..


    Wheres the robots already? We were promised robots!


    I can’t keep the client open for more than 5 minutes at a time before it crashes, plays perfectly until I get a prompt saying that it’s crashed.




    Taking the GPS thing a notch further.
    How about this – if you happen to stumble across a receiver unit and you’d recharge it, looking through its menu and finding a coordinate..
    Now this would be anything from a trap (explosives, tripwire, camouflaged hole-in-the-ground, zombie bear in a cave) or.. a stash, a base perhaps, something way more cool than an airdrop. The coordinates would be accurate, the GPS unit’s accuracy would be subject to change.
    A quest, if you will. Might take days to lock onto the coordinates, sometimes you can barely get a heading and you’d need to use a good ol’ compass to make it there. Might just as well be a trap.

    Upon the discovery of the coordinates the server would spawn the required site(trap/stash/base/something) at random, seeing to it that it looks inconspicuous and hundreds of yards away from nearest logged on players or buildings.



    Skadolphin not just the same map of 2013, for me a new biggest map, but same in all cases should be cool. Think in Chernarus+. Its not great to learn locations, and go there always with your team? example the new radar monuments, in a specific zone


    DuelKill  well, the experimental runs better than legacy for me. I have a gt 610 2gb ddr3 (bad for gaming) and with the settings in fastest, terrain quality at 50 and render on 3000 i run the game with 35 fps (1024×768 resolution too)


    Hey people 
    i found some cool spots in rust.


    DuelKill What video cards you running? I’ve been playing for a while w/ 4x 290x’s and I haven’t experienced any problems at all.


    IMPORTANT question…………WHEN IS THE FRAME RATE PROBLEM GOING TO GET FIXED??????????? experimental is the opposite of optimized right now………


    Never played a game where as they change things your game can just stop working. To me, it made no sense to make this version the default now. Runs like crap and in software development, I would never make the default release the one I’m working on LIVE. It is/will cause too many problems. Kind of sad I can run BF4 on highest settings and have issues running this.


    Aeyo I agree with everything this guy says. You devs should hire this guy or something.


    Another nice thing would to have would be the +/- amount and create buttons from the old crafting system again. If I want to make 50 gunpowder, I think it’s asinine to have to click gunpowder 50 times.


    I love all the new gameplay stuff, but I hate the procedural map. Will there ever be an option to play new Rust on the 2013 map?


    Number 6 on the clothing thing looks like a ninja. I WANT THIS IMPLEMENTED IN GAME!!!

      Jay M

    #3 on the second row of clothing sketches (the one with spikes and a hood) is the best. I love it. It fits Rust perfectly, because it looks worn and crudely assembled yet still badass. I’m glad to hear there’s tons of progress, too.


    So, idk if its just me but I’m not a big fan of the inventory system. I love the look of it but it feels clunky how you have to click the top of a stack to grab all of it. I was thinking instead of having the whole inventory icon put towards selecting how much of an item you want, you could have a bar overtop of the item or something so its easier to grab a full stack.


    dragonbladefilms Emberpuppy Also need to make sure you Right Click on Rust, go to Properties, and don’t have the “Opt Into Beta” selected.  As there is no more beta.  Having this selected will also cause issues.

      Jonathan Velasco

    Adding a craftable Keychain wouldnt sounds like a bad idea if you have alot of keys for your house. And it would save up inventroy space also but not take away from the weight. And something like a stash spot out side your house like maybe buried underground next to a tree or rock to hide spare keys incase you get killed and lose your keys. on the same note a metal detector  would work nicely. YOu can use to to look for other users hidden items or maybe your own incase you forget where you buried it.


    This game is really starting to pick up now. Good job guys. Cant wait for more updates


    I would love to see those Pre-Event clothing in game,but something along
    the lines of being either a more advanced to create or even rare to
    come by kind of item. Just an idea though.


    DarkStrobeLight 0803george Sure, kite or a chinese lantern is fine as well, would do the job (Are they not temporary as well?). Helium would have to be produced somehow, would add to the variety of items in game and perhaps bee used for other things as well. But you are right, for this purpose, I think kite or chinese lantern would be simpler.


    0803george The concept is good, but the way you’ve gone about it could use work. Where are we getting helium from, and why would we use something temporary like helium balloons in the first place? How about a kite, or a Chinese lantern?


    One more thing, now I remember the mutated carrots, trees, animals and worms you have introduced as concept-art few months ago. Well those must been obviously contaminated by bacteria from the all! Coming from meteroids perhaps??? :D :D :D


    Actually you could place a balloon just to lure jerks to come and try to remove it, to give them a headshot. I am shure after a while, the most balloons as landmarks would stay exactly where you have put them! :D :D :D


    a GPS receiver would probably be an uncraftable item.
    For simple things like watches, rifle lasers, scopes, walkie-talkies (push-to-talk team voice chat!), simple locators, remote detonators and trap/door actuators and the such – how about a new resource; “electronics” or “components”.. a random amount of stuff that could be salvaged off artifacts, machinery and the sort found from the map with a tool; pliers.
    Perhaps another resource, “optics”.. lenses you would need to salvage in order to make scopes, glasses, door peepholes and binoculars. Something you could use alone to make fire with on a sunny day.



    I have some
    ideas about landmarks. What do you think about it???
    Little balloons
    (filled with helium) could be used as personal landmarks. You could attach them
    to the ground and see them from a far distance flattering in the air. Different
    colors of the balloon could provide you with further (your own secret) information
    about the landmark. The little balloons have a disadvantage; they can be destroyed
    by a jerk, shooting them down, removing or moving them around to confuse you.
    ;) If they are high enough it will be hard to shoot them down, since they are
    moving in the air. It will cost some time to remove or move them around. In
    that time the invader is vulnerable and can be killed from distance. Perhaps there
    is another use for the key. :) The balloons could be locked at the ground.
    If you like
    the idea, please give it a “like” to make sure, somebody of the developer team
    will actually read it.


    Higer caliber wapens (prefer sniper)


    please add more guns p.s very good game


    A friend spent 8 hours yesterday looking for the house that I had fully made during the whole day, 

    He has not yet found it, With little to no positions of interest, how are friends meant to find each other in these worlds. 

    I love the old map, its gone, and I love the new direction you have taken.. But with no way of knowing your position or someone elses for that matter, its impossible to tell if you are on the right track and its taking a god send amount of luck to find a place someone you know, has requested you go to..

    Please as a matter of importance, can you add either co ords (that does not fall inline with your game very well but its a temp solution) or a craft able map you have to write your self. (a little more inline) or at least a north, east, south and west, with some longitude/latitude. Anything to track your whereabouts and make finding a friend at least possible. 

    Love what your doing and it looks just great, the feel of the game is REALLY coming along, 

    Few bugs I would like to see fixed, 

    – Upgrading a door with a lock on it, locks the door for ever, even if you have a key or not. 
    – Because you have made all animals like a wolf, all animals have the same HP as a wolf. A bear dies from a few hits/1 shot from a bow… and does the same, pitiful damage and drops the same amount of loot.
    – All animals move so slow, I laugh as i run round and watch them get angry with me, but i’m not scared of them.. They are just toys to be played with.
    – Key system is an amazing idea, but the idea that I can lose hours of work to someone for minimal effort is frustrating to say the least. I feel that a method of changing the lock should be implemented.. e.g. if I lost my keys to house in real life. Then I even get a hint that someone might find them an know where i live. I would change all the locks on my house.. This would be step one for anyone if they did it in game. Someone posted the idea of swallowing your key before you die.. This sounded awesome to me. Survival at its best. 

    Knocking down a level 6 door is no easy feet. but changing a lock should not be so hard. maybe 10 metal frags to make a new lock (A person with the key to the old lock can change the old lock to a new lock with a replace button).. old keys no longer work should be ditched/burnt and new ones acquired from the lock like normal.. I think this would make people a little less grumpy about the doors scenario I see people commenting about,. 

    – As a side note, I don’t feel so safe about opening my door right now, as someone on the other side has a the advantage visually of a green box if the door becomes unlocked. giving them the heads up that the door is about to be opened. Its also a much slower process.. Unlock door, open door, take shots, close door, lock door.. Its to much..  could there be an implementation of speed locking a door from the inside. as right now, i wanna lock the door fast and it throws up the menu would you like to lock or create a new key.. All i’m thinking about at the moment in time is for the love of god, Lock the door!!!!! Lock the DoooooooooR!!!! In this sense of survival.. your old system of pass codes really upped the game in terms of speed and defense and i loved it. Your new system is so slow, doors can barely be called tactical at all, 

    – As a second side note, in 5 hours of play my house was a good size with 7 doors over 4 layers, quite tame considering my old houses. but running round with 7 keys was annoying, any chance that a keying can be made, dragging numbered keys to a key ring would be awesome, keeping a key ring for house number 2 in house number 1 and vise verse. someone moves in, here take the spare set mate, this set does not give you access to the top floor, but feel free to use the facilities.. seems like a good way to go.. 

    I know all this is a massive ask, but hope it brings in some ideas, or a vision for what allot of people would like to seem.. Please note these are not digs at you guys, just a wish list of what I think is going to continue to be the best survival game going.. 

    Great job guys, keep up the hard work, worth every penny!


    grass armour/camo.. for hiding would be cool. ex: you dont get killed bye wolfs when you are sleeping if your in grass camo and people will have a hard time seeing you.


    KaneSoto You have to extinguish your furnace before you can take stuff out now.


    Chupakabra me is exactly the same.
    hago click en start game y se crashea


    Chupakabra I have different problem(


    The hazmat jacket color is too flashy for my taste..


    Ooooooooo crashed satellites


    Will clothing be mix and match? How rare will resources be? Will they be adjustable on servers?


    I noticed the stone wall upgrade still looks like logs. something they will hopefully fix in the coming updates


    TomasSkovLauridsen KananMammadli1  how do i force it?


    I love the new rust but some thing really need to be fixed before people can really start investing time into it.

    1. walls should be unbreakable when they are made out of metal, only with C4 or something else that is very hard to get should they break.

    2. lock system is horrible, please go back to using a code for the door. Enter it once and from that point on the door always opens for you. Keys are taking up way to much space and as soon as you die with all your keys on you, you can’t enter your own house anymore. creating spare keys takes up alot of time and key management is really hard when they all look the same.

    3. need bigger crates for storing stuff.


    FALCON101 Derenger21 Try typing wakeup until it says not sleeping! then 
    type ‘kill’
    type ‘respawn’


    StuMckinna1 I agree, there is nothing stopping someone building a level 6 wall right outside your front door so you cant get out.


    Xercodo Soldier13000 I dont know how long it would take to knock down a level 6 metal wall, hours maybe? which im happy with for now, means i can wake up and carry on playing as i did the previous day. Instead of having to start from scratch each day gets a bit tiresome as someone has took all of a couple of mins to break into my house, loot my stuff and kill me. It shouldnt be soooo easy to break into someones house in the first place, once explosives are added then good.


    JimFischer Its coming thats for sure, but for now, you will just have to stave. :D


    It would be nice if u think about a farming system :D for the Vegetarians
    of us.


    ok i have done some reading. Asteroids would be to big, even for Rust. :) They would have way to great impact. But Meteroits would be just fine! :) They would be amazing for Rust, just imagine the pure power, the bright light, the sound, the shaking, the impact, the pure beauty! It would bright up the night to day. 
    Here you can see how a meteorit in Rust could look like: :)

    PS: Possible explenation: The previous civilization in Rust was whiped out by a heavy meteroid shower and a radiation wave, caused by a exploding supernova. The supernova left a great amount of asteroits behind, hitting each other and  causing meteorits, which now come down to Rust. They are great danger, but also a great opportunity to improve Rusterians life!


    still not liking the drag and drop stacking system…. seriously a right click> stack x amount drop down would be awesome “how much would you like to split into this stack” type the amount and boom… so much better than trying to get it right inside a tiny box (thats what she said) also there is a problem with grabbing stacks out of furnaces… no matter what it just snaps back to the furnace and will not go into my inventory so as a quick fix i right click> drop> and then pick up the stack all in one…. hopefully this gets changed soon because so far its the only thing i dislike about the new version


    Why when I turn on the experimental version of the rust I write error
    Please help with this problem
    How to make sure that everything worked as it should


    A nice set of features to add would be the following listed.

    Sitting down animation – you could chill around a camp fire and warm up while sitting on your butt

    Surrender Animation – Put your hands in the air and be a good prisoner

    Hand tied animation – for being a prisoner and all helpless like when you surrender to your new overlords

    Laying Down Animation – so it doesn’t look like you just slam on the ground when you disconnect cause that hurts.

    In Game building features


    Chair Crafting for the sitting animation
    Wooden barricades or fences to keep animals out of your lawn

    Game Playing Features
    Fishing – for catching fish at rivers and lakes  after long times of waiting and hoping that damn fish would take a bite already
    Gun or weapon
    Old Sawed off Shotgun – like in mad max

     cracked or broken off rusty machete – it still works baby

    stone club – upgrade that hand stone to a deadly weapon 


    Binoculars – the lense may have a crack and dust but I still see you!


    Derenger21  doesn’t work for me


    Nice updates. The artwork for the clothing is really cool especially the ninja looking ones and the gas mask with the snow suit. It would be nice if we could get Night Vision Goggles for crafting in the future so the people who play the game normal don’t get killed by people in the night abusing gamma brightness.


    If GPS were to be introduced to the game, adding flaws that resonate a certain background story of a past incident would certainly work.
    Many satellites would have reentered providing only patchy coverage at random intervals, accuracy of the receiver unit would range from anything of a few dozens of feet or an amount of miles.. you’d have to figure this one out by looking at the device for how many satellites it can pick up
    In order not to make it too useful, you’d need to lay the device down to let it recharge off its little solar panel on its back, an ordeal that would give you some 15 minutes of useful operation (old batteries)
    If you happen to find more than 2 satellites, getting a fix would take you something from seconds to minutes, sometimes you’d run out of battery, sometimes it takes a higher hill or a mountaintop to get it to work.

    The beauty would be in how vulnerable the remaining artifacts of technology would be, something that would give you that little edge when you happen to get it to work. Procedural maps, a million ways to get lost but you’d find your way back to your hidden place and loot with this thing as you could save your base location to memory.
    Get killed, and whoever picks up your unit gets to find their way to your base with the preset…


    cavi587 I’m sure this wont help, but for me I have to run the game and let it crash a few times back to back, then one of them will last til titles screen. then i have like a minute to find a server.

    I dont doubt you’ve done this though


    Soldier13000 0803george well it is just a joke with the name “0803george” for the asteroid, since  it would have to come for example once every night or every x night, obviously those would be always different ones, but hey… Planet “0803george” sounds good! :D :D :D


    Soldier13000 They are breakable, you can tell by the occasional metal frag you get from hitting it. Also the disappearing lock is worked around by just rejoining the server.

    What’s a MUCH bigger problem is that there appears to be a server side bug that causes you to die every time you disconnect, regardless of where you are. Either that or you die upon trying to reconnect. I even tried hiding in a house and doing an immediate relog and I had already died again. I made sure to test it often enough to rule out players or animals causing it.


    christopher2k12 I’d like to imagine that you can find a handheld GPS device from the Satellite tower and it works temporarily for as long as it’s on. Like a quest item.


    Soldier13000 It’s possible that you can’t destroy them until some later game items. Like acids, explosives, torches, drills, saws, and other possible tools. I think everyone is too concerned about game play balance over functionality right now.


    KingOfHell 0803george the chance to get killed or get the base whiped out by an asteroid would be very little, but yet not impossible. Have you ever had your base hit by an airdrop? :) And besides it would add to the fear  and danger in Rust. :)


    KananMammadli1 Also make sure to turn off PVT with F2 settings.


    Please make us able to destroy metal walls or alteast show us if we are destroying them cause you cannot tell, another thing is that peoples doors are getting bugged and the locks dissapear after upgrades on them or upgrades around them, you are unable to open the door with an invisible lock. when your door is level 6 and is unbreakable and has a door glitchon it preventing you from exiting or entering it becomes frustrating …….. please fix door bugs and create a explosive to destroy metal structures, thanx


    0803george if this was to happen, it would need to happen consistantly over the servers life time, u cant keep calling the many asteroids the same name lawl, but i do acknowledge the want to recieve some fame in this idea, maybe asteroids from the planet “0803george”


    0803george now imagine building your base for few weeks, finally finishing and asteroid hitting it. other than that pretty good idea.


    penumbra Yup. Nothing helps. Hopefully they will fix it quickly.


    put gps!


    any reason my performance tanked with this update? It ran fine before.


    just wanted to say a few things on raiding. i know its a big part of this game and i understand where it has potential to be fun. but at the moment its super frustrating having someone else respawn on your roof and you spend 30+ minutes ghost hitting each other and all the loot gets lost in the process, really not fun or exciting, the melee combat is like a RNG click fest where someone will eventually get randomly hit and die, respawn, start hitting each other (or trying to atleast) all over again. i think there needs to be some sort of safe zone from building around other players huts. while there is the owner of the building there actively playing or sleeping something like a 9x9x9 grid area.


    0803george  stop George you are making me drool!  yeah that would be AWESOME !


    amazing. One problem. Everytime i start rust it just crashes on startup, i hear the menu sound for 1 second then my mouse shows up and crashes. The legacy mode works fine but i want to play the updated version D:


    0803george Thats.. a really good idea.


    Hi Rusterians, :)
    what do you think about adding a falling asteroid to Rust??? It would be a kind of event, like the airplane, but at night. The asteroid would shine brightly, so that people could see it clearly flying on the horizon and try to follow it to its impact destination. Once hitting the ground, the asteroid would fragment in many pieces continue  glowing for some time, so that people can find the fragments, in the dark on the ground, easily. The asteroid would provide resources that cannot be found on the earth, like for example: special metals, gases, fluids, bacteria, virus, radioactive materials (for example “uranium” as source of energy) and so on. From those basic materials many other special or high level items could be produced. The asteroid fragments could be accessed only in a special suit, because they environment of the impact is, for the moment, radioactive and the danger to get contaminated by a virus or/and bacteria is to high. Those resources can be also gathered only into special containers. 
    And what do you do, if you are lucky enough to see one of those things flying towards you or your house? You enjoy and watch it carefully, because its the last thing you will do. ;)
    As you see, there are millions possibilities how to exploit the asteroids in the game.:) If you like the idea please “like” it, to make sure somebody from de developer team will read it. By the way, i have a name for the asteroid “0803george” after his inventor. :D

    PS: Could this be an explenation for the Rust enviroment??? Was the island perharbst whiped out by a asteroid rain in the past, destroing the previous civilization and causing the radioactive fields? :)


    KananMammadli1 Hi Kanan, I think I might know what your problem is, cause I had the same problem when I started playing around with experimental a while back. Super bad frame rates.

    The problem was that Rust was using integrated graphics rather than my GFX card as default. You have to go force it to use your graphics card and it will probably work fine.


    This reminds me of Mad Max 2… Awesome!


    Game optimization is too bad i cant play it with gt635m vga.I was able to play old rust at maximum settings with this vga at 45-50 fps but i cant play new rust with 5-15 fps. Please fix this


    monuments could be climable :D :D


    Got a question for people; is there any news about there possibly being a single player version of this, or maybe just a way to start a LAN server or somesuch without paying a hosting company? I’ve tried the server files, they run and start but there’s no explanation as to how to CONNECT to them, just how to start them, and they don’t show up in the server lists. Because in all honesty I think a lot of people would appreciate being able to play Rust with just their friends sometimes. It’s just a suggestion, thought.


    Jackaboonie I have a gtx 780 and get 30 fps with everything at max.You might have joined during a buggy build or something going wrong. I remember once I had huge fps drops the moment I pulled out a torch near water.


    I saw a few posts saying they couldn’t click the wake up button, just happened to me. easy fix.

    For some reason the game thinks you’re already awake so the button wont work, follow:
    Press F1    
    Type ‘sleep’     (Applies Sleep state to player)
    Type ‘wakeup’
    Press F1


    when i run my game ( normal / experimental version ) i can’t see any serverT-T so i can’t play experimental / normal version


    Likeasomebooodeeee  Yes! This is what I have been saying too.  What better to keep a server fresh than a random earthquake that knocks down the admin’s 3000 piece fortress!  Not sarcasm, even as an admin I would love this.


    fps is bad for me, got a gtx 780, 4770k, and 16gb of RAM.

    I get about 30fps on 2k draw distance, wtih nearly everything turned off. Even on absolutely lowest it runs like shit.


    I like 3-6 on the building component frames, I’m colorblind so every little bit helps.  The satellite is massive, I love it!  I would like to see the crane possibly have lower or no radiation because it looks like it would be a really fun place to camp! (Stargazing and/or Sniping)  I would love to see some more work on building components because the stairs are impossible to use for more than one level inside a single foundation.  I would like to have these stairs as well as ones more like legacy, where we could go straight up a tower of 1 foundation square.  Also I wish the ceilings were able to go more than one square out from a wall, because it is impossible to build a 9×9 or larger and have a full ceiling without building a decent number of walls on the inside.  Other than that I absolutely can’t wait to see the new art you guys are adding.  I made experimental my regular Rust last week so I think the timing was perfect for you to make the switch, it felt like the right time to me!


    Fps is good, no lag here, love the improvements.


    @Samson072  hee hee, its true!.. Plus many Rustarian’s know I am a female. Speaking of which.. Garry do you think you may have short changed the male?


    The FPS is awful. Like awful. No my computer doesn’t suck.


    FALCON101 lol. GARRY DAMN IT I WANT TO LOOK DOWN AND SEE MY BREASTS!!!! I WANT TO BE ABLE TO SMELL THE BREASTS!!!!! I WANT TO FEEL THE BREASTS!!!!!!!!!! Jk. Yeah it would be cool I guess. I don’t really care.


    ok and Garry, when will be have some female avatars? I am sick of being a man. And yeah, you may need some help with the fashion.. I am happy to help with you Falcon


    OMG I LOVE THAT BOW…IT IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks garry for being awsome. Also I hope you can keep Rust legacy on the whole game and not remove it. Keep it on there for the education of generations to come. Or you could put it on steam for free. Then have experimental for 20 bucks. Maybe?


    dirkyj  I play legacy and I love RUST. but, this version is new and exciting. it will only get better. I have some of those games you mention but this is still better. The pvp aspect is so much better in Rust. Love you Garry, I am a female..are you married Garry ;}… Falcon


    FALCON101 mogur00 Mudkypp omg thats super badass! i want to seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!


    mogur00 Mudkypp  yeah I went to the dish and it is irradiated. sooooo cool!


    Its a great update.


    Leignheart I agree completely. Seems only natural in the progression of things.


    AntiiGrav Leignheart Well that’s debatable, since a pickaxe has a wood frame and the pointed blade made from the same metal you would be trying to destroy so it would be slim and improbable to destroy a metal building with a pickaxe, all I can say is go try to in real life and see where it gets you. Tbh I do not want this game to be fully realistic, because if it was then the rock you start out with would only be good for bashing people in the head, as you would not be able to mine with a rock, cut down trees, or properly harvest parts from animals with a rock. And if you doubt that then all I can say is go chop down a tree with a rock and see how successful you are, or go mine for sulphur with a rock you find on the ground lol. So in conclusion I want this game to only be partially realistic So that this game can be grounded in reality and be fun at the same time. So only top tier weapons should be able to damage or destroy top tier bases.
    I hope my point came across clearly.


    dirkyj There’s a SHITLOAD of servers in Russia that have a consistent player base of 500 players.


    CassianJewell Procedural generation, my good man. It’s the wave of the future.


    Leignheart AntiiGrav Well, given enough time with a pickaxe. I’m sure you COULD chip your way through some crappy scrap metal.


    AntiiGrav Leignheart I don’t have a problem with that. I just don’t want some fresh spawn who gets into the game 5 minutes, finds a pickaxe ad then breaks into your metal base. Breaking into a metal base, should be difficult, just as killing someone in full armor who is armed to the teeth should be difficult. That’s all I want.


    Leignheart You don’t even have to go as far as explosives, they could implement heat based charges or tools that can burn or melt a hole through the metal to gain access.


    “Melee weapons can now have building level specific damage. This means that we can make a rock not that great at demolishing stone and metal structures”

    I love rust, but if they allow a person with a rock or any melee weapon really, to damage or destroy metal buildings, then i’m done with rust. The combination of locks and now everything can be destroyed right off the bat with a rock is just going too far. So hears hoping that only explosives can break a metal base, otherwise what is the point of building a base just so a noob who found a pickaxe can destroy your metal house that took an ungodly long time to build.




    DigitomProductions okay I’ve updated my driver, nothings changed, still laggy


    great work guys, good to see some of the place holding textures replaced too!


    Holy Jumping Jesus this is great progress! Love ya Garry and entire Facepunch team. Haters and whiners can go blow it out their ass and suck my pixelated dick. Rust is alive and getting better every day! I’m so excited!!!!!!


    DirtyDiaper happens to lots of people.. just quit and try again.. usually works second time around


    Mudkypp you mean you actually saw these in game? cos it from the post it just sounds like they are throwing those ideas around and making concept art.. not actually implementing it


    good job!


    :D AMAZING – I always get kinda hyped on fridays for these blogs :D


    You guys keep forgetting some of the main stuff. You added the sat dish and textures for the upgrades and didn’t even bother to mention in


    CyberJesus  that’s what im sayin lol, every single one of those had me drooling


    whatever you guys are paying paul its not enough put all of those clothes in


    DigitomProductions DirtyDiaper It hardly improved, Im updating my drivers right now


    dude paul is a fucking BEAST!!!! those skins look sick as fuck




    ow, can u add vsync option?


    DirtyDiaper Agreed it does that…


    Also re installed game, no fix. worked flawlessly last patch




    Sometimes the Click to wake up button doesnt work


    DirtyDiaper Try playing with your battery power settings to “high performance”. Also make sure you add the game to the Nvidia control panel for “high performance graphics card”…this fixed it for me by about 400%


    DirtyDiaper somethings messed up on your end, i run this fine at 60 fps


    Keep up the good work


    You guys should add in dynamic events, such as floods, earthquakes and falling down monuments


    This update is just amazing. In my opinion This update just brings out the true potential of this game. Ive been with rust every since its launch back in 2013 and I loved every moment playing it. 

    When I heard of this new “experimental version” I thought to myself. wow its gonna be terrible. (it was for the first few weeks) then I went on a few days ago and BOOM it was just awesome. It looks awesome, feels awesome, runs awesome. And I love that you guys have got rid of mutant animals.(they were a bit annoying).

    Another few reasons why i love this update/recent updates is because of the new map, the new map is cool because its way bigger(im pretty sure) with new landmarks to identify where you are and like above with the satellite dish your going to add in new landmarks which is awesome.

    I love this game and I love it when new updates come out. But the new Rust is amazing.

    Cheers :)


    DirtyDiaper even with PVT off?

    If it’s still low frame rate you got some real problems there.


    captainminecraftman Xercodo h4mi18 F2


    I’m having a problem where everytime i launch rust, it validated the files first and i cant stop this. its an annoying 3minute wait. But then it just starts again at the end. had to pause the que and launch for valid so i could check the launch upon completion box, at completion, the game gave the error invalid steam files, whatever.

    So i paused it all and manually selected validate files. came back good, then it auto validated again, then i did auto launch. It crashed on server list.

    Next time i launched game, same crap.


    awesome update! Could you guys please optimize the game! My FPS is so low it’s unbearable. I have a MSI a Gaming laptop, Nividia GTX 860m, Intel i7 quad core, 8 gig ram. I’ve tried lowering the video settings but it doesn’t help. Also sometimes when I turn or hit something I get a black screen for a few seconds. I was running previous version fine at 60 FPS


    crashes on intel quad + amd gfx every 20 minutes or so, didnt do that with the last version. a restart is required to make the game run again. 16 gb should be enough.


    Awesome job Garry & Team, but i have not seen you guys mention animals going through objects like rocks and walls, hopefully that will be fixed soon. I will be posting more found bugs as soon as i get the chance, i have high hopes and faith that this game will be the new open-world addiction. Good luck and stay focused.


    ckmeister 6 player server including me, 100 ping. 
    Around 40 fps standing still looking at water, day, max settings but shadow length 100.

    Dropped to around 15 at dusk not even looking at water.
    Random 1 second freezes.
    Averaging 20 at dawn, doing things like sprinting.
    Dips to 10 randomly.
    Average 25 in night but still dips to the 10’s randomly.

    I definitely extaggerated my lag spikes and fps but still pretty bad. It might’ve just been the server that I was in yesterday with like 2-3 people including me. Good ping from what I remember but loooooooooooong lag spikes.


    when it comes down to it: most people are experiencing different problems with their various computers/ cpu’s/ gpu’s. 
    The game needs to be optimized better before everyone will have the same experience with similar graphics cards. 

    I’m sure your card is a higher tier than mine at the moment (I’ll have an R9-280X soon) and it isn’t running as well on your card as it is for mine. This could mean your card doesn’t have drivers that are compatible with the game the way it is at the moment, or even the opposite. The game could not be optimized to work correctly with your GPU

      RUSTin Cohle

    There are two bugs at the moment. Anyone can break your lock on the door, you can not put new. You can rip through the ceiling and door.


    I think considering remodeling the default rock would be a plus. I hate holding Joe Dirt’s space rock.


    ckmeister Canadiancookie Tried to test in a low pop server, but before I could join I crashed. Trying again…


    Xercodo h4mi18 how to turn off PVT?



    he’s right, you must have a god awful internet connection 
    I’m running an FX-6300
    and a R7-260X and it runs perfect with all settings up


    RonKitchen I’m not hating on experimental. I’m stating facts, and trying to help the devs. <30 fps is unacceptable, even for alpha and beta IMO. Just look at alpla games like prison architect.

    I would love it if you showed a picture of you sprinting in experimental with decent graphics settings and showing fps.


    I got so low fps. If you can optimize it a little bit.
    My spec: AMD 8320 8-core 3.9 GHz
                 Radeon 7770 1gb DDR5
                   8GB DDR3 RAM


    Canadiancookie dude your an idiot its your internet thats not optimized i have a shit box computer and i run experimental without one problem get a new computer and stop complaining about exp its better then legacy and will redeem gary in my eyes and maybe just amybe after 5 months of waiting i might pick it up again to the extent of 800+ hours i did before. and I have a gefore GTX 660 brand new worth @00$ and top of the line internet no problems on my end.


    h4mi18 Turn off PVT, it’s a killer.


    Rust experimental is near unplayable without optimization. Random 10 second lag spikes/freezes every 20 seconds and <20 fps any other time.

    I have a geforce gtx 750 ti, worth around $180.


    About the building component frame:

    If you think on finally “keep active” the “free building option” I think you really need to improve this building component frames to something better (easy to notice how to conected the buildings) for example, any arrow or icon, or color or something that clearly says you when the item you are trying to place are perfectly connected to the one on the side.

    Also I noticed sometimes “parts” of structures are removed when you connect stuctures so it looks better, I love It but spend a bit more time on it, for example do not make this “parts” gets removed if you place a building close, but not on the “optimal places” so you dont will look that “holes” in structure / glitches


    Вот это мне нравится :)


    Dub16Times   can be seen on the videos that the spear will be throwable and a standard melee weapon at the same time.


    Rusty Planner Xercodo can be seen on the videos that the spear will be throwable and a standard melee weapon at the same time.


    h4mi18 UltimaGlow mtlvmpr me too, sadly :( but in legacy i could play really fine (with lowest settings) but fine


    No offense guys, but no one is playing legacy anymore so it really doesn’t matter.
    You hardly have your original fan base either. This game has potential, but the clock is ticking. New games are coming out every week, day, hour and minute.
    Hire a temporary team to work out the basics and keep your core guys to maintain/upgrade when the game is at least what legacy was.
    Trust me, with the success you have had there are people already out there mimicking your game that will beat you to the punch and take your market. 
    Shoot me a comment and let’s connect. I believe I can help you from a business standpoint.


    UltimaGlow mtlvmpr h4mi18 Yes, i hit wood and fps down


    mtlvmpr h4mi18 for me i can get 40-50 fps with everything beauty disabled and render distance at 500m but whenever i hit resources they come down to as 6fps and stay after that at 15-17fps no matter what


    h4mi18 mtlvmpr me too, i’m playing on a MBP with
    2.2Ghz Intel Core I-7
    4Gb 1333 Mhz DDR3
    Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB


    h4mi18 How low?


    is it more stable? because before I’m always got random crashes in experimental

    Unity Player [version: Unity 5.0.0b5_d5af49a7211e]

    RustClient.exe caused a Privileged Instruction (0xc0000096)
    in module RustClient.exe at 0033:dbecd304.


    Is the third person mode a permanent feature?


    mtlvmpr Game menu , and low fps in game


    h4mi18 mtlvmpr What kind of lag are you experiencing? Are other lagging? Are you lagging? Or do you have low fps?


    fx 6100 (6×3300)
    4GB ram
    HD 7770


    h4mi18 Specs?


    Please optimize!!!!!! soo laggy


    jsinXx Yeah a right click and hold can make you toss it into the air dramatically to switch grip and a slight zoom in. Left click while right clicking would throw.

    I’m liking the idea of using this as a sort of ranged melee though :P

    OOOH OOOH and let us take the human skulls and put them up outside our house on a pike >:D

      Rusty Planner

    Xercodo Rusty Planner Thanks!


    Rusty Planner Work around for you. So long as a triangle part isnt the active part when you switch ti wont bug your bar.

    – lay down several triangles
    – switch to something like a floor or a wall
    – switch to hammer
    – no break o/


    Please change the spear animations. I have read into stuff like this alot and i know from using a spear myself that holding it that way is not viable.
    instead of  ____,      you should make it            
                       o/                                           o
                    /|.|                                          /|.|__,
                       |’|                                           |’|
    hoever, the throwing animation should stay as it is pretty accurate, as you’d simply switch grip to the reverse to throw it.

    not meant as bitching. just a suggestion.


    The new maps are much better then yesterday! Awsome update!


    I can’t hit the start game button…


    cavi587 same with me


    StuffyMuffin Uh I hope not, I hate zombies.


    cavi587 Tried to run as admin?


    cavi587 same problem, but sometimes somehow i could connect do the server and then i couldnt do anything. And whole loading process took like 30 min


    I still have a problem… It was like that for 2 months now! Maybe even more. When I try to launch the experimental game, I see only black screen. I wait. After like 5 minutes game crashes or rarely the menu shows up, but there are no buttons, just the wolf. After a minute game crashes again. It’s not only me, all my friends have the same problem. Can you do anything about it? I’m so excited to finally try all the new stuff!


    They Realy Need to add zombies back into the game.. I just want to point a few things out though, the game will be amazing with the zombies( Expecially if they stay around the cool broken monuments, it will also make a little back story mystory of what happened, and people conplained about the zombies but the majority of people like the zombies it was way better then rad animals


    Well, why are all the trees and rocks flying?


    After the update today, I am no longer able to launch the game. It crashes after the window launches or doesn’t launch at all.  I’ve tried verifying the cache, uninstalling and reinstalling the game.   Any ideas or can someone let us know if the issue is being addressed?  I noticed that others are having the same issue.  Those friends that are able to launch are unable to find servers.


    all the game really needs to be caught up to old rust is something to explore, something with loot in it that you want to recheck everyday like on legacy :D


    Wow. ALL of that new clothing looks awesome! I’m loving the progress this week. Keep it up like you always do!


    when i can go to sleep without a wall getting hatcheted down ill completley switch over, ive got 700 h in rust and ive been waiting for this , gj garry, hope u will continue to amaze me


    thank you to all the team for your good work, I am daily on the progress of rust project, and I think you are a really great team, you are talented, the big studio should look to you 
    thank you! I hope you have a great success

    sorry for my bad english !


    lvl 5 and 6 dors not open

      RUSTin Cohle

    JorgeZayas  совершенно верно, сейчас можно сломать любую стену, камнем, топором, киркой.

    p.s. quite right, now it is possible to break down any wall, stone ax, pickaxe.


    please make a scarf, i need to be fabolous… and katana because katana is so much katana and we love katana :o


    UnderMotion Emberpuppy Yes Nune uver there


    Emberpuppy If you open up your properties and go to Betas, make sure that you’re not opted into anything.

      RUSTin Cohle

    enzilla  Good idea


    question so you can still take all down with a rock or pickaxe?


    tonissaarjoe  ;)


    JorgeZayas hmm,it would add alot of extra work for the devs,maybe later in the future but I am quite sure he will had females

      RUSTin Cohle

    Disable breaking stone and steel walls in the experimental version, and already you can play.


    Rusty Planner JorgeZayas dragonbladefilms lol i hope not!


    dragonbladefilms DArrn sure


    dragonbladefilms Rusty Planner JorgeZayas i do my girl play this game too and will like to have a female chap is only fair, there are a lot a female playing this game


    Longer dicks please ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


    GlitchStorm Jeah so cool right


    tonissaarjoe Kangzombie I dont think its the mobos fault when others have the same problem


    Rust literally new game now


    Rusty Planner JorgeZayas dragonbladefilms  I actually dont want females added also :P


    How do I come in contact to the developers about this problem?


    Kangzombie Have tried my putt off i think it’s something with my mobo


    dragonbladefilms JorgeZayas Rusty Planner LOL sure ,, hay show me your armpit i want to see how long you been playing lol


    The game won’t open anymore !

      Rusty Planner

    JorgeZayas dragonbladefilms Rusty Planner I don’t think they will add female characters, because Garry is afraid of being called a “sexist”


    JorgeZayas dragonbladefilms Rusty Planner Armpit and leg hair ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


    Kangzombie It didn’t work for me.


    dragonbladefilms Rusty Planner i thing i should be just face you know a guy with a lot of facial hair it means don’t mess with that person but a same time what about female players


    dragonbladefilms people whose rust is crashing try right clicking on rust in your library. then go to properties. then go to local files. then verify integrity of game cache.  that usually fixes most problems. hope this helped


    people whose rust is crashing try right clicking on rust in your library. then go to properties. then go to local files. then verify integrity of game cache.  that usually fixes most problems. hope this helped


    Dub16Times Hahaha, the spear animations cracked me up!


    Rusty Planner i love it!!!


    Rusty Planner  They should add hair yes but I am not sure how I feel about the hair growing part


    Dub16Times i was thinking same thing lol i will assume you should be able to throw it

      Rusty Planner

    There’s a bug when you try to place a triangle foundation – it bugs your quick bar so that you can’t equip anything in your hands.

    Also…. How about adding hair? Think of it like this: When you spawn, your character is bald – and after time the hair on his head will start to grow. If you find a man looking like Chewbacca – then he hasn’t died in a while. Hint: Don’t mess with hairy people.

    Please tell me what you think guys!


    UnderMotion Emberpuppy Not sure what that meant


    wtf are those spear swing animations


    Emberpuppy Try opting out of the beta if you still are.


    Emberpuppy My friend has the same problem we have no idea how to fix this ,its working fine for me tho


    Emberpuppy That answer didnt help him at all


    I know but I am having problem launchin rust that used to be experimental


    zahidcoban I would buy it I bought Rust 1 week ago and I really like Rust,make sure to have a friend to play with and good enough PC :)


    chanmeggy1 zahidcoban i don’t think it will change but i will get it now just in case lol


    zahidcoban If anything wait for a sale on steam or if you are impatient buy it now


    Emberpuppy There is no experimental anymore


    I would love it if they had two different map options. Legacy map and the procedural map.


    will price increase after release? should I buy I now


    I have problem launching rust experimental when I launch it, it is a black screen and then it crashes can someone help me?


    yeah really nice clothing styles i think they should do them all i will make all player look more unique also on the building component frame i like 3…


    I have problem with goin in experimental when i open server list it’s crashing bleees someone help


    Amazing work I hope they add gasmasks in the game soon


    Probably the thing I enjoy the most in these devblogs is the concept art. I’m especially digging the clothing styles you guys are working on; from the looks of it there will be a whole lot more room for individuality, which makes me more excited to see how the finished product is going to end up!




    Well, when it’s all?

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