Building upgrades, T-Shirts and Bug Reporting

Bugs and Suggestions

We opened a Bugs and Suggestions section over at our Support Site. Please feel free to report any bugs you have, or make any suggestions.

This has proven really useful to us already – and I’m sure it will only get more useful the more people know about it. If you’re experiencing a bug that’s on the site you really help us out a lot by voting it up and giving it more attention.

Here’s an example of how not to report a bug:

F2 Options

A couple more options have been added to the F2 menu. You can now toggle PVT on and off – which gives some people a significant frame rate boost. And you can now adjust the draw distance.. this should rally help your frame rate.

Triangle Fixes

I fixed a number of bugs with the triangle foundations and walls this week. Placing walls was placing them the opposite way around to on other foundations. Which meant that when you placed railings they looked really odd.

Also, you couldn’t place campfires and stuff on them. Now you can!

Dupe Exploit

There existed an exploit where you could get twice the amount of stuff refunded if you cancelled a craft multiple times in quick succession. This is now fixed.

Name Tags

I added name tags back this week. So now you can see who people are. We did want to do something a bit more special in this area. We wanted it so when you saw a person you had to click on them and name them. Then whenever you see that person again they’d have that nametag. This would mean that you could name your friends, or a sleeping guy who you stole from. But if someone was sneaking around you they wouldn’t have a nametag.

But we haven’t done that yet. We decided that we might as well just do it the old way and then make changes from there.

We have made a few changes though. The colour of the nametag changes depending on the ambient light. At night it’s darker and harder to see.

It’s not drawn as far away as on legacy either. We wanted to avoid the situation where you spot people because of their nametag floating over their head. We only really want the nametag to show when it’s really obvious that the player is there – when you can see their face clearly. In the future we will likely make this a feature of some clothes. For example, a balaclava might remove the nametag.

Player LOD Groups

You might have noticed something weird about the player models at varying distances. Sometimes the player wouldn’t have a head, or hands, or feet.

This is because all of the player’s components were LOD’d separately. So their hands could be LOD2, when the rest of the body is LOD1. This could end up looking really odd – and although I haven’t benchmarked it I’m sure it took more processing than just doing one.

Which is now does. The player model now shares a LOD Group that is dynamically created.

Animal Upgrades

Andre has been busy making the AI a bit more like legacy. Animal ragdolls now bleed properly when you attack them. Animals have colliders – so you can’t just run through them.

Deer and Boars will now run away from the player – instead of running towards them.

Foundation Steps

We’ve added a Foundation Steps building block. This should allow you to have multi-level foundations.. and more importantly it means you don’t have to jump up to get to your house anymore.

New Clothes

Xavier’s clothes went in this week. He gave us a t-shirt and a snow jacket!

Upgradeable Building Blocks

I did some work on the building block system today. Building blocks are things like a wall, a foundation, a floor, a window. I dramatically simplified the code and I made them upgradable.

This is only boilerplate right now – it’s a start. When you place a building block you’ll place a frame. Then bash that with the hammer to give it wood, and it’ll upgrade to level 1. The level 1 blocks are all what they used to be. Keep hitting it, giving it wood, you’ll get it to level 2. Get some stones, keep hitting it, and it’ll upgrade to level 3, then 4. Get some metal fragments and you’ll get it to level 5.

There’s a lot of balancing that we need to do here.. but the intention is that instead of placing walls that are inpenetrable from the start.. you’ll have to actually work at it to get to that level.. and you’ll probably only fully upgrade the walls at ground level etc.

Right now none of this has any art. And it looks terrible. It’s literally just coloured versions of the old meshes.

But our intention is that each level will have a different mesh and texture. So upgraded buildings will be made out of stone a metal. I made a slideshow illustrating how we’re probably going to do transitions here.

I’m hoping that over the next couple of weeks we’ll start to finalize our ideas for building levels – and start to get some of this stuff in game.

Faster Generation

Andre has made the terrain generation at least two times faster – by moving a bunch of code into C++.


I started work on an SDK. It’s on Github – right here.

It’s pretty much useless to everyone without Unity 5 right now (I think). It just includes a Player Model scene and a few sets of clothes. This should hopefully let people make new clothes. We haven’t totally decided how we’re going to let people put them into the game. The TF2 marketplace/trading method is tempting, but we want GMod style map/mod downloads on workshop too – and I don’t think we can do both.

Either way feel free to have a mess and share with us if you come up with something cool.

Saved Sleeping Bags

When loading a save from the server the owner of the sleeping bags wasn’t being saved – which rendered them useless. This is now fixed.

Modeller Corner

Tom modelled a box. [18 days]

Dan finished his bow. [20 days]

Goosey Corner

Goosey animated the Salvaged Pickaxe

And the Spear

And made third person animations for the Thompson

Concept Corner

Howie has been being awesome again.


Not a terrible week. Some real visible progress has been made. I’m that confident that we’re getting close to baseline that I put some of the reboot screenshots on the steam store page. It’s time to start thinking about what we REALLY need to do before making that switch.

Next week I want to look more into the survival aspect. I feel that’s something we’re missing right now in the reboot.. there’s not really much fear of dying of hunger, or being killed by an animal, or being too cold. We need to make it more obvious that these things are happening. I also want to make it more obvious how to build (how to press right click while holding the foundation).




    What’s up with the gold walls taking like 2 hours to break them but metal walls tier 1 walls taking like 15 minutes


    Make a community poll of what we would like to see next update, what you should add or start working with. It will not just make it easier for you to have great ideas every week, but will make the community satisfied with every update coming.


    Drek71 Edward7089 GlennLane If only Rust were able to use the epic ai that Shadow of Mordor uses. Oh that would be amazing.


    Edward7089 Drek71 GlennLane While I agree it should stay dominantly pvp you already have aspects of pve and they are talking about robots already from concept art. I think what this game sells on however is the danger levels, if you go into a town you know theres a high risk of bumping into someone, run down a road or through a open valley once again you could be spotted. PvP is great for this because its more random and versatile. Why not add an extra bit of danger on roads using AI. Its not as random, you know the dangers there or comming but if its a boss then you know its certain death or one hell of a fight. But as I said it should be a server option so if you dont like it then dont join a server with it enabled.
    Its all hypothetical anyway, Gary has to like the idea enough to bother coding it and has alot to do before then.
    Roads however if wanted should be implemented early for the procedural stuff they are doing and if AI do follow them then that has to be taken into account.


    a question when will the selection of hair or beard we also can customize weapons with rustic items like a peephole made ​​of stone a stone with a hole in the middle of things so users have ideas like a girl I just saw that I fully agree that put a selection female or male




    I1Pulkkinen Being able to build in a tree would be amazing! but they would have to rework trees :( Make them larger, more foliage, and make it so they don’t vanish when hit lol.


    Issues420916 itsadamuk  Abso…freaking…lutely


    itsadamuk No


    MartinJensen We’re meant to be testing this, not actually playing it for our opwn entertainment. Stop bitching and get back to Bug Testing.


    Drek71 GlennLane AI isn’t the point- this is a PVP, player interaction game. People co-operate against each other; not computers.


    itsadamuk No


    You must be patient, there is a long list of things these guys have to implement before gender, race, or even whether we get hair. So I’m sure it will come, most likely, but be patient.


    Gender selection menu!! Plis!!


    It’d be nice to have a gender selection menu.


    You comment leads me to think you have yet to even play experimental or have yet to read any of the dev blogs. Seriously that has got to be the worst comment I have read on here.

    Keys – Yes they need to be refined, it was a first shot on door security. They are going to put in stronger doors, Code locks, Fingerprint scanners, etc (pssst….alpha)

    Break down a wall in 2 hits? You do know you can upgrade bases now right? level 5 is over 500 hits, about 4:50 with a rock. and Remember you can double up walls… (cover your roof with camp fires, they don’t break)

    Team waiting to be let in? they can make keys also…..or you can make them copies…..

    Rage quit? Do you not understand how testing works? Why do you think you can find 50,000 metal ore in 20 min? So you can advance quick, and lose everything just as quick, he has stated many times, they ARE NOT @ baseline yet…when they hit base line they can start to tweak, and perfect, and make little boys happy.

    Like I said, to me and probably many others it sounds like you have yet to try this for real, or even gave it a chance, or maybe baby wants his bottle back and the new version is to new and scary.

    I have been playing none stop over the last 3 days with my friends, Building bases, Farming , Raiding, Defending. This games play-ability is getting better and better every week, and last week with upgrading bases was a HUGE step into actual play and not just testing. <— Btw … Testing…where testing…not playing…the game is not meant to be “played” yet, we are bug finders. If you don’t like the state of the new version, witch you got for free, then act like it doesn’t exist.

    I for one am very happy with the progress and direction, I can’t wait to see whats to come next, and I’m happy  that we get to play it with out having to buy Rust 2.0…
    After all… it is 
    A L P H A
    Hey…its alpha.
    Pssssst … Alpha.
    Alpha was not on the Little Rascals.


    psychoticmeow JdoggBurger  Rust noob with Kev doesn’t know how to play the game, lawl.  “didn’t know you could get up here”,  taught by a naked rofl!  This guy would get super rekt on any decent server.


    99.99% of people are going to get pissed off with this game and rage quit, because they’ll be raided before they can put a lock and key on the door – or upgrade their walls.

    Let’s just focus back to its a group / team game, lets focus on the fact that you’ve got to make 20+ keys for your base and then your team has to wait for you to be around to get in and out of your base?  Typical FacePunch stupidity,  Why doesn’t anyone pull on the reins at FacePunch and get the gang back on track and within the realms of common sense. And 2 hits with a rock to knock down a new built wall… right.

    Utter stupidity,  Metal Lock Mechanism + Door Code,  That’ll do, stop wasting time on stupid stuff that won’t work in real life and finish the game.


    I get what you are saying however the way I pitched it is for balance purposes. The idea of the cross bow to a flint lock is because we are adding metal to it (a small amount) and then adding resources (much like the way the wall system works now) you get a better end product. Imagine you have fashioned yourself a makeshift crossbow and you find an old cast iron pipe. you have a choice: keep the crossbow and build a new base for the pipe (which is to be the eoka) or remove the bow and string to fasten the pipe to it. Perhaps you need to build a wooden base and then combining it with the hunting bow gives you a crossbow. Combining a wooden base with a short barrel (like 100-200 metal) makes eoka, combining the eoka with 100-200 more metal gives you the flint and so on and so forth. It’s not about the ability or know how (though that could be done much like legacy had plans) but it is about a survivability checkpoint (you are comfortable and safe enough to afford this). I am personally fine with a bow, and would rather spend my resources on other thing where as another player may want a wood hut full of M4s. A choice of defence vs offence. It gives players a choice as to how they want to play but makes them chose their priorities. Metal base versus upgraded weaponry. And as traps and such work, people will place their priorities in places other than just weapons and walls.
    Sorry for the formatting, I’m on a mobile.

      Nigger Lover XL

    God this game still isn’t finished? Fuck you guys and fuck you garry fagman….


    Foxincarnate The concept is amazing, but building on what you’re saying, when upgrading your firearms to different stages, there are different firearms to choose from. For example, if I’m transitioning to semi-auto I would have the option to build an Ak type rifle, or perhaps a CETME type rifle, and not loosing the ability to build lesser grade firearms should I get raided and have to start over. If I had the supplies I could begin rebuilding and have an Ak as protection. One thing that doesn’t really make since though is a crossbow going into flint lock, your crossing weapon styles there, so maybe when you are able to upgrade you build a flint lock and keep your crossbow. Maybe having this stay the same for all upgrades, Idk about anyone else, but if I have a semi auto, I don’t want to lose it when I upgrade to a full auto, or have to rebuild it, I would like to have that diversity.


    Just fyi, you can shoot in the rain.


    Your updated 30/09/2014, and shameful and unplayable, rectify as quickly as possible pulls if you please


    I’d love to see big forests that you can get lost in with a lot of bushes etc, ability to climb trees and maybe build something on the trees.
    Resources shouldn’t be gathered by breaking rocks, but by digging the cliffs that could eventually collapse.
    There should be some smoothening on the edges of biomes, for example a forest next to plains would have small trees and bushes on the edges.
    English is my third language, sorry for mistakes!


    I love the ideas with landmarks and I’d like to suggest other ideas for them.
    First, I would like to see some sort of achievement unlock once you come across one to show you’ve explored the region. Perhaps under a new landmark or remnants tab. Under this tab, it could title the structures you have come across, like “Rusted Light House”.
    This second idea is more complicated but discovering a landmark could unlock a quest to repair the facilities. Let’s take the light house idea as an example. You come across the tall structure clear in view (it has to be well in sights, not just in the distance), “Landmark Discovered – Rusted Light Tower” appears center of your screen in a dramatic way but for a brief moment.
    Following this, assuming you can survive the suggested radiation or what ever guards it, you may get objectives that could reveal a few possible things to do. Accessing the building if sealed on the exterior, repairing interior structures like the stairs as the blogs have suggested, and making repairs to the building’s functions itself, in this case to turn on the light house lantern for the region. This is assuming no one else has completed the objective and it would be temporary, eventually breaking down again, further requiring maintenance which provides another player a chance to do the objective. These will cost materials, blue prints, or energy sources from other sites and some might require coordination with other players to achieve. If the sense of achievement isn’t enough for players, other incentives would be lighting the dark, attract sea fairing ships that deliver supplies (ocean ‘airdrop’), and it’s just a useful beacon to navigate and meet with other players. Of course, once the light dies out, it could mean that interior supplies and rares are available again.
    The second idea isn’t necessary but I would really like to see something like my first idea. 
    I like that things are broken into tiers like the construction of buildings. If I could also suggest a final idea, I’d like to see an inclusion of tiered passive skills for players who survive longer. This means when you gather resources, construct, repair, hunt or any other numerous activities you gain improvements to your character. It might mean that your character becomes more efficient at it’s activities like gain a little extra wood when collecting from trees. However, if you die you lose these skills but by the time you do die, you most likely have improved items and tools at your disposal so it would be much easier and quicker to regain your passive abilities later on. I even thought that a player could create plans or blue prints of their own that can be traded and “studied” to bypass the leveling process but the simpler the better. These ideas are very “Tomb Raider”-like (2013), I don’t think that game took advantage of those features. So, I think in a game like Rust it make exploration more fun and turn monotonous tasks of gathering resources or building into a more rewarding experience.


    GlennLane I mentioned them earlier. By my understanding every map is an island, or was so it probably wouldn’t be that hard to draw in a circular road. Its probably not a must for the game but with roads I suggested an AI that follow it. You could add extra tension to the game by having this AI as it maybe like the boss of the map and probably wouldnt be that hard to script (perhaps) to follow the road. Also players for the challenge could be bold enough in large groups to ambush the the AI for whatever reward maybe large amounts of metal if it was a robot. Not every one will like the idea so I’m sure so it should be an server option as well. 
    AI Boss = false


    I love the idea that you can label people yourself – it would be a very interesting social dynamic!  I’d love to have an option to take notes on a person, too, in-game.  I could make notes about where that friend lives (and be able to look at it later) or what a jerk that person is so that I could avoid them.  Perhaps we could also use colors for name labeling as well, so I could designate red-yellow-green enemies-neutrals-friendlies.


    DrDuck208 Could you tell us your specifications? I might be able to help you :3


    Madhh performance will come during the development cycle as it always does with pc games


    DrDuck208  lol this person must be around 10 years old!


    Dracoric foolish thing to ask for… wheres the adventure and fun in everyone knowing everything about the map the procedural map system wins by a hell of a long way discovery is more than half of the games reason for existence, if you want the legacy map play legacy it is after all your choice.


    Samson0722 Zero Fox FK radios would be fucking great


    GlennLane that would be nice, with a move speed bonus on these :D


    Foxincarnate good point


    Johnny Oren

    but IRL, guns arent disabled in rain.
    accept for the pipe guns, id aggree to the pipe guns :)


    SUGGESTION about:


    first, love all the work youre all doing on experimental. it basically supports full time play.
    great work.

    alot of people are talking about how recipes should require real life resources… i have a solution to that idea. instead of 50 wood for an arrow make resources tiered.
    Sticks -> Branches -> LImbs -> Logs

    rocks can be used to harvest sticks and branches, branches used to make stone hatchet, stone hatchet used to havest limbs and/or logs, limbs used to craft hatchet and harvest logs.

    logs can be processed down to limbs, limbs to branches, branches to sticks.
    this would make the wood piles great for supplying early players with access to logs to build homes.

    sticks can be used as shafts for arrows.

    You get the idea.


    My thing is this:

    Though the game does not have ‘Tiers’ persay, it should technically have them through the natural progression. (But then have cool stuff that you may find along the way from the world that was)

    Weapons should be upgradable, not all manufactured at once. Clothes should be the same. Due to resource costs, and the natural progression of building materials for weapons and such, you should see groups of peoples with wood hutts and bow and arrows, then stone hutts and flintlock/eoka style weapons and then eventually metal hutts and cartridge weapons. You’d also go from loin cloths, to full leather clothing (fur animal style), to metal plated stuff looking like mad max.

    The buildings should be not be able to be penetrated by those of substancially lower technology. A naked with a rock, or a savage with loin cloths and a stone hatchet should not be able to break into my metal house.
    The hazmat clothing shouldn’t be a craftable, it should found throughout the world that was (ruins such like that) giving a second way to get gear and a fourth level of progression. Here you would find things like M4s, grenades, (Each with a craftable hand made alternative) IE M67 Grenades in ruins, and a tin can full of homemade explosives and a burning fuse in the craftable. Grenades are scarce, can bombs are less. You’d have two types of people, your clan people and your scavenger peoples. 
    That’s just how I see the game kind of unfolding and adding depth. I’m full of ideas to make it awesome.


    I love the idea of having to ask players for their name, since you wouldn’t automatically know somebody’s name in real life – you could also make it so if your friend knows there name they can tell you the persons name?


    I was getting used to the old map, was mapping it out, it was like a horseshoe shapped with a big island in the middle. And then they went and changed it to the one we got now and ive not got a clue anymore. :D


    Are we going to get some roads in this one?

      Johnny Oren

    Maybe it would be awesome if when it’s raining you couldn’t use any type of guns, and people would have to turn to bows and swords and shields, and spears(?) that would be awesome, that way the game wouldnt be controlled by people with the best guns, but also hand to hand combat would be a part of the game.


    Zero Fox FK  also the harder you make it for people to communicate in game the more likely they will be to turn to alternative communication sources like TS and Vent and such.  Then it becomes even harder to communicate with a stranger that walks up to you, since you now have 5 guys talking about various things in your voice chat, meanwhile someone is standing there trying to talk to you while youare telling everyone in your voice chat “SHUT UP i’M TRYING TO TALK TO THIS GUY!”  I think global text chat helps these things some, and doesn’t take away too much from the reality aspect.  Think how brutal the game is for noobs, even server noobs.  It would be that much harder if they had no way of asking for help or alliances or directions in chat.


    Zero Fox FK  I have always been okay with the global chat on Rust.  It makes you feel like you are surrounded by people much more so than in DayZ where I never know who is on the server or how to communicate with them.  Also proximity chat is fine for me because i have a microphone, but typing a message using the proximity concept is just plain dangerous.  You have to walk right up to someone and stand there and start typing, and hope you don’t get shot halfway through typing your greeting.  Reasons for not using a microphone: don’t own one, doesn’t like to use one, others don’t like their voice, they don’t want you to know their gender (sometimes girls would like to stay anonymous), some of these reasons might seem dumb and I’m forgetting others I’m sure, but they should at least be taken into account.  I just want to know that I was KOS’d because someone is a bandit or scared and not because of a lack of ability to communicate safely and in the most timely fashion.


    Dracoric  Nay


    Foxincarnate  I think this is the best concept for weapon management I’ve heard.  I like how both your ideas include upgrading your existing equipment.  I don’t want to get to a point 4 hours into gameplay where I can start making 5 automatic rifles a minute.  I want people to have good weapons but I don’t want everyone to, and I’m fine with often being the guy without one.


    The levels of building is a great concept, however, I feel that the cost for them should be upgraded, but the ability to break them changed. Example :instead of 10 more wood to go from lvl 1-2, make it 100 wood, but now the wall can only be damaged by stone hatchet, metal hatchet and pick Axe. Then level 3 takes 50-100 stone but only a hatchet or pick Axe can break it, then pick Axe only for level 4 until level 5 where only explosives can perpetrate. The cost of going to this level should be exponential, and should take time to obtain. The short, if I spend 4 hours upgrading a 2×2 to be metal, a naked and a rock should not be able to get in.
    Nothing is scarier in Rust than a naked with a rock….why? They have nothing to lose.
    Booby traps. They are a must. If people do gain access to your building, they should have things to worry about…and so should you if you forget.
    You should also be able to create a new key for a lock that you own after death.
    Instead of different weapons, make them upgradeable. Example:
    -A bow
    Using wood can upgrade to a crossbow (more accurate and fires farther)
    -Crossbow is upgraded with metal to Eoka pistol.
    Now fires a bullet but the bullet is makeshift (maybe shot like a short range shotgun) but works like legacy where it is unpredictable and only really good for keeping the baddies out of your base. Eoka is upgraded to a flintlock style pistol which can now fire a ball type ammo and is predictable when fired.
    -Flintlock perhaps doesn’t work when wet, takes time to reload and is only a midrange weapon. It upgrades to a flint lock long gun. (choice to load it with ball ammo or shot thus removing the need for the pipe but not creating separate weapons and is accurate historically.) It would upgrade to a single shot cartridge rifle which is usable at longer ranges, followed by a bolt action with magazine, semi auto with magazine and eventually a fully auto with belt that can be used on a base wall as a mounted weapon.
    The cost of getting to the end would be high, and somewhere along the way (like the move to a semi auto) you could toss the Thompson in there as an “end of branch” transition. or the move from flintlock requires a choice (shotgun/machinepistol/rifle) and each branch has its end weapon. So eventually you’d have people in cloth with flintlock but not like legacy with M4s spraying across the map.
    That’s just my idea for weapons and such.


    Its what they are striving towards.


    Simply look for terrain landmarks.

    Such as, whenever I am looking for someone I ask them if they see something like the big river, or the mountain thats near it. Or if they’re next to a snowy mountain that’s close to the coast. 
    And they’re also in the process of creating real landmarks, the wolf statue is currently the placeholder for all of them.


    refundplzgarrynewman Your moms a flop. The whole world realized this 10 years ago.


    TeSpudGamer lol nice reference


    Zero Fox FK Realistic? Why focus on it being realistic? Well they might be implementing radios soon and those may work for this purpose.


    DrDuck208 “top notch” he says


    Yeah that isn’t a third person model for the thompson. But nice work Gary!!!!!!!I like the name idea like if you see someone off to the distance you can click on him then set his name to mystery man 1 and if you see him creeping around your house then you will know it is the same guy. I like that.


    RealmDweller I imagine myself sneak attacking someone by jumping off a small cliff and kurb stomping their head with my spiky mountain boots,,ooohh delicious


    Great Stuff Guys!


    yay althogh my computer dosnt handle this game m glad that i supported this game and now they are getting closer to making it playable by my compuer :D


    I love these ideas.


    Tom With The Weather refundplzgarrynewman  if his opinion means nothing then neither do ours, but I do disagree with him.


    DrDuck208  Turning of PVT, procedural virtual texturing, did wonders for me.  It doesn’t look as nice, but I have a pretty nice video card but a decent processor at best and I think that is becoming an issue here.  So give that a try, wait for the game to load, retry a few times if necessary but once you are in game hit f2 and turn off pvt and see if that fixes it for you.





    Nice update!


    it is fine enough we throw anything fancy bucket helmet into the game but can not get it to work until you can not go ofline without dying The auto get the basics of playing to work first and then add in fun 

    Section 1 starting with Tarrin and a man 

    point 2 fix that you can leave the game without dying The auto 

    Section 3 fix suverviel part so that it works start adding things to drink eating sleeping to keep warm with 

    Item 4 fix things for hunting, and simplified to find resurcer (fast picking fiching root or somthing 

    Section 5 check if any of the underlying issues have ruined the game the performance show so then you ought to have looked at the code of the underlying points 

    Item 6 try playing in a while find bugs right ones. Build her tongue 

    main routes of all get fixed a logout system that may tell you how many hours you are safe or that says that certain logging out now, you will probably die a few sleeping bag to work or something 

    sorry for the bad enkelsk my English skills are not too good so using translation


    Check out my funny Rust bandit video! Thanks!


    DrDuck208 It’s in development, buddy, not finished.


    this is so stupid, i open the game and it takes 5 minutes to load. i go in a server with NO ONE on it and it lags the crap out of everything and it takes 10 minutes just to close it. my computer is a top notch gaming pc and your crappy game started doing this from the past couple of updates. i hope this game fails and u probably arent reading this cuz u are swimming in your money not giving a crap about your consumers say


    Please add in farming. For a very realism based sandbox game, you would think something like farming could be a huge part of it.


    Issues420916 then update your structures


    intotherust well they re doing a reboot by some reason… obviously to let tied all the mechanics game will use in the future… What do you expected? a copy & paste of legacy mechanics without a improve?

    You can’t start building a house from the roof, yes , maibe they could only do that legacy mechanics, release a “not so experimental version” and people will be able to enjoy it faster, but at the end it would make that full release date will be released later!


    RealmDweller I dont remember, but PTV wasnt the “thing/codding” that makes some stuff like rocks merge well with ground textures? (as a way to make it “natural” and we dont notices in a second that its a 3d model “cut” by the terrain heigh”?


    I think would be best to rename the now “foundation plan” to “basic construction guide” book, and add diferent kinds of guides that allows us to make different update lvls. you even could make that when we are going to place any structure we will see on the hands the book, and when we use right click to select other piece, that we will see our hands moving to other page. (maibe a bit like the forest)


    -You equip it, you see on your hands the book.
    -If you click right button, we see a animation of the hands moving to the “index” there we select what we wanna do,
    – We select what we wanna build, the pages of the book moves to that page, and we can see the “place building aura” while on our hands see the book with blueprints of that piece in the pages of the book we got open on that moment…

    Also, guys have you think on maibe add to the game a “research way” somethin like the crafting but that re just to reseach things before you can build it, and that will be longer than crafting but do not affect the crafting queue.

    Something like “think about” for example if you get any weapon you cant make, you should first “research it” what for example can be more time if its high tier weapon or not, or to craft the “guide” I was talking about, etc… Would be a way that for example while we can craft the basic things we know on that moment (for example a campfire to cook, or a sleeping bad to sleep) “we could think” about “how would I build X” so wouldn be so easy to just get the resources you need to craft something.

    For example, why a guy that have done only one house must have the chance to do a rifle for the first time very fast when anybody its raiding he? this way makes the players actually think about “reach any tech levl before they need it” or if you dont think about it., you can be fucked.

      Tom With The Weather

    refundplzgarrynewman How so? I’ve played and enjoyed Rust for well over 1000 hours now, and I continue to enjoy it, and when the experimental branch hits baseline, I’ll enjoy it even more. But maybe you’re right. Maybe I didn’t really enjoy building up a base with all my friends. Maybe I wasn’t really having an absolute blast warring with other factions. Maybe my 1000+ hours were wasted. Oh no, wait, that’s right. Your opinion means nothing. And this game is awesome.

      Tom With The Weather

    AsEsuViktoras Turn off PVT. Removing grass isn’t going to boost your FPS at all. It’s different grass.



      Tom With The Weather

    Please do a remake of the old island and plot more towns etc around the
    empty parts of the map. I’m not against the procedural maps, but as
    someone who’s played Rust since the very beginning, it would be cool to
    see this as an option. I’ve grown to love that little island of madness.
    It has it’s own identity.


    Please, upload your videos to Youtube or another…this player isn’t very good :/

    I love your work, all of your member’s team are awesome. You’re making a dream game, this RUST reboot is finally the best game of my SteamApps.

    Continue, me and my RUST Reboot friends are with you.

    From France.




    hey, can you upload video’s by youtube? i cant watch your videos.


    TeSpudGamer  this is not minecraft


    refundplzgarrynewman You are barking up the wrong tree faggot, when are you going to realize?


    Definitely include a hint about right clicking the foundation as its all anyone ever spams in the chat. And about the chat, is that staying forever? Because I don’t know about anyone else but I find it annoying as fuck and not very ‘realistic’. Maybe Proximity Chat?
    Looking toward to all the new stuff. Had fun dressing up as a spaceman with a frog welly the other day.


    Best bug report ever, lol!


    Should add a few more performance tweaks along the line, great work!


    procedural maps, YES, however make deserts pop up in the south, and high mountains in the north or something, so that when you enter a new server with a new map you have SOME kind of notion of where you can possibly be. And we need a road. imo.


    ummm…. shotgun doesn’t reload, have damage, and fires with or without ammo.

    I had a pet deer one, sucker followed me across the ocean. Animals just stand there really and Deer still follow.

    Thompson fires… invisibly? it’s also unclear whether it uses pistol or rifle ammo.

    all I have for now


    Could you provide more details? 
    1. Do you see opening scene? Menu? 
    2. If you get to the point where you can join a server, press F1 to view console and report any errors in console. is a good medium for posting bugs/errors. :)


    might be good if made to run through each biome, but may defeat the fun of getting lost and learning your way around. Until we can reboot without wiping servers, it could be helpful but a waste of time simultaniously.


    Mudkypp turn off pvt, it looks ugly but works wonders.


    mbarnett25 refundplzgarrynewman


    things like that could be cool in a zelda-FPS like manner! lol… oh, idea for a new game o.o


    major_grubert Need spiky mountain boots


    removed herobrine?


    Mudkypp  I think it gets better and worse by the day personally.  Somedays its going strong, others I’m like… I’ll come back tomorrow.  Usually tomorrow its better xD


    intotherust  are the goofy clothes the only thing you have a problem with?  I don’t really see any crazy new features and mechanics other than swimming (which i think we all will agree was a priority).  I see them building a world, adding graphics adjustments (earlier than they had to but aren’t we glad they did?), and in their spare time THE ARTISTS and only the artists are making a goofy hat or two.  The way I see it, we will appreciate the variety in clothing later and at the moment they probably are needing other departments to catch up.  The clothes are a super easy way to give us something fun to mess with that didn’t make them stop in their tracks from frying the bigger fish which is what you want them to be doing.


    Personally, an avalanch of superficial shit just might kill the game for me… so I’m not huge on an all-inclusive item editor unless, and only maybe, if it’s based on strict approval criteria… but then again… every time i see something new all I’ll think is “is it useful?” and if so it’s not superficial BS… otherwise, it’s like lowering a pickup truck – fucking stupid.


    refundplzgarrynewman  336 hrs and drooling over Dev Blogs, sorry you aren’t enjoying the process Mr. Refundplz.


    I agree… always got their noses in my data =/ Should check out ello if you’re of a like-mind in that sense… not to be spammy, i was just impressed when i found it yesterday :)


    refundplzgarrynewman  as soon as I stop enjoying it.


    RealmDweller  stupid corporate search engines…


    peanutface10  no its really more like everyday. 
    I was at my friends house earlier looking at the slideshow, and I showed my friend I’m like “Look!  These guys even put slide shows in the blog to explain this stuff to us!”  They obviously care very much.


    Google has been failing me lately as well, but I’ve found out bing has improved where google lacks results ;)


    Garry or anyone else that knows, I just googled PVT after not knowing what it meant since  you started talking about it a few weeks ago.  I just saw in the update that it means Procedural Virtual Texturing.  I have a basic idea of what this means, but google gave me nothing.  I was hoping you could give a small explanation to me and anyone else wondering what PVT actually is/does.  Thanks!


    refundplzgarrynewman If you don’t enjoy tinkering with it, then why not just go away? For the rest of us who do, it is still a means of amusement and we are just as capable of moving on when we are well and ready, as we are at comprehending what exactly we paid to participate in before purchasing access to it.


    communication is largely one’s own perception, a reflection of one’s interpretation of self, based on their best efforts to empathize with whom they are attempting to comprehend. Perhaps you would think of your own self as selfish to say these things, but look again objectively. They’re only asking for them to focus on the necessary things, rather than frivolous trinkets – to the benefit of us all. As i have also stated, i feel they missed the mark – but that’s no reason to shame them for voicing ownership of their thoughts.


    i love rust and they are updating it every day its awesome


    have you tried turning it off, and back on again?


    intotherust perhaps you haven’t connected the dots… “Cold” = freezing death + Winter jacket + no freezing death… Which is kind of a baseline mechanic they need to test… Odds are there just happen to be a model for a shirt ready by the other branch that only took 2 seconds longer to toss in along side it, and figured “what the heck, why not”


    intotherust “I, me, my”


    I have to say that early on I was a believer.  I thought
    experimental could undo all the things I hated about legacy. I loved the weekly
    updates… I yearned for them.  And I was sure that experimental was going
    to be all the things I loved about legacy – the human factor, the alliances,
    the betrayals, the immersion; and get rid of all the things I hated about
    legacy – the hackers, the duct taped updates, the horrible NPC AI.
    But I really worry after following development updates that you
    are trying to include too many new features and gameplay mechanics, rather than
    trying to create a more mature, scalable version of a game that we all fell in
    love with.  
    Please get us to baseline, and we will follow you through any
    new Spaghetti-Os helmet models that you want to add to experimental.
    Just my thoughts,
    Early Access Sponsor Matt


    Holy fucking shit do you need to fix the framerate issues. I was getting a solid 60 fps a few weeks ago and now all I get is maybe 20 at max, and only 3 when in the mountains.



    What I think is missing are the roads we had in legacy they offered a way to navigate as much as any land mark. Also you could make AI robot death squads follow them just to make things more interesting.


    Is just me or is that a bolt action in the demonstration for the thompson? lol


    I’m personally waiting to make the switch (hackers killed it about a month ago) when the building is completed enough that people can’t just chop their way into my base and wiping from updates won’t happen for at least a month.  Thanks Garry for being so open about the design process and progress!


    CodyCartel Agree! So you’ll know if someone is trying to get into your house.


    CodyCartel agreed


    destructivegamer369 Could also be a way to make a kind of map of a small region where you design the map. And also a way of writing tips on how to do something, to those who make movies or things like. And I could not reply to your comment, so I’m posting this as a separate comment.


    If somebody tries to open a locked door, it should shake and make sound.


    Hey Garry can you add books in Rust so we can make our own stories to go along with our adventures? Paper is already supposed to be in the game. Also some flare guns would be cool especially at night.  :D


    Please fix the “slippery” slopes! I keep sliding down into crevices that I should visually be able to climb out of, but can’t because it’s impossible to climb up a hill with a 45° slope, and I also can’t lay down and crawl out under areas. I’ve had this happen twice on rocky areas.


    cavi587 GlennLane you just have to wait …


    GlennLane Same here.


    AlexanderChristensen On experimental or Legacy?  Try verifying your game cache which could help.  right click on rust > Properties > Local files > Verify Integrity Of Game Cache. If this doesn’t fix then Rust still has alot of bugs to work out on Experimental.


    Great work guys but I’ve validated my order like 10 times and they only delivered one shitty pizza..  wtf dominos?


    wow cant believe it.. great work Tom and Dan, next time take more time making that awesome stuff..  :P


    I agree with most others, we need a base we can keep soon. No point in playing a large amount of time if you know for a fact you are going to lose your base. A few hits with a rock is all it takes to lose several hours of playing. We have the risk we need the reward?


    How about when you select a tool on your bar the icon changes to a slash split larger icon with a small icon for left and right mouse as to what they do. So for torch it’d be attack/ignite for foundation it’d be place/change type.


    Yeah, survival aspect is weak atm. Possible have different biomes present different obstacles to overcome to survive. Example, dehydrate faster in desert, colder in the snow (specially the water!), forests present more aggressive animals (bear and wolves), and grassland might be a bit more sparse on resources.
    Also, dangerous environmental factors would be awesome. Snowstorm, sandstorms, thunderstorms (slight chance of lighting stricking), tornadoes, hailstorms, etc
    Oh and, less meat when using a bone knife. Scarcity of meat is good.


    I too get black screen when trying to load the game.. specs:
    Intel i7-3770, 3.50GHz
    16 GB RAM
    Nvidia Geforce GTX 680, 2024 MB
    Windows 7 ultimate SP 1

    Hope you can help me.


    Add Mau5Head


    Metal doors is what you need. Why build a base when you can break a door with a few rock hits


    bill_murder Garry said at the beginning that Zombies were a place holder. If you want zombies…go play DayZ. This is a survival game


    bill_murder I’m pretty sure zombies are a thing of the past completely.


    When are they gonna add the zombies back? or are they not doing that this time around?


    Black screen when trying to load the game. :(


    This is looking so good, keep up the good work! Don’t release it into baseline until you are happy with it and think it is ready, just keep making it the best it could possibly be!

    Also, an idea for the workshop: allow anyone to make clothes, and give each thing created a special ID. Then, anyone who has the ID can craft the item, and anyone who doesn’t have it, can only see it, so if someone wants to make something they’ve seen, they have to go get the ID from the workshop or subscribe to the item. However, there would have to be a method to make sure everything is balanced and fair.


    Again, please stop making those shits, launch the baseline and let us enjoy it and have fun. Those shits will come in the next weeks.


    Is the triangle bug fixed that screws your hotbar if they’re selected?


    Great progress guys, some really great things in the game right now.  The only thing that makes it NOT fun for me to play right now are the procedural maps. Now I don’t have a problem with procedural maps.  The issues as I see it is that population distribution is hard to predict.  What is needed are options to set boundaries, create some resource zones, and create some landmarks near those zones… or even roads.  Once that is in I will be playing again.+


    Im looking forward to seeking the lcoks and wall teirs as ingame textures, keep at it!!


    Loving the blogs. Keep up the good work.


    Jolie boulot y a de gros progrès
    Mais a l instant faut faire une maj pour les écrans noir  vite vite vite


    Garry please make it obvious for everyone to which version the new screnshots belong. So people arent confused anymore :D


    Good work, as alwas :D
    I hope random buildings are on the way.


    Awesome guys!! Now you just need to upgrade walls, so its not possible to break em with a rock :)


    Nice progress this week. Still patiently waiting for the reboot and jumping on experimental branch once a week to check things out.




    daite poigrat yje


    Bon travail continuez comme ça !

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