Server files, trello and hats.

Server Files Released

The server files for both legacy and experimental are now open to everyone. The APPID is 258550. The files contain folders for Legacy and Debug and Release versions of the experimental server. The legacy server is only available for windows, but the experimental version has a build for linux too (although this isn’t tested right now).

You can find more details on downloading a server from steam here. If you want to ask about hosting an experimental server, you can do so in this thread. If you want to talk about the legacy server, please do so in this thread.

Death Routine

Previously when you died it showed the death screen and that was it. You had no idea real idea who shot you or anything. That sucked, so now you get a thirdperson view of your ragdoll for a bit. It is nowhere near perfect but the boilerplate is there.

Trello Organisation

We re-organised our trello boards.

We added a new Trello Programmers board to house our bugs and feature todos. Please feel free to make a trello account and vote for the tasks that you feel are the most urgent.

We’ve also organised the Rust Art board in a similar way to the Programmers board. But there’s nothing much to see here.

Biome Parameters

Diogo and Petur have worked on making biomes feel different this week. Each of the biomes now have their own unique colour correction values and fog settings. This means that in the desert regions it’s nice clear blue skies and in the snowy regions it’s colder with limited visibility. This is a stepping stone on the way to having varying weather effects in different biomes, we want them to feel really different.


Diogo has been working his massive balls off on getting PVT functioning under Unity 5. And now it is. I’m not gonna bother explaining what PVT is again, a picture speaks a thousand words. Here’s two thousand words.

Animal Fixes

Last week you could hit the wolf’s corpse with a rock and you’d instantly get all its meat. Things are a bit harder now.. you need to bash it quite a few times to get everything. The corpse now bleeds properly when you hit it too. And it doesn’t spawn in a heap where the wolf died, it now copies the bone positions from the parent properly. And any effects attached to the alive wolf, like blood, are now copied properly to the ragdoll.

Andre has been giving the AI some attention this week. They now move again.

Rock Clutter

Andre and Petur came up with rock clutter. The rocks are deployed dynamically on the terrain in certain places. In the same way that the grass is. We’re going to be looking to use this a lot more to make the immediate environment feel richer.

Player Ragdoll Fix

There was a bug where when you killed someone it appeared that you’d knocked their soul out of them, because the ragdoll would drop out but they’d still be standing there. This is now fixed and the player should disappear properly when they’re dead.

Metal Facemask

Tom made a metal facemask. It’s in game, it’s craftable. The metal blocks bullets and melee attacks with vastly reduced damage. You can shoot through the eye holes.

Coffee Helmet

Xavier made an improvised coffee helmet. It’s in game, it’s craftable. The metal blocks bullets just like the facemask above.

Bucket Helmet

Xavier also made an improvised bucket helmet. It’s in game, blah blah.

We’re considering putting an SDK together to let the community make clothing items like this, similar to how TF2 is rocking it. It seems stupid to be doing this ourselves when we have a community full of thousands of talented people who can get involved. Let us know if this is something we should be doing.

Placement Guide

Petur came up with a new placement guide a while back. It’s cool because it emits a bit of light to help you place stuff. I implemented it this week.

Frame Rate Increase

There was a bug last week that meant that your frame rate would get more and more terrible the longer you played. Your UI would become laggy and eventually unresponsive. It made the game pretty much unplayable.

This was all my fault. I am a dick. I had an InvokeRepeating in an Update. Lets never mention it again.

Weapon Bobbing

Goosey added weapon bobbing. Your weapon bobs about when you walk now.


Goosey has animated Dan’s Thompson model

Crafting Fixes

Metal fragments weren’t stacking properly in the furnace, and when you pulled them into your inventory they still weren’t stacking. It was making it pretty much impossible to amass a decent amount of metal. This is now fixes, they stack properly!

Sulfur Ore wasn’t cooking properly in the furnace. It wasn’t producing any results. This is now fixes, you can now get sulfur.

Gunpowder didn’t exist and therefore was wasn’t craftable. Now it does and it is.

Crafting “Low Grade Fuel” now gives you 10 of them instead of just one.

You can now craft all the weapons and bullets. Some of the weapons don’t work right now though!


Howie was investigating ways to make our buildings look less square.

Howie investigated spikes

Howie investigated gates

Howie investigated foundation ramps

Howie investigated the building process

Meg drew some rocks


We are cracking on. Fixing bugs, improving performance, polishing, adding missing features. Baseline is nearly here!




    Thanks for releasing the server files. You guys are awesome!


    TheRobertRobBob  “The game is harder to run now ever since they started re-working rust. are they even optimizing it to run better? or am i just not feeling the effects of the optimization? I’m going to try re-downloading the game.”

    The whole graphics engine has been overrided, everthing has been redone, and legacy Rust didn’t look that well – the new build is much better looking. So naturally it takes more horse power from our computers, but I hope to that they will optimize it soon.


    yakub4444 Joke?


    no black player models because it will look like they are reverting their progress in society


    When we can play?


    War Wolf Jack That’s what they said about minecraft. It’s fun for a while but like everything else you will eventually lose interest. Have fun while it lasts.


    facepunchisbullshit I dare you to make a game that sells more copies than the amount of family members you’ve got.


    привет разработчики,пожалуйста сделайте чтоб камни (ресурсы) были не по 1 на поле а болшие залежи sulfur,metal ore , и что б в горах,пещерах было больше ресурсов каменных – так более реалистичней чем просто они раскиданы в поле рандомно.с уважением butio


    If we live longer we should grow longer hair, tired of being bald


    Technoguyfication Lastingfordays Actually garry was questioned about whether it would come to next gen consoles and he said himself that if successfully ports and works well that he would because he was given devkits of the consoles.


    SuddenDeath They already said no.

    The fact that people can “pretend” to be in your clan is a gameplay feature, believe it or not. And having to come up with a way to identify your own clan members is also a gameplay feature. And somebody being able to potentially learn about this identifier and circumvent it is also a gameplay feature… etc.
    This isn’t CounterStrike. This is Rust. Fundamentally different gameplay.


    NikoMaddix Terrible idea. Would be abused to no end. Imagine – a bunch of raiders come to your place, take something of value and teleport back to their base before you can say “wat”.

    Plus, it conflicts with their whole “emergent” gameplay, same reason the game doesn’t have the concept of “friends” or “friendly fire”.
    So, no.


    Why don’t we have black player models?


    Where the hell ass all the animals gone?????????????


    Lastingfordays ps4? dude you are crazy you think it’s coming for ps4? hgahahahahahahahahha good one


    grimmjow450 get a better gpu. problem solved


    It’s still in development, trust me after baseline they probably might start working on optimization.
    And you have the minimum requirements so that probably contributes to the la as well. try reducing the graphics options in F2


    Razolas Or you could make it that you have to hold a key (for example shift) to enable that “split mode”


    fps still suck. game laggy like a hell. minimum graphic and syill mega lags. dont lie gary.


    JoshuaWillow  I agree, broken down robots would be awesome!


    Yes, you should be allowing the community to create content like TF2; make it easier on yourselves!  Best. Idea. Ever.


    ChiefBushGaming Bandicam works too… in Windowed mode


    we want traps please


    Of course, such an implementation might necessarily lead to Mob Packs and Structure Packs as well. Maybe even foliage packs. Hell, just call it a Resource Pack if you want — I don’t think anyone would care that you’re copying a really smart addition to an insanely popular game. Anyway, keep making the awesome game that you are, but if you want to open it up to us, I’m sure it would be a very interesting step forward. Besides, “Packs” are always a clean way of organizing what changes are being made to the Vanilla game.


    Your comment on creating an SDK for clothing made me think of something.

    You know how Minecraft has resource packs? Well, what if you created an SDK which allows community members to create “Crafting Packs” — whole sets of craftable items that would add rich depth to the gameplay on a particular server which decides to employ them. These “Crafting Packs” would be chosen by the Server creator, and whoever joined the server would be able to utilize all the custom items in a particular Crafting Pack. I mean, someone might create a Crafting Pack with an array of “Zombie related” items, and thus create a server that was heavily influenced by a Zombie feel. Or they might create a crafting pack full of any number of items related to anything, thus tinging the server with that crafting pack’s influence and inviting those with like interests to play on it.

    Don’t get me wrong, Rust by itself is cool enough to play Vanilla (and will only become more so as it developes). I just thought that YES, you SHOULD open it up to your community, and this is one interesting way you could do so.


    I do like the addition of weapon bobbing, but I think the animations should be slightly altered. When you are walking, the weapon bobbing should be more subtle and not as exaggerated as it is now. Secondly, when you are sprinting, you should point the gun sidewards, perhaps like the player animations we saw on last week’s devblog.

    Thanks for having such a good relationship with your community and actually taking into account what they have to say. It definitely makes for a way better experience for all of us.


    or a “loot all” option


    yeah why not do a “drag amount bar” ypu know like the “set volume level” or “mouse sentivity” in most games?


    An SDK for the community to make their own Clothing is a great idea simply because as an Australia i look forward to being able to make my own Ned Kelly Armor(Australian Bushranger)


    ncannan ^^this, i enjoy doing that, though that said, its also nice to share the activity with a friend or two.


    The game is harder to run now ever since they started re-working rust. are they even optimizing it to run better? or am i just not feeling the effects of the optimization? I’m going to try re-downloading the game.


    i absolutely think that rust should have community created clothing like TF2, obviously if they were to provide protection then they would have to be voted upon by players for obvious reasons. Also i love the idea of dormant robot NPCs lying around the map, possibly in a cube form gaining moss or just barely protruding from the mud of a swamp, it would make things a lot more interesting, and seeing as rust has no backstory yet to limit it you can take it anywhere you please


    I show all this stuff off, check it out!


    Could you please remove the way you can split items because its really hard to move say 500 wood because it will only move a certain amount of that stack of wood and its really hard to find the point to select the full stack. I hope you get what i mean because my english isn’t the best. I love everything except that in the game ;)


    facepunchisbullshit  LOL this guys just copies this exact thing and posts it on every devblog…. he said lirterally the exact thing last week XD ignor teh troll people


    almond_stash Leignheart Well considering, rust has had nearly zero problems with my pc Except this one time, and my pc hasn’t changed a lick, and since the problem resolved without any tinkering whatsoever, i would certainly say the problem was not on my end. And also, one person having issues, or having no issues whatsoever, is not the basis for everyone. Just because you don’t get lung cancer from smoking does not mean others won’t get lung cancer. And also it is not a problem with person but with the cigarette. Get the Analogy?


    Fucking awesome update!
    Thomspon concept looks great. Good job.


    What if you guys implemented a friends screen? Where you could teleport to your groups base? Also I think a craft-able map would be great.

      War Wolf Jack

    PR8G4M3R It’d make a nice mod that I would like to try out.


    Good to hear I’m not the only one with this problem, Thanks. Hope they get it fixed soon, I’ve run off to many invisible cliffs to count


    ncannan So nice to read! Do never stop being a nice guy (woman?)… :)


    ArsenalRevolt RickyTheGee Yeah it was the easyanticheat problem. All sorted now though :) Thanks for the help dude


    Yep the same thing happened to me, then it just resolved itself. Just give it time. Not much else you can do.


    RickyTheGee ArsenalRevolt There is another fix in there. Use the CMD line and navigate to the folder with anticheat file and then it has a command like EasyAntiCheat install 12. Thats th fix that worked for me.


    rustyy and i cant post this problem on Face Punch


    Yea> gama crashes on Dev Server ( not Dev Server (…Bag)) HELP!!


    almond_stash Leignheart Well I never had problems connecting so I’m pretty sure it was your end :/


    hahaha thats the fun part xD


    game crashes when i load into the server after pressing Respawn :(((((


    JustSomeTallBloke ArsenalRevolt same thing,  didnt work , wtf


    You guys are doing awesome! I’m really excited to play rust on my ps4!! It will be nice too, since my computer really isn’t the best!


    There should really be an ingame clan tag options that way people cant put the clan tag infront of there name wehen they arent in it. For example csgo


    Boring to you, maybe. But what I like to do in Alpha is to find an empty server, put on some classical or piano music with nature sounds and just build, hunt, watch the campfire and watch the sun rise. The kind of things you can’t do in real life anymore, especially if you’re trapped in a city. Rust is a very peaceful game when you don’t have to worry about bandits.


    There needs to be a positive post on here.

    You guys are doing a fantastic job so far. Games are quick and easy to make, sure. But GOOD games that don’t glitch up are not. Granted, there are glitches (which are actually just missing parts of the game). That’s why this is pre-release. We get to grow with and alongside this project which makes me, personally, feel more like I’m a part of the game.

    I don’t understand why people don’t understand that. The process to make a game, animation, song, or any other creative medium is varied and personal to the individuals who make it. We get to see the Behind-the-Scenes features live and that’s really neat for me as a student of animation and learning to make my own concept art.

    The development of Rust is an inspiration for me, doing things that no other company dares to do like implementing practical nudity and beneficial (sometimes) cannibalism. They want this game to work and be flawless built upon the opinions of their followers to make a grand experience. It’s really nice to see this in an industry flooded with zombies, space marines, and Hollywood-style epic stories where claiming the knock-off of yesteryear as an original idea.

    You guys are part of what makes PC gaming great. Garry, Xavier, Petur, Meg, Howie, Goosey, Diogo, Tom, Andre, and every and anyone else involved, keep up the good work and don’t listen to the nay-sayers. Keep up truckin’ and make Rust one of the greatest games of the decade! You’re well on your way!


    pellehardrock I wouldn’t like that, many people (myself included) have terrible drawing ability so the maps wouldn’t be useful for us.


    surgura MasterHumus I think the simplest solution there would be to add a small “check” or “cross” icon alongside the coloured glow


    facepunchisbullshit nice b8 m8 i r8 it 8/8


    Vemius rust would be incredibly boring singleplayer. it’s not designed for it, not enough natural threats and no motivation to improve yourself.


    I second this.


    So why waste your time playing/hacking/commenting if you dislike the game and the devs so much?  Every time you interact in game or on steam you increase the game’s popularity and visibility to new people.  Something is causing you to bother hanging around instead of making tons of your own money with your own vastly superior ideas and programming skills… oh wait.




    I’m surprised you took a break from sucking your dad’s dick to post on this website.



      War Wolf Jack

    Hopefully you can stay unbanned long enough for me to meet you on the battlefield.


    Indie games and games that are in betas need to stop being jewish niggers. Any time a problem arises or the game is shit or the devs aren’t making shit for progress on the game, they just go ahead and say “You paid for a beta, we promise nothing so it’s on you”. They should have made so much more happen in this time with all that money they got from this and other beta games that they’l never finish. The company IS to blame. The company IS shit. The company is little faggots that got away with scamming. I’ve made games in Unity and everything they say is 100% bullshit. They just suck dick at making games and they also want to eat everybody’s money while they are lazy/bad at making video games. This game should have been free to play until it’s a playable game. Because the amount of work/quality is far disproportional to what they’ve accomplished. This game and the new game is low quality metal, low grade fuel, it’s noob out of 10. 0/10     Do not listen to the bandwaggoner clowns that are like “dawg video games are hard 2 maek, gib dem braek yo”; they’re just little cocktease virgins suckling on Obama’s imp dick.


    Me be in yo house, eatin all yo’ chicken. Me shove chicken in me butthole! GG GG


    I guarantee I will be hacking in this new version of Rust when it’s out. Try to stop me faggots, I dare you. See you all then!


    War Wolf Jack Lol, doesn’t work like that. And if a hacker with better hacks kills me, I’ll swat them because they have such shit security. Failpunch :D forever failures

      War Wolf Jack

    I’ll be makin’ sure to get you VAC banned so you can lose your $1000 dollars in games and end all of your steam friendships. Hehe


    War Wolf Jack There will be hackers at day 1. I’ll be on it hacking too to make it not fun for you :D

      War Wolf Jack

    I think soon Rust will be leading the video game world in amazing randomly generated maps… It will be known as the game that never became boring. The better they become at random generation the longer the game’s life will last.

    You could play this everyday till the year 2024 and not have to play on the same map twice if you wanted that.


    With the amount of money Facepunch had/has, they should be able to complete the game WITH or without Unity in about 30seconds. That’s how many workers they could get on this and progress that could be made. But no, they have to fail in every aspect because garry newman is a total dumbfuck noob lmfao. Also, there’s nothing wrong with Unity. They are so full of shit. Unity is probably the best FREE game engine there is. Again, they have to reinvent the wheel because they are too stupid to use it. And they’re far too stupid to make their own engine like professional companies do. So what do they do, of course? They fap into the wind !


    Indie games and games that are in betas need to stop being jewish niggers. Any time a problem arises or the game is shit or the devs aren’t making shit for progress on the game, they just go ahead and say “You paid for a beta, we promise nothing so it’s on you”. They should have made so much more happen in this time with all that money they got from this and other beta games that they’l never finish. The company IS to blame. The company IS shit. The company is little faggots that got away with scamming. I’ve made games in Unity and everything they say is 100% bullshit. They just suck dick at making games and they also want to eat everybody’s money while they are lazy/bad at making video games. This game should have been free to play until it’s a playable game. Because the amount of work/quality is far disproportional to what they’ve accomplished. This game and the new game is low quality metal, low grade fuel, it’s noob out of 10. 0/10     Do not listen to the bandwaggoner clowns that are like “dawg video games are hard 2 maek, gib dem braek yo”; they’re just little cocktease virgins suckling on Obama’s imp dick.

      War Wolf Jack

    Why is there a serial number on a homemade/handmade thompson SMG?


    jhlgame Yep but if you disconnect and re connect that will fix the issue for now.


    Vemius You fucking idiot.  This news post ANNOUNCED THAT THE SERVER FILES ARE PUBLIC.
    Host your own private server, you moron.


    Does anyone else have the problem when you alt-tab and then go back into the game the ground goes invisible?


    Playing on Mac, this experimental version runs like a kind-of Dream Simulator. Sound comes in and out at random. Swimming sucks out sound completely and I move as if I were in space rather than in water. I open up a torch and all that I see is a hovering ball of fire. The sky is almost completely violet.

    One time I arrived at a forest and found a wolf. I began to beat it to the death with a rock and it turned to me. It had no eyes. I killed it and collected its bones. I started to head back and was instantly shot to death by someone I never heard coming. Then I woke up.


    Hey guysI wanna say I never played the game but I seen youtube videos on it and I gotta say it realy have alot of potential what I think they should do with the game is that they should make the core gameplay like call of duty but it have all the survival elements in it what I mean by call of duty is like the way you control the character like going prone, having a grenade button, sliding, making the aiming more fluid you know things like that and I also think they should add zombie hordes and making the wolves into packs I no it sounds hard put it will make the game realy challenging not to mention the other players out there and they should add a party button so u know whos in your party to prevent confusion and frendly fire im just sayin I think the game would be a big hit like huge if they would add thise elements in the game :)


    MasterHumus Yeah exactly. Ideally, you could choose colors that fit you best, although there could be a predefined package for Red/Green colorblindness and Blue/Yellow colorblindness, which are the most common.


    JdoggBurger Sorry I don’t like advertisements.


    KaneSoto yeah that would be great, then you could make small walls to defend in a war like sandbags.


    pellehardrock But you only need one though.


    DingleDerper but they were some nice rocks :)


    draw your own map would be cool! really good idea


    gallardodaniel52 You are in “la la land”, he is saying they should make it to where they stopped legacy and then expand and improve from there with the new engine.


    surgura I mean I don’t really see the difference between normal and colorblind mode so you would think that I am not colorblind, anyways so colorblind mode basically changes the colors from green/red to something like blue/yellow?


    @MasterHumus I am not sure how I should be able to hear that you are colorblind. Anyway, I don’t see the difference between red and green because I am colorblind. The building system uses green to indicate a valid placing spot, and red to indicate an invalid placing spot. If I cannot see the difference between these, building will be annoying.


    Crafterguy3x3 would not work as there are seasons like winter where you would just get dominated by nature if you’re a newman.


    monkeymagicscg maybe you could draw the map by yourself on a piece of paper, like walk out of your house and over to a landmark and then draw it instead of it magically appearing on your paper.


    surgura What exactly does colorblind mode do, it doesn’t really affect me though I am the colorblind as you might be able to hear.


    Vemius It definately won’t happen when you’re such a motherfucking dick about it, now suck it up and play the fucking game or fuck off.


    Have to say I disagree, that would ruin the realism that you want in a survival game.
    However I would allow paper and charcoal to be used to craft a map. You’d need to spend time drawing your immediate area. In this time you’d be vulnerable but you could then add personal notes as well.


    Check out my funny Rust bandit video!


    magnux01 shut up u fucking nigger


    SinglePlayer Mode Wont Take Long To Make So Make It Cunts I Dont Wanna Play With Fucking People. and Dont Say Join a Server With 0 People Cause If Theres No One On That Server Its Lickley It Will Close


    I would like to see a colorblind mode for the building. I have problems with the red and green.


    Victor95pc lol do you not understand why they dumped legacy in the first place? they couldn’t add more to it. the coding wouldn’t allow them too. jesus some people are just in la la land


    No no no no no no. Legacy is dead, long live the great experiment!


    ArsenalRevolt RickyTheGee Ok so yeah, launching experimental from the install folder works fine but now the game crashes when attempting to spawn my character. Going to have a look on the forums and will post whatever i find here for anybody else having the same issues.


    Shamed Medic Sadly, thats an issue with open world-free building games. In general terms if you make a game with too many “movable” parts you have to tone down the graphics, so that computers can actually handle it.  A really simple example is 7 day to die, its a complete voxel world, but damn the game is UGLY. It’s hard to come to up with the right balance of things since… you know there will always be angry ppl. 

    Plus it seems to be the case that when you reach a certain graphic you can wiggle between certain parameters, but can’t tone down things as much as you like. Just a thought.


    ArsenalRevolt RickyTheGee Nice one dude really appreciate that :) Will give it a go now


    what about lets say you can place a “placemark” on the ground you currently at. and name it like “cave 1” and when you move away from that place the maker ends up like an arrow on the screen edge like “walk this way to find your plavemarker “cave 1” or your house etc?


    Tarmasoga DamienRideout they are working on coloring faces aswell


    RobertMelnyk Legacy version of Rust is like playing version 0.01 of 12.0 and a classic version of the game


    lesqamura thats the same like playing Crysis 3 with this noob graphics card


    lesqamura this doesn’t make sense, because ranking it to beta/original wouldn’t change anything… Adding more options and items isn’t just all in rust and it’s stupid to add stuff when the game is “finished”


    pellehardrock why do you think the Rust dev. are making coloring for the face or different types of masks and clothes?


    War Wolf Jack diseases aren’t a bad idea, but zombies getting pretty old and boring. Rust hasn’t to do anything with zombie surviving, it should be a game where players survive or kill other players. This game should have a realistic direction and zombies would just ruin it.


    lleoll you can wait 1-4 years until it is finished, that they don’t need to do anything anymore. But it gets step-by-step near to a playable version. Just wait and play some other games or go and follow the process of experimental version…


    magnux01 play on servers with 0 players then? or play with friends…


    JackNardz pellehardrock I do exactly the same. I shared my games with my little brother on his steam account so he sits at the other end of my room and I always fuck around with him. I’d start shooting arrows at him and he would start shouting at me to save him xD


    KaneSoto Amazing idea!


    argilla11 DamienRideout LOL!


    SirXeroX They moved them back to the forests last week I think


    Stop wanting innovated in Rust, Made sure that all that was already in the experimental mode is playable and not his buggy would be a great advance for you and for the player, for example, eating animal meat and cook will be a big step forward


    magnux01 Then make your base hidden and be careful, and make use of the large procedural maps in the experimental branch


    You guys should add SEASONS


    Culentriel That’s a good idea; I say he need the SDK as well.


    magnux01 why play the game by yourself? you know how boring that is? Go around, having no fear except for a wolf or bear? If you can’t handle other players then don’t play the game.


    a singleplayer mode needed because when you play with óther players there shot you its dosn´t make fun


    abbaderoffghh i have no clue what your talking about as  I have not been in game since legacy. The “iron sights” you described could have been a peep sight as you do look through a hole in a peep sight.


    RealmDweller bioclone_ax45 Well its nmot a standart Thompsom, and looks almos almos the 100% same that the one I was talking about (and again, not just the model, animation aswell)

    About the PVT, I know a lot about 3D games, techniques and other stuff and I have never heard about this “PVT” I used to search about info so dont tell me what to do…. but previosly on this blogs I said I love how detailed was all the information and links, and now speaking about this (PVT) I feel just the opossite feling.

    Dont tell me about “why waste peoples time asking them to type it all out again when in fact they’ve already covered it once and the information is readily available if you care to use that google” When the 98% of comments here are Ideas that were already discussed on the Rust suggestions Forum… o.O


    War Wolf Jack but zombies were gone along time ago? thought they were being original


    Leignheart hahahaha thanks for making me laugh Leign. dont freak out next time a game doesn’t work, they are actually making huge progress and are trying to connect with the community…no need to be a dick and rage over it not working straight away…not like its the only game you own…or is it?


    I prefer they focus on the old Rust style, make it look like the legacy, then you start making improvements like the biomes stuff, new weapons and things like that.


    Leignheart I understand you guy…


    First off it wasn’t a problem on my end since now the issue was resolved. So you were wrong. I had posted what i did to vent. I am very far from a dumbass. And that is now the way to speak to people. I was angry, now I’m not.


    Maybe make the stone hatchets work?


    Leignheart almond_stash hahah, that’d a problem on your end. stop being a dumb ass and fix it yourself instead of complaining


    DamienRideout Your facebook profile clearly states that you are a homosexual.


    almond_stash Leignheart Almond i fucking know its an alpha, but you know what? It doesnt fucking matter that it’s an alpha because it should atleast fucking start!!!!!  

    Now remember i do support this game, and am only temporarily pissed. So don’t fucking lecture me on how this game is an alpha!!!!! I’m pissed right now.


    Leignheart remember that it’s in alpha and that this is “EXPERIMENTAL”


    Ya know it takes alot to piss me off with a video game, and I am very supportive of this game. But right now this game pissed me off in the one way a game can piss me off. This is my 9th attempt to play this piece of shit. 9 separate times I have logged into a server and it fucking crash on me. I am pissed right now. Long live rust but hell am I angry. Btw I have never had problems before this.


    So I was thinking about that concept to make buildings less square. I figured if you implement a system to create void polygons on models you can designate some walls as dominate and some walls as recessive. The recessive wall will be cut off by intersecting with the dominate preventing the interior from getting crowded by diagonal walls.


    RobertMelnyk its been 6 months, stop acting like its been longer. Legacy will never be touched again unless there are security issues with it. If you dont like it, Play experimental since its pretty damn close to being caught back up to Legacy. Or, you can easily find a server that is low populated and play on that. Many servers are still up, so finding a server isn’t too hard. You just dont wanna put time into finding a decent hack free server. Stop complaining like you are 10, because if You didnt have a profile picture i would have assumed that was your age. Experimental is the new Rust, and if you can’t accept that then you should just drop the game so this community has one less person complaining about useless shit.


    lesqamura they have graphic options with F2. I am not sure if it works with the new engine they just updated to, but give them time as it will be optimized soon. Face Punch is pretty much on the ball when it comes to Optimization after what they had to deal with in Legacy and the community. and as @Leignheart has stated, you will obviously experience lag with a 9600gt.


    lleoll Are you okay? This game is in development, and games take years of development time to complete. They built this from the ground up, and are implementing new ideas as well as old ones from Legacy. They are actually really close to a playable version, since most of the items were added in, but they just need functionality and animations. They want to make it feel new to legacy, so they are adding new and improved features to the game as well. So far, as someone who appreciates and understands the development cycle of a game, they have made fantastic progress since March, and with roughly 6 months of development for this version of rust they have made it pretty fucking far into development. Just think, they are moving a bit faster than Mojang is with Minecraft for their updates to their game, and they push those out 2-3 times a year. new features here are added every day. No one is bitching at them (For the Record, I absolutely love Mojang and in no means do they work slow, they just have a small team and many projects to work on). You just want a game out as soon as possible and are highly impatient. How about you learn to enjoy the process of development, and stop bitching in the comments.


    pellehardrock this ruins the point of rust though. I highly doubt this will be done, and would actually prefer it to not be done. When I play with my little brother half the time the fun of it is to randomly sneak up on him and beat the living shit out of him and his friends. Plus, it ruins the point of mystery the game has where you don’t know who is approaching you and you have to find a way to communicate without getting too close to someone.


    can someone explain to me whats going on with this game ?  when is the release ?  why do they keep adding concepts all the time is this ever gonna get finished ?


    Shamed Medic i have a 2009 laptop with a heat damaged CPU, 4gb of RAM, and Intel Core i5. Not the best computer on the market, but I get a solid 25-30 FPS. This thing can’t even run Battlefield on Normal settings, nevermind High. Maybe you have some Config glitches or some other issues with it, but my low end laptop runs this fine, same with my little brother and a lot of his friends. I think the issue is with your computer alone. Try re-installing drivers and updating them. That could fix the issue right there.


    release date on live servers please :D

      War Wolf Jack

    Guys… Diseases… we need diseases. Maybe then players could catch diseases and spread them.. Leprosy… Plague..  


    Maybe only having other players become the infectious zombies would make this a unique zombie survival game instead of a horde of mindless boring NPCs. The infected players would be forced to eat human flesh to stay alive while trying to find a cure because all other types of food will sicken and kill them. I’m not actually a huge fan of zombies; I only play online PVP games but that’s an idea that would bring out the best of both worlds.


    You make games? im getting into making graphics, I suck now but further email me if you want, Also your so right I’ve had rust for a year and the improvement is just amazing.


    Let the community be able to make clothes and stuff like that!
    “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”
    This quote should show you that the community and Rust dev. team could work together to get more stuff even faster and cooperate to create even more cool stuff!
    Guys like this, so they dev. team will see this!!!


    the iron sights on the Thompson are incorrect. You’re not supposed to look through the whole, there should be a notch in the top of the rear sight, like this:


    where are the animals?

      Shamed Medic

    Leignheart Yeah, I’d like the hatchet as well XD It can’t be that hard to fix, right? I can use the pickaxe though, so why no stone hatchet? But I guess seeing as how the rock 1 hits everything and is really fast swinging it basically IS the hatchet.

      Shamed Medic

    Great update, guys! Still waiting for them robots though ;) Nah, but seriously I am appalled at how quickly you guys get shit done. In one week you do more to put useful and practical items and features in the game than other games put out bug fixes and other useless shit in 3 months. Really fantastic job, guys.

    I would like to say this though, and of course until you get to beta this really doesn’t matter, but perhaps making the client a little less taxing. Right now my PC does meet the recommended specs. That is only because I bought an aftermarket Nvidia video card. Still, even with that I have pretty low FPS compared to other, much larger games.(I can run Battlefield 4 at full graphics no prob online. Same with most MMORPG’s like TESO. Even with screen record, no prob.) It’s a huge turn off. I get all excited from the devblogs and go update/play experimental right away, but quickly shut it down simply because it’s a hassle to even look at it. I can’t use the highest settings without running quite literally 13 fps in some spikes. Even when in the lowest setting “fastest” from the drop-down and all f2 options off I hit as low as 17-25. On top of that the UI is slow. It takes about 1.5 seconds after I put my mouse over an item or button for the button to highlight. Just sorta slow. The average PC gamer won’t be able to run this nearly as well. Especially since I could run legacy at 60ish no prob and that was full graphics with that obnoxious grass. People trying to make the switch probably get more dismayed than I do. I know this game is really pushing for that 15% class of PC gamers with insane cards but it is incredibly sad to me that, even with my $300 card I still cant play this awesome game in the lowest settings. I have to watch youtube reviews to get the rundown. Granted I am pretty picky and if it’s below 40fps I start complaining XD. I’m not saying tone down everything, because it looks beautiful as it is. But maybe optimize some of the lower graphic option settings for average-end, $300-$500 stock PC’s. That way if high/mid graphic options are too much, there is always the last resort(the last resort right now looks like hell, but doesnt have the performance increase to make it viable. Even to me, it only boosts single digits of fps. Occasionally double.). 

    I know most people reading this probably HAVE a super high end $600+ card and are gonna be all like “Just buy a dif grphx crd nwb.”. But those of you without super-rigs will understand what I mean. If I can run battlefield 4 on high, I should at least be able to run this game comfortably on the lowest. At least, that’s my thinking.

    Regardless, keep it up! Love the game, love the enhancements, love the devs!


    Amazing update :)
    3 litle things though.

    Please make animals drop human meat, so we eat it atleast.

    Please don’t add items we can craft but not use!

    Please fix walls / doors / etc etc. Locks are useless if you break the door whit 3 hits from your rock… :s


    DingleDerper yup.

    he likes to work as i do :3


    So in a week Howie drew a million different things and meg drew 2 rocks?


    Tarmasoga DamienRideout True and thats what i usually do in Legacy but the problem was lack of cloths haha with sum variety though im sure that could also work out though lol


    DamienRideout Tarmasoga in that case here is another idea that we could implement. we could have clothing that can be different colors or something along those lines at a later date. my group can wear red shirts with black pants his group can wear a black shirt with purple pants ECT so the option is there should you and your friends decide to use it. although that wouldnt help with random friends but… its something to play with.


    Tarmasoga This is a idea i to had i think its a great one to, i fear Garry wouldn’t do it because its not as hardcore of a experience as he would want but i have a feeling he could implement it in a very refined way and make the game a lot better for people with frieds


    1w1w1w1w1 I just noticed that and yeah you’re right that can be exploited to make torches almost useless. Also, if the light is only seen by the person placing it, then someone can use it to sneak up on people at night.


    MaskedToasterHU Upgrade your hardware or it will, it’s not a dev problem. I’ve been running with a 280X and after upgrading my processor to and FX 6300 it looks even better than before – caracter looked like a shrively old man while playing with my bottle-necked athlon 64×2 – now looks like a buff skinhead


    bioclone_ax45 It’s a “Thompson” … of course it’s going to look like the same gun in another game, if they chose to use the same gun in their game…. Also, it only takes 2 seconds to google “PVT” just like pretty much anything else you could ever want to know – why waste peoples time asking them to type it all out again when in fact they’ve already covered it once and the information is readily available if you care to use that google thing people seem to keep forgetting about.


    I don’t like how the placement guide lights up as this could be abused in the dark nights to be used to lead your way. It does look cool though.


    Meg knows what i want …..gimme dem rocks and also garry, i would really like you to make key crafting a lot faster and balance they key holding thing just a bit more in favor of the person who placed the lock, i have been killed so many times already just waiting on my key to craft


    how about picking up random rocks?


    as far as the rocks go we tend to have an over excessive amount of rocks left over with nothing to do with them….how about player rock formations? placing them around to spell out words, arrows, or even just a pile of rocks to remember how to get back home?


    “Tarmasoga1 hour ago
    Can we have some sort of… profiling system? if you know there a friendly put their name on an “ingame” friends list then their name will show green or something so you know its a friendly walking at you. also have an unfriendly marker?”


    great idea!
    its hard to know otherwise if you are charging a friendly nude dude. so this system could be awsome.


    lesqamura Hello, Rust experimental is definitely going to lag on a 9600gt. I suggest as soon as you are able, look on the nvidia website and research their cards and upgrade as soon as possible. I wish you the best of luck.


    ArsenalRevolt Disable your antivirus, then verify the game files in Steam. Run Rust, it should load all the way. You can then re-enable your antivirus


    RobertMelnyk Nothing will be done with legacy. Ever. It’s not going to be updated. Stop asking.


    Does the Thompson video not work for anyone else?


    I think too this its good news. but we dont need more items to craft.. its to mach..

    finish this game to beta and oryginal 
    and later add more options and items.


    This game its good i buy it but when i play with oryginal Client i have lags..

    Developer need add to client Options Graphic  and video..

    i have geforce 9600gt and i cant With experimental client..


    You guys need some way to control the hackers, its RAMPANT AS F***……   and its ruining the community gameplay and im about done with this game until some real progress is made, and not just to experimental. shit is easily glitched everywhere, shit hasnt changed in almost a full year now.


    MAN, you guys need some way to control the hacking in the community.. its rampant as ****…..


    Can we have some sort of… profiling system? if you know there a friendly put their name on an “ingame” friends list then their name will show green or something so you know its a friendly walking at you. also have an unfriendly marker?


    GooseNeckEGG  Looks like a studio saw rust and remade everything 100%and added  few new features. I see it has potential but, so does rust and from what I gathered is the game has been in the making for quite a while and has coding similar to original rust and even the developers for rust relized the code was not too good and started from scratch.


    GooseNeckEGG only looks like a copy of concepts between Rust and The forest.

    however I liked the way every object have diferent “interactive areas” (like the balista), but anything else, have been already seen on boths games, and with better qyuality overall


    Yes please do the clothes editor or maker stuff!!!!!!!


    Leignheart So, rather than just informing him about submitting bug reports…


    AlexanderChristensen The bad-looking houses are the result of people experimenting on the experimental build. Who knew?


    tomalarge213 I’m assuming this is a joke, because it’s ridiculously simple to understand.


    Clothings/Helmets – The quicker you can get the general public working on certain things the better. Many willing helpers out there, save your time for the things we can’t help!
    Headbob – Dislike, its annoying and exaggerated, reduce it or remove in my opinion. I preferred the way it was in legacy. 
    Gun Movement – The way the gun moves is never gonna work. you’re gonna have people no-scoping all day because scoping sucks balls right now. Its pretty much impossible to aim a moving target if you’re used to using the iron sights…. when you move the weapon it takes like 2 seconds for the sights to adjust, make it faster or remove this feature.

    Rock Fighting – The dynamics of rusts old rock fight were great, I really loved rock fighting, please bring back some of that meelee fun. The way the rock swings right now is really boring and makes for some boring meelee fighting, its better with some sort of swing time that rewards timing and aim (not just hold mouse button and hope u hit)

    NPCs – AI is at the top of my features to see. I’d much rather see a very good AI before seeing more features.

    Sounds – Wheres the ambient noises that I see in the opening screen? How come that is not in game. Would love to see some quiet more mellow music, kinda like that creepy one you guys had back in legacy. Water sounds, hitting and certainly the headshot sounds are the biggest ones I wanna see.

    Building – The stairs right now just occupy too much space, they seem almost as bulky as the foundation ramps. Need some sort of pillars to allow expansion above railings.

    Misc – Things I wanna see include rafts, climbing trees, digging, picking berries/fruits, more minerals, throw able spears that you can pick up (arrows that you can pick up), fishing, removal of all the menus (E to open door or fire), dragging items in the inventory seems really confusing atm (can you improve it?), fire (I think there is a lot more that can be said about fire… house fires, flaming arrows, newmen on fire etc…), weather, waves and lastly some sort of improved transport like horses (I imagine jousting competitions where these armors you guys working on would truly shine).


    Just wanted to say a couple things: 
    I’ve been playing Rust ever since the release and I am blown away at how much improvement you all have made. You guys have been through hell and it takes a lot of motivation and hard work to keep pushing to achieve the game you envisioned.. Every week i’ll log in and be amazed at the amount of progress you made in JUST a week. Not only that, but you find the time to post on your site about changes, improvements, and goals to keep everyone up to date on the development. Watching you all grow as a team and a company has been empowering to me as an entrepreneur and makes me optimistic that reaching a dream is obtainable and worth the hard work. Keep up it up! 

    PS: If a spot opens up on the team or you guys want some input… I would be more than interested to be a part of the design team and be a part of such a unique and motivated company!


    zachswine It says reduced damage, not no damage. It doesn’t stop the bullets.


    zachswine come on read it again. “The metal blocks bullets and melee attacks with vastly reduced damage”  They do not stop bullets. And that was for the one with the thick metal.  I’m sure the coffee tin has a lot less resistance


    zachswine I thought the same exact thing. I mean maybe, just maybe, it could stop a .22 Caliber bullet. No way in hell is it gonna stop a 9mm round. the most effective looking one, i think, is the first one.


    Loving Rust from the beginning I just have 1 small request. It would be very helpful for players to be able to use a pair of binoculars as we can see from far away if the player who is approaching  is a friend or unknown! At the moment there are a lot situations where friends are shooting each other cause they do not see their names from a distance. Keep up the good work guys, you are awesome!!!!


    hitmanmaster1 tomalarge213 Legacy is dead and outdated….experimental is where its at!  Get used to it!


    tomalarge213 the experimental got way closer to being playable, they already said that they can’t update the old version because of the code, its fucked up like shit, so they got rid of that moving to unity, get over it and play legacy until experimental is fixed or play experimental like I do and wonder how much it improved in just one week, each time




    You are amazing.


    AlexanderChristensen  the 1000 wood thing is right! same with the guns and stuff maybe just a knife


    Hey I Love all the updates keep them coming except, right now I play the old alpha because you start out with to good of stuff on the experimental make it so you just start with a rock and maybe some food or whatever. I also had an idea of weight like a pickaxe weighs 6 lbs. and a granola bar weighs 0.5 lbs. and your person can only carry like 100 lbs.  just a suggestion


    your team is doing an amazing job. Keep up the good work guys!


    like a viking


    please make that we can wear the animals fur! :)


    Glad I aren’t the only one. Any word of a fix?


    Let the Community be able to create objects and such in rust. Allow them to define what type of object it is and what it does.
    Also create a Modding Section within Rust so instead of you guys having to add in new items as there are likely to be 1000s. Allow the community to add their models into a folder in the Mods section of the Rust game folder. Along with this you’ll need the same Mods folder for the server. So that way we add our models to our servers and when a new player comes along, it will download from the server. Similar to how garrys mod does it. Either from the server or from somewhere on the web. Imagine the possibilities allowing servers to mod themselves creating new objects, and even deeper into that and adding new AI. Neutral, or Enemy.


    I agree with Alexander. I’d much rather have the competitions every once in a while to get community stuff into the vanilla game, that way the quality would be kept high and the game wouldn’t become flooded with badly made items.


    “Let us know if this is something we should be doing.”

    You should do this, but you should also make it more like a competition, where you go through stuff before it’s released onto the servers.
    And please make chopping trees more effecient, and remove the 1000 wood inventory when a new player starts – it’s only resulting in a map covered in half-finished bad-looking houses.


    RickyTheGee Me too


    I keep getting the error
    Rust Launcher Error: LoadingError – OpenEvent failed (2)

    and a bug report sent to  EasyAntiCheat.

    How can i fix this


    Regarding the idea to let the community craft items: Basically I think it’s a great Idea to use the skills of your community. But I would like if there is a rich vanialla version, and not that every server has tons of user made items, many overpowered too I would guess. So for me the way that user made Items can somehow be added by server admins would not be the right way. Maybe in the far future, optionally, when the game itself has already tons of stuff, but not from the start to get content. This would certainly make the game imbalanced

    I would more see it feasible that you during the develop process include fan made content into the game. There are certainly some compatibility and license issues, but with a standardized process what they have to do I’m sure it can be done. So basically in the end no one can distinguish if it’s fan made or made by you, as it is part of the vanilla game.

    I prefer this over server side item adding, because this is no single player game. In single player I decide what items I want to use, and if I want overpowered, silly, … items. In multiplayer server admis take that decision, so finding a server that does it right would be a pain in the ass, plus vanilla servers without any custom items would have much poorer item pools.


    Oh these gate and building are so good ! Put all of theses gates model *.*
    But that Weapon Bobbing animation is so horrible ! Who is running like that wtf ?


    is it fixed the thing when you go in rust expiremental and you lag the shit out in the background like i open rust expiremental and press play and it on the wolf background thing laggs no buttons no nothing any help?

      The Ghost________

    I love the idea of items actually having uses but I just think that it would be better if it blocked lets say around 90% of the rounds shot into the metal helmets/coffee helmet. So its not like firing into a solid wall until the helmet goes to 100%  damage. Just my thoughts :)


    I think being able to etch things into your weapons would be awesome.


    Wowowow, take it easy)) the best translation into Russian go go go! Для тех, кто в танке – ссылка ведет на статью, переведённую на русский ;)


    War Wolf Jack A craftable item like a chisel could allow us to etch into our weapons

    And I would love to see a follow up their concept for the M14 style weapon we saw that came with the thompson!

      War Wolf Jack

    zachswine  It’s that new bullet resistant coffee tin developed for high murder rate countries like Mexico and Columbia


    zachswine mate, look how thick the metal is on that bastard


    Why would a coffee tin be able to stop bullets?


    If we’re going to allow face masks that drastically reduce damage taken, they need to obstruct your view somewhat as they would if you were wearing one yourself.  It’s great you can shoot through the eyes but that’s not enough of a “handicap” for how much gains it gives.  Otherwise, oh my god yes.  This game is everything I’ve wanted in all the other survival games I’ve played and it’s not even completed yet.  I love the passion and direction you and your team has for gaming.  +Everything


    where can we get a list of commands for the experimental servers?

      War Wolf Jack

    Fucking awesome…….. Near speechless.
    (ONE problem is the serial number on the Thompson. I wonder how everyone would get the same idea to etch the same exact serial number onto the gun they just crafted.. Hmmm)


    bioclone_ax45 Took me a minute to find it but it was explain here


    That Thompsom (model & anim) looks to me really close to the one we can see on DOD:S, anyways look nice.

    PD: I dont really enjoy the fact you dont explain what PVT is, Looks to me one feature you already explained before, but never with that name… now im cofused about if this its the same or other kind of technique.


    I have a question are the player models going to look that blocky on low settings all the time? It’s pretty ugly and my PC cant support high graphics with at least 35-40 fps I get around 10-15


    Find where you installed Rust, go into Experimental, and launch from there. :)


    RickyTheGee Yep, same problem here, buddy.


    I can’t seem to get the Experimental branch to launch. When I click play on experimental it acts like it wants to start and then nothing happens. Nothing in my processes from the game is running. I’ve deleted the game and reinstalled it but still a no go. Anyone have anything else i can try? Legacy opens up just fine.


    Getting an errior whilst attempting to launch the game in ‘experimental’…’OpenEvent Failed(2)’. EAC also says it’s sent an error report.


    Wow this howie dude is doing some awesome work. Keep up the hard work bro:)


    Leignheart Are you serious right now? Yeah I’ll call Gary right now and tell him
    your stone hatchet is glitchy. Lol I’m sure he will make it top priority. Hey
    after will someone call that dirty lizard from geico and tell him I
    didn’t actually save 15 percent or more on my car insurance!


    Are you serious right now? Yeah I’ll call gar


    I came


    So PSYCHED !  It looks SOOO good !
    Thanks for releasing the server files, let the modding begin !


    Krummie thats all for this week but its more then enough


    how iam able to contact garry  there is a bug with  the meat it cant be cooked if someone is able to contact tell him this    
    pls  thx:)


    Fix player glitchiness, and for god sakes let us use the stone hatchet. I hate the rock.


    Anybody else unable to get on since tonight’s patches? Keep getting “Rust Launcher Error: Loading Error – open event failed (2)”.


    Reilupeli Log in anonymously :) 

    Use this command to login “login anonymous”


    hoping they add fishing in the game.  want to catch me some fishies.  And also a basic raft too.


    more stuff like that!


    looking good. :) shot thru the eyehole is genius:)


    Guys start making concepts on boat you promised us!


    Next time please use WebM as video format, because .mp4 sucks on Internet.


    Since this is summer, my guess is a lot of the development team is on vaca.  That’s to be expected though, everyone deserves vaca time.  Not much here to look at this week.  Either that or they were super busy working on things they couldn’t show in a blog, so next week might be a great dev blog to read.


    Cannot get the experimental dedicated server up, on steamcmd it says “ERROR! Failed to install app’258550′ (No subscription)” I have bought the game and also logged in on steamcmd with my steam account. Anyone else having the same issue?

      Mael In Patiens

    count me satisfied with this update




    im not sure if its a rust issue. but nvidia shadowplay and twitch streaming is no longer working for rust.


    Game of the year! I can imagine the prospects of this project. This is a great scope for imagination. You guys are moving in the right direction! Looking forward to the release of a new version of the game!


    Nice work :D


    I love everything Y’all are doing. My attention was really brought to how things are being built by this week’s dev blog. It gave me an idea to go along with the building in steps: What if some structures (probably large or complex) took more than one player to complete certain segments? It might not be a popular idea, but it would be realistic. Imagine you’re setting up one of those gates from the concept drawing, and imagine how hard it would be to hold everything in place while setting up the frame without an extra pair of hands to help you.


    Oh man! Rust is quickly becoming the best survival MMO there is! Keep up the good work y’all!


    Absolutely love the foundation concept. Instantly buildings are more organic. Beautiful work.


    I think that some of the animations look stupid like jumping for example, the camera moves in a crappy way that looks like a cartoon game and the way you move your cursor when you have the bolt action rifle out, it’s just weird. I think that the animations should be similar to the old version.
    You should improve the game, based on the old build, not something new that people weren’t expecting as the new rust.

    Keep up the good work though!


    This new rust is gonna be soo awesome soon! Plus Garry you are hilarious!


    “Let us know if this is something we should be doing.”
    This is something you should be doing. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes longer to go through all the content you receive this way vs doing it yourself from scratch, I imagine there will be a lot of people more than happy to contribute.


    Man i wish you guys would still do the odd update on legacy like just even a few new assets like a bike for example…  keep the map but expand it…  add a few more crafting options like stone buildings or something to do with stone lol. after all it was legacy that made you your money…. i dont know if i have faith in the procedurally generated map i mean the rad towns wer a big focal point in the game and cant see procedural buildings work as well with spawn points for loot and stuff :/ ……… saying that everything is startingto look awesome just feel the procedural maps are a bit boring so far.. Thanks tho ;)  defo had enough fun out of rust (legacy) to justify the buy ;) keep it up


    If I REALLY had my druthers, it’d be possible to hold an enemy player’s lootsack as a physical object and drag it off somewhere to pick through it’s contents without getting my head blown off by that player’s friends/some random asshole wandering by.


    Keep it up guys, cant wait for it to be baseline :D


    Guys you are doing an amazing job!  With each update you make it very clear that you wont be satisfied with nothing more than perfection! Keep it up, this will be the best survival game ever!


    jdcole Jerakal Especially since Gary said they planned on making corpses stick around for awhile.


    Jerakal This is genius.  Should also be able to do this with human corpses for the purposes of looting/harvesting their meat.  Or making macabre lawn ornaments.


    I’m soo happy I bought Rust instead DayZ


    rust its getting so much better each week! keep up the good work!


    Love this game


    SO harvesting resources is a very vulnerable time for the player, for big things like rocks and wood you just have to suck it up and run out into the open to harvest them.

    But it occurred to me that when harvesting an animal you’ve just killed, especially if the kill was say, LOUD, you might want to harvest it elsewhere.

    Any plans for us to be able to drag animal corpses away to harvest them somewhere safe?



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