We’ve ported the game over to Unity 5.

Ambient Lighting Changes

The new ambient lighting system in Unity 5. Previously there was one option for ambient light.. just one flat colour to apply. In lighting terms it’s this:

Now in 5 you get a bunch more options for sky, equator and ground ambient. This works really well with Andre’s sky system.

In game this leads to more natural, softer looking lighting.

Physics Changes

The physics engine has been updated in Unity 5. Previously we had to add rigid bodies to everything because if we didn’t you’d get a performance penalty when spawning or moving them. That’s gone now, so all the rigid bodies have gone too.

This has given us insane performance on our server compared to the previous version.

Animals Are Everywhere

There was a lot of talk about not being able to find animals. That was because they only spawned in forests. Now they all spawn equally across the entire map.

This is obviously something we’ll bring back further down the line.. but for the sake of testing and baseline they should be more readily available now.

Collider Limit

Unity 4 has a collider limit of 65,000. In legacy we create colliders on the fly by merging all the building components together. This isn’t ideal because you get a small hitch on the server when this happens. And obviously in the end the server gets full anyway and you have to wipe.

Unity 5 has no such limit. I can’t over-emphasise how much of a big deal this is. We’re hoping that we can get all the other systems working that well together that servers won’t ever need to be wiped. Losing the collider limit is a huge step towards that.


Unity 5 added reflection probes. From what we can tell, this isn’t feature complete in the beta yet. But Andre hooked a system up to create a reflection map based on the current time of day.

These reflection maps aren’t just to make things look shiny and metal. They’re a bit more sophisticated than that.

64bit Editor

I can’t even start to tell you how many “out of memory” errors we’ve had when developing Rust. We got into a position with the procedural map that we could only run it in the editor once, which would set us really close to the 2GB 32bit limit.. running again would push us over so we’d end up restarting every run.

With the 64bit editor that’s no longer a problem. We can now use up to 128TB, so I don’t think we’re going to need an 128bit editor for a while.


Ores now correctly contain metal ore, stones and sulfur ore. This means that a lot of the items are now craftable.


Speedtree isn’t in yet. They’re making a special editor and it isn’t finished yet. But when it is our trees and foilage will be about a million times better.. so we’re not putting any more work into the current ones.

Player Animations

Goosey has implemented the huge majority of player animations now.

And he implemented a bunch of flinch animations (which will be played when a player is being shot). I loved Goosey’s flinch animations in the early versions of Counter-Strike, there was one in particular where you would headshot someone and they would lean back like in the matrix. You won’t see these in game right now – they’re still waiting for me to implement them.


I put up a test server with a tiny map a few days ago. This was to stress test the game by forcing everything into the same area, meaning that when you spawn the server sends you everything. Amazingly the server didn’t blow up.

There were issues when spawning though. These still exist to an extent but now they’re manageable. Half of the problem is that when you spawn into the server you’re being sent information about every player that has joined the server whose body hasn’t been destroyed. Right now if you join you’re being sent 11,000 sleeping players, which you then spawn. Unity’s prefab spawning stuff is notoriously slow. Things have got a little better in 5.0.. but it’s still going to take a few seconds to spawn 11,000 players.

That said, the whole point of this was to identify potential problems. Now we know them and we can look into potential solutions.. like spawning things that are closer to you first, then slowly spawning everything else over a number of frames. For every problem there’s 100 clever solutions, this is why we love what we do :)


Dan’s finished off the new torch model, and modelled the holders for it.


Meg has been doing meat concepts again. We want to make the meat feel like it’s from the animal it’s from. We want you to look at a piece of human meat and see it as human meat.. and think twice about eating it.

Roofs and Stairs

Howie has been contemplating how we’re going to add roofs to our houses, and what they’ll look like. We’ve been trying to think of ways to minimize the amount of different parts the player has to handle during this process. We started a new trello board dedicated to building components.

He’s also done a pretty swish concept for the stairs


Paul drew a bunch of crates

Known Issues

Unity5 is in beta so there are obviously some issues with it. Some things are broke right now. It’ll get better as Unity5 moves closer to release.

  • Voice Chat is disabled
  • Entering caves is broken
  • Shadows are flickery (they always have been in Unity I think?)
  • There’s a weird outline around the leaves of trees
  • Rendering trees can have a really negative impact on framerate
  • Motion Blur is disabled by default (there’s an issue with our shadow caster shader)
  • Adaptive Tonemapping is disabled (night goes too bright on osx)
  • PVT is disabled (just to rule it out of the equation when testing for problems)
  • The UI can become unresponsive (Unity is better threaded now, it can overwhelm the UI’s process)
  • We’re using the legacy renderer because the new one has no fog

Another thing to keep in mind is that the render-pipeline has changed. With things like the new lighting and reflection system a lot of the old art might look odd next to art that has been upgraded to use the new system. We’re not going to rush to spend a month updating all the old stuff (specially not until Unity5 is out proper), but stuff will get tweaked to look like it all fits together over time.

What’s Next

So we kind of lost a week porting to Unity 5 but we’re in an awesome future proofed position. You have no idea how freeing it feels. No more out of memory errors, no more collider limits. The future is looking bright.

There’s not that much left until we hit baseline.

AI, obviously. Wolves, bears need to attack the player. Deer and boars need to try to run away. It would probably be wise to get some chickens in the game too.

Blueprints. We need to look at how the player receives blueprints. Right now you can craft anything you want. Further down the line we want to be looking at a system when you can trade blueprints, you can research them and they spawn in loot. Maybe the ability to trade blueprints on the Steam marketplace could be interesting in the future. We think it would be interesting if your blueprints were persistent from server to server. Maybe if you could only have a finite amount of active blueprints. These are all ideas we want to explore.

Building. It’s working, it’s pretty much done. There are places to go with it. Wall upgrades and roofs in particular. There’s been a lot of noise about having different layers of foundations too.




    FernandoBracci Yes your game can run Rust. I belive you can get away with med-high settings at 40+ fps



    Look at store page and Forums before posting silly questions

    OS: Windows XP 
    Processor: 2 ghz 
    Memory: 4 GB RAM 
    DirectX: Version 9.0 
    Hard Drive: 1 GB available spaceRECOMMENDED: 
    OS: Windows 8.1 
    Processor: 3 ghz 
    Memory: 8 GB RAM 
    DirectX: Version 11 
    Network: Broadband Internet connection 
    Hard Drive: 2 GB available space


    Why u delete my commentary when i talk about the pc specs? i want to buy the game guys, but if nobody answer me how i can know if the game runs on my pc?. In case of answering, i have an 

    -intel core i3 3240
    -6gb RAM
    -Nvidia GeForce GT610 2GB DDR3 (OC 10%)
    -HDD 500GB


    dikkefail12 Actually I cannot more agree with you. Rust developers looks put all effort for make meal of visual things and when they make real updates to real game (how world works etc) they mostly are worse than bad(like red bears). Visuality is nice thing but it is just minor detail when you compare it to game mechanics it self. Minecraft is good example of that if you have good game users dont care a shit of visuality. Looks that rust developers are bunch of engineers who have all their own passion of perfectionism in visual things and other small details but they do not have leader who understand a shit of big picture and making good game and business. Kinda it is ok because if developer are happy and they get enough money from customer then they got good hobby and happy days and it is enough(really, it can be enough if it is what you are looking for). BUT if they sill imagine that they are doing some ground breaking game what make them even more rich on future then they really need boss who understand what is important and what is not. Rust had it days, it has promising start but personally I dont believe that with current way it rise again. Naturally I dont know what you guys do back in skenes. If your new version includes LOT of new improvements to game and its echonomy and “alchemy” it self it still can rise. But if you think that people are interested fancy looking game where from you broke or rip out even all existing interest and hooking parts because you did not had time to port them to new engine then you are just wrong. 
    Actually all what you had to do keep people interest was tune echonomy and release update for alchemy so that commynity can engineer their own items and acquiring paths for them for their server. Instead of that you just keep wasting your time for nonrelevant things.


    RUST is the game for me i really love  , can you add social activity in the game like you can make clans or gangs were you dominate a specific area in the map and its like your territory any one enters get killed or  when 2 clans collide you start a clan war , it would be great to do these things !


    Sammeh Well, Legacy if you may call it..stopped being developed so all you see is all you get. Their working on Experimental Which is what the game is going to be( the released version ), And since theres so much progress going on (like every week there’s new stuff) So Id say somewhere between 9 months to a year it’ll be in Beta.


    dikkefail12 I really hope you’re kidding


    I love Rust and I’m really exciting for all of the new stuff! I like it the way it is but all of the new things look great. Especially ROOFS! Keep it up, guys! :)


    How about a working game, after zombies removed this game is just become complete shit, I hope they add some kinds of hostile npc’s and not fucking stupid red bears and wolfes, like really are you even putting anny effort into this? This game had great potential but you guys honestly fucked it up so hard… So dissapointed… Id say make big city’s and not 4 fucking dumb villages spread around a boring map! Fill em with zombies or mutants or something cool… Like really, atm this game sucks more then fucking habbo -,-


    Sammeh Given they are kind of reinventing the wheel and their rate of progress, my prediction is under 6 months.


    Question: How long does everyone think this game will take to reach the playable stage?

    not having a go at Facepunch, just take it as a poll, im interested to see what people think.


    NajaTheNaja coolhh355 Yes and carbon fibers are made of carbon, same as coal or wood or poop. Just because it was written in C++ doesn’t mean it’s efficient let alone efficient for specific custom tasks. It’s an engine, not the holy grail. That’s why they have been having trouble with the whole network part of the game and had to re-code it from scratch.


    Drek71 I’ll be posting something on the official forum about the building system and the raiding system. Those two are kind of contradictory at the moment.


    facepunchisbullshit Putting more people on a software project doesn’t mean it will be done quicker. On the contrary, it will be done slower. Imagine you’re building a house and you put 10 000 people to work on it. Sure having 50 people is ok for a house but 10 000 ? How will they coordinate ? How will they put all the peaces together ? How can 100 people work on the same doorway ? They will just get into one another’s way…

    The reason why you’re reacting like this is because you have absolutely no knowledge about programming or game development. Do you think other game studios take less time ? Blizzard for example takes 5 years per game. It’s not just about the budget. But yes I do agree that Unity was not the best choice and that maybe, just maybe with one or two more people things would get slightly faster.

    Also since when is unity free ?


    Guys that’s grate, but what about water and blood ?


    facepunchisbullshit you okay man? I mean you’re getting mad over the internet on something that you don’t like. If you don’t like it stop being with it. You paid yes, but oh no not the $15 that could have bought me a cod map pack or some other early access game that you could have complained about there and not here. They bay be shit but you’re an ass and no one cares what you say because it’s paragraphs of butthurt intensified.


    With the amount of money Facepunch had/has, they should be able to complete the game WITH or without Unity in about 30seconds. That’s how many workers they could get on this and progress that could be made. But no, they have to fail in every aspect because garry newman is a total dumbfuck noob lmfao. Also, there’s nothing wrong with Unity. They are so full of shit. Unity is probably the best FREE game engine there is. Again, they have to reinvent the wheel because they are too stupid to use it. And they’re far too stupid to make their own engine like professional companies do. So what do they do, of course? They fap into the wind !


    coolhh355 With the amount of money Facepunch had/has, they should be able to complete the game WITH or without Unity in about 30seconds. That’s how many workers they could get on this and progress that could be made. But no, they have to fail in every aspect because garry newman is a total dumbfuck noob lmfao. Also, there’s nothing wrong with Unity. They are so full of shit. Unity is probably the best FREE game engine there is. Again, they have to reinvent the wheel because they are too stupid to use it. And they’re far too stupid to make their own engine like professional companies do. So what do they do, of course? They fap into the wind !


    Drek71 You expect them to finish a game? Let alone balance it or make it fair or be intelligent enough to make it make sense? Hahaha, you expect too much from the assclowns at Facepunch.


    gregoryborton I’ll tell you what it is. It’s bullshit. Fuck these little niggers.


    Indie games and games that are in betas need to stop being jewish niggers. Any time a problem arises or the game is shit or the devs aren’t making shit for progress on the game, they just go ahead and say “You paid for a beta, we promise nothing so it’s on you”. They should have made so much more happen in this time with all that money they got from this and other beta games that they’l never finish. The company IS to blame. The company IS shit. The company is little faggots that got away with scamming. I’ve made games in Unity and everything they say is 100% bullshit. They just suck dick at making games and they also want to eat everybody’s money while they are lazy/bad at making video games. This game should have been free to play until it’s a playable game. Because the amount of work/quality is far disproportional to what they’ve accomplished. This game and the new game is low quality metal, low grade fuel, it’s noob out of 10. 0/10     Do not listen to the bandwaggoner clowns that are like “dawg video games are hard 2 maek, gib dem braek yo”; they’re just little cocktease virgins suckling on Obama’s imp dick.


    I’m so tired of this companies shit.


    @k1sul1 Let people raid bases using official ways to do it like c4. While it is just a game I still think defying the laws of gravity with barricades that jut out of a pillar a bit broken. May as well give them a ladder or let them climb walls. I see it as exploiting the game and you may as well be endorsing hackers if you support that behavior.

    My point being without an exclusion zone in legacy the only way to make a secure base was to build a suicide base in amongst the rocks or with a 2 or more wide forest of pillars with a capped top. Not only was this ugly but the pillars would slow down the game because it had to render them all in.
    So its actually beneficial to either not have pillars, barricades or to simply stop people building too close so we can eliminate potential lag. Not to mention these blogs have concept artist drawing up what a base would look like but with a forest of pillars they may as well not bothered.

    But if your really worried about how people could still get in, an exclusion zone may not be wide enough that to build a tower taller than your building to jump across may still occur but at least it comes at the penalty of probably being damaged or dying in the attempt. Cause lets face it most raids happen when your not even online.


    Is this In experamentalÉ


    EranZaksh Leignheart NoRezervationz Okay, it goes like this, 3rd person isn’t even really possible with a game like rust, So they need to get rid of 3rd person for playing the game. However they need to keep 3rd person so you can get a 360 degree view of your character. You would not be able to move your character in 3rd person mode. I hope I am coming across more clearly now.


    Leignheart NoRezervationz EranZaksh it’s about how the game will look. i CAN’T use 3rd person if other DO use it because that puts me in disadvantage. so everyone will just use 3rd person running and shooting everywhere like DAYZ is.
    this isn’t Dayz and i like it about Rust.


    Drek71 It’s in the games nature to raid and rob other players. That would suck. Go play on a pve server if you can’t take it or learn to secure your buildings.


    NoRezervationz EranZaksh Leignheart I don’t understand the point your trying to make, 3rd person should not be usable just from functionality viewpoints but should definitely be in the game for viewing your character, as in you cannot move when in 3rd person. Also 3rd person is optional, so if you or others don’t like it, then don’t use it. I mean if i don’t like cloth armor I don’t have to wear cloth armor, and just because I don’t like cloth armor doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be in the game. Also in eso you were not forced to use 3rd person, so why use it if you don’t like it. It’s a choice, you chose to press the button to go into 3rd person.


    EranZaksh Leignheart 3rd person view kills immersion for a lot of people. It did when I was beta testing ESO and swimming in 3rd person view. Some people like it though. For me, it depends on what I’m playing. EQ I liked to play in 1st person and DAoC I liked playing in 3rd person.


    I’ve mentioned this before on here but when they say the building system is done I hope that means or they intend to stop people building on or next to your base. Rust really needs an exclusion zone so we don’t get other people building within jumping distance or barricade stair cases. What really subtracts from a base was the forest of pillars you had to create to keep people out.

      Gal Spunes

    graugaard72 Gal Spunes xLollipop M0R05 hey

      Gal Spunes

    xLollipop M0R05 hey

      Gal Spunes

    graugaard72 Gal Spunes xLollipop M0R05

    Where the heck did my last comment go?

      Gal Spunes

    graugaard72 Gal Spunes xLollipop M0R05
    Admittedly, ‘sophisticated’ is a relative term…but they are not building them with rocks and primitive furnaces.

    I  own many firearms of all classes other than class3 (automatic). I know how they are built. I have built several myself.

    The AK is an interesting item due to the crude-yet-effective nature of its engineering. This is why it (not the m16) is so widely reproduced by savages worldwide. Mikhael Kalashnikov may want to spin in his grave as he goes to hell because of this.

    Nevertheless, significant tooling is still required for the production of even an AK. 

    The simplistic model of firearm production in “Rust” is laughable…I made a pistol with crude metal fragments, wood and cloth. Utter nonsense. The cartridges for the pistol were similarly ridiculous to manufacture.

    To me, this spoils the integrity of the game. Easy access to weapons devolves the whole experience into some ‘Lord of the Flies’ mayhem where immature punks run about murdering people with no care for consequence.

    I am not ‘anti-gun’ in any respect (I own dozens, hunt, and carry concealed). I respect firearms too much to stand idly by without comment while stupid people abuse them – albeit virtually – in an environment where we have the opportunity to enforce a more realistic model.

    Rust is better than this. It is not just another FPS bloodbath.


    this is an update  could say please


    The forest does not have a 3rd person veiw.


    You may not realize this but you actually contradicted yourself. You first say blueprint s should be persistent from server to server (which they should not be), then complained about how there is nothing to do after you build your base. Just imagine just how much quicker you will get to doing nothing if you have all your blueprints off the jump. Also have you thought about if blueprints were persistent someone could off the jump make c4 and blow into your home relatively shortly after joining the server. There are a legion of reasons to not make blueprints persistent.


    EranZaksh Not everyone dislikes third person, every survival game has a third person view, why not this game?


    xLollipop I hear what you are saying and I agree that modern firearms don’t have much of a place on an island where you have nothing and are trying to survive from scratch. It IS very cheap when you are surprised by kevlar assholes with rifles but to take all fire arms away would be wrong. They just need to tweak the gun mechanics.


    Gal Spunes xLollipop M0R05
    You actually think they craft those guns themselves? They buy them from the black market, my friend.


    Perfect. I think you should CERTAINLY explore the idea of having persistent blueprints active from server to server. Any form of character progression in a  permanent sense is a good thing for games such as this. We need more than just building as well. I have 170 hours in this game so I know what I’m talking about. Once you build your base, there really is not much else to do other than kill players for more loot even though you don’t need it. We just need more events/things in general to tackle/do.


    I guess i dont get why you would build a settlement like than when as soon as you are done, people are going to destroy it and build stairs all over it. Not everyone who plays rust is in a big clan and want clan wars. Get that through your fucking heads


    CodyJacobs ArsenalRevolt You cant reach through solid walls though


    ArsenalRevolt in real life you can reach thru a window. just dont put your furnace near a window lol


    You guys should implement a kind of quest/mission system. if you ever find the time, i know you guys work hard enough already.


    Gal Spunes xLollipop M0R05 So thats how afghani blacksmiths in the middle of nowhere mountain manage to craft fully working AK’s????


    Leignheart EranZaksh that can be a possibility i havn’t thought of


    EranZaksh they need to ditch 3rd person playing, but keep a 3rd person viewing. Meaning when you look in 3rd person, you are unable to move.


    itsadamuk eduaaa1985
    Honestly you both or morons. The game is in PREALPHA. They discovered that what people want they couldn’t give them with the old platform so they changed it. The new platform does a LOT more then just make everything look pretty. Yes the prealpha looks pretty, this is because the coders don’t have to worry about making it look pretty, that is all up to the  graphic designers. All they do is make everything look pretty while the others work on the coding for the game. As for the mechanics changing I personally LOVE the idea of the locks changing. Having to have keys for them, later being able to make combo locks like the game has right now, even fingerprint/dna scanners later in the game. It’s simply brilliant. Listen to the devs they actually explain things fairly well. The unrealistic building is going to change but that isn’t a key thought for them. They are working on AI animal behaviors. As for them removing zombies, I personally don’t see that as a major change. The only difference is it makes farming town gear a bit harder since you can’t just headshot the zombies and onehit them. The direction they are going is in more of a player vs player then player vs environment. It’s like DayZ, The zombies aren’t the enemy they are the environment. Things haven’t changed nearly as much as you think.


    ArsenalRevolt   I think they can use a way to improve the “key system”

    I think for the owner there should not be a key, he can open its doors  without problem. If the owner of the Door Dies, their corpse should “spam” one key that could open all this player doors a few time (for example, you can use this key like 60 mins once was spammed (owner killed), after this time, you lost the key, no matter if was used or not.

    If they add this, can be late added some codding for the locks of the doors, making that for example….

    A key last for 60 mins.

    A standard lock (first one) havent got any bonus.

    More advanced Locks makes a key not valid on less time lapse…

    For example:

    3 doors with 3 diferent level of Locks….

    Door one – Basic (0% bonus)
    Door two – Improved Lock (33% bonus)
    Door three – Strongh Lock (66% bonus)

    On the 12:00pm, you kill the owner of the doors, and his body spawns a Key, that last until 01:00pm

    On that time (1 hour) you can open all the Basic locks… But you will only have 40 mins to open any Improved Lock or only 20 Minutes to open a Strongh Lock.

    So If you try to open the Strongh Lock on 12:21 you will get something like “that key its no longer valid”, you still will have the key to try to open minor quality locks until key gets destroyed on that time.

    I think its good way to balance some things that for example… The key system its good, I like it, but its not realistic enough to be fucked by your own doors, when in real life if you die, you die forever… not in rust.


    xLollipop moygstar
    Do you realize that you can look over your shoulder as you are swinging and can move around the object you’re gathering as you hit it? It’s very easy to watch out for people. Guns are fine in moderation. Personally I enjoy “Hardcore servers” where you can not craft c4 or modern guns or kevlar BUT can still find them. Guns have a place in rust and shouldn’t be removed.


    Your progress is AMAZING!
    enjoy seeing how the game come to life with each new update.

    i have a question:
    do you intend on keeping the 3rd person view?

    personally i think it decrease the “survival” feeling. feels kind of not fitting.


    Love the way the game is looking at the minute and really pleased with the progress of it so far. 
    The things I think could be improved are:
    – Locking Doors is really clunky and slow at the moment as you have to close the door and then lock it. So once a door has a lock the only person who can open it is the guy with the key or code. One click opens and unlocks the door or closes and locks it. Personally I prefer the old code system for doors as you didn’t have to keep a load of keys in your inventory and if you die now then you basically lose access to your house.

    – Building strength. I’m guessing this maybe just has not been worked on yet but being able to smash doors and walls down with a few hits from a rock can be frustrating. Ive not come back to the game once without being killed in the base I’ve made cos it’s so easy to break into houses but I assume this will be worked on in time. 

    A bug I noticed yesterday is that you can loot furnaces and containers through walls which although is funny when you see someone who has collected a tonne of metal ore and then you take everything I would guess for them it would be really annoying being raided without even a chance to defend their stuff.

    Really enjoying the progress though.


    Well done on the port over to Unity 5. A sound decision I reckon. Things are looking very good, keep upi the good work fellaz *****


    Can you guys add stuff like character customization? I realize it’s a thought for further down the line, but it’d be cool I think.


    coolhh355 I hope you understand that unity is an ENGINE that runs C++.


    NO ROBOTS PLEASE ! Make some NPC’s factions with strongholds but no robots !


    Can you please work on making houses more secure, breaking into any section of my house with a rock is making me sad D: Also finding friends is way too difficult


    itsadamuk I beg your pardon? What on earth makes you feel entitled to call me an idiot? Do you talk to people like this when you can not hide behind a monitor and keyboard as well? Why do you explicitly try to hurt my feelings? Why would you attack me like this? Could you please try to improve your attitude before your next return to these fora?


    I Really wish you guys would stop arguing with each other, or atleast speak civil with each other. Arguments do not have to have profanities and name calling. This game is coming along, when it’s released as baseline then criticize it all you want. Just wait for baseline. Listen it is not good for you guys to talk the way you do to each other, I know you can’t feel good about yourselves saying the things you do. So stop. Please.


    xLollipop move around waht your farming, its a survival game….the pooint is ti survive no matter the odds. You gotta see them first :D
    i personally love the intensity of being ill equipped while farming, gets my blood pumping whn i have a full bag and a ten minute run to my base… :D
    360 degree awareness :P


    itsadamuk palleh BrunoMirabelliPinguelo


    Oh wow, that’s new and original? Would you like to hang out after I’ve finished with your dad?
    Honestly are you like 12? Downs? Some other reason for being a total retard?
    Just keep practising “would you like fries with that sir” … so you can serve me better the next time I see you in McDonalds.


    itsadamuk Lol look at this mid-twenties, no girlfriend neckbeard fuck trying to be cool on the internet. 7 out of 7 users agree, you’re a faggot.


    Fixes? Hahahhaha you’re an idiot.
    Fixes you say, that’s why crafted stone hatchet doesn’t work, but it did a week prior.
    Kk, you know best sorry boss.
    You’ll find in true Gary style there is no plan, just jumping doing a little bit of nothing and hell soon get bored.


    Incredible upgrade to building? You high son, and the feet sound, OK.
    You’ll see its all about misdirection, the misdirection is all the crap they’re doing instead of actually getting all the stuff in and working, you don’t continually tweak graphics on something that doesn’t function, or change how something works before its even working.
    There is no plan, nothing set out, they’re acting like kids in a candy shop just doing what they like / think is cool.
    Someone needs to take the reins and manage them, set out what’s going to be where and how it’ll work, before diving into something head first like idiots.


    Oh I’ll be around wrecking noobs like you for breakfast so you can scream hacker and rage quit another server. Its hard being you, I know.


    What a sad fanboy…

      Two percent

    DavidBozier mhgarney Thudg +1 haha


    NDotSO Or if like before you build a house with 100 doors with different passcodes now you have to have 100 keys in your inventory. I agree the key system is not so practical and should at least be reviewed/tweaked…


    coolhh355 I know quite a bit about developing and I’m still not happy about them using Unity. It’s like making a skyscraper out of glass. At first it looks like a cool idea but when the sun goes up and earthquakes and storms hit, you’re no longer sure it was the best material for the job and you start adding good old steal and carbon fibers (metaphor for C++). I would argue that using unity for anything other then small apps and 3D demos is crazy but they sure are doing a good job with Rust. I mean it could be much much more worse.


    M0R05 Voqar As long as you use OpenGL and not Direct X, it’s really not a problem to port a game. Just a few compiler settings here and a few tweaks there…


    Voqar Have you ever looked at Unreal engine or Cryengine ? They also both support linux OpenGL graphics. They didn’t chose Unity because of the portability but because of the “simplicity”. Now I agree that unity is crap for anything other then quick 3D demos but there is no point in discrediting linux users. The only reason I don’t use linux all the time is because I can’t play games on it but for everything else windows <<<<< linux in so many ways. And why do you think linux has no strong gaming community ? Well it’s because of Microsoft putting billions into direct X compared to the poor support OpenGL gets from its few part time contributors…


    LOL so many raging idiots on comments that know nothing of development, keep up the good work Garry and team, you guys are doing a great job, stay creative, innovative, and develop carefully, no need to rush. Make this game awesome!!


    tinyurl.com/myw2luu RUST 2.0  new weapon and armor crafting. bullet reloading. uses armor parts and weapon parts, recycle kit and empty ammo


    Voqar do you think it is just a random factor that makes engine developers adapt them for linux/mac exporting? ofcourse there is a market share. else no one would be doing it. and valve most certainly would not develop their own modified linux if there was not. you need to get out of the 90’s


    Unity blows – there are always problems with it.  Every game I’ve played that uses it has some screwiness to it.  Mac has little market share.  Linux has nearly nonexistent market share.  So why bother?  Why not just use an engine that is awesome for PC and let people play on the correct gaming platform or go back to screwing off one whatever non gaming OS/Linux rig they’ve selected?


    i got a question to all, is the furnace fixed yet? cuz when i open it it only shows my inventory and not the loot of a furnace so i cant make metal and all.


    rotiart317 itsadamuk I know. They are updating Rust with both content and fixes more frequently than Space Engineers. How dare they treat us this way?


    palleh BrunoMirabelliPinguelo Sometimes even multiple times a day too. Something most have gone wring with his Steam client or something in that area.


    As far as guns – what about letting it be an option when creating a server – allowing the host to specify what equipment/guns/armor may be available on their network – this would mean nothing gets removed from the game – if someone does not with to play on a server in which they may get shot, they would have alternatives.


    I’ve seen some people saying “Take away guns”, but i personally feel they should just guns a hell of a lot harder to get. Like, building complex machinery to craft the guns or making their drops a lot more rarer, but common enough to where its somewhat realistic. But guns should be in the game, would take out some of the fun after all.


    itsadamuk eduaaa1985 you surely haven’t played the experimental yet? theyw orked on animations, and in my opinion that’s important, they worked on footsteps, building (INCREDIBLE UPGRADE TO BUILDING) and a lot more


    mhgarney Thudg +1 definately


    for the people who keep saying guns should be removed…. if you hate guns… go play the stomping land, guns are a big feature to this game in raiding and other situations, or else it willt urn liek minecraft, if you go pvp, youw ill run around spamming your sword or knife, if low health you run away, me personally HATE FARMING, I go hunting for farmers with my friends, and in soem dark situations we do farm, but imagine trying to kill people whoa re farming form far away with a knife, they can go full naked and just run off, farming would be less intense and three times as easy! Pvp would be unintresting and boring and no skill needed, it would just feel like a cave man game. and if you totally agree with cavemen games, play stomping land
    *REMOVE C4*
    for the people who are begging to remove raiding and c4 and stuff, my god, that would take away 40% of the games action, once you built a massive base, massive team, and have everythiung already, you can go pvp and more, you wont need to farm or do anything, but if you got c4 or went farming for it, you can blow shit up and make a proper clan war! loser loses all! raiding is a big part of the game
    and for the people who just keep asking *this game is dyign and is a waste of money, they just stealing your money and don’t give you updates, they lie!* or *hurry up, not playing till it comes out* well, there are tons of games that take money (50 euro) and don’t release new content because it was planned that way, also they are working on a new and better engine, hopefully the grass wont be as terrible next update, but you can clearly see that in experimental and even devblogs!

    now my personal Idea is, remove keys, they are stupid, if you want to get ina nd out of a house you will always need a key in your inventory, but if you make a massive 5 x 5 base and 10 stories tall, die once and the whole building is accessable by your predator, and all your stuff is gone and the base is a goner too!
    it should definitely be removed!


    xLollipop removing guns would instantly take me off the game, bow, there is a technique of sigzagging making bow impossible, also it would allow you to be a lot less sneaky, and I mean knife fights would be quite boring, guns in this game is amazing, you need a number amount of ksill like taking cover, shooting, pefect time of using medkits, aim and knowing not to spray, or else it would be like minecraft…. runnign around eachother spamming your knife or spear, and if on low health, continue running until abck to full

    although it’s your personal Idea and it’s not bad, but if you hate guns then “the stomping land” would be more your type


    xLollipop RyanWiteck i play with low sound and music blaring but i still hear the footsteps and try playing wwith friends so they can watch u and nobody sneaks up problem solved……..

      Gal Spunes

    xLollipop M0R05


    moygstar xLollipop From your quoting of my statement, I made a few grammar errors that may have confused you.
    ‘When you’re farming and not being able to see your surroundings, all it takes is for some geared up player’, forgot the comma in between words. 
    Some people, such as myself at times, gets so focused on farming and gathering what you need that you try multitask listening, seeing and gathering at the same time and it is a bit hard.

    And from the ‘Solitaire’ statement, just because some people cannot multitask doesn’t mean they should go play Club Penguin.


    M0R05 xLollipop It’s a great game and has so much potential, seeing from the new rework. I just think it needs a few tweaks concerning guns.


    RyanWiteck xLollipop From many hours of experience on Rust, majority of the time you do not hear them. Mind you, I have a high upmarket headset and I still do not hear them running up behind me.


    xLollipop I totally agree. and so does my friends… the guns should be removed. i mean yeh, the hand cannon feels quite allright but the m4s and stuff just ruins it. otherwise. best game ever!


    xLollipop note: put on headphones, turn up sound, listen for footsteps


    xLollipop ‘When you’re farming and not being able to see you surroundings all it takes…’
    This makes no sense, sure, if you cannot see your surroundings whilst hitting something because you’re so focused on hitting it then I think you need to play a game like Solitaire instead… I’m not trying to be negative but you cannot assume that the general rust community cannot be aware of multiple things at the same time.


    Thudg I want to create multiple accounts just to like your comment more


    Now this… how you progress with game, and more importantly how you communicate it (all the details, pictures, videos, programming details).  It remind me of CCP, gaming company that I value most for transparent communication toward players. Great job!


    I personally think they should remove guns from Rust, having spears, knife/machetes, bows etc instead.

    When you’re farming and not being able to see your surroundings all it takes is for some geared up player to one shot you with a shotgun or head shot from a M4 if you’re a newbie or have no Kevlar and you’re dead, losing all that you’ve farmed for.
    Just an irritating thing and a nuisance.


    isnt this game dead yet?


    Is he mad? He seems mad? I bet he’s only got 50hrs on rust. I run one of the most popular rust servers in the world, I do like rust, obviously more than you because I contributed a free to play on server to the community, Development rust is lol, they are overly complicating it, and some of the new stuff is just fully retarded, and everyone knows you never go full retard.
    Also FYI the guy who mentioned graphics… You’re an idiot.
    Also FYI graphics = nothing when compared to gameplay …so all this artsy fartsy stealing crap from other games and going way off of track of what originally rust was supposed to be, is annoying.
    Any decent player / gamer will sit and turn quality low anyway, people who sit and say I play BF4 @ Ultra are idiots, my PC can do it fine, but your at a huge disadvantage. Why do you think no one has grass enabled in rust? So you can see people easy as hell.
    Its not half as annoying as you silly pathetic social rejects who fall back on “its still Alpha” nonsense, you guys are the sort of wet chinned fools who sit back and think the stomping land is a good game.
    Honestly, take tongue from arse and grow a brain.
    No one really mentioned bugs, render lag is one of the most awful things about rust, and they’ve done nothing about it, their new whole building concept is semi stolen from The Forest and it simply does not work (why the fk can my base go out 1 foundation wider every level) bring back pillars. You can’t put stairs on an outside wall (unless you want a gap in the wall) and those whole point of keys is just stupid… Back to Combo lock plz!, how else you going to share a door.
    Their whole tunnel vision of single player is absolutely absurd.
    They have completely screwed teams over here, removing a huge social aspect of rust.
    The only thing that’s going to save rust and Garrys lazy arse is the modding community, bailed him out with Alpha (and actually makes the game more playable).
    The issue is Rust Alpha or Development isn’t focussed around PVP one bit, even though its a heavily PVP game. I’m still amazed after this long there are still not kill messages on development yet, trusty gary relying once again for the community to finish his job. Uber bad.


    Is he mad? He seems mad? I bet he’s only got 50hrs on rust. I run one of the most popular rust servers in the world, I do like rust, obviously more than you because I contributed a free to play on server to the community, Development rust is lol, they are overly complicating it, and some of the new stuff is just fully retarded, and everyone knows you never go full retard.
    Also FYI the guy who mentioned graphics… You’re an idiot.
    Also FYI graphics = nothing when compared to gameplay …so all this artsy fartsy stealing crap from other games and going way off of track of what originally rust was supposed to be, is annoying.
    Any decent player / gamer will sit and turn quality low anyway, people who sit and say I play BF4 @ Ultra are idiots, my PC can do it fine, but your at a huge disadvantage. Why do you think no one has grass enabled in rust? So you can see people easy as hell.
    Its not half as annoying as you silly pathetic social rejects who fall back on “its still Alpha” nonsense, you guys are the sort of wet chinned fools who sit back and think the stomping land is a good game.
    Honestly, take tongue from arse and grow a brain.


    joshlawhead itsadamuk You piss me off, you really do.  They re coded Rust cause the game had terrible graphics and it was not what they wanted it to be.  They got so much attention when the game went out on steam that they felt rushed in development. That is why they re did it and I think its the right choice.  I would not be harping you right now, as I am normally passive and allow people to their opinions, but the fact that you said “Idiots are obviously entitled to their own opinion” just angered me beyond belief.  You have posted multiple comments about how this game sucks and really it may suck to you, but let the people that enjoy it and are happy for it enjoy it.  We actually care about the game and are excited for it, as we can see where it is going.  I’m not saying you need to like the game and support, thats your opinion I respect that.  Just leave a comment saying this game just really is not for me anymore, or leave none at all. I will not be responding again as I normally just read and think about the ideas that people have for the game,, but your mass comment spam of hate and putting people down made me say this.  Your picture may show an adult, but you are only as old as you act, and right now, you are acting like a 12 year old dutch bag who thinks hes the shit and always right.  SO do us all a favor and just stop following Rust, I mean if you hate the game so much why are you mass posting comments hating the game obviously there is something you are trying to accomplish?  SO if you hate the game fine, stop following it then.  Im sure others agree with me that you are being a prick (excuse my language and grammar I was not very happy whilst typing this). Thanks For reading.


    itsadamuk I agree, “It’s in alpha yet!!111!1!!” is a terrible excuse. Look at Space Engineers. Every thursday they come out with an update. With content. AND fixes. And its a really small team. Garry has no excuse for fucking rust up to how it is, now.


    Sentinel0635 itsadamuk joshlawhead 
    i agree with sentinel you bought a game in ALPHA as in not done you sir are an idiot if you expected it to be playable, look at the elder scrolls oblivion as an example it was JUST BARELY playable on release due to like friggin 1k bugs and a few game crashing bugs too. even some “done” games have issues so shut the fuck up and whining like a bitch, go play dayz.


    DakotaNeilSchneiderBrown BryonNicolasAyres 
    well at least i got feedback lolz but meh ive never played 7 days to die and minecraft is…. meh
    i just like the idea of sistainability in a survival game lol.


    Great job. Fuck the haters. I know how much hard work design and dealing with expectant masses is. You guys are doing great. Keep up the good work and enthusiasm.



    good job on da meat


    Based on your comments I have read to this point you seem like a total asshole and tbh I am glad you won’t be around when the new version comes out. One less dick to worry about stealing my stuff :)


    Wow….I…I’m just blown away right now. You guys look like you know exactly what you’re doing and I just wanted to share with you, great, great great job you guys absolutely wonderful. Looks like an actual “fun” game is going to be released sometime finally.


    Crate number 11 reminds me of Half Life. The feels…


    itsadamuk joshlawhead fucking asshole these people are creating a game from scratch. why don’t you try it? If you don’t like the way the game is now, go play DayZ or something don’t hate just because a game is in development.


    joshlawhead Idiots are obviously entitled to their opinion.  New rust is nowhere near on par with Alpha yet.  They started from scratch due to their own shit code, you think this time arounds going to be much different?   How you think development is awesome atm is beyond me because its not even playable.  Door locks are the biggest joke til’ your post came to exist.


    BryonNicolasAyres Those suggestions… sounds like you’re wanting a minecraft and 7 days to die mash up…………….


    please dont put blueprints on market. I know you already have our money garry but have some mercy :'(


    blueprint over servers is a terrible idea, like in dayz, ppl will server hop, join an empty server, get all the blueprints WITHOUT DIFFICULTY and join the populated one.   Personally i dont really like the stairs but if they turn out to work i’ll be pleased. You should also tell ppl an estimated release date. Giving people hope is important.


    itsadamuk They’re obviously fixing all of the issues, and does the word Alpha mean anything to you? They have made amazing progress considering they started from scratch. The new Rust is already 10x as good as the old one. I personally love watching the game progress. You want a game that is doomed? Look at DayZ.


    A lot of people are talking about animal aggression, but they all seem to forgetting one thing, gender. Simply make different gender animals, so does and stags, male tusked boars, and small tusked females.
    This would allow for some to show higher aggression than others. A doe may always run from you, but a stag may decide to stand his ground. You can also partially rely on pack mechanics. A stag might defend himself against a lone human, but run away when approached by a group of them. In that same light, a lone wolf will maybe be more skiddish, but a pack of wolves would maybe be much more willing to attacks a human.
    Also, to everybody bitching about how long this is all taking and shit, get over it. You knew when you bought the game that it was SUPER EARLY ALPHA. Nothing was set in stone, everything was likely to change, and the final game was not intended to be released any time soon at that point, and even now is likely expected to take quite a bit of time. Tbh, they are developing extremely quickly considering the circumstances.


    Nacho luvs RUST Lol you realize that you don’t see wild chickens because they are all domesticated right? The ignorance is strong in this one


    Leignheart Actually there are still tribes today (only like 2, but still) that Endurance hunt, and we KNOW that some people did this to survive. The problem is, it often takes 8 or more hours to run down a deer/gazelle. Granted, it provides a LOT of meat for the hunter afterwards, but trying to simulate this all in rust seems like it would be annoying and not work out so well in the end.


    You know Gary.? I think what might help recoop some loses and make people hate you less (Not that i do i just wish the game was better already) is to give a possible Estimated completion time on when you think this game would be fully functional. You should be worrying about all the base elements and bugs before you start adding new crap, because then people will be excited for the weekly or daily update instead of “oh another rust update i wonder what they didn’t do this time”, Ya know.? i understand that making a game is not easy but you have got to at least know where you are at and if you could possibly be done within the next year. i bought this game when it first came out and ever since ive been sitting back and watching it slowly lose the amount of care it had before, which sucks but, people expect you guys to be done with this stuff quickly, which simply put can’t happen. But with a “Hey guys i think you’ll be able to play the game that you’ve been waiting for for about a year or so now by this time” ya know? Just a thought. Or rather a suggestion.


    “Building. It’s working, it’s pretty much done. There are places to go
    with it. Wall upgrades and roofs in particular. There’s been a lot of
    noise about having different layers of foundations too.”
    You forgot to mention how stairs are completely broken, and if you build a stair next to an outside wall you cant wall next to the stair, leaving a huge gap in the side of your house,  but you’re right, it’s completely working as intended.


    eduaaa1985 Yeah they’re so focused on looks and making things pretty, and they’ve completely forgotten what matters, game-play.   I’d call Alpha rust rather easy, less complicated, pretty easy to play and learn, Development though, the whole door locking system is just fully retarded, its all overly complicated poncy crap.   So much of the gameplay and what made rust good is just gone, and building at the moment is just stupid in terms of realism.

    It’s completely moved direction from what it was (not to mention they already changed direction quite harshly removing zombies),  I think Garry needs a slap round his face and told to make his mind up.


    BryonNicolasAyres As for your bears, you are not in direct competition with them for food or territory (comparing to Rust).In Rust, people are eating their source of food and building shacks/houses/mansions all over the place.
    Also, Rust doesn’t have black bears, but I know what you mean about them.


    palleh BrunoMirabelliPinguelo And bugs with like the stairs that were added months ago are still there.


    Hey guys, dont get rush, dont worry, almost a year since alpha was released and you have even less gameplay than before but hey, its no problem, you are remaking the game… and there arent going to be realeased more survival games such as H1Z1 or survive the night… keep working that slowly, maybe in 3 years from now on the game will be beta. You lost some clients that you wont recover, even if you finish the game right now… u lost em forever and you got deserved


    palleh Leignheart Pretty sure they would make it so you didn’t spawn right on top of aggressive animals. Never happened in legacy, so I don’t see why they would add that…
    It wouldn’t be a hardcore survival sim if they upped the speed on animals. It was ridiculous that I could chase down wild deer/boars in legacy. No one thinks that is cool.
    To off set faster animals, they could add a generic berry bush that would provide generic berries. Having this food resource spawn near other animals makes a for believable, life-sustaining environment.
    Having another small animal, similar to the rabbit, could provide the player with a bottom of the food chain animal in which to collect cloth from, then make a bow.

    Once you have a bow, you can hunt the faster or more dangerous animals.
    My two cents.


    Ok guys so i have been looking at the comments on this page and have seen many interesting ones here is my commentary
    1. not all carnivorous animals should be 100% hostile. i like this idea since i myself have a bear that lives near me. the thing always gets into my trash, and if i am still awake when it does (it usually does it at night) i yell once and that coward runs, same with the other 2 black bears that live near me (i live next to a national park). bears are just big cowards.
    2. some non carnivorous/omnivorous animals should attack, i like this idea as well maybe some deer attack or not adds a bit more realism and love the idea.
    3. Velociraptors i REALLY love the shit out of this idea i mean its a post apocalypse world who the hell knows what scientists were cloning /making in labs, totally plausible idea, i mean have raptors hunt in packs and players have to team up to kill them. RAPTOR SCALE ARMOR ANYONE??? !!!!! lolz
    4. More animals idk like birds that fly overhead (eagles, crow, pigeons)
    5.some variety in the tree species(have some fruit bearing trees) idk have some maple, redwood, and birch trees, ginkgo trees, and mimosa trees.
    6. BREEDING animal breeding could work as long as they balanced it with natural spawn animals right, make animals not spawn very often that way it would be a challenge.(but have animals spawn proportionally to the amount of players on a server at any given time)
    7. FARMING farming like animal breeding could be worked in. maybe seed packets drop in airdrops???? maybe also rarely spawn in loot chests in ruined buildings???
    8.PONDS/TERRAIN CUSTIMIZATION perhaps you could be able to dig soil and connect it to a river/outlet of the ocean? that way fish could be farmable(to an extent)
    LASTLY i understand they are still adding stuff and all my suggestions should come after they finish the basics of the game (ai/character skins/building systems/ and animals) so good day all and feel free to comment !!!


    Sorry, What the fk?

    I distinctly remember reading Garry whining like a bitch saying he’s going to remake rust from the group up because unity sucks (in certain words).  And that’s why they’re dropping the current alpha and completely re-creating the game.

    Ok fair enough, but low and behold, we’re using unity again?  So excuses are why?
    ALSO The BIGGEST issue for RUST at the moment is buildings,  when they load in your entire game pauses, its fking HORRIBLE, I don’t know any other game that does that, it’s just AWFUL, ARE YOU LISTENING GARRY?

    GOOD GAME,  Rust is d00med to fail before its finished.

    Grats Garry!


    So I was reading the comments below and they were talking about how people hunted and http://www.livefyre.com/profile/55342474/ brought up the word Spears, So what if they added a more diverse selection of weapons to hit people with rather than rocks and axes. There could be massive amounts of makeshift blades and pole arms added to the game and it would be reasonably easy to make a makeshift spear just tie a dagger around a long stick with a rope. Hell they could even incorporate machetes in the air drops if they like this idea


    I wonder if you guys take into account the physical based system of Unity 5 already.. to avoid having to redo a lot of the assets..
    Nice concepts as usual and the new features of Unity look sweet too..keep the updates coming, I think the relaunch will be better than the original game already.. maybe not in terms of gameplay mechanics, but definitly from an art perspective


    Realy cool stuff guy :)


    Uh it’s updating nearly every day….


    Shakner palleh johngrimm321
    What is wrong with pillars?! The buildings are desgined to be blocky and do you have a way that would work to stop the tetrisy effect and still allow people to expand and build the way they want?


    Well as I said before go hunt a gazelle with nothing but your endurance and see if you catch him before you starve to death. Lol I’m just saying. Also it’s actually just theory on how “primitives” hunt before the invention of Spears and fire. A more believable theory is their diets consisted mostly of nuts and plants. But that also is a theory as well. There is limited proofs either way. But I digress as I see your guys point and understand. Let’s get back to other rust features!


    palleh johngrimm321 No, fuck pillars. Pillars made the game so weird. So blocky and ugh.I’m sure they’ll add limited physics to buildings to you can’t have impossible structures. Garry said so a couple weeks ago that structures would not always be able to be so “tetris-ee”


    How long will it take to do the update? I’m thinking they will be next year. The Rust which is today, is VERY bad.


    LOL You do realize that the experimental is in extreme alpha right? Another thing, impenetrable? You can’t make your own staircase to heaven to get to it? It’s going to be a complex system to have non-invincible parts and have it not be broken. My idea is to bring back pillars but have them only be set to invincible if they have a wall/ceiling connected to them, AND have a new part put in that would be an angled supports that end in pillars so you can build out to the sides even if you can’t put a foundation down.


    Thank god someone else who sees the light!


    Do you mean turn yourself into a cyborg? I don’t think I would wanna be a cyborg with rust technology lol!


    Gah it’s a nooby crybaby! There is no reason for blueprints to move across servers. Allowing this will have people just server hopping like in DayZ hive servers. You just would have to go to a server with no one on it farm all the crates in small rad leave go to another empty server farm again and now you have every Blueprint ever without actually putting effort into the game. It would honestly ruin the game. Suck it up, if your server is restarted or you go to a new one YOU HAVE TO START OVER!


    KyleHikalea the7thguest
    Lol what a bitch! The game is fucking up for them and they can’t dick around on the experimental server. What they need to do is go on the forum and post the specs they have so the devs know what specs are having trouble with it to fix it but still. Calling them a baby for saying the game isn’t working for them? What a little bitch.


    Leignheart palleh Yes, a starving wolf or pack of wolves would hunt a human. What I was saying was, a majority of the time wolves fuck off since they aren’t trying to eat you. The problem with not being able to outrun them is if you had just spawned in, accidentally pissed off a bear you didn’t see, you’re dead. You spawn in again, piss off another bear, dead again. That would quickly stop being fun. This would become an even greater problem with the needed animal density in a game where animals are a resource not an enemy. Yes for a single player game it would be a great idea, but for Rust you need to be able to escape animals as a Bambi.


    Leignheart Undefined
    Human used to hunt gazelle and such like he says. Back before we had any form of range weapons we used to “Endurance Hunt”. Endurance Hunting is when you take something and start chasing your prey across the field. As humans we can cool ourselves by panting while running but other animals can’t and end up overheating and falling down for us to beat to death. In this state the animal can not fight back. I think this is what he was talking about.


    They need to remove the building foundations and walls without walls needing to be under them, I know it severely limits possibilities when it comes to house design but it breaks the game if people can build stair cases to heaven and then destroy the stairs and and an impenetrable floating fortress


    Regarding the idea of persistent blueprints from server to server, I think that’s not a good idea. Collecting blueprints is a big part of the game. If blueprints are persistent, you collect them once and then you’re done.  That’d would take the fun out of joining a new server and starting out fresh.


    They should add cyborgs to the game


    Undefined Leignheart Being a person who has stalked deer, it’s harder than you think to melee a deer without it being injured first. Go try it for yourself. Also if you do go try it, check for ticks.


    palleh Leignheart I know what style of game this is and I certainly do not want this game to be a hardcore survival sim. I just want the animals to be a little more realistic and a lot more dangerous. Increasing their speed so that you cannot run away from them forever would up the fear level tremendously, and making wolves be in packs would definitely be awesome. Also they need to make bears more lethal, like a one hit kill, but also have a higher likelihood of not engaging the player at all. And also on a side note, in real life, a hungry wolf pack would certainly not run away from a singular naked person with a rock, especially if they are in their hunting radius or lair radius of the wolf pack. Just speaking in real world terms.


    the7thguest Waaaaahhhh! Fucking baby.


    Leignheart As i said it would be nice, BUT you would have to gain the ability to get cloth from plant fibers. The problem with not being able to outrun wolves and bears is that in real life every time you get close to a wolf or bear it’s usually already trying to get away from you not deciding to chase you down and kill you. The mechanic is set into a game style not a realistic style.


    Leignheart Sure. But first, enable animal fatigue. Humans have the best running endurance out of any species on the planet. Therefore, if you’re chasing a deer, you can melee it to death, just so long as you successfully track it to wherever it stops when it’s tired.


    You have to use your head, think about whether you would like to join a server with just a rock and other people start with the c4 blueprint because it carried over and they blow down your door 10 minutes into playing on the server.


    andyrhtc Yep. I like the idea of different behaviours for the same animal. Then you would have to be careful and read what the animal wants to do. If you are a beginner and it attacks you, go find another one that wont attack you.


    BBQFetus palleh JackNardz  as i have mentrioned previously in this comment section. i also think some of the prey animals that have the potential to attack should do so but certainly not 100% of the time.

    some of the previous deer animations they have shown us had a deer doing a kind of head butt animation so you never know we might be in luck.

    my idea was not so much super realism but to make the rust world feel more random. i am very much against a single player rust. i would rather all the teams energy was put into making the MP rust as good as it can be. on that note, i think making the animals more detailed (in terms of their character and the variety of them) would be a much better way to go forward rather than adding a quirky USP like robots, dinosaurs or zombies. 

    it just feels a bit 1 dimensional if an animal behaves in the same way every single time in a certain situation. maybe something simple like a % chance of these animals fleeing or attacking could help to make the rust world feel more dynamic.
    i don’t think this would make it impossible to play as a beginner. i would quite like it to be difficult however. surviving in the wilderness would be very hard, and i think this should be reflected in Rust. boar are dangerous, approaching 1 with a rock as a fresh spawn would be risky, theres no reason why you couldnt just carry on until you find a chicken/rabbit/deer etc.

    i think it would still be really cool if deer attacked once in a while instead of fleeing, i also think they should still be catchable by chasing them into rough terain like on legacy. that way you can still kill 1 (and get your cloth and fat) as a fresh spawn.


    the7thguest I’ve had the same problem for the last two weeks…


    About blueprints :
    I like the idea of blueprints across multiple servers on one condition : Make it easy for server operators to mod it out.
    Sometimes I like to be able to build up from scratch, to start fresh in a new iteration.  I’d like to keep the flexibility to do so.


    Untestable… Build a house with 4 walls and 2 stairs and game isn’t
    responding anymore at all. I’m not talking about the usual delay of 1min
    for the interface to react, it just doesnt do anything now. Restarted
    the game and clicked on Wake up about 20 times, 10 mins now I’m watching
    my char sleeping.
    This is no more test, this is a mess of code, nothing else.
    Best way to test / play at the moment? Do ONE thing. Press Alt F4. Do another thing. Press Alt F4. Do one more thing. Guess what… Alt F4…


    To all you guys on the animal talk, If you really want realism and the feeling of being scared with animals, the solution is this, make the animals faster than the player, in real life bears, deer, wolves, boars, all run faster than humans, so how about in the new rust people can’t outrun wolves and bears and crap. That would certainly add to the survival, but also make it maybe too hard.

      Nacho luvs RUST

    That would be perfect and maybe if the corpse has to be butchered with a special tool or else there could be a blood trail.

      Nacho luvs RUST

    Garry if you read this I think it is a good idea. Before you add chickens maybe consider changing them to a wild bird such as a turkey or goose. I’ve never seen a chicken in the wild and I think having a real wild animal would be more realistic.
    Someway to have specific colours on items to know your teammates. Traps would be great in the game and maybe a mountain lion because right now the mountains are too safe.
    Something that could be great would be using the environment to camo your base. Along with this maybe there could be ways to know if someone is good at the game like if their house is metal it may have rusted or the wood could rot. This would be repairable. And also plain fences would be nice
    Also to make the mining more realistic maybe there could be patches of ores in the mountains.
    Thanks so much for rust it’s getting better every week!


    palleh JackNardz I agree. Boars should harm the player, they are fricken dangerous. Small game (rabbits/chickens) and some foraging (berries/nuts) would be suitable for a bottom of the pyramid newb. 

    Rust shouldn’t be just about surviving bandits, but also the environment.


    LeminLyme I just barely reach the minimum requirements and usually i only get problems if i need to defend myself as i can’t hit those who attack me.


    9Grain  I get that they wouldn’t make much money off of it, unless they go the road of CS:GO, but still it seems more of a way for them to gain over us. 

    Now an idea my friends and I were talking about that we actually LOVED was instead of transferable blueprints what if there were transferable “Customization”. These customization would be things like having a grass roof or wood roof or hay roof, or having your wooden walls be more even and vertical or horizontal or made of a different wood, metal bases be more or less rusted having it either look like it’s been there for decades or possibly freshly built in a factory look, also having visual modifications for every weapon and object like instead of having the stone hatchet look like white flint have it black obsidian. These things wouldn’t change gameplay (much…) and would mostly be aesthetics…the only game changing aspects will be people like myself who don’t like people peeking in the cracks of the base to see what I have!

    You could then have it like the CS:GO skin idea where you can change your skins at the main menu. Changing the skins wouldn’t effect the currently built structures, but only the ones built with the skin on during construction. 

    On top of this as a cool little addition, I think either every item should have the crafter’s name on it, or a choice to put either your signature/name on things you make. This would make getting revenge feel so amazing killing a guy and getting your own gun back after he had killed you, or killing some random player who just happens to have something you made. I mean the game already has the sigs built into the doors so you know what door is your’s, all you would do to change this is add a flavor text at the bottom that fills in the name associated with the ID.



    Best thing i could say to help you is this: http://steamcommunity.com/app/252490/discussions/0/540739861599120075/

    If you can connect to other servers that just means you are banned from that one server. If you cannot connect to other servers then that means you were banned from hacking and need to try to contact someone in a more serious way. The honest truth I have to tell you is that if an admin is killing and raiding and banning players using admin powers/hacks then you really should find a better server.



    Just a few small problem with your ideas. 

    Firstly making it so boar can attack would be a bad idea unless you made small game more prevalent or made it so you can get food and cloth from plants. I wouldn’t mind this change but in it’s current state you need a way to get cloth and food without dying yourself. If you were to be attacked by a boar now trying to kill it as your first kill then you would have to pray that you don’t die before you kill it and you will end up fairly injured since, as you stated, you know just how mean and vicious boar can be with dagger like tusks.

    As for the breeding idea that would be impossible to have in a game such as rust. If you had it set up to a breeding system then you would have to remove the spawning of animals for the breeding of animals. By removing the spawning and moving to the breeding you could end up out hunting your resources. Now this would be a fun idea for a single player game, but a multiplayer game where you have people constantly joining and dying and respawning, you would end up with all the food hunted to extinction in a matter of days.

    The problem with any seasons system in a game like Rust is that if you just happen to join in and it isn’t the right season then you just can’t succeed. Imagine if, instead of a snowy biom, there was winter time where lets say for a few days to weeks it’s constantly cold, animals and plants are nearly nonexistent, and you just spawned in freshly to join a server. In this case you would be basically SOL. The only way to survive the winter would be to stockpile food and have a place built up to live.

    In the end your ideas aren’t bad ideas in general, but just bad ideas for Rust. It seems like you are looking more for a single player version of rust, which I myself would enjoy to see, that has a level of complexity that just wouldn’t be suitable for a multiplayer constantly fresh spawning game like rust.


    Dude relax, it’s just a game. If you are playing the old rust, which I assume you are, then it will not be fixed. This game is in development, and settling down was your mistake. No need to go CAPS RAGE on Garry and the crew, they are working on the game every single day.


    Garry you should look into making Boar attack a certain percentage of the time. Their Tusks are not just for looks. If a player gets too close, make them attack. I know a decent amount about Boar, and they can have some very aggressive characteristics, especially with young ones… Hey, maybe breeding will become a thing? Natural breeding, not like minecrafts feed to breed system. If a time system is going to be implemented, that would make them have breeding seasons and such. Not just for the boar too, but the deer as well.


    what mean [ connection ban ] and also one player name holmzy in uk4 server he say is admin but he never speak to players ,just kill players and raiden them also many players they say that this holmzy use exploits so that he ban them , and everyone have the same message [connection ban ] but we ban only for our server ,we can play to the ather servers uk1 uk2 all i thing something wrong please help as in uk4 server ,we have and very good and bad hacker in the game…………………….


    please i need help i try to get in to the game to play and write this [connection ban ] please help…
    also today one player name holmzy in uk4 server say he is admin he kill players and also raiden t hem ,many off the players they say after this guy raiden them ,they can t get in the game ,because connection ban , I THING THIS PLAYER USE EPXLOITS TO THE GAME .WERE ARE TIRED WITH ALL THIS HACKERS NOW THEY GLITCH THE CODE OFF THE GAME  ,PLEASE HELP ME I HAVE ABOYT 300 HOURS OF PLAY RUST IN UK4 AND NOW ,THEY ONLY I HAVE IS CONNECTION BAN ………………………….




    i would be cool to have some kind of team option in new rust like same colored hats or armbands or something if possible:) keep up the good work you rust makers :D :)


    I agree that blueprints should not carry over, but I think the stream marketplace thing is a way to allow players to trade blueprints amongst each other and not, as you put it, just a way for them to make money.


    i want more moutians and hard terrain. right now its a little bit to nuch flat areas?.


    Can’t believe my little swiss chalet is the top picture :D


    Latest update:


    refinedterror terminatorator k noted,  i see what you mean having just been on one of the experimental servers


    terminatorator Not bad, but I think AI is of a higher priority at the moment. I think that once the game is properly functioning they will introduce stuff like that.


    Guys, has anyone thought about the idea of adding bikes to rust. Its a faster alternative to running and means you’re a harder to hit target. You could ride one handed and shoot at the same time, you could ride on nearly every terrain because of the bike’s versatility. These bikes could be found rusting in a rad town and be brought back to base to repair or found in pieces to assemble. please let me know what you think and if you read this gary, please implement this idea!


    Alistair Grant A few weeks they mentioned monuments. I would advise you to read it :)
    With that almost everything is possible. From rad towns, to waterfalls or volcanos.

    When you stand colse to one of the wolf statues, you can see there is a radiation sign next to the hunger.

      Alistair Grant

    Hey Rust team hope you guys are well. I know you are not short on opinions/suggestions here on the comments wall and you probably have a fairly set vision with where you want this game to end up, however I hope I can still add my feedback to the pile as I have been playing lots recently and have had some thoughts. 

    I have not seen in your dev-blogs any mention of transporting the RADtowns/areas into the final game? Whether they emit radiation or not I don’t think is essential but I do see them as essential rigid physical areas for channelling players towards hot-spots on the map creating frantic bottle necks and close up gunplay, as I am sure you are already aware. I think they should be treated as unique map zones themselves within the greater map area. If you are planning to add the towns/areas I believe that the layout of these areas themselves should be re-thought and fleshed out as I don’t think they are quite meeting their potential. They could contrast with the wide open spaces of the natural areas, where you would be forced to navigate linear and claustrophobic manmade spaces such as corridors or underground bunkers and mostly internal structures which most players would be genuinely scared of getting trapped/lost/killed inside. I think you need to strip away the confidence of the players as much as possible. The most powerful moments of this game has been when it has made me feel uncomfortable and I think you guys could play with that a bit more by making players stay in an area longer than they would like to or be forced up close to other players, which to an extent is already happening but I think with a greater variety this could be achieved. For example forcing players up on-top of multi-storey buildings (where they are exposed to long rage attacks) to get pinpointed airdrops /spawns where they are then required to make it back down the levels and out to safety. Obviously these areas would need to be incentivised as you already have been doing with daily/random materials and weapons. 

    Those crates look ace! I do think that guns/explosives have a place in this game but I think they should be used way more sparingly than they are at the moment. I think advanced weapons should only ever come through airdrops in those excellent crates where it really feels like you are touching something from another world. There is massive scope to use handmade weaponry such as the hunting bow but also things such as poison blow-darts, shields, traps (spiked pitfalls, snares, burning pitch), spears etc. I think you could create an excellent balance of RUSTic (lolpun) weaponry (offensive and defensive) that is thrown into chaos when this alien looking box drops and technology from another land is let into the hands of the apes. In my opinion it would make the aesthetics and overall game design more cohesive, immersive and satisfying. The idea that someone could have a gun and for a brief space of time (determined by irreversible wear and tear) that player(s) would almost become God of the map has so many gameplay possibilities. I guess it comes back to the core principles of the game which is a power/resource struggle. When a set of players achieve full power I feel that the pace and direction of the game slacks off and it becomes a bit repetitive. With the airdrops becoming more important it would force players into different areas of the map and potentially make it feel like Battle Royale. The work you are doing and showing on this blog is so strong and cohesive I have total faith you will pull it off, thanks for the work you have done and continue to do, hats off to ya.

      War Wolf Jack

    One thing about the guns.. They should all have 5 attachment slots no matter what and ought to be customizable at anytime

      War Wolf Jack

    Sharks, alligators, piranha, electric eels, barricudas, jellyfish, octopie, squid

      War Wolf Jack

    Dead creatures/humans should have vultures/seagulls flying in circles above them, depending on the region.

      War Wolf Jack

    mountain lions, eagles, hawks, foxes, snakes, spiders coyotes, jackals, lions, tigers, badgers


    JdoggBurger Wow, really?


    Check out my funny Rust bandit video! Thanks!


    100% agree. The amount of blueprints are finite, if they carry over and you always have your learned blueprints, that essentially will make blueprints pointless due to the fact that once you have them all, there is no point to them. So why not just let you craft everything from the word go. Also blueprint carry over would give veteran players way too much of an advantage. This is a heavily moronic idea.

      War Wolf Jack

    sfbehnke Plastic

    You a fan of pay to win?

      ilya crols

    Biggest rust fan ever 
    I’m pretty sure they will get there eventually, but once they start having multiple models/actors if they want to change something they’ll have to change it for each model/actor. Until they’re happy with the current one making more would make progress slower.


    markusk95 What are your specs? The minimum requirements for rust aren’t that high, a 300-400$ system could run it on low settings. But the potential for circumstantial entity heavy areas to overload your system is very real, like in RTS games when you can run normally at 100fps but sometimes people amass 300units and just wreck your computer, the same can happen with buildings & player entities. The base game itself runs fine on the cheapest entry level components, like dual cores and 100-130$ gpus.


    I hate hate HATE the whole blueprint idea. Sure maybe let it port over…maybe…and if you do that then let people have the choice of not having it happen the the server they are running. The idea for only activating a few is moronic. Someone would just have to log off activate something log on craft it log off. As for the steam store idea, that is just a way for you to make money and would turn the game into a pay to win game where if you decide to pay extra you can get yourself an m4 blueprint.

    I like the idea of having a server wipe and knowing everyone is starting out on even ground and it’s actually fun. Also I LOVE “Hardcore” servers where you can only craft the lower grade stuff.

    Please don’t pander to the noobs who cry that they don’t want to start over with blueprints when they change servers or the server wipes. This one change would honestly ruin the game quite a bit.


    sochittomesoch I think you need a stone tier before the metal stage.


    AdamHector Okay. Let’s address PVP.
    You want PVP all worked out before core game values? Go fuck yourself and play Call of Duty, lots of PVP mixed with crappy game-play there.
    Problem = Addressed.


    Leignheart DJREX “Looks like we’re having an imaginary Christmas this year, kids.”


    HrvojeTurudic Why not Zoidberg?


    HrvojeTurudic Why not add ocelots to scare off those pesky creepers?


    I’m not sure if you guys realize but Unity 5 beta has not, as of August 29, been released. We are aware there are a few leaked/cracked versions floating around the internet but those are firmly illegal.


    BullshitBullets No, Mr. Frodo.


    BBQFetus andyrhtc  thats a good idea.

    i’ll be honest, i found myself doing it in legacy because i was all too aware that bandits would be out there using it.

    i would definitely welcome something that made this less of an advantage. night time should be scary and difficult to survive outside of a camp / house.


    andyrhtc it would still be better to cheat with the gamma, than gamble using a torch and having bandits pop you. I mostly use torches/firepits to attract people to someones house.
    If you could circumvent people trying to alter the brightness/gamma with some type of ingame rendering that takes place at night (after 10pm and no moon light, everything past 20ft is blurried) or some such thing.


    last reply i promise!

     in my first post something more like 1/100 deer attack would be more like it (even better would be stags and doe’s) stags with the ability to attack. some of you must have seen the youtube video of the guy getting chased up a tree by a stag :p 

    in my second post i think certain weapons should be more or less likely to make animals flee within a given area… ranging from 0% chance with the bow up to 100% chance with the pipe shotgun


    Would it be possible to add Mountain Lions and flying birds?


    You guys are fucking great!!


    i was thinking a bit more about this…
     if they wanted to take that a step further it would be really cool if wolves and bears would attack you from a greater distance when you are carrying raw or cooked meat / food. perhaps the majority of them could be deterred by fire (unlikely to approach an area where there is a fire)

    they could also make it so animals flee in a given situation. e.g if you fire a shot at an animal / in the air, nearby creatures could flee (or occasionally choose to attack instead)

    carrying the torch at night time could give the highest chance of animals fleeing instead of attacking. it might encourage people to use the torch when they journey out at night instead of just playing with their contrast/brightness settings :p which would make the world feel more populated when there are many distant torchs moving around in the darkness.

      Biggest rust fan ever

    Can you please add black player models. And female player models. Hey I’m a rust player me and my friends play rust. Mostly all of them our either black our are girls. They sometimes get bugged that they can’t be their actually skin color nor gender. It doesn’t bug them all the time but sometimes. I know that you might say that at night you wont be able to see a black player model or hitting a girl is wrong. But please can you do this for every black person or gamer girl that plays rust
    – sincerely
    Your biggest fan.


    jortmerlijn That really isnt possible, did u ever play?, servers can choose to make it like that.


    Haven’t been following any news about the game lately or anything, so i would one question.
    How well can Rust be played on somewhat weak computers after all you are working on has been done and the game is “finished”
    I’m asking cause my own computer is not very good and i’d really love to play Rust, one of the best games i’ve played where there are lots of other people playing on.


    BurnsyMccann Yeah the resorces required will definately be increased. And when you have put a lot of work into a structure and you havent crafted a password lock(which will be added) yet. You WILL be treified, because you could loose everything :D


    Omg, I’ve wanted angled roofs for so long! Flat roofs only make sense for environments where there is very little rainfall.


    On experimental, when are we going to be able to cook and eat the raw wolf meat and also drink water?


    The current animation of a man could be better. Do Mocap animation


    War Wolf Jack Beatiful idea !


    LeminLyme I lowered the graphics but the problem is still the same…  I don’t think my pc isn’t powerful enough ^^ I was waiting 20 Minutes in the startscreen but nothing has happened… :(


    yeeeha! THX 4 rust 2 4 free


    GREAT! keep up the good work
    My onlyproblem is that when this is finished it won’t feel like Rust anymore you know what I mean, like that terrifying feeling you got when being shot at it feels kinda cartoony and easy in experimental at the minute
    I also hope that it still takes a lot to actually build a base just so it isn’t really easy you know?


    just figured that it works if you start the exe rather than through steam


    Make different human models, not just male/female. But asian, hispanic, black and so on. A way to model and change body type and faces would be pretty awesome. I am thinking something pretty basic like in Mount and Blade the character creation screen. That way we can identify our friends and allies, with out just clothing. I know you all are racing to baseline to port us all over to ‘experimental’ I just think this would add an immeasurable amount of creativity and gameplay to the game.


    for some reason i cant run rust experimental atm anyone else got that problem?


    Queru sa poha agora


    I think only being able to have a finite amount of blue prints would be awesome, because it would further encourage people to have to work as a team. some people could be builders, others could be gun smiths, others armor smiths, cooks possibly. it would be like creating classes.

    I also think classes would be so awesome too…i know that’s most likely not gonna happen, but imagine a 
    Survivalist: take less dmg from animals, hunter/gather proficiency, camouflage, weather resistant, and bow proficiency. 

    Mountaineer/explorer: rifle proficiency, animal/player tracking, keen eyes/further line of sight, better at climbing/jumping, 
    less fall dmg.

    Ex-soldier: gun proficiency, weapon durability, ammo proficiency, faster reload, weapon calibration, take less dmg.

    Bandit: player looting proficiency, 2x booty trap craft speed, fast paced combat style (compared to Ex-soldier), stealth combat (able to set up ambush, possibly by climbing trees or something like that).

    I know these ideas are extremely unlikely to be available in the game, i just think it would be so great.


    i am having trouble connecting to the experimental branch every time i try it just quits rust. does anyone no how to fix this?


    Ikar660  i don’t really mind if they do this with blueprints or not but i think they need to make some of them (like c4, if it will be in experimental) as rare as hens teeth. 

    will it not lead to nepotism though similar to friends of the server admin guys?

    if your friends with the guy who has every blueprint to share you could be super powerful on day 1.

    and if your the guy who plays alone your stuck under a rock with nothing but a wolf intestine to keep you warm and the distant sound of gunfire to remind you its not what you know but who you know :p


    I think you should have to click shift(or something else) when you are over an item to choce how much you want and if you dont click it you get everything,because right now it isnt that good to control.
    Great work you are doing :)


    I think that making some blueprints for marketplace should be good, but these things should be like… like weapon skins in CS: GO, it only affects look, eventually durablity, but not damage


    “Ores now correctly contain metal ore, stones and sulfur ore. This means that a lot of the items are now craftable.” is not posssible  cause the metal are not stackable  fix this garry


    I suspect this might be a naive question but I’ll ask it anyway :) One of the issues to me seems to be that I have to log into a particular server to get into *my* Rust island. Is it currently technically impossible for there to be just one island that runs across many (hundreds?) servers? i.e. a server would ‘manage’ (with overlap with other servers) an area of the map. As you move around the island, you transparently get picked up by another server in much the same way the mobile telephone network operates. 

    If we had this, the game would become even greater than it is already.


    I see a few things that look like GARDENS in the picture :DDDD


    Why don’t you add dogs, so you can like take care of them and they can fight for you, like in minecraft ?


    AsEsuViktoras Just try to hover your mouse in the lower left part of the screen where they were supposed to be. They should light up


    please dont make this a pay to win game


    I really love rust, but I don’t know if i would continue playing if this game became a pay to win. I’m not cheap at all, I would buy rust again if that’s what they wanted, but I do not buy microtransactions to have an edge on another player. I refuse on principle.


    DJREX Well if you just pretend the first floor is your basement then your pretty much set.


    andyrhtc Very good idea :)


    Awesome! Very excited, behind you folks 100% keep up the great work! I’ve been playing every day and it’s super fun to see the changes.


    oliver1969 I feel like if you take offence to swearing you shouldn’t be playing a game where you play as a naked man… with other naked man players who adore swearing.


    Arkadans Technically the game is launched. It’s fully available to players who have purchased Rust.
    As far as the final non-test version of Rust – it’s highly unlikely. Their progress is incredible week to week, but to make everything balanced will still take lots of time, even when the game is fully functional.


    RamilRezvanov AsEsuViktoras tryed dosent work


    AsEsuViktoras just restart the game


    Can anyone tell me why i cant go on rust experimental i press play choose experimental and then the background only the wolf and tress stuff is there and nothing no menu buttons


    Shit dude there’s a thousand ways to implement something. Don’t assume they’re gonna be shit.


    Plastic shutup


    lumariousthelion the videos dont work on firefox for me, I always read these devblogs in chrome lol


    AdamHector they can’t fix gameplay until there is a game to play :P

      Lord Exposition

    Shakner Firebeard Why not have a craftable item where you can store your blueprints? Like a book you could transcribe them into.

      War Wolf Jack

    You could add a little computer to the Urban Biomes and your character can google how to create cool scrap weapons

    Might be fun.


    Where are the robots?


    add horses,like like like


    DJREX They just a week or two ago tested occluding through the map geometry with cave systems. Although that is done at map generation level, I don’t think it would be impossible to clip the map open and have subterranean locations created in real. Now, considering it is possible, I don’t see why not, but some people disagree and we’ll just have to wait for Garry to realize the discussion about basements is ongoing and make a comment on it.




    StiviDrums Try lowering the graphic settings and restarting the game, and being sure not to alt tab or be using integrated graphics to run it. I find that the only time that happens is when your computer isn’t performing very well and the UI thread is slow to respond or freezes up enough to not even end up loading. Reducing settings a bit and just being patient giving it time to load usually solves it.


    Love what I have been seeing these past few weeks, just thought I would throw this out there, what about the possibility of a basement?


    pachorradas I don’t think it’s that black and white. You can get all the blue prints on one server just by playing persistently, getting drops nonstop and not trying to build up at all. That’s what people do on Legacy. They’d just do it again. If your character couldn’t just commit all the recipes to yourself on pickup, trying to manage and obtain recipes would become a much more difficult and interesting experience that’d be nice to have as a meta-game system because doing it every single time you join a new community is damn tedious.


    Hmm… rust is looking good


    JoeSuperbastian madgamerbro Firebeard 20-30 bolt actions before you can know how to properly craft them? hm..


    Firebeard this sounds abit pointless, I agree that maybe we need a better research system, but I have always been minimalist when it comes to inventory space and I’d hate to have a bunch of stinkin blue prints hoggin my inventory. Also, because of this, everyone would leave them at home and do their crafting at home. All this would do is fill another box in somebodies house.


    Can we seriously address the issue of game play longevity by fixing the way C4 functions? Shoot the wall with a shotgun then blast it with a C4? That’s the main reason I quit. Address PVP concerns first and foremost. The game was already a blast to play even though it looked like crap. Fix PVP!


    Firebeard good idea, but i dont know where the steam market comes in


    I think that it would be neat if you could customize the walls of your house, and going off of the upgrade system I think it would be interesting if it went in tiers:

    1) You fill in cracks with mud, increasing comfort and reducing metabolism in the house 

    2) you add metal reinforcements and crossbars, reducing decay and increasing damage resistance 

    3) you add metal sheeting on the outside of the walls reducing decay and increasing damage resistance further 

    4) Some sort of better non-dirt floor that increases comfort in home and maybe reduces decay even more

    5) Metal roofing that increases resistance to decay and damage 

    Some after thoughts-

    What if high calibre bullets could penetrate walls after a certain amount of damage? This would increase the need/want to upgrade and could create an interesting mechanic; players adding walls in the house to increase protecting and a more thought out building planning 

    Straw roofing should decay faster in bad weather and should go from green new thatch to dead and patchy thatch to make buildings prettier and to have a bigger need for upkeep/upgrading 

    Maybe there could be a possibility for farming or something? Whether this be a garden or actually taming boars and keeping them I don’t know, but it would be cool if you could make your own reliable food source in rust and would make rust much more in depth in my opinion. If possible I might draw up some concept art of this and email it

    One last thing- As players progress I find myself wanting better protection and I think that an outer wall that could be placed and linked together to make a big wall with a gate creating a sort of compound. This could allow players to create coalitions and castles and things like that where you can fence in an area, although an obvious problem is people fencing in spawns or fencing towns and things like that, or areas ridiculously massive. Something to mitigate this is that certain areas cant have outer walls and outer walls can only be 20 by 20 per person so that way to fence in larger areas you have to work with people and that creates communities and trading posts and things like that

    I hope you take these ideas into consideration


    Markiloko i have been thinking the same thing!!


    U can tell me if the game will launch later this year?


    an precision scope for bolt action rifle would be nice!


    madgamerbro Firebeard I think after crafting an item a certain amount of times your character can memorize it sounds like a great idea. Having to hold on to the blueprints for lets say 20-30 crafts maybe less maybe more, then once you do you can toss the blueprint.


    rockedndropped pvtcrawley Dipshit that’s not even what he was talking about.


    Well done! I love reading these every week. As a web programmer, I’m alays fascinated by how much you are able to do in one week!


    CharliePearce try google chrome


    Firebeard Maybe a certain limit of much small craftable items could be memorized, while bigger more complex parts would need to have to be held. Or after an item is crafted a certain amount of times your character would remember how to do it without holding the BP


    What’s Next … that should be fixing the craft menu, it does not bother me to play a game with glitches or graphic bugs but when the game is all about crafting and trying to evolve and the craft menu takes 30 sec to respond to one command well that kinda shuts the game down for me


    pvtcrawley u cant get immersed into the game with a framerate of 5 think before you speak


    You could make blueprints physical items that you had to be holding to use. 
    That would :
    solve the issue of someone logging into an empty server and stockpiling them…because they would just die with them all when they moved to a new one
    solve the issue of a limit required on the total number carried…would kinda automatically balance itself, no one will want to be walking around with all their
    blueprints to be stolen. and solo players wouldn’t be penalised with some arbitrary limit to there amount of craftable objects. 
    add extra challenge and excitement. 
    provide easy way of implementing the steam market. 
    Seems to be the most organic and realistic way to handle blueprints


    Great post garry, you now come across as you like making these weekly updates as much as we like reading them, and no swearing, very good. thanks


    StiviDrums Try uninstalling and re-installing if you already haven’t


    Great job!


    if your blueprints were persistent from server to server it would be a terrible idea, i just get all of them on an empty server and then have them all on a full server and have an edge over a lot of people


    I love the ambient lighting, is there anything being done about low graphic settings and turning gamma up giving people huge advantages in game play? Otherwise why bother with the cool graphics when everyone will turn it all off or get owned non stop by nubs who don’t care about it looking good and getting immersed into the game.


    matainsreg I agree,  Certain weapons should not be craftable in any way and also limited on durability, no human could craft a M4 with out machinery!   Keep everything things rustic and crude!


    Scellow CRAZYSTUFF dont be silly, they dont test stuff only with high end systems and you dont need a high end system to run the game. 8gb ram now is std, ssd only help with loading times and boot times of a pc.   I am running I7 3800 along with a radeon 7900 card. expecting a new pc game on a low spec system is silly.  mines far from high end and runs fine.  IF you read the blog they mention Optimization and this will improve over time.  RUS?T lads are doing an excellent job  and i love their weekly blogs. Keep up the good work I say.


    DavidStaffe  you ain’t kidding, I got charged by one many years ago, I shot the damn thing with a .22  pistol a few times and it didn’t even care, luckily my brother was 20feet away driving a pickup truck, I never jumped in the bed so fast in my life.


    CharliePearce Browser?


    Why can’t I play videos on this website? 

    I asked the other week but nobody replied :(


    Would be realy nice if the boar gets enrage if they are near-death (or 50% of life) cause in reallife a boar will not run away when it sees a human ^^


    Its looking more & more amazing every day guys. Well done and keep up the fine work. Oh and Garry if you put Pauls Caretakers into the game as some sort of NPC or fake airdrop, i’ll drive to Walsall and let you use my mouth as a toilet…that’s how much i want them in game. And finally, thank you.


    StiviDrums ok thanks


    cso-cso Nope german ^^


    StiviDrums You are hungary?


    I have a problem… When i start the experimental version of Rust, i’m getting the startscreen but without a menu… So i’m unable to join any server or do anything else… Hope someone can help me :'( Sorry for my bad english ^^


    AlexanderChristensen To the animals even occurred to me that we could tame them. For example, the wolf, as it did the cavemen as well. (Google translate translate this text otherwise I’m Hungarian)


    CRAZYSTUFF  They don’t care man, they test stuff with NVIDIA TITAN 4GB DDR5  128go RAM i7 5700 SSD last gen, they don’t care if you have a 500$ computer ..


    To the animals even occurred to me that we could tame them. For example, the wolf, as it did the cavemen as well. (Google translate translate this text otherwise I’m Hungarian)




    Gary I think you should remake the current map on some servers that will get me off the Old version and im sure others will too


    any other ways I can boost fps I can play old rust great but this just sucks


    it would be awesome if  (e.g) 3 out of 5 boars and every 20th deer you come across attacks instead of running away and a similar opposite for the predators (should be a few random gutless ones that leg it :p  )

    it might help give the animals a bit of character


    Going back to the monuments and what not you are able to put into the game. A smart idea might be to have  an area that needs to be built up by players. This building is always the same depending on what it is….an old hospital, an old military base, an old villiage etc….  Afther these “monuments” have been built up by the players it starts to spawn items. A hospital could spawn medic kits and bandages, where a military base would spawn parts for weopons, and ammo.
    You guys are doing awesome keep it up!


    open serwer please:)


    First I have to say you make a very good job. I like this game from the first Moment and spent a lot of time in it. Maby it would be a good idea if you find the bluebrints only in airdrops. The idea that you can get new ones in the steam store might be good too, but i think everyone should have the same chance in the game to stay alive. sorry my english is not the best ;) .. Im very happy with your buliding system too. the only thing i dont linke is that you can build unrealistic houses at the moment .. but all in all its a great game .. cant wait to play when it reach the baseline.


    All those crates look freakin awesome! BTW those player animation videos are corrupt.. :(




    You Can’t craft anything that requires metal fragments as metal fragments don’t stack in furnace and don’t move unless you extinguish the furnace first. and frags won’t stack in inventory  either, thats strange coz the item editor says they are stackable up to 1000.


    please do not merge the game with steam market. It will ruin everything
    And we shouldn’t be able to craft weapons like M4.


    _StashCat And a few months earlier, people could just build campfires on top of each other :D


    AlexanderChristensen Yep. We definetly need more animals :)


    not enough animals… we need rabbits, dogs, birds, fish, maybe horses. Or the nature will not look “alive”.


    I like the the system of finding blueprints in buildings. Also i think it would be good if you have to find the blueprints on each server saparately,because otherwise you could come to a new server and become one of the top players in a very short time


    Those Reflection probes are really nice, being able to track the light source and have a realistic reflection is top.


    MineDatFunky OMG MinedatFunky


    Looking good. :D


    Nice, Looking way better!


    Always exciting to see the stuff in progress


    Feels so good reading this…
    The game is starting to look like something.


    super awesome devblog. gotta check out the experimental again soon


    grat blogpost! seems like tyou guys have found the right past now. and sounds good that the unity 5 are easier to work woth :) games looking good so far!.
    oh a tip. the blueorint thing: maby you could reaseach your upgrades with the workbench. lets say you bring some stone and some wook. and..”reasearch” those items together ..viola! you can now build a furnance maby :P








    :D !



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