Doors, Keys and Fur.

You can play this right now

It seems like a lot of people don’t seem to understand that you can play this stuff I’m posting about on Steam right now. We’re not posting about stuff that doesn’t exist. So please feel free to jump on, run around in the server for a bit.. then if you’re not impressed come and try it again next week to see what we’ve changed :)

Building on Rocks

You couldn’t build on rocks. Now you can. It makes it feel more like a castle.

F2 Menu Fixed

The F2 menu wasn’t working on OSX or Linux. It hasn’t been working for a long time. It turned out it was because the onmousedown jaavscript hook was being called twice on those platforms.. so when you pressed on something it would toggle it off and then back on. Doh.

So now non Windows users can increase their framerate by making the game look worse too!

Weapon Lowering

You now lower your weapon when running, jumping and swimming. Like in Battlefield. This obviously means you can’t shoot people when doing any of these things.


A while back I made a little script that converted a scene into a prefab. This means that artists can create a little scene, which can contain other prefabs like campfires and loot stashes.. then run a script which will convert it into a prefab.. then when the map is procedurally generated it can add them to the map.

This is a reaction to the worry that there won’t be landmarks on procedural maps. It won’t just be used to create statues, but we could potentially create anything with it. Waterfalls, powerstations, airports, craters, volcanoes.. there really is no limit here.

It would be nice to open this system up to modders at some point too. I can envisage a situation where we or server owners will choose a bunch of user created monuments from workshop which will appear on their procedurally generated maps.

Furnace Model

Following the concepts made a week ago, Bill has re-made the furnace model.


You can now place doors in your doorways. Doors only open one way, so I’ve tried to make it obvious in the placement guide which way it’s going to open outwards. The design is very loggy right now. Don’t worry, all these building components are going to get another pass at some point.. we’re just making everything fit together right now.


Petur finished his lantern model and put it in game. We don’t have a viewmodel yet though, so it’s just deployable like a campfire. We’re struggling to justify it’s existence in the crafting system at the moment, so it might turn out to be a rare/lootable only item.


This is a bit of a divergence from the legacy version. Nothing is owned. Doors don’t belong to you just because you place them. They don’t know you are their owner.

So any door that isn’t locked can generate a key. Go up to it, press use, select create key. You will then lose some wood and 60 seconds later you’ll have a key in your inventory. You can now lock that door. Once the door is locked you can only unlock it with your key, or any other keys that have been made from it. You can give a key to a friend, or hide one for safe keeping. If someone kills you and loots your key, they will be able to open your door.

There’s three important points to this system. Firstly.. it’s emergent, it’s what we’ve been trying to do in Rust from the start. Give you the tools to make the game yourself. Why does your house belong to you? Because you built it? Because you have the key? What happens when you don’t have the key – is it still your house? Should people be able to steal your house, in the same way that they steal from your corpse? Of course they should.

Secondly.. we’re not getting rid of password locks, number locks, fingerprint scanners. Those will come later. It’s an evolutionary thing. Eventually you’ll be able to upgrade to these systems, at a cost.

Thirdly – it’s a process. It’s not set in stone. If it’s exploitable in some way that ruins the game we’ll look at it and we’ll evaluate whether we need to fix it, and if so, what the best way to do that is. A lot of potential problems with this system are gameplay problems that the player should solve themselves, but I can imagine some scenarios we might have to cater for. We might have to make it so you can ‘remove’ a lock from a door for example, so no keys can ever be made, and it can never be locked. This is all part of the process.


We have stag, wolf, boar and bear on the servers. They now have their walking animation working properly.

They are all using the wolf AI right now.. which means they’re either walking around aimlessly, or following you aimlessly.

Ragdoll Inheritables

When something dies now, their ragdoll is able to inherit stuff that is attached to them. Right now this is only effects.. specifically the blood effect. So ragdolls will continue to bleed after they die. Here’s a video of 3 men being murdered.

Fur Shader

We had fun playing with a fur shader. Goosey made all of the animals use it. Here’s a video of it being applied to a bear.

And here’s some experiments on the player model.

Item Website Integration

I added an editor script this week that should speed things up for us. Previously if we’d edited something on the item admin website we’d have to export them which would download a zip file, then we’d have to extract each folder in the zip file to a specific place in the project folder. This was only two minutes work.. but it’s dumb robot work, and it meant that a lot of the time I was editing the json item definitions by hand instead of using the website and then having to backport the changes.

So I wrote a script that talks to the website, downloads all the items definitions, item icons and phrases and puts them in the right folders.. deleting the old ones where appropriate. I’m really happy with it, it’s already changed the way I work constantly.

Item Icon Rendering

I was getting tired of the terrible placeholder icons we were rocking, so on a whim today I wrote an icon rendering system. This is pretty much the same thing that I wrote for Garry’s Mod a few years back. It worked out pretty hacky, and pretty great.

Unity has issues with alpha. Some shaders write alpha when they shouldn’t, and some don’t write it when they should. This means that the alpha that you get back from the backbuffer is unreliable. So I brute forced it. I render the item on a red, green and blue background. Then compare the pixels on each texture. If the pixel’s colour is different then it’s transparent.. then we can compare the colours and work out the transparency level and even the colour of whatever is overlaying it.. leading to a perfectly rendered icon with perfect transparency!

Here’s some examples of the raw output:

Burlap Clothing

Tom has tried his best to not go on holiday for long enough to make us some new clothes! We’re trying to get a basic set of clothes ready for the baseline, I think these are coming along quite nicely.

Concept Corner

Howie has been imagining how our buildings will progress.

Meg has been thinking about sleeping bags.


A nice week. A lot got done, not only on the surface but between the sheets too. The door stuff required a fair amount of internal re-jigging, and now it’s done the item system is even more useful.

Next week I’m hoping to flesh stuff out a bit by adding more items that exist legacy and implement a bunch of Dan’s previous creations. I’m also hoping to start work on the building ‘upgrade’ process (which will use programmer art until Bill is back).




    Rustplayer420 but a rust like man would always learn how to use a rock first!


    please help every time i join a server and load the textures snapshots etc. it asks me to wake up and every time i click it it just darkens same if i press tab then if i click away it brightens how do i fix this?


    Re-post – edited.

    A friend spent 8 hours yesterday looking for the house that I had fully made during the whole day, 

    He has not yet found it, With little to no positions of interest, how are friends meant to find each other in these worlds. 

    I love the old map, its gone, and I love the new direction you have taken.. But with no way of knowing your position or someone elses for that matter, its impossible to tell if you are on the right track and its taking a god send amount of luck to find a place someone you know, has requested you go to..

    Please as a matter of importance, can you add either co ords (that does not fall inline with your game very well but its a temp solution) or a craft able map you have to write your self. (a little more inline) or at least a north, east, south and west, with some longitude/latitude. Anything to track your whereabouts and make finding a friend at least possible. 

    Love what your doing and it looks just great, the feel of the game is REALLY coming along, 

    Few bugs I would like to see fixed, 

    – Upgrading a door with a lock on it, locks the door for ever, even if you have a key or not. 
    – Because you have made all animals like a wolf, all animals have the same HP as a wolf. A bear dies from a few hits/1 shot from a bow… and does the same, pitiful damage and drops the same amount of loot.
    – All animals move so slow, I laugh as i run round and watch them get angry with me, but i’m not scared of them.. They are just toys to be played with.
    – Key system is an amazing idea, but the idea that I can lose hours of work to someone for minimal effort is frustrating to say the least. I feel that a method of changing the lock should be implemented.. e.g. if I lost my keys to house in real life. Then I even get a hint that someone might find them an know where i live. I would change all the locks on my house.. This would be step one for anyone if they did it in game. Someone posted the idea of swallowing your key before you die.. This sounded awesome to me. Survival at its best. 

    Knocking down a level 6 door is no easy feet. but changing a lock should not be so hard. maybe 10 metal frags to make a new lock (A person with the key to the old lock can change the old lock to a new lock with a replace button).. old keys no longer work should be ditched/burnt and new ones acquired from the lock like normal.. I think this would make people a little less grumpy about the doors scenario I see people commenting about,. 

    – As a side note, I don’t feel so safe about opening my door right now, as someone on the other side has a the advantage visually of a green box if the door becomes unlocked. giving them the heads up that the door is about to be opened. Its also a much slower process.. Unlock door, open door, take shots, close door, lock door.. Its to much..  could there be an implementation of speed locking a door from the inside. as right now, i wanna lock the door fast and it throws up the menu would you like to lock or create a new key.. All i’m thinking about at the moment in time is for the love of god, Lock the door!!!!! Lock the DoooooooooR!!!! In this sense of survival.. your old system of pass codes really upped the game in terms of speed and defense and i loved it. Your new system is so slow, doors can barely be called tactical at all, 

    – As a second side note, in 5 hours of play my house was a good size with 7 doors over 4 layers, quite tame considering my old houses. but running round with 7 keys was annoying, any chance that a keying can be made, dragging numbered keys to a key ring would be awesome, keeping a key ring for house number 2 in house number 1 and vise verse. someone moves in, here take the spare set mate, this set does not give you access to the top floor, but feel free to use the facilities.. seems like a good way to go.. 

    I know all this is a massive ask, but hope it brings in some ideas, or a vision for what allot of people would like to seem.. Please note these are not digs at you guys, just a wish list of what I think is going to continue to be the best survival game going.. 

    Great job guys, keep up the hard work, worth every penny!


    A friend spent 8 hours yesterday looking for the house that i had fully made during the whole day, 

    He has not yet found it, With little to no positions of interest, how are friends meant to find each other in these worlds. 

    I love the old map, its gone, and i love the new direction you have taken.. But with no way of knowing your position or someone elses for that matter, its impossible to tell if you are on the right track and its taking a god send amount of luck to find a place someone you know has requested you go to..

    Please as a matter of importance, can you add either co ords (that does not fall inline with your game will but its a temp solution) or a craft able map you have to write your self. (a little more inline) or at least a north east south west, with some longitude/latitude. Anything to track to whereabouts and make finding a friend at least possible. 

    Love what your doing and it looks just great, the feel of the game is REALLY coming along, 

    Few bugs i would like to see fixed, 

    – Upgrading a door with a lock on it, locks the door for every if you have a key or not. 
    – Because you have made all animals like a wolf, all animals have the same HP as a wolf. A bar dies from a few hits/1 shot from a bow…
    – All animals move so slow i laugh as i run round and watch them get angry with me, but im not scared of them.. They are just toys to be played with.
    – Key system is an amazing idea, but the idea that i can lose hours of work to someone for minimal effort is annoying. I feel that a method of changing the lock should be put in.. e.g. if i lost my keys to house and i even get a hint that someone might find them an know where i live. I would change all the locks on my house..
    Knocking down a level 6 door is no easy feet. but changing a lock should not be so hard. maybe 10 metal frags make a new lock (person with the key to the old lock and change the old lock to a new lock with a replace button.. old keys no longer work.. I think this would make people a little less grumpy about there doors scenario i see chatting about,.

    Great job guys, keep up the hard work, worth every penny!


    also “click here to wake up” is not working and my mate says he can see my guy standing up in my base and i cant wake up


    only reason i cant play this is how the keys work its stupid as hell jus tthe fact u need a key for every door i now have like 8 keys in my storage and have to take them all with me and the worse part is someone will camp outside and take ur key? stupid idea go with the coded doors please


    the whole key idea is ridiculous.. nuff said


    or how about just adding a compass and a friends list so u can add friends to ingame lists and save them and then just set waypoints to your friends location. using the compass to follow the way point on the compass.


    i dont see how it can be difficult to justify crafting a lantern. If you have a furnace and sand then you should be able to make glass, as for the metal body, well if you can just make a gun then you can make the body of a lantern and fit a piece of glass in it


    kjartanius Placeholder, bro.


    I agree waypoints would help so much and also clans would be something to look into so you can find friends.


    So the creators do not want to introduce a map to the game.. the worlds are randomly generated and huge and players still want to be able to find their friends.
    How about being able to set a waypoint where you stand in-game and being able to set multiple waypoints that way, each waypoint a different color arrow and waypoint name you can choose yourself ..after which you can choose to turn waypoints on/off.. and share those waypoints with friends ? 

    This seams like a good idea to me, does anyone else agree?
    I hope the devs will look at this message and agree..
    I love the process sofar, keep it up!


    AFALGameplays could it be the view distance?


    the blood is shitty


    you should make woki toki


    How do we open doors? (experimental vs).
    I place a door in my doorway, and now I am locked in my own cabin!
    I see an “Open Door” option, but can’t click on it / select it? How to select the “Open Door” option???


    Just my feature idea

    – ability to draw notes for each other. Being able to type it out would be fun, I could leave a note to my house mates when I am not online. But to take it a step further and make it simple MS Paint style interface, so I could draw maps, symbols, messages, warnings, threatening letters, and things of the sort. 

    I would love to be able to raid a base, and then leave a note with my calling card on it.


    just a question, what if you have your key in your inventory and getting shot from the outside before you placed a sleeping bag? Is then the house lost for everyone or will there be a decay for the door etc…
    I starting also thinking that the key idea gives the camping lovers a whole new opportunity (as mentioned in the comments before). And As always, if one does it, everybody will follow, ´cause it will be the most effective way.


    Leignheart Yeah screw the rust community


    I would love to vote to kick players who cheat except there is one major problem with that. Most people are major assholes and would kick innocent players simply because they get angry or don’t like them and would abuse the kick player system. If only most rust players weren’t assholes. But they are.


    A couple more ideas are:Maps – maps would vastly improve the way rust is played, people wouldn’t get lost as easily, you can navigate your way around and even way point interests
    Clans – this would be useful so that if you want to make a team it can be easily to not loose each other or kill each other by accident. I’m getting tired of asking my friend is that you on that rock to find out it wasn’t him and that random just shot me. It would also be nice if every one in your clan was marked out on the screen in a certain range or something. 
    Sky scrapers – I would love to see higher and more larger buildings so there’s somewhere to see the map for how beautiful it is and a good spot to hang out and rest for the night or even make a good sniper spot. 
    Server bans – We all know the main issue with rust are the hackers. Come in with they’re aim bot, wall glitch, teleports and speed hacks. It ruins the game completely. You build a lovely base and then get destroyed by a guy with aim bot and unlimited explosives, not very fun. Is there any possible way of adding a vote to kick options and they get banned from the server for a while. That player gets marked for hacks and they get say another chance then they will get banned for ever.
    Thanks for your time


    I think there should be a wider variety of weapons and attachments. Snipers – there should be more sniper rifles and more attachments like a scope so it actually feels like a sniper and you can pick people off from far ranges.
    Machine guns – I think there should be more since there is only 2 in the game and again more attachments like scopes, grip and even camos.
    Vehicles – I think there should be vehicles in this game, craft able ones that use a lot of materials and even spawn points for some. Planes and helicopters would also be amazing so there can be a new height of thing and for faster travel.
    Lethals – I also think there should be more explosives such as possibly mines, RPG, certain grenades like explosive and then smoke or flashbangs.

    It would also be nice to see more buildings scattered around the map with loot, instead of every town being radiated all of the time.



    Zingos27 Never use absolutes.


    tubed67 RLFishy danieljfox


    RLFishy danieljfox that is one clever idea :)


    Build a bigass hole in your backyard, put your house in it, and tell me how it works out. I like the direction this idea is going, it would just have to be excecuted properly.


    All it takes for you to solve this problem is to install fraps and record, or stream on twitch. That way anyone who hacks can be banned. Everybody is very anxious about experimental and im sure he has a lot of stuff on his plate. Installing screen recording software is so easy, even someone as lazy as you can do it!


    Jamesican you replied to a lot of comments here XD, and yes I’d worship you if you made one


    Lord Exposition hmmmm… but how are they gonna see it, not to mention it’d be an idiotic thing to do in a battle because it’d just give someone else a chance to kill you, I know you thought of tf2 but I’ve been taunt kileld a few times and… it’s pointless, it just lets my friend kill him faster


    Corzey sound awesome but would attract a lot of bullets comign from down below XD


    psyther bad Idea dude…. it’ll be like minecraft factions… boring and time wasting… not to mention the griefing people can do, I mean people already made large spike walls that cross all over the map, next thing that’s gonna happen is making giant holes taht you can’t jump over, not to mention building underground would be quite messed up and that servers with the teleport plugin can easily decide not to add metal or wooden doors to their base making it impossible to raid or find


    I like the buildings… they look cool actually… but I wish each one had a little more statistics… like maybe the wooden one could be easy to take down with an axe or pickaxe and could burn down. the stone one can’t be burnt but can be destroyed with a c4 (not pickaxe or else it’ll eb easy to raid). the metal one can be more c4 to take down and the metal ones can be a lot more powerful!

    another thing that should be added is probably decoration… at the moment the bases look really dull and unintresting, I wish you could probably add like sandbags for extra defence… metal rails and probably plants

    another Idea could probably be like apple trees or atleast more variation in farmign besides… meat… it’s be great if you could also make your own small apple tree and atleast give it a lot of time to grow, but teh problem with it is you cannot really regain too much hunger back

    I hate the keys Idea… it would be annoying just trying to make a perfectly secure base with over 20 doors and then have over 20 keys, not to mention if you’re gonna go into battle you’re gonna need to have keys in order ot get out of the base and back in, just seems pointless and annoying

    just an idea garry!


    I think you guys should focus on bigger aspect of where this game is going. It is indeed fun to build but for what? Animals are not the danger but other players. Wish there will be some coop perspective to this game like some other external danger. I must admit that the general feel of this game is premium compare  to other survival games, but it lacks the essential freedom of minecraft or 7 days to die. You can only do so much in Rust before it gets boring.


    Sidewinder42 Andrei3c


    The Keys are a very bad idea and nothing good can come from them. All I need to do is camp target building wait for unsuspecting victim to step out and kill him there is no possible way off him stopping me at that point off having full access even if he isn’t carrying all the keys as they have to be outside the next locked door. the old system worked fine no need to change it.

    As for the new maps they are great but we need a solution so we can meet up with friends cause now it is impossible. Also fix the damn food issues we are supposed to be testing, I know I can kill other players fine, we don’t need to be forced to hunt them for food.


    gmodplayer6  you do realize Garry posted it like that just to troll, because he knows poor saps like you get worked up over it.  Hey, all the coding he’s been doing in experimental, he needs a few laughs sometimes too.


    scarab3000  fucking cheater mode, gtfo out of here, play a game like a real man.


    JimboDavis  I have keyless entry on my door and would never go back to keyed, and that’s real life.  The way they have it in rust legacy is fine and should stay that way.  They could change it so you have to enter the code to open the door, which would be more realistic, then those lil bitches couldn’t just run into there house while you are chasing them.  The only thing about the key thing and why it doesn’t fit the real life model in the game, is because in real life, you aren’t going to get murdered by everyone you run into.  The key thing is a terrible idea, and that’s why the majority disagrees with it.  Simple fact is, this isn’t real life, this is a game.

    And about your hacker comment, stop calling them hackers, hacking requires skill and cheating doesn’t.  Now, detecting a cheater and causing his processor to overheat and melt would be great, but come on, that’s never going to happen, messing with someones hardware would most likely end up in never ending lawsuits towards Garry.  The only thing that will stop the massive cheating in every game is lawsuits against the cheat developers and shutting them down, which is hard enough because of cross-country issues.  Blizzard has a lawsuit now, and hopefully it gets somewhere and lays down a precedence for more to follow, but lets face it, lawsuits costs buttloads of money that will be diverted from game development.  Blizzard has the money to throw at the legal system.

    And why you brought up anything on religion is just beyond me.


    pissedoffnaked If you want people to take you seriously you should really try to use more punctuation.



    pissedoffnaked Dude he’s moved on from the Legacy version. Each week that passes this game gets closer and closer to launching the experimental version as the official alpha as the legacy is now. He will not and should not update the legacy. Its a pain in the ass and for what? A game that will only last for a few more weeks? Not worth the headache at all, just suck it up and wait for the experimental version. I’m tired of people whining about not updating a version of the game that probably wont be around by September or October.


    Seriously Mr newman you need to do something about the hacks in this game it has become beyond a fucking joke you say you want to keep both versions going yet you wont fucking sort the old build out at all every cunt has hacks these days and your just sat on your ass not doing anything about it how can you keep the old version going if you cant sort the fucking hacks out i really hope you read this considering you “listen” to hwat the community has to say take youre fucking thumb out your arse and do something about this fucking shit


    WOW!! What has hapenned to the game? 2 days ago it was fine. Today its lagging like mad, dosent even let you click on “click here to wake up”…


    I really love how you make this devlogs, how you place many interest links (for example the one about unity Asset Store, “fur”) It allows us to understand much better how a develoment team work, organization, ideas, the move from concepts into a mechanic and gameplay implementation, etc…


    You should add canoes to the game


    I have a suggestion for the Dev Team:
    I would like to in game rust character, also female … women are very important in life … Thanks


    I love the keys ideia =D


    I don’t know if the community will agree with this, but rust should have a fixed spawn point so its easy to find everyone in the server when playing with friends… And maybe add a config option so this spawn point can be PvP free so the server owners can prevent spawn grieving. (Because there are a couple guys that think rust is a CoD game with weapon crafting)

    But finish this game already because I’m loving to play in experimental (And also because the normal Rust is really heavy on the network and my ISP doesn’t like me that much =P)

    Keep up the good work guys!


    That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. That’s not even close to congruent with the rest of the game


    Do not dare to add the keys! This is a very stupid idea to be too complicated and unnecessary!

    It is better to add a teleport to the friend. After all, the map will be huge and generated
    (Example: There is a button “teleport to a friend” when you click on it a window appears select the other, after the election of the other should be 10 seconds to stand still)


    Do not dare to add the keys! This is a very stupid idea to be too complicated and unnecessary!

    It is better to add a teleport to the other. 
    (Example: There is a button “teleport to a friend” when you click on it a window appears select the other, after the election of the other should be 10 seconds to stand still)


    Here’s a thought..

    The ability to punch!  Before man learnt to use a rock for the first time, surely he would have punched other cavemen in the face!


    I agree however I think it should be a little realistic in that you dig (pickaxe)your way in and if you don’t reinforce (walls hammer etc) the walls and roof you’ll experience cave-ins the trouble here is how to draw this new terrain as mountains are hollow frames with a texture stuck on perhaps as the “block” is cleared away and obscured by dust the new shape can be drawn and textured could get real laggy. But if there’s a way to make it happen I’m sure Gary and the team can figure it out.


    Being able to work sub-terrain would be awesome. Tbh, you could probably do it with the current build system, just add downward-travelling blocks.
    Rust is about survival, and raiding. There’s not much you can do to stop a raid, especially as you can’t always be there to defend your base. So, the best solution is to just be clever (base layout, location etc). I feel that being able to build underground will add a new aspect to this cleverness – make bases harder to find/search (obscuring size, and therefore potential value). At the same time, you add a tool for potential raiders (tunnel in).
    Twould. be. sweet.


    Corzey Love that idea! Death from above!


    Andrei3c Yes but, how would one craft PVC? That would require drilling for oil, refining it, then doing the proper chemistry to create polyurethane… etc etc. Wait… that would be cool!


    AlexGarzke I imagine they will eventually allow you to key multiple locks to a single key, like in a real house (I have one house key that works on my front door, garage door, etc). Also a keyring item would be cool…


    tobibra1 Yes, this is a real problem right now… In classic there were lots of prefab buildings that were always in the same spot so we had proper landmarks with sort of agreed-upon names, aka Hangar, Rad Town, etc. I’m sure Garry is aware of this and is addressing it (the wolf statue being one simple example). But I think some kind of tools or system for locating friends (smoke signals maybe?) would be awesome!


    Jamesican I agree, and it seems that the main Rust wiki’s are stubbornly sticking with the old classic version. I haven’t found a Rust Experimental wiki anywhere… should we just start one?


    What about hangliders? They would be sweet in this


    I have a suggestion for the dev team:

     Have you considered adding some PVC bows into the game ? To build
    one you would need only a PVC tube, some fire and a string.I think it’s
    easyer to make than a wooden one, and fits quite good through other
    concepts.(and looks cool)

    Here is an example of what I think of:


    Some suggestions for the dev team:

    1. If you have built your house, you should be carrying about 10-20 keys. Thats not a gameplay feature that is fun to play. Just think about it.

    2. You should figure out a good way to use the popup system, because opening popups each time you open/close a door is not the right way to go.

    Really good work tho, im very impressed by the progress you make each week!

      Lord Exposition

    You should definitely add a taunt button. What better way to piss someone off after you’ve just stolen their house? Pantsless pelvic thrust and the finger.


    I’ve been out of the Rust loop for a bit and came back to find all this, great job guys, keep up the good work! :)


    I would play the experimental version already if I had the possibility to somehow find my friends on these ridiculously huge maps…..


    TobyWapachee This IS rust. They are working on the old Rust. They’re turning it into the new Rust. How do you not get this concept?


    There needs to be a tutorial or something for the experimental
    I realize that’s easy once you get it, but some people aren’t getting it.



    fowc2011 I’m pretty sure it is temporary for debugging. It was eventually removed in classic, so I’d imagine garry will do same in experimental.


    i hope you remove third person or F3 because it’s make me feel this game not survivor game


    Cheating/hacking is obviously the worst problem and biggest concern of us “honest” Rusters. It would be great if there was a simple streamlined way to submit hacker reports, where we could send video, screenshots, and a description.


    NikolaiVolkotuk Maybe they could add buildable vehicles, then lower running speed would be possible. As it is the map is so huge, running any slower would be a pain, don’t you think?


    Jarbo I agree that would be super handy!


    I heard that you will increase in the future helicopters and rocket launchers, I hope you can cancel, I think this will make cheating players stronger, so may make RUST into FPS games in general, I hope to forget you can increase the Flint-lock the arms, I hope you do better prevention of cheating, thank you.


    Runs fast character. Unrealistically fast. this is bad


    MikeBudz Jesus_Christ Drek71 Protection, you mean like Link’s Hylian Shield?


    Leignheart Holy moley, take a chill pill, kid! This is the internet, a place where people oftentimes have the effrontery to say these kind of things. Just cool it, and ignore the things you dislike.


    It would be cool if you where able to build statues.. like your own symbol saying “i rule here on these lands”


    Can you please make a key that when u hit you will run until u do something else. Holding down keys to run is a pain.


    Awesome work, I’ve really enjoyed logging in to Experimental every few days and seeing so much new stuff get done. Ignore the haters, Rust is FANTASTIC and I’m so excited what the whole Facepunch team is doing with it!


    Can you do something about getting raided so quickly on rust? Or maybe something about offline raiding.


    I’m not sure if you understand but the old rust had major programming issues, when they made it they had not planned for what it turned into and as such they had to re-do the scripting. The old scripting was so messed up they started over, this is them fixing the game. Not only that but it never stopped getting funded, this is rust


    I’m not sure if you understand but the old rust had major programming issues, when they made it they had not planned for what it turned into and as such they had to re-do the scripting. The old scripting was so messed up they started over, this is them fixing the game.


    Rust is still funded… they are just starting over separately from the original rust.


    TobyWapachee  Rust legacy will not be touched again the new rust is everything they wanted legacy to be and better so it will not be updated anymore


    To all the key hates 2 words real life, in sure they will make a keyring for holding all door keys and 2ndly if someone robs your door key and your 2nd door happens to be locked im sure the 2nd key will be hidden in the room close by. Other games has it i.e fallout
    hate hackers too but this is the world guys, there are skill less people from all walks of life and isn’t much we can do to stop it, any mayjor games company should be given the right to trace ip and isp then press charges globally and have powers to take away any hardware they might own. Will make people think twice and then putten on a blacklist. Like sex offenders and so on
    another thing is the Jesus lovers, Christianity has only been around 2014 years so since 0bc/ac where man has been around many more then that and there are older religions, not slating anyone god but its just a way of some people controlling the masses with propaganda, plus if i was to force myself on a female its rape and IM a criminal, so stop forcing ur crap down others throats and you might be hated less


    Could you guys be working on the original rust for abit?
    I get that rust isnt funded anymore but maybe a few more things would do.. just sayin’


    I, for one, Welcome our new bigfoot overlords!

    P.S. How are those robots coming along?

    P.P.S. Latest Rust Idea: Making ( customizable) Follower NPC’s in crafting.  Commands include “Follow me” “Gather wood and put it in that box””Defend me” “Defend Base” “Kill that dude” “Go up to that house and scuttle around the windows and doors until they shoot you”, etc.


    This could be cool but it could also be awful. Just need to make sure it only has a larger range and isn’t actually louder. For that matter a whisper button would be just as useful.


    We’ll it says in the post that there is going to be security progression, so the locks are eventually not going to all be tied to a key


    MattFreemanScouras ZachJess gmodplayer6 hahaha…. that’s hella funny. No one is going to talk about their dead mother so lightly the same day she died. Not even a mentally handicapped person.
    And if they did, they should expect the typical response the internet gives to such individuals.

    Lastly….. you’re*


    i hope they add a single player and cheater or creative mode


    ZachJess gmodplayer6 i know you think the dude is a 100% troll… but did you even stop and think what if he is who he says he is… do have any idea how fucked up you look for saying that to a mentally disabled person who is grieving the loss of his mother? granted i understand he could be lying but thier is no way to know… 
    point being your a POS that should die, and die slow at that


    i really hope garry fixes the older version before he gets carried away because i speak for everyone that has played that the hackers are real and they do what they want and when they want…hardly any vac bans and you just get sleeping bagged or aimbotted ect.. i remember when rust came out all the servers were full now the 1st and 2nd page is all u get garry i understand that you are working on a better game which it is but ima miss the old version … its fucking dead ;)


    Holy shit! This game has come a LONG way….. <3


    You have to put effort and dedication to your base, part of the process is getting taken over but winning it back. If you cant do that you didnt deserve it


    OMG Noooo! the new key system just ruined it for me…  What is the point in building up a nice base for yourself if someone can just kill you and take over your base so easy.  Crap :( i have been following this for so long now.


    ozcrak it already is playable. did you miss the beginning of the post? If you meant when will we be able to actually have a solid game, then youre asking a question that can’t be answered. They don’t know when they will be done. No one does. Give them time, and play something else if youre bored. Unturned is a great game similar to rust, and is completely free on steam


    Tell me what you fellas think of this. Not only have crates for storage, also have Weapon racks that can be mounted on walls for quick access. I.E. Rifles shotguns bows and arrows. Now if your wall is destroyed so are the items on said racks. Just and idea id like to be implemented in the  game. Like skyrims weapon racks same concept. Also more melee weapons :)


    ozcrak I agree with ozcrak. Alpha version was amazing! But when the cheaters started to roll in the game was ruined. And now your making this experimental version. Will this version be able to stop the “majority/All”? of cheaters . Cause all i see you’re trying to make this game look good.  That awesome but what will happen about the hacks?? Sleeping bag, Aimbots you name it.

    Reason: Can’t play a game when i know there hackers/Script kiddies. No point of playing the game when i know there going to fuck me over garry.


    When will this be playable.  becuz  the alpha version is infested with aimbots and cheaters……..


    Last patch destroyed everything for me, cant open campfires or crates, cant eat nothing, cant lock doors anymore, key and lock are not working, great, I can die with some pants now. Again and again and again. Planes standing in midair lowering my house price by plane noise.
    Please, this game is a really awesome concept, but focus the right things. First of all make people able to survive, THEN add new things. Focus doors, camp fires and meat and some place to respawn. We dont need a furnace if there is no metal or sulfur yet, we dont need bears and deer transforming into dead wolves when we cant eat wolf meat. Want us to alpha test only, so pay me. Want me to have fun and support you? Give me at least a chance to survive!


    wow only a year and they finally got some new content half of it is ass. the other half isn’t at all useful. thanks garry, im never buying your games again. good job losing all future credibility


    Thudg Or….. progress to a keypad. In general, my thoughts are that keys are to be used for when you first get started on a server.


    gmodplayer6 Too bad your mom didn’t die of cancer prior to your birth. Sad day for human kind that you made it into this world…..


    Then if you died with that key, the raider would then basically own your house.


    “Next week I’m hoping to flesh stuff out a bit by adding more items that exist legacy and implement a bunch of Dan’s previous creations. I’m also hoping to start work on the building ‘upgrade’ process (which will use programmer art until Bill is back).” ..cant wait :D


    You can’t shoot when swimming… This isn’t Battle Field


    MikeBudz Leignheart Zanorax

    Change the record Mike.  This is an Alpha development.  It is not supposed to be played like a normal game.  The devs are as interested in the hacks as they are other parts of the game play, it’s the best way to identify all of the exploits prior to release.


    RLFishy danieljfox

    Could you not just link all of the doors in one building to the same key?  End result would be the same shirley.


    Modestburns monkeymagicscg

    Yes you can.  It wouldn’t take a massive leap of gaming poetic license to “wake with no memory of who you are”.  Disagree by all means but add something to the conversation please.


    danieljfox That’s real life dumby…. if you don’t want to have a door lockable, then you don’t need a key…. but if you do, then yeah, you need a key… maybe adding a keychain would be a good idea, so you could still preserve inventory space…


    That could be cool! Yeah, it’d make it a lot harder for people to raid, I think they would give up and try to break the door down, which takes longer :P


    XxBombBoy200xX Kornfed Did you read his earlier post?


    Kornfed He’s Saying If Garry Canceled We All Would Be Screwed.


    gmodplayer6 You are retarded… you stirred up the fucking hive with an old and irrelevant post that had nothing to do with our current situation. You are the very definition of a shit-head. RUST is not cancelled, ignore this lie spewing pile of fuck.


    gmodplayer6 , that was post in july dude, I received updates this morning


    and i love the game so fare so if thay canceld it then we are scrued and sorry for my bad spilling i have spicel needs so just so you know and my mom died of cancer to day so thats hard for me to so good job garry and hope to see you real soon in rust and i was hoping if you cloud make singleplayer mode just a idia for now so good job on rust.


    well rust be done cuz i here thay canceld it for som resion heres the post from facepunch


    Just a heads up from experimental rust, campfires no longer work. As we continue to test and build and hunt, we die… inevitably die… Other than that experimental’s has been doing fantastic today and we look forward to more “unannounced” updates.


    Drek71 Leignheart MikeBudz  No need to make it any clearer Drek, its was obvious from your OP.


    Jesus_Christ Drek71  I hope you were wearing protection!


    RyanConway Nagibator777 He obviously doesn’t understand English very well and doesn’t understand what early-access development means.  I don’t play experimental either, why, for the simple fact its only for testing and there is no other purpose than that.  If you can’t realize this within the first 2min of TRYING experimental, no matter what language you speak, then there is no hope for our future.


    RLFishy danieljfox i like this idea i just want to add that if you would need to pick witch key you want to use that might make it harder for any1 that killed you to enter your base, at least he would need to go through the whole chain maby. anyways just a thought


    Nagibator777 It’s an experimental version (aka Alpha) of the new Rust they are making. The old Rust is going to be left the way it is if people still want to play that however, but it’s more or less abandoned.


    Dear Garry, I love Rust!!! It’s my favourite game!!!! But not Experimental Rust!!!! Why? Because I think that it was bad that there aren’t rad towns! And I don’t like skins of new clothes!!! I can’t imagine how funny will be Kevlar! If it will be a full version of Rust i’ll be unhappy and I’ll don’t play this game any more. And what about building??? What’s the material of building in Exp. Rust??? It’s not wood or metal. So, I hope, that it’s only an experimental version!


    If you read more, you’d see that is the base level. He said he’ll add in codelocks, fingerprint scanners, the whole works. This is the base level.


    On the other hand loot the key of a player and you have access to the whole house looting everything…..


    Leignheart MikeBudz Actually what I meant was its more likely to happen before a solution is found by any man. To be honest if we are to talk about religion. A second coming would probably fix the problem as it would mean a turn in peoples morals. Its simply a time frame I was referring too. 
    Like many problems in the world that are as old as mankind the solution can be fixed within yourself but not always in others.
    Hacking I fear is going to be around for a long long time because people who are winning with it cant see the damage they do.


    Leignheart No one mocked you for holding a belief. Every unfounded proclamation deserves criticism. Stop being such a little sweetheart, leignheart.


    Drek71 Well, I came.


    MikeBudz Leignheart stop being butthurt, you dont have to go on a little rant because he disrespected christianity. get over it.


    i want just one more simple thing:


    think about it. It has a larger range then talking and anyone can do it. to let people know your near. seems like a good idea to me.

      Jayden Lardelli Newton

    We’re finally getting there, I at least can enjoy the game now, can’t wait for the next update! :D


    MikeBudz Leignheart  MikeBudz, I am very lightened up and enjoy life greatly. I hope you do to. thank you. Please remember just because you are not offended does not mean that you represent the whole. As to the internet being a place where people can say what they want is true, but that doesn’t make a person any less responsible for their words. People should be respectful whether they are in face to face, or being a troll on the internet, because our humanity is at stake then. But respectfully this is the only time i’m going off topic as i really want to stick to rust. They should definitely add females.


    Leignheart  I don’t want a theologicall discussion either, but this is the internet, you need to understand people can say what they want, whether it offends one person or everyone.


    Drek71 MikeBudz  Yeah, I just hope Garry can get it under control in experimental, which is obviously going to be a bit.  I do have to say, I have more faith in Garry than any other development team out there, they have been doing a lot of work in experimental, at an unprecedented pace might I ad.


    Leignheart MikeBudz  I’m Christian and it doesn’t bother me one bit.  Its a pretty good comparison imo.


    Drek71  Its a never ending battle. The only way is lawsuits against the cheat creators.  Blizzard is trying right now, but will probably get nowhere.  Problem is the internet spams multiple countries, each with their own laws, and those governments could give 2 shits about cheaters in a game.  If that happens the cheats would slow way down, since 99% of the cheaters that pay for them couldn’t hack an apple iic if their life depended on it. 

    Hardware generated ID’s is another way, so they can’t just buy another copy and play, but then they figure out a way to fake that ID too.  back and forth we go.  But keeping the cheat creators constantly fixing their cheats will make the prices just go up and stop some of them.  And its not just rust, its every game out there.  At least your a realist and realize its probably never going to stop, as do I….unfortunately…


    MikeBudz Leignheart Well he pretty much said the second coming isn’t going to happen and is bullcrap was the gist. Which is a core tenant in Christian theology. Mocking something that is sacred to some people is never a good thing, and certainly not a funny thing. Even if you didn’t disrespect a whole group of people and you just disrespect  one, isn’t that enough to be respectful? Being respectful is free of charge in this world and worth a lot. This can end here though mikebudz as i do not want a theological discussion even in the slightest. Speaking on respect alone. It costs nothing to not say something offensive. And just because one person isn’t offended doesn’t mean a different person isn’t. Again I really don’t want to go into it any more than this as this is a rust forum and anything else is a distraction. So please let’s just end this discussion here. I think the lantern is great.


    Leignheart  LOL, how is he mocking Christians?


    Jesus_Christ  Dayz, you mean the developers that work going backwards?


    That is really disrespectful to christians just fyi. Mocking any religion is extremely disrespectful. I sure hope you would have enough respect not say something like that in a face to face conversation. For your sake i hope that.


    Thank you for the weekly updates. I wish other game devs would follow this same path (Dayz, the worst of all).


    Hipson shift should change walk to running. not just running by default, but when you press shift once it changes into running until you hit it again and you are walking again. but yes after a hour or 2 playing i use the StickyKey option from windows to keep me running.


    RLFishy danieljfox I like this idea.


    Thudg Check out what I suggested down below in the page, just look for my profile picture as you scroll down. Lol


    danieljfox How about the ability to craft a keychain? 

    When you craft it, you put keys together and it remembers which keys open which door. This would allow the keychain item to act as a master key for all the doors that have keys inside of the keychain. 

    Multiple bases, multiple keychains. Sounds pretty complicated to program, but I’m sure it could be done.


    From what I know of networking creating an anticheat isn’t as simple as making a program and walking away. You have to look for specific traffic data, there’s memory manipulation a the client end that you have to recognise and a bunch of other stuff that all has to be isolated from what is considered normal within your game function. A lot of these hacks are client side because its safe and easy to manipulate the client. The weeks it takes to rewrite and stop someone from hacking a program one way it takes a hacker only a few hours to update their program.
    Theres only so much you can do to make a program and the hackers know this technology just as well as the programmers. 
    Aim bots for example the only way you’d eliminate them is if you where to walk around in a fog of war because the binary tree used in the code says yes there is a person here and here and here x,y,z. If the server doesn’t tell the client this information people cant shoot each other. So what it does is try to hide it behind other graphics and create collisions etc. Hackers simply say nope I want this stuff to be on top and all of a sudden they see all and can shoot you in the head through walls every time
    Making people authenticate themselves is the only way you’ll slow down this epidemic. 
    Email verification which means no hotmail, gmail etc. is one way. Time delays on verification. It all boils down to some painful system we will have to endure to get into our game and wont guarantee even then a clean environment. Ive seen people spit the dummy, turn hacks on and grief the server before they leave forever.
    I salute the genius who solves this problem but personally I have more faith in the second coming of Christ than this happening.


    agentnano1999 JeroTheRustyMiner No they shouldn’t’ and i don’t think they should remove guns ether but making guns (Crafting/Looting) rare or difficult and putting an emphasis on melee weapons IMHO would vastly improve the game and also make having a gun more significant.


    Can we get fir shader bears on the character models that would be cool if it grew over time


    MikeBudz Drek71 Well it probably wont be the easiest thing to find now in legacy but with hackers/cheaters pretty much in every multi player game these days something well moderated and maintained like a white list server is probably the only chance at an authentic experience. Problem is they need to have their own advertisement in the server listing otherwise a lot of traffic will simply go to open servers. If Garry doesnt or cant fully address the cheaters then at least he can try promote a more rigorous filtering system like whitelists.


    Still can’t play experimental. Servers do not show up for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    JeroTheRustyMiner So should they remove structures like hangars/towns and radiation too?


    Thudg Yeah, Imagine having a key for every door in a giant base… everything would become so clustered and annoyingly unorganized at a dramatic speed.


    Leignheart DamienCatelain  Why would you be pissed off?  Everyone has the right to their opinion, just stay cool and realize your opinions are the right ones =)


    DamienCatelain Leignheart 
    I don’t understand a word your saying, but it some funny shit.


    Wolph3 danieljfox Okay now Wolph3, I hope you realise the stupidity of both of your questions, I will rephrase them, you said and i quote, “Do you lock every door in your house now? Why would you do that in Rust?”.

    The reason why both of those questions are completely stupid, is this, 1. the reason you lock every door in your house is because you live in a f@#King post apocalyptic world that has nutjobs in kevlar c4ing every door you have so they kill you and steal your stuff. Do you live in a post apocalyptic world in real life? Do people try to c4 into your home in real life? Well then I guess that’s f@#king why you don’t lock all  your f%#King doors in real life but do in the f#$king game. God man, use the brain God gave you.


    BuriedAlive  why don’t u join my server, its not verry populated yet, 3 beglium guys are a group over there and i play with 5 or 6 friends, so u hace a fair chanse to experience the gameplay, it has some nice plugins and currently im building a arena so thats coming in, just check it out if u want :) 

    No admin abuse (Admin powers only used to protect for cheaters)
    -PVP enabled (new player friendly!)
    -Sleepers enabled
    -Airdrops @ 2 online
    -Starter/Hunter kits available
    -Private messaging enabled
    Nice features on this server:
    -Economy [Get money for killing and being active]
    -Doorcloser [This will close your doors behind you (couldn’t make it easier)] 
    -Door sharing [Share your doors with your friends without setting a code]
    -Bounty [Set a bounty on someone with your money from economy mod]
    -Arrow recovery [Gets random amount of arrows back for killing]
    -instant crafting for everyone
    -Missions [Complete missions for rewards (Every week new missions)]
    -Compass [Shows which direction you are heading]
    -Group [You can create a group and invite your friends (no teamkills)]
    -Remove [with /remove you can erease your structure and it will come back in your inventory]
    -no tools gear damage
    We hope to welcome you on our server.
    press F1 copy and paste to join: net.connect


    BuriedAlive You guys are real pessimistic. They will obviously fix the problem otherwise they wouldn’t make a game would they now. Just let them work at it at their own pace, the sooner to actual release that they make the anti cheat system the easier it will be for them and the harder it will be for hackers. Ideally a system like battleeye would be great.

    In the meantime find a better server with active admins or good plugins or just host your own server and ban the hackers.


    Sorc  Ok, re-reading your original post, I see the connection.  I am all with you, the key idea is a terrible idea, I personally like the code in legacy.  I actually replaced the doors in my house with a coded entry, and I love it. =)


    MikeBudz ManwelB TheBeastyGerbil BuriedAlive

    Yes, hopefully they will win. Rust will be the same they don’t do anything. And every game is being fucked up by these cheaters.


    Mike, my post was about the new key system as it stands now. If players could just kill new players and loot the key then take everything they own preventing new players from getting a start, they would soon get the shits and stop playing. We need to encourage people to play long term to ensure the game survives. If the key system was not in place and new spawns had a chance to get a start then by all means go ahead and kill on sight, I’m all for it and have done it, but as it stands now, die and you loose everything, this is not good for the longevity of the game that we all like and want to see succeed.


    ManwelB MikeBudz TheBeastyGerbil BuriedAlive 
    The reason I’m so passionate about this problem is because WarZ went through the same thing, and look where it is now, its completely dead, every server Is empty and still cheaters running wild. 

    I, like most others quit because of the hackers a long time ago.  So after giving up on Rust, I thought I would check it out.  Every server had less than 3 people, and one had 11, so I joined it.  Within 15min the anti-cheat had kicked out 9 people.  That’s just sad. 

    Now, don’t get me wrong, the developers in that game were nothing like the development team rust has, I wouldn’t let them program my TI-85.But the point is, not doing anything about it will kill the game before its ever finished, especially when they have something special.

    I know I’m not the only one who feels this way, so bash me all you want, the only thing I can do is put In my 2 cents and move on to another game and hope I can come back in the future to a playable game, and I don’t mean content.  Rust legacy has very little content, but still one of the best games out there.. minus the cheaters of course.


    ManwelB MikeBudz TheBeastyGerbil BuriedAlive  Nope, just the ones that say it doesn’t need to be dealt with.


    marcusravenheart Reuta hahha yes i get it but you can make it work, like puting something to cover it :D


    MikeBudz ManwelB TheBeastyGerbil BuriedAlive

    Of course it’s all of them but the sad thing is, on the official servers it’s worse because there are rarely any admins on. And in your reply to that fellow guy, you implied that everyone who complains about cheaters IS a cheater himself/herself. I myself hate cheaters and I do not cheat but that does not mean I am a cheater and I do not want to buy the game again.


    ManwelB MikeBudz TheBeastyGerbilyGerbil BuriedAlive 

    Its not just the official servers, its all of them, even the ones that have admins.. the ban 2 of them and 3 more show up, or they start DDoSing the server.  Funny thing is, all these skill-less pricks buying cheats, not only is the joke on them for buying cheats, but they also become part of the DDoS botnet once they get them.


    Thudg yeah


    Ideally you should be able to make an unlocked door conform to a current key, so that you can make one key open multiple doors.


    Oh god remove the guns the guns don’t match in with naked people running around, wood buildings, and the caveman style of the game.


    danieljfox You would lock every door so raiding your house isn’t easy because if all doors were unlocked they just blow up the front door and they can open up the rest


    MikeBudz TheBeastyGerbil BuriedAlive You do not have to be a sick about it, he indeed DID complain because, yes, there are lots of cheaters. On the official servers, my friends and I had our homes raided by some speedhacking dickweed killing us and stealing our stuff.


    Kornfed MikeBudz  You sound like a cheater, grow up and realize the game is being destroyed because of them.  The cheaters are destroying this game.


    Drek71 MikeBudz  Well, after searching for a whitelisted server, not a single one has players in it, that says all that needs to be said.


    Leignheart Zanorax  I agree, but all is mute if cheaters aren’t stopped.. game is unplayable.


    TheBeastyGerbil BuriedAlive  Yes, because you are a cheater and don’t want to have to buy the game again, we know…It is a constant battle and should constantly be dealt with.

    Here is proof game is done and cheaters need to be addressed.

    Every server has cheaters, blatantly using them and laughing about how easy it is…So someone suggested I go to a whitelisted server.. well, after hours of searching, and finding multiple whitelisted servers, not one has more than 3 people in them.  If you have any hope cheaters will be fixed when game Is done, you are pretty naïve.


    danieljfox Do you lock every door in your house now? Why would you do that in Rust?


    BuriedAlive i think they should focus on finishing the game before addressing cheaters, they have been good about addressing cheaters in the past but as they have said the cheater vs. dev is a constant battle where the cheater works around what the devs do and the devs have to fix the cheaters work arounds


    can you add torch how we can place on wall ?

    And do something vs hackers because at least 90% of server are full of hackers and ruined the game experience

    Me and my team test 6 servers and honestly, we think we’ll stop to plya rust -> great game with  amazing potential but totally destroyed by flying guy’s and all other sort of cheater. =(


    key idea is bad…
    i hear you ask why?
    if you want to have more than 1 room you gotta carry alot of keys around

    garry dont do this :-*(


    Please, add the option to switch aim mode.
    – Hold to aim
    – Press to aim
    That’ll improve the gameplay, at least for me :D

      Noah Boyd

    Just a suggestion would it be possible to put tart between the gaps between the wood on the houses?


    MikeBudz, you’re such a downer, you’re ready to give up on a game like this just because they are focused on development and not protecting your precious tree fort from other players? You sicken me. Grow a pair and suck it up, you sound like a fucking 2 year old.


    The ragdoll inheritables look really cool. And jesus christ that hairy human is the stuff of nightmares.


    Shakner I accidentally deleted my other comment. too easy to do that… no confirmation.


    Also, on the Key issue… 
    This is actually kind of cool… I think back to the days of OLD SCHOOL Ultima Online when you had keys and you had to make copies and it was fun as hell to loot someone’s house! However, in Ultima it was much easier to obtain items, this game is a bit more … intense. I would say that this is a good idea if you make one account bound chest that NOONE can get into. Give us one place to put our stuff that is SAFE from looting… that would be so nice. It would give new players a chance to get a little established w/o losing EVERYTHING when they die and it would give experienced and established players a place to put some of the rare items they’ve acquired somewhere they don’t have to worry about looters getting to.


    so if i dont have a key, anyone can break into my house so i get a key:
    if i die for any bullshit reason and cant find my body, i cant get into my house

    please dont do this, its a nice idea but its going to be so fucking annoying


    Seriously if you put keys in this game you will get your head wrecked open by everyone who bought the game.


    Rust Updates 16


    hey guys great work so far i was reading you might drop the lantern as craftable please please dont we need an item to light up our buildings this would be perfect  especially if you allow us to attach to walls and ceilings and place ont tables etc
    thanks heaps


    Zanorax Nice thought, i think that could work.


    Modestburns  I think you mis-understand what a procedural map is.  Not only will it save memory space, it will make things more realistic.  The map doesn’t change everytime really, just the way it is rendered.  The difference is, for example instead of creating 50 tree models, and placing those models on the map, there is 1 generic model that generates different looking models in real time where a tree should be placed.  This way 1 model can generate and almost infinite number of different trees, making it more realistic and saving tons of space in the process.  This has been done in many games already without anyone even knowing.


    PrincessCadence  You should think about seeking some help.


    lobythelobyster Mrpill  You’r giving macs way too much credit.


    Binski12 coolrahman1  His mom must have blocked all the porn sites out on his PC, poor kid.


    Sorc  Killing new spawn nakeds on site is not a game issue, its called human nature.


    SnowcatHax  Its in development, lag will always be an issue when new things are added, but I assure you, it will be optimized.  And bf4 sucks anyway, why even mention that garbage.


    there is no issue with legacy, its called get some friends.  Survival sandbox games aren’t really meant for solo play, numbers will win, and that goes for anything.  The ONLY balance issue in legacy is the rad zones being the only place for the good loot, and the fact that cheaters own the game right now.


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    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ AMENO༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ AMENO༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ AMENO༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ AMENO༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ AMENO༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ


    WoofDg79 ZestyJosh95 hanscakestealer  I agree, show me any other game out there that has been working as fast as Garry has been with the new version.  A new update is posted almost daily with loads of content. Two years is nothing when it comes to game development, which Is seen in every early-release game out there.


    monkeymagicscg LeonKirkham  As he shouldn’t disclose information about cheat prevention obviously, only problem though is there are so many blatant cheaters in the game that obviously nothing was working.  And please, don’t call them hackers, hacking requires skill, cheating doesn’t.


    mrbiggles  you can’t, and this was talked about weeks ago, the grass is part of the game and shouldn’t be removed.  It takes away part of the stealth concept.  Get a better computer/video card if you want to play games.  As the game is developed, there are always going to be lag issues anyway, things get added, then tested, then optimized.


    İ need just something eat


    Zanorax  This was discussed in a comment from the developers a few weeks ago.


    23scurtuvictor  Like you said, developing an anit-cheat takes time.. which is why it should be part of the development process as well, cheating is the biggest cause of a game failure than content.  Are they working on it, I don’t know, but it sure didn’t appear that way during rust v1.


    reprusu  You are joking right? Anit-cheats should be implemented throughout the process.  The normal rust is well beyond alpha version, and has been the same game for over a year, which is fine with me because the game is fine.  Saying anticheat doesn’t need to be implemented early on Is just a joke, look at WarZ, the game is dead, nobody plays because of cheaters anymore and every server in the game is now empty.  The simple fact is cheating has gotten worse over the years, and just like any growing problem, it needs to be dealt with.  Adding anti-cheats in at the end just ends up causing more problems than developing the anti-cheat during the development process.  Because its alpha, beta or complete, cheating is un-acceptable in any circumstance. You are probably one of the many cheaters ruining this game, which is why you don’t care.


    I have a few suggestions as to why we should be able to craft the lantern. It can be a longer lasting light source than the fire torch. possibly be refilled with low grade fuel or something? It could also maybe be hung on posts and walls to light our bases and communities.


    Great job by the way, Facepunch. Thoroughly impressed by the game’s progress!


    monkeymagicscg Dying and coming back to life isn’t realistic to begin with.. You can’t  say that when your reincarnated that A is more realistic than B.


    The development team is doing a fantastic job. The experimental brach is coming along at a nice pace. That being said, the original game had some major balancing issues that I hope will be addressed in this version. It seemed that every server that I played on would be wiped within 2 weeks. This was due to balance issues, one strong faction would take hold and then server population would evaporate, then time for another wipe. Its a major problem for those of us who only have a few days a week to play.

    As for the experimental branch, I haven’t heard anything mentioning the radiation zones from the original being added. This was a real focus point in the gameplay of the legacy version and something the experimental is obviously lacking. Being that it is so early in development, I’m not surprised that the developers haven’t added this yet but it would be nice to know that they intend to. 

    One of my biggest criticisms of the experimental version is the map. I am not totally sold on the procedural map, I think the old map could have been remodeled and improved upon. The procedural map is far to expansive and although in concept it sounds wonderful I think that a well planned out map may just be a better gaming environment.


    I’ve been thinking about the skill tree system and how it could develop. If you want a realistic game , then when you die you should respawn without any of the knowledge you had before.  However, if you could create your own blueprints from the things you learn whilst crafting this would start to give you that knowledge in a form that is more real.  When you die, as long as you have made the effort to record your work you can just re-read the blueprints you have stored at your base.  Perhaps as you unlock more and more skills and get more and more blueprints, you could create notebooks, books and tomes.  

    These could also become a means of trade.  Make it more difficult to make larger books and they will become valuable and a prized piece of loot if anyone is daft enough to carry their prized books out of their base.


    In experimental its F2 to open controls and from there you can change settings.  “grass.on False” wasn’t in Experimental last time I played (last week)


    Perhaps Garry sees it as a war with the Hackers.  If he starts to talk about the mechanisms for preventing hacking, the hackers will start to work on ways around it.  Whereas if he keeps quiet it will be a surprise on “day1” whenever that may be,

    Just a thought.


    hanscakestealer WoofDg79
    In 12 months the team have released a Proof of Concept for ALPHA release.  Developed it to a point that a few million people have fallen in love with the concept.  Realised the limitations in the original build that would make it infeasible for full development.  COMPLETELY REBUILT FROM SCRATCH!!  And now have redeveloped the game on a new platform to almost the original baseline in less than 6 months!!

    Yeah, pull you finger out Garry!!!


    Why focus on Legacy?  we’re only a few months away from having experimental ready.

    Would you go back and rewrite that essay from school you got an F in?  No you concentrate on the future.


    And to all the guys going on about anti-cheat, this is early access alpha, content comes first, anti cheat doesn’t need to be worried about until beta, the point of early access is to test the game, it doesn’t matter if an invisible dick broke ur house, it will probably get wiped in a major update eventually. Don’t invest time into a alpha and expect your effort to stay.


    Salty Sack They should add tiers, u can use a large stone for anvil to make simple things, or shape out casts, that can then be used to make the large iron anvil for making weapon parts :D


    Oh wow, the game is coming along nicely, didn’t like it when it first came out, but I love all the changes so far, definetley buying it tommorow so I can play the experimental. Just don’t pull a TSL on me ;D


    qlumreg great idea, i’m in favor of that.


    Snowej Binski12 ya know this may sound Crazy but maybe, just maybe guns shouldn’t be craftable. Just an idea to make guns and mods more rare.


    mrbiggles I believe you open the console with ‘F1’ or ‘~’ or something along those lines, and then type “grass.on false”
    I remember the command, not the button. I refuse to play Rust until this version is fully out :)

      Salty Sack

    You should add an anvil for making weapons building parts and other shit like that, thats made from metal


    anyone know how i could turn off grass so i dont lag


    23scurtuvictor but i want in meowwwwwwwwwwww


    They are working on recreating the game with cleaner vode so it is easier to work with. ONCE this is DONE they can worry about things like anticheat and adding new features. So for anyone egging them on to create anti cheat, grow up and learn that this stuff takes time and as an ignorant waste of a life sitting there with nothing else to do but wait for this game to be released, you should learn patience.


    i hope to see some sort of array of survival knives implemented into the game, not only for their many uses, but also for self defense. Also, i sincerely hope you reconsider the key idea for doors, far too much leeway for major grieving, and also decreases the chance of any long-term playing, as in, on the same house and items. By the way, many people arent playing on the new version, because you dont have sleeping bags to respawn at. restart everytime you log in? no thanks.


    Drek71 MikeBudz  Thank you for reminding me =)  I found a whitelisted server that went down a while ago, and is now back up with lots of hack protections in place.


    ZestyJosh95 hanscakestealer WoofDg79 ZestyJosh95 is right.  There is a lot more than meets the eye that goes into stuff like Rust and any other application / game / etc.  The issue with early-release games is that it is not uncommon for a game to take 2 or more years for development, and most of the audience does not realize that.  When alpha access is offered, even though it clearly states ALPHA most people are still expecting a nearly completed game.  Then they complain when a year or two later the game is still in development.
    The progress of this redo of Rust that Garry and his team are doing is a HUGE and commendable undertaking- rewriting the thing from scratch.  And so far they have pumping out that development something fierce and I am honestly impressed with how fast and well they are doing it.


    would love to see a quiver for my bow, also a compound bow+stabilizer or reflex bow would be nice


    Cheating is the biggest issue that needs resolving Garry, maybe focus more on that in future devblogs so we all know your doing something (or atleast trying) about it


    beefbasket If a early access game giving weekly devblogs is to slow for you you should quit buying early access games!! I have game i bought in “beta” that have not been updated in 6 months chill ya boots


    now stop makeing more shit into the game and start on the anti cheat i dont see why the fuck i spent my money on this shit if i have to spend 4 hours building then some invisible prick comes and griefs it


    MikeBudz whitelist people


    Mrpill Its because macs can only run potato software


    ZachShaffer  Not going to happen, games done.  I saw about 15 more people say they are done with this game today in 3 different servers.  People blatently flying around like its nothing, changing their names to the same name as other people in the game.  Un-excusable.  Its going to be the same in experimental.


    The game is done, hackers ruined it.  Its WarZ all over again.  You guys couldn’t stop it in rust version one, what makes us think we its going to be any different in experimental.  Every server has no-clippers and fliers, admins can’t even keep up.  Then to add in all the hackuasations that fly just from the simple fact that there are so many cheaters, you just don’t know anymore.

    I’m done, guess its time to play single player games.  Great concept, poor cheater control.


    Could we get rid of the hackers so we can enjoy Rust as it is right now while you work on this?


    It gets stuck on the menu screen with no GUI…. I’m on mac osx


    Homer_MG u always be able to play legacy so don’t miss it, play it


    Firebeard the first I though looking that was a “melting guy effect” due excesive radiation xD


    ashleyjedmistone you could port some things like models for example but the codding for both versions its different, you would just play absolutly the same game but an improved models and some thing like texture… while most things would be the same, for example with the actual old codding its imposible to make that the trees “fall of”.

    What they re doing its trying to make the experimental got the same gameplay/stuff the old version gots in the new codding system, so the experimental can replace the old version and later be improved more.


    DamienCatelain SnowcatHax re you talikng about the old rust version? I thiunk Snowcat refer to the experimentar version… (and FPS and netcode re different problems)


    SnowcatHax Interactive crafting? you mean a system where you can build what you want like for example a bow using just a rope and a wood piece, without the need to make the own bow model as weapon?

    If its what you say, its imposible right now… extra hard on a singleplayer game, but on a MMO? wait 10 years and maibe…


    hanscakestealer WoofDg79 then clearly you’ve never tried coding in your life. If you had you would realise how hard it is and how long it takes. feel free to make a game yourself if you think you can do better.


    Building progress concept Its Awesome!




    WoofDg79 ya your a fucking moron the progress of this game has take for fucking ever and continues to take for fucking ever


    Legacy, ugly as it is, looks so much better. I will miss Legacy.


    Mortvir_UK Not rly. this will be perfect for a survival game. But theres 1 that does everything what survival needs. electricity, fishing, hunting, realtime plant growing and so on. But still awesome game this rust will be :D


    I love reading these devblogs! Keep up the great work guys, soon enough you’ll have the most epic survival game ever made.


    Next week
    We are working for a HD dick and HD asshole for our character models. Also pills that makes your balls much bigger.
    xD No offence. You need to make this now.


    Chivalry Medieval Warfare based combat system but in Rust.  That would be the best game of all time Mr. Gary.  Pros could become actual pros.


    I am only coming to this Website, because i am really excited to see what you are working on. i really like it, i can’t explain it much, it just gives a good feeling to see the progress and having new stuff, that you never expected in Rust and what Rust will show you, when you play it. I hope you keep up your Game and reach the goal to that you are climbing to.


    Hello Rust Team,

    You got really nice Ideas and stuff on that you are working on, like i see you also made a bone knife that is a good weapon.

    It would be awesome to see something new with our technology like: some new mechanics/system for fighting , so that players can train their skills and prevent attacks by Knives or even counter it and damage the attacker.

    Imagine having a system with that is everything possible, you can get instant killed from behind, you can block attacks from the front side or just die if you press a wrong Key/Combination or when you press the right one even damage the other guy… this would be just amazing and it is possible with our technology in .


    GrandpaJesus Eyrion
    This is an important discussion. I’m not playing every day so I belong to the players who appreciate a little slack in the beginning.
    It is a survival game so it should be dangerous but I feel like the players who are playing every day have too much of an advantage.

    A key system could be good but you have to think carefullly about the implementation and how it affects players at differrent stages of the game.

    1. The point of a door is to keep someone in or out. Always make a lock for every door.

    2. Make it so we can place several locks on one door.

    3. Make keys identifiable with color or symbols and require the right key for the right lock.

    4. Allow players to hide their key anywhere they can reach. On their house, under a rock, in the ground, on a tree etc.

    This way it is possible to go out, lock your house, hide one key and nobody can get in by finding your hidden key or by killing you and looting your key.

    If you get killed and respawn in you own house, immediately place a third lock on your door and you´re safe for now. Then change the other two locks from inside.

    Everyone needs a safe place to go. Make sure it is possible.

    Also, don’t make it impossible to start the game. Help players in the beginning stages and make it harder in the end. It’s only logical.

    Make sure that veterans do not need the same resources that the beginners have so the incentive for killing them is not so great.

    Thank you for a great game. Looking forward to every update.


    This is awesome and your progress in how quickly this is developing is great!  

    One note I would have is to please re-evaluate your in-game context menu with doors.  If you’re running some someone or something, it would be mildly infuriating to die because you couldn’t right-click, select unlock door, right-click, and select open door fast enough. 

    I posted something similar last time but please take note in how many clicks your UI needs to do simple things.  There is a lot of room for optimization within the UI.  I do realize it is an alpha and there is plenty of time to fix that, but I hope you are aware of that since it is never mentioned in the dev blogs.

    That said, I do really think you guys are doing a fantastic job and I hope I do not sound negative with what I said, I’m just one coder wanting to give another coder constructive thoughts.  I’m loving these updates and look forward to future developments!


    I hope the building upgrade includes more of the earlier concept art with buildings crafted out of different materials, making each one somewhat distinct and unique. Or at least create some diversity in the landscape. The current log cabins seem a bit bland and uninspiring. Same goes for the burlap clothing. Hopefully that’s just a baseline that will branch out to some more makeshift mix matched clothing like in the earlier concept art.


    I would like to see this game eventually focus on the animals. So much so that the game practically becomes a nature show. IMO, that would make this game absolutely incredible. Great job so far.


    No one else thinks this is a great idea?


    Understood, till you got to talking of DayZ.
    I never, under any sentence, said DayZ “the game” still had a great deal of players. While it may, I don’t know. I stopped playing it. Because DayZ SA is absolutely terrible, as I stated. I said the DayZ “mod”, which a ton of people really do still play and hasn’t flopped because it wasn’t marketed, I’ll never defend DayZ SA, and I certainly did not praise it in the least sense.
    DayZ mod has been going on far longer than DayZ SA, and because of the modding community it has yet to be even close to dying out. I see full Overpoch servers all the time, and Frankies’ latest videos have sparked even more to coming back to the mod.
    I want to appeal to everyone, but can you think of a better alternative than as I stated, “magically tethering” to a door like Legacy, that the only way someone can open that door is to blow it up or remove it somehow? That’d take all the options for customizing how you defend your door away, so many ideas lost. Because you can unlock and lock your door at will, why need all these scavenged gadgets and toys?


    As a matter of fact, I was comparing DayZ to Rust because of the tactical strategics. Because DayZ and Rust *are* the same in the sense of dread that another pkayer can kill you at any given point. To think I was comparing DayZ to Rust to the bare detail is very blind of you, as I specifically said that it’s popular because it’s hard. I did not however suggest that we have SVD (camo) sniper rifles, with chemlights, zombies, and helicopters. Just the “survival” factor, which you can’t deny is strong in both Rust and DayZ.
    The way I type defines who I am, yes, and that is me struggling to explain to you what I imagine. I think vividly, and it’s hard to type what I see without being flamed for people who disagree with me. Because if people disagree then I feel I failed to explain my idea. Yes, people can disagree solely because they disagree in all regards, but it makes me feel I could have wrote it better. So I’m very tedious and outright with what I say because I don’t waste time lest I forget what I had to say. I think a lot in one second, as I talk here I’m replacing every word I type with another on how I’d explain ancient robot looking sentinels pop out of the ground when you step too close to one (rare, only in high grade loot areas). But that’s another matter.
    And I’m far from being an Elitist, I’m just careful with what I do and expect the worst. That makes me an Elitist?


    C’mon, guys. Focus on the issue with legacy where the pros killed nakeds and wouldn’t let them get started on their game.


    coolrahman1  Everyone knows you really just want to have naked females in the game


    NICE GUYS THIS GAME ARE INCREDIBLE, I’m excited and want to play it soon, many people give them bad reviews, but if they tell you something THIS GAME IS EXCELLENT


    The thing a lot of you are missing is that the key system will be fine once traps are put in. Hidden traps that anyone including you can spring if you forget where you put them. Then when a player loots your key and runs into your house, he springs a few of the traps and dies, and you get your key back AND his stuff.


    SnowcatHax the problem is you can have 120 fps like me, people still teleporting when runing in all direction, so, it’s very hard to predicted where he gonna be 1 seconde after to aim. That why it’s possible to dodge all bullet of p250 and kill people with shotgun.


    SnowcatHax I totaly agree with you, the survival système is very incomplete/limited, so the game turn into full pvp after 30 min of game.


    Key is look like shit, but i wait too see, i thinks they have project to make it viable and fun… i hope.
    The best hinks they can do is fix lag, make the game more fluid when people is runing into you while zigzaging / straffing, cuz in fps this is very important.
    btw TPS (three person view) is a big shit, one of the best decision Rust have take is to put the game playing only at FPS, really imersive and realist, or they all camp while looking behin wall, i have thinking about a système or fog of hardly like strategic game, so if you go behin a wall you can’t look trhough the wall without show yourself. but dunno if it’s possible to make it ingame script or somethings.


    Female Models, Better Optimization, and Interactive Crafting would make this game so much better


    optimize it more please, i can run bf4 at max settings at 60fps. but I have trouble getting 30 on rust at max


    NerdyTurtleHQ DamienCatelain they make a vote when he disabled zombie (shit things) then he asking for military, dinausores, robot, etc, we are like 60 % for dinos


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    DustinFibsPerry Maybe you should give up smoking…?


    The only way I can see this key system working is to have a way of changing the lock on your door from the inside without the key once you respawn at your house. That way people would have to track and follow you back to your house without being spotted before killing you and looting your key so that they had time to unlock your door before you changed it. This would put some skill involved in the process and stop the kill on site mentallity and the farming of new spawns.


    Add Female player model man… to make this game fair


    Optimize it more :P


    u should add more craftable things and more workbenchs ! thats will be amazing ! like old weapons parts work bench and like metal work bench thats crafts like more better things and make like when the player pressed TAB it shows just the first things he needs to craft for the first 1 day or week :) and like 2 work benchs that he should craft them that will help him unlock more craftable things and more work benchs thats 1 crafts some weapons like bow and pistols and he can upgrade it to metal work bench so he can unlock more and more weapons and the second work bench like for some simple tools and he can upgrade it to unlock more tools and just like this :) and the third work bench for some campfires and torchs and simple torch that he can place it to see in the night and he can upgrade the work bench to unlock like a furnace and a cooking campfire and a building parts work bench and like this not just every where i walk i see a huge building just make like we can craft a sleeping bags and camps and shelters and simple small houses just like for the first days and weeks, and like when he crafts a work bench it just shows a couple of things and he can upgrade it to unlock and just like this and he can upgrade his work bench and like this THATS will be amazing not just TAB shows the freaking everything thats sucks and thats makes the game sucks and every1 got a gun :( u should make weapon parts work bench and add more work benchs like what ever u want plz like i think its a good idea (WORK BENCH WORK BENCH WORK BENCH xD) Hope u understand ^^ u can just simply turn all of these words into 1 word xD sorry for taking time see u


    prospectbil Ehm…no it’s not logical to jump and shoot. Well you can but you would never hit anything…


    would be great if it weren’t for the fact that any little moron that logs on can get into my place with or without a key regardless of my door… walls and doors should be unbreakable/harder to break.


    I know this isn’t THAT big of a deal but, running/jumping and being able
    to shoot seem logical.  I mean you can do it in real life, why not
    here?  Would there be any way to implement this well?


    Firebeard its mothman


    SensualOwl its mothman RUN


    Fix looting system! It sucks so much right now


    Experimental is fun till you spend a few hours building something, Log off for a smoke come back, and be on the other side of the map :| Sleeping bags / Beds Please <3


    ashleyjedmistone I don’t know exactly what the situation is with the codebase that the current non-experimental version, but I can assure you it’s not pretty. The dev team originally had different plans for Rust as I understand, which lead to poorly optimized implementations of fundamental portions of what Rust eventually became. Situations like this can create a house of cards effect, where attempting to modify one part of the game ends up breaking a number of seemingly unrelated parts. The Rapid progress FacePunch has been able to achieve with this experimental version would not be possible in the current game. I hope this makes sense.


    FuckAntiCheat ChuckoMay You’re not wrong. There are so many exploits, hackers, and bugs in that game that’s it’s not even funny. With that in mind, I feel like it would take a lot of time to fix all the issues. Why not just get involved with the new Rust and await its arrival?


    /clap very impressive this week, the key idea is great


    Eyrion Not that your right or wrong, but I do agree with Leignheart here in a sense. Everything cannot come down to pure skill/safety of gameplay. Again, that’s what will overly frustrate and overwhelm people, especially those who do not have the time to play as frequently. The more realistic this game becomes the more potentially problematic it becomes. People have made a few good points about how realism has already gone out the window for needing to use C4 to blow a wood door down or carrying around immense amounts of material. Hell, even The Stomping Land is more realistic having you drag even 1 piece of material on the ground. 

    Everything that has been mentioned as progression of the game is still just speculation, so im not going to assume scanners will definitely exist until they start being worked on. Not to mention, you’ll still be able to raid bases, so these scanners we mentioned might only keep the general population out.

    I don’t understand why everyone becomes so angry the moment someone mentions how they don’t want to lose everything. You say Dayz is still has a “ton” of people playing when in fact it passed a million sales and flopped. I want Rust to be as good as the next guy, but I want it to appeal to the masses so that it lasts.

    Some people will need a cushion when they die, some won’t, but if you appeal to both then at least you’ll be able to keep killing and raiding before the server population drops to nothing and you’re forced to start over 100x.


    Why not just stick with what you had before experimental, add some more content and increase the inhabited map size more towns and stuff ?


    From a developers standpoint I’m continually impressed with these Friday Devblogs. Can’t wait to see what else you guys have in store. Keep it up!


    VictorNoorani Gliders are a bit much man, they are a lot more complex to use and require many environmental variables like wind, updraft, thermals etc. than I think you’re giving them credit for.      
    Not to mention you cant take off from the ground, which means you’d have to just hope the procedural generated terrain just happen to throw you a cliff or two to make them even usable in your world.




    Zero Fox FK Hope you’re right


    RenatoCarvalho Hide your kids hide your wife!


    Firebeard I think I just died inside.


    Will the buildings be upgradeable, so you don’t actually have to take the whole building down/make a new one to upgrade your house?


    Nightmare fuel.


    Eyrion Having someone not Potentially lose their home because a wolf killed them is not “babying” people. This game is not dayz, so comparing it is failure from the start, not many want it to be dayz, if you like dayz go play dayz. but rust is not dayz. And “judging” by the way you write, you come across as very judgemental of others, rude, and seem to think everyone should play the way “you” think they should, which is wrong. First off, Don’t say for people who “can’t handle dayz”, that is dumb, these two games are completely different. And whether you die alot or not is unimportant, many people die alot and it make them not want to play if they lose their stuff incredibly easily. So being an elitest and saying how people should play and how good you are at the game has nothing to do with reality. Now remind you, I said I wasn’t against keys and don’t really have a problem with them, but I definitely see how it will turn people off. If you cannot see that then your not in touch with rust players, again this is rust, not dayz, rust is focused on being fast paced and more on the fun side, where dayz is definitely more slow paced and more on the tactical/realism side, two very different games even if they are similar.


    The snow biome definitely needs work. Also, when will caves be implemented? The look so fucking cool.


    Leignheart razredeyes but each piece of wood is only a log. so you could probably fit about 10 logs in a backpack also the wood might be refined into smaller pieces that why you need so much of the crap xD


    Yeah a few months from now its going to be the best survival sim on Steam


    Zero Fox FK I think he means how the game is gonna be 10x more incredible when it’s in beta due to the added features


    Updating rust now :D Can’t wait to play it! 

    Also why can’t I play the videos?


    Two words: Lawn Mowers


    So basically you want to baby people and go the easy way is what I’m seeing. You want that soft cushion there for you when you die, right? Look at the DayZ mod, you die, you loose everything. And there are still a ton of people playing it, plus the terrible Standalone version. I guess Rust ought to be easy to play, the game for people who can’t handle DayZ?
    And yes, “magically tethering” is outright stupid. Just because you place a square, thin board with a doorknob doesn’t make it yours for all eternity. Did you completely disregard what I said about the “door evolution” ? They keys aren’t going to be the only thing for protection, they are the temporary protection until you get a scanner or the like. Do you honestly want someone to have some kind of mental link with an inanimate object to open it, and then get a finger scanner? What would be the point of home security for your door then? You’d just own that door for eternity without worry, where’s the fun in that?
    And if you’re so worried that people die so much- that’s in all regards their fault. In Legacy I treated everything as realistic as I could, and to deny your abject statement that I “WILL” die a lot, I rarely died in Legacy. Because I was careful and cared about my stuff, which is what people should do in this version. Running around like an idiot can and -will- get you killed more often then being paranoid and sneaky. You shouldn’t even spend hours on a base if you don’t have the proper safety measures for you house (finger scanner/eye) because that’s just silly. You should be laying low and unnoticed until you have what’s needed to brave the world openly.
    People want a surival game out of Rust, and while I agree it shouldn’t be 100% down to realism (finger scanners on a new “body” after you died wouldn’t work in real life, but the perk of a scanner is safety through deaths in Rust) I believe it should have the obvious realistic aspects that always remind you that this is a survival game, like keys.



    Plzzzz make a hand glider or a wing suit; a hand gliders easier but a wing suit makes more sense coz once you land with the hand glider you cant its not very portable. 

    as people shoot holes in the wing suit/hand glider it starts to drop and to repair just use some scrap cloth

    the wing suit would be maid of scraps i.e: curtains, clothing…


    razredeyes definitely


    razredeyes   I’d like backpacks in the game, brings in a bunch more possibilities. Right now you have inventory space on a naked body, and the only way to loot someone is by killing them.

    Would help remove the KOS and bring in more drama.

    Leignheart It’s more realistic than what’s going on right now…


    razredeyes agreed, definitely need a backpack, but remember even a backpack is still unrealistic as you cannot fit wood foundations and 5 thousand wood in a backpack, along with guns, rocks, a random workbench and so on.


    we need a backpack for inventory, we don’t put the material in pockets


    I’d love a fps limit option because yes, the game is sometimes lagging like hell, but sometimes if ur on an empty server in the middle of a field the fps goes crazy!


    F2 menu was always working on all Linux systems I know. But whatever.


    NerdyTurtleHQ DamienCatelain Calling Israeli people terrorists would be the same as calling Americans, Brits, and many others in the irag war terrorists because we have killed civilians in attacks to defend ourselves as well, that guy is an idiot. In world war II Allied forces bombed a hospital because there nazi Artillery batteries imbedded  around it, Did the allies say nope i’m just gonna go home because the cowards are hiding behind a hospital? Nope they blew the hell out of it and destroyed the enemy. We were sad it had to be that way but it did have to be that way. Also the mongols would steal children from towns they were going to attack and tie the children to the fronts of their horses as they attacked so the defenders of the town had to decide whether they would shoot at arrows at the incoming cavalry and kill their children or allow the cavalry to reach them unmolested and they subsequently lose their town and then everyone loses. In life hard decisions are made for the safety of your people, and that does not make one a terrorist.


    DamienCatelain You really shouldn’t bring damn politics to Rust because your only gonna piss people off. I’m already pissed off now. Second, Do not compare a nation that has to have playgrounds built in underground bunkers for children in daily life because murderous scumbags shoot rockets into their country on a daily basis to Savages that would use mentally retarded people and children in terrorist plots to kill innocent people. Israel isn’t perfect, and neither is any country for that matter, but don’t compare them to savages like hamas, taliban, al quaida, al shabaab, or the other tons of lunatic, murderous, organizations. You have proven yourself a huge fool. A HUGE FOOL.


    Hey, it would be cool, when you enable the ragdoll on the dead characters bodies, to also create a big impulse at the hit location, so the bodies would actually be pushed back by the shock of the bullet !


    No one is “kidding” you. The reason a house would still be yours after you die is because you spend hours building a house sometimes, and die frequently, and not many people are gonna wanna lose “everything” because they died so easily. You WILL die a lot. And having a door “magically tethered” is not stupid period, it is an easy implementation of a game mechanic so that people aren’t so frustrated with this game that they quit playing altogether. I’m not completely against the keys, but I am certainly wise enough to understand why some people are against the keys. And by the way this game Cannot be too realistic, I mean once they start adding toilets and a  piss meter i’m out.


    Browsing this on a mobile device is not ideal. Otherwise good job, guys.


    once again i love the update progress and how i was listened to about building on the rocks thank you!! with the map being so large can u add horses or camels or some sort of tamable animal that we can craft some sort of saddle to ride them to get to our destination faster? maybe a small raft or fishing boat last but not least late game please add helicopters quads dirt bikes and possibly armored sand crawlers


    = D


    @ that fist experiment on humans: 

    would be funny if people who died to Radiation poisoning instead of
    just dying would turn into rad humans which would still carry the loot
    and those rad humans should look something like that.


    I think people should run by default. Holding “Shift” should make you walk. I find I get hand cramps from holding down “Shift” + “W/A/S/D” all the time.
    Also walking sounds should be quieter and creeping/crawling sounds should be even quieter. not too quiet just quiet enough to sneak around unheard within like 10 feet of another player.


    AlexeyImpos as said in above post… finger scanners will come later… which means? you are be able to lock you door whitout having a key at all. but this systeem is freaking brilliant since you could give a key to you friend when you meet him in the woods and allow him to drop the supply’s at our house etc. the things you can do whit it are unlimited. which was the plan, the decide how to play rust… nobody else.


    Awesome update was waiting for doors quite a long time.
    But now we have doors why are we still be able to smash down wooden walls?
    I don’t really see someone irl chop down a wooden log wall whit a pickaxe.
    And i don’t see it make sense if we have doors / keys etc etc.
    While someone just can chop down there whole doorway at once?
    Of-course we know it is alpha but still what are the plans on this?

    (Btw Damien its a f*cking brilliant idea to bury you key around you house.)


    Binski12 I’ve been thinking about that for a while now. After seeing all this concept art, something similar to the Borderlands weapon system comes to mind. Say you craft a Thompson, there’s a chance for it to have one of three (for example) different stocks, receivers, etc.

    Even if it’s just aesthetics for now, maybe somewhere down the line, having different stats and attributes applied to these parts could be interesting. They don’t necessarily have to be better than each other either, they can just excel in different areas. One receiver may have more range, one may allow you to shoot faster, etc.

    this sort of stuff really makes a weapon “yours”, and handle noticeably different (rather than better). Gives you something to strive for, either through trading or pillaging.

    Or being able to craft each part individually, then craft the gun with the parts that YOU want. I’m not entirely sure, it’s something that’d have to be tested, but I think this idea has a lot of potential.


    Garry it is important u let us burry our keys!! and reburry them up when needed otherwise noone will keep their house because if you die once and dont respawn in ur house ur fucked as well as if u hide ur key around the house yet have a secluded area there is only gonna eb a few guesses to unlock each house but giving player the ability ot burry spare keys is essential for the plan you have


    Who said we would Respawn at sleeping bag in this version? I don’t think they would have something so unrealistic in this version.


    ? What are you talking about? Its playable now.


    Time is ticking till what? You gonna get off your arse and do something?


    Brilliant! Love the Key idea. Makes the game more realistic. Now I can kill someone while he’s farming, grab his keys and take his house and all his stuff. I just hope I can handle the paranoia that comes with being a key/house collector :)


    Machinator So get shot in the head when trying to open your door?


    Stick_To_The_Shadows yukkerz What operating systems are you running?


    sharkh20 JustAnotherRustPlayer In this game, you’re going to die over and over again. I don’t want to spend my time finding hiding spots for keys and retrieving keys everytime I die. Waste of time.


    plz dont do this..doors and will ruin ur will be bs game…u cant leave ur house without key coz u need to lock it..but 50+% chance u will die while farm so u will lose key- lose house..its wrost and stupid idea will make rust unplayble.


    You have to think about end game, and what will keep people playing. I think multiple and/or rare aesthetic models is a great idea!


    Hey, I Dunno if you guys thought about this or not, but ill say it anyways

    You know how you show the different models (like the sleeping bag) and its 1,2,3, etc- why not use them all? 
    Like have it be a random one you get when you craft it, maybe 6 could be better than 1 (maybe less spawn cool down, or whatever) doing this would let you guys put all these wonderful models in the game, and make players interact by trading/fighting/stealing better (and more rare) models of the item.

    Im saying this because it would be cool to have a bigger (than what is gonna be a HUGE) variety, and this could help a (possible) future rust economy
      AND because I love all the models (and would hate for lots to be deleted)


    I’m blown away that you guys accomplished this much in a week. I used to criticize Rust’s development like crazy, now I feel that attitude can no longer be justified. At this point, I no longer regret my purchase and look forward to the future of this game.


    That first fur model on the human is terrifying.
    Just throwing ideas at the wall here but you could make a mob out of that and call it “The Forgotten” or something. You could make it a rare spawn (same concept as Herobrine).


    guys if I understood correctly, they made ​​my dream come true for “modeling” 
    made a script such as capturing events facilities, simply put is something like fotooparata a player sfotkal opponent has “put the cancer” and then the opportunity to host this image (transparent) and then fill material (stone, wood, iron) 
    as a result, players will create their own monuments in the game.


    RenatoCarvalho Hide the key under your doormat


    Chargen when?


    Please make blood more realistic and water !


    Eyrion Sorry about that. In that case you are right. I guess it’s difficult to find that balance between general enjoyment, immersion, and realism. I think if Garry keeps critiquing the game as it progresses, it will turn out well.


    Mudkypp But then you’ll just cut off/out the persons finger/eye and use it to unlock their door. The future of Rust lol.


    No no, I was disagreeing with people who outright discredit the idea of keys. Brainstorming is always good, especially for a game in the making, so really I am against the people who -refuse- to brainstorm as you put it.


    Lol @ the furnace model. Mmm warming my balls.


    ChuckoMay I like the idea of having access to your own house without a key. People can rationalize that however they want for realism, but carrying around the key is going to cause problems.


    Eyrion People are just brainstorming the idea. The idea has been used numerous times in other games and failed miserably. Key system could work, but it has to be done well, and hopefully as Garry and you pointed out, it will be upgraded well enough to work. I just think because nothing more than a simple key exists at the moment, people are worried that that’s all it’ll ever be.


    Huntnsouls FelisSilvestris I remember how poorly every game I owned ran with WinXP. It wasn’t until I switched to 7 that I realized my computer can actually handle most games.


    havelcode TheOverDose The way I see it is this, immersive gameplay is fun, but creating a massive following will incentivize development and increase longevity. Dying and losing everything you own and/or losing your whole house is just going to culture a specific set of like-minded people who have the time and/or frustration tolerance to endure. The population would dwindle quickly as people switch to all the other upcoming titles. I like the fear factor of Rust, and part of that involves getting frustrated and pissed off, but I don’t want to always feel frustrated playing it. I think people think that for this game to work frustration and fear have to be co-exist equally, and that’s part of the problem. A game shouldn’t always be frustrating. I know you could argue, skill level and time involvement play a big role there, but new players don’t want to feel frustrated within their first few hours of gameplay, at least I don’t.


    LegionaireReaver rrwalter I like the depth, but for some reason I am doubting Rust will ever go down the skill path. This reminds me of Ultima Online again, and even more upcoming Life is Feudal. I do like the skill path, which really helps differentiate characters though.


    so if i die with a key i will lost everything ????


    DamienCatelain First, they’re never going to add dinosaurs. That would be stupid(not saying dinosaurs are stupid, but that is not what Rust is about). Second, why do you assume all Israeli people are terrorists?


    beefbasket Calm your tits. Someone should start a thread with a poll guessing how many weeks until baseline. My guess is an optimistic 7 weeks :)


    danielmedeirosdossantos YES. Birds, feathers, eggs and a crossbow are all fantastic ideas. +1.


    KingOfHell GrandpaJesus Yeah, agreed. Everyone bitches about wanting emersive gameplay yet people come up with suicide houses. It’d be nice if this game appeals to the masses to some degree so that it has increased longevity and developmental incentive.


    beefbasket In the meantime we’ll all be sitting here patiently waiting for you and your team to come up with something half as impressive. Time is ticking.


    beefbasket dude calm your nuts


    beefbasket hoho ur fuckin mad fuckboy


    please,crossbow in beta version.maybe some flying birds,with scattered nests in map. you can geather feather to make arrows(as in7 days to die)and eggs to eat.


    rrwalter It would be great if they expanded upon that idea and made a lockpicking system, where you would go through this little minigame, with the only way to do it being by having a lock pick, and then if you successfully did that you would get to keep your lock pick and lock picking doors with the same tumbler would take half the time, and if you fail then your lock pick breaks and you cant reattempt lock picking for a set amount of time. And it would be great if you could lock chests/crates like that too.


    ” So please feel free to jump on, run around in the server for a bit.. then if you’re not impressed come and try it again next week to see what we’ve changed :)”

    ya ive been doin this for about 5 months.  im still not impressed it’s taken this long with all copies of rust sold. you think with all that money, development would be faster. this game will never be finished at this pace. never. fuck gary and his slow ass team.


    dreadlocks Blackhole_ TheOverDose consciousness You can’t the immediate issues that are presented regardless of how easy it is to get into the house.


    GrandpaJesus KingOfHell i see what they are trying to do but it clearly will lead only to ppl doing suicides to get home :D (and noobs being raped for their keys, which basically  means more power to pros and ppl with brain, at least a little bit)


    does anyone else think the game model looks like Mel Gibson?


    rrwalter Not a bad idea. Better than just a very simple key method. Perhaps, that could be part of the upgrade to the system.


    KingOfHell I hate that system style. Ultima Online used to use keys, and people would immediately get pick pocketed, killed, or have someone run in their house with them. It led to the same prior issues. Really, I understood most of the house problems rust had before with people finding their way inside, but I just don’t think it makes sense to have to kill yourself in-game to place items in your house.


    FelisSilvestris Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft. Why would it be supported by anyone else?


    all I have to say is WOW! the experimental looks incredible. I cant wait till this is in beta.


    Wow many great things this week :) ♡


    dreadlocks knotzi  its a little different because c4 took resources and time to build while killing someone and stealing their home would be easy lol especially if the person Is new to the server without any armor..also, people don’t want to waste c4 on someone they think is a noob yet when they see a random now, they could just kill them without wasting anything, with everything to gain.  Also, would one key work for every door? Kindve sounds that way, which would also make c4 useless to use on noobs


    so basically u can leave your keys in house ALL the time and IF u die u die, if u dont die however u can go back to your house, drop your stuff in the box outside the house or something like that and then respawn in house and get your stuff back, so its 100% safe that way, or i’m the 1st person who thought about it? its like mountain bases in old rust, where u could go inside mountains and rocks and stuff and build base inside, u could make a box outside base and drop everything in there and just do suicide and take stuff inside, i think ppl call it suicide bases. anyways u get my point.


    Blackhole_ TheOverDose consciousness Do you understand that your entire house, especially at beginner level of just being made out of wood can easily be torn down with a hatchet ? Even the foundation… who cares that you have a door and its locked. You are acting as if having no key mechanism will keep your house completely safe if you happened to not die that day.


    JustAnotherRustPlayer Make copies of your keys.  Hide them in certain places on the map in case you lose your key.  Share keys with your friends.  If they lose your key then they should no longer be your friend.  Not trustworthy enough.


    knotzi How is this any different than spending hours building a house to have someone with C4 blow the doors and replace them so u cant get in?


    Key system seems like a great idea. Just going to throw this out there. Why not take the key system one step further and have tumblers(the actual lock part of the door) you can put in doors? If someone looses a key they could just change the tumbler and make a new key.


    havelcode ChuckoMay Thanks! I know for sure, killing fresh spawns with new homes will save hours on resourcing… they will become the new way to resource farm. lol… Just hope they make it so if you have a sleeping bag available, your key is safe on death.  I figure thats the easiest way to do things… People will still loose their key if they rush out the door to finish a fight, get a drop, try to collect loot from their own dead body, so the key will STILL be very risky and cool.


    ChuckoMay I like the idea of the originals being unlootable but copies can


    TheOverDose xD yeah I think it would create a tenser atmosphere and make things a bit more interesting, and make people think more. Yes, I think I would sometimes get annoyed and frustrated if I died with my key on me (actually probably most of the time)but it would add to the whole experience :D


    Keys… Originals dont get looted from the dead, they respawn with you IF you have a sleeping bag available.  Copies of the key on the other hand can be looted from any dead body found holding it. Im just thinking of the poor fresh spawns that try to join servers that have been up longer than 12 hours.  If they drop they’re able to loose key on death so easily, there is no chance for them to make a come up.  Fresh spawns will become a valuable target for easy loot.  Just camp their home and steal their keys.  But if they are able to keep their keys with a sleeping bag, @least they can chill out for those 4 minutes, or dare choose to risk it all by running outside before the 4 minutes are up lol.


    havelcode Sorry… You want a GREATER element of danger and paranoia?!

    Have you even played this game?!


    FelisSilvestris How can you expect Garry to keep support up if even Microsoft has officially dropped support for XP?


    Is there going to be an E hotkey to interact with items? Because if not it’s going to be a pain in the ass.


    havelcode Keys being optional on certain servers sounds on point!!! Best solution ever.  I love the key idea… but for fresh spawns it would suck, they’d never make a come up in the world if server has been up longer than 12 hours.


    My thoughts on the key system. its good that we make the door more realistic that you need a key to actually lock it.

    I do suggested the following:
    1. that when you got into a fight or got shot at the key would “accidentally” get destroyed unless you got headshot, then the key would be in perfect shape :)

    2. if you implement a realistic door with keys, then we should also make a realistic way of hiding our keys like a hollowed tree. hollowed rock, a marked spot on the ground that you dug up and hid your key in.

    3. Also realistically, there should be locks implemented to go with this key system.

    4. also if i created a lock&key for my door, I should be able to re-create that same key since I created that lock and key in the first place, which fixes the issue that I cannot get in because i lost my keys lolx. They only way someome will hijack my lock if they destroyed my lock and placed their own locks.

    5. you can also use this lock&key system on chests personal storage. from wood to metal chest. 

    thanks for considering my suggestions haha!


    I like the idea of having keys because it adds a greater element of danger and paranoia.
    When you open the door to your house to step outside you are given the new challenge of getting to your secret/safe place as quickly and as quietly as possible to stash your key.
    It might force people to think more tactically and make them feel that they really are in a hostile environment where any one could be watching, ready to kill.
    Maybe in the future keys could be an optional thing where only hardcore servers use them, if a lot of people don’t like the idea of keys and just want to use passwords, etc.


    I don’t know how I feel about the key thing. I think the idea is valid and realistic but if someone is able to kill you and take literally everything you have put effort into without needing to go through the long process of making explosives (or something similar) it will make people even more paranoid than they already are about leaving the house. There won’t be as much of an incentive to build a large elaborate house with good defenses because if you happen to be ambushed your defenses are now working against you to try and get your stuff back. Either that or only ever go near your house when its pitch black when nobody can see anything in the hopes that your killer won’t know where the  key belongs (very restricting in terms of travel and daily activities though).

    Besides that, amazing game. Loved it since the day I bought it and reading these updates every week makes me so excited for the day experimental becomes the main build.


    FelisSilvestris Dude its 2014……..


    Garry Newman Culentriel
    Can you?

    Not being funny here Garry, look through all of these posts. Read the clarity and conciseness of the posts that argue against keys and then read the retarded “Me like key idea, I think cool, yAAAYYYYYyyyy!!!” of the ones who big it up. I can actually hear the VOIP in my head of the type of children who have written those posts. They are the same children who have no concept of consequence and end up getting targeted for raids because they go out KOSing for shits with a base made out of cardboard.

    Sorry if this offends anyone who likes the idea. You are mongs. And yes, that’s just flaming, but it’s true.


    VERY VERY GOOD NEW ! The upgradable house, and stone house élément (maybe mud ?) ! (I was waiting this so long)
    But… where is Dinosaures ?? :'(


    LOVE IT! nice update. keep it up guys.


    TheOverDose Couldn’t agree more. It’s a game, not reality. I love to create my own base, share it with my friends and keep it safe.


    Garry, Windows XP users still can’t play Rust Experimental :/


    TheOverDose Yeah I just see this system screwing over newer people who are struggling to get going, while favouring big groups who can have someone sit in the base while others roam around killing/getting keys and just bringing back hours worth of stuff. It creates a wider gap between player classes. I’m confident though that this feature will either disappear or be removed in modded servers.


    I love this game, I love where it’s going, I think the artists are doing a great job and I think experimenting with new ideas is also good… I also think any time put into having keys to unlock doors has been wasted and I wouldn’t waste any more.

    Don’t get me wrong, emergent gameplay for the win. But I have to think for about half a second about all of the pros and cons before I realise it’s a bad idea.
    1) It looks good on paper and sounds interesting…

    1) I leave my base and die, I don’t have another key and I’m locked in
    2) I die again too quickly and I don’t have a key outside my base. The friend I left a spare with is offline. The key I left outside has been looted and was used to kill me in the first place
    3) I am carrying 20 keys, one for each door in my base. Otherwise I just wouldn’t have bothered putting a door on there in the first place
    4) The benefit of having a wooden door or a metal door is lost as this will inevitably become the number on e way of getting into someones base
    5) Why did I make this door if it isn’t already sealed in some way? Now I need more materials?
    6) Dicks (The people, not actual cocks)
    7) I could store the key in a second base!.. which I need a key for… Or a hidden box!.. Which will inevitably be looted… Or I could put THIS key in THIS room which needs THIS key to get into THIS room which has the key for the FIRST room… Or I could hide it in a glitch in the game… (Balls to emergent gameplay)
    8) I leave my base and there is a power cut/Internet outage/Glitch on the server (most likely) and random new spawn picks up my keys and lets themselves in. They have themselves a new base with all of the equipment, even a few research kits so they can learn how to make it all! Yay! Emergent Gameplay!..
    9) Dicks (This time I’m talking about penises)

    Upgrading to passcodes and scanners is ok… if that’s what the baseline is here. But it’s not gonna be. We’re gonna start with keys and just have keys for a long long time. If not forever. It’s also doing something which is already a massive issue. Giving inconceivable power to the entrenched server dwellers and making it impossible for the newcomers. It’s already hard enough.

    It’s also doing something that I think every Rust player has come to appreciate. It’s going to increase the number of situations that make you rage quit so violently that you never return to the game by a factor of at least 10. Then you’ll have nothing but a tiny select group of sadistically patient fucknuggets playing the game together until they piss each other off so much they all fuck off.

    Unless you can just throw the ultimate base up in less than an hour and learn all that there is to craft in the space of a couple of days then this idea is not a good one

    In a nutshell: I think this sounds cool. I also immediately spot it as a terrible mistake if it’s implemented. If you can make a way that you can somehow retain ownership of the base through some sort of clever hiding of keys or some bollocks then don’t. It’s a waste of time. A waste or your time and, to me at least, a waste of the players time.

    I always saw the whole locked door/passcode system as an analogue for having a secret method of opening it and the passcode is the way of telling a friend how it’s done. This defeats that.

    I could go on forever to be honest. And it’s so glaringly obvious that I’m finding it boring to go on


    ChuckoMay FuckAntiCheat Don’t get me wrong, I love it! I >HATE< AntiCheat as it kicks me for the stupidest things, yet allows hackers to roam free.


    I’d like to say two things: 1, the new key system is awesome. 2, can you please add food? Rust is actually sort of playable now, but starving to death isn’t fun. I tried to cook the raw chicken and it disappeared -_-. Wolf meat just sat there and wasted my wood.


    FuckAntiCheat “Keeping Legacy around for those who like it”… you sir, sounds like you hates it.  so be happy :)  .


    What about adding key system to storage boxes too? It will be great to use picklocking skill to open some else’s chest.


    consciousness There is no difference of a key system making it easy or having every door blown up by c4 from Legacy. When i started every day i got raided when i was logged out. So what do you do? You slowly get enough materials to finally upgrade your door and locking system. Gary already mentioned there will be higher tier locks that will not just use a key …


    Why are people against the key system? Are you kidding me? You died, why is your house yours anymore? Yes you can build a mighty fort but having a door magically tethered to you even after you die is even more stupid. Plus, Garry mentioned that won’t be the sole protection for doors- He sai there are also scanners/etc in the making. Meaning your cruddy wooden key would be the first step of his “evolutionary” system. So a key could be for when your base is just starting up, still wood walls and such. Then after a while you could find a fingerprint/eye scanner and hook it up to a door with a hydraulic system and bam. Safe house.
    So keys are really just the first thing, much like, yes, using Minecraft for an example, a wooden pick comes before a diamond pick. You don’t just get luxury/the best immediately, you have to earn it by being careful and scavenging. Which is exactly what this game is about.
    Also, an idea would be to carry a key on you at all times, as well as hide a spare somewhere safe that only you know about. So place a crate under a bush or even better, if they added hollowed trees, and put a spare key in there. You could do this multiple times for precation, but do any hiding of keys far away from your house. So if someone finds a key they don’t know what house to loot.
    This game inspires cleverness, think about what can be done with what you have :)


    The Key Sounds AAAWWWEEESOME!!!! Until the server is 12 hours old and fresh spawns keep loosing all their stuff because they get killed for their key then looted.  Maybe set it up so you have access, but your friends need a key.  @least that away fresh spawns in older servers have a chance to make a come up.


    ChuckoMay JustAnotherRustPlayer FuckAntiCheat No. They have stated they are keeping legacy around for the players that like it. They may as well set 1 developer to fix it and smooth out the last of the bugs at the very least for the players that want to continue playing on it. The new version is different in many ways and not everyone wants to play it. (Hence them keeping legacy). They’re not ‘upgrading’ the code, they are rewriting it from scratch and changing a lot of how the game plays. Essentially a (as they have said) ‘new Rust’.


    The key idea sounds cool and terrible at the same time.  Why should I build a house, spending hours and hours doing so when someone can just kill me and steal my keys? It’s a bit of a deterrent to even want to play.  The password method was perfect, why mess with something that is perfect? The only perk I would see to having keys is the fun of stealing someone else’s.


    JustAnotherRustPlayer FuckAntiCheat They are fixing the Legacy… but upgrading it’s crappy coding to the new version… -_-  You think the new version was made for no reason?


    IIEarlGreyII I don’t think you should be worried about 34 doors in a survival game… Sure the Legacy branch was kind lead that way with killing and building elaborate unrealistic type buildings to keep your loot safe. Sure the key will bring more stress to the game, but it is supposed to be a survival game… kinda the point…Will it have the chance to cause grief and maybe need  changing? Sure. But it hasnt even been in game long enough to be tested in an actual playable game level (NPC threats / full building / eating / farming / etc) so it is way too early to even know how it will effect the game.


    FuckAntiCheat I understand that Garry and his hard-working team are currently focusing their efforts on the experimental branch (they’re doing a great job!), but I believe the issues in the legacy branch MUST be resolved.

    I find it utterly shocking that even though rust legacy is one of the most popular games on steam and has earned Garry many millions of dollars, he neglects it so much. I (and many other players) would really appreciate it if Garry could donate a modicum of his profits on tasking one developer with ironing out the bugs of the legacy branch, such as the major problem with hackers.


    The key system is a pretty fun idea, and realistic. Also those small containers, the tiny sacks that hold 3 items could help A LOT with hiding your keys for example behind a tree. 

    And then when you come back and see your key is gone you’ll have a heart attack.


    For those of you bashing on the key system, keep in mind he said that you would eventually be able to upgrade to door codes and fingerprint scanners and the like.


    How about removing CompleteShit AntiCheat that does NOTHING on legacy? Sure, improve it on Experimental. But FUCK that shit on legacy so badly. It does nothing but kick legitimate players for walking up stairs, walking off foundations, going through a door.. The worst fucking thing ever is going for a raid, grabbing your C4 and then getting to their door.. They open it into you as your about to blow it and the game glitches, thinks you are cheating and boots you off the server leaving them free to kill your sleeper and loot your C4. Meanwhile hackers are flying, speed running, getting shots at far beyond impossibru distances, shooting through walls and nothing being done whatsoever.. May as well just remove it if you’re not going to improve on it. It’s just an annoyance. I, and many others, get kicked a shit ton per night just roaming around, walking up stairs etc. 
    Fuck anti cheat.


    Hopefully servers will have the ability to create use door codes/sharing and do away with the key system entirely. Building a big base and dying once with your front door key on you is pretty stupid considering you WILL die many times. Sure you can spawn back into your base and generate another key, but you’d better do that before the guy who killed you runs back and opens your base. And what of the other door keys? This means to have any real security you MUST store all subsequent door keys in your main loot room, or else the guy who killed you will simply grab each key to every room as he goes deeper into your base, while feasibly being a naked with nothing on him whatsoever. But this also means to get back to your loot room you have to die in your base’s front room to avoid carrying all of your keys with you. So basically your base has the realistic security of having ONE door, no matter how many layers or levels it contains. I might as well just save my time and build a shack.

    How about a member of your group who you just invited into the base  and generated keys for? Since he wants to be able to get back to the loot room while you’re not there, he’s now carrying all the keys with him. He dies, and now someone is running around emptying your entire base based on the result of a single death. The problem this is creating is it will discourage a lot of players who spent hours building a base from leaving, and promote base/roof camping. The one guy running around with a gun who has to somehow dodge/kill an entire group peeking their windows/roof because they’re scared to leave will now be discouraged from playing in that area, and will more likely mimic this action and camp his own base. The end result is you’re going to have people sitting around waiting for the game to come to them. Boring, and we see this happen quite often in legacy already.

    I like new ideas and all, but the balance of the legacy version needing a relatively difficult to require resource to enter other people’s bases is a lot more fun than a key system.


    Thank you for the stellar work this week! I enjoyed making floor/wall/stair towers, holding at the top and racking up a bunch of kills and continuing my build higher. Also had a chance to build some more intricate “fortress” builds, overlooking some gorgeous snowy capped mountains. Overall, the game is to the point where I can have fun playing it, but it obviously is lacking a lot of content and mechanics. It is a beautiful experience (seriously the sunrises are gorgeous) and I have every bit of faith that the team will continue to develop important and relevant items to make surviving more fun, but also making the survival game-play realistic and challenging. 

    Here are a few photos from the week:


    Something nice, something nice…hmm…..I really like the burlap clothing.

    Ok now, I strongly dislike the key system. Even if it is more ‘lore friendly’, the fact is that it will make things more stressful and less fun. Anything that makes a game less fun does not belong in a game. A player like me will probably end up leaving his house as little as possible for fear of losing his key. That’s a thing that WILL happen. No matter how this system evolves, how they try to change it to work better,  the simple idea that there is now an item that anyone can use to access your entire base will mean the slow painful death of exploration and adventure within the game for the more nervous players.

    It is hard enough right now getting people to leave their base without being completely naked. All these cool weapons and armors within the game, and yet most people I see won’t leave the base with anything more than a stone hatchet because they are too afraid to lose anything. “Wait let me drop off my good hatchet and make a stone one” is too common a phrase. Now tell them that there is also a chance that whoever kills them will find a key that will allow them to just waltz into their base, and watch how willing they are to leave the house. At best in a large group they might leave someone at the base to let everyone back in, but then that’s not fair to that guy who has to stay locked in a base all day, or it’s not fair to the solo player who doesn’t have a friend to let him back into his base.

    And that part about hiding a key is ridiculous. I am sure many of us have found ourselves in our base under siege, and I tell you those attackers turn over ever last pebble. I’ve never seen a small stash, no matter how well hidden away from the base, that wasn’t eventually discovered and looted. People who play this game seriously don’t miss a beat. I don’t care if the developers create a hide a key rock rock, that looks like every other rock, in a pile of a thousand rocks, and only you know which rock has your key. Someone will still find that key. 

    Also where are we keeping these keys? Will we have a key ring that opens up to show all your keys? It sounds like a key has to be generated for each and every door. My last base had 34 metal doors, does that mean I have 34 keys to keep on my person, I need 34 hiding spots around my base? I might have 33 keys on me, but shoot my sleeping bag is behind my 34th door.

    I KNOW that it is in development, and I love you guys, your ideas are always far more brilliant than anything I could come up with, however I just feel like this entire key route will be a terrible thing. The only way it will really work is if no one can get your key, and then what’s the point?

    Something nice, something nice….um….hmm…the lantern could be really neat, I look forward to it.

      Boris Au Camping

    JustAnotherRustPlayer I am pretty agree with that, its like garry’s mod rp server. Also the game will be too hard. i think with the key system everyone will shot at sight because they will fear about losing their key.


    DyanTurnbull ZackParshotskiWeinberg cool… i only played it for a little amount of time so i bet ill get easier


    this is shit garry newman (;




    Personally, I think the key idea is not a good one.

    – It would make sharing doors with friends problematic
    – Losing keys would be a pain – no one wants to be locked out of their own base
    – It would make doors more ‘fiddly’ to use (it would take a lot of effort to make the system user friendly)

    I believe that a better solution would be to have an option on the context menu for doors, such as “Share this door with…”, which displays a list of players online (or alternatively players nearby) when clicked, allowing the person who placed the door (or foundation the door is on) to toggle which players can use the door.

    Furthermore, this also allows for other possibilities, such as having an option to “Share all doors with” for people you trust – also allowing the player to save time if they have bases with multiple doors.

    There’s no point adding extra realism in the form of keys when in real life it only takes a single precise kick to a locked door to break it open – not two explosive charges…


    I can’t play for shit. See no servers. Re-installed a few times. Missing something?


    SebC There should be a price to building a big base.  The door system is the most forgiving aspect of legacy rust, which is out of place with the nature of the game.  Right now, when a big group gets established on a server, it’s game over because they just build a massive base that could never be infiltrated.  The fact that some full kev dude could be ambushed by some bow wielders and have their keys stolen makes the game a whole helluva lot more interesting, and adds a lot of balance.


    Sinon DaltonTeague SebC and they are adding rpg, I just hope all these overpowered stuff can be turned off


    DaltonTeague SebC I’m with you on C4 !! It just breaks the immersion/survival of the game… its too overpowered !


    SebC Well think about regular homes. Nobody really has locked doors except for doors that lock from the inside (and have a really easy-access). Basically, I think if you have a big base you’ll have a single room of your best goodies with heavily-fortified doors with their own locks. 

    And god I hope C4 doesn’t make a comeback.


    Bader4650 Craftable compass would be a good idea too ! Since it’s generated procedual maps


    ivan0590 Indeed ! Its very useful


    RemiBillard Or if you can open it regardless from the inside.


    RemiBillard you should do a backup key ! But this system is new ! So it will have updates and stuff I guess…


    SO you close the door,you die, you revive in your sleeping bag, and you cannot leave your home because you lost your key before…………..


    Every Week I’m eager for Friday Devblog !!! Awesome work and ideas you guys are working on !!! Keep up ! This is Early Access done right !!!! I’m eager to play this again when it has more crafting stuff !


    Please, don´t forget to add Windowed Borderless Display Mode. It will be great!


    Culentriel I believe that will happen when the game leaves Experimental Status !


    plockk I’m certain that will be a feature that will be added later, like in beta or near full release ! Now they just have to focus on Building System and Crafting so we have something to do and have fun with it !


    A few comments on the key system:
    Key Set:
    -To make keys more interactive and not just something that happens behind the selection menus, I suggest an equipable key model that would function similar to other utility items (torch, axes, etc.). Possibly even a key ring that can hold the many keys one has (using the middle mouse wheel to scroll through keys on the ring).
    -Essentially one would have to take keys out to get in their house.
    – If you put a bed or sleeping bag in your house and die you are completely screwed to get out of the house.
    -Make an interactive deadbolt (can be crafted if need be to put a lock on the door in the first place) where one can look at an X by Y number of pixels to unlock it from the inside.
    ^This would take away the facet of locking people in your home. If this is still wanted, one can make a lock double sided with 2 independent deadbolt areas (offset in the Y coordinates).

    Combination Locks:
    -With the return of combination locks eventually, I suggest a system close to that of Dishonored, see link ( It gives players a far more interactive experience and a more visual way when trying to “guess” someone’s door combination.

      Boris Au Camping

    i was thinking about an other action with the key. If someone is surrounded by a crew or evil dude, it will be great to be able to deal with it. Like right clic on the key in the inventory and have someting like “Break the key” (made of wood so why not) or “swallow the key”. With a remaining time, and during it, we can’t move or even talk. (Sorry for my poor language)

      I Like It Dry

    SebC I agree


    Garry Newman will you be able to create a key that can open several of your doors? or do you need a different key for every door?


    I love the “key” feature. Maybe don’t change the ownership system of buildings but still keep the key system so if you die and someone you don’t know gets your key you can still hurry back and change the locks before they get to your place.

    One way to combat it is to have a diverse range of traps to protect your house if your key(s) is stolen if you don’t get back in time.

    The upgrade system for the player building is looking good so you don’t have to move house if you want to build a better metal base. Would cut down on number of buildings on each server too.

    Good luck on getting the game to the base level so we can all play again :)


    JorgeZayas Bader4650 i think the map is random and not one map


    ZackParshotskiWeinberg use hills and mountains as reference points.  My friends and I have had very little problem finding each other.


    SebC Yep, I think you summarized the whole problem in a few sentences.
    Loosing your whole stuff by just getting killed outside and wearing the key to all your doors would be so fucked up.


    Well maybe i sound a bit outdated but what speaks about the old system we head that was from the mods. onely you can open doors and with a simple chat command you can allow other ppl to open your door. sure may not realistik but it was a good working method. who ever wants to brake in a house just smashes it with a hatch until it brakes so why so complex?


    I like the keys, but I feel like they are going to be a huge hassle on a big base. You would need different keys for different doors if you want to keep your stuff safe inside. have some master key to all your doors, which opens a new problem, if you loose that an enemy would not even need c4, compared to loosing your first key which may grant the person access to the entrance. I just think I will have too many keys.


    The key concept is fantastic. I can already see the problems and challenges it will create for the player. Carrying all your door keys for ease of access? Like Christmas come early for your enemy!


    Garry Newman Sinax The Idea is nice. I think it should be able to change to lock “if” you have currently a key for the Door. So if you give a Key to you friend and he was killed, you can change the lock and give your friend a new one :)


    plockk Hektixx fuck that, i want a bunch of naughty, bald, naked men bludgeoning eachother with rocks.


    dreadlocks Culentriel marcusravenheart I’m still pretty set on the original plan stated by the devs in the past… they want realism but they also want the game to be fun… sometimes things have to be in the grey area to make it fun and semi realistic.  The key system is striving torwards realistic removing the factor of jiggling your keys goes towards fun.


    Garry Newman Culentriel maybe copying the same key and keeping it in a hidden spot?


    Garry Newman Sinax the wooden door should be like that .. and the iron door should have more protection


    Bader4650 Sings will be a cool thing sooner or later we will get familiar with the map


    Props to meg for his/her (?) really awesome drawings and 3D models! :)


    marcusravenheart DyanTurnbull Culentriel on a wooden door maybe…


    I thinks this is going to be good !


    Garry Newman Sinax You would need the key to change the lock out.  then you can take ownership


    you should make signs on the road


    DyanTurnbull Culentriel I think people are also kind of forgetting that main point… if you have an axe… you don’t need a key.


    Culentriel You should rethink the whole key-system Garry. I know this game called “Haven and Hearth” in which you could build walls and get keys for your gates. If you died… you were totally fucked. What the players came up with was a key-alt system. Everyone made a new account, just to hold the key and open doors for you, making sure you wouldn’t die with the key on you.
    It’s a stupid system and really frustrating.
    I, myself, don’t have any ideas to improve it. Maybe just keep the numeral lock for now? idk.


    dreadlocks Culentriel marcusravenheart I think the whole C4 and explosion stuff should be “re-thought”.
    Grenades wasnt that useful in Rust. You had to throw a few to kill one and at least 10 to blow up a metal door.
    Maybe add some more simple raiding tools, like a battering ram. :)
    It would be a cool way to damage wood doors. For metal doors you should need something more powerful.
    Maybe something like C4, but it should look not that technical. Gunpowder, stacked in a wodden barrel with a fuse.


    will there be a road to navigate better in experimental, because i dont really know where to go. I just head towards everest

      Garry Newman

    Sinax How would that work? If you don’t have a key it isn’t your door. What would stop you changing the locks on other people’s doors?


    dreadlocks DyanTurnbull or just allow players to unlock the door from the inside….like in real life.  They should also look into shortcut keys for locking and unlocking the doors…….make things a little more fluid.




    The key system is a great idea. I believe it’s incomplete though and that players should have the ability to change their locks if they lose their key.


    Reuta I can only ponder how the 13 year old population would respond… it was hard enough getting them to stop talking about penises for the last year … one can only imagine what will happen if there were tits.  On the bright side… slaughtering the creepy naked circle jerks that would form would provide food for many people for the winter…


    DyanTurnbull Yes you cannot interact with the door if you do not have the key. Make a spare by your sleeping bag before going out or have some tool inside to break your door down from the inside.


    Culentriel You could lock the door and leave the key in a hidden crate.  One question I have is what happens if you have the only key on you and you lose it outside and you respawn in your base; are you now locked in?


    Will ever be girl Character in the game?i love this game so much !! :D


    Garry Newman Culentriel maybe the key should stay with you after getting killed


    isocuda Garry Newman Culentriel I really like the idea of a key system.
    But it should be easy to handle, like marcusravenheart already said.


    Culentriel There is already concept art on different traps that will be available for those who possibly get a key and think it will be an easy loot run since they got a key… they open door and get a face full of spikes… No more key……

    marcusravenheart I don’t think you should have the luxury of running and hiding just because you have a key. If we are keeping it more realistic wouldnt you have to unlock your house first in RL ?


    Hektixx plockk good idea on gender hope devs see this


    Garry Newman Culentriel So make a realistic survival game, but make the whole using keys to open a door thing streamlined and unrealistic? 

    How about padlocks?
    An advanced lock that has a slightly higher cost to make, but is designed for exterior doors etc.? Works like the password system, but you have fumble with it and spin it to the correct numbers you set it to. 

    I’m curious what other ideas come from this.


    Garry Newman Culentriel Oh of cause I got some ideas. ^^
    Im sure you got some too.
    To be honest, I don’t really like the old system, raiding with ton of C4 isnt that logic, after maybe 2 days of gametime, crafting M4’s and explosions.
    If I would strand on a strange island, my highest prority would be to survive by collecting food, finding a good place to sleep and if its cold to make a fire.
    But thats just as a side info. :)

    Maybe you could add some more ways to defend your house/garden, then just adding doors.
    I think of hiden falling dugs and stuff like that. 
    Simple methods, not any highest technical stuff.


    Am glad the team is working harder than he supposed to! Its amazing how you implement your ideas in the gameplay and i hope you keep up the good work.. This game is turning for the best!


    plockk yeah would be a nice feature, it looks not good if all players have the same character. i would say gender selection is also cool


    Garry Newman Culentriel While I think the key system works… maybe making it so your not juggling context menus to open a door if you have the key would be nice though.  Nothing like running like a bitch to your house to get shot in the back of the head fumbling through yours keys… If the door is locked but you have a key maybe it should be set to open for you no matter what.  Locking/unlocking would then just be for setting the status of the door occasionally.


    ds688157  “facepalm” Read the devblog, it definitely talks about updating the house.


    The key idea sounds scary as hell, ill just have to leave my home unlocked, trusting people not to murder me


    Na they should add dildos im w8ing to run after kevler guys with an dildo screaming the power of surprise but$ex compels you  well slamming it in to there faces 
    also i might have been talking about the building concept


    Culentriel I think a lot of people are already avoiding this issue by keeping their keys in unmarked areas, keeping extras at friends houses, and making dummy keys to confuse others. I’m sure the system will get refined.


    :) thanks for info :)


    I came here to complain about keys…..but the rest of it is so awesome I don’t even care anymore.

      Garry Newman

    Culentriel Can’t you think of a solution to this problem?


    I think the key feature will be a big problem in the future.
    If you wanna go outside and collecting some stuff you need your keys to lock your doors.
    i think everyone know what happens when you went into Small Rad or Hangar. 
    You can get killed very easily. After that someone will got all your keys and if he knows where you house is, he just wait for a few hours, taking some buds with him and then he can easily raid your whole house in a short time without using any materials, like in the previous Rust where you had to use at least C4.

    Please think about probably upcoming problems in the future. :)


    IngusStrazdins They have already said Legacy will always be around, just not updated except to keep it running.


    i want to them delete old version  and ther would be only this one


    dafuq111 The Wolf Statue is a test for what they can do to add events/landmarks to the game.  Things like Radtown, the penis shaped rock, and other items that once brought into the game will give us better reference


    Look’s great, can’t wait to see how the key system works out!


    IngusStrazdins So you just want them to change the name?


    The top fur attempt on humans reminds me of the scene from Indiana Jones where they opened the arc of the covenant.


    OkamiTakahashi Scroll down…


    OkamiTakahashi  are you blind, there is a section labelled Keys?


    yeah its experimental… i want full gameplay like this…


    will we be able to update our house?


    IngusStrazdins You can play it right now… just launch experimental.


    I don’t see anything about keys in this post. Only doors.


    Culentriel They can’t do that until all resources for crafting have been added.  Currently we don’t have any way of gathering cloth or metal.


    When this will be oficial game not expermental??? i’m tired to play old rust….


    I think player creation would be cool! Making your player look unique in size and hair colour etc would be great


    is there any possibilty to contact the programmers directly?
    Got so many ideas ^-^


    Please remove all the starter items and let us start playing Rust 2.0 from the beginning! :)




    i like the 5 different types of houses but didnt understandt what the wolf-statue is used for :)



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