Some fun stuff this week!

Spectator Mode

We had a few bugs that could only be diagnosed easily by being able to spectate other players. So I added that. It works a bit like the spectator mode in Counter-Strike and it’s insanely useful for development. It’s letting us see tons of weird animation bugs that would be otherwise quite hard to see in detail (without getting killed).

Right now anyone can jump into spectator mode by typing “spectate” in the console (use “respawn” to respawn). Once in you can jump between players with jump and duck. This will probably end up being an admin only thing, and I’ll add the ability to spectate other entities (like animals etc).

It’s kind of like flipping between TV channels.

New Background

Probably not worth mentioning really, but Bill and Petur made a new background scene for the menu.

Event System

I made an event system this week. The event system is what controls creating events like the air drop. The airdrop is something that really works in the current version of Rust and we want to add more events like this. The events system is designed to work a bit like the AI director in Left4Dead.. the intention is that eventually it will be able to say “a lot of people are hungry – launch some event relevant to that”. Right now it just throws out a random event around once a game-day.

The cargo plane is back – but it doesn’t drop its load yet. It does have little blinky red lights that illuminate the landscape below at night :)

Others Projectiles & Effects

You can now see the bullets and arrows fired by other players. This means you can actually see where you’re being shot from.

Switch Items

When you drag an item onto another item in your inventory, they will now switch places.

Clothes Tool

I made a tool to help the artists implement and visualise their clothes. This is something that was seriously lacking in the old version of Rust. Artists would make their models but wouldn’t actually ever see them in game until they were implemented and usually made live. This is an issue because the artists need to see their models and textures in the lighting conditions of the real game, sitting next to other textures and models in the real game for scale.

I both hate and love making tools like this. I hate it because only a handful of people will use them, but I love it because you’re exposing people to a bunch of cool stuff.

It turned into GMod at some point, and I can’t help but fly around taking pictures.

Map Updates

Bill’s new rocks have gone into the maps. There’s still some tweaking to do here but I think we can all agree that they rock more than the old ones.

The snowy biome is in. It’s a bit underhwleming right now – because we need to add per biome weather cycles, LUT values, detail models and other ambient stuff. Right now it’s just snow with snowy trees.

Impact Effects

I set up another tool for Petur to test the impact particles he’s making.

These impact effects are now in-game. Each collidable object in the world has a physics material assigned to it (wood, concrete, metal, flesh) and the effect gets chosen based on that. There’s two special cases to this.

First of all the Terrain. Because the terrain has splatmaps, and different textures we need to query to find out which texture it is (sand, grass, mud, rock, snow etc). Then we can choose a particle based on that. This is particularly important when it comes to footstep effects.. so we can have different sounds/effects base don the material the player is walking on.

Secondly, skinned meshes like the player or animals. The player pretty much always wants to return the Flesh material when they’re shot. But I’ve set it up so each bone and each clothing peice can return a different physics material. So for instance, if the time comes where we add a helmet, when you shoot a player in his helmet it will return a Metal material, and create a spark.

Animal LODs

Goosey has LOD’d all the animals! This means we will get higher performance and can do the mesh collision discussed in the last post!


I’ve been laying down a few documents for the artists/programmers to refer to. There’s probably no reason to hide them from the public.. so here take a look. They are totally useless to anyone without the source code, but I’m guessing someone somewhere will be interested in that stuff.

Boar Animations

Goosey has nearly finished animating the boar! Joke here about how animating is boaring!

Dan’s Wreck Head Tools

Dan’s been wrecking it with the tools. He’s finished the hammer and he’s LOD’d them all. They are ready.

Invert Y

A few guys were really really bitching about an inverted y option. Which is fair enough if you have accidentally learned to play games backwards I suppose. So if you need this, open the console with F1 and type “input.flipy 1”

Torch Animations

Alex has been cracking on with the animations for the torch.

Structure Work

We’ve been thinking about how the buildings fit together. We really want to get it right before we rush into anything so Scott has been doing a lot of prototyping. It’s the kind of thing that gets harder and harder the more you think about it.

Tom’s Stuff

Tom went on holiday.


After last week’s sprint I didn’t really expect to get much done this week. I expected to spend the whole week fixing, cleaning and refactoring. I spent a lot of time doing those things, but writing these blogs it always surprises me just how much we do get done.

I am considering making the server for Rust Experimental open to everyone. I can’t think of a reason not to do this. But I am scared that once it’s out it’s out. Even though technically I can render the server incompatible there will be hundreds of people renting out servers – and by screwing them I’ll also be screwing their customers, who are also our customers. So I want to be sure as hell that there’s no good reason not to openly distribute it before we decide to.



      Lord Exposition

    You guys should add spray paint cans that a player can use to lay down a tag. I think it’d be funny because of all the turf wars between bandits.


    I was wondering / hoping: Could the clothes tester thing be public eventually? just for people to muck around in and probably for mods I suppose


    KareemyWeezy youre rendering detail is at the bare minimum detail, everything is loading in larger polygons, turn the detail on your render higher, and everything will look smoother, including the background


    looks like Tom was here in Turkey :) . Which city was he i wonder


    I’m having this really weird glitch in experimental that makes every head I see (including mine) look stupid…even re-installing the game doesn’t fix. Anyone know a fix? Thanks.


    I hope they add werksherp integration for clothes n’ shit eventually.


    next step is a painting system with new tools: Paintbrush And Improvised Paintbrush/Lion’s Tail


    Salut à tous, j’aimerai souligner que Rust est un jeu qui, selon moi, a beaucoup de potentiel et que de manière générale, j’aime bien y jouer. Il y a cependant quelques détails fondamentaux qui me semblent négligé et qui changent la dynamique du jeu. C’est le but de mon texte. C’est strictement constructif afin que nous puissions tous profiter du plein potentiel de ce jeu!!!! :D Si ça vous intéresse, tant mieux, si non, tant pis! ;)
    J’aime ce jeu pour sa diversité! Elle est potentiellement attrayante mais reste encore dans le domaine abstrait. C’est une lacune qui est omniprésente et sa redondance n’aide en rien au plaisir d’y jouer. Dans les faits, elle est assez basique et prend des tournures plutôt extrémistes pour le genre de jeu qu’il se veut être… Un jeu “survivaliste” est avant tout un jeu où le joueur doit survivre dans un environnement et dans lequel il intérragie avec son environnement afin d’y fabriquer les outils pour s’y aider(à survivre). Je crois que nous nous entendons tous la dessus…

    Puisque tout les objets sont fabriqué à la main alors la grande précision, afin de rester réaliste, ne devrait pas exister et tout object qui demande une précision sous le milimètre ou le 1/64″ non plus, c’est logique. Autrement, pourquoi pas ajouter des licorne si nous sommes pour réinventer la roue!! Comme exemple concrêt, Rust est un jeu où tout les types de viandes s’appellent “chicken” par simplicité… mais dans lequel il est possible de fabriquer une panoplie d’armes modernes À LA MAIN avec un évantail divers de balle et le summum, des grenades… L’idée d’un jeu survivalisme se veut plus un FPS selon moi…
    Il y a aussi les difficultés et l’investissement de temps nécessaire à la fabrication d’un abris sécuritaire pour y mettre nos biens et les avoir en sureté de même que nous-même lorsqu’on dors par exemple… Ce qui dérange, c’est la facilité déconcertante de piller l’autre, de le tuer, de détruire sa maison, donc de ruiner des heures de travail en quelques minutes, voir quelques secondes. À quoi bon vouloir un jeu à saveur survivaliste si la seul satisfaction est de pouvoir tuer l’autre aussi facilement??
    Si l’intention est de prévaloir le PvP, ce serait bien d’aviser la communauté en ce sens mais si l’intention est d’en faire un PvE, il faudrait renverser un peu la vapeur car le jeu s’en éloigne tranquillement… Pour ajouter un peu de PvE, j’aurais mon 2c ;)
    Avez-vous considéré que les animaux pourraient acquérir des bonus d’attaque/dommage pendant la nuit? …qu’il seraient attiré par la lumière et attaqueraient s’il y a du mouvement(à partir d’une certaine distance)?  Que les joueurs actifs pendant la nuit pourraient appercevoir les animaux à une certaine distance par leur yeux brillant sous la lumière? Que la capacité d’un joueur à tirer(gun shoot/aiming) un autre joueur diminuerait en fonction de la distance ET de la luminosité, ce qui rendrait plus difficile de tuer un joueur le jouer et spécialement la nuit? Finalement, de considérer des facteurs physique plus réaliste et essayer de rendre au jeu sa saveur primaire qui était la survie avant qu’il devienne de plus en plus un FPS comme tout les autres jeu.
    Je crois que l’environnement devrait être l’ennemi premier à un point tel que les gens seraient porté à se regrouper pour survivre. Lorsqu’il y avait les zombies, les joueurs avaient tendance à se regrouper… Maintenant, ce n’est plus le cas car c’est facile de survivre seul et de casser la barraque des autres joueurs au point où ce n’est parfois plus agréable d’y jouer…(…et je ne parle même pas des hacker). J’aimais mieux un jeu dont la priorité était le survivalisme et où il était possible de tuer un autre joueur. J’aimais mieux ça qu’un jeu où l’importance est mise sur le thème FPS dans lequel il est possible de “crafter” quelques simples objects(all meat is chickens) et dans lequel la réalité n’existe plus(hand made M4…fuck right!) et dans lequel il y a plus de moyen de tuer et détruire que de moyen de construire et survivre à long terme…
    Je ne sais pas où sont rendu les développeurs dans leur charges de travail mais de revoir certains aspect fondamentale serait, selon moi, une idée judicieuse avant d’envisager de passer au niveau supérieur.
    Somme tout, c’est jouable et on peut y avoir beaucoup de plaisir mais ce plaisir peut se terminer rapidement et devenir frustrant au point de ne plus vouloir y jouer du tout dans certains cas. J’ai confiance en l’équipe de développeur et je sais à quel point leur charge de travail n’est pas une partie de plaisir à tout les jours. J’espère que mon humble avis sur une projection future du jeu Rust sera considéré de manière constructive et non comme une plainte. Je crois sincèrement au potentiel de ce jeu, votre jeu et j’ai voulu ajouter mon petit grain de sel dans ce que j’espère deviendra un jour THE GAME of the yrs!! ;)


    I realize that you guys are busy remaking a groundbreaking game, but I think you’ve glossed over one very important point. The reason I love Rust so much is because it is an MMO in which everybody else is meaningless. I like that every time I go outside, I can assume everyone is going to try and murder me. I like that I can treat everyone like the murderous savage they probably statistically are.

    The biggest part of this is that I can TURN OFF THE CHAT

    The only communication I am required to engage in with fellow players is the stupid things they say before complete death cuts off their voice. I love that I have no idea where I am, or where anyone else is or what their opinions are.



    I think the new version of Rust is damn near playable, but it NEVER will be for ME until I can turn off the chat with ease.


    I GAVE YOU $20



    Hello developers, please fix the bug with the video card, it only works 50 percent, although previously worked at 100 percent, because of this low fps.


    tom türkmü lan


    More patches experimental, more slowing my PC. gg


    Re: The guy listing hack locations….

    There will ALWAYS be hacks as long as there are players dedicated enough to the cause of ruining the player experience for everyone. 

    Sure, Garry and the rest of the devs could sit and patch out all the hacks for legacy that are around (which I’m sure they kinda do already) but to be honest, i say let them focus their attention on Experimental rather than spending time patching holes in Legacy.

    If you read through the comments, take note of how many players are begging for Experimental. Not so many going on about hacks for Legacy (this is the dev blog, not the forums – i am sure it might be different there).

    Anyway, that’s my 2c done for tonight.

    Awesome stuff Garry and The Devs. Keep knocking on the door of completion!


    Rust Hacks are still online –


    camachosj jdcole I agree with what you’re saying.  I was hoping you were reasonable and not one of those poor sods who never read the devblog or trello and game here to complain why experimental is so janky.
    So thank you for proving me correct on your being a reasonable fellow.


    Try our server, its a hacker free server, with a admin always online: 
    IP: net.connect 
     Sleepers On
    Has home command 
    We’re working on tp Command
    Pvp On


    Have you guys considered adding a repo or even a place for players to upload meshes/models/textures/photos of hot cheerleaders? 
    Might be cool to let the fanbase create for the game. And for those of us that use Unity, perhaps even custom making stuff to add to the asset store for you guys to use/abuse/destroy/love. 

    Rust is an amazing concept and even though zombies scare the shit out of me in games, i do kinda miss having them around to add to the challenge of Rust. YES i know players wanted them out, but maybe, just maybe, when you have launched a stable build of experimental and allowed players to run servers for it, you could add an option to Legacy server owners to re-enable the zombies in game? I know it might be a little too much to consider so far into the Experimental dev though.

    Your faithful Rustketeer,



    Guys, you should surely add birds and more animals. And some flowers, insects and plants. And a good thing to add would be rivers, swamps and lakes. And guys, I really hope these gonna be a way to plant trees ))))

      Jymi Newman

    Hi all,

    Wold be cool if you cold poop and pee too, wold work like hunger. If you do your “thing” you cant field no gun and so.. Just imagine the situations that this little crapy event cold cause if its a must… you know:P Please consider;)


    moygstar yeah man i definitely understand your point, i have faith it will be just as free of hackers as games like CS:GO once it’s released. it’s just discouraging to see such potential ruined by such chidish griefers. i’ve only invested in two early access games so far, rust and prison architect, and i have faith that both of them are great investment. if both of those games come through like i think they will, i will be supporting the staff that made them for years to come. i think we’re in a new age of pc gaming and i love it.


    Adding horses would be awsome! Imagine a naked guy with a rock riding a horse at you with an wierd facial expression.


    You have a lot of work to do! gj on the progressing!


    moygstar alkezar but i meant undeveloped for today of course the sten was, for example a great submachine gun but i wanted to say that instead of an m4, wich is imposible to be crafted hand made, they could implement a less developed version of rifle, as for example the ‘Straight clip revolver-like assault rifle”


    LukaLortqipanidze That would be funny as heck! Riding on a horse with some rusty trench gun with birds on your shoulders :P


    alkezar Yea dude the ‘Straight clip revolver’ wasn’t an ‘underdeveloped assault rifle’ more like an extremely useful and influential WWII weapon.


    Pls add new animals like a birds. horse or something)


    forvrv Hey dude I semi agree with you- yes the hackers are crap and do discourage me from playing the game.
        BUT, I have 100% trust in Garry providing us with a game with a small amount of hackers when it is actually complete- note, when starting rust Every Time, it says- ‘This game is in development blah blah, We might even totally change it…’ So, my number 1 comment- is that people should either: Play current version of rust until they are so bored they feel like hacking themselves (dont though), And 2- Don’t play rust at all until the experimental is in a good state!
    All this nonsense didnt occur previously when they were first making the game in alpha- People were pumped!
    think of it as a totally new game guys, it basically is….


    I liked the previous menu background much better. this is lame. :(

      Caesars Legion

    This game is only fun when you buy hacks for $25 and troll the faggot populace that defends it being “an alpha”. Then they see the light huehuehue ^_^

      Caesars Legion

    this game sucks dick


    refundplz alkezar thiago9936 the last comment box crahed and published and could not be edited so ignore that “Use a”.
    Well, a rocket launcher, use a pipe, block one of its holes, then u got the main piece.
    take 2 nails put it on the inside, at the blocked hole, make them not to touch but to be very close, build an electrical circuit with some wire found in trash and conect it to an electricity spark-producing gadget, like the ones you found on a button lighter ( u have completed the rocket launcher.

    The ammo is easy, weld 2 soda cans that should be a large cilinder with 2 capsules, make a hole in the bottom on both of them, glue a paper on the hole of one and fill that capsule with black powder. Inside the other can put whatever explosive u want or for example thermite, easy to make, so you now have an incendiary rocket.
    The last step is to put an igniter on the correct side that will make the explosive, well, explode. Im not bothering u with enginieering stuff but they are quite easy to do.

    And so it is. Insert the rocket in the pipe, the 2 nails in the bottom will pierce the paperaccesing to the gunpwder chamber, click the spark-producing gadget so the electricity will ignite the powder and the rocket will be shot. once it reaches the objetive the igniter will make it explode.

    This will be sooo innaccurate but depending on the quality of your crafting will be able to fly about 40 metres, so yes you can do a rocket launcher out of scrap (but it will probably blow you hands or something)


    RUST is better everyday, good work, but on my PC it runs slowly and slowly every day :( hope game will be better optimalized in future.. my PC is not so bad i think..


    Wait…. Tom is here in turkey? Can i meet him? I think my balls would look better in game..


    Use a


    i just wanted to say i bought this game this week and played it quite hard for about four days on an official (non experimental server and really got discouraged by the massive amount of hackers. i won’t be investing time in that again. your updates have given me a bit of hope for this game though and i plan on checking out experimental tomorrow, hopefully not as many hackers. it sucks to have someone just fly into your house and taking days worth of work with some snarky asshole comments as well. good luck garry & co.


    refundplz bioclone_ax45

    First, what modelates say to me nothing. I also know about how to modelate, texturize and make maps on a lot of games. (for exaple I did a little mod for DS3 which take more than 250h.

    Second… read my last message… Just was Early access… If you buy it on the wrong date its your problem… “oh they didnt say that  the entire game will be re-done when I purchase it”. YOUR FUCKING PROBLEM… did you read what they said there? “We will update the game every week” (like The Forest team do?).. No? then again. YOUR FUCKING PROBLEM.

    Dont pay before know release dates of the updates and later complain about they re not doing “what you though they were going to do” Thats its just stupid.

    Oh one last thing, So you enjoy EPOCH mod right? great, and tell me Are you crying also on the DayZ game forums? the game is so unplayable you need to use a mod to enjoy it?

    Same way there is a lot of modded servers on Rust, so you can also play to “unofficial updates”

    NOW, just to over, yeah, you make a lot of videogames, COOL, Now. You know how to program? because they needed to re-done al the code lines of the game… You got any idea about how it works? I guess no.




    You keep wasting all your time comenting here? To be Rust “so horrible” you dont do anything than complain about it…. Easy move, dont like progress? dont like facepunch? dont like the Game? thn just go away dammed… you pay 20$ not 70… Bf4 and this bugs were much worse and that was a released game…

    Second, One thing its early access and another one its kickstarter… when you bought the game was early access, so accept it. Was your choose, you pay, you did it wrong. Next time, just wait so we dont need to read this shit.


    vitaeca Time you enjoy wasting isn’t wasted time, and I’d love to play some Rust, but I shall be patient and wait til we get what we have been reading about. ^_^ If nothing else, Maybe the devs will see what has transpired here today and know that there is still one Rust player here who yet draws breath. Even if some of these other ungrateful fucks have given up hope *cough* @refundplz likes men *cough*


    DJREX  Dude, you are wasting your time arguing with someone named “Refundplz”, He is clearly set on being negative, meanwhile you could be playing Rust!


    LiamFrench Nindew21 That’s stupid, Liam.


    Nindew21 just press f2 in game and it will bring up graphics options to turn on and off


    refundplz alkezar thiago9936


    refundplz You need to grow some fucking skin kid…


    Leignheart Good post man! :)


    refundplz They’ve already stated they wouldn’t be touching the legacy branch of Rust, which means no updates for that. Also, it’s not their job to ban hackers on community servers, get some active admins for them or gtfo the internet.
    PS: Your implications are piss and you R a huge fagit kido.


    You guys really need to stop arguing about this game, you both sides have valid points. Yeah it sucks to buy an alpha and then have no updates to the playable version for a half year. But you know what? The reason is because they are building a new version of the same game that is so epic that I cant help but wanna play it right now. Ya know it was not an easy decision for them to just remake the whole game. I do agree they need to hurry so that they dont start losing people, but you also must remember that this stuff takes a little time, and that ultimately theses guys are just human beings, so cut em some slack. Everyone here should be able to have a discusion without name calling and all around nastiness. I hope this post helps you guys realise these things. Keep up the good work Devs, and rust players don’t give up on this game, cause it will be epic. I just know it.


    refundplz DJREX really dude, It was seriously just a way to try to explain that once you buy a product, you no longer have a say in what that money does. If you decided to buy a product that wasn’t complete yet, that’s your deal. It’s clear that you know very little about software development or game development let alone standard business practices. Most companies work on more than a single project, and most companies won’t tell you shit about what they’re doing. Facepunch tries to be as open as possible, hence the letting us know about their plans for another game and frequent developer update blogs.
    Also, there has been serious progress with the game. You might not see it if you never start up the experimental branch. If you don’t think that the proceduraly  generated terrain is sweet as fuck then you have issues man. But this shit doesn’t happen over night. It can get to a point of having too many people working on one project. 

    But really, quit being a little bitch and get over it. You are going to get your game, you just won’t get it right now, and if you didn’t know that when you purchased it, then you’re fucking stupid.


    refundplz Instead of listening to trash kids like you and giving people what they want, they are giving us what we need, which is a version of rust built from the ground up that they completely understand and can therefore update at a much faster pace with little to no problems with the existing game code. Still waiting to hear about these alleged games you have worked on, please tell me more how you’re a worthless excuse of redundant protoplasm.


    refundplz DjRave Hey what can i say i love rust and ive been previously excited for game but this one actually got me pretty psyched




    refundplz I love that you are contradicting yourself again, you bitch about them not updating, and then in the same post bitch about them updating. Pick one side and stick to it, you switch sides more than gays switch partners.


    DJREX refundplz GizmoRobin BlackKnight4L I stopped reading bullshit garry posts along time ago. Forums are much more entertaining.


    refundplz I’m still waiting to hear what alleged games you have worked on, cause personally, your so full of shit its leaking outta your mouth, so yet again I ask you, names and numbers faggot, or stfu and gtfo.


    DJREX refundplz Actually they can be upgraded. If my screen breaks i can repair it. If i my mic blows i can repair it. If my camera goes, well guess what? It can be repaired. In fact they can be upgraded to stronger parts. So guess what? I haven’t bought another one. 

    Its not ment to be taken seriously? Why say anything if its not ment to be taken seriously. He is in an interview talking up his new game. But i guess who takes these gimps seriously. They didn’t even take themselves seriously. “we didnt expect rust to sell this well” And stfu it wasn’t a metaphor.


    refundplz GizmoRobin BlackKnight4L The fact that you think are going to be rocket launchers is proof enough of your ignorance, its a hand held catapult of sorts that launches junk and debris, not some fucking explosive launching faggot machine. try reading before you spread your filth and ignorance all over the place like this is fuckin facebook or something.


    refundplz Your not qualified to make that judgement call mister I only played dayz twice, so I guess I know everything about it now. You don’t know shit about shit kid.


    alkezar thiago9936 What about this rocket launcher dude?


    Nindew21 DJREX refundplz  ^_^ seconded.


    refundplz DJREX Case in point faggot, thanks for proving me right. Just in case you’re too stupid to get what I was saying, you are the aforementioned bird in my previous comment. So here is a question for ya, what happens in a few weeks when experimental version becomes the main version huh? What will you do then? I’d give my left nut to watch the smug look on your 12 year old face drop into tears of butt hurt rage.


    DJREX refundplz guys stop,  your complaining over a new game, go ask Valve for Half life 3 that’s whats we need


    Great game three things, keep up the work, be able to burn with the torch, and the game is much more laggy, try to make less lag or add settings. Over all great job I congratulate you on your work.


    DJREX refundplz Most people here use reason and logic? HAHAHAH where were you a few months ago when almost EVERYONE was abusing facepunch? I guess that was reason and logic. Anyway can you ask mother dearest to take you to the docs? You must have a mental issue if you’re trying to play board games with birds.


    refundplz Too bad most people here use reason and logic, talking to you reminds me of playing chess with a pigeon, no matter how good you are at chess, the pigeon is still going to shit all over the board and strut around like it won.


    GizmoRobin BlackKnight4L How do you figure that? The gimps have rocket launchers and shit. Not modern. No worries mate.


    DJREX refundplz This game wouldn’t be around if it wasn’t for DAYZ. Lol. Fucken retard. They blatantly copied EPOCH mod which I only ever played twice. I don’t even own the standalone. In fact i haven’t even touched dayz in over a year. Why would I come here if i was butthurt over dayz? I would be on their forums doing the exact same thing rofl. Anyone with eyes would see this dev team is more worried about making money then making their customers happy. 30 million dollars later, 8 months later and we still see no baseline updates.


    refundplz Yes you would, faggots like you find any discrepancy that happens to suit your fancy at the moment and you bitch about it like anyone cares what you think. Maybe if you had something valid to contribute or actually made a decent suggestion then it would be another matter, but no, you bitch and bitch, and bitch some more with no end in sight just because your adolescent feelings have been bruised by the harsh reality around you. Oh and I’m sure you do all this work in the game industry… Let me guess, does your daddy work at Valve? I bet he does(sarcasm) So lets hear it then, what work have you done huh? I want names and numbers faggot, or stfu and gtfo.


    Audacity I paid my 20 bucks, i have all right to give my whinging feedback. I can’t stand the development of this title. Give me 20 bucks and I’ll gladly leave for good. I have more fun trolling these forums then I do trying to play RUST. The way i see it, these forums are giving me my 20 bucks worth.


    blackiron refundplz You have no clue, when i bought into rust last year it NEVER read that. That has been updated since they announced they are moving to a newer version of RUST. So, you know absolutely nothing you gimp.


    Audacity RoryBurke so the experimental is the actual “rust”?


    bioclone_ax45 refundplz I do freelance work you gimp. Read up a few posts before you make silly assumptions. WE PLAYED RUST FOR 2 MONTHS AND GOT BORED THATS WHY WE ARE ASKING FOR UPDATES YOU FUCKING RETARD. Have you forgot what happened with the first version? it was released last year, it got updates til around jan-feb. They then stopped and later on decided to make a new version of rust. Fucken gimp, take your head out of garrys ass.
    EPOCH Mod atleast works gimp. RUST doesn’t work for me and many other people. And when it did work it was plagued of hackers. We don’t want a finished game. We want some updates to what we purchased into. What about something to deal wit hthese hackers? Vac ban doesnt work for RUST. 3 months ago people were banned and came back on with the same account that read “1 vac bans on record” And the point of me comparing this with epoch mod, is that the idea of RUST was formed around EPOCH mod. Even down to the fucken zombies. Thats why they had to change the zombies out of RUST. Because the game was basically a nicer loooking EPOCH mod. 
    Looks like you don’t know how to make a game and were either paid by facepunch or just got your head up garrys ass.


    refundplz First off all apple products are broken products, can they be upgraded? If a part breaks on them can it be repaired? no? Guess ya better buy another one huh? It was a metaphor kid, its not meant to be taken seriously.. This is what happens when fucking 12 year old squeakers speak their minds. Let me tell you a secret that will help you for the rest of your life, try keeping your mouth shut, you sound much more intelligent that way. Better for people to think you a silent fool than for you to open your mouth and prove them right.


    YoureNotDevs refundplz BlackKnight4L mrevildr Sounds to me you have no idea how the game industry works. I do freelance work. Modelling, concept art etc. I know exactly what it takes to push updates out. To be fair mate, i don’t have 30 million dollars and 12 people working for me, then decide to work on other titles (console port and twin stick shooter) I would be making sure all my customers are happy with the work we are doing. Not 50% of people happy with their heads up the devs ass and the other 50% hate him and his game.
    I can make a judgement even if i wasn’t a developer. I fucken purchased it with my money. I can judge anything I want. Its called feedback. That’s the entire point of ALPHA titles. TESTING AND FEEDBACK.


    refundplz So go do it then, go play your dayz which is a 10xs more broken than rust and stop plaguing the comment section here with your bitching and moaning, no one is stopping you, no one is holding a gun to your head and telling you you have to play Rust.


    refundplz I love how you just contradicted yourself in the same post, you complain that Garry and his team doesn’t listen to the community, then you cite an example of him listening to the community and you bitch about that too. Make up your fucking mind kid.


    DjRave Seriously? Never been so excited? I feel sorry for you dude.


    Hammy the IV
    Garry would rather his community go play better games before he fixes shit the community wants fixed.


    minecraftman872 Seems like you’re having problems reading. People don’t want a finished title, or a “perfect game” as you would say. People want some updates, people want to be able to play the first version and mostly people want hackers banned. Experimental is useless for almost all of us. So we have 1 version to play and test. Thats the entire point of early access. Its basically a working ALPHA which gets tested and feedback is given. So how are people supposed to test, play and give feedback on something that doesn’t even fucking work? I could go play EPOCH mod on dayz and give them better feedback then i could ever give on a game that doesn’t work.


    vitaeca DylanMetzger Could of said NETHER cause that hands down shits all over RUST. If i want to build shit ill go play minecraft. If i want a proper survival game, i won’t be looking at RUST.


    vitaeca sea of stars Yikes, you like updateless games? At least this guy has some new ideas.


    gath No one wants it to be finished. People would like some bug fixes or hacker bans at the least you gimp.


    tehbillis Matty19324

    Actually the number of people working on RUST has decreased. What work has Tom done? Anyway Garry was comparing his company with APPLE. “Its like hating apple for working on the ipad with the money they made from the iphone” or some dumb shit like that. Sorry to say Garry, your idiotic comparison to one of the biggest companies in the world couldn’t of been more wrong. Firstly they were working on the ipad before the iphone. 2ndly they never released completely BROKEN products or software. APPLE did not release an ALPHA of their IPHONE, then completely neglect it to work on new projects. Enjoy making excuses up for these gimps. If i knew this dev team was going to perform like this, you think i would have bought a copy of RUST? Hell fucking no. Would of literally rather have thrown that 20 bucks in the bin then support facepunch.
    Also tehbillis, if you haven’t noticed. The development of the game has slowed dramatically. We went from fortnightly updates and bug fixes. To nothing for 6 months or so. You will now say “its alpha what do you expect” Well i expect bug fixes. I expect the game to be working. Just like when you goto their sale page OR VALVES guideline page for early access, we are purchasing into a working alpha. Not a broken pile of shit. Explain to me why a company who hasn’t even finished their GREAT HIT, wants to release other titles before it? Its not like they just threw a bunch of ideas together to come up with the idea of RIFTLIGHT. They spent a decent amount of time to work out what the game is going to be. All time that could of been spent on RUST. They’ve used their current dev team to come up with the ideas of RIFTLIGHT. Not new devs. So yes we would get it quicker if all the man power was set to RUST and not multiple titles at once. I support proper dev teams, who give the community what they want. You guys are so deluded if you think it takes this long to push updates with a budget of 30 million dollars+. Oh wait that 30 million is probably FARRRRRRRRRRRRRR less now then it was a few months ago. Still more funding then most of the early access games I own.


    the new branch is very slow on my mac though


    yay rust!


    refundplz anyone with eyes could see that the game is in active development.. Sounds like you’re just butthurt over dayz, but hey guess what? This game is rust, bet you didn’t cry like this when dayz’s shitty standalone was announced/released, get a clue for fucks sake.


    thiago9936 yeah sure so then there is no more survival, then there is a crafting like counter strike. huh -.-
    i prefer the m4 gone forever and having no more modern weapons, Rust needs to be more cavermen likeso it is, the actual bolt action rifle and maybe an “straight clip revolver-like underdeveloped assault rifle” like the metro’s 2033 “bastard”.
    its supposed to be hand made stuff, you barely can craft a revolver, you can barely craft a semiauto shooting rifle but im pretty sure you cannot craft a shinny and nice m4 out of refined metal you found inside a stone and you melted in an stone oven


    Você poderia adcionar mais armas de fogo como a p90 uma sniper nova e mais assalt rifle pistolas ….


    DylanMetzger Go play Alan Wake if you want to play a shit game about demons.


    sea of stars Yikes. On your way to becoming a serial killer.


    tehbillis Don’t even bother trying to explain things to people like that. We don’t want them playing Rust anyways! A great way to filter out the idiots is to let them think whatever they want so that they won’t play with us in the long run. PS: I love that your response ends in “For fucks sake.” Laughed so hard.
    Cheers mate


    Things are looking great guys. Keep it up!


    Matty19324  Did you even read anything about it? You look like an idiot who read the title of an article, made a snap judgement, and raged about it online. If you haven’t noticed, The development of rust has not slowed down, the number of people working on rust has not decreased, Facepunch is not asking for your money to fund a god damn thing. If you purchased this game, You were well informed of the state of the game when it was purchased, You were told it was actively being developed, in the end you will get the complete game at the same fucking time you would if they were not working on other projects. So calm the fuck down and read something once in a while. For fucks sake.




    I cannot believe it!’re making a new game!?!? and you have not even finished this newer version of rust yet? WOW ..and you’re asking people to fund for your new game…that is pathetic! and let me guess when you’re making this “new” game i bet you will want to make anther game and ask for more money! well i aint following the devs on this game no more …”survive the nights” will be the 1 survival game.


    «Ньюмэн, проводя аналогию с Apple, мол, это то же самое, что требовать от сотрудников «Яблока», чтобы те не тратили заработанное с продаж iPhone и Mac на развитие iPad.»

    нашел этот тупой амерекоз, чем пудрить мозги русскому? Apple продает готовый продукт, а прибыль тратит куда хочет.
    у меня другая аналогия, когда шабашник взялся делать ремонт, взял аванс в размере 100% оплаты,
    сделав скидку для заманухи, а потом не приходит на работу и берет новые ряды.

    был бы этот гарри поближе ко мне я бы его просто отпиздюлячил, чисто по русски.


    There are some real crybabies in this comment section. You paid for rust in an unfinished state, nowhere ever did it say a definitive finish date. You knew what was there when you bought the game originally, Steam accurately depicted it and if it didn’t you could’ve checked it out on youtube like I did. Be patient, wipe the tears away and suck it up, or suck on a car’s tailpipe, your choice.

      sea of stars

    i want hand cuffs, and kidnapping if possible maybe being able to knock players unconscious and dragging them into my jail house


    ахуевший гандон получил деньги и забил на проект, нахуя я покупал игру, когда там полно читаков, а то что сейчас ты рисуешь между делом и нарисуешь  через 3 года. пиздец ахуевшая америкосня.


    what i still don’t understand is why people expect a perfect game when it’s clearly STILL in development.
    they should stop obsessing over how much they THINK facepunch has done in the past few months and go back to their potato chip bags.


    Add ghost or phantoms that cone out at night and attack and the only defense is light :-D


    I want to be able to knock someone out with the back of my rifle. And rhen maby kidnapp the naked player :D


    Wow, I guess Tom is in Turkey. After Saklikent, he can visit Olimpos or Kabak village!


    If you want to complain, first learn to at least use proper English.
    Faults: Capitalization, Spelling, Punctuation


    refundplz BlackKnight4L

    You assholes.



    It takes one to know one asshole.



    Jesus Christ, you just don’t get it.

    You and your troller buddies can’t expect a finished game.
    It says EARLY ACCESS on the main bar.
    Go back to your mom’s basement you retarded sociopath.


    what if you added gas and gas torch and isolation from woold and moss and aluminium foil, the gas could be mined from caves inside the mountains or something like that. and the gas torch would light up much more then regualr torch and isloation would give the “comfy” buff in the house everywhere!! :D :D

      Hammy the IV

    Good job guys! Thanks for being so informal. 
    You are so close but so far and that creates tension in my butt cheeks! 
    None the less can’t fucking wait for this (version of the) game!
    Still got loads of hackers on original Rust though, maybe get an admin or summit? sick of having to play Day Z :P


    TheRedMenace_ 73iGG MacVERSIONFixPls My comment wasn’t in anyway elitist. Why should the devs be concerned with a mac version fix when the majority of people play the game on pc? It literally makes no sense to complain about any game not working on mac let alone an alpha game. Why would you buy a mac and then expect to be able to play games on it. That’s like if I bought a gameboy and wanted to play xbox games on it, yeah it plays some games but not all of them. It literally makes no sense.


    BlackKnight4L angry because your cheating mats dont work anymore. thats sad.


    Wow ive never been so excited for a game ever in life. God dam guys keep up the great work its coming out amazing so far. And ive actually got an idea of adding bikes into this while some people might disagree i think its a good idea for faster mobility in this game. Anyone agree?



    This early access game could considerably change during development. If you do not like the game in its current state, you should wait until the game has reached a more advanced state of development

    – need less to say!

    they’re still working on the SAME game, just using a different technology. you have no clue whats goin’ on!


    Great for the inverted Y, what about AZERTY keyboards ?


    dis gon be gud.


    The dev documentation sorta helped me out with stuff in unity




    This is going to be an awesome game


    refundplz looks like someone dont have any idea about how to make a game…

    You re the kind of people who just cant wait, And prefer to see updates in the current version instead wait a bit to get a much better and stable game. (and of course optimized) Yeah, we all want a fast developing.. but what do you wanna? a good game or just a fast release that you will be playing 2 months until you get bored?

    Next time, just dont go Early access… Oh, and Epoch mod? you should keep playing DayZ… so you can understand that that mod looks anything like rust. :P


    73iGG MacVERSIONFixPls OR you can leave him alone for being on a mac.
    Macs are fine and theres nothing wrong with them.
    I play on pc, no need to be a fucking elitist


    refundplz BlackKnight4L mrevildr If any of you complainers are actual paid devs I apologise, but if you’re not then SHUT THE FUCK UP. You don’t work for facepunch, so you don’t comprehend the working situations that the dev team work under, so if you want to complain about their work go and get a fucking job with them. You can’t make a judgement on their work if you can’t do any better yourself.


    BlackKnight4L They say IN THE TITLE SCREEN that it will change as the devs see fit. It’s still an alpha. That menas it’s going to change. Besides, the new RUST is going to be better in every single aspect. Less modern shooter, more survival :) And f*cking AWESOME graphics!


    thechosenone729 You honestly expect to just be able to open Rust in the Unity IDE?



    refundplz Obvious troll is very goddamn obvious.

    “Twin  stick shooter”


      Rusted Iron

    Project ORION BlackKnight4L dude you replied to the wrong comment i never said anything about what you said.


    You’re just a fucking cynic. If you don’t like the development of the game, how about you fuck right off?


    I honestly can’t wait for all the features you all have been posting becomes open to the public. You guys are making great progress to a great game, but at least implement some features into the game soon.. Rust gets kinda old after the same thing for months haha.. anyways great job and keep it up!


    refundplz GTbrawlers iEatedYourCookie At the end of the day most of the inspiration now comes from the supportive community which he built when he made a hit game like Garry’s Mod which netted him this “30 million” which he can now spend developing this game. He knows the recipe for success and you have nothing on it that’s why your resorting to calling it a shit DayZ mod now. All DayZ before the standalone was shit, Breaking Point was where it was at for ZS but this has nothing to do with zombie survival now so it can’t even be compared.

    Enough trolling now, we got your point the first time you tried to make it.


    mrevildr Dw man they only copied epoch mod and made some tweaks. Game will never go forward until they come up with their own ideas and finally release content.


    A looting animation should be added like a hand swipe of picking things up like in the last up us.


    This game should have been put on kickstarter and not early access. The early access title is getting completely neglected and no one can play. I mean if you enjoy playing the exact same game for 8 months and dealing with hackers on every single server, then you might enjoy this game. But the game gets no updates, devs stopped caring about this “old version” and the game is broken itself in so many different ways. You copied EPOCH mod and tweeked it to be a little different, such a great dev team. If i knew you were going to fuck around with this title for 8 months I wouldn’t have bought into this crap.
    ALSO good work spending the money you made from RUST on other titles. This stupid looking twin stick shooter and this console port. Thanks for fucking your original backers over. Waste of time, waste of money.


    MrMickRi Thebestbev You’re clearly retarded. The game was underdeveloped when it launched and still made 30 million +.


    Thebestbev 20 timex more then any other dev team? HAHAHAHHAAHAH garry are you writing this stupid shit yourself? Or are you paying idiots to suck your asshole?


    Project ORION BlackKnight4L I totally agree with you BLACKNIGHT4L these other fuckheads think its totally acceptable for them to change one game into another. If i knew I was buying into a game that was literally oging to change into ANOTHER game or a game that got no updates for 8 months I wouldn’t have bought into this alpha. Also audacity stfu. If you read steam guidelines before they amended them, it said we were purchasing into a WORKING alpha while our feedback will be closely listened to by the developers. None of that has happened with this shit dev team. We have devblogs cause thousands of people cried, not because garry listened to us. Keep sucking the devs balls fellas. Enjoy your updateless game. Enjoy your devteam working on other titles with the money they made from rust.


    GTbrawlers refundplz iEatedYourCookie Pitty i only feel like this with rust. I own 5+ early access games all of which get updates, all of which get bug fixes, all of which get antihack updates. Anyway keep supporting this useless dev team all of you. Maybe if they didn’t spend so much time on a console port or this stupid twin stick shooter garry announced we would see updates. So early access games are fine fuckhead. Its this developer team which isn’t. But if you read the guidelines and not just suck garrys asshole you would of read we are buying into a working alpha which will get updates and community feedback will be listened to. You do realize how long people were asking for a devblog, and only cause thousands of people were crying GARRY finally did it. These cunts are useless. Give me 30 million and watch me put this putrid rip off from dayz EPOCH MOD to shame. But I’d rather all


    bioclone_ax45 Developers, If you implemented this feature I would buy this game again, tell every friend i know to buy this game, make a facebook page and promote the hell out of it. If youput an interactive cave system Like bioclone stated this game would hands down be the best game i’ve seen in a long time. ( i already like it)

      Project ORION

    BlackKnight4L First the proof that they are adding features to the game are obvious. you get a devblog every week. You don’t get to use these new features yet because they want to make sure that all of the features are working  in the next iteration of the game. Second if you read the devblog  when they announced the “new game”, when they tried to correct a problem it would mess up three other things. So it would be easier to start over with a few working building blocks than to fix all the problems that kept popping up. thirdly its not going to be a new game its going to be a “reboot” if you will. and who are you to try to tell these people who are working very hard at their game , to tell them that they are making the wrong choice. shame on you.


    You paid for an Alpha, you got an Alpha. The game is still in Alpha. Problem?


    Keep up all the fantastic hard work your doing! Ignore the ignorant over-opinionated fucktards trying to bring you down!  Your doing a great job and I cant wait for the eventual release!


    Group system / optional friendly fire with friends.



    Should have done a TL;DR. Anyways hard to scale cave systems are something I’ve not seen in games other than in minecraft, maybe adding makeshift ladders would be good for this if they weren’t too OP.


    im tired of these whitenights trying to give the
    impression that they are somehow more civilized because they choose to
    ignore the obvious short comings of the game and the team. the fact is
    the moment they started selling they stopped adding anything worthwhile
    to the game, infact they made it worse and then hide under the pretense
    of weekly fake updates for essentially an entirely new game. no one
    spent money on this “new game” we spent money on the old one which you
    people immediately neglected after robbing the steam community. say what
    you will “beta this” and “patience that” but the fact remains there has
    been no updates for the current game we all play and week after week we
    here about a game no one has even seen outside of “experimental” which
    is the equivalent of an Eternal Death Slayer 3 alpha. if they had
    entered this “experimental” ie the real game we apparently purchased
    into early access they wouldn’t have sold even a small fraction of what
    they did. eat my shorts


    Hatebeard Toms a good guy… he just left myspace to join rust leave him be


    Destro9 Audacity I think hes referring to the “BIG” update as in every game that comes early access has one big update that overhauls the game from minimal to interesting a lot of games have had them with out actually announcing it. Infestation , Nether , Day Z the likes of all them will get big updates in which a dev won’t announce but just upload .


    HiandMe123 Dude this has to be the stupidest comment i’ve read in all my years, the games 100% functional for me. Servers are fine minimal lag and everything thats in game now works.


    JoshuaBlanch Wheres the survival aspect ? it would be cool if you had a SPM for testing maybe. not on a serious level though


    Thebestbev @mrevildr  your full of shit dude this is probably one of the best dev progression i’ve ever seen. If you knew anything about game development you would know yourself that a dev team that throw in undeveloped items destroys a game, They’re keeping us updated in interested in whats to come for future rust. if you haven’t noticed this is an alpha early access game. Each dev has their goals and there sticking to them as well compare do the like of Day Z who release a half modded game in which the modded version is 100% better.


    They’re posting it right here…..what do you want? They can’t just implement it immediately into the game without doing checks…’s 20 times more than any other dev team I’ve seen. And all with a small team…..just because they sold so well in a early access doesn’t instantly grant them a bigger time and more time in the week to get everything done. Give them time, it’s looking great.


    Thebestbev Admirable that they’re posting all of this supposed progress but no one is ever seeing it. Yeah right.


    Seems to me like you’re progressively making the game worse and worse and just keep going backwards. And Tom doesn’t deserve a fucking holiday.


    tom sucks man seriously


    Just so you know, you guys are really awesome. All this progress is incredible, and what’s even more admirable, you are continually keeping us up to date with how you’re spending you’re time, all while listening to what the people who bought your game are interested in. If triple A developers were an eighth as responsive as you guys then there’d be a hell of a lot more outstanding games out there. Thanks again RUST devs!!


    d00ds i rly needit


    How to open rust reboot in unity ? i must download it or what ? :D


    we can see that there is going to be the option of wearing gloves!, so why not make some sort of brass knuckles?


    Looking good, also, mayhap you should make it so that people have the option to use the old Rust map or make a new procedurally generated map.


    malteg8 Audacity Destro9 This Game is Already Great. i Already played over 230 Hours, and its still Fantastic. And when i see Whats coming i cant wait. and this arent only ideas. as you can see they Are already having The models. This game already got more features than any other Early Access Game out there. So Shut up


    TheRobertRobBob Stfu you dumbass.


    Audacity Destro9 In March they started this weekly updating bullshit. 4 weeks ago Garry said they were extremely close to putting out dedicated servers. Now he just keeps fucking pushing. They’ve been working on the god damn wolf animation and art for 4 weeks, and keep adding pictures of ideas that COULD be implemented, but noooo. More ideas, give them more ideas. HOW ABOUT YOU START ADDING SOME OF THAT SHIT INTO THE GAME ALREADY? Its been fucking 12 weeks. You said 4 weeks ago you were so close and by next week you would probably have everything as stable and the same as the original version. Nope. Logged on, the game is shit. Cant do anything. Who the fuck builds an Alpha inside an alpha anyways? We didnt know you were going to fucking make an entirely new game from scratch? Why the fuck dont you refund those who want a refund since you aint updating the original game which is what we all paid for. EARLY ACCESS ALPHA, we expect some fucking options. Not a new fucking game, refund us and maybe we will buy your “new” pile of fucking shit. This comment will probably be deleted, since nobody, not even Mods can take shit for “REAL” criticism. I mean seriously, you did more shit to the old version in the time span it was being updated than to the new. STOP ADDING SHIT AND FUCKING FIX SHIT AND GIVING US PICTURES OF SHIT YOU THINK WOULD BE COOL TO ADD. “I got a lot of shit done this week” Garry you fucking say tat every week. Look at all the progress a 1 man Developed game is making compared to your shit. Money Whore.


    notsobrown98 Hatebeard These Things arent That hard to make. the Scope looks nice. the Rest is too Easy. i dont know much about Blender. but im able to make Things like These


    This game is going to be INSANE!!!!!!! In early stage the game has a lot of great features!!


    Every heard of formatting text, I couldn’t even make it through the first 10 lines.


    JustSomeTallBloke DavidLindstedt

    LOL, I think he just wanted the experimental version to be implemented…. the wrong thing its that he have not though that all items and codding must be re-done so the experimental version could be playable and not just like the “experimental version servers” (boring)


    Please, think about add a “special kind of caves” that will be intended for hard PVE mode (also PvP if 2 groups meet inside or something)

    The idea would be like a “mini-missions” to get some loot at the end for who survives (if somebody does it), you can do larger “caves” and with more NPC enemies to do harder ones, and shorter with less enemies to do easier ones. (like a dungeon)

    You can add this way for example something like old underground bunkers, caves where lives bears or other animals. Harder places should have a better or increased loot (example, imagine one cave with bears, at the end of the cave you find dead bodies (that bear should had killed and bring for eat into the cave) that contain some minor loot.

    Harder “Dungeons” could also had traps, require some special items (for example to open a door, or to repair anything to continue the way, maybe even you will require charged batteries to enter into a military bunker? Also You can add any kind of “bosses” here, not really bosses, just more like a more dangerous enemies (in the bear cave example I use, you can add at the end one “Alpha Bear”)

    How to balance/control how many people get in the “Dungeon” (to prevent that on one cave that can be done with 4 players enter 30) you can add different ways. I think about add into all of this “Dungeons” entrances anything like a corridor where players must enter one by one. then you can add a system where if you put a player limit, and anybody tries to enter when this have been reached, anything happen (animation) that makes impossible to enter. (for example, limit 4 players. When the fifth tries to join in some rocks fall down and block the way.) *also can be done things like: the floor breaks, one rope bridge gets broken, etc…

    *The people who enter in the area should need to find another way to get out (alternative exit) that should be at the end of the “dungeon” the idea would be that this exit appears on top of any mountain close of the main entrance of the “Dungeon” (the one can get blocked) This alternative exit should allow only to leave the dungeon and not to enter it (can be done something like the main entrance to do it)

    *Inside this kind of caves or near the entrance/exit shouldn’t be possible to build structures.

    *The best would be that the entrances and exits would be procedurally generated around the map, only on the sides of big rock formations. The “dungeon” interior can be pre-made or procedurally generated as-well. (Dungeon entrances should work something like a teleporter from the Main map to the “dungeon map” like Skyrim for example. I think its the best way to prevent additional load for surrounding players near the caves location. Also would be cool that if you think about add something like this, you make the dungeon entrances appears homogeneously on the map.

    *If max players join to one dungeon and main entrance “gets locked” when all players leave the area (or die all) the dungeon should disappear from the map. blocked main entrance model should decay over time until it disappears. If the entrance don’t gets locked by max players I think still should be on the map.

    I know the game’s strong point its PvP, as it should be, but I think this expand possibilities and  variety.

    Sorry If you cant understand anything of this I tried to explain this the best way I was able to.

    Regards and keep working hard ^^


    GTbrawlers Audacity JoshuaBlanch Maibe a creativ mode I guess? I think just to learn mechanics & try different buildings configuration should be nice and easy to add in-game.


    icerain grass.on false    Just saying in my opinion it makes the game look a lot nicer and if people can do that then someone hiding in the grass won’t do squat so that may need balancing to some degree to make hiding possible.


    NinjaNugget You can make leather by putting cloth in a furnace, fighting bears is pretty easy (2-3 arrows). All the pre-made food like granola bars, chocolate and tuna are pretty crap stat wise so I don’t know why you want it anyway and its the apocalypse so it should be hard to come by. The weapons their implementing are far better than that in legacy and it isn’t hard to find a pistol, I’ve killed a few bears and got blueprints for 2 different types of pistol in my first 2 hours of playing.

    If weapons actively spawned in crates then the game would be over a lot sooner than you think as it’s 1 less thing to work towards.


    refundplz iEatedYourCookie You really shouldn’t buy early access games if you can’t handle waiting. I have about 10 games on steam, early access titles which I can’t even play till next year or refuse to play now due to their limits and I’m prepared to wait and I know I won’t invest much more in early access because of it.

    You haven’t been screwed over as the time its taken rust to be rebuilt from scratch and more (likely 3 times), DayZ has seen 2 updates. Now I like both games but the development of Rust is a hell of a lot better than other alpha AAA games.

    In addition, I find the legacy version of rust actually good with barely any bugs, especially non that are game breaking and I will continue to play it for a good two months or so until Experimental is all caught up and better.


    Audacity JoshuaBlanch Couldn’t agree more. The biggest threat in all survival games are other players, there is no AI script for them, you don’t know how they’ll act whether its friend or foe.

    Also single player would be really boring and slow, just saying but usually I would encourage a single player in this sort of game but I don’t think it would work out with the limited content at the moment.


    ChuckoMay GTbrawlers I like the idea but the way the map works now with cells it would be hard as hell to actually work without increasing FPS and lowering map size.

    Also it shouldn’t really make them harder to kill, maybe just make them actively seek the player more, be it they get agro at a further distance or move away from their pack more.


    JoshuaBlanch Why? Other players are the largest threat in Rust. Without them, it wouldn’t be Rust?


    Audacity NWA How about a boat that crashes onto the shore?


    pin70 krikke93 Gumis78 We do not need voxel terrain, but intricate, maze-life cave/tunnel systems would be great. They’d be even better if you could build in them. Watch people build forts in the caves, others get lost in the caves, and others attacked by monsters in the dark of the caves.


    Hollow Voices They should make signal lasers. Lasers that, for comedic purposes, are completely visible in the night sky as pointers. Use them to signal friends or alert enemies. Make them difficult to produce and have a short lifespan. Watch them light the night sky and ruin someone’s day.


    FelisSilvestris Audacity Avoid Windows 8 like the plague. Wait for the next Windows. Windows One. It’ll come with OneDrive and be compatible with Xbox One games for the all in One experience comparable to crap taking a crap.


    You need to add an option for players to be able to play rust in single player without needing a server.


    Neerovra I’d rather have a Hollywood Video than Blockbuster. Blockbuster sucks with their short rental times and high prices!


    JayDudez I’d rather have a Hollywood Video than a Blockbuster. Blockbuster sucked with their short rental times and high prices!


    Looks amazing! Rust is the perfect solution for a survival type game, the other games seem to miss so many features that Rust already has in an Alpha stage. Keep up the good work!


    ManJelL It needs to return without an option to disable it. Especially if this game ever sees Oculus Rift and Virtuix Omni.


    ChuckoMay GTbrawlers
    is a survival game. What happens to the other creatures being tracked
    around the map, assuming they aren’t randomly generated when a player
    approaches nearby, who fail to come in contact with players? You will
    have a whole mess of crazed beasts! It would be easier to just randomly
    generate crazed beasts. Every once in a while, a monster of a beast will
    spawn. It is a much simpler solution to your proposed notion.


    I want to play the reboot version noooooww! :) just had a gunfight in the dark on experimental and the bullet trails in the dark made it intense :)


    I really think it would be a good idea when (or if) you guys add in bikes or broke down dirt bike. being able to pop the tires skidding out being shot off If another player is in car or another vehicle can be able to ride up next to you and if you press F you push them off (skidding and falling off or out and like flipping to the side. I really hope you guys read this comment and take it into consideration keep up the god work I check this blog every Friday like its Christmas with you guys.


    refundplz Rust launches fine for me, as it does for thousands of others of players. The reason for there being no updates is because the experimental branch has been built completely independent of the legacy version. You are getting updates, the game had to be rebuilt first. I thought the entire point of the dev blogs was to let people like you know that.


    You know guys… just SHUT THE FUCK UP and wait.


    iEatedYourCookie refundplz You know how? If you read the valve guidelines before they amended it to suit developers and valve themselves you would of read that they said it was a WORKING alpha. This is the only alpha title that I own that gets NO updates and is actually broken. So many features are fucked. The most broken is not being able to even launch the game lol. Don’t make me list whats broken with this game right now. You know its broken, and all of the survival early access games I bought into have bugs, but they are not completely broken like rust. 

    I don’t feel screwed with any other early access game I have except rust. Anyway enjoy the same game you’ve been playing for the last 8 months.


    Destro9 Did they ever say there was going to be a ‘BIG UPDATE’?

    As far I was aware, it was going to be incremental each week…


    OGLink I don’t think they’ll be keeping spectator mode passed basline…


    refundplz Did you just say… Broken Alpha?


    refundplz When you purchased the game you were told that everything would change, that the game was in alpha and some things won’t work, etc. I don’t see how anyone got screwed.


    GTbrawlers  You gave me an idea… suppose there was a small code for animals… the less they eat, the more ferocious…. (Nothing too extra, just a small code saying if they havent hurt/killed any players in awhile, they become more and more harder to kill as well as more and more harder to avoid).  Use something basic like a brighter red glow in their eyes so we will know when that change happens.
      Just a thought


    “We moved a shitload closer to baseline this week.” Did you really Garry? 
    “and by screwing them I’ll also be screwing their customers, who are also our customers.”
    You’ve already screwed us over with this broken alpha.


    I just have to say that you guys do an amazing job, both with the game and keeping your fans informed I don’t think I’ve ever seen a game developer- or anyone for that matter keep their customers in the loop like you guys do.


    blackarm_org GTbrawlers I’m sure in a survival situation or game melting snow into a container wouldn’t be much of a problem, of course there would be rads involved in the game.


    Hey man you gotta do what you gotta do to survive. Besides yellow snow is so tempting to drink.


    GTbrawlers I really hope you don’t eat/drink snow in real life.


    Hopefully with winter comes benefits of living in the cold, aka it may be so cold that people need to wear clothes to go through without risking hypothermia (cold damage).

    That way it may be harder to live there but easier to defend. Obviously easier to get water too as there’s snow about that you can melt but you can’t plant crops (If that’s a thing) and the animals will less likely be mutant but more ferocious as food is more scarce, or maybe more common due to no mutants taking it all or for them to face as they can’t really eat a mutant can they.


    i believe spectate mode will be used to see other peoples bases, find a fix to that because if you can find where some person is… that is going to be a huge issue to hidden bases, locations, etc. find a fix but otherwise the content is great!


    funwithderp TheRobertRobBob You both need to read the previous devblogs.  Leignheart is correct.  Don’t post without knowing the full story.


    Hatebeard I really hope he’s not an employee. I always see that stuff and just figure he’s making it in his spare time for free.


    MacVERSIONFixPls Or you could you know not be a dumbass and play it on pc like the mass populous.


    Wow. Its amazing to see how the development is going forward.. Never seen such great graphic combined with survival. 
    Hope we will have great time running around in the forest and snow biomes searching for food to survive. Until now, it still looks a bit messed up but the development is great anyways. Regular information about whats going on is very rare nowadays and I am proud to be part of this community.


    Garry and the rest of you… Please fix mac version! On expiremental the menu stops working in about 30 seconds if you dont keep chat or menu open. I know its test version but this doesn’t happen on windows version. And the poor fps, i got recommended mac specs… And what i have read from past devblogs you have only one dude  doing the mac version ask him about these! Please You who’s reading play this on mac, yourself…

    20 dollars….


    When is the BIG UPDATE Coming??


    smoke grenade , binoculars


    TexasToast5Life It was like that in legacy versoin


    Hopefully Tom will see someone else sitting at his desk after comming home from vacation because this guy is kind of a joke. A summary of Tom’s great work according to the devblogs:
    -Devblog 4: “Tom made a hammer.”
    -Devblog 5: This is where
    Hopefully Tom will see someone else sitting at his desk after comming home from vacation because this guy is a big joke. A summary of Tom’s great work at facepunch studios according to the devblogs:
    -Devblog 4: “Tom made a hammer.”
    -Devblog 5: This is where I bashed my F5 button hoping to find anything. Apparently it was not my browser deceiving me but apparently Tom’s section was empty. – Another week of  vacation?
    Devblog 6: “Tom, desperate to restore his reputation, has been working on a rocket launcher model this week.” – Apparently Tom has already built on his reputation of worst employee ever.
    Devblog 7: “Tom is still working on the rocket launcher” – Ofcourse he is.
    Devblog 8: Yet another image of a rocket laucher. (One he probably made the first week) still no word on progress – I guess this modelling is real *rocket* science,  get it, get it?
    Devblof 9: No words om Tom’s stuff. – probably still on vacation.
    Devblog 10: “Dan and Tom are at war. It’s a contest to see who gets the most stuff in the Friday Update. This week Tom won. Unfortunately he doesn’t get a trophy because the 3 months he spent on the rocket launcher has ruined his average.”  – Apparently Garry also starts to notice Tom’s job at facepunch is more like a paid vacation than anything else.
    Devblog 11: “Tom’s been removing all the polygons he added 6 months ago” – Alright fair enough this might have filled his week after comming back from vacation… I’d say somewhere around Tuesday?
    Devblog 12: Again no work from Tom. – I guess that these 3 days of actually doing something burnt him out)?
    Devblog 13: “Tom has been playing with his white black guy. His penis is small. Then he drew on his face.” – The model is alright I guess, the facepaint looks horrible, bro do you even MSPaint?
    Devblog 14: Again nothing on Tom’s stuff. – I guess Tom was still playing with his imaginary friend, who’s just as invisible as his contribution.
    Devblog 15: Again a lot of work done, nothing by Tom though. – I guess Tom went on another vacation,  this time with his imaginary friend.
    Devblog 16: No Tom.
    Devblog 17: Tom’s not the only one being able to make a hammer,  Dan did a pretty nice job at it! Still no Tom btw.
    Devblog 18: Tom made a picture with his dog! – Quite an achievement it seems, at least he made something!
    Anyways as far as I could tell he’s not a parttime employee, so please Garry if Tom’s job is to go on vacation and do nothing I’d like to fill in his place. I’m pretty good at doing nothing and reading devblogs, and of course I’m a real pro at MSPaint!
    TL;DR: Tom made a hammer, that’s all.


    Leignheart TheRobertRobBob They said theyll make the SERVER open to everyone, so people can host experimental servers. Leignheart, you hippocrite, read the post.


    TheRobertRobBob What?! Are you dumb? Serious question. Did you seriously comment on this page without reading the devblog? They said they might make the experimental version the main version right now. Not a year from now. Freaking read things before you just post.


    Please dont get rid of cities like to get leather you have to risk your life like fighting a bear and granola bars would not be accessible or tuna or chocolate. And I know you guys want to get rid of military weapons but it would be nice to find at least a pistol once in a while in one of the weapon crates. Please take my ideas into consideration.


    krikke93 Gumis78 To be able to dig they would have to make a entirely voxel based terrain, something like in landmark, and trust me you don’t want that, my gtx 680 struggles at 20fps in landmark cause the game is so frigging awesome, you can make caves etc so realisticly, but you don’t want that in rust cause i doubt most people that play it would have a computer good enough to actually run it in a playable amount of fps


    dcakilla Well said sir, well said. especially your last garry quote made me cry a little bit.


    I want this game to fully release already! but I’m guessing that’s not going to happen for another year. :(


    Nice update. Can’t wait till release :)




    please change the fire back! the new fire hurts my eyes, its horrible! the old one looked really good and calming. the new one is just completely mad


    night vision helmet


    Hey, Forskaten! I’m not a dev, but i know a lot about beta’s/alphas as i’ve been doing them long before the paid alpha experience. It looks like they’ve adjusted a lot of their shaders/models, so yes, the game will be a -Little- more intensive then the legacy version. If they port it to the new Unity then it’s more up to that engine, and i heard there will be better performance for more visual intensive games. Unity wasn’t used a lot for good GFX at first, but they’re very big on optimization of their engine, and from what I’ve seen on the devblog so is facepunch. Also note the exp. branch is NOT optimized at all, probably not even close to a fourth of the legacy. It’s hard to wrap your head around the idea, that this is a BRAND NEW GAME. From the ground up essentially, yes, Garry and co. are insane, but luckily we loved their alpha(might as well call it tech demo and reveal of what Rust was about) and they got enough cash to make the game amazing. I never owned Garry’s Mod, as the basic premise i didn’t really get with, but I know Garry is faithful to his fans and he works forever on games to make them right. He seems like a perfectionist, which can be good or bad, but he seems like  the good type, knowing there is always something to improve, but knowing what is in his limits and not botching an entire game/idea by trying to do to much. It really worried me when they announced no more legacy updates, i thought we weren’t going to see anything for a year or more, nor hear anything, but they’ve impressed me a lot. This team knows what they’re doing, and once the new version of Rust is playable i think it will reign over the rest of the “Survival” games. All of them are the same, but Rust really shined even just in legacy. Cutting out the zombies, and clogging the map with people cuts the bullshit, and makes the game focus on the best part of the genre(which is subjective), emergent player driven gameplay. People may hate KOS, griefers, ect, but this is what made DayZ famous, not zombies, not even survival(though it played it’s role such as zombies did for it). I have faith that this new Rust won’t suck, and I haven’t even tried the EXP branch yet!, waiting till Garry says “Hey, it’s pretty playable and stuff, 20 percent ready! Wouldn’t buy if you want full game but HEY come shoot some people and build some stuff! maybe see a wang or two!” and i’ll jump in and test for them.


    But but just about everyone that plays rust is a complete psycho already. I just hope the dangerous animals are a real threat then you wouldnt have to add any silly gimmick mentioned above.


    Please dont!


    Hey, i really enjoy your work in the new version of rust, but for some reason the “new” rust is very laggy for mac, it is heavier than the older version? Keep the good work


    For some reason, all the new animations for the animals it says they are corrupted files, and am not able to watch the. :(


    smoke grenade , binoculars


    Please add head bob back!


    Tools are so cool, but if you could do some custome tools… hard to explain, let’s divide the tool in 3 part the handle, the middle the head, so when players have less material they make tools with an iron head, and a wooden middle… something like that would be really cool and not VERY hard to make.


    The most annoying thing in Rust is currently the drifting on hillsides, rocks etc.
    And secondly that corpses don’t flat the grass around it so it’s not easily possible to find them.

    Just some small things to keep in mind ;)
    But great work so far! The experimental already is a lot of fun to play.


    Stay current with Rust Updates…


    Tom’s Stuff is the best! :D


    Gumis78 Zombies are gone and will never return, which is a good thing imo. There are way too many zombie survival games already.
    Also, rust isn’t minecraft. I’m already amazed they added caves, but making your own holes into the ground is never going to dig its way into rust. (pun intended)

    Maybe being able to make a cellar for your home, but nothing further than that.

      Vladumir Ptin

    I’m quoting aswell since I absolutely adore most of the ideas listed here:
    “If zombies are gone for good, can we have enemy NPC Rusters?  I’d love to go into Big Rad and have a randomly equipped tribal / psychopath lunge out of a building at me.

    I’d like to play Rust as a single player game with a daily influx of enemy NPCs.

    Also, consider an NPC zone.  E.G. small military base remains.  A group of 50 NPC soldiers are holding it down and it would take a mass movement to infiltrate or attack it.  Or a tribal settlement.  The occasional random spawning hut with a nutcase inside.  A cult.  Ninjas.  Robots ( somebody else mentioned this and I liked it! )  Mechwarriors. Goats. Fainting goats. Pygmy goats.  Fainting pygmy goats.  Pirates.  Aliens?  Spaceships.  Vikings.  Space Vikings.  Elves or dwarves.  Dragons.  A group of 5 teens and a talking dog that solve crimes.  Aggressive chickens.  Exploding chickens.  Huge apes/ gorillas.  An analyst/ therapist. Trainable spider monkeys/ chimps.  Flying cocoons. Brain upgrades ( like the schematics) that slightly alter your base stats, Rad resistance, etc.  Or a skill tree ( the more you run the better you get at it ).Binoculars / telescopes/ spyglass/ zoom scopes.  Compasses.  Maps ( in fragments to be collected, perhaps). 

    I am really excited about character customization and female Rusties. 

    I am the last person to suggest cash shop options typically, but I would pay $US to have more cool clothes, hair, eyes, skin, etc.  Maybe even Sims3 sliders!!

    Shields that can block bullets?
    Nazi spies.
    An old decayed Blockbuster video store.

    A language translation option to let people in your clan ( or whatever) hear your voice mic clearly and all others hear gibberish or clicking sounds.


    Radioactive craters ( ala meteor or nuclear war ) with rare materials inside, if you can only get it without radding out.

    Backpack  upgrades.
    Speed items ( like +10% running speed with quality footwear )
    Make running naked in the wood scratch people up ( minor damage )
    Skinnydipping Steam achievements.

    Ok, I’ll stop for now.”


    And my new idea is to add thing that you will be able to dig in the ground or make your own caves like in minecraft or tunnel into rock. That’ll rocks.


    I want zombies back!


    will be good if you add an agricoltur system where player are able to farm food !


    I quote here:
    “If zombies are gone for good, can we have enemy NPC Rusters?  I’d love to go into Big Rad and have a randomly equipped tribal / psychopath lunge out of a building at me.

    I’d like to play Rust as a single player game with a daily influx of enemy NPCs.

    Also, consider an NPC zone.  E.G. small military base remains.  A group of 50 NPC soldiers are holding it down and it would take a mass movement to infiltrate or attack it.  Or a tribal settlement.  The occasional random spawning hut with a nutcase inside.  A cult.  Ninjas.  Robots ( somebody else mentioned this and I liked it! )  Mechwarriors. Goats. Fainting goats. Pygmy goats.  Fainting pygmy goats.  Pirates.  Aliens?  Spaceships.  Vikings.  Space Vikings.  Elves or dwarves.  Dragons.  A group of 5 teens and a talking dog that solve crimes.  Aggressive chickens.  Exploding chickens.  Huge apes/ gorillas.  An analyst/ therapist. Trainable spider monkeys/ chimps.  Flying cocoons. Brain upgrades ( like the schematics) that slightly alter your base stats, Rad resistance, etc.  Or a skill tree ( the more you run the better you get at it ).Binoculars / telescopes/ spyglass/ zoom scopes.  Compasses.  Maps ( in fragments to be collected, perhaps). 

    I am really excited about character customization and female Rusties. 

    I am the last person to suggest cash shop options typically, but I would pay $US to have more cool clothes, hair, eyes, skin, etc.  Maybe even Sims3 sliders!!

    Shields that can block bullets?
    Nazi spies.
    An old decayed Blockbuster video store.

    A language translation option to let people in your clan ( or whatever) hear your voice mic clearly and all others hear gibberish or clicking sounds.


    Radioactive craters ( ala meteor or nuclear war ) with rare materials inside, if you can only get it without radding out.

    Backpack  upgrades.
    Speed items ( like +10% running speed with quality footwear )
    Make running naked in the wood scratch people up ( minor damage )
    Skinnydipping Steam achievements.

    Ok, I’ll stop for now.”

    This is possibly the best list of ideas I have ever seen. :P


    PLEASE implement the ability to walk away from an inventory screen without having to press a selected key. FOR EXAMPLE, if you press “E” to search a corpse or anything else, still keep the walking function active so you can walk away (Closing the inventory screen) and still fight without pushing that same key to exit. A huge benefit in comparison to most modern games.


    Tom went Turkey , Tom here ^^


    Check out our server – maybe it could be a new idear for experimental >
    We added new items : Weapon parts and Armor parts
    – They can be used to craft weapons and armor
    net.connect to see crafting table

    Empty shells can be found and needs to be filled with funpowder to make ammo


    Audacity alkezar yeah of course that would be awesome but since i dont really know what they will change next in rust, my plan was to give an small idea to they to work in, the batteries and all that stuff leaves a world of possibilities like having  radio that informs you about incoming airdrops or if its gonna rain today.
    And i can also imagine You were killed by Alkezar with “rusted screw driver” for example ;)


    Audacity alkezar or “killed by a Nail in the head shot from a pencil made xBow” xD


    alkezar Or maybe they just need a Flashlight and Batteries? The idea of battery powered items such as flashlights, radios etc sounds awesome, since batteries would be rare post-apocalypse.

    Looking at how things are going, weapon mods may be as simple as finding some ductape! Imagine… You were killed by Audacity with “Fork Bayonet”.


    memeandme2 Audacity Yes, but it’s only experimental. No map/biome sizes have been finalized (that they have told us).
    Still don’t like a 3 part wall, but the hidden stash in a wall cavity sounds cool. If anything I’d expect you would be able to select a “Hidden Stash” in your inventory and place it in a wall that only you have built.


    First of all thanks for the great job you are doing, because we see big changes in rust that makes it almost perfect.
    Every friday devblog im so excited reading all the cool stuff you prepared for us but still there are a couple of things i want to see soon.
    Could you implement, as it has been said, a way to use the gun mods (for example the flashlight mod) so that some of them could be used one hand without ataching them to an actual weapon? of course im not asking for a silencer to my fingers, that would be weird, but it is mindblowing having a flashlight that can only be turn on on a weapon. Im aware that you are changing rust so maybe weapon mods will disappear but if they don’t this could be awesome.
    A second really nice issue to talk about are traps, i thinks that we are going to need them, the bear trap was a great way to star but please do not end it there because im sure im not the only one with a lot of ideas for that (i know there is a web where you can put you ideas but i still dont understand how that exactly works)
    And finally, I just realized that the new animations with the torch are awesome but hitting with it leaves a bullet hole, and i tought about how many games have that little details on their code that maybe it cost a little amount of time to change them improving the overall experience.
    thank you for the game and thank you for reading.


    Audacity memeandme2 i think the raiding would be a lot less likely in the new much larger map i have been on experemental and been on de server wite 100+ players  and walking for hours and only see 1 moveing online player.
    I also keep thinking up things like build a frame in your home slap 1 wood wall on one side walk around place a stash bag inside the frame slap another wood wall on and Hidden Stash!


    Neerovra You’d be great in a brainstorming session, but I think you need to take some Ritalin to clarify your ideas. I see a lot of RPG and character development ideas there, I think stats should be from items only. No skill tree.


    If zombies are gone for good, can we have enemy NPC Rusters?  I’d love to go into Big Rad and have a randomly equipped tribal / psychopath lunge out of a building at me.

    I’d like to play Rust as a single player game with a daily influx of enemy NPCs.

    Also, consider an NPC zone.  E.G. small military base remains.  A group of 50 NPC soldiers are holding it down and it would take a mass movement to infiltrate or attack it.  Or a tribal settlement.  The occasional random spawning hut with a nutcase inside.  A cult.  Ninjas.  Robots ( somebody else mentioned this and I liked it! )  Mechwarriors. Goats. Fainting goats. Pygmy goats.  Fainting pygmy goats.  Pirates.  Aliens?  Spaceships.  Vikings.  Space Vikings.  Elves or dwarves.  Dragons.  A group of 5 teens and a talking dog that solve crimes.  Aggressive chickens.  Exploding chickens.  Huge apes/ gorillas.  An analyst/ therapist. Trainable spider monkeys/ chimps.  Flying cocoons. Brain upgrades ( like the schematics) that slightly alter your base stats, Rad resistance, etc.  Or a skill tree ( the more you run the better you get at it ).Binoculars / telescopes/ spyglass/ zoom scopes.  Compasses.  Maps ( in fragments to be collected, perhaps). 

    I am really excited about character customization and female Rusties. 

    I am the last person to suggest cash shop options typically, but I would pay $US to have more cool clothes, hair, eyes, skin, etc.  Maybe even Sims3 sliders!!

    Shields that can block bullets?
    Nazi spies.
    An old decayed Blockbuster video store.

    A language translation option to let people in your clan ( or whatever) hear your voice mic clearly and all others hear gibberish or clicking sounds.


    Radioactive craters ( ala meteor or nuclear war ) with rare materials inside, if you can only get it without radding out.

    Backpack  upgrades.
    Speed items ( like +10% running speed with quality footwear )
    Make running naked in the wood scratch people up ( minor damage )
    Skinnydipping Steam achievements.

    Ok, I’ll stop for now.


    memeandme2 I like the creativity, but it sounds over-complicated for the average player. If wood could catch fire, no Newman could survive against greifers/raiders. In fact, I’ve put 60 hours into the original Rust (mostly solo) and never created a metal wall, only metal doors. So with your idea, I would have probably ragequit 50 hours ago and not be posting here today.

    I think the single layer metal/wood design works great, only difference between the two is durability/cost. Simple, effective.


    Hello Guys and let’s start to say your all doing a great job on this game.
    Now i have a Idea about the Structure work i never seen my idea in a game before and it might be a lot of work but this is how it pretty much works in real live too.
    So first you need to make a foundation ofcorse what could be made from wood sticks, wood planks , stone or steel each wite it strong points and weaker points like wood is easy to get but can burn so watch out placing fires places in your home and a wood sticks the most weak one cant suport stone or steel.
    Then you need walls now this is where i think its get interesting becouse when you build a wall in real live you start with the frame what also desides if you like a window or door in it and that frame can als be made from different materials like wood is the most common and easy to get but can get burned and steel thats ofcorse is harder to get is fire proof but maby can conduct electricity if thats gets in game some day.
    Now that you have a frame you can place the outer or inner wall also in easy wood, stone, or steel.
    i never seen a game building sim building walls in 3 parts but thats how its pretty much done in real live too and this way you could make a wood frame wite steel outer wall and stone inner wall so the wood frame is protected against fire by the outer steel layer and your save from electricity and fire from the stone inner wall its also nice to still have wood walls inside your home because making a hole for hanging a light on a stone wall is hard wite only a hammer as a tool.
    also this becomes interesting if your building a tower because how do you get on the outside of your wall like 5 story’s up you need to make cheap wood stairs thing outside your home to get to the outer layer this wil make it harder to make tall towers because you might like to dismatle the stairs after you done from raiders.
    and making it so that walls, foundations, and roofs are made from 3 layers your friends can help you after you buils a frame and told them what metarial to use whats makes building wite friends more fun and faster i hope you like my idea and keep op making a great game.


    I have this error:
     “Failed to start game (unknown error)”,
     when I try when I try to run Rust experimental.
    Audacity  you right, Windows costs like $89AU.


    FelisSilvestris Jerakal AaronBriggs Audacity LOL @ unfuck.
    Seriously though, Windows costs like $89AU.


    Jerakal FelisSilvestris AaronBriggs Audacity 
    sorry mate, I do not understand your words ;)


    Loving the work guys, keep it up! Regarding the improvised tools, which look great by the way. Would love to see rare, conventional tools available to find/loot. These would be only craftable if using a Research Kit, or multiple Research Kits depending on rarity. These rare tools would harvest/damage slightly more and have a much higher durability.

    I’m extremely excited to hear of the event system, there’re so many possibilities (see post below). Not too fond of events based on player circumstance (ie, many hungry people near by – start food source event), feels like hand feeding.
    Would much rather see an event that would see a rare item aquirable such as an M16A3 which I would expect to be a top teir weapon, at the same time as your’re almost starving. Forcing you to find food or risk losing it. I would expect the events themselves to be fairly sporadic. Maybe only seeing/finding one event every 2-3 play sessions.

    Also, I am an advocate for military weapons in the final game, but only making them findable, not craftable. Or at least requiring multiple Research Kits that equate to at least 20+ hours of farming.


    FelisSilvestris AaronBriggs Audacity Then unfuck yourself mate.  Games are evolving around you, get out of the stone age.


    Soon.  SOOOOON.


    “If you can’t add Zombies then make a monster that comes out at night or some shit. Make it 100% Badass :)”
    yeah, add Slenderman ^^


    AaronBriggs FelisSilvestris Audacity 
    yes, I know it.



    Press F1 to open console, and type:


    Sleeping bag glitch fix, crush, airdrops +25
    sleepers, no duration, anticheat and more!
    Admin is helpfull for newbies in Rust.



    FelisSilvestris Audacity It’s time to upgrade. XP isn’t even supported by Microsoft anymore.


    Audacity FelisSilvestris 
    yes, and I am waiting working version of the game.


    FelisSilvestris Still running XP?


    still unplayable on Windows XP?


    mrpdoesgaming Audacity It’s hard to argue with pleasing the majority. But if you’ve seen previous posts, Garry has no issues going with his heart instead of his head. I think we should put our trust in Garry to produce a fantastic game, Zombies or no.

    Personally, I don’t like Zombies. I think it’s something that’s way over done. And with reference my orignal reply, I love to imagine the world driven to it’s current state due to mass nuclear world war causing inumerable deaths, forcing people to live in a world without power, order or reliable food sources.


    Audacity mrpdoesgaming I dont quite understand, you like the mystery that zombies brought to the game? in that case you agree that zombiws would be a good idea. also looking through some past comments i noticed some one say “Rust is not a zombie game” Okay I never fought of rust as a zombie game, a zombie was just a extra threat other than people. You ask any Rust player “Do you like rad animals?” and they will say no because no one likes it, not a single person, however i do see why they have ignored the issue because you cant please to groups of people without pissing the other off. what im saying is please the majority.

      Hollow Voices

    I have a fun idea! Set up the Lasers (Gun modifications) can be hand held and turned on and off. This would ensure some good comedy trolling a group of people from a distance, especially at night while they’re in the middle of a raid or something :P


    mrpdoesgaming Audacity I feel like a great part of this game is not knowing exactly why you’re struggling to survive.

    Was the world overrun by zombies? Was there a nuclear attack? Did your mrs kick you out of your house for being a cunt?

    It’s like those movies where they leave the ending to your imagination. Sure you curse at the TV screen when the movie ends, but it keeps you thinking, wondering, imagining…


    Audacity mrpdoesgaming  Look, I’m speaking for the majority, almost every single Rust player that I have spoken to misses the zombies because it made more dangerous, it gave us a threat to worrie about besides the animals or the other players (they also made great target practice). and having them in the game gives them TONS of great possibilities to put into the game to make it more fun. but i would like to know why you dont like zombies.


    NWA Great idea. They should have the majority of the wreakage burn or explode leaving very little remaining.

    Or have a timer, the sooner you loot, the more is available. With the risk of an explosion to cause damage or death whilst looting and the truck is on fire. Also, the truck event should not necessarily happen with someone nearby.


    Audacity mrpdoesgaming okay, I need to know this, Why no zombies?


    mrpdoesgaming No zomblies please. Also, Garry and his team are omnipresent.


    Telefrag $20 on 8 weeks.


    BobbyMulder Who are these “we” you speak of? Fuck Zombies, fuck monsters. 
    And a release on August 1st? Are you actually awake or dreaming and have sleep walked to you PC to post? My god. Your only viable suggestion is head bob, of which I agree.


    n8dom NinjaNugget +1


    RoryBurke The legacy version will no longer be updated (see multiple previous DevBlogs).


    MertKulak3 ShaunDreclin Jayden Lardelli Newton 
    Stop living in the past, man.


    Regarding the structures – I don’t know how far off this is from what you guys have already coded, or if it’s been mentioned before, whatever –  would it be possible to do it not by a large square foundation but by vertical and horizontal supports? 

    Essentially, you’d be putting vertical supports and horizontal supports down instead of a foundation. A vertical support could be meant for: the corner of a house/room, a stilt to hold up something going into the water, or holding an entire room by being placed in the center.

    Then, if the use of a vertical support isn’t available, you could build a horizontal support – either from an adjacent section of the house, or the terrain – as long as the support doesn’t go too far without the oppositely oriented support. Something like 1 vertical support needed for every 3 horizontal supports, and 1 horizontal support needed for vertical supports next to each other.

    I’m just bullshitting here, but I think it’d be a cool way to build (albeit intimidating). It could lead to some pretty cool designs, especially if we’re not limited to terrain (read: rocks). It’d even work well with the idea of being able to fill in a wall with different objects, so you could make a balcony with a car trunk or something stupid like that.


    I didn’t say I didn’t want enemies, I just didnt like the idea of airdrops. It makes this game more of a war game than a survival game. I’m probably gonna get hate mail for that. :P I’ve played forest, and if it had multiplayer and wasn’t so buggy I would play it more. I like the aspect of fighting friends and random other players. I just don’t like the airdrops. One thing we can all agree on… To many hackers… And i prefers animals over zombies…

      MertKulak3 hours ago
    it’s hard for those of us that first played a fps at a friend’s house and they had an inverted brain… thank you for finally giving my people this backwards option.

    Also: I really hope y’all are considering adding more dangerous predators into the world, or at least some kind of item or items that are extremely hard to get. I feel like once you have all the blueprints it is basically a game of back and forth, raiding each other for more wood/metal. It would be cool to have a rare item or a hard enemy that you are always alert for, or trying to keep/protect, something to make defending a raid, or launching a raid worth the effort, or defending your base a challenge in itself. Other than that I love the game and am always impressed with each and every addition. 

    Also, the game looks seriously gorgeous, massive improvements left and right and I’m lovin it.

    As always we really appreciate all of your team’s hard work and I can’t wait to see what’s next!


    AaronMorris totally agree,i already stopped playing legacy mode because of hackers,i hope it will be different in new rust


    ShaunDreclin Jayden Lardelli Newton it was




    iZombiePK The Experimental Branch is made to detect exploits, bugs, performance issues, etc. 

    Disallowing users to use it would mean a really slow process on the Developement of the game.


    Please do not open Rust Experimental to all until you have found a way to deal with the hackers. Normal Rust is still beyond unplayable.


    Jayden Lardelli Newton rust isn’t a zombie game.


    I honestly can’t believe the progress the devs have made in the short period of time since they decided to reboot the engine (what was it like 5 months ago?)

    Regular rust looks like playstation2 quality graphics, but just watching the “change clothes” video above looks like a clip straight out of cryengine.

    The new reboot of the unity engine that facepunch has been working on, is going to change gaming. This is like the game engine that all open world online games WISH they ran on


    The buildings look awesome! I like the idea of slanted buildings, but they could get pretty annoying. In fitting with the modular building system you have going, consider adding some structure that you place foundations on that levels them out? Scaffolding or something along those lines


    Rusted Iron This is really awesome, but they would still have to look similar enough for other players to recognise what armour they are shooting at


    JiP the Chip BobbyMulder I like the idea of tribe people or robots(Although robots might not fit in)


    Are the player model’s eventually going to walk more normal, instead of being slightly goofy? Also, please correct me if this has also been mentioned, is nudity going to be added back in? I like the idea of being a nude tribe hunting people down in the forest. It would also be cool for a Native American style dwelling to craft out of cloth and wood.

      Rusted Iron

    Here is an idea to create more variation. When you craft anything the game should randomly select slight variation of what you crafted. for example. you and your friend are making  cloth pants. the pants you got were rather long and baggy while the pants your friend got are smaller. and yet they are the same type of armor and have the same stats

      Jayden Lardelli Newton

    Please import some type of zombie or something!


    It would be amazing if you guys could implement easy anti cheat on the legacy. Would make the wait less unbearable because its infested with so many hackers.


    LegionaireReaver Not just Garry, but all the devs! Awesome work!




    Thank you very much for throwing in the Y axis command!  I’ve always played shooters inverted.  When I told my Counter-Strike buddies they all though I was fucking crazy.  The only way I can think of to get people to comprehend it is…Think of the pivot point at the butt/stock of the gun instead of the end of the barrel. 

    I think I can blame the copious amount of hours I spent playing Flight Simulator as a child.


    it’s hard for those of us that first played a fps at a friend’s house and they had an inverted brain… thank you for finally giving my people this backwards option.

    Also: I really hope y’all are considering adding more dangerous predators into the world, or at least some kind of item or items that are extremely hard to get. I feel like once you have all the blueprints it is basically a game of back and forth, raiding each other for more wood/metal. It would be cool to have a rare item or a hard enemy that you are always alert for, or trying to keep/protect, something to make defending a raid, or launching a raid worth the effort, or defending your base a challenge in itself. Other than that I love the game and am always impressed with each and every addition. 

    As always we really appreciate all of your team’s hard work and I can’t wait to see what’s next!


    Telefrag They update experimental every week….


    Good sir. You have ideas that will take you places.


    so when will the reboot be taking and pacific date or month


    JiP the Chip you do know that’s a total scam, right?


    If you are going to make the graphics options  soon, please, put a windowed mode borderless, it would be great!!

      JiP the Chip

    20 clicks = 20 free steam dollars! Pass it on

      JiP the Chip

    BobbyMulder Zombies are too overused in games, and I guess they removed zombies because they didn’t want Rust to become a generic zombie survival game.

      JiP the Chip

    It would be really cool if you could make very high mountains like the highest mountain in old Rust


    Littletron Or better yet add BOTH lol


    add ladders instead of stair cases woul;d be cool.  :D


    20 clicks  = 20 free steam dollars! pass it on


    20 clicks  = 20 free steam dollars! pass it on


    Please fix the mini freezes. They still occur.


    Thank you for these regular updates! Weekly devblog is 100% the right move, as it keeps me interested in following the games progress, whereas I might’ve just completely forgotten about Rust and never returned. (and this is coming from a no-lifer who put 800 hrs into Rust in the two months after steam early-access)


    I suggest to add up thing like Lighting and let’s say if you build ur house and you don’t have lighting-rod/conductor when the rain comes your house can get hit by lighting and start burning, because it’s really annoying when people make huge bases and they stand there till admins wipe the servers… I wish about disasters so there would be possibility to lose loot, house or even die urself in the middle of nowhere… And I also strongly agree with babulka idea, that sounds sexy :)


    balance between a novice and strong players: 
    disaster event (eg, meteor rain) 
    likely to die out – the loss of loot. 
    newcomers have nothing to lose, it is easier to collect rare metioritov.


    BobbyMulder No… No we don’t want Zombies back.


    DavidLindstedt No, the old rust as we know it, is DEAD. Along with windows xp, bellbottoms and dinosaurs.


    This all looks interesting, but when will this be implemented to the regular build of rust? Maybe atleast a month or even better, a update date?


    There is some good stuff here, but I personally enjoy Tom’s work the best.


    Also you guys should add backpacks and bikes because if you are out raiding or collecting materials then you will most likely run out of room in your inventory and with the bikes you could get around the map better.


    PLEASE! add exit and entry wounds for gunshots PLEAAASE!!!!!


    Why the fuck did it 8 months to have items switch in the inventory.


    SirWeyum felmane HazardSK BobbyMulder Then SirWeyum you need to go play the forest, there is a new feature where you can take out all the enemies and its just nature. Enjoy! leave rust alone, you already have the forest for that.


    felmane BobbyMulder Why not have an enemy that is something other than weather and other players? That’s like saying why have bows in medieval games because you can kill people with swords. Why limit yourself? He has a valid point.


    Translate to russian (перевод на русский)


    Telefrag If its been 2 weeks since you got on, get on again, and then complain about it if you want. A lot changes in 2 weeks.


    Telefrag IDK , but i logged in today and found myself in a snow  biome


    felmane HazardSK BobbyMulder


    HazardSK felmane BobbyMulder Build it yourself, the airdrops, maybe some hidden loot crates in caves.You could set up a whole gun smithing setup if you have enough metal.


    felmane BobbyMulder but whats gonna drop loot? Towns are gone, zombies are gone, rad animals are probably gone as well…


    BobbyMulder Can you not see all the work that is getting done? Also, you don’t need zombies for a survival game. Why can’t you just survive in the wilderness, fighting against other people and the environment?


    No one likes the Rad animals. We want Zombies back.. So wait you can’t add Zombies because it will be like DayZ? Wtf? Seriously!? What about Infestation, Minecraft and so on. There are other people that have Zombies. If anything the Zombies made by you guys were much better!

    Hopefully you guys can put in some work this week and be able to release on August 1st. That would be awesome. I love the spectator mode as well! You should only do it for admins and make it as a command for admins. Once they sign into rcon. They can add the command as if  they were doing a admin command to TP or make an airdrop! This will catch the hackers!!! So proud of this one.

    Garry you and your team need to straight up get your grind on! Git er done.

    Make sure their is realistic running in the game like in the Rust Alpha where you have sway and bob.

    If you can’t add Zombies then make a monster that comes out at night or some shit. Make it 100% Badass :)

    Keep at it!


    jdcole camachosj I know that they are Janky (and illogically place and useless for gameplay) because they are “procedurally” placed rather than placed by a human. This isn’t an excuse to not solve the problem. Facepunch needs to code an algorithm that can create a mountain chain at least as good as legacy. This task is non-trivial but until they do it, I’m not switching to experimental.


    My question is when are we going to get to see some of these biomes and such in the experimental server? Last time I joined (about 2 weeks ago) it was just shit tons of walls everywhere.


    Are you going to add those mutated monsters or was that just a concept?


    JustSomeTallBloke DavidLindstedt Thank you,


    DavidLindstedt Are you retarded? There will be no more updates to the old version.

    Quit your fucking yapping.


    Are we going to get something better then rad animals, I know there are other concerns like going public, but ever since you took out zombies, the game has been significantly worse, at least for me, not saying its a bad game just that it could be so much more. Anyway, I know there is almost no chance of a dev actually reading my comment and responding, but I just thought I should proclaim my concerns


    DavidLindstedt Alex405 Gaw David, I wanna slap you so hard right now.


    For an event there should be like military truck crashes and you can get good gear in the wreckage


    Honestly, I would hold off on releasing the server atm. You have a ton of PR to control and it’s obvious by listening to the public opinion around the web that a huge chunk of the Rust player base has no clue what is going on with the revamp of the game. Release the server to the public, and all of a sudden you have players connecting to servers hosted on garbage computers. How many players trying the experimental branch for the first time are going to be turned off by performance issues as a result of poor quality server hosts?

    Right now it is really exciting to see the progress that has been made in such a short time. However most individuals outside of the IT field have a hard time comprehending how much man power actually goes into building a game from scratch.. My fear is that players who have been jaded by the time it has taken to get the reboot playable, will connect to John Smith’s 2001 eMachines, and then proceed to rage quit.

    As someone who would host a server if they were released to the public, it goes without saying that I am eager to get the ball rolling. But for the sake of the player base, let the professionals host at least until interest in the reboot has peaked and most of the player base has had a chance to try the game lag free..


    About opening the experimental server, I’m with you. I don’t think that would be a good idea at this stage either, and your trepidation on the point is there for a reason. The reason? You’ve already stated pretty well. It’s not ready yet. It’s fun as hell right now but not play worthy, not really. Once the building is in, a few guns, stuff to build, something to aim for… then I would say go for it. But not right now.

    Not telling you what to do! It’s your bag man, and it’s not like gonna REALLY hurt anyone. I’m just validating your concerns. But then… yes, it could seriously impact the view of those who don’t keep up on this, people who don’t have the patience for Alphas, the ignorant and (of course) the people who let their inner twat leak out when it’s online instead of just letting it loose on the whole world. And to be fair, that’s probs like 95% of the Rust community.

    Either way, keep up the immense work, amazing game. I say “Game” loosely. It’s more of a social experiment. And it teaches you that most people are bastards


    Will the Clothes Tool be expanded for 3rd party modders to test out their creations, ala the DOTA2 workshop tool?


    camachosj That’d be true, if the rocks in experimental weren’t procedurally placed.  The reasons the rocks in legacy work soooooo well is because they were all placed there.  New rocks in experimental are procedurally generated and placed, so yeah, it may seem janky to you.
    Welcome to the future.


    Hey Garry!  Can you comment/blog on the article ‘The problem with survival games’ from PCGamer? What do you think about it? Will you focus mooooore on the SURVIVAL than e.g. building bases?


    TemitayoOluwafemiJimoh JeffersonHolanda1 true but even if it was the main concern it will always be a cat and mouse game. they patch a main hack the creator changes it. the hacks are not hidden but the programming is hard to find. easy to buy though. dealing with hackers will always be on there mind though as in this kind of game hacking drastically effects everyone.


    adamlelieveld TemitayoOluwafemiJimoh JeffersonHolanda1 I know that, what I’m saying is that the devs main concern is most likely not hackers at this moment.


    TemitayoOluwafemiJimoh JeffersonHolanda1 no matter what there will always be hackers. there will always be a way around VAC and event their version of anti cheat system. but they will always do there best to get the hackers but some hackers will always be there.


    Take advice, Don’t open it yet, There’s enough whining going on now about this and that is not working, i cant craft x or y, where’s the roads, where’s the rad towns, where can i find loot etc…. Just keep doing the fantastic work on it and when it’s got more content and people are able to build a base and go looting and generally learn to survive then release it. Does not matter if it takes a good while yet, The more more content on general release then the happier players will be and then there will be a mad rush and servers will fill, more copies will sell and the community will be bursting like it used to be :)


    Alex405 DavidLindstedt Yes I know but it has gone by 18 weeks and I have no patient left :P


    oliverwalter94 DavidLindstedt Yes I know but it has gone by 18 weeks and I have no patient left :P




    JeffersonHolanda1 It seems like they are more focused on working on experimental at the moment, so I doubt that we will see a true anti hacking system anytime soon


    How about bring back Singapore official server!
    All my friends are waiting for this!


    DavidLindstedt I don’t think you understand. “Real Rust” is going to be replaced very soon.


    DavidLindstedt the point of the experimental build is to replace  “real rust” at some point in the near future…


    DavidLindstedt I sure hope they don’t take time away from the new version to waste on an outdated and deprecated engine.


    Please update the “Real rust” to attract more players. It is getting kinda dead from what it was before when you updated each week. 18 weeks has gone by and not a single big update on “Real rust”

    Other than that, amazing progress on the experimental and really cool creative stuff.


    What you want to do with the hackers are ruining the game all the time which is one of the best I’ve ever played, aims to develop an anti hacking system?


    Same thing for me ;)


    taeuthtoadeug Haven’t you seen Shrek the first?


    So you put the torch out with your hand?



    Every week I am always looking forward to reading these dev blogs! It gets me really excited for whats to come, so keep on with the great work!


    AllGindzOfGainz haha XD


    FatCatMedia_x That’s sad.


    No Gary, the rocks do not rock more than legacy. Experimental rocks are still light years behind legacy in terms of layout and placement for aesthetics and gameplay. Fixing that is going to take way more than “a few tweaks.” Other than than, good job this week.


    Great Update, I hope the spectate features stays a public thing maybe just give players the ability to turn off viewing of themselves. Anyways I hope this tool helps you guys fix the animations as its intended for.


    I’m getting so excited, This game is already a Master piece itself and is just getting better and better!


    Thank you for thinking of new ways to build and the ability to build different kinds of structures other than boxes. Building as a team allows communities to form and I’ve learned that that is really important for survival if you don’t spend half of your time playing.


    these Devblogs are better than porn




    Friday Devblog 156
    Still waiting.


    This looks really cool!  Keep up the good work :)


    Tom’s Stuff

    Tom went on holiday.


    Great stuff so glad i got this game :)


    I’m really digging the new art style. Props to the team for nailing the post-apocalyptic theme!


    sweet cant wait for servers to go active…just do it


    Looks really great Garry, keep up the good work!


    Check Our new way to play rust:
    New items!!!
    New crafting table


    To see new crafting table – use

    See you ingame!


    Damn dood, looks great



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