We got a lot done this week.

Campfire Upgrades

The campfire has been upgraded. It now heats you when you’re within a specific radius. It also burns you if you’re too close.

Sadly you can no longer build spiralling towers of them. You can’t place a fire on a fire. :sadface:

Functional Furnace

The furnace is now in game and fully functional, turning your ore into stuff. I think we all hate this furnace model, so we’re probably going to be changing it.

Metabolism Notifications

You now get notices on the UI when you’re too hot, or too cold, or hungry, or thirsty, or bleeding, or poisoned, or wet, or have radiation poisoning.


Bill banged out a waterfall

Here’s his work in progress

Dropped Items

You can drop anything in your inventory, and it will appear in a little sack just like in legacy. We want to make it so most if not all of these items have a unique model.. so if you drop a piece of chicken it looks like a piece of chicken.

Blood Eyes

Bill added an awesome blood overlay, so the more injured you are the bloodier the screen gets.

Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags are back and are fully functional. We’re getting to baseline so I didn’t want to mess with the formula here too much, but I did do a bit of extra leg work here so we can expand on this in the future.. like naming sleeping bags, or letting your friends spawn in them. It’s definitely an area we haven’t exploited fully yet.

Hitbox Upgrades

We’re not using hitboxes anymore. For those that don’t know what hitboxes are.. they’re this.

See those boxes? Well when you shoot a character in TF2, it traces a line forward from your eyes until it hits something. Characters in TF2 are made up of thousands of triangles, so it would be stupidly slow to test against all of those. So they stick some boxes where the head is, where the arms and legs are, where the torso is, and test against those instead. And this works great.

But it’s 2014 and putting hitboxes on stuff is hard work. So we’re using a skinned mesh collider. So check this naked guy out.

We already have a really low poly version of the player character thanks to LOD’ing.

So we can use that for collision!

It’s a skinned mesh, so each vertex is weighted to up to 4 bones. When the mesh is ‘shot’, we use the triangle ID to get the vertices, then we use the vertices to find the bone. The bones have multiple attributes. For example, the head and neck bones have multipliers, so that headshots to more damage (this is indicated by the red spheres in this picture).

This gives us a lot of benefits moving forward beyond just being more accurate to the render mesh. For example, if we were to add a helmet on the player we could make it so that getting shot in the face still killed them. This is something that’s not impossible with hitboxes, but it would be kind of clumsy.

Medkit, Bandages, Rad Pills

Medkit, Bandages and Rad Pills all now work. You can right click them in the inventory and use them.

Viewmodel Sway

You don’t realise how much impact this has until you don’t have it. Here’s a video with it enabled.

Here’s one with it disabled


Ironsights are back on weapons where it’s appropriate. The positioning isn’t perfect yet but the technicals are there. I’m thinking of getting the guys to add a bit more details on some of the view models especially for iron-sights, because I think we can do a better job here.

The viewmodel sway plays great with ironsights.

Head and Viewmodel Shakes

I implemented a system this week to handle head shakes caused by taking damage, jumping, falling, shooting etc.. It works pretty good. I’ve probably over-done it a bit on the first pass. These videos would be better with gooseman’s awesome sounds, sorry :(

The choppy choppy headshake is even more over-done.

You’re probably wondering.. where is headbob? We want headbob back? Well it’s something I thought on for a long time. Most people hate it. Whenever I bring it up people just say “make it so I can turn it off”. So I decided not to bother with it yet and to see if we miss it.

Torch Added

The firey torch is back. No more running around in the dark for you. There’s some things to note with the torch. You can now hit things with it.. but there’s not really any animations for that yet. You can also extinguish and ignite it using the right mouse button.

UI Updates

Bill’s been tinkering with the UI this week. The health bear disappears when you’re on full health. The new metabolism notifications are at the top left. The crafting menu is now on the far right instead of the far left. The main inventory UI is top left aligned, instead of center aligned. This is a change I’m not sure about – but he’s the deign guy so I defer to him. If you think we’re making any huge mistakes here please let us know.

Fall Damage

Falling from a high causes damage.

Clothing Properties

The clothes you wear now have attributes. And they’re updated in the UI. They don’t actually do anything yet though :(

Cold at Night

Nights are cold again, so you better get a fire going! I did some extra leg work here, so when the biomes are proper they’ll all be able to have different ambient temperatures.

Stag Animations

Goosey has been messing with the Stag again.

Boar Animations

Goosey also messed with a boar this week too!

AI Progress

Andre has got the bare bones of the AI system done. The wolves are roaming the landscape. AI now has a field of view, a view distance and a listening distance. It loses track if it hasn’t seen its target for a while. It can switch to more threatening targets.

We’re using behaviour trees for the AI this time around. This gives us a much more visual, modular and debuggable way of handling it.

Sawblade Tool

Dan wrapped up work on the sawblade tool.

Improvised Hammer

Dan also started work on an improvised hammer.

Clothing Concepts

We’re getting serious about clothes. We don’t really want to put the same clothes in baseline that are in legacy. Because those bin-bag jackets aren’t cool. Meg drew these up for us.

We’re trying to avoid the obvious, cliché stuff. The Mad Max and the future military style. These are the places people jump to immediately. We’re here, lets not recreate, lets come up with something new. I think that’s what meg has done here. I’m a particular fan of 2, 4 and 7. What I like particularly about 4 is that even though the hazard suit is kind of video game cliché, the green welly makes it iconic, it makes it unique. And it works too – because maybe the suit was all fucked up with a leg tore off, and they put this boot on because it works just as well.

Scott made some headgear concepts too.

I really like the skulls, the boar head and the metal bucket here. Because they’re all things that I could imagine wearing if I was actually in a Rust type situation.

Weapon Concepts

Paul drew some more weapon concepts. Exploring the idea of broken, mended and home-made weapons.


We moved a shitload closer to baseline this week. We really got shit done. All that stuff you read there was done in a week. The only two things we really need to work at now are the building system and the AI system. These are both fundamental to Rust, so it’s important that we take our time and get it right.

Next week is about empowerment. I have coded all this awesome shit but no-one knows how to use it. I’m going to be cleaning up, writing documentation and making stuff artist friendly. We should then start to see new content trickling in.

We also updated this website your eyes are looking at right now – so check out some of the links up top.




    Okay this is a silly suggestion and seems like it would take a very long time to develop however it’s currently 5 in the morning and I felt inspired, in any case here it is.
    Would it at all be possible to create multiple different “kinds” of rust? Allow me to further elaborate. In Garry’s mod, the sheer versatility and possibilities were endless. With the amount of different mods that came out and given that it was/is a sandbox game, this made sense. However, as I’ve read repeatedly whenever I look up things about rust, it’s essentially the building blocks of a game, in other words, this game can go in any direction.
    Now for specifics of what I meant. By the very nature of the description ‘survival game’ it is a very broad term describing virtually an infinite number of different scenarios. These scenarios all have a different feel and the things found in the scenario would change accordingly such as the changes between a modern ice age and a nuclear post-apocalyptic world. what this would actually look like in game play would be a change in fauna/flora according to the history of that apocalypse, landscape and environment (temperature/radioactivity so on). If you wish, you could not only have a story for each scenario but why there are multiple scenarios. Taking a page from a very well written game Bioshock 3, there is always a man, with a rock, trying to survive a world that seems to want nothing more than to kill him.
    ps a few neat scenarios
    zombie outbreak
    military takeover
    virus plague
    modern ice-age
    i could keep going for quite a while but hopefully you understand where I’m going with this.
    On a side note, I also believe poison has been severely underutilized and would be a great addition (research books on herbology to be able to know how turn the local plants into various poisons to be added onto knives, arrows, blowgun darts, etc.) or even have poisonous animals for goodness sake, while I initially played legacy, I was so excited to see the poisoned status when i accidentally ate raw meat and filled me with hope but alas, that was the only case of poison i found


    how to update rust?


    Awesome work! This game is starting to look cool fast.
    Perhaps with the genre of home-made, custom design-weapons and tools, you could make them more nuanced, e.g. make a gun consist of 5 parts that could all be changed or generated on custom so that all weapons would be unique – it could be a really cool and realistic feature. And some more RPG-oriented theme with upgrading your home-made weapons thus enhancing their shooting precision as well as your own crafting skills, or something like that..?
    And please add fishing and agriculture/planting.
    Keep up the good work, I’m really excited about this game, and quite happy that I bought it! :)


    Add hirable NPCs that help defend larger complexes you built while you are sleeping!


    Don’t like the idea of blood eyes, i’ve always despised that in games like CoD, but it’s whatever, nice job with the UI though, it’s looking great, not to sure about the concept clothing but the makeshift guns look really good.


    I think that maybe at what Icyfire89 was saying would be cool but there are missions with actual players instead. Players get assigned to do a mission and protect it. The people told to protect get 10 minutes to set up or so, and then the people that offend get told and go and do it. It would bring more PvP into the game (not as if there isn’t enough) If not doing the mission and if killing teamates on mission, you get penalized and get rep taken away. People can either chose to defend or attack it, but theres reputation involved I guess.


    Open the beta already D:<


    I agree with http://www.livefyre.com/profile/55291299/ saying that this game needs more adventure, i feel like adding a new NPC that looks like players and are guarding a base like a small non-radiated make shift villages or caves. The NPCs could be defending small non-radiated make shift villages or caves with guns and throw in some loot crates and chests. This is ultimately just a new ( hopefully harder ) way for players to get loot other then running into a rad town with some rad pills over and over again until they get what they need to raid other players bases.


    Needs a solo play version.


    I think it would be nice to add more adventure to the game to just raiding. This game has potential to be an amazing  adventure survival game if you play your cards right


    I think if you added primitive style survival tools like the old Indians used or something. A way where you could get get with an atlatl or knife fighting, spears , bolas, or even fist fighting. I also think it would be cool if somebody can have a good chance to fight anybody such as in legacy where you get Kevlar and an m4 you can go around blasting away new spawns so if we could have a way to even out the playing field a little


    I Don’t see what’s wrong with this new rust, it just looks nicer and has more items. How is that bad? I’m a veteran player too and I’m not too upset


    How is this new rust different? The only diffrence I see is that it looks nicer and has more items….. I’m a veteran player too (as soon as it hit the steam store) and I’m not too upset.


    Rust Veteran You’re very narrow minded about this. Rust is a “Survival Game” not a shoot em up, kill everyone you see type of game. There is that aspect but it’s not what the game is about.

      Lord Exposition

    What I’d like to see is crappy hand made might vision that is basically two cameras with infrared setting duct taped to a piece of wood with a rope to keep it in place. Or a gatling gun that is several odd lengths of pipe duct taped together with a hand crank taken from a jack in the box housed in a wooden box with an ammo box for the magazine. Or a frying pan with a smiley face drawn on it.


    I love all of the concept art. Honestly, I think you could get away with all of it. Some of its practical, others just freakin’ hilarious.


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    LarsBertram KillaMaaki The question was begged by the presence of the creator of Lux ;)


    KillaMaaki LarsBertram
    yes: larsbertram.
    but camera aligned billboards would not mean the use of lux but may be the advanced foliage shader package ;-)



    LarsBertram Larsbertram? I didn’t know you followed Rust (which begs the question – does Rust use Lux now?) :)

    Anyway, I kind of doubt it. Well, OK, almost certainly for distant trees, but nearby ones look like they’re just standard geometry without billboarding.


    looks as if rust finally uses camera aligned billboards for the trees.
    am i right?



    Loving the head gear, the boar/bear looking one reminds me of a scene in Freddy Got Fingered!


    Well this is the first time I have created an account simply to say thankyou so much for continuing to update the game and keep these Dev blogs going I really do look forward to reading them at the end of the week.

    All the work you guys are doing is absolutely great, I imagine getting anything done is pretty damn difficult so to be able to post an entire blog each week is amazing. 

    Ignore the complaining, keep doing what your doing. 

    This game is gonna be fucking awesome.


    lumaioteon What even is the point of your reply? Kill yourself please.


    RaptorTron yes pretty much. no headbob just makes the whole gameplay feel fake and unrealistic. Without the headbob it is basically not reaching it’s full potential and will be letting the whole new feel of the game down. Headbob is crucial. I agree it does not need to be as dramatic as it used to be, but a tiny amount of headbob makes all the difference.


    cd18801 That is true, but people are going to cry either way. You absolutely cannot please everyone, which is sad. One of my friends, who is another female that plays Rust, was extremely angry when Facepunch announced a few months ago that they were coming eventually. She just didn’t want female models because she was worried she would be objectified. I can understand where you’re coming from, though, certainly. As a personal preference for myself, however, I enjoy playing characters whose gender matches mine.


    You really need to add running animation for all items.


    Alianora NONYABIDNESS It would be cool if they added that but people would cry sexism if they made females attractive or even non attractive. The internet is so very toxic about these things.


    OneJibmoNation archilwow Cromaxis I agree with everything in this statement except F2P.
    Well, OK. It depends on the F2P. Some of it’s bad (when EA and Zynga do it, it’s pure evil). Some of it’s OK (when Valve does it, it is fantastic).


    Can we get some melee weapons, pleeaaaassssseeeee… I know about the hatchets, and the sawblade but i was thinking more of like bats, spears, something that would be used only for melee


    archilwow Cromaxis dumb idea. then you’ll have all these kids getting excited to make money in rust who will cry when they lose their life savings or bankrupt their parent’s debit card because they’re addicted to gambling ALREADY. then you’ll have crooks in third world countries finding ways to scam people with impunity through the chat and whatnot. gaming is becoming bad enough with “free2play” money pits. if you wanna gamble away your money, go to a casino – they’re popping up everywhere


    keep up the good work ….


    The one thing I would like to see moving forward is weapon progression.  Start with a stick…then make a knife…then a spear…then a bow…on-wards and upwards from there.

    You MUST be able to craft the current weapon before you can craft the next weapon.  Can you find and use a pistol if you are only up to bows, absolutely.  Can you then CRAFT pistols…not so much.  Although you could pull the components apart and inspect them, you wouldn’t necessarily have the working knowledge to replicate them with any precision, not to mention a true understanding of how they worked.

    This would prevent the “ZOMFG I just found the best gun in the game- lemme research it, and I will be unstoppable – even though I am still naked” – find the gun, great – use it for a while – even better – break it and have to work your way back to it = evens the playing field – – and I’m not talking using it for thousands of rounds first…I’m talking 20 shots and it breaks.

    As your technical knowledge increases, so would your ability to maintain that weapon…so once you get to where you can actually make that weapon, it would essentially be a permanent weapon for you.

    Just my 2c.


    mehrdud right-click Rust in Steam and select Try Experimental

      ILTX Trey

    I love the  Thompson and m14 looking guns


    How do I run the experimental branch? After I installed the game, I was asked if I want the experimental or the legacy, I chose legacy but never was asked the question again. Does it mean I need to re-install the game to check out the experimental version?


    archilwow Cromaxis Because that’s not the reality at all, and you know it.
    I don’t know why you seem to be in such a hurry throw away your money, but might I suggest more fulfilling ways to do it, like flushing it down a toilet or burning it?

      Rabid Bat

    Rust Veteran

    think ‘Rust Veteran’ is meaning they like the look and feel of legacy
    and brought the game based on that, expecting it to evolve from there
    and not the ‘prettier’ experimental version which at this rate is pretty
    much a completely different game now??
    They see it like I brought BF4 and now it’s CoD WTF?!?!?
    tl;dr for him experimental is not the game they thought RUST would be, Legacy is.
    To you RV I would say, this game was an Alpha, it was at most with ‘legacy’ 10% complete if that.
    of this was in very clear information on the store page. That pretty
    much said we were buying into a game that was not yet a game, and that
    anything and everything could and more than likely would change. That we
    were buying into an evolving experience and that it was a risk, and it
    also quite clearly said, well it said this, although the sales pitch has
    now been greatly shortened on Steam compared to it’s launch info.
    Early Access Game:
    Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.
    Note: This
    Early Access game may or may not change significantly over the course
    of development. If you are not excited to play this game in its current
    state, then you may want to wait until the game progresses further in
    The original was a lot more specific about the game not knowing where it was going or what rust actually was or is.
    could end up with an online Action Fallout or we could end up with GTA
    Online: Wasteland Edition how about ‘Mad Max 7Days to Minecraft’ or
    Battlefield: Nuclear Apocolypse?
    Or more hopefully and likely something completely new and unique. No one knows.
    sorry, you were not misled, you didn’t get the wrong game and we all
    had it clearly stated what we were getting and we all willingly paid so
    no refund is deserved. with Alphas in future do some reading and
    research to see what you are actually getting and if taking a risk
    worries you steer clear of Alphas/Early Access all together.
    Or you could realise we’re all pay to testers tell the devs what you dislike with the game currently and try to modify the game into something you would like to play. Garry has said to provide feedback in his blogs after all.
    If you do not like experimental, why not? What is out of place for you?
    Get into details, the devs are not psychic.
    saying blargh! I hate this new build, gimme my money back. The devs
    going to hardly learn where they are going wrong in their users eyes.
    Be constructive. This is what Alpha builds are for.


    i hope we can


    can we swim in water


    callumfisher96http://www.livefyre.com/profile/54882246/: why do you offend me?! yours comments are really stupid and you are not better than the intelligence of your comments! If RUST does’nt want to be realist, why make a comparison with the real life by falling yourself in the game? I am sorry but this game wants to have a very realistic graphic environment. Unfortunately and very often, it is the behavior of the players that is not realistic! Now seen the insults in your comments, no need to answer because I will not read to you any more.


    Really like what i see, great progress. Can’t wait to get into the new rust again ;)


    Cromaxis archilwow ohhhh guys why, why do you reject my idea. just think when you are raiding and stealing 4000 metal fragment 1500 gunpowder 6000 wood and 3180$ :D it’s soo excite!! and stimulate you to hide this stuff it’s damn excitedly


    Oh my… it looks like things are coming along incredibly well now! Amazing job Garry and the rest of Facepunch. I am highly anticipating my return to the “reboot” in what seems to be a nearer future than I had thought.


    Rust Veteran Several Devblogs ago that clearly stated that the Classic Version that you love so dearly will remain even after release as Classic Rust. Thus people can still play that version if they want. Anyone who buys the game after release will effectively get two copies of the game: One as Classic and one as what is currently Experimental (but is going to be the main game). 

    The Classic Rust won’t be getting further updates because it wasn’t what the Dev Team wanted to make. Experimental Build is still very early but it IS the same concept as what you know and love. Change isn’t always a bad thing. Play each version of Experimental with an open mind, understanding that it’s different, yes, but it is in many ways still the same.

    When you pay for Early Access you are taking a gamble. These Early Access games may NEVER be released. The Dev Team’s money could run dry and they could abandon the project entirely. Part of Steam Early Access clearly states on every game that the content within is subject to change. Whether that be minor changes or whole revamps. You took a risk when you decided to purchase this game. Clearly you aren’t happy with the direction they are taking. But you still opted into it, giving your money for something that had a warning attached to it. No refund will ever come of it. Just be happy that they are going to keep the version you hold so dear, as a second option on boot.


    Tobbias You seem to have missed a few updates. You’re playing on the old branch. That’s not being updated anymore. This is all on the new “experimental” branch (which will eventually become the main branch when it’s feature complete). The maps are procedural now, and much bigger.


    Instead of doing all this “pretty” work is there anyway you can open up the rest of the map with new cities or the likes?  The skins for stuff are really nice but the only places to get supplies are always camped by ” super” players(full kev and M4). If there were more camps to forage thru, the “super” players couldn’t just camp the 4 that are in-game atm. The other side of mount rustmore would be a very good place to start since the island is so expansive and we actually only play on a very small section.


    NONYABIDNESS Alianora Hmm… Not so much a huge fan on the skill aspect to it, or monsters even. Although a medieval mod with NPC bandits, villages, etc. would be extremely popular with me. I would greatly enjoy a medieval world. I hope, regardless of medieval modding or not, that the devs add stone buildings. Perhaps slightly more durable than metal, but much more expensive in the aspect of stones. Although female models are still at the top of my list for features I wish to see added into the game.


    MISCHI3F Just think – that’s a common thing in games. You’ll never look at distant enemy soldiers the same way gain…


    The low-poly lods face is going to be in my nightmares tonight.


    archilwow One.) Hell no, that’s a terrible idea. Two.)Planet Calypso already has a system to gain money from playing.


    Rust Veteran It’s like, exactly the same but better looking with updated and superior… everything.


    Rust Veteran Did they not explicitly state in a previous Devblog that they’d leave the ugly legacy version there as an option, despite it eventually becoming horribly outdated and boring? I could swear I read it somewhere.


    PawelCzemerzynski Nercophobia Rust Veteran Um…. no.
    It’s like, they said ‘Hey, we’re working on some food. At the moment it looks like pizza, but it may and probably will turn into something else. Wanna pay $10 to give it a taste test?”
    You say, “sure, I’ll do that”.
    Then later they come out with a deli sandwich.

    “Wait, this isn’t a pizza! I want my $10 back!”
    Even though they directly told you it may not end up being a pizza in the end.


    Nercophobia Rust Veteran Yep, but they gave us system requirements for this game. Now it’s totally other game. This is like.. U bought pizza. They drive to you with shit. And u need to pay 10$ for this. Half of people can’t play now because of new requirements. I can and this is not a problem for me. But i’m thinking about other ppl.


    sebmat If you really think the game is realistic at the minute then you’re very wrong…. If you were in a Rust type situation i doubt that you would be running around with a rock hitting random people you find. Idiot


    Alianora Depending on how open they are to making rust accessible to modders (Which they probably will be), this would make an insanely good game to medieval mod. Throw in some skill systems, add in a few monster mobs of some type.. maybe NPC bandits, and bam, you have a pretty damn cool RPG/Survival Multiplayer game.


    hereiamhereibe KillaMaaki anaki Hello, troll. I know you’re attempting to make me angry, but it isn’t working. Instead, you seem to have made yourself look a fool.

    I don’t care if you don’t like my idea – nobody has an obligation to like it – but actual constructive criticism makes you look like a valuable contributing member of the conversation, whereas just saying “NO THAT IDEA IS SHIT” makes you look dumb.


    KillaMaaki anaki  Nope ziplines are shit idea, you suck, rust best I want play legacy forevs


    KillaMaaki Ya cuz Hang gliders definitely were necessary in Far Cry 3? (sarcasm), Hang Gliding is never anything more than a gimmick but its probably one of the funnest gimmicks in games with little means of transportation, secondly any kind of transportation is highly accepted and DOES fit in to “complement and strengthen the core gameplay” BECAUSE as is there is no means of transport in game, a hang glider is probably one of the Most realistic things someone with todays knowledge of physics and given the supplies provided by the world of rust. A hang glider has to be little more than a large piece of light-strong material (aluminum, cloth, rubber, plastic, paper, human skin!) So I say to you Sir don’t talk about shit you don’t understand and furthermore if your gonna rip on peoples ideas, you can fuck off.


    I have to admit the backgrounds look awesome so much better then the current rust release, but some of the new clothes look far to similar to those on Skyrim Still would like some clothing that you can make that looks military in nature and allow you to blend into the background more, look awesome though


    Rust Veteran Stop your shitty complaining. The current main version of Rust is like playing an under thought cancelled game that was intended for players of Call of Duty. This newer version has a more thought out development track and feels way more atmospheric, and has more detail so far. It’s pretty fucking good. I pretty much have my overall opinion upon your taste in gaming. I say taste ironically. So far from your lack of grammar and capitalization, I’m going to simplify my response for you. You have no taste in gaming.

      Myobi Lockhart

    Rust Veteran They warned the community that this could happen, you still willingly
    paid for an unfinished game, now suck it up and stop whining about it.


    Rust Veteran Then you’re going to be complaining forever. They said it would change, you should have known it would change, therefore you’re not getting a refund.


    anaki I think the core gameplay is survival first and foremost, and either PVP/raiding OR building civilization (get bored of just surviving? hate PVP? why not try building a town?)

    The glider is a nice thought, but I’m not sure it complements that. It would really fit a game where exploration is the core gameplay element, but that isn’t Rust.

    Although that does give me an idea… ziplines could be useful. Maybe as a way to get from one base to another (install a zipline between you and your friend’s base?)

      Rust Veteran

    I am going to log as many hours as I can in the good version for the next few days so I will be playing hours and hours for the next few days till the shit update so bye

      Rust Veteran

    but when they change it entirely after I pay for it with $20 then they are screwing me over and I am going to complain like a little bitch on the forums until it either keeps the old version or has the option to play the old version or gives me a refund


    Rust Veteran Then quit playing. The game isn’t for you.
    Doesn’t mean you’ll get a refund, however.

      Rust Veteran

    but when they completely change the game they are trying too hard and making the game a different game I liked and I was ready for a big change but they made it in the totally wrong direction


    Rust Veteran Description directly says it can/will change as the creators see fit.
    Maybe you should have read what the hell you were getting into before you spent money on it.

      Rust Veteran

    but once they make the experimental they are going to get rid of the normal version and replace it with the shit new version so I really want a refund after this update that actually gets rid of the good version.


    Rust Veteran Ummmmmmmmmm there are 2 version. There’s the normal alpha and the expiremental branch. So try the alpha

      Rust Veteran

    but that is what it is it sucks and is changing what I paid for in a bad way I want a refund


    Rust Veteran How about some actual constructive criticism other than “it sucks”?

      Rust Veteran

    One thing that would be good is that you can have the option to try experimental right now but later you have the option to play rust old fashioned.  You are completely changing what I paid $20 for and now it is becoming a total waste of money.

      Rust Veteran

    this new version blows you are going to lose all of your veteran players gj none of my friends like this new piece of shit


    archilwow KillaMaaki Those servers will be empty.
    Somebody will be poking through the servers, see “Paid server” or whatever, and say “oh, I’d rather play on a free server, thanks” of which there will be plenty.

    It would be hazardous, yes. It would not be interesting. It would be stupid.


    KillaMaaki archilwow “We can’t afford to spend $10 every time we want to join a server! ”  I told you! you can choose the servers – if you want to play for money you will choose that kinde of server if you want vanilla server you will choose vanilla.
    I don’t know how can we embody this idea in game but I know that it will be very interesting and hazardous


    archilwow Literally the worst idea I have ever heard.
    Game would be empty. Nobody would play. 
    We can’t afford to spend $10 every time we want to join a server! Or even $1, that’s ridiculous.

    And then you can take your money back out? I’m sorry, but you DO realize that means Facepunch pays back the money you spent, right? Meaning a grand total profit of jack shit?



    It’s interesting you join with 2$ and you can get 1000$


    1.@firstly people will use hacks much more than already to get money.@ – yes it’s a problem RUST need better anticheat
    2.@Secondly tons of people, including me, will quit the game because no one wants to have the risk of losing money in a video game@ – if you are loser you will lose only 10$ or you can change the server wich is requires to start playing only 1$ some servers will require 400$ LIKE IN POKER. but if you want play like usually you will choose the NO MONEY server, that’s all everything depends on you, choice is yours.


    sebmat stfu kid ur an idiot


    Ok first off lets look at the direct insult you claim I made… 
    I directed hate towards a feature “bloody eyes” in which a number of games before it did the same thing.  Those games were hindered in a number of ways due to the loss of visiblity due to the intensity of the “bloody eyes” effect making it nearly impossible to continue.   A side note to add on that fact is that those games actually had another feature to quickly correct that issue by snuggling up to a wall and waiting a short period,  this game if you don’t have some medical items on you, you will be forced to run around unable to see due to these effects making the game almost unplayable the moment you get hurt, which is basically inevitable seeing as most all the servers are PvP and people are trigger happy, but I digress….

    Next up lets point out the fact of you saying you could say I would understand when I am older…  First off that would clearly show that you did nothing but skim through my message and keyboard rage onward to reply without looking at who I am… you know a little “social hacking” to understand the person that wrote the comment.  I do it to all the people I reply to.  Its why its a bad idea for some to post with real accounts.  
    You would have seen that I am 31 and I have been a gamer and developer for some time now,  I understand what works in games and what doesn’t.  I have seen how things can come together and make an epic adventure and story for the user.  Many examples like Fallout series, Mass Effect (Even though they ruined it at the end), Gemstone 4, and many others that create environments for the player to become immersed in without having over used effects to ruin the experience.  Not saying that all these games were perfect but for their time they were really well done.   

    As for replying and you not seeing it… Don’t care… others will though… hopefully they will read through so that some points don’t need to be repeated…   

    Good day.


    You could imagine wearing theses helmets if you were actually in a Rust type situation ?!
    Seriously, i think you couldn’t bear theses helmets more than two minutes in the real life. So it is really not realistic !


    jakearmstrong123 He didn’t make the best argument, but I agree nonetheless. Bring headbob back.


    I hope there will actually be cool caves, waterfalls and forests like in those art screenshots!


    That’s the stupidest thing i have ever heard… In case you were being serious take these things into consideration: firstly people will use hacks much more than already to get money. Secondly tons of people, including me, will quit the game because no one wants to have the risk of losing money in a video game. Thirdly, No one will buy the game knowing that they will need to pay money to actually use the game. And lastly, it will ruin the community, no one will play like its survival, they will just run around and kill people to get their money then log off…


    WoW. The weapon models look all great. Amazing work from Paul and Dan.


    As a female player, I honestly cannot wait until female character models are updated. I would prefer, at the moment, for the developers to continue working on that which they are. I do, however, wish for reassurance that they are going to be implemented. Maybe some concept art for how the armour would look on them, or a face model even. I do have to say, I enjoy the look of the guns. Many will disagree, but I absolutely despise the current modern weapons. Groups that get lucky enough to find them eventually overpower everyone else, and control the guns in circulation simply due to the stopping-power that they already bring to the table. Perhaps ramshackle guns will lower that stopping power a tiny bit. Either way, I think the devs are doing a good job. Bringing this game in a direction it needs to go with this reboot. Good job! :D


    i love the boar head hat concept!
    And i really like the Head and Viewmodel Shakes.


    archilwow Real money? that would be stupid sorry but it does not need that at all :S


    Hey guys can you add to the game real money? I think it will be very interesting to play it. 
    to join server you need to pay 10$ this money you will care in your base. if someone come and raid your base he will take your 10 dollars, naw the raider will have 20 dollars. 
    just think how much money will have guild of 6 persons on the 20th day of the gaming!! mabe about 2500$ or more. 
    I mast hide the stolen money until the server will Wipe.
    after wipe I can take out money for the game/

    It will be the firs game where every person can made REAL monay it will be TOOOOOO INTERESTING. 

    if you can shape this idea you guys will get more money than Bill Gates =)


    Very happy with all the work you guys are pushing out fantastic, the gun model concepts sent in are exactly what the guns should look like. The game is meant to look like you are trying to build these items with what ever you scavenge, I would like to ad to those gun models by adding a Jamming mechanic. So basically instead of durability for weapons and they break and you just fix them maybe you can keep using them but they have a time where they are not well looked after and you need to use some kind of home made grease to keep them in top condition.
    When I first downloaded Rust I played solid for 2 months, I loved the way you could build for yourself and being cautious of other players. I do admit I went off of Rust for a while due to alot of the servers I joined had just way to many hackers and players treating the game like a Call of Duty type twitch shooter, the randomness of the map design I think personally is a fantastic way in eliminating that kind of play due to not knowing the map as well as they do now and will not just sit and wait for players in certain loot zones.
    I also did see a while ago you had some Trap concepts, that would be a great move to help prevent intruders and raiders. Do not get me wrong the game needs people that are willing to break into your house and steal you things that is the game. But to be able to defend the house a little better when you have to log off for the night will be great, as you know it does take a while to build and farm up what you need by yourself and it is better to join up with people to get you to a point where you will be able to hold your own. So being able to use traps to stop people from taking your stuff just because they have been on the server for a long time and was able to dominate the C4 race will be fantastic.

    Many other things I would like to bring up but I will save it for another day and keep checking the progress and thank you so much for the updates well done and great work.


    Torch is way too loud, but maybe that’s a game balancing element. You can see but you can hear anything other than the torch. Although to be honest the trade off from having a torch lit should be being lit up like a marked target.


    PacMDucor Being an ass almost always make your point more difficult to be understood by any third party. It makes people defensive by their nature, especially in this case where it is a direct insult to something people have worked hard on. For instance, I could say something like “You’ll fully understand this when you get older” just to annoy you, insulting you for being immature and childish. Though, that would make my point even harder for you to understand, as you would be insulted and driven to give some long and emotional response about how much of a douche I am, etc. etc. So I won’t say that.

    But yes man, in most cases, it makes people take the opposing view point a lot stronger when you are an ass about things. Suddenly, if they admit to being wrong, the are embarrassed and pathetic for not standing up for themselves against such severe beration. However, if you give some legitimate feedback in a nice way, they are considered awesome, not pathetic, for responding to that feedback. Your highly emotional comment probably reduced pretty heavily your chances of getting head bob removed. When you’re throwing up all over the floor playing rust, remember that.

    P.S. I never check the comments here, this is the first and last time, mostly because I always get annoyed by stuff here, so responding would be useless, as I would never see any response.


    RaptorTron KillaMaaki I didn’t mean it as an insult. I mean it as a valid game design tip. All things in a game should exist purely to complement and strengthen the core gameplay – otherwise they are superfluous and will feel like an afterthought to players.


    http://www.livefyre.com/profile/54532807/ That's a fair response. Here’s mine.
    I DID give it some thought. The developers have created a magnificent environment. It’s one of the features I think. So, once you have built, hunted, clothed and settled into this environment, what’s next? Base raiding? PvP? Excuse me while I yawn! :)
    I’d like to think the developers wouldn’t MIND if I wanted to explore the region by means other than FOOT. I don’t think they’d MIND if I chose NOT to KOS every darn player that (no doubt) wants to do that to me. ;)
    Now, if the developers want to expand this game, make it truly memorable then perhaps, and as all humans need to ‘play’ as well as work, they may consider an environment where “convection” can be introduced. Because convection causes wind (for sailing) and thermals (for soaring). Just imagine sailing to your island base or flying out from your eire in the mountains.  How does that FIT into your idea of ‘core’?

    I will finish on this quote: For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return. – http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/l/leonardo_da_vinci.html


    PacMDucor Cromaxis Well, at least you’re polite about it and DRM has never been needed,makes things more painful.


    jakearmstrong123 so basically no head bob makes a shitty game?
    Like “Hey man, lets play Rust. It has a sick head bob mechanic. everything else is shit though.”
    Lmao, nobody fuckin says that.


    tontonas It’s a cool concept, I like that you’re thinking creatively n shit. But that’s kind of what killed Minecraft, that and all the 8 year old children. I wouldn’t want that to also be the death of Rust.


    KillaMaaki “think to yourself”. Hey, man. That’s a pretty shitty thing to say to him. especially when this whole website is about letting us know what’s going on and to spitball some ideas around. I think the hang-glider is a great idea. So here’s a tip: if you don’t like somebody’s idea, keep your comments to yourself.


    tontonas So basically you want Minecraft? The feel of learning everything as an invincible overpowered god so that you can know EVERYTHING when you actually play it, takes away the fun. It’s more fun running around hitting pigs and finding out how to make stuff, maybe teaming up with a guy and share recipes or share a shelter because you are both to bad at the game….. but with creative mode: “Yeah I made this perfect mansion in creative mode the other day.” But does not count….. #SmileyFace


    anaki Whenever you have an idea, here’s a tip: think to yourself, “How does this supplement, benefit, or otherwise tie into the core gameplay? And does it ‘fit’ in with the world of Rust?”


    I want to be able to make a hang-glider and fly from the mountains! Maybe even a scrap para-sail? HG is my first choice! Please! ;)


    I like 8



    For the record – headbob makes me want to throw up all over the monitor, and I race cars as my other hobby.  Tone the headbob down if you implement it.


    The Garand and Thompson look amazing, great job who ever modeled them!


    Can you add something like a creative mode? 
    in creative mode you have access to spawn all of the items and unlimited health + flying. it would be good if the server has a creative mode option.


    hachempvz come back and talk to me when you get to 10th grade, by that time you should understand more or less how the human body works.


    Cromaxis  Actually when effects added to the game cause their customers to get sick, that is more then enough reason to request a refund and legally get it back.   At the same time,  being an ass sometimes helps get the message across clearly,   I should have held back a little and reworded it better but all in all my message is clear.   You on the other hand should learn more about more about how things work in the real world not just how you believe things should be because its how they are made… that type of mentality is the reason we are enslaved in a world were DRM is considered needed only due to outdated marketing models that only worked in the 1970’s.
    Enough on that off topic rant… In the end… No i don’t have to “Deal with it”.


    Now i get disconnected every 15 sec. Why ?


    My favorite thing about this game is the simple premise. Just survive. A large part of that is the idea that you can only make things out of what you find. Maybe there could be a small military base somewhere on the map that has modern weapons that are in good condition but there should be a limit to them and the better weapons should be very hard to come by. In legacy it seems like anyone who has been solo on a server for a couple hours has the best weaponry in the game and it can be obnoxious for those of us who don’t play all day every day when two thirds of a server is amazingly well outfitted. I think the best improvement that can be made in this game is a system to regulate the scarcity of certain materials in a realistic manner. ie. trees are limited. When you cut one down it should be gone. You should also be able to mine metal or coal or gather rare resources but they should be conserved. The amount of certain resources should be limited server wide. This is something I would love to see in the future.


    PacMDucor If it makes me sick having headbob in a game , that means everyone should be sick in real life too


    graxia Generated Map , but they said they will think about generating landmarks like a huge lake / huge mountain so it’ll make navigation easier


    Will it eventually run better on somewhat low end PCs? I have 1GB ati graphics and rust doesn’t run that great, I keep it on ‘good’ in 1280×7** (dont remember the exact resolution, but it runs worse on my native 16×9)  i got a solid 40 frames on legacy. I tried the experimental rust, but it runs like shit for me. Will this eventually be worked on?


    whens female models coming?
    put them in to spite ubisoft being cunts about it :3


    jakearmstrong123 This is the dumbest comment I think I’ve ever seen ever.


    BRING BACK THE HEAD BOB! Head bobbing is meant to be hated because it makes the game slightly harder. But as a result you get a way better looking and more relaistic feeling game. in real life people dont slide around with perfect sight while sprinting around do they? BRING IT BACK! everyone who hates it is shit at the game and needs anything that can make it that little bit easier. it needs head bob or it’s just a shitty game in general. no one wants to feel like they’re sliding around…


    Quick answer Yes and No. From what I understand this is what happens now: 
    Currently everything (200 players, trees, etc.) is being checked against everything every frame. When doing this with the new collisions, it would definitly have a huge impact on the server.

    The new version however will split the map and everthing in it into boxes (common with a lot of games) to check only collisions on the current block and the once next to it. This effectively reduces the amount of checks that has to be done every frame. So the extra capacity can easily be used for more accurate collisions.


    First off, I like the devblogs. Like with some other games I like to keep a headsup of what is going on behind the scenes and when it is being released (or scheduled).

    Second I love the progress in procedural terrain but I know for sure friends will find it difficult to find me, hell I will probably loose track of where my own house the first few times. This is the reason I kept thinking about making ROADSIGNS, they would be effective and would degrade like houses. (As I suppose you will know your way eventually and don’t want uninvited visitors ;P.)

    Third I like both PvP and PvE but not as a standalone. I heard, I haven’t been able to check it out myself yet, there are servers which have different rules for different parts of the map. For example area A is PvP and area B is PvE. I personally like this concept and it may be worth checking out. (To allow/customize this in some form.)

    And as last, with other games I keep finding those threads about male and female characters. (I know some disagree) But from personal experience males play with a male character and vice-versa. I know it has been a topic before and I just wanted to place this as a reminder because it is STILL a topic.


    Another question, wouldn’t making such complex hitboxes (still hitboxes) impact the server and game speed excessively?


    PacMDucor  headbobbing is immersive and actually makes combat more realistic too but… Its more often than not way overdone. IRL the human eyes compensate for head bobbing they only thing that really needs to be done is lower accuracy with a gun while running or walking SOLVED!


    Ok this update is awesome two of the videos in the post don’t work for me though, the animal animations. I wanted to also say the headsway when swinging an axe looked awkward I know you said it was overdone but I see more than that, perhaps have the head sway away from the target (very slightly) and have the camera pan up a bit too as if shielding your eyes from any shrapnel and to get a better look around as your defenseless. Maybe even give the player the ability to look freely while swinging and have the body catch up when the swing is over, this would give players much more reaction time to any danger close or far like IRL, but if you do this it might look better to overdo the sway so it looks more natural if the player is looking in an extreme angle. Also sorry Meg but I don’t think those costumes would fit in very well they seemed way to extravagant and impractical, the masks were ok again a bit impractical some of them (deer head). I like the gun concepts too but they seem a little impossible maybe try taking like an UZI model and deck it out with wood to make it look more menacing like an AK (like the second gun) but do this with all the guns and make “stock versions” as well you could even let the player deck out there own gun however they wanted whether aesthetically or practically, if you did this it would give you the ability to do something ARMA doesn’t even do right (weapon maintenance). A cheap clip breaks if used too much rendering the gun useless until the player gets a chance to sit down and take the gun apart clean the barrel and get any clip debris out of the chamber. Also Ive noticed that ppl who play MMOs mostly just want to stand out from the crowd and hackers are born from this premise, if you give the players a way to make themselves feel like a king or god they wont try to break your game instead they will just try to be the best, and most efficient. Mods then turn into suggestions rather than exploits, I know this post has gotten way out of hand but I love rust and I want rust to be perfect, Thx FACEPUNCH for redoing the game everyone knows this is whats best most people are just too impatient to even expect greatness.


    hey it would be nice if on some stage know you guys are busy bit it would be nice if there was traps for people and animals and making raiding harder it would be nice to feel a lil bit safer


    TheNetflixPro janxgamer It was up just a few minutes ago.


    janxgamer whaaaa? i have checked multiple times and the list was blank. (goes to open rust…)


    TheNetflixPro janxgamer There’s one running right now. It’s running pretty much all the time.


    janxgamer there is no way to play it without a server


    IvanIvanov2 Not possible, there will always be hackers.


    janxgamer It’s out now, just launch the game and choose experimental.




    And i hope their will be no hackers i hope ! cuz this game is good no need for hackers to join in !!! PLS  the makers of the game make the hack unhackble


    PacMDucor You sir, diligently require a pick-axe to yo mouf. Tha End.


    PacMDucor Some people actually prefer head bobbing like myself. Though I definitely do agree there should be an option to turn it off.


    Will there be a map or just an open landscape? :o


    bastards)) hold back my favorite zombies!! ^__^ Please!) Cry of soul)


    pls bring female char!


    Dune Buggies!


    I think it would be smart to put some military gear in the game, cause military surplus is readily available to its likely to to be easily found in a post apocalyptic world. Or at least mish mash military gear with homemade items to give it that apocalyptic look.


    EwanBuchanan strobergcd ….or any given shooter or game with hotbar. Minecraft wasn’t the first nor the last.


    PacMDucor No need to be an ass. It’s their game, if they want to add head bob that’s up to them. They have minimal obligations to us. DEAL WITH IT!


    huts, tents, mud houses, cave houses, wood houses, stone houses, BRICK houses (when they learn how to work the stone), metal houses. I think diversity is what makes the game rich and fun and feel free. Having multiple choices in an open world is very important imo, so I think the devs should work on diversity for houses and adding different properties to them when it comes to getting raided. Naturally it would be easyer to raid a mud house than a brick one :)


    StanislavRaykov only add on stone houses


    strobergcd great idea MI MI MINECRAFTTTT



    think about it you start with a hut move onto a wood house, save up for a metal one then……………..nothing
    stone houses would be a endgame thing not something you can make in a day. also farming but that might be a bit of a push


    i think you should add meaby girl playermodels and i really would like to see a way to make your char uniqe meaby something like a customisation system in the menu or something


    Huh, the debug server just went down…. as i built over 60 walls in a row, or did i just get banned? :D


    we should be able to find parts of guns like if u have an ak 47 part and a part of and m16 and lets say that you need 4 parts of any weapon part so you can combine them and the more parts of the same gun the more accurate, damage, and stability it does. PLEASSSE READD!!!


    Who the fuck is brain dead enough to actually want head bobbing??? 
    that is one of the dumbest things ever put in every game… Its only
    there to look fancy and only achieves leaving some players sick with the
    movement due to staring at a screen motionless for a number of hours.  
    Its clear you need to add an option to be able to disable this feature
    other wise face lawsuits for putting peoples health at risk even after
    being warned.   All other games have the option just because of that
    reason.   Next up.  Who is the brain dead idiot who actually believes
    the bloody eyes are actually good?   Obstructing the vision of players
    is not how to make the game better or make it look better… only how to
    annoy people even more…   Plenty of ways to represent being injured
    and you choose the worst of them all.. might as well be playing Duke
    Nukem Forever,  you know the shitty reboot of Duke… yes… thats how
    bad the crap you are adding is… its comparable only to that of a
    really bad reboot.


    Easier way to find friends please!


    Constantin7777 I think you’re missing an incredibly important piece, however. They specifically warn you, in clearly visible text, that the game is not finished and potentially buggy.
    Woe on the consumer who can’t be bothered to read, I guess.


    xbox360plzzz rockodss 10k+ draw calls. Ouch. That’s enough to bring any machine to its knees.


    Xb I think several people did, actually :P


    Just a suggestion have you thought about letting players build roads in the new version of rust.

    It would help players find there way around since everything is procedurally generated and can be used to do other cool things as well


    TannerCreighton You surely don’t mean F2P, right? Because it definitely won’t.


    UI Changed again :v


    HOLY SH$T!!! You guys are making this game very awesome!!! when I saw those masks I was thinking is this going to turn in to something like TF2 with the hats thing?


    HA! Very mature whit that waterfall test xD


    I loved Meg’s clothing designs, especially #3 and #7 !  It will be key to include customizations, so we can mix and match and have fun with everything in our own combinations.
    Definitely make some fur and leather caveman stuff.


    push f1 type
    net.connect 68.232.17128:28016

    Banks Jail Shops Remove leveling skill weapon no wipes pvp town nonpvptown many others no dura


    Put a currency in the game like gold, silver or bronze coins, something like that. I don’t know how difficult it would be but it would expand what people could do a lot. I think it’d be a fun experiment to see if a currency was rejected or utilised, something for a finished game I think though.


    LeminLyme hachempvz Anyone can just throw flares/put fake signs etc… , at least there should be a way to give a unique signal


    I think there should be added stone houses (foundations, stairs, ceilings, pillars, windows, doorways and ramps.


    All the comments and Nobody mentioned the Peeing Penis/Balls Rock Formation….Hilarious!   Great Job Guys, Keep It up!


    and most important update plss autoban hackers before they spoil servers..
    I have seen lots of players before quitted this game after their hardwork just to protect their loots and hackers easily raid stuff


    OmriBaso There was a update today :)


    Plss bring back Singapore official server 
    I quitted this game because so much wipeout servers after being raided crybabies!


    I think a cool feature would be that you can use your mouse scroller to move between items in the hot bar :)


    Please give us something !! UPDATE !! ANYTHING
    the game became pretty boring


    how about female characters my female roomate is begging for it xD


    I think there should be MORE graphics options for those people that can’t run the game on just the one bar being all the way down. Although it may be something to do with the map because Crysis works fine for me and those graphics are stuck at high…


    I think that these are some good things being added but I think you should add a Friend spawn system… it would make alot of people happy.. like me and a few of my friends and a bunch of people in clans… also I noticed that you all failed to think of a Tiki Mask headgear… everyone knows that they secretly want a group called “The Tiki Bandits” running around completely naked with only Tiki masks and Spears… also spears would be nice or atleast some more hunting tools… and maybe fishing…


    you should add a painting system, that includes A Regular Paintbrush and an improvised one made from a lions tail and wrapped handle


    rockodss  i would say its more accurate just more code intensive, their is a reason why big block buster games don’t use mesh colliders for specific weighted vertex groups within the mesh because their is just too much going on at one time, its not a bad idea. . . just if you have 100s of people in the scene you will probably need a more powerfull pc. for example, i tested 10,000 balls and sphere colliders with soft shadows on, with approx 20 million tris, and my gtx 770 4gb can run that with 20 fps. just gives you a slight insight into the unity engine :)




    rockodss Because you clearly know more about what they are doing than they do -_-


    binmail240 MikeBudz Baemir 
    Well, calling someone names for asking for a basic game element that makes it unplayable for some.. well, that just says it all…


    binmail240 MikeBudz Baemir 
    Key bindings is one of the most basic elements of the game.
    non-inverted mouse ruins it for anyone who doesn’t use that, sorry if you don’t like it, but your welcome to your opinion.


    Can u add a group, clan system ?


    White Cube Chicken What? Didn’t you see those sexy stag breasts?


    Hitbox Upgrades
    Let’s not use perfectly working Hitbox, and use this some cluncky, unoptimised, probably a jar of problem, technique….yeahh….no


    I think headshake is not good update


    Constantin7777 The last slide should say “How NEW “Sim” games were born”


    Little ideas which you might like to add in the game in the future versions. .

    1. Add Hunting Dogs – You can train them and use them for hunting :
    Animals , Humans also finding stuff in the world and bring you bones and
    meat from the dead ones . Also you can lock them in cells if you like.
    Add Traps – Very important things for your survival , esspecialy when
    you are outnumbered from bad guys. And runing in direction where you
    already place the traps , It can be lifesaving.
    3. Add Riding Horses – You know what they do :)
    4. THE CAVES – Really good idea +1
    5. ADD FARM – Very usefull for big village with a lot of people who want independent source of food.6.
    Weapons: Make Bow more realistic and different models , Also the Arrows
    : Fire Arrow , Poison Arrow , Oil Arrow ( if you want to set on fire
    big things like Buildings etc,), Crossbows, Spears, Shields,
    Knifes,Swords, ( you can use bones from the dead for all to make it )
    7. Clan Tattoo – so the every tribes to have they unique tattoo desings ( or Emblems on the Shields or Armor )
    ANTICHEAT PROGRAM – This is the most important thing ( I really hate
    Cheates in  this game ) They can ruin your game ! This is the main
    reason i stop playing the game few months ago,


    I understand the firing and impact shakes that are purposely implemented, but what is with the weird model jitter I get every time I log in to the experimental? It’s not my rig, I can tell you that. GTX 660ti and 16GB of RAM, six-core processor. I wish I could capture it, it’s just like the viewmodel is shivering. 

    The concept art you guys are cranking out is fucking awesome. I truly hope most of that stuff makes it in to the game in some fashion. Meg really seems to have her mind in the right place for it, and the guys you have actually sculpting the stuff are hitting it spot on.


    MikeBudz You can change controls via the Resolution dialog .__.


    MikeBudz Baemir stupid word censor system, type my message like a dozen damn times and it still won’t show.


    MikeBudz Baemir They have not even finished key basic elements of the game yet, and you expect them to stop everything they are doing to custom-tailor their control scheme to accomodate the one d0uche on the planet who inverts his mouse?


    MikeBudz Baemir They have not even finished some of the most basic key elements of the game yet, and you expect them to stop everything they are doing to custom-tailor their control scheme to accomdate the ONE douche on the planet who inverts his mouse?


    MikeBudz Baemir  They have not even completed key basic elements of the game iin experimental yet, and you expect them to drop everything they are doing to custom-tailor the control scheme for the ONE douche on the planet that inverts his mouse?


    Baemir MikeBudz 
    Nice trolling, every game that uses mouse has an invert option.


    MikeBudz This is like getting a new TV set up and asking the person that did it why he didn’t put it upside down.


    For the love of god, please allow changing of controls.  Some people don’t play in a cookie cutter world and would like to enjoy the new development process.  I’ve had a custom keybind since Doom days, so its kind of hard to train an old dog used to a certain key binding.  At least allow us to change variables in client.cfg, i tried using same ones from legacy, but it just clears the file and rewrites the default ini.


    Also u say you need balls and brains to play rust, brains = intelligence which = advancements ….. Don’t contradict your own statements


    Just ideas lol, it kinda makes sense to have time progression/ eras because as time goes by we get more advanced, if that didn’t happen u wouldn’t have had a comment to comment on and this page wouldn’t exist….. Also if u don’t like it don’t read it…


    ElvenNeko Patient Zer0 They can be (especially Garry) caustic at times, agreed, but let me say some things on their behalf…

    1.) Answering forum questions. I know from experience that balancing game development with answering forum questions is INCREDIBLY GODDAMN HARD. There’s often such an explosion of people asking questions that to take the time to answer even 10% of them takes a huge chunk of time away from development.
    Which would you rather they did – answer questions, or finish the damn game?

    2.) Listening to player feedback. They know what game they want to make. They have ZERO obligation to listen to anybody else’s ideas. Thinking otherwise is, frankly, utterly selfish on YOUR part.
    Not to mention, players usually don’t have good ideas. No, seriously. You’re not game designers and you’re not working for Facepunch, quit expecting them to listen to what you want the game to be. Don’t like it? Don’t play it. Simple as that.

    3.) Bugs. Seriously, you clearly haven’t looked at the forums. I have seen bugs reported, I’ve seen the team take them, add them to Trello, and fix them. They CLEARLY care about making sure the game is bug-free.

    I don’t think, then, that you can reasonably say their behavior is selfish.


    Feedback on fire: it needs to build up a bit before it goes to full blaze. Once it’s at full blaze, that’s when it starts burning me. That way I’m not instantly getting burned the second it’s lit, as if I dumped a gallon of fuel on it.


    VcdaltoncV They said it wouldn’t, because the new grass is much faster and should run on anything that isn’t an ancient relic.


    BullshitBullets HeatherLancaster I don’t think it would make a huge difference, as people would still identify people by microphone rather than avatar. It would be mostly male players playing female avatars, and people would just over react to females who reveal themselves by voice.


    Patient Zer0 What are you talking about? Fp is one of the most unfriendly companies i ever saw. First – they got support site. You can left tickets there, but nobody will respond on them. Second – they almost never speak with community, never answer to their questions, even never explain why they do certain actions. Look at any other early acsess game devepores – they answering in every second forum thread, they taking ideas from community, they discuss bugs and ways to handle them, they really care about their customers and what they want to see in the game. In another survival game named H1Z1 dev’s even developing game with the community! What are fp team does? They don’t give a fuck about any of us and just post some updates online. And they will never try to make a conversation with any of the players, because they kinda of do not care about anything players might say. Even more – when i created thread in experimental forum and told them about mistake that they did while making base player models, harry banned be without explaining the reasons (i think he could not accept that someone is actually aware of this mistake). That is how they handle community, and i never saw such a retarded and selfish behavior in any other developer team for 10 years that i tested beta and alpha versions of different games.


    WP_ StivtheStreamer DayZ, Project Zomboid, Infection: Survivor Stories, State of Decay, and H1z1. Wow that was hard.


    MrPaintdry I don’t mean to say you’re wrong, I just mean to say that you need to clarify that your statements are opinions and not grievances of fact/functionality. The idea that the UI is ugly is an opinion, as I happen to like it (As well as Garry’s Mod’s overall aesthetic which is definitely being carried over)

    As well as the UI making it difficult to be aware of your surroundings, I think that’s perfectly fine. Considering the inventory can be toggled with a button, it should obscure your view. It’s a simulation of looking in your backpack. Your eyes are down, your attention directed away from your surroundings. Audio should be your safety queue. You’re free to stop looking in your bag and look around. But that’s just my two cents, and I don’t think it’s wise to check your bag in a raid if you’re not certain you’re covered.


    VcdaltoncV I did as you help the translation ^ ^


    VcdaltoncV I’m not sure what the french guy said, but the answer is no. It will not be back, probably ever. It’s an advantage to those who know, and obscures the intended product the game devs want. They want tall grass, they want things difficult to be seen, they want camoflage, and they want grass-disturbance based tracking.


    VcdaltoncV Version trad by google trad : For my part I find it to zero to disable the grass because it is a can of cheating because people who test you attacked from behind or use another tactic grass to camouflage will be automatically discovered all strategy will be obsolete, and its gameplay changes everything I think its a shame as this increases their gamma via their graphic card etc … to see the night into day I find her abusing the people do not know played with difficulty then we’ll leave me YES but found our bag or etc. …. ^ ^ made ​​as everyone sought and reflected

    original version : 
    pour ma part je trouve ça nul de pouvoir désactiver l’herbe car cela est un peux de la triche car les gens qui essai de vous attaqué par derrière ou autre tactique se servent de l’herbe pour se camouflé sera automatiquement découvert donc tout sa stratégie sera obsolète , puis sa change tout un gameplay je trouve sa dommage tout comme ce qui augmente leur gamma via leur carte graphique etc… pour voir la nuit  comme en plein jours je trouve sa abusé, le gens ne savent pas joué avec de la difficulté après on va me sortir OUI mais pour retrouvé nos sac ou etc…. ^^ faite comme tout le monde cherché et réfléchie


    hachempvz the main method would be improvised navigation, like it would be realistically. This means communicating landmarks, there will be signs, there will be paths and roads. There will be flareguns probably. There will be plenty of means, you just have to struggle like the caveman you are.


    Will the command “grass.on true/false” be coming back anytime soon?


    StivtheStreamer  Name 5 fully released, perma-death survival, zombie games… yeah, makes your *hundreds of zombie survival games” comment look pretty dumb now huh?  and FYI. COD isn’t a zombie survival game, hardly any survival aspect in it, except ‘Don’T Die’.


    ofe4 No, they will never return they are making new different things.  If you want zombies play dayz, call of duty, or the other  hundreds of zombie survival games out there.


    NicoLisa dumb and impossible, slowmo even if only applied to you would slow you and since it could be abused to see if people are around you, also dumb is the fact you would be slow and someone could shoot you in the face due to lack of movement and the game couldn’t handle you technically being slow but the other person and their bullet would also have to be slowed if they were within view but someone could take a potshot from outside the range of your “slowmo capable zone” which would force their bullet to slow and them, also this isn’t a freaking hunting game go try dayz standalone’s new hunting apparently its funny but slow mo doesn’t happen in real life nor does it work in a multiplayer environment.


    Littletron dickjohnson198 Only problem with that logic is that is a rustic m14 and thompson up there the m14 being in the 60s the starlight scope would be a decent scope to add very little zoom but crosshairs and some moonlight night vision.


    IkeaKast Augustas everyone knows how to use the gamma to get night vision


    Process of development of the game Rust)


    Since the game is going to have procedural map , how are we going to find friends? TP Maybe?


    The new version of the game is fucking beautiful. I’ve spent ages on it just taking screenshots of the way the light hits things. The UI, in the last update (I played on the experimental server today), while an improvement on the legacy version, is comparatively ugly, with its straight edges and boxes.
    In Rust you obviously sometimes need to do things very quickly. Having the tab menu on the upper left and the numbered menu on the bottom means that it takes too long to move items from one to the other and feels too fiddly now that the boxes for the numbered menu at the bottom have been made smaller ( which I’m all for, as it doesn’t get in the way of the incredible look the game has now. Would be nice if the user could easily and quickly decide to make it bigger or smaller, like you can to the app bar in OSX). Might be good if you could right click the item and be able to ‘equip’ it, making it go to the numbered bar immediately, replacing whatever was in slot 1.
    The current experimental UI takes up a third of the screen, effectively blinding you on your left side. I’ve also noticed that the screen blurs once the menu is active. This would be terrible if you’re in the middle of a raid, either defending or attacking, or on the lookout for enemies on the horizon. Having a view of your player model is a great addition to the menu but it would be good if it could be minimised or at least if the background was made transparent. The ability to click and drag all sections of the menu around the screen would be cool too, as well as making it translucent, to have better visibility of potential threats in your environment while you mess about with your items.


    djfjord this made me chuckle when i watched it also.  top marks to the dev. team for having a sense of humour


    kalebdash312 this will be on there list of  things to do for sure. Just other  things are currently more important such as build system or would you prefer them to concerntrate on pixels particals 1st,


    RobDempley I would love to see a crossed breed bear and board or even a chicken-bear :P caused by the radiation.


    dickjohnson198 this is no modern warfare, the rustic the better.


    White Cube Chicken hahahaha +1


    Augustas Please no. too OP


    You should make (example) the head gear, like the bucket, usable for multiple things.
    Like when you war the bucket as head gear, you can take it off and use it to take water out of a river, and then drink it.
    Then you can wear it as head gear again

      Eugen Klez

    so many people want zombies back… why dont u guys kind of make it optional to the admin? like he can decide if zombies or rad animals spawn (or both maybe). aside from creating the whole zombie character (model, texture, animation and sound) this should be easy to implement.

    if zombies interfere too much with the desired future flair of the game, this is no option then.


    Augustas Oh god no…..


    MrTr3z ToxicatedLum you forgot to said 18+++  x)


    BonSAI rambo070 i didn’t said 99 peaces of chicken. i did said chicken which is 1.


    depaepejulian ey a smart repply to my trolling ^.^


    You are a kind of incredible perfectionnist, that’s why it’s gonna be the best game ever.


    Add nightvision googles, it would be awesome!


    Goodbye crappy ass dayz


    I want you to add opportunity to dig in the rocks, ground etc. It will be really awesome!! PLS add this guyz!


    Any info on how fishing will work?(not expecting it anytime soon, just wondering on the depth of it)


    Dageraith they’re still getting on the baseline :) just wait for it ^^


    camachosj oh damn, I replied the wrong comment zzzz


    camachosj they’re still getting on the baseline :) just wait for it ^^


    i think all guns im you inventory should have a slot on your person so if you have a m4 its on yoour back, pistol on you side and so on


    Yeah i think all guns should have a slot on your person so if you have a m4 its on yoour back pistol on you side and so on


    I really really like this idea to


    i love the weapons :)


    My freind sayed that the zombies will return soon is that true?


    HeatherLancaster Don’t think that would be too good of an idea when you realize how crappy the community is.


    Chasealexmac I think they want to create there own child this time and not let the community make the game whatever they want. Garry’s mod is a great game for freedom of what you want to do and to an extent so should rust. But I don’t want Rust to become full of modded and extremley customized servers with mini games and turn into another Gmod.


    Hi guys congratulations for a job well done so far. I wanted to offer something alternative, for example, the addition of horses as a means of transportation on the island, but the horses have to be free spirits and then captured by the player before you can ride. It would also be nice to find even the smallest wolf and raise them as pet dogs just like our ancestors. What do you think? XD XD


    By the way, I totally miss headbob. Please being headbob back.


    nudes shouldn’t be able to hide weapons and gear

      White Cube Chicken

    Why don’t the animals have genitalia?


    You guys should totally make it to where females can have female characters and then of course the males can keep their male characters. Keep up the good work!!


    Adding scopes to the game would be fantastic, especially for the Bolt Action Rifle!


    mikevantok I’m sure the mod community will step up for this stuff, like Oxide did for legacy.


    I don’t know what value zombies add. The rad animals and other predators are plenty.


    The “Saw Blade Tool” looks more like brake rotors from a car.


    I love what your doing with the guns it would also be cool if you added more gun types you know? i love it JUST LOVE IT i dont care what you do all i know ittl just be a very good game because its coming along very well! :D So Keep It Up! ♥♥♥



      War Wolf Jack

    Everything is fantastic except for the clothes; they need to be more practical. If I wouldn’t wear it in a real life survival situation then I definitely wouldn’t want to wear it in game, The problem with all the clothes being so scrappy and “unique” is… 

    “Why is everyone missing the same sock?” .. or “How did everybody find the same brand of soda to make a harpoon with?”


    ScellowMew I don’t like CoD, but a game you described it’s called “Minecraft”. Addictive game, but it was already on market…


    TDCStrider JooHateMe Thanks Boss!!


    I wanna see a special pack you can buy.. maybe 2, on steam make a dev group thing where you pay like $80 so you get direct chat to the devs so you can explain your ideas and a copy of the game. And maybe a 4 pack of rust or 2… whatever works :)


    I fucking love what your doing to the game. Keep up the awesome work everyone! P.s your web site is also amazing for its great info and a bit of comedy here and there.


    Hitchcock got experimental to work on 8.1


    I think that it would be a great idea to enable steam workshop in Rust. People these days make amazing builds, which they put in the workshop for the world to see. These people make it possible to create their own gaming environment. This is key for making a game which suits the experience you are looking for. For example, we know Rust as a survival game, which contains mostly surviving against other players. But what if the people who create steam workshop content could change that. Let’s create something that doesn’t sincerely change the purpose of the game, but something that makes the game even more ”made by the community”. People could create weapons, clothing or even other wildlife. The people who run the servers could choose which add-ons they use on their server, much like Garry’s mod.Or you could use the workshop more like a place to store the content made by the community, but without the possibility to change the game directly. This content might be chosen to appear in the game itself, more like Counterstrike if I’m not mistaken. This option might be more reliable, since the original game can’t be changed this way.

    I think that enabling the steam workshop in Rust would be a great idea, but I don’t have any idea how these things work. It’s just an idea, but let it sink in for just a few seconds. That’s all I’m asking for ;)



    depaepejulian KungFuJesus Zero Fox FK Dude, you need to stop getting defensive and angry.
    Really, it’s just common sense – low end computer, low FPS. high end computer, high FPS. That’s just how it works. There’s no point in getting angry when someone points that out to you, or complaining about those who can afford better rigs being “rich”.
    There’s also nothing wrong with having a low-end rig. It does mean you won’t be able to run new games very well (like Rust), but that’s to be expected of course. I had a cheap rig for the better part of my life, until fairly recently.


    hey guys and girls at facepunch, i really like your game rust its awesome, really like all the posting about the progress it really helps calm my anxtius nerves waiting for the game to come out :D

    after playing for aprox 500 hours me and my rust buddy have come up with some interesting ideas for some fun additions in the game here is a list explaing the concepts :)
    Horses (rideable)
    Bikecycles (
    with a lockable bike chain, can be opened with pick locking, maybe a
    cart for extra stash that can be transported with bike and be towed by
    the horse aswell )
    more diversity in animals ( like big cats, elephants etc. maybe
    domestication should be a possibilty like a having a guard dog or maybe
    turtles that can be turned into shields )
    A zipline ( to get down from your house or setup a escape route in a battle)

    A Tnt arrow ( a fireable arrow with tnt explosives maybe a flare arrow aswell)
    If there will be cars maybe a garage to store the vehicel safely
    throwable rock (and when you throw it you go bare knuckles, and maybe
    to take it further you could make blueprints for better fighting
    techniques like kicking etc.. )

    a shivering effect when your heartbeat raises or as an effect of cold
    i realize this is a long list and a lot of work, but
    i really hope to see some of these things in the game just to make the
    most amazing game of rust a little more amazing :)
    by far the best concept for a game ive come across for a long time
    never have i laughed / raged so hard on a game as rust and to me that
    makes the game special, all the other games just pass my time but this
    game really gets me fired up in amazing way. rust is awesome guys thanks
    for all the hard work you put into it really is fun times in rust :)

    best regards
    Rasmus Fink
    A big fan


    Hitchcock ElizabethDolton I am using firefox, does it not work on firefox? Also, I can’t get the experimental version to work on my computer. I have windows 8.1


    Another thing I would really like to have is a new animation when hitting stuff instead of a bunch of random colors flying off. Otherwise keep up the awesome work guys. I fucking love this game.



    I can’t watch these videos properly too, weird.


    Which ever serve I have played on , they know I’m a girl and never an issue… Most of the guys thin kit pretty cool to have a girl playing. But, I also don’t play on servers that have a bunch of immaturity. I can see your point though.


    and yes i know there is NO dlc for rust im not stopit


    rambo070 No. its not free to play and dont want to pay things ingame thats shitt thats why DLC is comming handly and dont think there is dlc in a fps  game like this rust…


    have you ever played those deer hunter games for pc that have the slwomo bullet cam sniper elite style when you hit a dear in the head? if that happened, as long as no one else was around of course so it wouldnt slowmo there gameplay, or get you killed while you were watching a deer get murdehd in slow mo, that would make this game approximately 8000 times more awesome for me. This game jsut gets better and better all the time, but an unforgiving hunting simulation aspect to it would really blow my mind.



    also, yes character customization.

    this is my first time contributing, so i made it nice and belligerent.


    KungFuJesus depaepejulian Zero Fox FK ritch dude I ALREADY said i cant afford a freakin new pc ok im just an 15 year old THX. i know you prob have a GTX TITAN or GTX 780ti i dont give a shitt stop making me jalours


    this is the internet guys full of cocky swear guys and stuff like that


    it would be really cool if they would add character customization, choosing between male and female, all the feature of the characters looks and shit.


    rude dudes alwayswhatever so do you not see they trying to add more and more stuff that has work to do wth bugfixes on the new items testing takes long time for a such small team thats why they need to add basic stuff and get it dont step by step and release it to the plublic stop wth these cocky swearing words could you not just go friendly seriusly i want it packed full shutup but it takes too long time and dont want they add more and more stuff beacuse these guys have a hard time testing and fixing all the stuff for a small team i mean cmn dont go like dayz that keep adding new stuff wthout fixing any stuff i love what they are doing thats true they just need to do it step by step plublic releases like in the beginning of the release of rust i myself played 400+ hours its getting borred expermimental fix isnt out yet (or its just my experminental that isnt working) so stop doing cocky wth those stopit swearing and if my english is bad my bad im dutch sorry ive other stuff to do


    MarcoNobili Press F2 and tweak the settings there, the Terrain Detail option is to be slided downwards to decrease rendering distance and details.

    Should fix some issues.


    camachosj It’s not long ago that they showed entire cave systems that will be put into the map, so no worries.

    (they looked awesome)


    Am I the only one intrigued by this new “Health Bear” feature?!? Sounds fascinating!!




    ElizabethDolton What browser are you using?

    E.g it doesn’t work with Opera, but great with Google Chrome.


    DBladedPantz I believe a weight system is implemented in the experimental build, though I’m not sure if it  slows you down.

    By the looks of the Inventory UI in the Experimental there’s a 5th sloth added to the clothing section (possible sign of future backpacks)


    KungFuJesus AprilNorman Yea, guys get strange when they hear a girl’s voice in a video game.  They auto-switch “dog-in-heat” mode.


    tehflamex what did I just read…It’s not a silly walk through the park you there, it’s a RUST, you need balls of steel to play, no eras, simply balls and brains. What plants, open, close, omg, wtf is that?????




    DBladedPantz It sounds like a lame excuse just to kill someone.  I doubt someone will attempt to be so observant to avoid “unnecessary deaths.”


    I quit a while back due to hackers, but every Friday I enjoy reading this blog, and I appreciate the communication!  I’ve been gaming for 24 years, and this game is certainly on the top of my list.


    depaepejulian pls,always use a condom and be sure to not reproduce….

    Thank you,
    Rest of the population


    depaepejulian Zero Fox FK …Don’t complain about FPS if you’re running on a potato. If the game is truly unoptimized, that’s something to complain about. A game shouldn’t have to compensate for crappy hardware.
    Plus, these days, you can build a pretty cheap gaming computer via some overclocking run.




    Yeah I see your point, I am not an expert on procedural generated maps, but I have the basics, I trust facepunch, they should be aware of the impact these mountains with paths and hidden spots make to the gameplay and I hope they also read this comments in case they are not thinking about it.
    I had a spot in a mountain South from Radtown, my base was there and the only door to get in was right a the end of an extensive rocky maze, (no way to reach that door from above) I am sure that’s the kind of things you are missing from legacy, me too…


    RUST. PLEASE BAN PLAYER “GU” on North American 4. He will not spamming and as a new player, I expect alot more administration from you. Please please please consider looking into this vulgar and spamming player. – Anthony


    I’m really happy to see so much progression on this game!
    I’m also amazed by the amount of graphic enhancements you guys did!
    Hope to play this with my clan members again, this time, without those 12-year-old kids with hacks.


    After roughly 700+ hours of playing, I have a modest suggestion to
    improve some of the more annoying aspects of player interaction.
    Frequently, after we’ve been gathering materials, me and my buddies get
    gunned down by other players for what is on our person(s). Even if we
    try and offer our goods in exchange for our lives, other players will
    often STILL shoot us just to be sure we weren’t (in their words) “lying”
    to them about giving up all of our hard earned materials. This seems to
    often also work against us as new spawns with hardly a stone hatchet to
    our name. 

    How about making a player’s running speed
    variable based on materials weighing the player down? And how about
    making expandable inventories with things like bags and backpacks? This
    way a player may be able to see if you even have an expanded inventory
    in the first place to decide whether or not to prey on you, and if we
    offer all of our goods to a player holding us at gunpoint, they have a
    secondary way to confirm we are devoid of materials and (hopefully) not
    gun us down as we try to run for our lives.


    I’m loving to see the game evolve. But i have to agree it’s a bit too much time waiting for this. In my opinion you could release the new patch and then with time you add new stuff like in the old times. You know where you wanna go and what you want from this. This way it’s easy to keep working and creating new stuff. With this you keep everybody happy and work in peace.
    Just a comment i don’t really like the sounds of the animals. It’s great but they sounds are not good and they need much more work.


    Piggdiggler depaepejulian Exactly. To put some perspective on this, it takes a team of hundreds of people about a year or two to make a first person shooter. Not open world – just a handful of maps, overused storylines, and many of the same assets they already used in the previous game.

    Now contrast this with a handful of people making a large open world massively multiplayer survival game. There’s challenges in content production, in programming, in scope, in technical hurdles, in bug testing, etc.
    When you think about it, they’re actually progressing at a fairly speedy pace.


    You are awesome. Very exciting stuff. I can say, from personal experience, I’ve seen the amount of work you have done in a week and it is amazing. The week before last, Iogged into experimental, and it looked pretty, but was still withough almost any features. This last week I could already start building, and the UI was working. Now you have tweaked guns and collision, and while it all feel familiar to Rust Legacy, it also feels new. Great updates, great communication, and great ideas and concept art for the future.


    I can’t play the videos and have never been able to play the videos from this page seance it started. What am I doing wrong?


    depaepejulian This is what happens when you give children early access. They feel entitled to a finished product because they had a taste too early. Learn some patience, as well as what it means to be a part of funding (and testing) a game in development. Keep up the great work guys, loving the updates. Can’t wait to play with all the new content when it is ready.


    TDCStrider ChuckoMay I don’t think you really need head bob, BUT the weapon itself should definitely sway.


    depaepejulian Shut up. If you dont want this game to be packed full then leave. Rust doesn’t need people like you.


    yerdnac camachosj I’ve seen these and I think they’re awesome. I’m glad they’re at least thinking about interesting landscape formations that are difficult for a computer to auto-generate (such as caves and overhangs). These screenshots are environmental tests crafted by an artist, though, and not procedurally generated. I’m curious how they plan to integrate their concave landscape feature ideas into the procedural system. I wouldn’t just want little one off pre-fab areas like that surrounded by boring terrain. I’d like to see extensive mountain chains with tons of mazey paths and little hidden spots like in legacy!


    AprilNorman I wish that could be the case, but us men can oftentimes be perverted on the internet. For example:
    Due to my high pitched voice, often times bandits think I am a girl. More than once I’ve been chased across the map being yelled at to take my clothing off. There are also those who pretend to be female just to abuse the fact that men are perverts. As much as I would like it for both genders to make it into the game, I feel that it’s safer just to include the males.


    camachosj I feel you and i completely agree with you, i am sure they will eventually show us how the actual map and procedural terrain its going to be. I like to think they already have that figured out, if you see there are several videos and images of the experimental showing concepts that have concave shapes similar to what we are used to from legacy. For example this pic.


    STOP adding new stuff and begin to make this playable im waiting for an half a year now its really annoying now.


    Zero Fox FK its true what your saying ive a freakin crappy GT 530 still be able to run it barly 20fps xD :(


    MarcoNobili Experimental actually runs better than the original on mine and i’ve medium spec PC.
    Try pressing F2 and disabling some graphical stuff


    MarcoNobili prob ritch guy. ive a gt530 gg the system of yours is too op. :/ i aint got money for an better one you know im happy wth my I7 2600 3.4 ghz


    The level design in the experimental version also needs major non-trivial work before it’s anything I’d consider playing. In legacy, making use of all the concave nooks and hiding spots in the vast mountain system is a hugely important part in how I play. Creating concave geometry is a non-trivial problem with procedural terrain, and I’m not seeing that represented in the current experimental version or talked about much. My fear with experimental is that we’ll get miles and miles of samey, convex, smooth, non-descript landscape features that offer little opportunity for escape, stalking, cover, hiding, or building hidden safe houses. This isn’t my only problem with procedural, but it’s one of the bigger problems. If a solution for this is not going to happen, I ask you to consider hiring a level designer and start creating at least one static map option for players and/or opening up map creation to the community. The legacy map isn’t the greatest example of level design, and the new version is going to look way better for sure, but I have my doubts that a computer will be able to match the design bar of the legacy map.


    tehflamex Many a brave sailor has been lost navigating this comment.


    rambo070 I dunno man I honestly reckon 99 pieces of chicken breast would take up more room in a backpack than 1 stinkin pistol


    Any guesses when this will be as playable as the original Rust?


    Battlecoat Rust realism example: It takes a second to take something out of your backpack. It takes two seconds to take something out of my backpack and put something else in.


    WyzeThawt AvengerJohn I know that, but i hate when people are camping behind the corners just like in Dayz. (that is what makes Rust better than Dayz). And same thing with the grass in original Rust. I would like to play with grass because it makes the game look so muck better and it makes escaping and sneaking much easier, but its annoying when i think enemy cant see me but actually he can because he doesnt have a grass…


    please make this playable.


    PainInTheAss Seafort909 Not without highly customisable avatars. DayZ seems to have another problem server swapping to get more items then swap back to original server and profit.

    Nametags are in game so you can tell who’s who. Until we get photorealistic facial features so it’s easier to tell who your friends are and who isn’t or like in DayZ you just want to grief people when there are no nametags.


    Modern_Amusement Rust is supposed to be a hardcore survival game. It’s not supposed to be easy and you should be on  your toes at all times. The 1st 100 hour i played were usually by myself and I learned to run and hide when i saw ppl or at least be prepared to fight.

    I think adding you suggestions would water down the intensity of the game that I’ve come to love. Ive died many times, logged on to find my housed broken into and robbed non stop and made many mistakes that have lead me to be a smarter player. Trust no one except your team and if you have a group you should be in a skype call or teamspeak anyway.


    How about some lady skin… IDK about other girls but I like to play as my gender.


    AvengerJohn you dont have to play 3rd person you can be 1st person (F3 to switch at any time) entirely if you want but while you are gathering, 3rd person could give you an increased view to watch around you better. think of the benefits to particular situations and use it then to give yourself the best odds of survival.

      Eugen Klez

    after i saw the boar skull-headger i had the idea, that it would be cool, if you could camouflage yourself as an animal, so people cant realise you are a player, until they come closer.
    any ways of camo would be awesome though


    KyleRamirez There will be ways of adding markers, also use landmarks to find your way. The whole point is survival and mapping systems don’t really fit in


    Anus101010 “Modern” isn’t rust though!


    JooHateMe When you start up rust choose experimental instead of legacy ;)


    “You are too hot” XD The character is not hot!


    GeneralDon I have to agree, It feels very clumsy


    jordanh744 Try updating your drivers and checking the file integrity of rust


    GarryCooper It clearly states he went over the top with it and knows this


    justinboy5252 Must be your system or ping as most of us have a really good framerate


    rambo070 There is going to be a weight system inplemented

      Grandmarshal Bob

    Just a few recommendations to consider.
    -Bear/Wolf skull headgear that seconds as cape/shawl.
    -Spears (able to be thrown)
    -Environmental traps (rockslides/falling trees) set up by players.
    -Smaller/Camouflaged tents and ability to lay prone.


    ChuckoMay I totally agree. Without headbob it just feels like an unfinished project in unity with a standard First Person Camera


    Modern_Amusement Been said many times that a statistical system will not be added… The whole point of rust is to not know he is friendly or not and keep you on your toes around strangers




    The Experimental Rust is really lagging on my computer.
    Am I the only one?


    Seafort909 Or like they have in dayz where you cant see each others names, much more fun:P


    Im really excited about this!
    But It would be awesome to have ragdoll istead of deathanimations on the animals!:)


    You guys should add a status thing on people in-game like you can look how how many people someone has killed or how long they have played on the server and how much steps they taken, but making a system that can notify players that this person is a kill on sight like maybe what DayZ did if you killed a lot of people you would earn a bandit skin, but don’t implement a skin players should have the right to customize there person. So maybe you guys can add the status thing so if you do run across a person you can see the amount of people he or she killed, because at the moment big problems in rust are glitches,hacks, and kill on sight almost everyone is kill on sight and it makes the game boring. going to get wood and your completely naked and some Kevlar guy comes and kills a naked for his 2 raw meat and 200 wood and hand rock is extremely annoying and killing on sight needs to have some consequences in the long run on the server.


    Flare gun would be nice. And 3rd person sucks…


    Do the sway… of course people hate it, you are supposed to hate
    it… but it really does take skill to run around and shoot people. 
    Same with the super dark nights.  I miss those.  I hated it, but it
    seemed like a real survival.  My girl friend asked “my why is it so
    dark?”, I told her “because it’s night time and I’m stranded on this
    island lost in the woods.”


    What I would like from Rust is to have permanent name on each server and not be linked to your steam name which is easily changeable.

    Lets have some accountability for your actions, good or bad, and not change it every 5 minutes because you KoS a member from a large group and want to hide under a new name.

    Otherwise the updates are coming along great and can’t wait to get back into Rust with a new procedurally generated map and getting lost for a day or 2 like I did the first time I played Rust :P


    That rad suit is really going to show your balls. Not literally of course. Rust is dangerous enough without a bright yellow suit but I like the idea.
    Keep it coming, you are awesome.


    ToxicatedLum good idea. custom cloths would be awesome ^.^ paid whit real cash… even better.


    Very awesome, glad to see you’re still working hard at this.  Looking forward to the end release XD


    News about caves? When do you put up?


    ToxicatedLum I don’t think they’re gonna add microtransactions.


    I think the inventory on the left side is actually a really good idea. Though it hurts my OCD a bit, it allows you to see at least a little bit of what’s in front of you, which is very practical.


    ToxicatedLum MrTr3z Sorry :D


    MrTr3z whooosh


    skymanpl Bullshit man, we don’t need airdrops, it kills the game, and we don’t need military weapons, you have CoD for that man we dont need RustCoD


    i have two suggestions to fix something that has bothered a lot of people about your inventory UI since legacy:
    1: mouse wheel to scroll through hotbar items
    2: when in inventory and you drop an item on another item, switch the items.
    this is just a simple pair of details that would really help, and also i’m not a big fan of how you’re handling item stacks now. having to pick something up by the top pixel is kind of a pain for me.

    that being said, i’m a huge fan of the game and i cant wait to see where it goes. keep up the fantastic work.


    ToxicatedLum MrTr3z look@


    MrTr3z Really??? I can’t see it :/


    Hey Garry.. met a group of friends playing rust and we have become good friends. We are all very much looking forward to your reboot to relive the good times gaming we had. Take your time man… what you have here is a good game. In the end if you are able to alleviate hacking.. what you have is a GREAT game!


    Please don’t add in-game purchases for costumes and other shitty micro-transactions…


    High-quality translation into Russian (качественный перевод на русский) http://www.rust-game.info/news/novosti-18-07-2014/


    the only thing i really mis on next gen rust is the way the bag-pack works.
    it would be a lot more real and cool if let me say guns take up 3 slots as example.
    while chicken only takes up 1 slot, in this way you got limited on your bag.
    and you are forced to go home to hit some shit in a box.
    being able to see if someone has a riffle whit showing it on hes back.
    a gun on hes mid like a agent, a bag showing on hes back.
    it would become a lot more real and not just the old rust whit fancy graphics.


    Waterfall in the video look like a dick.So, this week, a lot of work. You’re awesome guys, awesome working team.

      Paul B HD

    jhlgame Paul B HD LOL I meant more accurate in terms of matching the animations more, and not just sounding like sound clips playing at certain points. Stagtor.


    i really like the suit concepts. The world war 2 looking weapons are probably my favorite on the whole list though, i hope to see more WWII looking weapons.

    since there is an SMG and a rifle, maybe a… Luger or a MG-34


    It is all coming along nicely, everything you guys/gals have done so far is better. I particularly like the concept art for clothes and weapons. Keep up the great work! Would you guys ever consider eventually making the characters customisable? Perhaps with an simple RPG levelling element, or a stamina gauge for sprinting?


    Yes u must add tuxedos to the game that way we don’t get laughed at ? U kidding me this game isn’t dress the barbies it’s a survival game


    Fix the lag please so we can actually try it out


    i thing it will take them 4-5 weaks to reach the legacy version.
    can’t wait :)


    Awesome work! I love to have more “fashion”! At the moment it’s really hard to tell your friends apart from the “evil” guys. With more clothing options you also get a more personal touch…


    nice progress


    Перевод на русский язык: http://rust-online.ru/news/32-obnovlenie-ot-180714.html


    This is impressive indeed, love everything, very curious to see how it all will turn out. I wouldn’t listen too much to the whiners in the comment section regarding clothing. You seem to have a great team and a vision. Just keep on going :)


    I think this is so fucking amazing I fucking love you Garry, amazing job. I’m going to cum when this comes stable.


    Head bobbing gathering resources looks really stupid. whenever I strike something my head doesn’t bob around wildly


    “If you think we’re making any huge mistakes please let us know” 
    And i would not recommend to do this, because when i let them know about huge mistake that they was making with the char model creation, harry banned me on forums without explaining the reasons (probably he can’t accept the truth).


    Yeah because people don’t already laugh at all the dicks? You should know the vibe of this game by now. I just want trousers man.


    Myron Gainez a pot would actually provide some protection it could stop some bullets from leaving a hole in your head and would protect from shrapnel being blown into the back of your head. Sure you might have a huge headache after being shot with a 22. but depending on the thickness of it, it could potentially save your life


    Great work guys, keep it up! Im super excited. I really have to give you all some credit for being so diligent with your community updates, it’s really kept me interested.  I’m loving everything I see so keep up the good work.


    with these clothes the game will become a laughing stock
    if i were u guys i would rather have the old stuff then the “unique” fashion show shit


    every time i try to play experimental it crashes and ive tried the lowest graphics and dimensions… i have a NVIDIA GeForce GT 640


    Garry, Thank You so fucking much for these regular updates. When you first started them I figured we’d get two or three then they would fizzle out. I look forward to them and they are fun to read and the insight into the mind of a developer is unique so once again, thank you!


    Add rare events like natural disasters and make high quality metal which can make better weapons but at an extreme cost of resources ( but not modern weapons like the m4 but better than improvised weapons or close to modern weapons )also instead of rad towns it could be a huge nuclear plant/ compound, only one so it makes it hard to collect items from there, also you guys should make night night again, raising your gamma essentially eliminates night, for example if night was brought back it would be a good time to head for the nuclear plant/compound because you have the cover of darkness, also camouflage type improvised clothes would be cool, like you greenish and brownish clothes to help hide in the bushes, also ( lots of alsos :3 ) time progression would be cool to, like overtime the type of technology you can build becomes more advanced, this could be through the nuclear plant, for example each old technology after a certain period of time ( maybe 4 real days or something ) would be able to be used unlock a new area that once unlocked is available to be used by all of the server so maybe the server starts out with improvised weapons ( shanks and spears and bows ) and once the new area in the nuclear plant is unlocked swords and crossbows are unlocked, then eventually guns and all the way up to modern guns, but to newmans on the server from being murdered all day there could be only s certain number of items which are unrepairable and decay or lose durability, and during this time the new area becomes locked again and the nuclear plant resets back to the beginning, so time progression is kinda like eras, also time progression ( or era change ) could be triggered by an airdrop dropping more advanced supplies ( Ex. You already have a hunting bow then an airdrop drops a pipshotgun which u run to your house with an research) one last thing, since paper is useless right now, each server than is made should have a different map so each map is randomly generated ( and possibly grows in one area while getting smaller in another area so to keep the size of the map always the same ) and you carry paper with you while your exploring and a map is automatically drawn, i know these things may seem a bit extreme but these are just my ideas, idk if u guys will even read this but i wrote it anyways :D hope you read it though :3


    awesome work guys its looking near to perfect hey just a suggestion will you implement prone would be handy for some to be able to hide. e.g have little or no weapons and stumble across someone who has got weapons. everything else looks well on track


    Myron Gainez   I strongly disagree with you. I think the direction where the game is heading is alright. Just because you think you prefer a stable gun, go play Call Of Duty for Christs sake. This is a survival game and the point is to survive, not pick up a gun that is stable or not. I personally think the clothes and weapons concepts are great and probably just to be there to be there (the clothes) because the clothes are not really made for armor like the grass pants and the mud pants.
    tl;dr don’t assume based of your opinion and put it on a group majority.


    Definitely leave the inventory UI in the center. I use three monitors (6060×1080) so the inventory ends up on my left screen in a weird spot. Moving items from the inventory to the center bar is a pain too.


    Me and my girlfriend both mentioned that it looked unrealistic without the head bob and we missed it. (Before it was ever mentioned here)


    Awesome work, Garry. Looks like a whole new game. I began to doubt the future of Rust. but I’m amazed by what I see. Looks better than DayZ


    That waterfall reminds me of me!


    What server do I have to play on to see these changes?  I tried the official US server but didnt see the changes.


    I think there should be more choice in what to wear, other than that this is Amazing!


    Myron Gainez I’d have to disagree with you, the very name of “Rust” implies that shit has fell into complete disrepair. When everything goes into disrepair, shit is very likely to fall into disarray. We don’t want weapons to be perfect in this game, twitch fps kiddies can play CS or call of doodie. Shitty weapons means more strategic ways of besting your enemies (such as for example, wearing a purple dress is perfect camouflage. It will lure in horny pubescent kos’ers who think from a distance you’re an attractive female and just when he’s close enough to see you’re not… “hey baby, a/s/l wanna cyber?” [axe to face]) Plus I don’t think this game is really intended to simulate real life.


    I really enjoy Rust and this will be some great things to be added but I would like to see some more guns like maybe a modern sniper or grenade lancher. But other than that looks great.


    One of the interesting yet horrible concepts i have seen applied in this game is the you spawn where you spawn and suck it if you cant find your way back when you die.

    Most people in this sort of situation would have some awareness of their local area or would at the very least try and map out the area. Can we look forward to a realistic mapping functionality where we develop the map over time as we move to new areas and where we actually have to use that map to find our location instead of a live map that just shows you where you are? I know that this would be harder to use but I believe that a system like this would be directly in line with what the game is trying to accomplish with realistic survival.


    this is moving super fast now. Some of the concept art looks nice, some of it is ridiculous. I do like the idea of wearing the head of the animals. Would love to be wearing a wolf head :D.

      Myron Gainez

    Hmm, I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of the direction that
    concept weapons and clothes are headed in. In survival you strive for
    functionality, and none of the things presented in the concepts look
    very functional. For instance, in the clothes concepts, #2 is wearing a
    pot on his head
    as a helmet. In real life you’re probably better off wearing nothing. A
    pot would keep obscuring your vision and would offer virtually no
    protection from blows to the head due to a lack of cushioning. Concept
    #3 is wearing what appears to be a purple dress. If your objective is to
    become a human target, this costume gets the job done. However, if
    you’re trying to hide in the bush, you would probably resort to more
    bland colours. You’d probably be better off rolling around naked in mud

    As for the new set of firearms, they really
    look… Well… Unusable. Both the M1, M14, and the previously posted AK
    concepts look like they would fall apart in your hands after 1-5 shots.
    Most people who use firearms maintain their weapons.
    Rust is something that should appear on a weapon over time if you fail
    to clean it. As for the stocks, they look flimsy. They would virtually
    serve no purpose if they were attached like that.
    criticism aside, I am a big fan of the new headgear concepts.
    Especially the boar and skull masks. These look like they would make an
    interesting addition to the clan warfare that usually occurs while playing Rust.


    This is whats up. To all of you amazing work great job cant wait to see whats next!


    You guys are working so fast, this is amazing!
    I’m surprised at how well the experimental runs even at this stage, this site also getting updated so frequently to let players know what is going on is incredible.
    So much respect for any developer that doesn’t just make shit loads of money and update once every 6 months without really changing shit and complaining.., (Looking at you DayZ -.-)
    You guys really get shit done, keep it up!


    Please make the head bob optional. I say that because I get motion sick very easily and that and motion blur are the two worst things for me. I love Rust to death, I have over 300 hrs played, but I can’t play if its going to make me sick. Thank you.


    TheInfusedNZ I thought the exact same thing…lol


    Definitely have an option to disable head bob, its makes a me and a lot of other people sick when games don’t have a way to disable it.

      Shrouded Guise

    Regarding Head bobbing, I definitely would like to see it added back in as, to me it just seems like a slideshow otherwise. The head bobbing doesn’t have to be to an extreme or anything, just a little bit.


    I love seeing my steam get up dates now, i rush over here and see all the awesome stuff. you guys are really working hard for a small team. keep it up, don’t rush, make it feel real and satisfying like i know you will

      Rob DaRocha

    DylanRose About your idea on removing the rad towns, I think they should stay. It’s a perfect place to get resources quicker and maybe instead of removal put some sort of backstory on the rad towns history. Besides that, all of your other thoughts are good ideas and would be cool to see implemented into the game, especially traps.


    salamanderrake gamma?


    Rust is by far one of my favorite games and seeing it going through some pretty great development makes me so exited for the future. However if there’s anything that bothered me about the legacy version is how easy it is to get modern weapons and modern weapons as a whole. I’d love to see more improvised and handmade weapons to give the game it’s own feeling and differentiate itself from everything else.


    Things that are needed in the future:
    – Proper defense around our bases in the form of lethal automated weaponry or some traps perhaps.
    – As much character customization as possible (Character creation would be great).
    – More of a goal rather than simply building your base and raiding others, while in between, gathering resources. – Get’s boring.
    – A more diverse map, I would suggest getting rid of the awkward rad towns. Why would there be these random rad towns on an island? I find that the shanty towns and such conflict with the environment and don’t make much sense. If this WAS some sort of nuclear place, where is the MASSIVE reactor compound? Just doesn’t really fit, and I believe that you should get rid of the radiation and towns completely. 
    – The ability to capture people in traps. 
    – Tribes or factions of some sort. This will create many other things to do for the players, such as rivalries which will in turn, create wars. It would be cool to capture a member of a rival tribe and hold him for ransom.
    – Throwing spears!
    Keep up the good work.

      Conjured Killer

    Yeah they should add more metals too. Like lead for making bullets!

      Ultima Glow

    This morning i tested rust and tested first rust actual build and then experimental build. Now when i click play, my screen flashes and then it returns to steam. I am getting annoyed i can’t seem to find any soulution, i tried deleting the local data TWICE and it didn’t work. Help Please!!!!! I REALLY LOOOOVE RUST!!!


    I gotta say, I am loving the direction you guys are taking this. Loving the attributes and I think you guys should continue adding as much customization as possible. Adding rpg elements is always a good idea in my opinion for pretty much any game so I got behind the attributes thing right away. One thing I noticed when I played Rust a couple months ago, is that once you have built your epic base and have everything you need and have already been raiding bases and all that, there really is not anything else to do. I played for 173 hours in total and loved the concept but got extremely frustrating with all the hackers, and lack of things to do when there weren’t hackers that I just gave up. This gives me hope though….Good call getting rid of hitboxes.


    put the zombies back i like them


    Paul B HD I’m not the guy who knows anything about the “outside”, but from my knowledge gathered from Jurassic Park that Stag definitely sounds like a raptor.


    IlmorTech Pretty sure if they added female chars everyone would just be having sex and getting stoned.


    Türkçe hali için: Friday Devblog 17 http://wp.me/p4HcG8-cq


    its not quick and easy to grab all your wood from your inv. maybe add a double click to select all? and mouse wheel scroll to cycle through the shortcut for the inv.?


    t think the UI inventory have the right X position, but the Y position should be more in the middle. that way so still have the effect intended, and doesn’t look weird


    I personally liked the previous UI system. Put it all in the middle as default and have the option to move the different “widgets” around the screen and have it personalized to your liking.


    Good work! Keep it!
    My suggestions:
    – BEARDS! I want to survive with an epic beard!
    – Metal bow and metal-head arrows, for more range and damage. And a crossbow.
    – Mods for bows, like sights and supports for firing faster. (Crossbow would fit it better)
    – Machetes and knifes, lots of them! Bushcrafting tools and melee weapons.


    that stag will fuck u up!


    Is the waterfall meant to look like a giant penis?


    VengerGame Moron, Different people work on different things.


    Fucking Excited, Can’t wait for baseline! Keep up the good work.


    jeankil IlmorTech In any event, great game, very enjoyable and these blog updates are informative and interesting.


    IlmorTech jeankil even at shoulder length solid play-mobile hairs would look bad


    yeah also on linux depth of field does not work


    jeankil IlmorTech Shoulder length is fine LOL


    IlmorTech garry said he will not because they don’t want to make long hairs. long hairs would look bad or take too much resources if they make them look good


    _MrGoodKill_ no it would not be more realistic… when animals die they usually still have some spasms like they did in the death animation. anyway they will go ragdoll after the death animation


    Will you be adding a female character at some point…for the female players?


    I’m on linux and every player models are in low res (LOD)… unless you are very very close (really not normally close)


    Noticed a problem with the main menu screen.
    Also the menu buttons aren’t showing up.

      Paul B HD

    skymanpl Bardzo dobrze.

      Paul B HD

    tkeyes92 He’s a “hard” worker.

      Paul B HD

    Stag animations are looking more refined, and the sound effects are much more accurate.
    The waterfall must have been really “hard” work.
    I think for style maybe Waterworld with Kevin Kostner can offer much inspiration.
    These devblog updates are like crack.


    salamanderrake Nope, solid for me.


    Why are you guys making death animations for animals? Can’t you make them go ragdoll like players? That would be way more realistic imo :).
    Also, I don’t know if it’s a bug but the inventory feels laggy. Dragging items feels slow.
    Finally, i like the fact that you are trying to find a better way to split stackable items but the new thing isn’t working well. If I have 1000 wood and i want to select 10, it’s impossible. The system isn’t precise enough. I have to split it several times. 
    In the opposite situation, if I want all of the wood, most of the time I only get a portion of it because i didn’t click at very top of the case. And that’s very annoying x).

    Still, I really appreciate what this game is becoming. Great job :D.


    Lmao. Billy has a good sense of humor.


    “advance airdrop settings” *advanced
    “more that 1% chance” *more than


    Shidiwen It’s Alpha and it will be ready when it’s ready, concept art is good to see. Don’t like it, Don’t play or come here to read it, You bought into a Alpha game now go read what it actually means.


    Enough of the concept work, and more of making things for the actual game… Models, AI, systems. Get the thing working so we can play it otherwise you will be in development so long, No Mans Sky will come out before this game and people will be like. What is Rust?


    “Campfire Upgrades
    The campfire has been upgraded. It now heats you when you’re within a specific radius. It also burns you if you’re too close.
    Sadly you can no longer build spiralling towers of them. You can’t place a fire on a fire. :sadface:”
    Fortunately you can still build campfire under water and burn yourself if you’re too close.
    “Dropped Items
    You can drop anything in your inventory, and it will appear in a little sack just like in legacy. We want to make it so most if not all of these items have a unique model.. so if you drop a piece of chicken it looks like a piece of chicken.”
    That GUI is very slow – much slower than in normal branch (which is slow). Splitting things is very unintuitive and bugged, because it sometimes lost context and stop your current action – this include dropping things.
    “Sleeping Bag
    Sleeping bags are back and are fully functional. We’re getting to baseline so I didn’t want to mess with the formula here too much, but I did do a bit of extra leg work here so we can expand on this in the future.. like naming sleeping bags, or letting your friends spawn in them. It’s definitely an area we haven’t exploited fully yet.”
    Check Space Engineers spawning method – it’s looks fine. But before you do that, please limit (or allow to limit) a number of sleeping bags/beds per player and/or respawn time. It is very annoying when you’re riding somebody’s house and he can respawn there dozens of times because he has a few safe spawn points inside while you just have few.
    “Viewmodel Sway
    You don’t realise how much impact this has until you don’t have it. Here’s a video with it enabled.   Here’s one with it disabled.”
    Cool, but tell us how to disable it. It is survival FPS, but still FPS.
    “I implemented a system this week to handle head shakes caused by taking damage, jumping, falling, shooting etc.. It works pretty good. I’ve probably over-done it a bit on the first pass. These videos would be better with gooseman’s awesome sounds, sorry :(”
    Btw. On dev. server I shot sth around 25 bullet and fire gun’s sound stopped working.
    “You’re probably wondering.. where is headbob? We want headbob back? Well it’s something I thought on for a long time. Most people hate it. Whenever I bring it up people just say “make it so I can turn it off”. So I decided not to bother with it yet and to see if we miss it.”
    What is “headbob” anyway? :O
    “Bill’s been tinkering with the UI this week. The health bear disappears when you’re on full health. The new metabolism notifications are at the top left. The crafting menu is now on the far right instead of the far left. The main inventory UI is top left aligned, instead of center aligned. This is a change I’m not sure about – but he’s the deign guy so I defer to him. If you think we’re making any huge mistakes here please let us know.”
    Last time loot menu was located outside my screen, but now it works. I guess it is not a mistake.
    “Fall Damage
    Falling from a high causes damage.”
    Do you think it would be possible to do the sound effects and graphics, as you get over the edge of a high object (mountain, slope, building)? The effect could be similar to that in BF3 after getting bullet – flashing screen with gradually increasing loud sound of breathing.
    “Clothing Properties
    The clothes you wear now have attributes. And they’re updated in the UI. They don’t actually do anything yet though :(”
    I am a man and I am not as fat to not see my penis – If this game has to be realistic I want to see my character’s penis! :D
    Beside that you could make a background for each cloth slot, so it’d be easier to notice where to put a given cloth.
    “Cold at Night
    Nights are cold again, so you better get a fire going! I did some extra leg work here, so when the biomes are proper they’ll all be able to have different ambient temperatures.”
    Cool, but please increase a lightness at night. Not everybody have monitors with good contrast so at night you can’t see ANYTHING at all! Adjusting gamma is very frustrating and makes my eyes tired.
    Instead to make it more real when it is darker just decrease vision range by decreasing draw distance. This will also balance chances between players who change gamma, and the ones who do not.
    We moved a shitload closer to baseline this week. We really got shit done. All that stuff you read there was done in a week. The only two things we really need to work at now are the building system and the AI system. These are both fundamental to Rust, so it’s important that we take our time and get it right.
    Next week is about empowerment. I have coded all this awesome shit but no-one knows how to use it. I’m going to be cleaning up, writing documentation and making stuff artist friendly. We should then start to see new content trickling in.
    We also updated this website your eyes are looking at right now – so check out some of the links up top.”
    When you make/fix building system, please create advance airdrop settings for admins. And please, please just make that by default there would be 50% chances that instead of normal airdrop, some boxes will contain zombies.
    This will increase adrenaline when you try to take cargo and make it more difficult task, so people which are farther than others have more that 1% chance to at least see boxes after they land.
    P.s. As soon as you finish a playable version of RUST please think about switching to the small but frequent updates. Waiting for update especially in alpha stage is very annoying…

      Dylan Hendricks

    Patient Zer0


    This looks great so far, especially with no more hitboxes. Anyone have predictions of when this will be finished?


    i see no server on the experimental branch  can any one help


    sbmercury SkullSteve  Yeh I know about the Experimental. But our server ranked #1 usa and 3 worldwide. I Don’t want to shut that down until the game is playable. We love the way the V2 Rust is going!!! Looks great.


    imagine living in a small bog house (like a yoda hut type thing) wearing that tree mask. You are known simply as “The Stalker” when a “Newman” comes through your swamp, you follow them for a while before you beat the with your sword.




    Pure, grade A “SEXY”. Though, I’d still love to see some Sasquatch action in this game. Nothing better to put the fear of God into people than a stealthy, post-apocalyptic man-eating hominid stalking you in the bush. You hear it but only see it for quick flashes, until it’s too late. The ai would probably be pretty difficult being that it would have to detect potential cover and whatnot.


    hey i like the idea of taxidermy it would be cool to stuff a boar or another persone and set it on your mantle for a discussion peice :)


    -1 for weird blurry/shaking movements, it makes me sick, really :S


    +1 for handmade weapons
    -1 for military weapons


    Awesome progress.  Regarding UI notifications, I’m not an UI designer but I think it was more appropriate when icons were above health bar because you only needed to focus on single zone to get necessary information. However now you have to focus on 2 different zones and it makes it even harder if person plays on large screen, imo. Guess other notifications (broken legs, underwater breath holding, electricity, etc.) are already planned. Also I’m surprised you didn’t add Meg’s and Paul’s concepts on building blocks to devblog, they look gorgeous and could easily fit in Rust’s atmosphere. Keep it up.


    Just curious — in addition to view and sound, will AI have a “smell”/”scent” system? It’d be pretty badass if a player generated a scent path that decayed over time, while different animals had differing sensitivity/reaction to “human” scent.

    Seems like the missing sense (in addition to sight and hearing) in my opinion; not sure of how technically demanding it would be though :)


    Here is a screen shot http://t.co/B6KMeSYBhF

      Patient Zer0

    I think one of the biggest things you deserve credit for is your community updates. It blows my mind that an indie developer is one of the only people out there to get community relations right. Thank you so much for keeping us in the loop and letting us know how things are progressing. You really seem to have managed to keep the community, and certainly myself, placated during an alpha……a feat I really didn’t have much faith being possible nowadays.




    SkullSteve You can try the current version at any time by just clicking “Try experimental” when you start the game. They said that experimental will become default when the majority of players are playing the new version.


    I always look forward to seeing what you worked on each week. You guys are doing an amazing job. Keep up the good work!
    I really love all the new biomes. Maybe you should add some type of ruins biome? Styled like an ancient destroyed village like the mayans or other ancient people.
    Again, great job!


    greetings form malaga


    do you have a date of when we can move up to the V2 RUST?


    I love the bark mask, looks so cool.


    I have a question about the UI in game, is it that solid for everyone or like me is it transparent?


    This is gonna be soooo good, also the stag and boar animation videos are corrupt for me and cant be played, anyone else have this?


    for building, there should be randomized wood walls. for example, you place a wood wall and its a bit of a different model than the last. (more gaps and stuff)


    rmbeon That’s a bug I noticed, it’s was fine until about two days ago so I guess they broke something in it.


    sawblade tool made out of a brakedisc?


    All I want is a doorway, a ceiling, and a door; and here you are making waterfalls. (Not to say that that’s not awesome, but priorities MAN)


    Awesome progress. In terms of the UI, I preferred the crafting window on the left; it made it feel more balanced. Also, i dislike that the inventory tab is connected to the player art, but the crafting window is not connected. It looks wrong.


    All this in ONE week? Wow.

    At this rate “Rust 2.0” will be released in 2-3 weeks.

    Keep up the great work.

    Love from http://www.indiekings.com/


    Well, devblog news appeared on steam, then I logged into the exp branch, and the first thing I noticed made me laugh


    I love all the progress. Hoping the sound used when hitting another player with bullet/axe/whatever reverts to the traditional Rust “crunches”. Right now it sounds like a hot dump hitting toilet water. Apart from that, great work guys.


    nice work


    Oh man, you guys made a ludicrous amount of progress this week. Experimentals may overtake legacy quicker than I ever dreamed possible!


    Really awesome, good job!


    This looks awesome guys….I think the biggest challenge will be for you to make it so jacking your gamma up at night doesn’t give you an advantage anymore. It’s an insanely hard problem to solve but you guys seem pretty smart so I’m sure you’ve got something up your sleeve :)

    Keep it up!


    I honestly hate viewmodel sway in games. Have it on by default, but please add an option to disable it.

    Thanks, looking great. :)

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