Has it been a week already? Man, this week has really flown! Here’s what’s kept us busy.

AI Progress

Andre has been working on the AI. I’ve explained why AI is taking so long before, but I will explain it again incase you’ve just started reading our blogs. The old AI used Unity’s built in navmesh stuff. The mesh for the island was 400mb. We can’t use that stuff on the new island because everything is procedurally generated, we can’t pre-bake a mesh. It has to be dynamic. That’s what Andre is on top of here.

Disconnections Now Work

There was a longstanding bug where when you disconnected from a game it turned night and thirdperson and your player fell through the world forever. This is now fixed, you can disconnect and rejoin another server just fine :)


Walls are in. You can place them on terrain without a foundation at the moment. I’m not sure we’ll be keeping that functionality. But I definitely want to add fences and ‘garden walls’ at some point.. because that would rock.

To stress test the servers I’ve made placing foundations and walls really cheap and quick, and knocking them down really hard and slow. This means that when you join a server you’re probably going to see this.

It gets worse.

I am trying to work out if we’re being dumb about the building system. Whether it should be block based or something. Trying to think it through more before we fully commit.. that’s why everything is programmer art so far.

String Table Fixes

A string table is a bandwidth saving system. Instead of sending words over the network multiple times, certain words like entity names are pooled and are referenced by number. This means that instead of sending 7 bytes for the word “entity” you can send a 2 byte integer.

There was a problem in the string table system where the client could sometimes add their own values to it, meaning that all the strings got messed up. This could cause the client to spawn the wrong entities. This is why you sometimes saw a tree running around like a player.

Slanty Foundations

Something I’ve been meaning to test for a while. What if the foundations were orientated to the ground you place them on, so you need to place them on nice flat ground? It was a one word change in the code so I decided to enable it and see how we get on with it.

It obviously makes for some pretty unrealistic situations, and would probably end up in us having to add some kind of building stability stuff. But to be honest we’re probably going to have to add that anyway at some point.

Ragdoll transitions

Ragdolls now properly transition from the player’s model – instead of just appearing sprawled on the ground under where they died. This works for wolves too!


Bill is still going crazy with the caves, they are looking incredibly awesome! This is still a bit of an art test – but he’s also creating the assets in a way that we can use them when the time comes.

Weapon Effects

You can now see and hear other players shoot their weapons, with muzzle flash and shooty noises. Your viewmodel has muzzleflash and shooty noises too!

Deer Animations

Anyone else get the feeling that Goosey really loves animating animals? All those years wasted on Counter-Strike when he could have been working on a game where animals move in an animated fashion. He’s been working on the deer this week!

Colliders Workaround

We’ve had a problem in Rust since we added building. People build too much. In Unity there’s a collider limit of 64k and with 100 people on a server we can hit that easily in about 10 hours. Unity5 uses an upgraded physics engine – so this is fixed, but Unity don’t love us enough to give us Unity5. So in the old version of Rust there were a few hacks to help us overcome it. At the start of the game all the tree’s colliders are merged into one big collider. That’s why we can’t remove trees in that version. That saves about 5,000 colliders. Next when you’re building all the connected colliders are merged. This works but it’s a hell of a lot of fucking about to make it work and even more fucking about to make it work without lagging the server. Then you have the problem of a player shooting an object – it’s hitting a compound collider.. you need to find out which object it actually hit.

So fuck that shit. You can become a slave to workarounds like this.

In this version the world is divided into a grid for network reasons. A player is only sent the objects in adjacent cells. So because they’re already in a grid we can look at each object and say.. there’s no player subscribed the cell you’re in.. so turn your collider off. And this works so far. It’s keeping us well under the limit. The limit is still there but hopefully this cheeky fix will hold us off until Unity5 comes out.

Server Performance

More speed, more optimizations. Items were using ScriptableObjects, which are great because they’re automatically serialized and you can view them from the editor and they have a nice Destroy function. But it turns out they also eat memory for breakfast relative to a regular class, especially when you have tens of thousands of them lying around. So they are all just plain old classes now. And it’s all good.

Before (memory used in bytes is on left):


It’s worth keeping in mind here that we might not have the same amount of items lying around at the end of this graph – but at the start it’s exactly the same situation. And I’m seeing a nearly 100mb difference in Unity’s memory usage. Yikes!

Also we had a few situations where we were using InvokeRepeating to call functions every second etc (which seems like it’d be a slow way to do it, but it isn’t). When we had multiple ones of these running they would eventually bunch up so they’d all be called on the same frame, which could cause a tiny < 50ms hitch. We fixed this by varying the repeat time on each one by about 1% - which meant that if they all managed to get bunched up, they would un-bunch automatically over time.

Northern Lands

Your boy Petur is still kicking it in the Northern Biome.

Concept Art

And now everyone’s favorite part, the transparent background concept art!

Meg’s generators:

Paul’s Buildings:

Meg’s Stacked Hut:

Paul’s Shack Ladder:

Scott’s Insane Building Scrawlings:


We got some decent stuff in this week, we learned a few things and we made a few things better. Multiplay are now hosting some test servers for the Experimental version.. but they’re probably out of date already.

Most of the cleaning and optimizing is done now. Next week I’m going to set up a list of easy, low hanging gameplay fruit and just pile through it. Our goal is the baseline – every feature currently in the legacy version. It’s going to be a few weeks until we get there but once we do it’ll be a case of balancing them moving forward with new stuff to encourage people to move over to this version.

The comments are back. Please don’t post erotic stories again.




I can't wait!!!  I can't wait  I can't wait  I can't wait  I can't wait  I can't wait  I can't wait  I can't wait  I can't wait  I can't wait  I can't wait  

but i will continue waiting...


Welcome to ON.RUST server!


If u want to connect by console, type: net.connect


75 slots wiped 18.07.2014 location - Germany


This server is powered by Magma. We have some usefull plugins like: Crush (you can destroy elements of your buildings with this), Clan System (create your team, invite friends, set clan-tag and more), SleepingBagExploitFix (this plugin is great, just set which friends can put sleeping bags in your base; no more anoying glitchers!), Rank++ (check who is top killer on this server), DeathMSG (now you can see, who was killed by who, on text chat). Admins are online usually ~16/24.


  1. All cheaters/glitchers/exploiters will be banned.
  2. Griefing isn't allowed.
  3. Respect other players.
  4. Don't spam on text/voice chat.
  5. You can use enligsh and polish languages.
  6. Admin can't spawn items for you.
  7. If you need any help, type: "admin" on text chat.


Very awesome guys, keep up the good work you are doing great!


Last time I played Rust it was on a Legacy server and the structures were wood and metal. I was a bit surprised that I didnt see any options with stone, something like medieval era castles and walls is what I was expecting. I understand this game is being developed as we go and this game is far from complete but I think it would be cool to see something like that. Just surprised that we went in terms of safety from wood straight to metal.


This is probably really far fetched but is it possible to have more graphical options for users with extremely bad computers like me for example? Like for example, Garry's mod i can run perfectly fine on ultra low graphical settings and i can keep a solid 120 fps and higher, same with TF2 (i have a config for TF2 that makes my graphics look really bad to improve performance) i can keep a solid 200+ fps, not like i need it. I was just wondering if it would be possible to add more graphic settings to help other users who have poor GPU's to at least keep a solid 50 - 60 fps. I love playing Rust but it's difficult to raid and fight off people when you're running windowed in 800 x 600. Just a thought. 

Also something about console commands. I'm one for entering a lot of console commands and key bindings to help my gaming experience. For example, on this modded Death Match / Raid server i play on, you can have people teleport to you with a command such as "/tpr name here" and to accept the teleport command you would type "/tpa" maybe if you could add console commands for chat binds like "bind o say /tpa" i think it would really help a lot of people who are into their first person shooters.


Very nice work, glad to see that the development team has started to reap the benefits of the time invested into the game (as well as the player base). It would be nice to see some restriction on in-game architecture though (as mentioned), such as a height restriction to lets say 10 floors with wood supporting structures, and maybe 20 stories with metal load bearing beams (to cut down on giant death towers). It would also be great to see some new npc enemies such as birds (please not as annoying as SevenDays2Die bees), maybe a locus cloud that would mitigate the success of farming (once/if/or implemented).

Anyways great work, these updates are a fantastic idea and keep the community engaged, able to see (and interact) the development process, thank you very much.

A happy player,



What happened to all the servers? More specifically North America 3. Can't find explanations anywhere, was perma banned on forums for asking, and no response from multiple emails to devs.


wtf? "It seems you are trying to post malformed content".

Here is my comment on pastebin: http://pastebin.com/sJnmSKN7

To devs: Please read it, it contains actual suggestions not just chatter.


I read the comments after being enticed by promises of vulgarity and smut. You have greatly disappointed me.


Im really impressed as to what you are working towards, this game has made a lot of progress since it was first released. Im really excited for this new update but one thing i was really hoping to see soon is a Overview of this new map you guys are creating. Is it bigger, is it smaller? Just give us some cool details like that aswell.    -Thanks


Please remove comments. I cant stand giving toddlers a place to rant and messing up my reading of this great blog.

Great job BTW keep up the great work!


I'm very happy with what you are producing, and serteza's not just me that I'm proud that the heart

estou muito feliz com o que vocês estão produzindo,e com serteza não sou apenas eu que estou com esse orgulho no coração

i an brazilian


People saying this is slow progress? This is amazing what they do every week This is great progress Be patient im sure the final product is going to be epic. Its a long way to go just hang in there my fellow rust players it will be worth it


I don't understand half this stuff, but its cool reading and obviously you guys are doing a lot of work!


It's funny with all of these people complaining their asses off- YES, we all paid money for this game, but when we purchased it we we're told time after time that the game could change, it said it every time you start rust... So stop whinging about slow development, would have you preferred the exact same base game, just minor monthly updates to prevent the hacking problem it is having at the moment, along with the huugee netcode issues that triggered this whole movement, OR would you like to wait a year, for them to build a game FROM SCRATCH basically, that will be 10x more enjoyable and immersive- I have a dual-core on a laptop, I get 20 FPS on lowest settings on Base build, but on the experimental branch, already i can run it on HIGH settings and get 50-70 FPS- I find this optimisation and game engine development comparable to Skyrim, and they definitely didn't make Skyrim in 6 months did they...

      Just be patient like the rest of us and I'm sure Garry will enlighten us all :D


A lot of people seem to think that just because they've put money into a game, it's going to be finished quicker. Well I'm sorry to say guys, but no matter how much money Garry's got, it's not going to mean the game will be finished in the next couple of months. I actually prefer it taking this long and I'm not expecting a full version for a couple of years, just going along with the development of a new game is exciting enough. Please, do not try to rush Garry or any of the programmers or such, just let them make this game. That said, its good to keep suggesting useful stuff :)
The game is looking amazing already :) Cant wait to see what this game will turn into!


Another list of beautiful promises. But half a year has passed and On an experimental server only walls and foundations, even without textures. Pace through the year you make the boxes (without textures) or just say that they could not make the game because the cat was pregnant. But received more than 20 million dollars for an empty promise it's okay.P.s.Sorry for my bad English is not my language


You should give it a back story. You should also let it take place not on an island.


Will the new version of Rust be PC friendly soon? As of right now I can't get a decent frame rate although I could in the old version by turning things off.


just make more aggressive thinks in game for the reason of co-op...or will be just a pvp full of mad kids..


I love the game so far only issue Is i'll play for 7 hours build a house then when I go to play again wake up naked in a field because c4 and murdered in my sleep lol. Happens every time kinda made me not want to play anymore. Anyways for the most part a fun game I'm a little excited about the new stuff. Cheers 


Hello. I am a huge fan of rust. Epic game and hope it will stay that way. What I do want to ask though is why the cars were taken out of the game/why you cannot now drive the cars. I think that it would be a great thing to see cars back in the game. I know I would love it. Please add cars back into the game and make then drivable. Bryen.


Looking awesome dude.  Very much looking forward to seeing the legacy build become obsolete here in the coming weeks.  




Northern Biome looks sick, can't wait to play ;)


why doesn't this work on macs?  the lag and stutter is impossible, I can't even adjust the settings to reduce them, that is if I'm even able to log on to a server.  I really hope this Rust Reboot doesn't end up being something that doesn't work on my computer. 


when i try to get on to the experimental game, i get no servers and therefore i cant get into the game.... anyone have an idea why that may be?


the Northern Biome and the caves look intense!!!!! Cant wait for this - easily my favorite multiplayer game of all time! I was bored of gaming until Rust!!!!! Keep up the good work :) 

Include some form of transport <3 





@moygstar I have also laptop 

Intel® Core™ i7 8GB RAM  GeForce 630m 2GB and on BEAUTIFUL settings I have7-10FPS!!! ON EXPEREMENTAL SERVER.STOP LYING ABOUT OPTIMISATION.  Nice try Garry ;-Р


@almond_stash nice try Garry) And now You can go on doing nothing. And then at the end of the week to put beautiful pictures with empty promises..


@vincenzon888 Lol, Unturned is the worst game ever, it's only "big" because pewds played it...


@abubrooklyn thats why u dont buy macs for gaming just saying. mac are bad for game. but great for work or casual stuff


Have you tried to restart your PC?


@AaronWaller Dirt bikes or quad bikes would be so cool. Or just normal bikes, not cars, so vanilla.


@Constantin777 @moygstar Stop playing games on crappy laptops. A GeForce 630m is NOT equivalent to a 6XX GTX series GPU. The same is true for your mobile processor. 


I actually feel quite honoured that you think I'm Garry XD

But honestly you should Fuck right off if you're not going to give the developers any credit


@LegendSome is that supposed to work? are there any other suggestions? the server page still has yet to populate for me on the experimental branch


@moygstar In the OLD BASE game i have on GOOD settings 20FPS and without grass 30FPS. STOP LYING ABOUT OPTIMISATION IN EXPEREMENTAL SERVER!


@almond_stash We still have that freedom of opinion and not the Nazi regime. So I'm going to express a negative opinion about the development of the game. I see here a lot of artificial positive


@Constantin777 Do you ever stop whining about shit? The Dev's are doing their best, and I have a horrid laptop that runs 40-50fps highest settings. Stop crying.


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