I’m going to keep this devblog short and sweet this week. I’ve been working on some new stuff that I don’t want to talk too much about until it’s all implemented properly. I almost got it finished, so it should all be on the devbranch next week.

Change Of Mind

Throughout the project we’ve always had a mindset to avoid game systems. To try to make things be believable in game. While this has worked for us in past instances, it’s also very limiting. Don’t get me wrong the limits are good, but it’s limiting your enjoyment of the game.

A small example of this is with the door changes we added last week. You unlock a door, walk through, close it, lock it. The next time you open the door you don’t have to unlock it, it just opens – it remembers you. This is a compromise of the ideology above to aid gameplay.

So we’re compromising our ideologies short-term to benefit gameplay right now.

Legacy Update

An update to legacy was released this week that blocked a shitload of server IPs. These were all either fake servers redirecting to another or servers that were artificially inflating their player count.

Grass Changes

Andre changed the grass.

Tool Cupboard

So, systems eh? 80% of the community will love this, 15% will hate it, and the other 5% will write comments that start with “Why not just” and end with “instead?”.

The idea with the cupboard is that you place it in your building. Your friends come up to it and authorize with it. Now no-one but you and your friends can build within a 30 meter radius of the cupboard. Being in the radius of an authorized cupboard gives you extra abilities too, like being able to demolish and flip/rotate other building blocks.

This doesn’t mean you own your house forever. Someone could break in and destroy or clear your tool cupboard – and take ownership. This would mean that then you wouldn’t be able to build in your base, you’d have to break in and steal the cupboard back. If you build a cupboard in the radius of an existing one, the oldest created one takes priority.

This is obviously untried and untested. There’s a lot to think about, a lot to tweak. My greatest worry is that the cupboard will turn into something that you absolutely have to have in your home – or someone could just come along and drop one on your doorstep, demolish a wall and gain instant access. But maybe that’s your fault for not building one? It’s something we’re going to be testing next week on the dev server anyway – so we’ll see how it goes.

Also please keep in mind that just because it exists now, it doesn’t mean it always will. We might come up with something else in the future that makes it completely redundant.

Build System

With this new way of thinking comes a new way of building. Someone mentioned to me that they spend most of their time in Rust hammering shit, and it’s true. As cool as all that is.. it isn’t really what Rust was meant to be about. So that’s gone. No more hammering to upgrade stuff, the resource cost should be the tax – not the 5 minutes of hammering.

I have done a lot of work on the build system this week but I’m not quite ready to tell you what I’m doing because I don’t want people to get dissapointed when it all turns to shit and I end up doing something completely different.

Pie Menu

Not fully finished yet, but this should give you the idea.

Key Pad

Howie concepted the key code lock..

And Tom started modelling it

Finishing Model

Goosey made a finishing model. I have no idea when/if/how we’re going to implement it.


Dan has been deciding on a base for his lighthouse

Loot Crates

Scott got the loot crates done


Xavier started modelling some meat


Some good work this week. It’s finally feeling like we’re getting to grips with the building system. We hired 3 more people too.

Next week, more of the same. Getting the building system finished, testing and handing it off to artists, bug fixes, gameplay and stability.




    Feggat Or just use satellite dishes / wolf statues and other stuff to find friends.


    nbarrager If I ever build a keypad from scraps I’ll make it so that it’s just an “interface”. Meaning that all it does is transmit the code to the unlocking system that is on the other side, safe from any tampering. But it would be interesting if you could destroy the keypad preventing the owner form entering before he/she repairs it (or it repairs itself over time). :)


    fix the fps problem and add traps and more citys in the terriraan. nice game


    When are you guys going to address the FPS issues? When i started playing again back in Oct 5th? I was getting up to 160 FPS with everything maxed out. With this new update i got on and was getting around 3.4-9 FPS with barely anything even on! No PVT no Reflections and the terrain quality, shadows, and distance were practically at 5%.
    I am running a 6.5GHZ 8 Core CPU with 16GB of ram and a GTX 660 TI gpu, i am able to play Crysis 3 at ultra settings going 59-70 FPS and i cannot even run rust at 10 FPS when its graphics are incredibly lower then crysis.
    Warframe too is also an example, fully maxed out settings get around 180-220 FPS. Reflections, tesselation, shadows, lens flares, nvidia physx, everything.
    Please fix the performance on rust, it is making it unplayable for me and my friends and community. We used to play rust all the time even with the constant server wipes, now its a chore just to move around.


    Yes it appears I have overlooked that, thank you for telling me. While on the subject, what’s your opinion on this week’s devlog?


    i think we need home defenses. like booby traps. someone walks into this room well its rigged with a bent sapling with a sharpens stick on the end to spear anyone that walks in. hence you know not to go there or how to disarm it first. i think there needs to be more logic behind raiding a house because if i were in this rust scenario i would have like floors that i filed so thin if you stepped on them they would break and you would fall onto spikes or something. i know this would be opening a huge can of worms and possibilities but the biggest problem is if i work an 8 hour day and come home to play ANYONE could easily just break in while i was at work. so i think maybe the home self defense path could make it more difficult to raid and give you a chance to not have your home broken into. i mean if you can make a gun out of these resources you sure as hell could set a trap.


    hotlambert It’s got a battery, so that seems unlikely for the time being.


    ikkyino nbarrager hence the “just a thought” part.


    nbarrager because ‘realistic’ is the devs goal. And frying a keypad isn’t going to do shit to open it up.


    Why not just…. instead?


    I hope the keypad and how it’s powered is an opening to a sort of logic system that may need a source of power(generators, hydro-dams, etc…) it would make players desire certain places to live like running rivers, windy highlands, and possibly interaction with old remnants(oil pumps)
    Good idea? Bad idea? Tell me.


    since you’re using a keypad that has an exposed battery, maybe you could make it possible to build a really huge battery that you can use to fry the keypad, thus, giving you access to the locked building. the larger battery would have to be extremely difficult to craft and be one use only. just a thought :)


    Feggat Use the edges of biosm to find friends.

    Use the sun as a compass and once you reach a biome edge just run along that edge toward each other and tahdah o/


    A few issues I’ve been having:
    – Make the map smaller. I don’t see a point in playing this unless I can find my buddies, and with every server having a completely different map its almost impossible. 

    – The snow biome is totally pointless unless you enjoy your retinas being burned off by snow glare.

    – There’s really no point building a base atm (which makes the game itself totally pointless) because the next day it will have been broken into so you have to start over.

    If you could please make it possible for certain servers to use a set map, maybe slightly similar to the legacy map? I think you’d find most people would play on those in the end. I know I would. It used to be like “hey meet me at small rad” “tenfour goodbuddie”. Now its “hey I have no idea where I am or where to go” “me 2” “this is shit” “yeah lets play some solitaire instead”


    Game systems are good, and necessary. Way to go people!


    Weedlocks Likenlewis I’d really like to get what you’re saying…. but I don’t


    Likenlewis I find that idea pretty cool.. that your actions have an impact on who you are and what you look like.. maybe this would make people think about randomly killing others.. atleast once they get hunted by everyone else


    We Need Explosive for Rust. It definied the whole Gameplay for Rust. Eat or get Eaten…. we dont need a second Minecraft… cmon guys


    BerndBanane THIS




    KoenradMacBride Leignheart Well good luck on your finishing trip!


    Very nice that you have fixing the building system guys !
    i am very happy to hear there is no more hammering :D

    am very happy you always listen to the community, however there are to
    super crucial things that still need fixing for rust to become awesome
    again :)

    1: Resource scarcity

    small trees still give like 90 wood if you hit it with a stone hatchet,
    this is not good, this leads to less fighting. and since this is rust
    (which is not the real world) we want to promote fighting so please
    reduce the wood gain from small tree’s to 5 and make resources more
    scarce overall :)

    2: Level 5 & 6 walls:
    5 & 6 walls should only be destroyable by explosives, or else we
    are all just gonna be standing around bashing walls again which is no
    fun, we want to force people out in the field to farm for resources that
    later can be used for quick acess.
    and if u think about its not that realistic that a hand weapon could tear down a metal wall
    rate should be adjusted ( im thinking the time it took you to tear down
    a wood door in legacy would be appropriate for lvl 2 walls with the
    highest lvl hand weapon)

    its also a good fun/scare to run
    around with your explosives because if you lose it you could lose a wall
    in your home and just the overall pain in the ass of farming for it and
    the blueprint alike (which must be super hard to obtain ofc, and also
    the resources to craft it) 
    in legacy the airdrop was the only way obtain the explosives, this was a very fun game mechanic to force ppl to just go all in

    of right now they are really the majority nearly so please do these to
    last things
    You should be able to be safe in your house but it should be hard to setup and even harder to get into,

    so i think the resume of this is : 

    its too easy to get anything in rust, make it harder, thats the
    excitement more scarcity, and raiding should be a lot harder and risky
    for the raiders

    Or instead of having to listen to me
    complain every week you could just take everything from legacy and put
    on that map and make it a little less laggy


    DevCJ RasmusFink cmon atleast try to be  constructive? its a discussion not a debate



    I totally agree, Rust needs explosives back in the game. Other wise their is no strategy to the game. 

    I had over 25 people in the steam list playing the legacy rust, and now… they all play other games. 

    Please bring back EXPLOSIVES.


    I like the first 2 lighthouse designs for sure, the third seems to shallow.
    New keypad model looks perfect, has that thrown together MacGyver look to it.
    Really like the new grass, but I have to say that Pie menu is the best looking menu I’ve seen.
    Also…I’m very glad to hear you’re tempted to change the hammering. I said once before take out
    resources faster or something, I don’t mind spending the materials just hate taking 5 hours to build. =)
    Awesome job Rust team.


    Your idea is not possible. it would mean zero for people who pass for the right person to be killed for nourished, so put a big flashing signs on top of the player saying VERY BAD. you get closer to closer to the realization that fiction as Star Wars


    ton idée n’est pas possible. ça serait nul pour les gens mesquin qui passe pour de bonne personne afin de les tué pour se nourrie, autant mettre un gros panneaux clignotant sur le dessus du joueur en disant TRES MECHANT . vos mieux se rapprocher d’un plus proche de la réaliser que de la fiction comme Star wars


    Disguising friend from foe can often be
    difficult when meeting new players throughout the world especially those
    with guns. Although I agree this adds suspense when attempting to communicate
    with new players, a dark/light system could be beneficial to identify the good
    from the bad.
    Much as ‘DayZ’ had its bandits and heroes in
    terms of the clothing the player wore, I think this sort of idea could be modified
    into rust. Clothing is currently optional with rust which would make good/evil clothing
    an unsuitable idea; however, for those that play or have played SWTOR (MMO) will
    be familiar, the characters skin is changed as good/evil actions were taken by
    the player throughout the game.
    For example, within rust a player that kills
    on sight and uses the cannibal aspect of the game would look rather unwell, and
    likely have features that make them look ghastly. However, a player who doesn’t
    feed on the flesh of others would look rather clean and well.

      Ali G indahouse

    It will be good if you make rafts for us to cross over the rivers and lakes.


    Your game is unplayable lag to his death


    RasmusFink No, no, no and no.


    Very nice that you have fixing the building system guys !
    i am very happy to hear there is no more hammering :D

    am very happy you always listen to the community, however there are to
    super crucial things that still need fixing for rust to become awesome
    again :)

    1: Resource scarcity

    small trees still give like 90 wood if you hit it with a stone hatchet,
    this is not good, this leads to less fighting. and since this is rust
    (which is not the real world) we want to promote fighting so please
    reduce the wood gain from small tree’s to 5 and make resources more
    scarce overall :)

    2: Level 5 & 6 walls:
    5 & 6 walls should only be destroyable by explosives, or else we
    are all just gonna be standing around bashing walls again which is no
    fun, we want to force people out in the field to farm for resources that
    later can be used for quick acess.
    and if u think about its not that realistic that a hand weapon could tear down a metal wall
    rate should be adjusted ( im thinking the time it took you to tear down
    a wood door in legacy would be appropriate for lvl 2 walls with the
    highest lvl hand weapon)

    its also a good fun/scare to run
    around with your explosives because if you lose it you could lose a wall
    in your home and just the overall pain in the ass of farming for it and
    the blueprint alike (which must be super hard to obtain ofc, and also
    the resources to craft it) 
    in legacy the airdrop was the only way obtain the explosives, this was a very fun game mechanic to force ppl to just go all in

    of right now they are really the majority nearly so please do these to
    last things
    You should be able to be safe in your house but it should be hard to setup and even harder to get into,

    so i think the resume of this is : 

    its too easy to get anything in rust, make it harder, thats the
    excitement more scarcity, and raiding should be a lot harder and risky
    for the raiders

    Or instead of having to listen to me
    complain every week you could just take everything from legacy and put
    on that map and make it a little less laggy ‘


    I’d like to see hors of zombies crossing the map eating whoever is not hiding in a house at night


    Also as Heartless Empathy suggested vehicles, maybe wooden boats would be a good thing to add as crossing water now seems too risky


    RasmusFink DEF Agree!!


    PonyhaWk Maybe making the AI more aggressive at night would be ok, but I don’t agree that losing the ability to go outside at night and pretty much encourage players to take a break or staying inside their bases for however long it takes, everytime the sun goes down is fun.


    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The game at the moment just isn’t fun; of course it is not finished but the game feels too much like a time-waster… more than the average game! The biggest problem is people do not want to spend hours hammering, gathering and stocking up resources to be left with nothing the next time they log in! The tool cupboard does seem like a good idea but it will not fix the biggest hassle of the game. Especially with spawning so far away from where your building is, so the one thing left on the server that you have spent ages on is almost impossible to find without again, hours of walking. It feels like a chore to build a house everytime just so you can make it that little bit harder for the person who is responsible for making the time you spent in rust a waste. The only possible ways I can see this being fixed are as followed:
    1. When you are killed there is some sort of death stash that you organised beforehand.

    2. A mini-map is added to the game.
    3. Choice of where to spawn on the generated map – only given the choice when killed by another player.


    4. Some Inventory is kept.
    5. Lockable Wooden Boxes (destroying box means maybe half of the inventory inside is also destroyed?)


    6. Punishment system for the killer – Evil/Sin measure (More evil/sin means harder to gather resources/build)
    7. Evil/sin status is broadcasted to other players

    Anyway, great game so far. I have been following this blog weekly since the first devblog and I absolutely love to read about the new content/fixes right before I start up the game to check it all out.
    I do think the game needs to focus more on players as well, the chat in game is nice but if the limited number clothes is all we can differentiate other players by – theres not much chance of knowing who to trust/take revenge. Maybe adding nametags above the head could work (I know you want to try and make it a little realistic, but realistic doesnt mean every player looks the exact same!) I am also very, very happy that you acknowledged that some realistic features will have to be sacrificed to make the gameplay more easy/fun. Keep up the performance updates too, a lot of people including myself have seen some major framerate drops when still running more than decent systems and with low pings.
    Thanks for being so dedicated to this game, I reckon when it’s finished it will be even more of a massive hit than what it already is!

      Heartless Empathy

    Perhaps. But I think it shouldn’t make your items available, simply destroyed to deplete some of the mass accumulation of goods that happens through progression. No matter what, a group will always have a leg up on the single player. No matter how you try to wipe or play.


    PonyhaWk Totally agree! please please change the night thing!


    Cupboard idea is brilliant and i hope you implement it soon. Even just today i woke up and opened my door to see a fully upgraded wall blocking the doorway. Sick of these griefers… it really ruins the game


    Heartless Empathy Great ideas! i hope they do everything u said.


    @2: Level 5 & 6 walls:
    level 5 & 6 walls should only be
    destroyable by explosives, or else we are all just gonna be standing
    around bashing walls again which is no fun, we want to force people out
    in the field to farm for resources that later can be used for quick
    and if u think about its not that realistic that a hand weapon could tear down a metal wall
    rate should be adjusted ( im thinking the time it took you to tear down
    a wood door in legacy would be appropriate for lvl 2 walls with the
    highest lvl hand weapon)

    its also a good fun/scare to run
    around with your explosives because if you lose it you could lose a wall
    in your home and just the overall pain in the ass of farming for it and
    the blueprint alike (which must be super hard to obtain ofc, and also
    the resources to craft it) 
    in legacy the airdrop was the only way obtain the explosives, this was a very fun game mechanic to force ppl to just go all in@
    This one…we want to be sure that our house wont be raided by easy to make tools!


    do all of lighthouse bases, for variety.


    thebigthriller PonyhaWk yea would be awesome, glad im not the only one which is missing this point.


    Why not just sell it off like Minecraft did instead?


    discotechnology RicardoTillemans  Feeback is fine, but when every 5 minutes the in-game chat is punctuated by yet another self entitled brat that gets pissed the game isn’t running perfectly on his godlike machine and therefore claims the game is terrible, and Garry is terrible and the entire thing is a waste of money, you kinda wanna repeatedly slap the next person mentions anything similar. Slap, not punch, they don’t deserve the dignity.

    So yes the frame rate is back to being pretty low, and while http://www.livefyre.com/profile/67859280/ wasn’t too bad about the whole “this game is terrible because the FPS is so bad” thing he was pretty friggin sarcastic about it all.

    That said I’ll agree with http://www.livefyre.com/profile/55342474/ tho, Ricardo was worse about it, but likely was fed up with what I mentioned above, just see where people like him and I are coming from before lashing out just as badly.


    ChuckoMay any words for my previous post?


    This is the most active and down right awesome dev team I have ever seen! lol if i had the money id buy 50 more copy’s and hand them out so other people can see what i mean. Thx for making a great game even better guys.


    PonyhaWk completely agree , Ive been waiting for someone to make a mod that makes night pitch black like it was in Rust’s beginning.


    RobertAllsopp Why can’t people just accept some opinions won’t agree with theirs and all opinions deserve to be shared. In the long run it will make the game better.


    When you buy a game in Alpha you ARE allowed to provide feedback to the developer about how their updates effect the gameplay.
    Go fuck off you sour piece of shit.


    Tohveli I agree. I purchased this game and found the community very unhelpful. I am maybe too casual to play this game since I don’t live on my PC.
    Perhaps NPCs could protect new players from raiding as long as they pay a heavy tax/ dont have a home larger than 1×1 or some other penalty. That way I can get established and make some friends in the game and then I might stand a chance at having fun in Rust.
    I wish this game came out when I was 13 so I could play all summer. Being 30 sucks.




    There is one thing i would LOVE to get changed. Its the fact that everyone is able to see at night! I remember back when i started to play rust.. the fucking high level of fear when u are outside with lots of stuff and its turning night.. u wanna hurry up to get back home but u have to be carefully at the same time there might be some bandits.. oh damn i heard a shot! i have to hide and its getting darker.. damn i cant find back home its to dark! i got to hide myself between rocks.. build maybe a small shelter to survive the night. after 10 mins of hard focus on noises its turning day.. now FAST run back home! yeah im save! dang that was a night full of adrenaline. 
    Rust nowadays : Im outside, its turning night.. its getting dark.. oh np lets just set my gamma prog. and see its LIGHT! no fear no problem to get back home.

    Get my point? If there is any chance to be able making these programms useless against the darkness i would appreciate to do that! 

    not everyone will admit hes using this kind of programm.. but its fact.. at least 90% of u guys r using it ;)


    Very nice that you have fixing the building system guys !
    i am very happy to hear there is no more hammering :D

    i am very happy you always listen to the community, however there are to super crucial things that still need fixing for rust to become awesome again :)

    1: Resource scarcity

    the small trees still give like 90 wood if you hit it with a stone hatchet, this is not good, this leads to less fighting. and since this is rust (which is not the real world) we want to promote fighting so please reduce the wood gain from small tree’s to 5 and make resources more scarce overall :)

    2: Level 5 & 6 walls:
    level 5 & 6 walls should only be destroyable by explosives, or else we are all just gonna be standing around bashing walls again which is no fun, we want to force people out in the field to farm for resources that later can be used for quick acess.
    and if u think about its not that realistic that a hand weapon could tear down a metal wall
    destruction rate should be adjusted ( im thinking the time it took you to tear down a wood door in legacy would be appropriate for lvl 2 walls with the highest lvl hand weapon)

    its also a good fun/scare to run around with your explosives because if you lose it you could lose a wall in your home and just the overall pain in the ass of farming for it and the blueprint alike (which must be super hard to obtain ofc, and also the resources to craft it) 
    in legacy the airdrop was the only way obtain the explosives, this was a very fun game mechanic to force ppl to just go all in

    THESE TWO LAST UPDATES WILL BRING ALL THE LEGACY PPL BACK I PROMISE U, and as of right now they are really the majority nearly so please do these to last things
    You should be able to be safe in your house but it should be hard to setup and even harder to get into,

    so i think the resume of this is : 

    atm its too easy to get anything in rust, make it harder, thats the excitement more scarcity, and raiding should be a lot harder and risky for the raiders

    Or instead of having to listen to me complain every week you could just take everything from legacy and put on that map and make it a little less laggy

      Ali GG

    Fishing succesfull You jsut fished some wolf meat :D


    Heartless Empathy I like your end game ideas :)


    Part of me hates the cupboard idea, but part of me understands that it (or something like it) is kind of a necessity. It shouldn’t be so easy for someone who wants to raid to ransack bases—and at this point it seems like raiders have a huge advantage: Spawn, get a few resources in a few minutes, and be able to raid any base ever.

    Hopefully, in the future, there’ll be some kind of balancing mechanism that is less superficial, but for now this pretty much has to be in the game.


    I think what most “customers” don’t realize is that when we bought a game that is still in alpha, we literally said “take our money and show us what you can do.” I love watching all your ideas and creativity pour out onto the game, and I love it even more when you think of something so different and so unique that I would have never thought of it. You guys are truly amazing developers and I don’t regret this purchase in the least, in fact I have bought three copies so my friends whom don’t have much money could also enjoy your work. I look forward to what you have in store for us next week and the week after and after.


    SMB3 AlexPapadopoulos It will take time for all that stuff (Bugs) to be fixed fully. As you can understand they focus on new Material. Bug Fixing i guess for them is simply matter of time. They don’t care that much, they know the Bugs exist. But they don’t deal with them just to maybe get off the Schedule, or “slack”.
    I will wait for more Updates, and i expect a big of understanding thew the community. Rust is a nice game, people like it. But what they don’t like is that the game Turns from a SHOOT TO STEAL game to a true Survival.
    Let the Rage come upon my comment/


    nathan75 i got this it also always just said there was an update needed al the time even when there was not. this is on steam btw, i uninstalled it then re downloaded it which seamed to help, if that don’t work try running it as admin


    hi guys need help my old computer can run old rust but the new one its saying there’s a bug and I cant upload it then it says that already running


    hey rusters
    i know that doesn’t sound important but most mac users are encountering black ground textures. the grass is good, even the new one, the game is even more playable but snow and dirt appear sometimes in form of stripes. i am using a mac so i can’t complain xD but if you have time to waste you can check that :) good work guys and good job with the new rust :) (even if i miss a bit legacy xD)


    Heartless Empathy wipes don’t balance players, they make the people that play longer and in greater numbers further ahead.  Imagine playing for 2 hours a night for an entire week, getting raided every second night either by hackers or legit raiders, and then you are busy on a weekend, a tornado comes along and opens up 1/2 your house, leaving you and your stuff exposed for a weekend? it only benefits the person sitting there for 8 hours a day, or the hacker that can build a base in 5 minutes.

    I do love the idea of being able to make a massive gated community with friends and be able to farm and produce our own food though.


    Dannyk90 Heineke But it would be stupid if you wont put one if you are building your base, people cant build in the radius of the “Cupboard”, but my Question now is .. how much will it cost to make a cupboard .. if its to easy to get it will be abused, if its to hard to get you still get griefed. idk we have to wait and see if its going to work.


    Dannyk90 Heineke hmm yeah you’re right they should just make it so the foundations have a radius I guess?


    @ChuckoMay Nope, This alpha game does not need more than 4GB Ram to run. I know because I had 4GB Ram a few weeks ago and it actually used less than that then because Win7 x64 uses about 2GB. Now Rust seems to use a lot more, so I bought more RAM. It’s shoddy programming, and not being optimized as to what the culprit is. Another reason I know is when I open my system status, the  game starts out around 3.5GB RAM, but slowly creeps up. It might do a dump, it might not.

    So, when the game runs, RAM usage is at ~3.5GB (Game) + 1.9GB (system) + ~500MB (other programs) brings me to about 6GB Ram. Video card goes near full 1GHz GPU (normal clock is 1.2GHz) and 1.2GHz RAM clocks. 64% usage. CPU sits around 55%, using core 4 as its main.

    First Picture is while in-game, Prn Sc captures desktop instead of game. Notice the RAM usage is around 3.7GB, that is up from about 3.5GB in less than ten minutes. Second picture is after Alt+Tab, RAM usage has dropped a few thousand. Resource usage is fine, but it looks like either the GPU doesn’t update in the resource panel while in-game or Rust wont use the entire bandwidth until alt+tabbed. I know BF4 and WoW update in the GPU panel while in-game.

    I played yesterday and everything was fine; I even built a decent size home and ran from snow to desert. Tonight, again, I get this same issue.

    I don’t know my my primary comment got deleted, I think I was trying to reply to Chuck, but then I noticed I replied to myself and tried to delete the reply to myself… If I click out of the pane, my message disappears.


    SamRowe I suggest you ask for a refund. They offer them.


    I actually really like all of your updates. I don’t know why it seems like everyone on here can do nothing but bitch in the comments section. You are trying to make some really cool innovations to what was becoming a stale and uninteresting legacy mode. They when you alter legacy everyone lost it and whined like a child “but this isn’t legacy waaaahh wahhh.” If you want legacy mode it still exists. Just go play that. Great job devs


    MikeMiller7 I would love to know what kind of network monitoring capability you have to say this with any actual authority. Basically everyone is jumping right to this conclusion now, just because network performance is poor and it’s pretty ridiculous.


    Awesome read, keep up the good work.

      Heartless Empathy

    What is the point in playing rust?
    I find that a difficult question. What is the objective? To survive, yes, but beyond that, where is the context?
    I propose a few ideas to simply increase the number of outside ideas to throw at you all. 
    There isnt one. You start with nothing, wind up with everything. .end/
    What about offering incentives for people to craft/obtain and require a long time to get. 
    For EX, a boat to travel to small islands within bodies of water, due to swimming now taking a toll on your body. On this(ese) island(s) there are more dangerous monsters and valuable loot crates. Going there with weak gear / alone would more than likely be suicidal.
    Perhaps equipment to descend into basic caves or crevices to explore with lurking animals not seen frequently.
    Achievement required items to unlock. Perhaps to unlock fishing pole, hunt 100 animals, to unlock farming tools, gather X amount of plants, seeds, berries, or whatever gets implemented in the future. This would expand the available things to do in the game. It needs diversity in available activities. Right now its survive, kill, build, but add farming, fishing, hunting, trapping, or etc would make it less KOS gameplay. 
    I remember Gary being something disgruntled with this part. As wipe is a healthy part of the game, but making it PART of the game seems somewhat unorthodox.
    But wait! What if events caused massed destruction, but not a server wipe/reset. For example, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, floods, earthquakes created an event where the player screen would black,gray,white for 15-30 seconds with a series of noises, to be awakened up to having their houses destroyed, person(s) killed, to create a wipe-like event, without a true Wipe. These events would be random, could be 1 in 3 days, 1 in 16 days, who knows. It could also be area based. NE area of the map at one time, Then the next SE. I find this to be supportive of creating balance for players.
    Item Degrade:
    This system was attempted in Rust, and many didnt like it. It was a little to progressive, but i understand its hard to do with so many items. It needs to be in the game so people cannot simply stack up crates upon crates with (in legacy, M4, bolts, mp5s, etc). Make weapons more expensive and require rarer resources. metal fragments for basic weapons? sure. For advanced weapons, youll need to make steel. Find some iron ore and it will have to be fired with Coal ore (a rarer black rock that is difficult to find), this will decrease the war-like system. 
    Not to mention, if items degrade, and you keep walls destroy-able by hand tools, it will require 2-3 axes, to break a wall, a more worthy cost-asset-expense system.
    The map is HUGE now. However, I get it, vehicles aren’t easy to do. What about pedal bikes, basic moped/scooter, rarer ATV, and even rarer Dune buggy, or beat up car. They would be expensive to maintain, (metal, gas, etc) but navigation is somewhat harder now. They would be loud and unreliable, but that the trade-off with fast speeds.
    Key pad:
    Looks like a great idea! With the battery animation, what about the option to theft someones battery? No battery, either the door wont open for the house owner, or the door doesnt lock anymore. In order to steal the battery, it will require a 1 time use blueprint and tools to make, and a 30-60 second timer to obtain, that can fail. (70/30 chance)
    It’s a long read, but worthy in my opinion. You are progressing well, I just hope to spark some new ideas for you all.


    in trying to improve the game you end up leaving it a little bad, the noise of weapons and also to collect the wood get too bad


    The game is simply to easy, me and my friends played a weekend and had all of the stuff. Our base was well protected. Now all this work was boring, Sometimes we thought we were playing hammer simulator 2k14. I also want explosives back as it was really fun to mount c4 on walls and doors. Its still a bit early to complain about that as i cant seem to have heard about not having them ingame.

    I think that those metal upgraded house should only get raidable by c4 and not by an axe. I also think that we need blueprints up soon. as stuff is so easy to make on a short time. Its a great game but in this game i find it boring.


    Leignheart AvengerJohn Longer respawn time then or/and some kind of delay on suicide command, like if you do anything or something happens to you (or if you are handcuffed) it resets the delay and cancels the command. (These would actually be quite good anyway, especially the last one)


    My internet keeps disconnecting after exiting RUST…been like that for a few months now and I’m not the only one…


    Bob1955 we need grappling hooks :D


    I can see the cupboard idea working BUT we totally need the ability to climb walls, so its still possible to find those weak spots to break in.
    Rope ladders? Grappling hooks?




    SMB3 spamenigma  Look in the top right of the screen, what does it say?


    MerguezGriller You leaving won’t hurt anything. You already bought it XD


    Leignheart xolerick This is what the tool cupboard will do.


    spiritchill zurkloyd …????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


    MerguezGriller Are you kidding me ? Classic rust ran terrible on my pc? (thats a 2500$ pc btw)


    mrdaveplays Tohveli I think lvl 6 walls should be destroyable only by explosives. Its kinda stupid that metal walls can be destroyed by people with a rock axe.


    The main issue I see is, I used to love looking around a persons base… work it out build up to the weak spot and use the minimal amount of c4. It made you build with this in mind to. if no one but you can build on the base, you will soon see impossible bases to get into and the like…


    Awesome, a closest for some to the players to finally come out of! This is just what they needed!!


    Bon travail vivement la semaine prochaine pour en apprendre plus sur votre projet 

    Good job, briskly next week to learn more about your project


    Extremly low FPS since the latest patch, it hurts my eyes. For real: its not playable anymore.
    My System: GTX 770, i7-4930k


    So basically the tool cupboard is going to work exactly like the 30m Plot Pole in DayZ Epoch. I can live with that. It’s a handy feature.


    Since the latest patch, i can’t turn pvt off, either F2 menu nor terrain.pvt false.

    The value works, in console it’s showing that terrain.pvt does indeed equal false, however the actual rendering doesn’t change and, well, PVT is the entire reason for my lag. Previously I’d get 10-20fps with it on, when I turn it off and run everything else on high I get 60+. Now I’m stuck.

    Please fix/explain/help :)


    zurkloyd  build layer upon layer of multi lvl6 walls. Make is so it takes 5-8hrs to break walls for 3 people. They will give up eventually.


    Leignheart KoenradMacBride No I mean finishing with the new finishing model…. once finishing is implemented of course. I used to go finishing IRL with my gramps  when he was still kicking. One time I caught 6 finish in one trip!


    Leignheart TihanDewet Kruel He wasn’t rude… He was terse, but just because he wasn’t a sweet little thing about it doesn’t mean he was rude.


    With the legacy update that has blacklisted servers, some people have servers that were wrongly blacklisted. Does anyone have any more information regarding this issue?


    I like the tool cupboard idea!
    also when i join servers now the game shuts down. is this an issue/


    Feggat leviathansix Why would you uninstall it? The game doesn’t take up that much space. Unless you uninstalled it on principal.


    SMB3 alex1115alex I wouldn’t say people, I would say “some people” as there are alot of people who “can” afford a 2000$ pc or more. Just saying, ultimately you can only speak for yourself.


    alex1115alex SMB3 90 fps is a little high alex. I’m not saying you’re lying but me and my bro have pc’s that are top of the line In every department and even we don’t hit 90fps. Although you may be playing the game on a low resolution like 1920x1080p or god forbid something less than 1080p.


    bioclone_ax45 ChuckoMay TrueBooleanFalse That’s not necessarily true there bioclone, and makes you look like an elitist. There are plenty of programs and even some games that have needed more than 8gb of ram. But on average you are right., you do not need more than 8gb of ram for playing 90% of games and programs. But some do. I don’t know if this game does particularly, but I think I will look into it to see if it does. I doubt it does though.

    P.s I am not endorsing upping your specs except if you are under the minimum specs. I am saying only that there are programs and some limited games that benefit from more than 8gb of ram.


    TheInfusedNZ That’s you’re opinion, but I definitely must say it isn’t a good one from my perspective. It makes going in and out of buildings extremely cumbersome and annoying. End of story.


    AvengerJohn Handcuffs? How the hell would you be able to Handcuff another rust player? They auto kill themselves at the worst of times and then just respawn 5 seconds later.


    jf3000 Dannyk90 That is a kind of rude way of speaking to his concern. Be constructive.


    Dannyk90 We could have used a cupboard in legacy. I love the idea. And also the idea of “you have to have it” refers to 80-90% of the game items. You need walls, you need a rock, you need a hatchet, you need… blah blah blah. Just give the cupboard a chance, if it sucks, then it will change, simple as that.


    TihanDewet Kruel Good response to a person being rude.


    xolerick Agreed, truly needs to be fixed asap.


    RobertAllsopp While I myself am not against what was in this devblog, i’m always willing to try new ideas, except for the blueprint store ofc, but why would you be against someone saying what they don’t like as long as they aren’t disrespectful while doing it? Not blindly following along is what makes things better. There should always be complainers, because if there weren’t, then things would never change or get better. So instead of telling people to stop speaking their God given right to free speech, counteract their argument with an even better argument proving them wrong, If you disagree with them ofc. Am I not making sense? To an intelligent person I should make complete sense.


    RicardoTillemans Just so you understand Ricardo, What he did may be disrespectful to some people, what you did was 100x worse. You should never, I mean never, speak to other people like that. It made you look bad as well.


    KoenradMacBride You mean fishing right?


    I think I like the pie menu. I imagine that you developed the pie menu for easier use with a controller when you try to port this game to consoles. I think you should give pc users a choice, have two different build menus, one for controller support, and one for mouse and keyboard, that way nobody can possibly be disappointed. I am happy that you are somewhat listening to people. Ultimately the more fun the game is, the more people will buy and play the game. The more realistic a game does not get more players, but how fun the game is. Keep that in mind always, FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN!


    Obscenity I believe all of our artists are using 3dsmax 2014 and Zbrush to model. We also use a wonderful program called Quixel dDO and  also Substance Painter to create the textures. 
    For the animation we use Maya.


    official servers are being ddosed right now @_@


    MerguezGriller Your friends actually love the game, the word is that you’re the one that is complaining. Thats what they say.


    Dannyk90 The idea is coming, deal with it.


    xolerick Upgrade your walls to level 6.


    Tohveli I think making fully upgraded walls/doors undestroyable would be nice. So you could build one small room where noone can break in. Pretty expensive to make, but i feel like it would make the game a lot more enjoyable


    The disappearance of digicodes when reboot servers has been resolved?


    People blew the doors off my house every night in legacy. Servers were pretty well populated. At least in this version I go for about three days before my house is broken into in most cases.
    Survival is a game of the fittest. The reason we as a species have succeeded is because we are communal.
    You can survive as a lone wolf… But you can thrive in a pack. If three guys come together to bash on a wall it will break down faster… It’s common sense.
    If three people are a problem for you… Then you need to make friends or switch up your strategy.
    … Or go to a pve only server.


    I can’t wait to go finishing!


    Tohveli Well, there has to be an element of risk. But I agree – maybe a system where only one person’s hits on a wall affect it? And they are ofc adding the cupboard, at least for a while… that would stop them from building over walls.


    waste of $20


    I think keys and destroyable walls will make this game worse. Reason is simple. It makes this game easier for big groups to play and harder for solo players or smaller groups to defense them selfs. In legacy there was small time cap before big groups raided your base but even that time caps is lost now. They even camp you until they get your key or they just come and destroy you walls. People get frustrated and leave servers and servers will die. Where is the fun when 10 people run over 1-3people groups? Please make this game more fun for smaller groups or solo players. And new version looks good, just quite low fps here :)


    victorpalomocastro “A retarded”


    spamenigma SMB3 Updates should not, however, make the game unplayable. They (I hope) test these things at least a bit before rolling them out. You’d think invisible people/buildings, lack of animals, and a massive frame drop from before the update would be noticed, but I guess not. Again: yes, there will be problems. No, they should not fuck the game over this badly. There is no excuse for this. Again: that’s what experimental (the actual experimental, not the default you keep referring to as experimental) is for.


    VictoriaGracia Poll: What are the odds this is spam/malware?


    alex1115alex SMB3 Maybe because… people can’t afford $2000 dollar computers all the time? The point is, for the most part it was playable pre-update, now it’s not.


    AlexandreMotta MiloszMilewski You have no idea… you have no idea. Similarities =/= copies.


    TheJumpyBean MiloszMilewski Kinda like Minecraft/Terraria… Xp


    thejdubb02 meh. That’s a 10-year-old hope smashed with a crappy insult. “I don’t want that because he likes it!” Come off it.


    Dannyk90 Heineke How about you can’t place a cupboard if someone else’s stuff is already within the radius? With a little tweaking that could work. (It would make it hard to take over someone else’s base who didn’t use a cupboard… so maybe not having one would sort of be an advantage?)


    TihanDewet Kruel Who said he was disrespectful? He was… gruff about it, but honestly, I agree. They fucked up with this one. All due respect, but how did they think this was fit for release?


    RicardoTillemans Uncalled for. There is no reason why computers that were perfectly fine before are now running 10-20 fps, alpha or not.

      Enchanted Natures

    Did they update the OS X version so that it doesn’t keep signing off servers?


    http://gripfiles.net/151328 – A couple of RUST steam gift keys, for you or your friends.
    First who get it, redeem :)  – thank me later


    U paid for an early access game. Deal with bugs.


    Heineke Dannyk90 but as the guy said, if you dont have one, someone can place one outside your house and you’re fucked instantly. There is no need for it. Just use your own walls etc with a little bit of claimed area radius attached to each piece you build.


    You bought a fucking alpha game. Deal with it. They are working really hard and you just show no sign of respect. You really are dumb as fuck. Go play minecraft u fuck


    Dannyk90 I dont think you really NEED it, it just makes sure people cant build in that radius of the cupboard.see this as a landclaim, and others are not allowed to build in that area. it makes your base in a certain area safe from griefing. I like the idea.
    Hope they dont fuck it up.


    The pie menu looks AMAZING!


    thx for decreased fps :) really nice play with 15-20 fps  like a boss


    gamefilemismatch ? really ?? now that dude right behind me killed me


    TihanDewet Kruel

    :D please ? In first case, if something goes wrong is by the grace, tell us where is the problem, so if ppl will know where the problem is, they will much pleasant and they will less arguing about this. So if you want to talk about manners, look at them and then tell something about me ;)


    MerguezGriller it runs great on m 10 years old 3850 and on my R9+ as well. but a bit more smooth would be nice


    Because of your communication skills I hope they don’t.


    No one will miss you. Your attitude of entitlement I ridiculous.


    SMB3 alex1115alex I know it isn’t optimized. It sure as hell doesn’t run as well as it could. However, it’s not like the game is unplayable. I’m always getting 90+ fps, I COULD be hitting more. Is there an issue with the current system? It just seems like people run this on a potato. I tried to bring a friend onto experimental with me, and he complained about the lag. He was running a dual core processor and a 650, no shit.


    Kruel Have you heard of respect man? There is this aspect called manners, learn to use it please in order to help the online community to become a better place… (You should start saying please)
    Have a great day!

    P.s. Great work Garry! Rust is changing so fast! (for the best)


    Tom With The Weather QU83

    The scenario you described should be considered a risk of close quarters combat. Let me tell you why this still doesn’t make sense. The Pipe Shotgun is also incredibly powerful, skill-wise an even easier 2 shot kill, yet I can fire it close range and quickly whip out my Pickaxe to fold someone in half. I can even put 2 loaded Pipe Shotguns on my tool belt, fire one, switch to the other and fire again without having to wait for a reload. I can spray anyone with any weapon doing major damage and without waiting switch to a Pickaxe at close range. With the exception of reloading a weapon, the Hunting Bow is the only item in game which makes you wait after firing/using it.  My complaint is more about shooting a bear and having to look at it’s dead corpse for 3 second before I can harvest it.

    PS. There is a small workaround for the Hunting Bow: After firing an arrow, start loading another one, let go before its loaded and now you can switch before the 3 seconds is up. It cuts down some of the time but its terribly annoying, illogical and/or broken.

    Thanks for your consideration.


    MiloszMilewski hahaha that’s such an obvious Rust clone, you must have no shame if you say Rust “stole” something from that awful game. Most likely a scam to raise some easy money. Gathered one thousand euros in Indiegogo (2%). Was it worth it?

    I hate those scams. 1) Clone a hyped game, 2) Promise it will be everything people want, 3) Deliver some piece of shit and run away.


    Ok Why are people giving it so much hate you payed for early access that mean the game is not finished so stop hating


    xCreeperCopX You can fit through windows


    The second lighthouse base reminds me of Bioshock. Really amazing


    bigsha There seems to be a problem with their organization… I mean, it looks like devs can just make whatever they want without anyone giving orders or agreeing upon a plan. A guy makes a fishing model, but they don’t even know if or how it will work. So why was he working on that in the first place? This is very weird.

    I know I’m not entitled to say what devs should work on. I’m just saying that it looks like they have no direction right now.


    bigsha Xercodo You bought an EARLY ACCESS game. There are plenty of finished games out there.


    bigsha Xercodo


    SMB3 spamenigma  Its called ‘bugs’ and the fact they are changing things constantly this will happen, your comments just make you appear like another raging idiot. Updates will fuck the game, this isn’t after release bug fixing.. this is seat of pants changing ideas and code constantly.. you’re in the middle of development of ideas that are ‘still’ experimental.


    For crying out loud please already remove the ability to destroy by hatchet or at least make it an hour time job… because now I go afk for 5 minutes to see me dead and house walls destroyed by 3 naked dudes… thats just not playable whatosever right now.


    yes something goes wrong bcs this fps decrease is annoying. Do something or tell us the reason


    Sorry, I’m from Poland ;; my bad.


    ChuckoMay NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. People who say “up your specs” are some of the most useless. If you had actually READ the comment, you’d have seen:
    “Prior to update, I was getting around 30FPS with settings on ‘beautiful’ and all F2 settings maxed out. Now I have all settings on low and ‘0’, still laggy as hell.”
    This means his specs do not need upgrading. The update fucked up.


    Louin If you play on a near-empty server…


    more like 80% will hate that “cupboard” system purely for the reason of “you have to have it” or youre fucked, it’s basically an unneeded addition to the game… please don’t implement that idea.


    galaxybeatzz The game isn’t laggy at all. Where do you get this information from. If its laggy either the server u connected too doesn’t have the resources to run it or you opted to set the server up yourself n ur own pc and connect to it on the same pc, yes lag.


    MiloszMilewski Another survival based off Rust


    Feggat Map doesn’t need to be smaller, any smaller and we will all be crammed. The spawns are all pretty close together. Desert, Snow and Jungle are not that far apart from each other, the Sat and Wolf are near each other too.

    You must play on some really interesting servers to get broken into.

    You can’t have a set map because this is procedural, no 2 servers have the same map, we’re all running different maps.

    People don’t like change thats the bottom line, they like legacy because thats what they’re used too. Experimental being Alpha has its ups and downs but overall does the job.

      Tom With The Weather

    This actually was intentional. 
    The bow is actually incredibly powerful if you can aim it effectively. Easy two shot kills on full kevs (assuming bleed is on). 100% armor penetration. The delay is so that you can’t pop someone close range with the bow and then quickly whip out your pickaxe and fold the guy in half.


    Rust Legacy = 120 FPS.  New Rust = 20 FPS. Pls fix it or me and my friendS leave this game.


    Oh god it’s like trying to atully read terms and conditions


    People’s standards are just higher than there computer I guess


    Or you just could not ruin it for everyone else and just make it an option to trun it off


    Or you could not ruin it for everyone else and just make it an option to trun it off


    I agree




    I think every thing his week is great but the cupboard should be a more a object more right full of that responsablity
    Like maby a raido just a suggestion I also hope some of the reminace is absolutely fucking mind blowing because so far they have been to small for my liking


    FUCKING remove the FUCKING annoying weapon sway goddamn!


    leviathansix I just uninstalled last time my lvl6 hut was raided over night, the game just ends up being a total waste of time when you can’t leave for 6 hours without losing everything. I’ll probably reinstall when it comes out but for now its unplayable for me.


    MiloszMilewski Wow! Out of reach looks AMAZING thanks for letting me know about it, though it seems some of it was taken from rust, and maybe some of rust was taken from it…BUT WHO CARES! They are just making a great game even better!


    Feggat I would suggest putting a lanter on top of a mountain, as it can be seen for miles! Also, me and my buddy woul type kill in console until we were both near the ocean in the snowy biome, then 1 would go towards the sun and the other away. We allways found each other! One more thin is to find a modded server with TPA. The End! Good luck man!


    I’ve been having some ideas and i need a place to say them so hear it goes! What if when people die, their bodies dont just disappear, but some type of decaying happens ex.(turn into a gross corpse thingy) Also, it would be so cool if we got explosives back! I dont want them to be too easy, but if you get 100 gunpowder and maybe some metal, you deserve to have c4! One last thing, I have a question, is there random loot crates like some ppl have been saying and where to find them? :) Cheers


    A few issues I’ve been having:
    – Make the map smaller. I don’t see a point in playing this unless I can find my buddies, and with every server having a completely different map its almost impossible. 

    – The snow biome is totally pointless unless you enjoy your retinas being burned off by snow glare.

    – There’s really no point building a base atm (which makes the game itself totally pointless) because the next day it will have been broken into so you have to start over.

    If you could please make it possible for certain servers to use a set map, maybe slightly similar to the legacy map? I think you’d find most people would play on those in the end. I know I would. It used to be like “hey meet me at small rad” “tenfour goodbuddie”. Now its “hey I have no idea where I am or where to go” “me 2” “this is shit” “yeah lets play some solitaire instead” “yes, indeed let us do that” *nods


    randomuser SMB3 It means a little if you want people to actually understand what you are even saying. No point in making a rant if no one can understand what your issue is, otherwise you come off as a crazy person.

    Also people tend to think less of or just straight ignore comments that are poorly constructed, which further reduces your point.

    Either way, in Devblog 31 Garry warned people they would be pushing this out, he stated:
    “We all know the problem, crazy russians making fake full looking
    servers that redirect to another server. It’s been an issue for a while.
    This is now fixed, we have an updatable list of servers that take part
    in this behaviour. We ban both the fake server IP and the server they’re
    redirecting to. If they pop up with a slightly changed IP we ban the
    whole subnet. GSPS that allow their customers do take part in this
    behaviour should be worried – because the IP bans won’t be lifted.
    This code will be rolled out to Legacy too over the next week and we’ll ban the fakers there too.”
     As you’ll note he plainly warns providers that allow their customers to do this that their services will be blanketed banned. It is about accountability on the behalf of those providing the servers for allowing their customer base to do what they are doing. This warning was given on the 25th. If the server you were playing on or hosting thru has been hit by the blacklist, it is because the provider did not heed these warnings. This is all on the server providers.


    lolcraft200  “It’s something we’re going to be testing next week on the dev server anyway – so we’ll see how it goes.”

    Also one shots to the head applies to nearly everything.


    __Overlord__ Then go play the fine Legacy version… It’s still available…


    tomadlarge so you are saying that you can’t see a difference in the game now and the game from 6 months ago?


    MiloszMilewski do you even english bro?


    MiloszMilewski means its an asset from the unity asset store


    Cupboards are stealed from another game.
    Name of game is Out of Reach, it’s something like Rust, but developed by Polish people.
    Check it out!
    There are trebuchets, balista!
    Even you can burn buildings down!


    do you realize they fuckin trick us? 6 motnhs of 200+ mb updates of NOTHING


    For those having very low fps, specially when getting out of game and coming back. To me, the game simply dropped from 25 to 3 fps after doing that, no matter how many times I disconnected and connected again.

    Then I simply hit F2 to make sure my video configs were OK. Nothing wrong here, all was the same way as expected. Then I hit F2 again to get out of the config overlay and: BAM!!, fps back to 25. It’s like the game really “applied” my settings at that moment.

    I was able to reproduce this behavior. I’ll write a bug report for dev team.

    If it work for you, report it here to help others.



    – Animals don’t work again
    – trees still buggy in distance
    – people just can one shot you with a low bird stone hatched


    The game was fine as it was – granted the door locks were fixed and pvp was improved. All that was needed then was more things to build, retroduce spiked walls at the gate if players wish to make a fort or whatever, the loading (of weapons) was also realistic and needs implimenting again which i alinda liked but apart from that just give me more things to build! weapons, traps ect. Rust was just fine as it was for me.


    Oh god thank you Garry!! This is what I was hoping for, I hated those awful trees but now you seem to have changed them. Also, that horrible building system was absolutely revolting and hammering to upgrade was very redundant, I really like the pie menu for building and lets see what you guys come up with for the building system. Now if you could do something about a map or a compass or something like that that would be great because right now its absolutely a nightmare finding someone. Also, I hope you guys are working on Rad towns because the game is hella boring without them.


    Plumis __Overlord__ alvaro_blink haha np XD


    Holly shit? They actually listen to us, it’s a miracle!!! :D :O
    Good work, I have started to regain some “will” to play this game again.
    And one small suggestion, since already everyone knows, you can destroy pretty much everything with a hatchet (talking about the building related stuff)
    How about, only make the walls to be destroyed, along the windows, and if you make this, make them to be only destroyed either with a pickaxe or C4.
    Legacy’s building system is great, just add some new models and I think most of us will be perfectly fine with that.
    Another suggestion that popped in my head is add the window bars to original rust, since it’s in legacy, add it in the original one. I know that we won’t need them cuz the windows are too small to be able to go through them but when you shoot someone from your house, from windows, window bars protected you well.
    Although nice job on the update! :D


    Nice update, fishing animation looks VERY cool!


    They made the game more laggy again… And Garry wrote finishing instead of fishing xD


    Candcuffs! We want handcuffs! Handcuffs is only thing what makes Dayz better than Rust.


    i think the first priority is to make the map less HUGE. there are almost zero player ecncounters because of this.


    I seriously dont get the problem of hammering… How we re going to be able to upgrade walls or something without need time doing an effort and doing sound that other players can hear?


    ChuckoMay TrueBooleanFalse recommend more than 8gb of ram = you dont have idea.



    I know you are done working on Legacy, but can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix the Hunting Bow so after shooting an arrow you don’t have to wait 3 seconds to switch to something else on your tool belt. I can’t imagine this was an intentional mechanic. It makes sense to me that you have to wait some time when reloading a gun after finishing a clip, but not for the hunting bow. The fair penalty (which is already there) should only be the time it takes to draw the arrow back before firing.




    ChuckoMay TrueBooleanFalse Getting more RAM may fix the problem, but honestly 8GB of RAM should be more than enough for anything an average computer does.


    Torvaltz Part of the desired mechanics of the game is that you don’t ever have a truly safe space, such as a base that’s always yours. They want to keep a mechanic where it’s possible to steal somebody’s entire base. If you inherently mark a building as a players, then this becomes extremely difficult to manage. Their tool cupboard idea sort of works so that you can protect your base from people simply building extensions and getting in easily, while still making it possible for bases to be stolen.


    The door change was one of the best you’ve done. Please don’t revert it.


    TexToast I agreed for awhile… Until I noticed there is already a compass…  South = Desert, North = Snow, Sun travels East and West.
    I think there should be a signal to shoot in the air, would be cool, would cause trouble, would help find friends.  But that compass thing is already there in nature.


    TrueBooleanFalse Im sorry, but just looking at the Ram alone… Xbox One has 8GB of DDR3 RAM… 

    up your specs a little.  Not much, just some. Each part of your base you build and each part of any bases you run into all take resources.  Every wall is a separate entity.  Make ur 8GB, 16GB.

    I have something not too great, but pretty ok:
    i7 intel
    32GB RAM
    Nvidia 660

    Everything runs smooth all the time.


    SMB3 randomuser punctuation means little to me when im making a point had i actually cared about it i may have given it more thought but at the end of the day believe what yas like i know for a fact what he said and he cant deny it


    randomuser SMB3 That was… slightly more readable. I’m more inclined to believe Garry over a guy who’s never heard of punctuation.


    SMB3 randomuser because thats exactly what he told my provider and myself so i thought id share it with others so everyone kows exactly what hes doing


    SMB3 randomuser SERVERS ARE GETTING BLACKLISTED BY GARY BECAUSE HE APPARENTLY CLAIMS THEY ARE EITHER FAKE (soz caps) or boosting numbers wtf is with that shit he claims it to be due to the fact servers are uploading malware through ftp protocol and he has subsequently stopped a lot of servers yet 60% of the servers he has blacklisted are through providers that do not run ftp protocol yet still refuses to return the rights to the respected owners not a smart move on his behalf


    SMB3 o


    TexToast Nothing needs fixing…


    alex1115alex Everyone’s complaining about FPS issues because this update utterly fucked the game so far. It lags like a mofo for 99% of the people I tried to play it with. Also, DO NOT FUCKING TELL PEOPLE IT’S HARDWARE. It’s an early access game, so it isn’t totally optimized yet. That is most of the problem.


    Can you PLEASE make a map or compass or make it to wear people can only join people in their friends list. It is such a hassle to find friends on this game, because the map is so massive!

    Please fix!


    I have a bit of a question here, and I hopefully it will get answered. Why do so many people complain about FPS issues? I run an AMD FX-6300 (4.3ghz), and a GTX 770 SC. That’s midrange hardware, and I have little to no issues frame rate or stability wise. Is it just that 90% of the Rust community have potatos, or is there some bigger issue that I am oddly unaffected by?

    If it’s the former, why are people complaining if the issue is their own hardware? Potato with USB port != Gaming machine.


    Why not just white-list friends to edit your buildings instead?


    Barrotes Not everyone does bug fixing, some people on the team are artist, some are modelers, some do animations, some code. While other people are working on the codebase to get a few of the more basic mechanics working in a way that they thing will work in a finished product (such as the back and forth we are seeing right now with the building mechanics). While the coders are doing their thing, the artists are going to pump out concept art and assets and the modelers are going to pump out new models (some may be used, some may not, but again this is alpha and in an alpha they are playing with basic mechanics to see what works, beta is when you have all your gameplay mechanics figured out and you are moving on to balancing, fine tuning and bug fixing).

    If you check the Trello, the model for the fishing rod has been done for a very long time now, its just that someone spent a day over the past week to give it animations so that they have ready assets should they fully choose to add fishing, which I think they should.

    Again, this is how game development goes and I know it is a bit of a shock for most gamers, but that is because game development hasn’t been really transparent until recently. AAA major name games go through this same thing, we as the players usually just never see it and only hear about games before launch after they are way into the beta stage where they can show off carefully crafted videos and controled demonstrations.

    Alpha: Core mechanics and gameplay. Lots of testing of ideas, adding ideas, redoing ideas, cutting ideas. Bugs are not a real focus except for things like performance issues (which they have been keeping up on) or bugs that prevent testing (critical bugs). Bugs are really only more of a sticking point nowadays because of open testing with the public (which again, for the longest time was done behind closed doors) and the fact that the majority of the people who buy early access games expect a fully playable experience and they personally prioritize this ideal, which again goes in the face of day-to-day game development.

    Beta: Core mechanics and gameplay. Fine tuning and bug fixing is the priority of this phase. Most developers use the final stages of Beta to promote their games with.

    All and all, most finished products look nothing like their Alpha state.


    spuditaylor123 agreed


    Obscenity the lighthouse model and the meat models is obviously done in the 3d sculpting program called: Zbrush (google it)


    randomuser ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


    leviathansix man your comment hit the spot on many issues and i really agree to every aspect you talked about. i really really wish someone from the development team would actually read this and think about it for a second.


    AlexPapadopoulos Well, it’s nice when the bugs don’t completely ruin the game. Locks disappearing does that. So did this update – the game has become unplayable, at least for the time being.


    hippowombat I just wish they would bugfix first. It needs to be playable, which since the update has not been the case. (“The update” refers to this specific one.)


    Pie Menu is fucking brilliant.


    spamenigma I know it’s in alpha. My problem is, this update fucked the game, at least so far. If you actually paid attention to what I said, you’ll notice that all the problems so far had been manageable. This update made people and their foundations invisible, etc. And no, the default branch is not experimental. Experimental is the opt-in.


    Kowie liking the alarm idea if i can make a keypad i can sure as hell make a trip wire siren (easiest shit i learned while taking a soldering course) even if you cant make speakers a Tesla coil can scream loud enough to be heard for miles (my neighbors yelled at me when i built this one of these  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbLshnfu0wY)


    dogvhs  you can just drop in from above if need be the cupboard is a bubble i don’t see it being that difficult to go above that bubble and going down once i figured out that your cupboard is in an “unreachable” spot


    Nowadays I only come here to read the butthurt in the comment sections. So funny.


    Great job Garry & team, keep up with the great ideas and work, and remember to listen to the community’s ideas too!!


    So I am not really up to date on what has or hasn’t been said as far as the lock implementation goes, but I think a fairly simple fix that doesn’t conflict with the ideology or realism and difficulty of what Rust is, but also gives the players that loath the lock and key system (myself included) would be to add padlocks to the game. These 3 or 4 numbers, even alphanumeric possibly that would be input when leaving and entering the house leaving a level of exposure to stepping outside, padlock in hand (unless a friend were home to reseal it on the door). There’s a certain vulnerability to opening and relocking your door with this system. Plus, it might also be comical to see someone input something by accident and be locked out, or in, but it also gives some dynamics that I enjoyed from Legacy where you could guess the persons door number (which on 2 occasions worked). Same as always, use a little metal, make the padlock, set it on the door and put the code in behind your back before you head out to adventure/pillage/scavenge. Make sure your friends establish a lock code and you’ve established a more concrete line of home defense than the key system can offer. This also alleviates the problem I’ve heard many complain about with the burden of having, storing, and carrying multiple keys for multiple rooms. With so little space to begin with, and the lack of proper room in the Experimental storage crates compared to the Alpha/Legacy ones, I would have to agree it’s annoying and tedious.

    I like the idea behind the keys but in the end the only players that win in that situation are the hyper-aggressive seek and destroy type who have scouted your house, understand where you live, and ambush you when you’re not home to get a jump on you which to me, leaves a very open spot in the open-endedness of Rusts many play styles and instead usually ends up with you being homeless or out for a 3 day retribution spree butt ass naked because someone stole your home. Put plainly, it’s not well implemented and even if the key system were to stay the same, they need a system to differentiate keys and a better storage/carrying method. Even to fix the problem would take more creativity than the padlock system presents in it’s simplicity and execution and just adds up to a system I think people wouldn’t be fond of anyways.

    To me, Rust is what you make of it. It has a certain reputation for it’s players being merciless and it certainly exists but even Legacy, with it’s near-indestructible walls and number locks, gave you the opportunity to establish a home that felt somewhat safe and allowed for you to make the game what you wanted once the sleeping bag was set and the door was locked.

    For what it’s worth I also highly dislike the idea of then replicating said stolen keys, almost completely compromising a structure. The house is already destructible, so it’s not like you’re not already in an assload of danger even inside a Level 6 home if a determined group finds you. I like the paranoia of never feeling safe but the key thing is just too much. Even with the balancing miles better in Experimental than they were in Legacy, a well suited, pre-established group will always prevail in a house raid and the fact that they can gun down your half naked ass and steal the key to your newly crafted hut just makes the whole ordeal tougher. 

    Take your tough spot and couple it with a lack of grid/map/compass system and it adds up to what I’ve seen is about 4 hours spent finding your friends again and it really comes down to being a letdown, a loss, and a frustration. In Legacy, this would have been a new opportunity because the landmarks were easy to find and you were inspired to try again but be smarter next time and think outside the box. In Experimental, it’s a good reason to quit and drop out of the game which I see myself doing plenty more than I ever did when Alpha was around just because the initial startup is exhausting and it adds up to once again establishing a house that truly is unsafe and more susceptible because of poor game mechanics. 
    I’m a Rust fanboy to the end, and given my grievances, I love the game and it’s new direction to death. It’s different but it’s great but you can’t deny it needs work and I think most people would agree with me on some or even all of these points. Just my 2 cents but I finally think I’ve built a solid foundation to express them. Thanks for listening to me bitch!


    i call BULLSHIT on the legacy reasons grow some balls gary you fkn retard and fess up ya stuffed up on the update and caused it to give out false positives blacklisting servers for Running FTP and uploading malware when Multiplay does not use ftp deny it all ya like you told em yaself thats the reason i know ya did (contact withheld) so fix the problem and stop trying to make people stop playing legacy and play the new rust because thats exactly what you are doing we pay for a game we should be able to play it not have people say when we can and cant or have the same people say that theres and a lot of other servers are “Fake” time for you to wake up and stop killing the game


    Obscenity Most people use 3D Studio Max and Maya and on top of all that Unity 3D to bring it all together. Especially the animations.


    Obscenity I would like to know as well.


    What program do you guys use to model everything?


    kurtis_v Don’t get me wwrong. Fishing is OK,  but cupboard? Seriously?


    Hi guys. Great job so far. Just got a few little things.
    1. Stone axe has turned into “use to collect resources” in the crafting inventory.
    2. Could you please get the “Add to Favorites” button and server history working cause i keep loosing servers.
    Thanks Spudi1


    Congrats on banning the fake servers, now can you get on unbanning the legit servers you blacklisted like mine , and many others that have been posting on your forums with zero responce.

    My legit server that was banned is IP


    Barrotes The art team has very little influence on the ability of the code teams. The people responsible for concept art, modeling, textures, animations, and sounds, which could be 5 different people in a larger company, don’t have anything to do with AI code.

    That said, Kuris is right. The standard for all software development, not just games, is to get the base thing out first even if it’s buggy as fuck, and then polish it later. The analogy often used is building a house. You’d never build an entire wall complete with insulation and drywall and paint before the rest of the house, that’s fucking stupid.

    The only problem is that usually the buggy-as-shit hacked to gather initial version tends to be kept in house and alpha tested in house for functionality with usage stuff added after and THEN shipped to the public but we all bought a pre-alpha game that updates us with stuff weekly so deal with it.

    I’d be willing to bet that no one would vote for wholly finished features but updates only once a month, weekly is slow enough for most people.

    On the other hand if monthly is good enough for you then feel free to stop playing and ignore all the dev blogs and come back to read them once a month.


    kurtis_v Not sure that is what the gamers want. In fact, I’m remembering now someone said they wanted a solid base, then grow from there. So far, i’ve not seen anything solid or stable in the new rust…throwing everything into a pan and hope to get a good dish ? Good luck with that.
    ( This is the part where Garry tells us: Trust us. ) Yeah…whatever…it’s a whole new dance, but it’s still the same song. They don’t take a path. Since legacy, it was a zombie apocalypse, then it was a survival only, then a farming simulator, now its refactoring, now it’s steam blueprints, now it’s fishing rods. I will be very surprised if this game doesn’t end changing name to SimCity 2016 and we have aliens shooting lasers by the current rate of developer ideas…


    Sometimes i really don’t understand people! Everything is going great and the development of early access has only one purpose! Create new ideas and implement them, so who gives an F for bugs? Early access is for new ideas and new updates to get into the game. Bug fixing also happens in the meantime but it’s not posted on any DevBlog. Use your eyes people and stop chit-chatting and bitching! Let me enlighten you: https://twitter.com/RustUpdates


    The cupboard idea is amazing Garry and i love the build wheel keep it up


    Thank you for getting rid of the hammering, and I hope the resource cost vs gather ends up like legacy, I love resourcing and looking over my shoulder, and running from people with the stuff I gather. And the real feeling of loss when someone takes your resources while your out. It is what rust is, and everything should be built around that.


    ArgNotThisAgain Why don’t you just use Bootcamp? It runs great on my Mac (with bootcamp – don’t try Mac version. Steam sucks with Mac)


    ChuckoMay Why don’t you just use Bootcamp? It runs great on my Mac. Actually, it runs faster on my mac with bootcamp than my windows PC. Mac Book Pro Late 2013.


    I’m pretty sure the cupboard is what is screwing other shit up. It will be a rough two weeks…. My suggestion would be to take whatever impacted the other portions of the game offline with a backwards update and test more before rolling out. Maybe roll out to only 25% of servers for testing. Excellent ideas here – just need to work on implementation strategy.


    bigsha Then why the fuck would you ever buy a pre-alpha game? Have you seen the betas on other games the past decade? They all last a year or more, and that’s just a beta, we’re barely alpha and that alpha is running on a engine that is ALSO in beta. These guys are in an uphill battle with that thing.

    Unless you’ve shipped a game that ran on a 3D engine I’m gonna call bullshit on any claim of laziness on the basis of lack of experience.

    Besides, they just hired 3 more people, keep your pants on cause thing will probably accelerate.


    Buy my copy of this piece of shit game please….oops back to 7dtd


    Everyone needs to understand that we are testing a game, it is great that we are finding these bugs and problems but don’t go off the handle over it. We are all contributing to the making of this game by playing it early and finding what works and what doesn’t work. So don’t freak out because you spent a little bit of time playing and your base got raided or you got killed, I’m sure face punch is working very hard to keep things going and working. Last weak every was screaming about how happy and in expected they where when code locks came into play when the devs clearly stated the weak before that they would be added, if you don’t take the time to read and understand things please don’t fly off the handle when things don’t go your way


    ArgNotThisAgain Bootcamp!!! works great!


    Barrotes The idea is to implement most of the stuff in the game so people can get what it’s going to be like, and bug fixing and optimization will come afterwards.


    Best advice is, in the future you should buy finished games, not alpha, early release titles. Seems like you’ll be much happier that way. What you’re doing instead is buying an unfinished product, fully aware that it is not finished yet, and now complaining that it isn’t finished yet. Hope that helps you!


    Irhcsa Well said!


    We could have fixed animals, spawns, and a lot of other bugs…but no…now we have fishing rods!!! Good God man…finish something before heading for something else..


    I’m in the same boat, I’m considering selling my mac



    you’re a fine example of an off topic trashtalker. 10 pts pal


    Saw “Change of mind” and got REAL excited for a second. 
    Oh well. Still holding out for a possible backtrack on steam inventory blueprints. Games looking good otherwise.


    Xercodo EricNims HoodFX Irhcsa

    just dont start your shit.  dude is one of the few who doesn’t cover everything in ” its alpha  don’t be hatin” 
    this alpha shit is just an excuse for  devs to slack around  taking screenshots and drawing pictures. people bought the game so they could enjoy playing  not wait for fucking years like it would give interest. We’ve seen already what this pathetic excuse done to another overhyped project  with tens of millions of revenue.


    SMB3  This is still alpha and still experimental, how drunk/high do you need to be to not realise this??


    Now I dont have anything to do on Rust : )


    Please please please put the fishing pole in!  It’s a great idea, and it gives players multiple options to gather food with.

    Also, the cupboard idea seems great.  I hated pillar climbers and people who griefed houses.  Now that’s gone.  Bravo.


    Love that idea, AMD after alarm you receive a SMS on your phone : )


    Yeah me too, I just dont Mike that band animations… How move fingers like that? Probably a retarded.


    I dont belive this is a beta game, for me it is a pre-alfa.


    Cupboard seems like an awesome idea… I almost cried a little after reading.


    These features might be cool, but how the hell would I know?  

    I have a mac and the game is so buggy that it’s completely unplayable.


    I am giving out some Rust steam keys if you have friends who wanna play the game with you or if you don’t have it yourself.
    Whoever is first, enjoy:



    Why not just instead?

    Sorry, had to.


    I really like the way Forest build things, it will be cool to see such feature in Rust. I just develop C++ apps, so I dont have any ideia how difficult it would be to implement.


    Garry why just make the inner part of the house more easy to destroyer?


    EricNims jaypdee Gotta balance both, CCP did the same thing with EVE for the past 3 years and some people are leaving due to stagnation because while the old stuff all works better now hardly anything new has been added. They finally finished revamping nearly all the existing systems and are starting to add stuff again but a lot of people got bored an left already.

    And this game isn’t even officially released yet, let alone in beta. It’ll probably still be a while before everything is in solid.


    Garry, this is so great. Not sure if you’ll actually get a chance to read this or not, but know that I LOVE all the updates you guys make. It’s a highlight of my week to pop in and see all the cool stuff you guys are working on. Rust was my first Alpha game to buy and I love all that you’ve done. Keep up the good work, guys. Maybe I should buy another copy ;)

      Shamed Medic

    Well, I’m not a fan of not hammering. I like it, it’s real. Makes me feel like i’m actually doing something and being productive! Maybe reduced times? But oh well, I have faith that you all will lead in the right direction. Maybe  giving the OPTION to server holders for build times/animations? Idk, the idea of instantly spawning a wall 4x your size never struck me as a good thing. I also am not a fan of the tool shed/cuboard thing, but like you said, try it and see. Giving any form of invincibility in this game just… I dont know, the goal is realism so why cant I physically build some stairs in this fools yard to climb his house?! Lol. Oh well, keep at it. Nothing is a waste of time.


    bigsha  “didn’t buy it with an intention to play it in 2 or 3 years later.”

    Well then they fucked up because they don’t know what the fuck an alpha is, let alone beta. Hell beta is still prob a year off.


    EricNims HoodFX Irhcsa In that regard point it out isn’t, but his attitude about everything over all is very much asshole there. He’s got some sort of self entitlement complex with how the game development HAS to go his way because eh bought ti even though there was no guarantee of anything.


    jaypdee Maybe fix broken things first before adding more broken stuff? Just a thought.


    HoodFX Irhcsa Except it is a MAJOR flaw not a simple bug. Without a modded server, disappearing locks make it unplayable. It could have been fixed before they worked on textures. He’s not being an asshole just pointing out the obvious.


    As I was trying to find where I am AGAIN and find something I can tell my friends about (so we can meet), I perform the usual “kill” to keep spawning. All it does now is spawn me on the same beach. Dead bodies everywhere where everyone is trying this. Now we can’t use this to try to get around the map. I guess either everyone will play in the same area. Not exactly an improvement. It also seems to really be a pain in the ass when you start to get used to the layout of a map on your server then an update comes out and everything is gone (understand) but then the map changes and you start over figuring things out. This is getting really lame given now we don’t have a choice and it changes every week. You spend all this time building and it all goes away. Doesn’t make you want to spend much time building. The other side is mainly fight. Except, you never really run into anyone. Maybe make the areas of the map we can go attached and a little smaller for now. So at least if we can’t spawn to different areas we’ll at least be able to walk everywhere. This way there isn’t any excuses about getting to your friends. Thanks to OXIDE, it has made the game very playable as of the last update. Have no idea what happened to OXIDE this time.

    Maybe less frequency and larger, more tested, updates which would help with some of the issues I talked about. It’s not a bash at all and have really come around on Experimental (I’ll still call it that). Keep up the good work and it would be great to see the last thing about frequency seriously thought about.


    Irhcsa The point is to discover bugs. Game isn’t a game, it’s an alpha. Stop being an asshole


    vic8760 I second this – We have faith! Keep on truckin!


    Ignore everybody, Keeping Developing! for the first time in months im actually enjoying rust, you guys are my heros!


    You really badly fucked up on this. Really, really badly. I didn’t have that many problems, other than a guy who hacked so his spear destroyed my door almost immediately… but now the reflections lag anew, everyone is invisible, foundations are invisible, nothing else can be built, animals are invisible… How drunk/high did you need to get to release this to the public? This shit is what the experimental branch is for.



      Taurus Beerbaum

    Plumis animals not moving/attacking… invisible stones and grass… cant place sleeping bag…


    dogvhs Vegeta897 Yes, I suppose if you wanted to do all that work you could. But it’s a big map. And maybe each additional cupboard you create could cost more resources, or additional time or something. There’s a lot of ways to morph the idea.

    Getting in and out of your stilt base would require you to rebuilt those stairs each time, which makes you vulnerable. You don’t really accomplish much from building an inaccessible base if it’s also less accessible to you.


    How about you guys fix the bug where our freaking locks disapear every time a server resets?

    What is the point of playing this game at all if everytime you log in you are perma locked in your house?

    Fix your already broken game before adding new shit.

    PS the cupboard idea is thew worst idea I you guys have ever came up with. 

    I have brought like 11 friends into rust. And we are all disappointed in the way things are being handled.

    Fix the bugs, the infinite respawners, the 3rd person seeing through and around walls, and make the melee weapons do differen’t things… You will see alot more happier gamers.

    No one cares about cupboards.

      Taurus Beerbaum

    wtf is that again, server update buggy as hell ??? i think you must start to level up a bit. ppl get mad about it… invisible foundations, animals frozen, invisible stones and stuff in dessert. are you ppl even check what you give out as update ? i hope “out of reach” will be playable soon, i think then you will wake up. thanks for wasting my money.


    Demonsalad Vegeta897 GNSC4 All good yo


    Vegeta897 dogvhs Yeah but I can build all these shoddy wooden sheds and even my base itself up on stilts. All I need to do is knock out the stairs going up when I leave, and now no one can ever reach my loot or my fifty jamming stations.


    How about just a simple autorun key?…….


    Vegeta897 Demonsalad GNSC4 I misunderstood him, I apologize for that.


    dogvhs It’s not a forcefield. All it does is prevent people from building in the area. Your little wooden sheds would be easily broken into. And having a cupboard does not make your wood stronger than it already is, so building materials are still completely necessary for reinforcement.


    Demonsalad GNSC4 Jesus dude, take a minute and breathe deeply. The guy’s comment was supporting what you were saying. He said if the community has a fix for it, why can’t it be fixed officially. He wasn’t asking you, it was a rhetorical question to support your stance. You’re so angry that you’re attacking everyone in sight.


    Glad your fixing the building system. I  HOPE you start tweaking the gunplay and the melee dramatically and the speed which you walk and run. Way too fast in all aspects and doesnt feel like a Rust game at this point. Glad to see you guys are going in the right direction and realize the shortcomings that the fans have wanted the entire time anyway.


    Demonsalad Oxide has a plugin to fix it so why doesn’t the game just fix it?


    GNSC4 Plumis and many before u ;p


    Not to mention the game breaking crash bug that locks everyone out of their houses that has been in FOR A WEEK WITH NO EXPLANATION AND NO ATTEMPTS TO FIX IT (based on your commits)


    Plumis just said that lol


    btw everything is buggy on the servers now.. Invisible walls foundations etc


    I’m losing the fucking trust I had when you announced the microtransaction looking shit. Why the fuck did you update for no new content and only fucking bugs? What the hell?


    New Experimental has all Animal AI’s Disabled cause they don’t fight back… and stone hatchet is now named “Used for gathering resources”… umm buildings disappear walls are invisible can’t place objects in my buildings once foundations turn invisible. I’m sure there’s more


    bigsha Why are you still playing? Go do something productive with your life.


    Are you guys taking the fucking Piss? this piece of shit you loaded into the main experimental is that laggy broken shit from the development build, its been like this the whole week with no fixes, and now you just made it part of the main build.


    The reasons why there was a problem with legacy were 2: lag made movement into ‘teleporting’ and hacks.

    Developers had their own reasons for remaking the game. Dev blog  no 33  and I feel  things aren’t  following the right path.
    The most devastating thing for rust player is when some third party particle affects the outcome of many hours of effort that is believe is unfairly reached. ( various hacks, laggy opponents own your ass with a rock and you simply can’t do a thing )

    All that had to be fixed, were these two things  and this game would attract millions of sandbox game fans. We have several weeks in the  release of new rust and what do we have ? :

    –  new gameplay changes like 3rd person and looting are exploited and used to harras or steal while in combat or through walls
     – hacks already working (noclip, aimbot, speedrun)
     – player models not rendering, lagging, teleporting, makes any fight a coinflip 
     – poor melee and ranged weapon models, no balance in accuracy, damage, range. spear 1hit kills from crazy range
     – Far more hardware resources needed.  (mine is 200 fps in legacy, 60-40 in new rust ) despite all the talk about improvements and shit
     – after playing  some time fps  drops to 20-30 fps and game needs to be restarted .
     – no gameplay.  You spawn, get basic tools, try to hammer your hut  > get griefed. If griefers avoided >  make a pipe and run aimlessly around  or go  grief other players because noone is willing to spend 2 hours  hammering 1 wall.

    From a perspective it could look like a kid ranting about problems in early access game. I understand that most of these issues  is a result  of changes and testing and so on, BUT: the problem is  that development is focused on wrong things. They try to implement new game mechanics, fishing, looting without killing and while old problems persist, new things will bring new bugs and exploits making the gameplay unsatisfactory. People who bought the game almost a year ago didn’t buy it with an intention to play it in 2 or 3 years later.

    And while all the effort from Garry and his team is congratulatory, all these hours  spent on taking landscape screenshots, concept art or n’th improvement on bear model will only add more problems if the issues that we had in legacy are not prioritized. I had hopes and beliefs as well as a ton of enjoyment for this project in  spring 2014. But seeing and experiencing that all months of effort haven’t done shit and the game is pure garbage now makes me real sad.

    TLDR: y’all can overhype bout these concepts and changes all you want, but while the core issues are ignored the ‘new’ game will remain a big disappointment. Believe me there won’t be players saying ‘ oh, i just spent 3 days building this giant fortress and some ape nocliped through 40 of my doors and took all my stuff ‘
    or ‘ oh look some twat killed me with his rock and took my max gear because i couldnt hit his teleporting face. yay i guess i’ll just start over’



    dogvhs Jump from above I guess. ^_^ Or maybe one of those harpoon-like guns to reach your palace?


    Got an idea dont have a fancy HUD, have like a wooden mossy HUD that will make the experience better


    dogvhs houston we have a problem


    whats new on the last update ? all my walls are invisible animals too … lot of bugs


    __Overlord__ Plumis alvaro_blink i hate hammering;p sorry if i sound offensive but i hate it!


    If I just put the cupboard at the top of a tower on my base and then destroy the stairs up to it, then no one can ever claim my base because they will never be able to build anything that would let them reach the cupboard. Now my base is mine forever even if every wall that is within reach is destroyed.


    Plumis Totally!! The sound is so rewarding… And that dust… *fap fap fap*

    But only until level 5. I didn’t like level 6 so I hammered my walls until level 6 and then hit each once so it would look like this metallic Russian submarine. xD


    Add the fucking fishing rod, or else i will travel to walsall and smack your balls


    Plumis alvaro_blink hey mine was to :D – nothing wrong with a hammmerer :/


    as all new updates that introduce new stuff we are just going to have to see how it works out, if it does it stays if it dosent it goes simple as


    alvaro_blink Your hobbie on rust was hammering walls? xD


    Fishing model looks fantastic, really hope its added at some point


    Thank you for removing hammering! +respect


    well IG now and building dosent seem to work at all :? – foundations are invisiable and wont let you place on them  you get 
    SERVER: Can’t place : Failed Check:!IsInArea


    If we have access to advanced stuff like digital keypads we might as have burglar alarms as well that turn on when we are offline, the possiblity of others hearing what you are up to would make raiding the base of someone who is offline alot more tense.


    What’s to stop me from dotting the land for 100s of meters around my base with tool cupboards in little metal level 6 sheds, creating an uninhabitable wasteland wherever I please? If the answer is that I can only register with one cupboard at a time, then all collaboration with strangers is shot. Why would I ever help a fellow improve his base if it means I have to drop the forcefield about mine? On the other, what point do any building materials beyond wood have if I don’t need to so expose myself? It seems one or the other must suffer.


    The fishing model and animations look great! Cant wait for them to be in the game


    also, yay, no more time-out simulator… some hammering is fine (great idea for repairing damaged walls), but that was fucking excessive…


    So, did they “really” fix wall glitching or is the fix still the same as stated in the last devblog, which still allowed glitching through floor tiles? …


    I honestly LOVE hammering, which made reading this devlog quite tough. u_u

    There seems to be no official word on stability being destroyed, AI getting crippled or the map becoming a pile of palm trees. I will clearly need to focus on other hobbies for the time being, but this week the game is not playable in any way.

    I am not very please to find out about the cupboard idea… but we need to see that ingame.


    oh yeah and do the locks work now?
    was getting a bit annoying having to smash my way out of my base to get wood stones and metal to rebuild the doors and locks :D :/


    galibaha TylerEveritt aspire76 That was an issue in the legacy version. There was no point in having grass on even though it looked nice because it put you at such a disadvantage. Whereas, a lag-free grass shouldn’t have the option to turn off because then there’s no point in having it at all.




    TylerEveritt aspire76 i dont think its about lag. it makes them able to see enemies and animals better :P


    Liking the new building GUI looks and i think the idea of the tool cubord to stop people just building over walls with stairs that will be good sbut dont know how ‘realistic’ and ‘fair’ that will be… :?
    liking teh new meat renders and the grass – good job!

    However i liked the hammering (i know that sounds weird) yet it 1 – did give us somthing to do 2 – it gave an authentic feel to the game and the building and it was one of my most liek features and most reagularly used, after going and chopping down a few trees come back and spend the night and day building and upgrading your house. I think it was much better as it is (well was) now as it is more realistic and i like rust with that feel – you have to work and things are not just given too you, thats not what happens in real life after all, you do have to hammer shit before a wall pops up out of nowehere, its too much like legacy :(


    I’ll be back when I read an update that says, “First person view models no longer twitch around like rabbits on methamphetamines.”


    All of this looks good, but most importantly is optimizing the game its pointless to add stuff if the game has FPS drops , laggy , sometimes FPS drops so low its unplayable and i have one of the best graphics cards. i just hope this issue gets fixed before adding new things.

      sergey Vorobev

    Не могу  дождаться что бы увидеть это


    aspire76 grass isn’t causing you lag, they’ve said this a million times.


    Add Grass shutdown command!  grass.on false




    alex1115alex Tenzkij JesusDiedInLasVegas allready have tried


    alex1115alex Tenzkij JesusDiedInLasVegas Already reported. Waiting.


    Tenzkij JesusDiedInLasVegas Pretty sure you’ll have more luck on the Facepunch Forums.


    JesusDiedInLasVegas same problem




    looking great! fishing will be fun :) hope the game gets more social n not just running and killing everything and everyone you see  xD


    This stuff looks great, cant wait to see it implimented, mostly fishing and loot crates!


    The building GUI idea looks AMAZING
    great work!


    Glad to see the new hires and looking forward to the building system.


    Please fix Unallowed Windows Kernel Hook detected bug
    and yep, I use licence Windows 7

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