Microtransactions, Bug fixes and Microtransactions


So given the overwhelming positive response to last week’s post about trading I feel like I should probably clarify some stuff. I know you guys love microtransactions, I know you love the pay2win model, I know you love paying for a game and then paying a bit extra so you don’t have to bother playing it.. but I really think we need to slow down and think about things before you rush to conclusions.

I should clarify again that the game is in development. Everything is likely to change. Especially concept features we mention in these blogs that don’t yet exist. I guess I wasn’t careful enough when explaining how it would work, I assumed too much. I assumed you knew we weren’t going to fuck you over. I guess you’ve been fucked over too many times to trust anyone in this area.

The Steam Inventory stuff isn’t about microtransactions, it’s a persistent inventory. Being able to sell/buy/trade is optional. We can allow or disallow sell/buy/trade on a per blueprint basis. This is why the system works for us and our intentions. We can let you sell/buy/trade specific blueprints. We can allow you to trade specific blueprints with other players. We can restrict trading to work via an in-game mechanic – it doesn’t have to be done in the steam overlay.

If you can trust us that should be enough to allay all of your fears with this system.

DDOS Attacks

A lot of the game servers came under a DDOS attack last weekend. This was mostly our fault. It was possible to throw unconnected packets at the server which caused an exception. This would eventually make the server think it was full. This is now fixed – and although the servers are still as susceptible as any game server, it shouldn’t be possible for a single IP to take down every server anymore.

Don’t be angry at the DDOS guys. If it wasn’t them it would have been someone else. This is the best way to get these problems fixed.


Last week I talked about problems we were having with ‘corruption’ which was causing a number of crazy errors and crashing. I spent a few hours looking into it, then it turned out that James was having the same issue over on the Arcade team. Turns out it was a Unity beta bug. And they’ve fixed it. So lots of wasted time trying to diagnose this – and now it’s fixed. Buttes.

Slimmed Server

When we build the server now I run a script over all the prefabs which strips out all of the MeshFilters, Renderers and AudioSources. This brings the server size down from 1.4gb to 200mb. It also brings the memory usage down quite a bit. Yay!


Coherent UI is what we use to render all our UI. It turns out that sometimes it crashes in the background which causes the UI to stop rendering. This is particularly a problem on OSX – which is unplayable for some people due to this bug.

We’re working with the guys at Coherent to fix this – and have added some extended logging to it to try to solve the problems. We’ve been talking about this situation internally and are going to start exploring the new UI system in Unity5. This is definitely a bit of a fuckabout because it was probably only 4 months ago that I was talking about how great HTML rendering in game is. It still is awesome – and it’s definitely something I’d look at again. But at the moment we’re suffering with UI slow-downs, rendering oddities, portability issues and crashes, and we haven’t really looked at the new UI in detail yet.

So it’s something we should at least evaluate and consider.

Server Blacklist

We all know the problem, crazy russians making fake full looking servers that redirect to another server. It’s been an issue for a while. This is now fixed, we have an updatable list of servers that take part in this behaviour. We ban both the fake server IP and the server they’re redirecting to. If they pop up with a slightly changed IP we ban the whole subnet. GSPS that allow their customers do take part in this behaviour should be worried – because the IP bans won’t be lifted.

This code will be rolled out to Legacy too over the next week and we’ll ban the fakers there too.

Building Fixes

A few common building fixes this week.

  • Fixed being able to build on floor frame
  • Fixed stairs collision
  • Fixed not always being able to place doors on upper floors

Metabolism Balances

There were a few bugs with metabolism that have been fixed. Your temperature balance was a big wrong, water made you freeze to death even if you were in the south, this has been fixed now so you should be able to swim without risk of dying.

Things were balanced a bit too. It was almost impossible to die of starvation, so now you consume calories twice as fast. Your lungs hold less air, so you can’t stay underwater as long. And you dry naturally a bit faster.

This is all a balance – we don’t want to make crazy changes too fast so we’re going to nudge these things around based on feedback every week.


We had a system called “Fake Physics” which added basic velocity and gravity to objects. This was for performance reasons. It’s 2014 – so fuck that shit. Dropped objects and airdrops now have real rigidbody physics.

This fixed a bug where you’d drop an item and it’d fall through walls and stuff. Lots of weirdness.

The intention here is to have the actual item visible when dropped, instead of a sack for everything. So when you drop an apple, you’ll see an apple.

Convar Restrictions

We removed some debug convars that were being used as cheats. vis.lerp was removed – as you could use it to locate animals/players that were walking around due to the lines it draw. vis.net has the same issue – except it placed text on entities that received network updates.

We restricted fov to between 60 and 90.

Frame Rate Independence

There was a bug that meant that if you had a low framerate you would harvest or attack at a much lower rate than someone with a decent framerate. I tweaked this code – and it should now be fixed.

Wakeup Bug

The elusive wakeup bug should be fixed now. Prove me wrong – if you still get it after reading this please let me know.

The wakeup bug was compounded by the fact that you couldn’t press escape and get back to the menu screen. I’ve fixed that too – you should be able to get to the menu screen by pressing escape at any of the other screens.

Audio Stuff

Audio is still an area where we’re relatively poor compared to the legacy version. We do actually have music in the game but it’s not playing – this is something I intend to diagnose next week.

We started using Unity5’s new audio mixer this week. It’s actually very very cool. It means we can categorise our sounds and tweak the balance and effects for each group. We can save these settings into snapshots and fade between them. For example, we can use it to make everything echoey in a cave, or fade out music automatically when someone is speaking etc etc. It adds a lot of flexibility.

Right now I know people are aching for volume controls. I’ve exposed them in the console but haven’t made UI for them yet. Use F1 -> “find audio” to find them.

String Pool Removal

A bit of refactoring this week. We had a string pool. The concept here is that when the server uses a string, to save bandwidth it adds it to an array of strings and sends the array index instead. There’s obviously a bit of work in the background to send the string table to the client etc etc. This seemed like something we needed at some point. It turns out that we don’t and it’s a big waste of code.

The new solution is to ship the client and server with all the strings they need to discuss. No real need to network the batch of strings at all – just make sure that the crc of all the strings matches and everything is cool. This saves a bit of bandwidth on server join, but more importantly it removes the possibility of errors like this.


I tweaked the branding text on the top left to make it a bit more useful for everyone. It should now show when the game was last updated/built. This is for you, so you can see how old the version of the game you’re playing is.

Below is for us, so in screenshots of errors we can see what OS, steam build ID and branch you’re on. The steam build ID isn’t working at the moment, I need to talk to Valve about it.

Clothing Updates

Peter has been running his delicate female fingers over some of the clothing models, making them more accurate for Unity5’s physical rendering.

Misc Bugs Fixed

  • No longer fall through terrain after dying in a cave
  • No longer immortal when wearing some clothes
  • Held item doesn’t get removed when dropped

Loot Container

Scott made Paul’s loot container concept.

Lantern Viewmodel

Goosey made the lantern viewmodel


Dan is working on his lighthouse monument. Hopefully we’re going to see what it looks like in game next week.

Brick Wall Texture

Tom made a brick wall texture.

Concept Corner

Paul made some clothing concepts

Meg made a monument concept

Howie made some building type concepts


Fixing bugs and refactoring. That’s the name of the game. A bit more of that next week too.

A lot of people don’t like the key/lock system. I can appreciate that. The intention isn’t for that to be a replacement for the password system in Legacy, it was for it to be one of a number of options. Next week I’m hoping to implement another one of those options which will hopefully let you see what we’re aiming at.

You can probably expect the building system to get slightly worse looking too. We’ve been working out a development strategy for it and have decided to erode it back to the basic components, and work on the look for each tier, and finalize what the upgrading is going to look like. So things might look a bit minecrafty for a couple of weeks until we get into the groove.




    No microtransactions, period. please.


    adac70 Did you read the post?  Or are you just sarcasm blind?


    Leignheart Well as far as the plan is so far they won’t/ Garry might not give a shit about what half the people say, but he’s also a “cut the bullshit” kinda guy so I’ll stick around for now.


    You cannot say for certain if they will profit from the bp transactions. All you have is their word. So nothing is fact. Yet.


    Dawija1017 Dammit how many of your fuck wits are still thinking liek this, Facepunch doesn’t get a penny. They aren’t selling everything. All the BPs in this concept are only going to be generated from drops. It’s only players who will make any money.

    And on top of that the special BPs won’t work unless you find the server side equivalent so they offer no advantage.

    The one thing I will agree with is them throwing ideas at a wall to see what sticks but I’m fine with that. They have a general idea of where they wanna go but no real path, but they’re making progress so it’s all cool.


    @adac70 They have no real vision for this game….they just try things and it either works or doesn’t work….and the microtransactions is just so the already hyper dedicated players will make them more money…this games been fucked for a while


    adac70 And none of that is happening you sit yo ass back down.

    – These BPs offer no advantage
    – Facepunch doesn’t profit from the sales that happen, they’ll all be player to player, the BPs will all come from rare drops.
    – You’ll need the server-side version before the global one can be used.

    Source is Garry’s reddit post.


    wow, wooooohw, calm down.
    To clearify one thing:
    -A ALREADY COSTLY FUN GAME TURNING INTO A: “Buy game, nono wait ! to play multiplayer you need to buy the Mp DLC! But waitwaitwait, crafting armor or
           Pickaxin rocks requires the Protect and rock the rock DLC! but waitwaitwait! To enter the Inventory, you need the Inventory DLC”
    To make one thing clear…. we DONT, i repeat, !DONNNNNT! Like to pay for BASIC stuff. the above statement is an example. imagine youre starting new on a server and evryone else is too, and while YOU are cheerfull about getting a axe, evryone paid for having a 9Floor metal wall building, and just comes, and shoots you. THEN, youre FORCED to buy something.

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Lost mah support.


    parthurnax Weedlocks

    I try to bring the best and most possible. being very bad in English I try to do my best, that’s why I often but the original version if the translation is not too bad, you could try to translate via the original Version

    Original version
    j’essaie de traduire le mieux et le plus possible. étant très mauvais en anglais j’essaie de faire tout mon possible, c’est pour cela que je mais souvent la version original , si jamais la traduction est trop mauvaise, vous pouvais essayer de traduire via la version original


    Okay I can’t ignore this any longer – is it just me or are some of the videos corrupted?
    Every week there’s at least one video I can’t watch, and it’s mostly Goosey’s stuff. It says “Video can’t be played because the file is corrupt”.
    Am I alone here or is this happening to other people too?
    I even tried using proxy servers, but no luck….


    This is probably for the future but what about a voice chat, whisper option. It would act the same as the normal “v” button works, but the radius in which you could hear people would be much smaller.. Whether you were starting out with a friend and wandering about trying to find a suitable place to start, or conducting a raid on some giant building it would be helpful to know you weren’t broadcasting yourself 50m.


    I thought the people here had just gotten so used to getting fucked over by people in Rust that they don’t trust anyone anymore, but your answer works too.


    I find this kind of thinking foolish, or at the very least, misinformed. Just because some developers can’t get it right, doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be tried. In my opinion, a cosmetic micro transaction is just that, cosmetic, providing no significant advantage. This means, if you are of the percentage of the population that enjoys these kinds of cosmetic collectibles, you can participate. If you don’t like or don’t care, then don’t participate and just play the game as you always do. My understanding of these tradable blueprints is that the item cannot be built without finding the base blueprint on the server. The tradable blueprint is useless until the player has gone through the rigor of finding the base pair like any other player, effectively rendering no advantage for participating (ie. Spending money). Why ruin it for someone else because you’re not interested? That’s like saying chocolate icecream shouldn’t be made because you don’t like it. Granted, I would be just as displeased to see a pay to win system, but let’s not let fear cloud logic.


    KnuckleDeep wow these words came from an adult. whining about investors whining is the same thing. Ouroboros…


    Stop whinnnnning! Every one of you got the game you paid for. The experimental Rust (in my opinion) is a sequel to Rust and fully deserves to be sold as a separate software. The fact that you even get to participate in its development without the purchase of a second software is pretty awesome. If you don’t like it… don’t play it. Play legacy. That is the finished game that you paid for. don’t like hackers, cheaters, griefers? Too fucking bad. Every single game on the market has its share. Stop acting like some one fucked you over. And to read the shit you have to say is painful because its obvious that you have no clue about the things you cry about. I look forward to using every trick in the book to make your shit experience in game even shittier. Welcome to rust faggots.


    L0ne_St4r  People are afraid of getting f’d over because of companies like EA and Infinity ward and other a hole companies.


    Fixing Bugs > Adding new features.


    jamespaylor32 A) It’s optional B) You still need the server-side BP to use the global version C) All money exchange is between players, Facepunch isn’t selling any, all of these BPs will just be rare drops


    Is it so surprising that the fan base of Rust is afraid of getting fucked over by someone?
    I for one have faith that this system can and will be well implemented in Rust, I accept that I could be wrong, but I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt. Rust is perhaps one of the few games in which I would be happy to participate in cosmetic only microtransaction that support Facepunch.


    This clothes to fucking silly sorry….


    I’ve already paid for the game… I don’t expect to have to pay again for other features, I’m fucking sick to death of developers using any kind of DLR, Marketplace, Micro transaction shit in their games..


    tomadlarge And you still don’t know what you’re talking about. Read the reddit post.

    Server side BP will still be needed to use the global version on top of it.






    VInnu launching always works. joining server or waking up maybe not.


    Weedlocks I am not sure you even attempted to translate that… into anything.


    Add the posibilty to make a rowboat, i freeze to death in the water.


    elvencity Rabid Bat Well said @elvencity. I think the team really is playing a tug of war game with the community. Everyone wants something different and you just cant have it everyones way, especially when the team is so small.


    RichardBergstrom elvencity Huh, I’ve been playing 7 days to die actually. Love the game though its ugly as fuck. And I cant really compare the two of them besides the fact that you craft in both and they are survival themed. 7dtd updates have been… moderate to say so. More bug fixes than anything. They fixed the UI that was crap. Added the random maps, that are nice but could be much much better. And they also have rampant hacking which imo is even worse than rust because if you build things to “stay” and weather the test of time (or players) it sucks that 1 guy hacking can reduce everything to rubble (protected or not, and even at bedrock level). 

    In general they have good updates, but imo compared to building things from scratch… well, its just not up to that level. And many bugs aren’t game breaking but very very anoying and they have been around for long so I guess they’ll continue.

    Also you could do a game with the most extensive and complete gameplay in the world and make it 8-bit. As graphics get better there is a limit to how flexible the world itself can be so you have to trade looks with gameplay. Yes, 7dtd, has more gameplay options atm. but at the cost of being very ugly.


    Rabid Bat elvencity First of all saying “this is alpha” is actually a valid point for almost anything since:  Quote from facepunch: “This means that everything could potentially change. Everything. We could decide that instead of walking around everyone should ride dragons and fire apples at each other. This is unlikely – but it’s the kind of thing to be aware of.” (in the upper bar, about, what is early access)
    That mean that we made a bet whishing it pays off. For all I know the game could have gone to hell, never be released and I lost. Well, I was ready to deal with it. However we all saw potential, so we went with it.

    Second what ticks me off isn’t that people complains, its that they complain like someone had gone and raped them with every decision and forgeting that people should use words other than insults. Also, they complain but dont trully read what the developers inform, and start crying (insults added) about things that AREN’T TRUE. 

    The most basic example of uninformed ranting is this version of rust vs legacy. When I started playing I found the game really cool, but also I quickly realized the directions in which the game could develop were very limited. I even commented it with my brother who also plays and he agreed with me. So looking at the forums I just shaked my head when lots of suggestions were made, but to me it was clear there was no way in hell it could be implemented. The code just wouldn’t allow it. Well guess what, all of this was in fact true and to allow a better future for rust the developers changed to this version of rust and are working from scratch. And yet when I went to experimental there was people complaining that “it sucked” cuz there was nothing. For heavens sake it was a testing ground, how can you not get that. 

    You can complain as much as you want, just be civil about it, be patient and and remember this is alpha. 

    PS: I think the problem also stems because very few realize how hard can it be to make a game from scratch. This is not blizzard and even them would take ages on it (and would give a shit about our opinions)


    elvencity It’s an alpha. But meanwhile, games that launched as an alpha since Rust have leapfrogged it in terms of features. About half of these “updates” are showing concept art as opposed to in-game implementation. And even then, yeah having a house wall made out of tin cans looks cool, but doesn’t change overall game play.

    I loved Rust when it launched, bugs and all, but other games like 7 Days to Die are far more advanced in terms of game play.


    I have a problem where when I connect to a server it loads everything and then my game crashes when I spawn. Is anyone else having this problem and is there a fix for it?


    VInnu lol okay troll. Have fun with your shitty attitude ;)



    au lieu d’insulter trimard traduit c’est ci facile de dire blabla


    Hey guys. Another Rust Updates


    Give it a rest already dood. You clearly are more butthurt than half the people on here. You don’t ever shutup. I can tell you think you are something special; someone intellectual. You are just a fan boy trying to get attention from the higher ups on this blog. A know it all. A snarky douche. No one wants to hear your bullshit. You complain about us complaining. This blog and facepunch support was made for bug reports and all that. Complaining is part of the process. Shit you are complaining all the way down this thread. You seem to think your opinin matters, to any of us. You are one of them fagboy elititists. Get the stick out your ass and hop down from your horse. This is a blog for updates and feedback. Not a place for hipster fags like you to feel superior because you can structure a sentence correctly. We could all try to sound intelligent as you do. You clearly have no life pther than this and your life must be so dreadful that you demean others “intellectually”. Youre a fag and will always be a fag. You don’t sound smart and no one cares dude. Just grow up and stop complaining about “people complaining”. Thats honestly what the internet it for. What games are for. For people to kick back relax and enjoy games and to blow off steam. Sorry you are shoved so far up Garry’s and the development teams ass. You forget that you also are a nobody here trying to get some street cred or some shit. Grow the fuck up man. Stop acting so high and mighty you fag hipster.


    Hey guys,

    I need some help ASAP! I hope ya’ll could provide some insight on what might be going on. Whenever I try to play rust it gives me two options, “Play Rust” or “Play Legacy.” I try to choose “Play Rust” and nothing seems to happen. I restart my computer, nothing. I reinstall Steam and RUST, nothing happens. I am truly out of ideas and I hope someone can help me out. I try checking the forums, but I can’t seem to see anyone with a similar problem. BTW, “Play Legacy” works fine and I can play in that server. 




    Rabid Bat sdwrage to be honest. I think you are just a bit butt hurt that they went from legacy to experimental. Maybe you should have saved your money and avoided early access all together because you knew from the disclaimer that shit could change. If you didn’t, you are dense as fuck.


    VInnu sdwrage and I attempted to help you out with your “problem”. I even contacted customer support to try and help you figure out your issue. Seems you are more the douchebag than I am the hipster. I love how “hipster” is the catch all phrase now for those that are opposing a view you are in line with. Do us all a favor and leave the community as it seems you aren’t happy with it in the least. If anything, you are trolling it and making yourself suspect to community sabotage.

      Rabid Bat

    Speak with your wallets folks. If they try to introduce M-T’s Don’t buy them and tell them if they want our money, then like us they can work and earn it. Stop with this “shut up and take my money” bullshit.
    Do you want Rust to a game or a constantly paid version of The Sims?
    I’ll happily give developers my money, but I want something substantial for it, like an actual expansion pack not 5 dollar shoes for my character that do nothing but add the nike swoosh to my feet cos it’s hip.

      Rabid Bat

    elvencity well I’m hoping it stays non-existent. Otherwise on my morals I will have to make this the first game I own on Steam I try and get a refund for.
    If I want micro-transactions I’ll go play a F2P mmo. Not drop 30 bucks to beta test.
    Hell I have other Alphas that Rust despite trying to be different is still very very similar to, paid around the same for those games too and no mention or sign of paid shit from them.
    If facepunch tries to charge me for what I am already getting for my purchase price elsewhere then I am sorry to disappoint them if they think they’ll get another penny from me.
    Hell I have boycotted franchises I absolutely love for trying to wallet rape me. So I’ll have no problems dropping a game that at its current rate is struggling to keep my attention at the moment rather easily, let alone avoid buying from the developer in the future. And I tend not to recommend friends buy games I feel are a scam for some reason.
    Sadly even when you are constructive and offer logical points and debate, some brainless fanboy will always come along and say you’re just whinging.
    And game may be in Alpha, but as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, Facepunch brought the complaints on themselves from changing the engine and setting progress back half a year regardless of why they did it.
    Right now if say a game ‘7 days to Die’ dropped Unity and switched to Unreal, and went back to square one the “but it’s okay because It’s an Alpha” as validation would not fly with the fans. Yeah sure an Alpha makes some things acceptable, but it cannot be the answer for every fuck up developers make.
    Oh we reset the game on you making the game feel less finished than I was when that other copy released! But hey it’s okay! It’s an Alpha”
    Will you be defending Alpha status if say in another 6 months Garry finds a reason to restart on a new Engine with the Alpha excuse?
    I mean there is nothing to stop him and hey why shouldn’t he when he has an Army of hipsters to do his defence work for him?
    C’mon stop blaming solely the consumers. Garry and Facepunch need to accept their part in creating this divided community as well.

      Rabid Bat

    Weedlocks I have no idea what the fuck you said in any language.

      Rabid Bat

    VInnu They really need to add a hipster fag warning to the Steam Storepage.

      Rabid Bat

    Okay with most of the updates, but not a real fan of the cartoony costumes I’ll admit, never have been.
    Buckets for helmets and frog boots for me just seems out of place in the game world. Gives me a “My First Fallout” Vibe :p
    The fur stuff is great though.
    Would be nice to start hearing some stuff about RUSTs backstory soon. And no, I don’t mean more lame ass fanfic.
    Is there a back story, will we be getting quests? Meeting NPC’s? Maybe like the Grounders in that kids show The 100?
    What are the plans in the way of Environmental dangers? Surely we’re going to be getting more than Wolves and Bears? If so what?
    Just feel things at least information wise should be further along. But thanks to the Engine swap it feels like we’re getting old news and nothing majorly new added.
    ‘Hey guyz here’s the same radiation frog booted suity and fish bowl you’ve seen 50 million times!’ ‘Oh look we’ve gone from wood walls to more wood walls’.
    How long before you start fleshing out the actual gameplay? Or at least telling us about it?
    If a game was based on concept art RUST would be pressed, on the shelves and ready to go. :p


    sdwrage Dude, you are such a hipster fag.

      Rabid Bat

    sdwrage Well yeah sadly the average person isn’t some witty hipster douchebag ‘in on the joke’ and Garry and friends need to realise this.
    After some idiots have actually mentioned they would happily pay for shit in this game, and for cosmetic crap at that, I can understand why some might think he is being serious. Plus hell it’s the interwebz, any one who is not half a noob should realise the average human struggles with simple concepts like context when reading.
    He really does need to just keep it straight when he talks to the community. Make sure his jokes are actually jokes. Here’s a tip Garry, when you joke about something and themajority spaz out. YOU are the only one getting it.
    It can be hard to tell with Garry and Facepunch though, thanks to their history of hipster douchery and being generally bad at communicating with the average person.
    And well…. it honestly wouldn’t be the first time a retail game and it’s dev pulled the F2P, P2W crap for DLC microtransaction give us more money nonsense on its customers.
    I perosnally would drop RUST in a heart beat should any “DLC” that was not a full fledged expansion be released and shit vote it to the depths of Steam. 10x so for any buyable clothes or “hats”.
    Sarcasm, sure I can see that. But yeah a smart gamer approaches every cautiously especially with Early Access and treat every thing on the internet is bullshit until you can confirm it for yourself.


    sdwrage KalleKala I also want my money back. I saw a trycicle on ebay and i’d like to buy it, it costs 20 dollars too. I only have 2 dollars per week as allowance and i do have fixed costs to deal with…


    Skriix oh… benny hill.. i miss you so much…


    It’s the top right, Garry. It’s the top right.


    shakkdk w00tz0r Vinnu is a troll. He’s complaining about everything he can on the comments section. He loves rust in this post but then says he cant run it? Obvious troll is obvious.
    http://www.livefyre.com/profile/67369219/2 days ago
    I love rust btw keep up the awesome work!


    sdwrage A relatively high percentage of the whiners here dont seem to have “reading comprehension”. Then there’s the people that get into the whinning bandwagon. I’m willing to bet most people actually complaining about it didnt really read carefully or in between lines


    VInnu Also, what graphics card do you own? Just trying to weed out all possibilities.


    VInnu What system are you running this on? is it windows?


    VInnu So it launches, goes to black screen, then closes after a while?


    VInnu am I ignoring you?


    And its not a performance issue. People with i7 and 9gbs of ram have the same problem. The game is compatible. It just doesnt launch. Ill click it walk away for an hour and come back to my same empty desktop.


    I like how you say that. But all my posts have been ignored. You clearly play the game fine.


    No dude. I click it. A black screen appears as if it was going to launch and it just doesnt launch. Ive sat for 20 minutes waiting and nothing. The rust.exe process ends becore the game starts. Ive tried all the simple little fixes people on the forums try to say. Like run as admin. Delete eac. Redownloaded the whole game 3 times. No launch. No error. No anything. Thats what you arent understanding. Ive been at this for over a month now and I havent been contacted by anyone on the facepunch team. They are too busy implementing new things and fixing bugs that everyone who actually plays has. Like I have said before. Forget the people that cant even play it. Lets just focus on the ones that either have in game bugs. Server connection problems. Or ones that get an error.


    VInnu btw, just tested rust on my machine. It is working fine. I have had it crash on me with previous updates but I just waited for newer updates or for a  solution to my issue.


    CyberJesus oh sweet thanks for reply


    VInnu So you just get a black screen? Have you tried letting it sit for a minute or so? I have had that issue and usually the loading screen will show up shortly after, especially on a slower machine. Try to let it sit for a bit. They haven’t really touched on performance that much as you don’t really touch on that until later in the development cycle (premature optimization is the root of all evil). If that doesnt help, sometimes tabbing out to a different app and coming back helps. I am not trying to be a dick or anything just you won’t solve anything by screaming at the top of your lungs and stomping the ground like a 5 year old. It just doesn’t work. Calm down a bit and there may be a solution to your problem.


    Like I havent asked for help. On the steam community like 5 times and 3 times on the facepunch support page. It doesnt get upvoted on their support page so its left to rot. I have asked. You seem to be a know it all. I know its in alpha. I expected to atleast launch experimental in game bugs wouldnt bother me because I know they are working hard on it. I just see countless things being added to the game. I can’t even “test” it which is why I purchased the game because it looked fun and I wanted to help the testing process. I am guessing you have actually launched rust. I can only launch legacy. Not ince has experimental launched for me. Just a black screen and no errors. No EAC error either. Also there is no error logs in the rust folder anywhere. So go launch experimental then come back here and tell me to cool it. If you can’t launch it ever than I wouldnt mind you telling me to cool it like I said. You provably actually get to try the game out and test it and whatnot. ^_^ also again. I know its “IN ALPHA” i saw that when I bought ut….expected to launch it atleast ince though.


    wallaceroets Nosnibor ckmeister Well said. Maybe people will stop complaining. Probably not.


    VInnu jf3000 irish48 Yeah… that happens. It’s currently IN ALPHA. Cool your shit man :) I’m sure if you asked for some help, you may get some so that it is resolved. You have to expect that the game may not work 100% of the time. It isn’t finished. You paid for “EARLY ACCESS” which means a cheaper price while they are still developing it. Don’t like that? Wait for it to be fully released. Think of it as an investment because you probably got the game for about 50% of the cost.


    Jesus some of you people are dense. Okay, first off Gary was being sarcastic about Pay2Win. Secondly, the blueprints you could obtain from the marketplace are VARIANTS of existing server blueprints. What does that mean? ITS FUCKING COSMETIC… meaning no in game advantage… meaning you get a visual tweak that adds no boost to you what-so-ever. Why the hell would Gary put shortcuts on the marketplace? That would ruin the game… I do think he may need to communicate the intentions a bit better so more of you understand though. If I am absolutely wrong, let me know but I am sure this is what is happening.


    KalleKala it’s alpha. Things can change drastically in alpha. Experimental was the branch they moved to for performance/code base reasons. What they had initially was built from a prototypal codebase which wasn’t that extendable to begin with. They decided to rewrite it from scratch so they could roll out updates faster… you know… so little whiners like you would stop your entitled cry baby belly aching. If they stuck with the original codebase, you would have been in here crying that updates aren’t getting released fast enough.


    ScarfaceCapone Ayy griffinsclaw AndreAraujo 

    Good one


    Weedlocks ta traduction est a chier connard


    Amsterdam Facepunch server is currently booting lots of people every 5 to 15 minutes, and though this stops occasionally for a couple of hours, it has been doing so for the past 2 days (when I started playing Rust). I’ve been told this is caused by DDoS (which is discussed in the article above as well). Just reporting it. Thanks.


    Nosnibor ckmeister So I take is you still don’t get how the server blue print works in conjunction with the tradeable blueprints. You still needs to spend time gathering, hunting and surviving and THEN only get the server blue print BEFORE your tradable blue print would work. 

    Let me summarize: You bought the golden rocket launcher for $0.02, you get in a game and shit, it isn’t working because you only have the tradeable one. You spend hours farming for the vanilla rocket launcher blueprint. Only then can you craft the golden one (assuming you have all the mats by this time). So not sure how the colour/skin of your rocket launcher is a shortcut. Perhaps I am short sighted or perhaps I don’t know what Garry meant when he said:

    “The idea was to have two tiers of blueprints. A server, and global. The server list would start off with things you could always craft. Stuff like a hammer, campfire etc – bootstrap stuff. The global (steam dropped) stuff would be variants of those items with jiggled attributes. So a pair of burlap trousers would be a server blueprint.. and a pair of jeans would be a global blueprint. The jeans wouldn’t offer any significant advantage – it’d be mostly cosmetic.”

      Evil Badass

    Maybe you should look into why they had to recreate it from scratch instead of updating the alpha version? Alpha means anything could change, if you weren’t prepared for that then you shouldn’t have purchased it in the first place.


    If you could watch this video and please fix this glitch because it is very annoying to lose everything just because of glitchers …


    When i bought this game i thought the game was in alpha and it will get updated on the run when players report bugs and issues to the devs. But what i see now?  We have that old “Alpha” version and some shit called experimental.. Why you didnt just update the real alpha version so players could really help you out while playing the ACTUAL unfinished game?

    I wanted to play alpha game that will get updates on it when they progress. ALL I WANT NOW IS MY FUCKING MONEY BACK


    jf3000 VInnu irish48 No it wont?
    Tried all that. Just a black screen at launch no error.


    Weedlocks mogur00 ( . )( . )  <3


    mogur00 Weedlocks  

    B <====3   <3


    players angry message

    Whore of shit, her breakage testicles has all the community it is when that you move your big bottom mess(brothel). You whore bug of connections to the waiter(server) prevent the team of played together, but sir without bottom really the testicles of bug, sir want some creation but tone games become has to shit, more that goes more people stop RUST opens eyes shit and listens to what we say to you. I am on you is going to rerelease us an old trick(thing) of shit http://playrust.com/community-update-14/ by saying Youpi everybody is satisfied everybody likes(loves) rust, certainly everybody likes(loves) rust but can sound satisfied to see that he(it) become one games completely Bug of connections waiter(server) in the bug in games.
    Is happy that I take time to translate all his(her,its) so that you can read


    Putain de merde , sa casse les couilles a toute la communauté c’est quand que tu bouge ton gros cul bordel. Ton putain bug de connections au serveur empêche les team de joué ensemble, mais monsieur sans bas réellement les couilles des bug, monsieur veux de la création mais ton jeux deviens a chier, plus ça va plus les gens stop RUST ouvre les yeux merde et écoute ce qu’on te dit. je suis sur tu va nous ressortir un vieux truc de merde http://playrust.com/community-update-14/ en disant Youpi tout le monde est  content tout le monde aime rust , certes tout le monde aime rust mais peux son content de voir ce qu’il deviens un jeux complètement Bug de la connections serveur au bug dans le jeux.
     Soit heureux que je prenne le temps de traduire tous sa pour que tu puisse lire


    Nosnibor This will never ever happen, the code will never ever be released. Plus its part of Unity, do you’ve any idea on the scope and size of the Rust game in the coding side? Its just not possible or feasible.


    VInnu irish48 verify files will fix it, update graphics driver too.


    AminGabrielAvanzini reinstall the anticheat amd verify files will fix it


    Also as I recall the wide variety of modded server offered choices ranging from basic starter stuff, going through buying stuff with CS like money, to restricted crafting. So as I can see there is people who likes to start easy and people who likes to go hardcore. Let everyone play as they see fit, server setting will separate different types of players.


    I would like to point out that:
    – They never mentioned there would be game advantages with the “still-non-existent” micro transaction system. If its cosmetic I can live with that. In fact I think the best way to go about it would be to add “variants” to each craftable item that is meant to have a skin. So in the end you’re building the same item, but now you look different…and guess what? there would be NO GAME ADVANTAGE.

    – They stated CLEARLY that the steam inventory could be server based or global. So a server could just disable the global inventory and there you go, you have to start collecting BP again. And MAYBE someone from that very server could sell that stuff to you (server restricted transactions). That is advantageous in 2 ways: first, it allows people entering an old server to catch up faster, second you’re not forced to buy if you dont want to. Sure if you want to suffer your way up you’re welcome to do it your way, but the settled ppl are already there and they wont have merci. And anyway you still have to craft your shit, and last time I checked staying alive and actually getting to the point you can craft cool stuff is the hard part.

    btw, the game is in development (alpha, if you dont get that still plz stop buying alpha games). You guys dont have to flare at everything that is mentioned. If it doesnt work or its broken maybe they’ll take it out. Start crying out when its definitive, not when its being tested. Be constructive, not whinning babies.


    Reinstall, clear cache, update video driver…..


    Wondering when the bear traps will become active, they have been sitting in the build list for a very long time…


    I think the whole steam trading thing will be cool to an extent. getting blue prints to different clothes. As long as it doesn’t give a player a advantage in game i would be happy with it, it’ll be like tf2 hats, csgo weapon skins and all that jazz but clothing. Think of it having your own unique look, like the type of clothes you wear, you could earn it in game or trade with someone who has a blueprint for a piece of clothing/armor. It’ll just be looks like different looking armor you want, don’t blow me up about it, its just my opinion c:


    VInnu irish48 Ha ha hah ahahahaa roflsdlfkafg’ qlsrit[oidfu


    popeandy I like to suicide at home and then respawn there to hatchet myself up and perform a little self-canabilization.


    Lots of cool stuff happening. I wore my camo like a king rat tonight! I swam a great distance that use to require me to build a monster staircase. Im very happy to hear the keys wont be required. keys add an amount of worry and frustration that is hard to ignore. if the server is a bit laggy and your in a hurry to get your ass inside and keep someone out… keys will get you killed, robbed, and your house destroyed.


    Read the summary, key locks are an experiment. If they go with them, they will have different stages of protection including key codes, one of these stages will come out next devblog.


    Look, buying the special blueprint doesn’t let you make it whenever you want. Say you bought a FAB purple burlap pants blueprint on steam. If you join a server, you CANNOT make them. Once you find the blueprint for regular burlap pants, the normal burlap pants in your crafting menu will be replaced by the purple ones, the ony difference being the color. Get it now? It’s just a skin. Calm down, it’s not pay to win.


    Guys. Listen now and hear this clearly:
    The system intended to be set up with micro transactions of blueprints will be completely aesthetic. It will not become a requirement, and those who have payed for them will gain no competitive edge. Imagine you go into a fresh server with no blueprints. You are a complete noob. However, you got a little trick up your sleeve: you purchased your very own shiny pick-axe blueprint! Unfortunately, you do not have it in your inventory! Why is that? Well, just like normal rust, you have to go out and find a pick-axe blueprint first! The one you purchased will overtake the default skin when you actually learn in that server, and then you will be able to craft it.
    Imagine, purple Kevlar, multicolored smoke grenades, starter rocks the color of blood! Anything you can imagine! You could buy it all! But you couldn’t actually craft it in game until you find the default blueprint first!
    So nothing is to fear my friends. Go forth and play without fear that someone with deep pockets will be able to shrek you with their shiny green bolt rifle freshly purchased off the steam market, because they’ll still have to come up with a regular old bolty BP first! You will still have to play the game seriously if you hope to use the cool custom skins that you’ll pay for.
    Let me reiterate one last time:
    1) No corruption/Pay-to-Play
    2) No competitive benefits
    3) Absolutely FABULOUS new Crocks and fanny packs to rub in the face of thine enemies.
    NOTE: I copied this comment of someone else, I didn’t write this.


    Well say you have the regular burlap pants, and special purchasable jeans. Maybe the jeans have 2 more cold protection but two less rad protection, so the advantages and disadvantages cancel eachother out. It would make sense for the jeans and burlap pants to each have their own pros/cons, if not major.




    Foxincarnate JesseSmyser


    Experimental rust does not open me I get an error of easyantichet a month ago.


    People still seem to hate the key system in game. It seems like animals are sometimes rare to find too. 

    As for in game trading that seems like a nearly useless feature as 90% of the community KOS. 

    Glad for the updates, progress and the devblog. Please no pay to win micro transactions. That leads down the road of the only content created are some stupid hats or rented guns and ammo pay to win. Boats would be awesome! 

    Seems like people can jump through walls right now too.


    VInnu irish48 What’s wrong with playing it? We know it’s not finished and will take that with a grain of salt and we get to see it change and evolve as we go.


    irish48 I’m tired. tired of fags like you that actually launch the fucking game and play it. SHOVE A DICK IN IT.
    Dickbag asshole. Im pretty sure you have played experimental a good bit. I am not playing an ‘unfinished game’ because it does not work….you are clearly a genius. dirtbag.


    i know its an unfinished game, i was just asking when they will put in these items, no need to get your panties in a knot!


    VInnu I like the fact they’re adding all this new stuff because they’re adding it NOW. If they added it after the game was finished we would have all the bug problems we have RIGHT NOW!!! I bet some of their thinking at Facepunch is lets get the concept out NOW and see the bugs that it creates because its in ALPHA and fix the bugs WHILE ITS IN ALPHA and we the community a complete game that WORKS with FEW TO NO BUGS. OMG MIND BLOWING IDEA!! HOLY SHIT! IS THIS REAL LIFE!? THEY WOULD LIKE THE GAME TO BROKEN IN ALPHA AND NOT WHEN ITS RELEASED!? WHO MAKES THE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO COME UP WITH THESE IDEAS!!!?!?!?


    Nosnibor you do know that there going to implement a option for community server owners two turn of the blueprint trade. so if dont like the idea then go play on a server that doesn’t have it.


    I’m tired of hearing people say that the game is broken and that they need to fix bugs and stop adding stuff, I’m just wonder if you people have realized that your playing an unfinished games.




    when are you going to add the trap doors? id be nice to look at and play with those a little.


    shakkdk w00tz0r well, duh man. I am stating that they keep adding shit to the game and me and several thousand other peoples problem isn’t fixed. They clearly care more about adding shit to the game than fixing bugs. Maybe its not that way but it sure as fuck feels that way. My posts are ignored and I have been posting about it for months.


    VInnu Or you could quit posting about how you can’t launch the game more than once. Simply post it once; doing it the amount of times you have just makes you an annoyance.


    Hoppa Nosnibor A3MON http://www.reddit.com/r/playrust/comments/2jle2z/so_do_you_like_the_steam_inventory_idea_or_not/, read this from Garry, he says that it will be mostly cosmetic, which yes it has the word mostly. He also states that he will not be “jumping in with both feet”, and he will be working with this plan until he can make it work. THE GAME IS IN ALPHA, instead of getting so hurt in the fact that hes trying new ideas for rust, go play legacy where nothing is wrong, except for hackers, if you don’t like change then don’t ever opt to buy a game in the making. This is our train and Garry is the Engineer, the one that moves the train forward. So how about we trust that he will arrive at the destination, instead of complaining about every stop the train makes.


    Smegmaking Xercodo That’s not how it works, they still need the server side BP, go read the reddit post from last week’s blog.


    Deadshot_Miner free headshots arent good enough anymore ?


    w00tz0r It’s alpha, it’s to be expected….


    Xercodo Smegmaking

    Because people who are willing to spend extra money on a  video game can play for only a fraction of the time than people who aren’t to get the same capabilities.
    Some people have to spend x time playing to be able to do y, some people have to spend far less time. That is an advantage.


    mogur00 Leomentheus Because even cosmetic microtransactions take me (and many others) out of the game, mogur.

    When I’m running around and I see someone wearing an item that is hard for me to obtain without spending real-world cash, I remember that I am in a game. Understandably, many players prefer to delve deep into their gaming experiences and forget all their real-life worries. Seeing an item bought using cash negates that feeling.




    Facepunch doenst really seem to care about fixing the game. They just want to add more shit to an unplayable fucking game with your specs its clearly not a hardware related issue. Mine is just a tad slower and it still doesnt launch so once again for the millionth time on a millionth post. I cannot launch experimental no fucking error or anything and its quite fucking annoying that they start implementing shit that some fag posted in the suggestion area vs. the non voted actual bug reports but SINCE THE MAJORITY CAN PLAY FUCK THE REST I GUESS. THEY PROBABLY JUST CLICK THE FUCKING POPULAR TAB ON THE FACEPUNCH SUPPORT PAGE


    RichDersheimer or they could fix actual issues like being able to launch the game. That would be cool. Ya know actually playing the game you bought.


    I love rust btw keep up the awesome work!


    w00tz0r Hey dude, atleast you can launch the game. MY WORDS AREN’T SEEN OR HEARD NUMEROUS PEOPLE CANNOT EVEN PLAY THE GAME.


    Spend 3 days building a huge metal base, 4 walls needed to be broken before you could get my loot.
    And because of this stupid wall bug they looted me within a few seconds, leaving me in my metal tomb with no way to exit.
    This bug was out for days and still no fix… so f^&*cking great guys..

    this is GAME BREAKING. takes the fun out of it.


    Is there a new bug with the locks again? Because my friend and i don’t seem to be able to unlock our house so we’re practically stuck in our house ^^


    Rrust play on private server, no cheaters, problem fixed


    Nosnibor he said he is trying stuff. t r y i n g.


    Nosnibor A3MON have u spend about one second of your time to read his text?


    A3MON Even what you are saying is speculation. All we know as blueprints in the past were grenades, weapons, better buildings…I have never seen anywhere he said anything about blueprints being only color changes to current gear. In the game Rust, Blueprints are what we need to be stronger and more protected and by definition that is very much P2W.


    ckmeister Nosnibor I don’t think you quite understand what I was saying and I know he was being extremely sarcastic about the whole P2W thing. I just strongly disagree with the cards being our blueprints. Mainly because that takes it out of the game and is something that people will use as an advantage. What’s the point of me spending time gathering, hunting and surviving to kill/raid other players if I can short cut my way and pay 2 pennies for tier 6 blueprints? Why even add blueprints at that point? Might as well keep it where we can do everything from the start.

    By the way my computer can more than handle the Steam overlay. It was never about the overlay. It was how Steam manages the trading cards. It’s a really cluttered and disorganized system and unless Gary knows more about how they plan to make it better I don’t think an important game mechanic such as blueprints should be stored there. It just seems like a cheap shortcut or some kind of payoff for using it that way.


    people like you are the reason the internet is a dangerous place.
    you do realize he was being sarcastic about the p2w right?
    and what about the steam overlay? can your pc not handle that or something that this would actually be something you’d worry about?


    Hi guys!
    I’m really happy they updating rust cuz it’s just looks amazing!
    Yes right just looks, cuz my game is bugged for like more than 1 month it crashed all the freakeng time, and guys it’s just annoying,like I bought the game and I actually can’t paly with it.(I mean the new rust not he legacy..I do not really give a sh*t to that one.)
    So Garry pls firstly fix this crashing bug and than it will be okay to updating, but if like half of the people can’t paly with it cuz it just crashing!!
    Thanks I hope I can play with it soon cause it’s looks freaking aweesomee.!!!


    Nosnibor Sick of this shit. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


    This is what I don’t understand. Since the beginning we have been watching the development of this game. We payed for early access to have our word mean something in the development of the game. And now when we actually speak out about something Gary says shut up it’s my way! That poor attitude really pisses me off. This is the one game I have stood up for since it started, defended everything it has done and now I can’t do that anymore. Micro-transactions, pay2win, free2play..w/e it may be. ANYTHING besides an expansion pack that we have to pay for outside of the game is unacceptable. Gary you say we should trust you, and I have up til now…but how hard is it to actually just do it the way it was? Why do we have to incorporate a steam interface into the game? It’s not very friendly to use as is. 
        You are taking away a big part of what made Rust, Rust. If I can buy a blueprint for $0.02 I will and in the end that takes away from there being any feeling of accomplishment. If you are going to continue down this road then change the name. Make it a free2play game and give the Legacy code to people that actually care about what we think and say so we can continue playing the game WE actually like. It seems like you are becoming the typical early access/kick starter developer, “I got the money so now I can do w/e I want”. Fine, take my 20$ and go on vacation, just stop ruining something that was great.

        I want this game to succeed. I want to play this game every time I have free time. So please listen to us and find another way…that’s all I can do.




    That brick wall would look better without the obvious tiling, that one dark red brick sticks out. (or in)

    Using a pickaxe on metal structures, like a jet engine or a satellite dish should give you some metal scraps.


    Rrust The house u must be Raided or server get wipe! it’s normal! The big problem here, is if dev’s could do a Master Key for all my Lock’s will be awesome!


    I found these bugs :

    -The pipe shotgun shoots blanks (i can’t kill animals)
    -Animals can walk/run on the sea – >When i return to the server, i have lost my home and my all stuff, this make mevery angry ! Please fixe that !


    Hey, when this will be ready to play? i’m kinda of sad! :(


    Weedlocks mogur00 <3

      Vlad Filin

    Сделайте так чтоб выкинутые вещи удалялись,а не лежали на земле и полу бесконечно


    mogur00 Weedlocks

    This is how to have present the thing that made ​​me react badly because does not extend native language of shakespear I strive to be the best end of a thing to change in share my view to the community. 
    otherwise I have nothing against you ^^


    C’est la façon d’avoir présenter la chose qui ma fait mal réagir, car n’étend pas originaire de la langue de shakespear je m’efforce au mieux d’être la a fin de faire évoluer les chose en partagent mon point vue a la communauté. 
    sinon je n’ai rien contre toi ^^


    Why you say upper left, when branding is in upper right? Are you in southern hemisphere?


    I dont know why people keep complaining about the blueprint system,
    its not there yet so nothing to complain about, Just complain about the
    key system so they fix some new locks first before that blueprint
    system. Key system is totally SHIT! Everything in the game seems ok to
    me besides the fucking key system. Lost my entire house we spended tons
    of time on because they raided my house. im ok with getting raided its
    the fun part of the game, but wasting so much time for a base that is so
    easily taken away from you, just by them having the keys to your house,
    its either spend your whole weekend smashing down your own doors or
    build that shit all over again. Big waste of time.




    Guys. Listen now and hear this clearly:
    The system intended to be set up with micro transactions of blueprints will be completely aesthetic. It will not become a requirement, and those who have payed for them will gain no competitive edge. Imagine you go into a fresh server with no blueprints. You are a complete noob. However, you got a little trick up your sleeve: you purchased your very own shiny pick-axe blueprint! Unfortunately, you do not have it in your inventory! Why is that? Well, just like normal rust, you have to go out and find a pick-axe blueprint first! The one you purchased will overtake the default skin when you actually learn in that server, and then you will be able to craft it. 

    Imagine, purple Kevlar, multicolored smoke grenades, starter rocks the color of blood! Anything you can imagine! You could buy it all! But you couldn’t actually craft it in game until you find the default blueprint first!
    So nothing is to fear my friends. Go forth and play without fear that someone with deep pockets will be able to shrek you with their shiny green bolt rifle freshly purchased off the steam market, because they’ll still have to come up with a regular old bolty BP first! You will still have to play the game seriously if you hope to use the cool custom skins that you’ll pay for. 

    Let me reiterate one last time:
    1) No corruption/Pay-to-Play
    2) No competitive benefits
    3) Absolutely FABULOUS new Crocks and fanny packs to rub in the face of thine enemies.


    Can’t wait to see what the key change looks like maybe i might play again at that point, glad to also see the sleep bug fixed got locked out of my home to many times to keep playing because of those two issues.


    I hope by blueprints this also means not just clothes and weapons but also includes blueprints used for creating structures, blue prints for changing the color of your clothes would also be a nice addition.


    door locks, they should be upgrade-able for either using one key for all doors, or an electronic key pad. kind of like how rust doors used to be.(legacy rust)


    you should keep the item dropping when death, it seems more real. like if you died the item your holding wont go into your bag, its going to drop on the floor.
    just saying i liked it and thought it was cool.


    xCreeperCopX I like things from alpha like locks and incoming microtransactions, so don’t say that everyone is giving negative feedback. If you like legacy so much, go play legacy and don’t play experimental


    06unique06 LOL and this is why i stopped playing for awhile, too many bugs right now, and this is one of the worst ones i have seen.


    so the blueprints are an attempt to get away from the kos’ing? As people will have lesson reason to kill a person for their clothes?


    It was the last Christmas gift I got from my mother effort she passed away,


    I love the new ideas and content, but I think we need some preliminary graphics optimizations. When playing rust i get 5-15 fps with the graphics all the way down on everything, making it really to enjoy the game.


    Read the summary please


    Read the summary


    TheBestJohnEvar RicardoSA1 As a old schooler at Rust, many people made many little 1×1 bases besides their ‘main’ base as hidden ‘stash’ spots because people would just breeze through the main base, whether metal, or wood. I strictly had a 1×2, and other 1×1’s, saw NO advantage in big bases because people would have 100 C4 in a day if playing in a group of 5+. That way you would have a spot to spawn, and recoup losses at if you died and were raided. I know this isn’t the BEST answer, because at release I DOUBT you will be able to destroy a base so easy(original rust you couldn’t kill a wood wall with hatchet, which i hope comes back), and i think the ‘easyness’ of raiding is just there to balance test/mechanic test. See. as a tester of many MMO’s, they made a lot of shit easily accessible because it was the only way to mimick having 10’s of thosands, or even millions of people playing, it seemed ridiculous but it helped to find bugs and balance things out. But they NEED feedback, negative, and positive, because it helps them see what direction mechanics are going in, and if something is horribly unbalanced(as how easy it is to raid now is).


    H i , I wanted to thank the developers for their beautiful worked ! But here there is a big worry : the keys. When there are 2-3 doors in a house that’s fine, but when it starts to be 5-6 doors there is total mess and we found it at all. Certainly it is much more realistic but it’s very annoying to not navigate there. thank you :)


    I feel rust is currently, more a less at the point it was at in ‘legacy’
    I wonder what will really happen now, I think the guys lost direction before and have lost it again now.
    I wonder what actuall new game changing content will come now. personally i think we are about to hit that period in legacy where the community was asking when’s the next update???and there was silence for weeks until a redevelopment was decided.
    Final squeeze with some P2W???
    I hope Im wrong cos I love Rust, I just dont see where it’s going.


    fix your game , i still cant play …………..


    Smegmaking It gives no advantage, how is it stupid?


    ChickenNugget If you think it gave anyone an advantage then you still don’t understand it, see the reddit post he linked in on the last blog.


    we really need to let players know that some of us aren’t too friendly with them walking our building around our turf so i suggest you implement the signs or wall gate like legacy to let them know to fuck off


    when will there be signs to tell players to fuck off


    admin33 I also think that maybe adding for example “camoflage” skins for housing might be a nice touch to make things stand out a lil less. im not saying things like a perfect rock texture i mean like a patchy camoflage so at a range you can’t just see a house in mountains for example. you could do 3 camoflages. Wood, snow, rock or something similar. + i like the point of custom skins but you could do this. Requires a piece of equipment based around same slot for example metal helmet, hazmat hat you can craft your custom skin onto them but it will inherit the defence of both. same with guns. + maybe adding something like a gillie suit would be nice :P


    Garry you stupid tit everyone understood the blueprint system with extreme clarity its just a stupid idea


    ok, at first I was completely against the blueprint idea and steam inventory but…. If done right it could actually become something good, but ONLY if done right and from the start, if its added and not done right will cause the game to go downhill fast with a hard road to recovery as you try to get the system fixed.

    As long as the blueprints are for cosmetic purposes only then it would be great, example:

    Say I want to run around as the dark night, yeah that’s right put a batman suit on the market for say 5 cent, BUT…. this will NOT give any advantage what so ever! It will be the same as wearing a burlap suit so a guy with a bolt action rifle could pick me off from across the field in a single shot. The good thing.. I still get to keep my batman suit :) why? cause it’s in my steam inventory not the game so that guy who shot me isn’t going to be able to take it from me and I can respawn and gather the materials needed to craft my batman suit again.

    Anyone ever play guild wars, they have costumes you buy with money in game that are only for towns, they server no defensive  purpose at all. That basically what this should be. Have different shirts, jackets, pants, helmets, etc.. and could go on to add gun skins, not guns just skins that make the guns look different like cammo, black, etc..

    I do NOT however think that any “special gear” should be purchasable or tradable period…. That’s the biggest mistake for a game and the very definition of pay to win.. and by special gear I mean: Guns that shoot faster, cause more damage, hold more ammo, any extra attachments (scopes, silencers, flashlights, etc…), armor that gives more defensive abilities or attributes, building supplies that gives bases more security, anything at all that will give a strategic advantage to anyone else. Items on the market should have nothing higher than the base items in the game.

    That just covers items that could be added probably by the community but what about blueprints found around the map…

    That part is very touchy, you start messing around with what players can do with items they find in game it can get ugly… You’ll have players swear up and down people have some sort of advantage and quit just for that, then you’ll have ones that will find some way to get something from it and may not even be for this game.. someone who plays CSGO wants an awesome gun skin may just come in to raid and kill as many people they can to trade off the items or sell them to get it and not actually be playing Rust, after they get what they want they may not come back or use it just for that purpose to get items for other games and you don’t want that. I would say leave the blueprints out of the in game part, only have cosmetic items available for those who want it.



    Ayy griffinsclaw AndreAraujo How about we just wait and see?


    I am not made of money

    Buying a mac



    griffinsclaw AndreAraujo 

    If I can buy blueprints instead of having to find them then I get an advantage over others because of the will to use my wallet.
    It doesn’t have to involve Facepunch studios earning anything from it.

    Using you dont have to sell them as a counter argument is silly.


    Kailucez Only an idiot plays on a mac thinking its a real gaming OS, FYI it runs the same components as a pc, granted you pay 4x as much, If you going to play games on your hipster toy, then load boot camp already, “windows sucks boohoo, get over it. HOW IS THIS STILL A THING?????

    It’s 2014 the mac vs pc wars are over they don’t care what OS you support they just want your money, ffs catch a wakeup .LOL I am not made of money, then maybe you should have bought a pc XD!!!!


    AndreAraujo You don’t have to pay for them, and if you trust garry to not be an idiot, they don’t help you win either, so I think you’re just parroting ignorance because you don’t understand or are uncomfortable about the idea.


    xCreeperCopX True, devs dont listen to players, they listen to fans of a small community around than


    goldendualgun if u can sell for steam money than its pay 2 win


    So many ideias, so few implementations… I wonder if this game will ever be done at all


    i don’t think most people understand how the new blueprint system works.

    You can find blueprints in-game, which will also be stored in your steam inventory. These blueprints can be yours forever, however, if you find another one you can choose to sell the second one to someone else, or even give it to a friend. Someone else buying that blueprint is totally optional. There is no Pay 2 Win aspect to this.

    The key systems seems good, it just needs a lot of tweaking. Building seems fine also just needs tweaking since it has been recently implimented. But hey, it’s called Alpha and yes, that is an excuse you can use.


    Also, giving REALISTIC THINGS and making the game REALISTIC will be impossible and will ruin the game IT SELF.
    Which is actually what are you doing now… :/ Sadly.


    Sooo 90% of the comments are about removing (going back) to old blue print system.
    Almost everyone is giving you a negative feedback about the NEW blue print system WHICH sucks because someone like me AND MANY OTHERS aren’t made of money, buying the game was just a miracle to me and now even spending MORE for in game? Huh don’t really think so. If you want, keep the trading system trough steam BUT GET RID OF THE BUYING BLUE PRINTS and getting money from us for that.
    In these 90% people are talking about the key system WHICH ALSO SUCKS. What if you wanted to go on an adventure or you wanted to go to get some resources and some guy is WAITING for you with a whole bunch of people OUTSIDE to kill you and take your key, or some similar situations, also our inventories are FULL of this bull crap.
    About the building system, this system SUCKS, A LOT.
    As a guy mentioned you can glitch through walls (I know this will be fixed) and stuff. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mody6vi0rmQ
    But the main thing why this system sucks is because you can have INFINITIVE AMOUT of WALLS on your foundation and everyone will have to destroy ALL WALLS before they even get to you which will take HOURS.
    The old one was better just a few MINOR tweaks and changes in textures would be PERFECTLY FINE.
    Also change back to the old door system. NOW EVERYONE CAN ACCESS YOUR DOORS.
    (Now before everyone shits on me because the game is still in “EXPERIMENTAL MODE” I think that is OUTDATED  right after this dev blog was posted)

    Another thing that I would like to mention is DON’T GIVE THE EXCUSE THAT THE GAME IS IN ALPHA, WHAT HAPPENS IN ALPHA STAYS IN ALPHA, ITS REALLY HARD TO CHANGE. (When I said this I wasn’t referring to the old rust)
    ALSO I don’t REALLY see that our comments is gonna affect how the game is going to look like.
    I would rather have the OLD OLD rust with the zombies where you HAD TO REALLY EARN your stuff by PLAYING TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF TIME.


    Hey douche bag, I am not made of money, and I consider mac gamers pioneers of the new generation, because windows sucks ass


    Please create code locks, because locks with keys it’s sucks


    garry I like you very much and I play your games a lot but this game is so epic and gmod too if its not to much to ask can you add som kind of single player cuz we like singleplayer and multiplayer but as you know I have adhd and add and I did have a server on rust and it was fun but singleplayer mode will make it mor fun y I am asking this cuz its just a idia and sorry for my spilling its part of my adhd and add and also my mom died to day of cancer so sad day for me


    Hey, check out my funny Rust bandit video!


    same here don’t worry..


    Garry PLS go back to the old BluePrint System. I dont want Play a Pay to Win Rust. I will Hunt Blue Prints for Days and Trade it with other Players ingame.That is the Most Important feature in Rust !!! Its like,If you Play Diablo and you cant find new Stuff its very fast Boring.


    Now after reading what Garry said about banning whole subnets, I’m starting to worry that my ISP has been banned or something… can’t see a single server!


    Samson0722 I love that! Also, brings up the notion of setting things on fire in general, which could be quite interesting…


    taeuthtoadeug It seems that CoherentUI (the html-based GUI they are using) works well on some systems, and not so well on others. Are you on a Mac? I’ve heard it runs pretty bad on there.


    I am not seeing any Rust servers anymore, is this just me or everyone?


    PlzListenToMe Mhmm. Just like anyone can buy a completely new OS.  Easy thing. No problem.  I’m just going to throw out some more money into a new OS like it’s the simplest thing ever. Yeeuuup.


    How does your Rust run so smoothly?  My Rust tends to have a mouse delay when hovering over buttons and when looking around.


    KnobJockey69 If its cosmetical stuff it will be Fun . but if it’s survival related stuff u can buy then u break the game cos Rust is a survival
    Finding the recipes was the fun part . i’d play for a month or two on a server without wiping then it will become boring. Will need a fresh start with
    finding blueplints for stuff again. any 1 agree?


    It seems when you place a piece of building down at the same time as another, you are disconnected. Console says: Invalid Packet Error.


    Game crashes when clicking on wake up arg


    The new game is designed to be a lot lighter on resources than the legacy version. Right now there is still a lot of memory leakage and stuff like that bogging it down. Once optimized, you should see a drastic increase in performance. That’s what they are working on with the bugs and such as mentioned above.


    AntiiGrav TheQuagmire it’s amazing what I can do with a little photoshop.


    I know you love ideas: What if the lantern model would shatter and set the thing you hit on fire. This would have a one time use.


    crimsonflourish He’s fairly transparent with the decisions he makes or is thinking of making. If he strays too far towards the dark side, people will let him know where the line is and odds are he’ll listen.


    awakening in a demolished house, 4 crashes in a row, 1 crash on kill command


    TheQuagmire Haha, you brilliant bastard.


    PlzListenToMe He’s entitled to his say and he did so without insulting anyone or using large amounts of exclamation points.


    Kailucez get over it and buy a new computer?!?


    CyberJesus please can i be the dead racoon in that snowmans mouth?


    Whatever you do, do not turn this into another nether.


    And on this day Gary gave us actual physics. Rejoice.

      K Man ALPHA

    I think you should find more ways to put the word “Mircotransaction” into the blog posts. People seem to love that word – it conjures up warm feelings all around.


    NoneOfIt Hard to pinpoint a good place where it’s well discussed, but here’s one spot: 
    “Player Customization – We skipped this completely on the first run at the player model
    because we just wanted something that worked. Customizable faces,
    beards, hair is something we’re in early talks about. It’s not as huge
    priority as other stuff on this list – but it’s something we’re basing
    decisions on.” (source: http://playrust.com/status-report-001/ )


    You’re doing great, keep going.

    Ignore all these raging retarded peeps, rust is improving a lot!
    Me and my friends love playing it.

    And congrats for wining the golden joystick!


    Accessibility, it’s what made Rust a runaway hit. It’s what makes minecraft so popular, anything can run it. The old version is very light on computer resources, this new version is resource heavy. Either that or it’s so buggy it runs like shit. You’ve taken what was a great game and turned it into something that half of your original users won’t be able to run. Keep an eye on the servers, they will never again be as plentiful, or as full as they once were.


    Make the snow biome a little more populated atm there’s is zero reason to be there polar bears something i don’t care if it has to be carnivorous chickens just make the snow biome habitable


    Weedlocks mogur00 joking mate, chill out


    mogur00 Weedlocks
    at least we made ​​effort, it’s easy to criticize people when you do not effort of understanding the worst instead of saying shit to change my software translation, translated my French and English makes useful you faith in your life


    au moins on fait des effort, c’est si simple de critiquer les gens quand on ne fait pas d’effort de compréhension au pire au lieu de dire de la merde pour que je change de logiciel de traduction, Traduit mon français et anglais  rend toi utile une foi dans ta vie


    kingnewbs PlzListenToMe Source where that was said? I’m curious to read about it.


    PlzListenToMe The idea is to have a fully customizable character eventually. Patience is the key.


    U dont want it…. but many other want it so shut up


    I want it….


    No…. u got a shitty idea


    Thats because OSX sucks shit! Buy windows, thats the real stuff


    We want girls in the game too! Not only men….


    Congratulations for wining golden joystic award


    mogur00 Weedlocks Methinks so too


    Weedlocks Pee in a violin XD


    Smyrr Sounds echo? Animal footsteps dont echo, is this what you’re saying?


    Hey Garry fix the issues wit the holes in the ground, doesn’t help when you can’t place a foundation and all you can do is roast yourself alive to get back out.


    In my opinion, the worst thing with the game is SOUNDS. Step sounds and walking animal sounds echo and mix up and i cannot even understand what the hell is going on around me. Also, maybe a little bit more animals and spread them around the map


    BringMeMyCoffee One less soul to worry about, have fun playing gta :)


    galaxybeatzz Verify the integrity of your files in steam through properties.


    CRAZYSTUFF Press F2 in game and turn own the settings, that helps heaps.


    06unique06 Doors work fine with the unlock, if they dont unlock you dont have a key, or you made a door, placed a lock then upgraded the door to metal then ruined the lock. Run my own server and since the update this morning there has not been an issue with the locks. Doors open fine and close.


    MohamedMoubtassim No, fix your calendar… :P


    lumariousthelion Videos aren’t corrupt and work fine, checked your adobe settings for activating.


    TheRedMenace_ After an update use the verify option for the files, this usually fixes the issues.


    TylerSlater Did you not read anything about procedural mapping and what it takes, its very different to legacy and how the map is made because each terrain that is generated is based on a seed and no 2 seeds are the same, making a map will take time.


    JackFletcher TheQuagmire lol you guys that was done in photoshop, someone just ripping off the steed out of World of Warcraft.


    TheQuagmire i hope its a Joke to… or else its gonna go from a survival game to a big gay BRONIE fuck fest.


    Kailucez There is a reason its called Alpha and also how the mountain ridges are all triangles, patience young padawan :)


    Aur have never seen that in game before but have seen it with other games when my graphics card was starting too fail me.


    Hey, they said that steam blueprints are OPTIONAL. You don’t have to use these bps. You can only use normal ones if you want. Special items for Rust? VERY GOOD idea. But only if they’re visual variations, eventually they can be slighty better than normal ones. I don’t fucking understand your hate. It could work like: I have jeans bp, but to craft them I need to find bp for normal cloth/leather/grass/air trousers. Key/lock sys is great, I hate codes!


    “A lot of people don’t like the key/lock system. I can appreciate that. The intention isn’t for that to be a replacement for the password system in Legacy, it was for it to be one of a number of options. Next week I’m hoping to implement another one of those options which will hopefully let you see what we’re aiming at.”

    Garry please don’t try to think of new ways when the old ways worked perfectly. the code system was genius and it worked! No need to reinvent the wheel everytime.


    there shoulda be a recipe for electric lock so we don’t need to use keys on very big houses etc.


    I’m suffering from this bug:

    I’ve reported it a couple of months ago, please look into it!


    please fix it garry


    this is a bug i have being a OSX player and it really ruins the game for me, I don’t know if any one else has it, but it ruins the scenery, and the feel of the game


    TheQuagmire I hope that’s a joke…


    Groovibaby Yeah it’s pure stupidity the game doesn’t need skins it’s so broken and unfinished needless junk like this shouldn’t even be a thought until the games pretty much finished if at all.


    I think the steam market system is a really shitty idea. I think blueprints should be found throughout chests or some other means IN GAME. Paying money for a blueprint is really immersion breaking. I know you still have to get the materials in game, but farming blueprints was a massive part of legacy rust. I know this is a whole new game, and everything in legacy was just a placeholder etc but going out of the game to buy stuff on the steam workshop and then it magically appears in your inventory? I know lots of people love it but i think thats a shithouse addition to rust and makes it feel like tf2 or counter strike, browsing the workshop for the cheapest prices rather than playing the game. Imagine the excitement of finding that elusive blueprint youve been looking for for hours or even days, compared to buying it for 14 cents on the market. This also means if you’re rich in another game with market support then it can translate to being rich on rust, and having the best gear. I really hope they remove this shitty system sometime in the near future.


    Who really care? I don’t want it, nobody that play the game (for real, Garry, please play to Rust) never ask for that. It’s a waste of time!!


    there is minor issue, sometimes when I log in an play, the starve and thirst bar is reset to low status, but after I’m eat, the bars back to normal.

    and did you already fix key lock bug? that when I / someone hit the door with axe, the lock key is broken, I cannot open the door, even if I can open the door by using hammer and the key lock in unlock, I cannot lock it, make new key is useless, I can’t use it.



    I’m sure this has been asked but do the bear traps work yet? I’m pumped for this item


    Damn you are the best DEV ever, working with the best team ever!
    Sence of humor, being patient towards us, making an amazing game!
    Thank you Garry


    The ground textures are gone for me and every thing is black


    NO micro-transactions. I do not want this, ever, in any form.


    Stegalaas  its harder in rust than it is in irl.  Maybe not a military compound.  But most houses aren’t gonna handle a raid squad with hatchets.


    ShortandTall  yeah but then everyone would end up picking the midget. just like we all used to turn off the grasss even when we didn’t need to.


    TylerSlater  i’m going to make a road out of foundations one day if i have to


    Please fix the Framerate. is catching a lot, playing at most or at least the lag is exactly the same … Disabling the F2 does not change anything either, and I use a GTX770


    MohamedMoubtassim LoL… Windows doesnt even support Windows XP…. Microsoft doesnt even support Windows XP… Go buy a new PC.


    JackFletcher MohamedMoubtassim  yeah, its the same thing with the complaints about 32-bit compatibility.  If you are still running windows xp and a 32-bit system… you need to upgrade.  Don’t beg game devs for not making the game compatible with windows 95… JUST STOP USING WINDOWS 95


    JackFletcher  i’m not having that problem, did you report it?


    Vote up here please so they fix it fast !!!!!  http://support.facepunchstudios.com/feedback/view/1622-you-cant-see-people-50-meters-away-great-bug


    rileyjglasgow I feel your pain man. Was able to play Experimental for 2 hours earlier, but now the Ui crashes after 5 minutes


    Please fix the Mac UI soon. I love the new experimental version but the UI just crashes way to often.


    Just fix the mac user interface glitch and I’m happy


    Maddogs10 spaceneenja why? at least we’ll have gender equality


    Weedlocks time to invest in some new translation software methinks

      Shamed Medic

    Good work, guys.


    Leomentheus how do you know that all of the buyable blueprints wont be cosmetic upgrades of items that are not buyable… ? no advantage whatsoever there

    your views on microtransactions are retarded mate. This brilliant new system of charging players who want to be charged for (in most cases) SLIGHT advantages or exclusively cosmetic (ie. useless) items is the key reason we have so many free to play games these days. 

    Why do you care how other players look? Let them spend their money on worthless crap while you blow their heads off with your superior skill


    Damn’t Garry I wanted my microtransaction mount you promised!


    It’s like xmas everytime i read these blogs, Good job Garry and Co.


    MohamedMoubtassim Surprised it not Windows 2000 looking at his picture of bin laden and the OS he musta used to plan his 9/11 attack. But on a serious note UPGRADE TO WINDOWS 7 (similar resource requirements)


    Is it just more is anybody else getting issues when opening rust in which their Keyboard wont work on any other applications that “request” keyboard input for example Other Game Clients, Remote Desktop.

    From the moment i click “play rust” on steam then play rust (experimental) my keyboard stops typing from the moment the “configuration” popup appears till i close the game. (works in steam overlay ingame) but for writing messages on skype, ts3, website browsers or even word processing software it wont work. 

    Other than that im loving the game. + how long is it likely to be till you can update/reload your rust server without getting a wipe?


    Lazyke Yes! Please! Thankyou for sharing this, been looking all over for it since they removed it. I used to be scared going out of my house or looting or feel like my time is running out while the sun is going down. But now it’s just me and 4 others and we run around screaming words that no right human would understand, we find innocent or friendly nudes and toy with them, tell them we’re giving them some nice hot chicken but throw them a rock followed by free 556 shots to the forehead, we then drag around and laugh at their lifeless, slick, stiff body. We return home after a night of fun and joy while putting fear and frustration to all of those who happen to cross on a journey. But that is a story from Legacy of course :(


    I’m trusting garry to not make it pay to win… here’s to hoping he wont fuck it up :3


    fix the god damn thing for WIN XP thanks -_-


    Pleeeeeeaase make a map that isnt so random have a road between monuments or something


    Personally I have a damn nice pants tuning, we are in survival mode its mean but one that was the style we do not care 

    then what is this crap at the maj, when you die you respawn does little more force to leave the game and co on another server and used as decoration on the recce or not I play it faster thank you to your optimization bug was like talking to a wall or to pee in a violin when you take into account the recommended or speaking to another player who does not speak English or can very 


    Personnellement je m’en fiche complètement d’avoir un jolie pantalon tuning, on est en mode survie sa veux dire on mais se que l’on a le style on s’en fiche 
    puis c’est quoi cette merde au niveau de la maj,  quand on meurt on ne peu plus respawn obliger de quitter le jeux et de co sur un autre serve déco du serveur et reco sur celui ou je joue il a pas plus rapide merci de ton optimisation des bug on a l’impression de parler a un mur ou de pisser dans un violon a quand prendra tu en compte les conseilles francophone ou d’autre joueur qui ne parle pas ou très peux anglais


    Anyone else crash after they select play on the new version of rust?
    Always it always crashes for me, update after update.


    Please make the music as it was before or something similar!


    You don’t understand how much I respect you for not ruining your game with microtransactions


    I know this doesn’t have much to do with the update itself, but I saw the concept art of the clothes on the character. I was wondering if it could be possible to determine how short, or tall your character would be? You could just scale the entire character, and that way the clothes would still fit. It might be a lot of work, so I don’t know. I do think it would be fun to be a midget for example, and maybe hide in bushes for example. Fun stuff!


    I’m just wondering…what sense does it really make to spend hours building something if it can be broken into and raided in an hour by a couple people? Your better off to sleep in bushes.   I don’t need to hear build a better house we’ve all built better houses just to come on and they’ve been raided over night.   I spent over a week alive living in bushes and have spent hours building a house and am gone the next day.

    I mean really for the individual player how long can a game really sustain itself under conditions like that?


    Blueprints that Gary is talking about are more along the lines of cs go weapon skins, not game breaking prints that make rust pay to win. You people gotta read your stuff…

      Rusted Iron

    CyberJesus Rusted Iron Thanks for clarifying the blueprints stuff. I guess i was blinded my anger. and ya i think that that kind of visual customization would be AWESOME!


    Finally a Decent post.


    Hey garry, what about adding crossbows to the game? i’d love to be a hunter with a crossbow =P


    MOLOTOV COCKTAILS and flamethrowers !!!!! please please please rust devs allow me to set fire to my enemies from a distance (bottles will have to be found au natural limits molotov flamewars) but you should be able to burn down that wooden hovel and set enemies ablaze with a well thrown bottle of death!!!!!(lacquered wooden armor samurai style especially vulnerable/hazmat suits and some of the more urban designs more resistant) i really really really want that to be put in 
    grasslands ablaze fire spreading faster than you can run mass carnage stone and metal houses safe from the all consuming ever hungry demon that is the Molotov cocktail we need carnage we need death fuel our rampage for a flamethrower i recommend the 55-70 second full tank to empty burn time most homemade flamethrowers average at and 7-15 feet is a normal reach depending on the fuel animal fats kinda heavy and cumbersome so i expect a refining process to be necessary to make a lighter farther reaching fuel source doesn’t have to be too ridiculous but i don’t want every fresh spawns goal to be craft a flamethrower  and burn down the nearest forest it cant be too easy to craft and the fuel capacity will need to be low (expensive straps upgrade to allow more fuel)


    Anterololerz key rings have already been discussed with a designated inventory slot for them


    Rusted Iron did you read? hes said 4 times that it will be purely cosmetic or so close it doesn’t really matter and you will have to find the base blueprint  server side before you can do anything with your global variation 
    first lets say you find your t-shirt blueprint out in the wild now if you have the global variation you can paint it red blue purple green rainbow a skull maybe a little bit longer sleeves or stuffing a little extra straw padding with it  but you still need to find that t-shirt first before you can even think about crafting your red with blue pokadot clan symbol variation 

    also i love your flag idea like what the samurai used to ride around with (samurai armor great idea put it in rust devs) you can see those bloody things for miles and nobody will have my red skull on a black background design right? i’m thinking apb reloaded type customization on items with paints designs and templates randomly dropped kind of a mix between paydays mask customization and apb reloaded’s clothing


    Rusted Iron Regarding the blueprints, he has stated that there will be restrictions, respectively only specific blue prints can be selled/bought/traded. So it could be like you will be able to buy a few clothing blueprints, but more rare blueprints will only be tradeable.

    But let’s see, as he has also stated, the game still is in development, there will be many changes to come, and they really do listen to the community.

    Have fun playing Rust!


    Maddogs10 spaceneenja a smell-muffin secret entrance is naturally censored anyway by pubic hair triangle.


    So the idea with locks and doors is great but the problem is that keys take too much slots in inventory and its hard to remember which key is for which door. So im sure you had this idea about key system (idea will be the folowing) but il still say . So it would be realy nice if you could Name the Key and Name the doors ,also if keys would stay on 1 slot in inventory but when you click on it it would open every Key and the names near every key . I hope you will read this comment Garry . With Love big Rust Fan :3(sorry for poor english)


    Garry, I for one trust you not to fuck us over. Now, why are the videos you post always corrupt??

      Rusted Iron

    face it. NO ONE WANTS Micro transactions AND STEAM INVENTORY BLUEPRINTS! If you look back at the old rust, A thing that made it fun was risking your items and going head first into a dangerous loot spawn and the shear joy of finding an epic blueprint, Then taking it back to your base and reading it. now everyone is going head first into their wallets and LAMELY BUYING THEM! Once more, TAKING BLUE PRINTS FROM SERVER TO SERVER!??!?!?!?!? so a guy spawns in and starts collecting some rocks and them BOOOOOOOM hes got full armor all the guns, and everything else in the game!!!!!! NOOO MICRO TRANSACTIONS OR BLUEPRINTS IN THE STEAM INV! 

    Now on the peaceful side of things i think that you should make it much harder to make a house in the new rust (No No not change the building system) just make it take longer. like you need more wood than just  one tree to make a whole house and the hammering should take longer. What im trying to say is… In the old rust when you start you would have to set up a CAMP for maybe even a rust week. THEN you can make a base. while in the new rust, You chop three trees (Witch takes 2 min) And you got yourself a tower that towers all towers.

    Also. i love your idea with name tags how the farther away you are and how dark it is effects the visibility of them. But i also think that you should keep going with the idea of face paints and coloring armor, Maybe even wearing banners on your back. so if you have a group of people your playing with. you can tell who they are more easily. and with the face paints, (For role play purposes) You could like paint people on your face telling how many you killed Thanks for reading and im going to go play some RUST!


    doors wont open/unlock


    bug with Zach still have ?


    spaceneenja I’m all for the woman model being implemented, but there is no censor option in the game that I am aware of. I can handle seeing a pair of tits and a vagina, its life Every boy and girl has a dick or vagina. But it will make people very mad, you know Im right there.


    Maddogs10 who cares? censoring is an option if their hearts cant bear to see a pair of tits but there should be an option the same idiots threw a bitch fit over the penis and its still here individual servers can censor it with clothing just like they put burlap pants on the freshspawns in legacy if they feel like it will offend someone but there should be an option nonetheless


    spaceneenja Pickstar They will not make any money off the blueprint system, they will not sell the blueprints, and the blueprints will be tradable in game, and maybe those blueprints will be server side so you can only use it on that server and every server will have different blueprints like the old rust. They are going to see how the blueprint system works and if it gets bad feed back AFTER its implemented they will replace it to something else. I think by this steam trading thing they’re looking at you will be able to trade blueprints in game through a UI already in the game, so it would open a trade menu in rust and you could trade blueprints for blue prints, or for a gun etc.Just give it a chance they are not “grabbing for money” they won’t make any money off it, so chill the fuck out, the world is not ending.


    ROCK CLIMBING~ if i can make a bloody shotgun out of some rocks and a piece of a deer’s ass i should be able to make a grappling hook to climb up on top of some guys base or up a rock face to make a higher base and set an anchor for a rope ladder


    spaceneenja YOu do realize that the female models would be naked like the male models. It would most likely make women very mad and get the game sued. They would say the game is “too exposing to women”.


    note 1 tree bases? how would you work out how to place a foundation in one of them big trees but i like the rope ladder idea but put a threat in the trees i like the idea of thieving/carnivorous monkeys and some sort of flying bat thing spiders everybody hates spiders
    note 2 put deer in herds as well as sheep, bears in families(or whatever groups of bears are called) groups around rivers (possibly hunting fish) wolves in packs hunting deer/players you wouldn’t just find one deer sitting in the middle of a tundra and way to make bears wolves deer hunt each other?
    WATER ANIMALS seals for hunting in cold climates polar bears(just re-texture the regular bear for now) and leopard seals/NARWHALS! to make it a challenge crossing the waterways
    note 3 AMPUTATION i wanna take off some buggers arm for coming int my house he cant use that shotgun of his without any fingers can he? probably not feasible but yea hes not going to be running to long or too fast with an arrow through his leg or my axe buried in his back throwaway spears/axes/stones retrievable (throwable variations cheaper stackable 10x nothing too crazy) and cause injury limping slower turn time wobbly aiming etc


    Pickstar Based on this comment, it sounds like you have absolutely no idea how this system will work, and you’re simply crying because you think you’re going to have to talk to other people to get blueprints and progress. 
    That is not this system.
    Your immediate emotional response is driving your entire thought process on this. Grow up. Let the system pan out, and then decided whether or not you want to continue your 12 year old rant. You’re literally killing the process of development testing and feedback. “Obvious grab at money” Yeah, you have absolutely no idea what kind of financial figures this game has already posted, which by the way, was talked about in a devblog when people were saying this exact same nonsense.


    CptZant 5 crashes until it connects again, yes


    FRUIT TREES!!!! create your own fruit this is rust not some Florida orchard make something cool and mildly mutated blue apples semitransparent bobble-fruits coconuts shaped like heads that you need an axe or boneknife to open (carnivourous chickens still have my vote) be creative and poisonous foods mushrooms some good for food and stew others deadly to sneak into bases and poison other players food supplies


    spaceneenja Not as much as they used to, anyways. There are still sales, but they’re gonna drop, since the amount of people isn’t infinite. This is. This is just, wrong, stupid, and does not fit in any way into a survival game. Because in real life, you’ll only be able to learn how to make a sweater by buying a blueprint off a dude


    spaceneenja Pickstar Suck a dick, dumbass. It’s a bad idea. The whole system is a fault. There is no good that can come out of having to find a fucker, getting him to give you shit in exchange for other shit, or having to pay money, to make a god damn piece of cloth chest. It’s so fucking stupid, like, I don’t have the words to describe the absolute idiocy of this fucking piece of shit system. If this gets implemented, I don’t even know how I’ll bear not having to find people on the forums, convincing them to trade this this and this, for the blueprint to some pistol. And what happens when everyone has all the blueprints, a bunch of guys hop on a server, bumrush a bunch of weapons on a forlorn part of a map, and kill a bunch of people new to the game, that haven’t had the chance to accumulate blueprints. It is so stupid, so unfair, so absolutely retarded. This is an obvious mad grab at money, since nobody buys this game any more.


    can digging be a feature with he unity engine i like the idea of tunneling in below bases creating traps and moats moats building underground fortresses maybe even trench warfare


    no midgame crashed anymore. good job.


    Pickstar wah wah wah… give it some time. He’s acknowledge the faults with the system. If you can’t act like an adult and be patient, just go cry to your mommy about the big mean rust developer Garry.


    beards to tell how long your character has been alive please devs i think it will be a nifty feature


    I know a lot of people have good computers and I don’t have a bad one but if we could have a grass level it would really help! :)


    BringMeMyCoffee Jeez, over-react like a child much? You don’t even know what the system will look like when it’s fleshed out. Here’s hoping you never get a gun, you seem like a postal worker to me.


    Sounds good. I like the specific mention of microtransactions and Pay2Win. As long as the devs are aware of this, I’m ready to see what the vision will become.Keep up the hard work, this is going to be a fantastic game.


    female models of the 100+ people i have met running around rust 15-20 of them where girls i love the idea of facepaint and an option to customize your face that’s all i ask


    i don,t like the key lock system when they kill you they you have to change all locks


    I like the key/lock system. Like Gary said also, it’s something they will expand on.  Thanks for the devblog.


    Will clothing be made up of many found pieces or will it be more like a set? Are there different qualities for each type of clothing? Different appearances? I love the mix matched look but I don’t want everyone dressed the same


    I like the key/lock system. Like Gary said also, it’s something they will expand on too. Thanks for the devblog.


    Geralthex better 4 all.


    AndyWeber I dont think we can find loot in the crates before the crates are even in the game :P But i definately hope soon! they could do so much different to improve the gameplay as it is right now instead of using time on new concept and stuff.. implement soe more so we just dont play with the current ingame “LOOT” wich holds like 10 defferent things ( little more than 10 things i know, but it feels like only 10 things – other than starter stuff)


    So when will we actually be able to find loot in crates in game? I see the concept for the loot crate, but nothing explaining if there will still be a system where you search for crates located around certain landmarks (which seem to be called monuments in the new version) to get items. and an estimated time of when it may be added


    christopherpickard6 being able to remove grass is not good in my opinion. it would increase performance for many people yes. But if one is playing with grass and his enemy is not – its not fair at all.. and ithe game gets “kinda” lame when theres no grass. the land just looks dead’ish..

    However i think they could increase performance in other ways than giving the ability to remove grass


    Anyone else not being able to join servers? Keeps being stuck on #Creating terrain data?


    For the love of god, performance. A GTX 680 with an i5 should not be getting 12 fps on lowest settings. Even bringing back the ability to hide grass woyld be so great.


    Falsewall Wolf1030 Cosmetic doesn’t mean just palette swaps.  Cosmetic means that items have the same stats as the base tier item that the armor is classified under.  If Leather Pants are tier 3 and have 20 bullet resistance, then community created Denim/Wolf Skin/Triple Layer Burlap/Padded Kilt all have the same stats as the leather pants if they are classified as tier 3 between Rad Pants and Kevlar Pants.


    BringMeMyCoffee he was being sarcastic. i know it was hard to tell but he was being sarcastic when he was talking


    Of course Garry never listens to his fanbase, we told him we don’t want that persistent blueprint steam market bullshit, yet he insists. If this doesn’t work I will never touch this game ever again.


    Stupid stupid stupid stupid fucking dumb piece of shit idea, the blueprints. I had so much hope for this, I was ignoring everything bad about rust and just enjoying, but you went and fucked it up. If you keep the steam inventory thing in, I will never touch your game again.


    Good work, everything is moving along nicely, I am glad to see everyone a bit more calm this week! Great job Garry + Team.


    Interesting, I am looking forward to testing the game. I am playing on Mac and have trouble with fps I’m averaging around 17, I also find that I go almost out of sync if I chat( collected resources don’t register, can access inventory or menus)


    xCreeperCopX Mael In Patiens No zombies, they was erased early on legacy to be sure new buyers will dont follow the game by its zombies, so forget it…

    You will see some aggressive creatures for sure, but stop thinking about zombies, that will never happen.


    Seriously why have you ruined rust ? the game is basically all about hitting walls either upgrading or destroying :( 

    are all the things that really needs fixing for rust becoming viable
    for many ppl again this is not to insult but its true. 

    bring back old doors wood and metal with codes much better system
    really the key thing is insanely annoying and is a very bad game
    mechanic compared to the quick code door which only gave you a slim
    chance of entry if you were an enemy which is a fun game mechanic also
    you had to be extra pro to get out or else you would have your last
    stand great legacy fun. 

    2 the wall level system is
    really a big failure too all the time now you are just hitting walls
    plain and simple way to much time go with that. the old system where you
    had to embark on a mission to aquire c4 was a much more fun way to this
    cause then you have to run around the map and face players doing the
    same constantly but to really make this fun again the resources also
    have to be much more scarce just like in the legacy version. the walls
    should not be able to be hit down with any hand weapons period ONLY

    3 : water debuff shouldent work during day

    4 : bow needs to be as in legacy much more viable 

    5: places to loot blueprints so ppl meet each other more often 

    6: bring back shelters as start up houses

    reduce resource availibilty to bring about more fighting ( I CANT


    if some awesome admin with programming skills sees this please make a mod or something we need rust to be playable again


    After the previous Devlog I expected too much more information and clarification about the micro-transactions…. Its not our fault if you didn’t explain it clear. 

    “I assumed you knew we weren’t going to fuck you over. I guess you’ve been fucked over too many times to trust anyone in this area.”… Im goint to repeat the same, you cant say this without be sure the concept in your head was perfectly explained… Right  now looking the small info about this on this Devlog makes me think that the idea wasn’t so clear or you would be explaining it right now…

    PD: I love all your concepts about clothing, but you got 20 times more concepts than models…


    Wolf1030 Every time I hear cosmetic only I cringe a little for 1 reason.   What would this allow for community item modelers in regards to armor modeling.  Personally with item modeling, I would like the ratio of armor covering to be redistributable around the body part the item covers based on the maximum armor covering ratio the local blueprint item has.
    Example) Carve a hole out of the middle of rusts current metal chest piece and wrap it around the users waist.


    I like the blueprint idea, because the devs cannot design 1000 items like a community does, but I think it better the admin of the server choose the blueprint that can be found in his server ;)

    Just a Idea!


    Please make it so we can throw the keys through the door, its ruining the game without it. Its just like us throwing them through the letter box.


    Game starts lagging after new update… fps near 20


    Just make it like before, you find the blue-prints, with the global inventory. Only allow say really neat cosmetics to be bought or sold, no basic components like explosives, weapons, ammo. That would allow a pay2win model. Everything cept the basics have to be found.


    The instruction at 0xfc7aaa7d referenced memory at 0x00000000. The memory could not be read.
    Click on OK to terminate the program

    FUCk. ;'(


    We dont want a global inventory, doesnt matter if shit is free. Only way a global inventory would be acceptable is if its ONLY cosmetics and no juggling with stats whatsoever.


    I also don’t see why people hate it so much, don’t be so daring if you don’t want them to be able to raid your base if they kill you, make a sniper’s nest or something. The one thing I can see they hate about it, that you have to get more materials to make a key, and a copy of your key is outside, making you vulnerable… So you will need to make a group to protect you guys


    Garry, I understand where you are coming from in regards to blueprints. But I beg you to throw this idea to the ground, douse it with gasoline, and toss a match over your shoulder as you walk away into the future of Rust development.
    In devblog 30, you proposed the most extreme scenario, whereas someone would spend hundreds of dollars on blueprints. You then went on to “alleviate” our worries by saying they would still need to gather the resources for said blueprints. This doesn’t negate the fact that this player has the advantage of being able to craft these items because he has more irl cash than I do. Whether this is buying guns, ammo, or blueprints, it still gives paying players an advantage. Microtransactions are always trash, especially in survival games. I wont be touching H1Z1 because of their cosmetic microtransactions. 

    I was confident that you wouldn’t lead Rust astray into Valve territory (I regard their trading card system and item trading system as repulsive). Microtransactions in any form are one of the major problems with the gaming industry. I don’t know what to think now that one of my favorite indie developers is considering adopting them.


    Garry Newman  I love this new concept cloths, nice work as always


    coulh u just throw a c4 in the game i wanna blow things up! also what bout when you blow threw things it leaves a wall with a hole in it like jagged edges and stuff i know its more physics to do but it would be cool!


    The reason I don’t like microtransactions is because the original rust made it where you can’t just server hop, so it adds survival and if you are in a PvP situation, you can’t just leave, put your shit away, then come back, they also need to add a time when you log off, and when you are off, have sleepers. But we really need towns again, more realistic towns, with houses and stores.So like what they said, they can make it game restricted only so I hope if they do that then they could make it server restricted… I hope.


    Im gonna just start posting vids of people dismembering all sorts of walls with a hammer. Your wrong you should be able to tear down ANY wall with your hands, the amount of time should just increase LIKE IT DOES! Learn how the world works before you start bashing a REALISTIC SURVIVAL GAME.


    Quit trollin, getalife


    I think the blueprints idea will work good, makes it more interesting, also it won’t be like in the legacy where you would be so far behind if you join a server that has been up for some days or weeks (the ones with C4 blueprints). But i in my opinion you shouldn’t use the key system, the was that the doors are in the legacy is way better, quick and easy. And you should also add the shelters back maybe, and do something like creating good looting points on the maps (Big rad town etc). That way people have bigger chances of meeting each other and make some chaos. And please. Reduce the volume of the rads, or at least make it able to control in sound settings.


    xCreeperCopX RasmusFink What the fuck? Just read the fucking devblog and stop writing total bullshit.


    Blueprints idea is fucking genious, ill will be more than glad to sell my spare blueprints for some steam cash. In fact that may be the greatest idea since steam workshop i hope this idea is what propels Rust into super stardom so all these people who dont read shit can feel stupid.


    RicardoSA1 Honestly I am not sure if you are trolling or if you are dumb. Please answer :)


    i don’t like the key/lock system. many keys is necessary


    SirXeroX joealsko lol cya then.


    Oh joy the game updated and now I cant eat food.


    Will rust go on computers with 32-bit system?


    joealsko if that blueprints idea remain the game is over for me and for alot of ppl… ;-;


    the game is still experimental


    The game isn’t playable right now. Quit trying to argue that “they ruined it”, it’s just not a game right now. Honestly, it should still be called experimental. Once they actually finish developing it, play it and feel free to say “they ruined it”. If you’re inclined to hate it right now, JUST DON’T PLAY IT.

      Mael In Patiens

    xCreeperCopX Mael In Patiens true, although i think theyll use something like mutants for the new rust, only time will tell really


    Mael In Patiens xCreeperCopX I am just saying that rust isn’t how it was before, I honestly like the time when the zombies were in the game, THAT was a survival game.
    You used to kill them to earn stuff, now radiated animals, really?
    Hope they don’t bring the radiated animals to the ORIGINAL rust. I hope they bring back the zombies.
    That was really fun with zombies, comming up and down for items, trying to kill them quietly without anyone noticing. :D


    KERNELBASE.dll caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005)
    in module KERNELBASE.dll at 0033:4596606c.

    After 10 tries I get this error.

      Mael In Patiens

    xCreeperCopX Mael In Patiens well The Forest is getting decent updates and bug fixes and in my opinion is on the right track, but what do you expect? this is the development process, this is how it looks, its trail and error, its abit messy sometimes full of bugs and crashes, recycled and obsolete ideas alike, as i said TRIAL and ERROR, if you want a working game this is not what youll find in an alpha.


    Garry Newman The main problem with the new version is the terrain, the look of it doesnt make any sense
    Mountains looks awful, and there are just to close to each other


    xCreeperCopX Mael In Patiens  XD thats not an excuse thats a fact :) (Im talking about Rut i dont know anything about The Forest)


    JohanM This happened to me but on the third try it worked fine


    Mael In Patiens xCreeperCopX the game The Forest had the same excuse (the game is still in alpha) That’s what I am reffering to

      Mael In Patiens

    xCreeperCopX Mael In Patiens didnt even think about that, frankly not sure what youre reffering to, to be honest. What i stated in my comment was plain and simple, stop whining, give bug reports instead of complaints.


    Mael In Patiens Don’t bring up the “The Forest” alpha bull shiit here IN RUST. Please.


    Update: I was able to walk 5 yards before the game crashed! :) I’m not getting an error message either…


    RasmusFink +69
    I WOULD really love to see that but the excuse probably will be it might change since its in alpha or “we are planning to advance the level of this kind of things” or similar. The new door system sucks, everyone can steal your key while you are in the wild, also change the looting player system, it sucks honestly, it’s there just to troll. 2. you don’t feel safe enough even tho you have fully upgraded walls cause everyone can take down your walls with a hatchet. 3. don’t know much about this so I am not gonna discuss this. 4. 100% agreed. 5. idk if you are talking about rad towns or something but good idea. 6. they were REALLY usefull in raiding plans and starter houses. 7. It’s really annoying and the resources should be the same as legacy.
    8. about the realism 100% AGREED Thought the new rust would be just a graphical update, nothing much, they really stepped up and made this into (quite realistic game where you get 1k wood from 1 small tree, 3k rocks out of a small rock instead of a hill..)
    Can’t agree more than I should

      Mael In Patiens

    Guys, are you stupid or just havent been reading the devbolgs? this game is nowhere nearalmost done its barely an alpha if it can be called that, nothing right now is set in stone everything that you see is likely to change, so why are you saying rust and ruined blablabala? give the game time, stop playing it for a couple of months if youre having problems and come back when you feel the game is abit more balanced and playable. Frankly if anything this is why i oppose early acces, because of all the ignorant broth that give “constructive criticism”, “you ruined rust” is not constructive criticism. So again i IMPLORE you, if you dont like how the game is now, STOP playing it and come back AFTER it feels playable to you.


    xCreeperCopX JaredNHall xlocalhostZ what system/specs are you guys running?


    Seriously why have you ruined rust ? the game is basically all about hitting walls either upgrading or destroying :( 

    are all the things that really needs fixing for rust becoming viable
    for many ppl again this is not to insult but its true. 

    bring back old doors wood and metal with codes much better system
    really the key thing is insanely annoying and is a very bad game
    mechanic compared to the quick code door which only gave you a slim
    chance of entry if you were an enemy which is a fun game mechanic also
    you had to be extra pro to get out or else you would have your last
    stand great legacy fun. 

    2 the wall level system is
    really a big failure too all the time now you are just hitting walls
    plain and simple way to much time go with that. the old system where you
    had to embark on a mission to aquire c4 was a much more fun way to this
    cause then you have to run around the map and face players doing the
    same constantly but to really make this fun again the resources also
    have to be much more scarce just like in the legacy version. the walls
    should not be able to be hit down with any hand weapons period ONLY

    3 : water debuff shouldent work during day

    4 : bow needs to be as in legacy much more viable 

    5: places to loot blueprints so ppl meet each other more often 

    6: bring back shelters as start up houses

    reduce resource availibilty to bring about more fighting ( I CANT


    if some awesome admin with programming skills sees this please make a mod or something we need rust to be playable again

    also fix the bug when you log in and cant wake up please

    AGREE 100% guy lets bring back fun rust, am i the only 1 with a bugged
    server list in legacy ? i can only join the same russian server no
    matter what i pick :(


    the only problem that dont let me play rust anymore is the ghosts, last week lost a lot of time playing the game, one of the times was equipped, armed and ready to play, I found a naked with a spear in hand, I started to shoot him, but he started running teleporting, teleporting came near me and killed me with two strikes and I lost all my items, I gave up playing on that server and went to another, then i was equiped in the other server, I found an enemy in a cave and he was using a bow, with a spear  I was running up to him and gave him several blows  and nothing seemed happen, hence I took a break because I thought he was bugged then he hit me with a single arrow and I died -.- ”
    and then ran behind a naked guy I shoot him, I’m sure I should have hit several shots I aimed at his head, the body, and in the middle of his back, spent 23 bullets and he did not die, and neither seemed to have taken damage, continued chasing him with a spear in his hand, gave several blows and nothing, there came another guy running behind us and killed us both with a spear, and I gave up playing !!!


    Can’t play the game anymore since I updated a few minutes ago.
    Game completely shuts down when I press the “wake up” button.


    JaredNHall xlocalhostZ No differences same.


    JaredNHall xlocalhostZ for me its 200% better performance difference


    The only problem with the blueprints that I can see with the limited information available is that I’m a greedy server owner who rarely wants to play the game the way it was intended and likes to give myself everything immediately without having to work for it. The possibility that I will have to wander around and actually work to get other blueprints is disheartening. The world is a scary place. I would much rather hole up in my level 6 mansion on top of a mountain and look down upon the more folk running around my server.
    Actually, the ability to trade blueprints would be nice and is not new. Legacy had it, just it was in game and only on a server. It also reset on the server wipe. Will be interesting to see what happens when people can drag their blueprints to other servers. Will they farm multiple blueprints on low population servers, then gang up together on heavily populated servers? Will they help their friends and/or strangers by giving out blueprints? As long as you can’t pay for them, it could be awesome. Especially if certain blueprints can be limited to certain areas. If they are in one of the markers and someone blocked that off, then they would control that blueprint. Same could be for certain resources. Would change the dynamic of the game and be unique on each server.


    Thanks for all the hard work!


    xlocalhostZ It is fixed for me as well, but I’m not seeing a performance difference. What about for you?


    ok so is the building plan not showing all options glitch fixed?


    Hope you take a look at this: http://support.facepunchstudios.com/feedback/view/1593-glitching-into-bases-with-walls


    mogur00 Reverend0120 I wasn’t lagging 2/3 dev blogs ago, since the previous one or so it started, thought it was the F2 thing. But since it’s fixed I guess it wasn’t. Just giving a response to how it’s working atm.


    xlocalhostZ there doesn’t seem to be a problem for me now :D


    Good thing about blacklisting those annoying false servers :)
    I’ll try to destroy the game to report back bugs and errors.
    Still skeptical about blueprints, but hey, this is alpha, so we’ll see. If it won’t work out, it’ll be reverted I guess?


    Blueprints are a big issue in the rust community but i really think most people have blown this out of proportion, you will still need to find the base blueprint on the new server to build the augmented blueprint, you don’t have to go to the marketplace to buy blueprints, they will be collectible in game like normal blueprints or items (at a lower % chance)i can’t wait to see how/if it will work. (Do i have this right?)

    I miss the trees being alive they look so static ATM are you going to add the wind animated trees back? 

    Good job on the award :)


    What was the reasoning behind not letting us build onto scaffolding? It can get a little tedious to have to build a whole wall to put a ceiling up when no wall is touching and the room is wider than the available build area. Perhaps adding some sort of support column that can be used to place ceiling tiles but not walls? This column could then be removed easily if needed. Or some sort of labeled scaffolding that cannot be upgraded but is specifically used to place ceiling tiles. Some of us enjoy building two story rooms that are several tiles wide. It was nice when we could build on top of scaffolding because it didn’t take almost 50 hits to remove something we didn’t want there in the first place yet had no choice but to place it if we wanted to build.


    I would personally want the names over player heads enabled again. or at least an option to disable/enable it


    Reverend0120  dont worry, they wont add the no grass command. im quite sure of that


    Reverend0120 kulan Garry Newman xCreeperCopX I agree with the above ^


    Hi Gary,
    I still have the problem that the startup screen stucks at “receiving snapshots”. The console is flewed with “dropping effect generic”. I have to restart over and over till it works…
    Do you know what is the reason for this?
    Reg, Phil


    felixflook dont be greedy


    Garry Newman xCreeperCopX kulan hehe, lol.

      Garry Newman

    xCreeperCopX kulan Garry Newman maybe an option to turn off trees?


    kulan Garry Newman xCreeperCopX 
    Please don’t ever make an option to remove grass. When used, it makes the people who think they are hiding in tall grass look like they are just crouching on open ground. If its not hurting the framerate then there is no reason to remove it.


    kulan Garry Newman xCreeperCopX Something is. When I am in a snow biome it runs smoothly without lag, when I am in forest or in a plain field it laggs the hell out of me.


    kulan Garry Newman xCreeperCopX i keep telling people to type F1-> “kill grass.on true” TROLLING :)


    Garry Newman xCreeperCopX grass is like 3fps the whole lot of it the grass is not your problem.


    AlexandreMotta I wouldn’t worry about the marketplace stuff. It might be a bit chaotic at first with certain blueprints (weapons, charges) being sold for highish prices, but that won’t last too long. As more people play and there are more blueprints floating around, the less and less they will be worth.

      Garry Newman

    xCreeperCopX Garry Newman Trust me, it isn’t.


    Garry Newman xCreeperCopX I had the same problem as this guy. While it is now fixed (i.e., motion blur now turns off), I don’t see any performance increase. My fps on my laptop is 3.2 fps regardless of the F2 settings. If I turn them all the way up, or all the way down, it’s the same performance.


    Garry Newman xCreeperCopX Actually yes I just did. It works :P
    Btw can you add a command where we can be able to disable the grass, I think it’s the main thing that lagging the game.


    Garry Newman KlassicKyle
    nice that we can see a bit about the BP system in progress under the html templates :)

      Garry Newman

    KlassicKyle You dislike a system you don’t know anything about, that doesn’t exist.

      Garry Newman

    xCreeperCopX Have you tried recently?


    I just updated and now I’m crashing when I try to connect to servers. Happening to anyone else?


    Personally I prefer the new wall system. Think about how difficult it was to make a metal house in legacy compared to this.

      Big Frenkie

    I still have problems with favoriting servers. When I press the favorite button they don’t seem to show up anywhere…. Furthermore I was raided today by people who just jumped through my windows. Windowbars or anything would be nice. 
    But overall i really really like the game so far! On its way to become the greatest survival game there is, keep up the good work!


    f2 menu works for me


    Was hoping for some more content…


    Still don’t like the blueprint system. D; Buying the game and buying more isn’t a problem, it’s just that the people who have money along with no life will have everything when they start, yea they have to find it all but they still have the ability to craft it while everyone else is left fending for them selves. So within 3 real life days they could have mounds of weapons, while i”m still bashing people in the head with a lantern, i liked just walking up to people and taking the chance to trust someone and throw down an BP and trade the old fashion way. But Garry knows whats best… and if he thinks its good I’ll give it a chance. Not like I’m gonna buy anything though XD


    Hey, so don’t know if this is the place to tell you or not, but there have been a few servers I’ve logged into now where there is a massive forest of death that crashes my frame rate down to nothing and are nearly impossible to get out of if you spawn in one.




    I’m still worried about the marketplace. But ok. Let us wait and see…
    I’m glad we’re having a new key system option next week.
    But please… Do something about the building system. It’s such a chore to upgrade walls… Not fun at all.


    Nice !

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