This week: the Experimental server’s most experimental buildings.


My favourite theory about Rust’s backstory (because it’s one I bravely suggested) is that Rust is an elaborate form of slave labour for avant-garde architects. They take the ridiculous buildings that people build and sell them at a huge cost away from the island, taking credit for the design. At least part of that idea is slowly being played out in the Experimental branch of the game, where the new and currently uncapped building tools has enabled players to create incredible creations.

The rolling, procedural terrain of Experimental is now being augmented by structures that sit like lost alien toys. Visit any server and you’ll be greeted by floating islands, bridges to nowhere, and spiky things that have no real-world equivalent. They just are. But there’s also villages, mountain outposts, and lonely little cottages. With every squat little building that sprouts on the edge of the world, the Experimental version feels more like the place we know it can be.

A lot of these buildings won’t be possible when the building tools are refined–there will be rules in place–so I’ve saved a bunch for posterity. But I’ve also been impressed by the builds that fit into the world, and I’m sharing those first. If you recognise one, or have a build of your own you’re proud of, feel free to share it below.

Country Living

The rolling hills and log cabins make Experimental immensely evocative. Everything below has been built by players, creating the landmarks that server populations will come to recognise as they travel.

A small village clings to the top of a hill. It’s lovely to see people sharing space like this, even if the cabins are filled with cannibals and people who are overly prepared for the end of days.

Landmarks become focal points. I’ve seen people building hangers up around glitched airdrops, and this guy quickly built a small holdfast around a supply drop. He was welcoming visitors with bullets. Isn’t that lovely?

I particularly like the simplicity of this. A few foundations and four doorways and you have a henge. It’s exactly the sort of thing that becomes a way-point for players as they attempt to turn a new world into a place they call ‘home’.

Reach For The Sky

People like to build towers. We don’t know why, we just know that they do. In Rust, that currently means configuring stairways in imaginative ways. The next three shots are part of the same build. It’s by far the longest and highest stairway I’ve found, and takes you to a height where the ground beneath starts to glitch. It’s 57 seconds up, 6 seconds down.

This one had platforms at regular intervals, and each platform angled the stairway away from the previous direction. The more of these you see on the landscape, the more you can assume you’re going to be shot at from above.

I love this, because you can see the moment where a decision was taken in the building. What it was and why is a mystery. Perhaps they spotted an airdrop and tried to ‘aim’ the rest of the building at it?

Another platform that the builder enjoyed sniping from. It made taking this shot particularly perilous. I risked 2035 wood and a raw chicken breast for my art, as I attempted to take advantage of the full moon. I hope you appreciate it.

Architectural Anomalies

As I mentioned, some of the buildings don’t make any sense. At least not conceptually. They are creations that exist because someone had a magic hammer that sticks things together. Almost nothing seems planned, or if it was only the vaguest of notions drove it. Hmm, this sounds mean, but I really love the wonky, mis-shapen, and impossible creations below. It’ll be genuinely sad if Rust doesn’t have room for remarkable builds like these.

This bridge between mountain tops is one of the largest builds I’ve seen on an Experimental server. It’s also a clear example of an intention being compromised by a building mistake, as the centre of the bridge twists around to make contact, though it serves to make it even more remarkable.

I like this because it looks like a world generation glitch, as if the building has been pinched and stretched along an invisible fault-line.

I love this view, and considered using it as the main image. The ludicrous spectacle of a bridge between two mountains won out, but the moment of solitude the player is experiencing on that plaform–high and away from anyone–makes me want to build a cabin in an equally inaccessible place.

Get In Touch

I wanted to focus on one theme this week, but that doesn’t mean that’s all I want to hear about. If you’ve done something amazingly cool with Rust, let us know.

There’s the dedicated forum post, and there’s a Reddit thread created for every community post. I also stare intently at the the Steam Community, but it’s better if you link me to something you’ve seen on there. You can follow and respond to Rust on Twitter, and I’m on there as well.




    Its pretty crazy that facepunch literally started rust over and now the new rust is already here.. meanwhile dayz just added in a fishing pole


    TimeGears Datbass I had to google that but from what I can tell, yes. I was also gonna compare it to the movie Gamer since in the movie it’s televised and used for entertainment


    killersammich This is the Thursday Community Update, all about what the players are doing in the game. If you want news about the progress you want the Friday Devblog.


    MikkiHeessels Use your brain, this is the weekly Community Update, out every THURSDAY. If you’re looking for progress you want the FRIDAY Devblog.
    Pay attention.


    Any thoughts on making it a server option to have building rules versus having them on always for every server? It’d be neat to have “Creative” Rust servers/communites, especially if it’s implemented where server hosts can control player damage, resource gathering rates, etc.

    First time poster, hundred’s if not a thousand hours in game though, I’m loving everything I read each and every week and the “behind the scenes” commentary.

      JorgeZayas hours ago
    So, seeing as water is a thing now, are boats, fishing, and inland rivers going to be a thing? I’d love for rivers to allow faster travel using the boats, to realistically substitute for cars or bikes. 
    Or what about a strong storm system, one that crashes and bellows, with rain pouring from the sky? Or how about loose rope ladders that you can roll up to block access? Or a grappling hook you can throw, that acts like a slower climbing rope ladder once attached?
    I want some way that the environment affects how the society builds, like making water a central dynamic.
    Or how about the possibility in world generation for there to be multiple islands, with deep water in between? This would create a weird system where everyone is isolated until bridges or boats are built.
    LOL this guys should be a developer i love the ideas of the  boats, fishing and islands it will make the game way more interesting and fishing is a good way of getting food, also customizable boats is a really idea of transportation, i think Garry should think bigger. i know it more expensive and it will take more time but  i think the developer should take a look at it. it would be worth it a the end, i know a lot of people will love this too


    frapper128 i like the multiple island idea


    danilasenko We are in 2014 and not in 2004 where attacking is so easy without any chance to prevent hits or damage, our technology allows us to make much more work on Fighting and other good stuff. and if Battlefield done this in 2 Years and released 2013 i think today we are able to do more.


    only pictures and  NO progress………


    danilasenko if you don’t like it it’s not my problem, you can play COD if you want to have the Old school knifing, in my opinion Fighting should be more realistic and not this instant hit junk that a real survivor can’t counter or block?


    Maby i was wrong :S


    danilasenko i am talking about 2 heads sticked on a tree linked with human parts… or an axein someone stomach that is not in the human anymore or just some random heads on the floor and table


    Woundering the same


    where is devblog ?


    So, seeing as water is a thing now, are boats, fishing, and inland rivers going to be a thing? I’d love for rivers to allow faster travel using the boats, to realistically substitute for cars or bikes. Or what about a strong storm system, one that crashes and bellows, with rain pouring from the sky? Or how about rope ladders that you can roll up to block access? Or a grappling hook you can throw, that acts like a slower climbing rope ladder once attached?


    Awsome! What else where added? :O


    Scheich this would be epic :D




    I wanted the backstory to be : a bunch of army soldiers go to an island to fight a war when the pilot dies. The plane crashes and we’re left on an Island. We will have to wade through mutants to discover the dark secret to his death. Others however, Do not agree.


    Scellow nessy1232151654345 Raptorbot how can you say i am a “new gen of players” whatever the fuck that means, you dont know who i am, how old i am, how long i have had the game.


    Datbass Ummm so Btooom! ?


    As far as the “back story” of Rust goes, I’ve always pictured it as
    sort of a game show, but where the contestants are participating against
    their will. Like a mash-up of an ancient Roman arena and a show like Survivor or
    something. The airdrops really add to that feeling.


    fefenegus you’re so retarded it hurts, a player made that


    u should add more craftable things and more workbenchs ! thats will be amazing ! like old weapons parts work bench and like metal work bench thats crafts like more better things and make like when the player pressed TAB it shows just the first things he needs to craft for the first 1 day or week :) and like 2 work benchs that he should craft them that will help him unlock more craftable things and more work benchs thats 1 crafts some weapons like bow and pistols and he can upgrade it to metal work bench so he can unlock more and more weapons and the second work bench like for some simple tools and he can upgrade it to unlock more tools and just like this :) and the third work bench for some campfires and torchs and simple torch that he can place it to see in the night and he can upgrade the work bench to unlock like a furnace and a cooking campfire and a building parts work bench and like this not just every where i walk i see a huge building just make like we can craft a sleeping bags and camps and shelters and simple small houses just like for the first days and weeks, and like when he crafts a work bench it just shows a couple of things and he can upgrade it to unlock and just like this and he can upgrade his work bench and like this THATS will be amazing not just TAB shows the freaking everything thats sucks and thats makes the game sucks and every1 got a gun :( u should make weapon parts work bench and add more work benchs like what ever u want plz like i think its a good idea (WORK BENCH WORK BENCH WORK BENCH xD) Hope u understand ^^ u can just simply turn all of these words into 1 word xD sorry for taking time see u like if u agree with me

      pol7331 new rust server Stabil


    TomBrownIII RioStro jessopkaden FryBrain  Obviously you arn’t a Dev because more money doesn’t = faster code, and the way rocket is doing it is just making more problems for himself. I don’t know if it’s true or not that they’re moving to a new engine too but Facepunch is doing it right. Instead of working on legacy and porting to a new engine(remodified one as it’s not new) would cause even more bugs. They fixed the foundation of the game first, and now they’re adding stuff at a insane rate which Garry even said once they get the basics done it’ll be easy to fix bugs and implement new stuff. Right now they’re adding all the stuff from legacy which is flying by because they’ve done this coding one, now they can do it easier. They can’t just hire more dev’s to work on this game because they don’t have experience with the Rust  code and would be slow as all hell, and make mistakes others would have to fix. I know they expanded their team though, Gooseman that made CS is doing animation/models I think, they hired new concept artists too. They expanded their team except the core devs because that’s all they need man. I’m sorry you feel you won’t play again because this game has the potential and is starting to show it now. I haven’t played legacy since after the second month it hit EA, yes i’m bored of legacy, and I pop on to see the progress of the exp. branch but haven’t played much of it. But every friday it makes me more and more excited because they’re getting closer and closer to what i’d consider a playable build for me to test and put my input in with. I really just need doors and then i’d probably start playing Exp more. 
    Sorry for wall of text, but i hope you give Rusr another chance in a few months when it’s more polished.


    Tomorrow…a new devblog! :)



    fefenegus errrr I dont know how to take this comment sarcasm??? If not players are building they just developed the system. I probably should not have said anything at all haha.


    I just need doors can lock :))


    …so instead of developing a stable game you’re doing this awesome useless building… GG Rust, you’ll never been a nice game again….


    Thought this was cool as the root actually hugs the foundation :) Anyone else try building houses around a tree?


    RodrigoFelix26 The word you’re looking for is finite, not definitive.


    oliver1969 The world generates when a server is created. So if you join a server that world will be the same when you join it again (unless they reset the server). But, if you were to join a different server the world would be different.


    Am I missing something with this procedural map stuff. Is the map different everytime you log on or is it just the trees, animals and loot different everytime?
    Could someone please explain to me how it works, thank you very much


    YAY! More building stuff… Where are the new gameplay elements?


    sometimes airdrops contains unstable proximity mines, wouldnt that be fun ?


    FryBrain Couldn’t have said it better myself!


    I’d like to see this game get completed obviously, but in the final version, I’d really appreciate kill cams or screenshots of the enemy’s kill that we could save if we choose. This would help confirm claims of hacking and glitching, and some honest people would refrain making accusations.

    Also the trajectory of 556 rounds is cool. They don’t do any damage when they come back down, but they do in fact come back down, so they should totally kill you if you stand there. Make these things happen please.


    They are not infinite and will never be


    This game is great and is on its way to become one of the best survival games
    You can’t be complaining about certain things while the game is not ready After all this is just a trial version


    should not allow building like this to happen. apply physics and be done with this non sense.  if player had to think of supports the building phase might be thought about a bit more.


    Cool, i hope the render lag issue in rust is fixed. since people are going to go nuts with the new building capabilitys
    the render lag currently already pretty much ruins some servers


    If the cheaters aren’t taken care of in this version, its all a waste of time.


    It vives an explanation to air drops


    Someone plz tell why with the last update of rust i lose 30 fps in game when before i play rust with 60 fps with render on middle, whyyyy?


    Someone plz tell me why after this last apdate  i lose 30 fps in game when before i play with 60 fps with render on middle, whyyyy?


    The second photo on the page, that looks like an upside-down house, is one I made :) Great update!


    PR8G4M3R Are you talking about penis and ass? Penis and ass in rust originated before The Forest, so stop posting bad ideas.


    PR8G4M3R This is a really bad idea, please consider never posting bad ideas again.


    RioStro TomBrownIII jessopkaden FryBrain try programming some english into your comments. 
    I have written thousands of lines of code and found it tedious thus I am not a game dev. 
    Yeh its an alpha and yeh ppl are crying because the development is going at a snails pace and there is not a clear road map for their dev schedule. It will be 2 or 3 years at this rate before they even start thinking about going to a beta. 
    They have switched gears several times and lack clear direction and they have sold over 500,000 copies and that is something in the 20 million dollar range? Plus Gary Newman I am sure is still getting Gmod monies. 
    So the shit about “oh well its a small dev team give them a break” is fucking nonsense. They could hire another 5-20 people if that was really the issue with why the project is going so slow. They all got their payday and this is a hobby for them and they have no obligation to meet or make any kind of timeline for us. Though I suppose as consumers we should have been more vigilant buying a game in alpha that didn’t have a time line attached to it.


    Having a ton of fun in experimental, keep it up! Check this out for some cool stuff!


    Hello Rust Team,

    I have some suggestions for the Game, that would make the game much more realistic and more fun for the players. You don’t really need to copy it like it is, but you can make a system that makes it able to counter attacks by other players and have the chance to break counters. Just like in this Video from BF4


    Hello Rust Development Team, i love your game and i really like what you are trying to show us with the experimental branch. I have looked for The Forest and please make it different to this game and don’t jump into this madness of Gore, it is only destroying the whole gameplay when seeing Human parts, especially the Main Menu background.


    JLangevin Yea I like this idea something similar to how Portal’s story line played.

    Also Stanley’s parable with the crazy mysterious narrator was a fun story.

    I guess what both these games share is at the start of both your not quite clear what the story is but you know something is very very fishy. It leaves a lot of room for player speculation which is kinda fun all in itself.


    It would be cool if the story of rust would be that de are sent on a island by scientists who want to study humain reaction and interactions in a survival context


    Everyone has the power to build amazing things in Rust but there are many things that stop them, one of them including people with guns, and while many people will disagree with me, I believe there should be a singleplayer option, where you can tweak what’s in the game so you can play however you like, such as unlimited resources, no danger/harm… people will probably build awesome stuff if this were a feature. I hope you conside it dev team at Facepunch. Cheers!


    Segelei Uhm, you mean this game is laughable. ^^;
    If you give this game some time, it’ll become amazing.


    Here’s the Rust Experimental Branch summed up in 2 minutes xD


    With both torches. Could even place railings inside and have campfires that way. No more need to have campfires on the floor :)


    The Men of Rust!!


    hey devs just wanted to say that I think the work that you are doing makes this game look amazing, of course I would like content to come out quicker but if its because your taking your time and coding it correct so that there are less bugs in the game then take your time guys and for once lets get a game right, the scenery looks amazing. not sure if there are plans for a aussie server but that would be awesome.

    until you get it to the stage of rust legacy in regards to content I will do the occasional drop by of the experimental. keep up the hard work and look forward to seeing a content update soon.

      War Wolf Jack

    Hammocks. If you like things being built in suspension, add hammocks and rope. Also make it so a wooden wall can be destroyed with 1,000 rounds of 5.56. That’s a good way to deplete the ammo on the server for those who think that guns are OP or overused.
    Add several types of Official Servers; such as Official Primitive Servers – Servers that only allows primitive items made out of rock, bone, wood, and leather/furs. (No modern cities or airdrops)Official Scrap Servers – Servers that only allows Primitive and Scrap items like pipe guns and axes made from car parts.. traffic cone hats etc. (No airdrops)Offical Classic Server – Servers that allow all Primitive, Scrap and Industrial items. Industrial items should only come from airdrops and looted cities.
    I loved crafting M4s in the Rust Legacy but hated it at the same time. I can’t stand it how everyone was able to craft the same exact Industrial quality rifles and machine guns with matching serial numbers and magical high quality polymor grips made from.. what? pig fat?
    Industrial guns should last 2x-3x longer than scrap weapons with less recoil, more accuracy and 0 ability to jam.


    I remember when the only thing that use to be on the front page was updates, now its this shit.. smh. And to anyone who says they’re still developing this game to the best of their ability is an idiot, they are just pretending to do shit to avoid an even more pissed off community


    This game is fucking disappointing, and the lack of progress in comparison to DayZ, H1Z1, and The Forest is laughable.


    Check out Rust summed up in 2 minutes xD


    Ah my vid didn’t make it. Check out the scenes




    Please, don’t do infinite world, a lot of people prefer definitive worlds, to have meet-points or something. The game keep awesome, but do a definitive large world. Thanks!


    Please, don’t do infinite world, a lot of people prefer definitive worlds, to have meet-points or something. The game keep awesome, but do a definitive large world. Thanks!


    TomBrownIII jessopkaden FryBrain Omg and it will this weed and this cheetos who let him make a game what so fuckin genius, that everyone crying cause of no updates for the old version. so, he does his thing right. Rust got no problems cause of an arrogant dev team, but he got more problem cause of an arrogant community(buy Alpha and cry) wich never even programmed a calculator but crying he is doing his stuff not fast enough.


    I’m not getting


    as I enter the experimental


    jessopkaden FryBrain they sold how many copies on steam for $20 a pop? way Dayz did that they expanded their team and got working. Gary newman obviously just spent all his early alpha money on weed and cheetos.


    FryBrain They’re making a new rust you Oblivious troll.  The Experimental side is what they’re currently working on to become the new rust.  Legacy is old and will be gone when Experimental takes over but they still got a lot to do. Their team is not huge you know.  Plus you know this game is in Alpha and so is still in active development. Where are you getting “What is not getting done”? What is it you are talking about that’s not getting done Sherlock?


    ***NEW Canadian Server Just Opened*** Looking for New Players To Expand Server, PVP ON, Sleeper ON, x3 Build/Craft Speed, Couple Fellow Canadian Players Already On Server Looking For More Please Join. It’s New So Now Is Your Chance To Join Before It Get’s To Packed. Friendly Admins, No Abuse, Air Drops Will Start To Occur Soon As We Get Enough People So That”s Its Fair For Everyone.      INFO:       net.connect


    I have lost any and all desire to further my journeys in Rust. I just like to look at what is not getting done by an arrogant dev team.


    There should be pillars (like we currently have in Legacy), and supports to hold up the hanging parts of buildings that people have right now on Experimental.
    ____  __                             O

    _|__|/_|__|           ________    | / (Unrelated Giant)

    |       | /              |__|__|__|      |

      |____|                |__|__|__|     /

    Supports              Pillars
    (Exterior View)      (Interior View)


    inspirator88 This isn’t the actual game, this is the experimental version…


    MarkoFrancuski Speaking of which, barricades if added should not be able to be placed on pillars… Thank you very much, and you’re welcome – to the millions of players who hate cunts like these.


    Whats with pillars i want pillars, we wont be able to raid houses with pillar/ barricades :D


    when does the update end? plz tell>>>


    I made that bridge between the two tops, glad you like it. When I got into that mountain there were two fortress, each of one at one of the tops. First I took control of one of them and I entered into a gun fight for the other one, when i killed the original owner of the opposite fortress. I started to make mine bigger, then I thought that it could be fun to join the two fortress (fun and useful cause I went into gunfights every time someone entered the other fortress). I got help from a guy who gave me lots of wood when he saw what I was doing. Someone else built some more on top of the bridge center, that was not me.


    nessy1232151654345 Raptorbot It’s a game man, not an Architectural Program for Designer that will build Flats in New York …

    Stupid new-gen of players


    inspirator88 Dude it’s a game, we don’t want REALISTIC shit, if you want Simulation go play IRL

    I want a game, not a simulation


    pillars should be in the game to hold up overhangs. that way these buildings wont be quite as stupid, if they actually obey physics to some extent


    LegionaireReaver nessy1232151654345 no because block towers arent the safest option so most people make proper buildings


    Raptorbot nessy1232151654345 how the fuck is randomly placing shit everywhere imaginative, im an artist in real life so fuck off saying my imagination was taken from me because thats bullshit


    inspirator88 I’m just a writer, so it’s unlikely they’ll listen to me about it.


    “Hmm, this sounds mean, but I really love the wonky, mis-shapen, and impossible creations below. It’ll be genuinely sad if Rust doesn’t have room for remarkable builds like these.”

    You guys really need to make up your minds as to what direction you guys want to go with this game. These buildings look awful and most of all unrealistic. Glad I didn’t buy the game yet! See you in a month or so hopefully things have drastically changed by then.


    nessy1232151654345 People already do that on legacy. It’s called giant ugly block towers. At least with this they’re creative and funny.


    i hope you dont let it be like this. because ppl will make damn ugly but safe houses and nobody wants to have ugly houses on his server.


    HalilEmreGuclu Targecik That way, Thanks :)


    nessy1232151654345  I see someone had their way with your imagination as a child.. pity


    please make it so buildings are a little less crazy, if you leave it like this people will make incredibly ugly buildings just because theyre more secure but it looks silly.


    Targecik U have to enter game on Steam Library. Press “Play” , u will see a menu with 2 part, Play Rust  – Try Experimental , Choose Try Experimental and click on okay


    How to join Exp. Servers? Got Exp version on steam and cant see exp. servers.


    Any ETA on releasing to beta at least?


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