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This week: robots, hotels, and murder-castles.


This week I learned that even Rust’s concept art generates fan-art. That’s pretty amazing, and a measure of the community’s enthusiasm that an unfinished design for a work-in-progress game will generate a creative response. The opening image is just that: drawn by ZeroFoxFK, he’s taken some of the NPC concept art that Paul Bradley designed and created his own interpretation of it. He also made The Supervisor.

He wasn’t the only person inspired by the concepts. A Reddit thread about them incited some interesting discussion about the role robots and NPCs could play if they’re let loose on the island. The well-named “dontbetoxic” suggested:

If they can fold up into a cube, the cargo plane should drop one that looks vaguely like an air drop crate.

Which generated ideas about the potential for PvE, with airdrops of angry robots perhaps provoking the people or Rust into working together? It doesn’t quite take into account the moss, but it’s an interesting notion.

The robot art also inspired some creative writing. This, from Machismo01, is evocative:

I saw a man get cut in half by a Caretaker. It walked between the ancient walls, as if it defended something other than ghosts and some old crates. After getting shot, the injured red wolf would dive under its legs. I never saw an animal look smug before. They knew we feared it. They knew it was its friend.

All this from a glimpse of some concept art. Awesome.

One Man’s Castle

Experimental’s building tools have already provided some remarkable architecture, but as the tools are starting to become more refined, the buildings are getting a tad classier. Nitecrawlr has already featured in a previous Community Update, by building a maze with the first round of proper building parts we dropped into the game, and now he’s made a castle, turning over 25,000 wood into a stately and grand estate. It is water adjacent. Let’s take a tour.

Maybe it’s the shadow, but it looks foreboding. That’s the sort of place that definitely has dungeons, a ghost, and a running tab with the local executioner.

The view from the top turret, no doubt angled so we don’t see the corpses of his victims.

The last thing many people will ever see. Probably.

Someone has definitely been pushed to their death down those stairs.

There you have it. A nice tour of building built to creak in the wind.

Hotel Olympus

I’m kidding, of course. I’ve no idea if Nitecrawlr’s castle reeks of carrion or not, but it looks like it does, and if Tom Hanks movies have taught me anything it’s that creepy houses will inevitably play host to murderers*. What he needs to do to convince me is make a trailer for his building, just like chaps at Olympus Gaming did. If you’re a lonely wanderer on the road of Rust, in need of a secure place to stay, why not check into the wood marvel that is the Olympus Hotel? It’s quite amazing how a game as indifferent to the notion of player luxury can be made into something that appears so cosy. The sales pitch goes:

Please Enjoy your stay at our lovely Olympus Hotel for new and old players alike! Amenities include, complimentary rad pills, cooked chicken breast breakfast buffet and stocked forges to warm the night. Upgrade your room to a deluxe TODAY!

Let’s not assume that this sort of stuff is normal: a guy has made a trailer for a hotel he build in a game. And that hotel has luxury rooms. That’s pretty great. And now I want to hear from people who’ve created buildings with a purpose in Rust. Hotels, shops, casinos, anything that’s above and beyond the usual player base. Something that has a function.

Speaking Of Buildings…

Discovering what you can do in Rust is part of the charm of the world: you join a server, seek help, and the community will be there for you. Nothing can go wrong. Well, unless the person you ask is recording for Youtube and decided to mess with you. This is what happens when a group of players convince a Newman that he has to have a building permit. It brings the excitement of municipal building statutes into the otherwise dull world of rock murders and pigs made out of chicken.

I think the bit where the prankster has to cut his mic in case he laughs is one of my favourite Rust moments. That poor player. He should have consulted the Rust Guide before playing.

A-mazing Race

Turn your speakers down before you click on the next video: it suffers from a noisy musical track, but at least the band is called Labyrinth. It is appropriate for a server with a maze. I’m fascinated by people taking Rust’s components and building their own games out of them. It doesn’t need to be complicated: the Bowwersville server has a maze where up to 16 people can compete to win in-game prizes.

I’m impressed by the explosive methods the player employs to move through the maze: it’s a challenge tuned to the format of Rust, requiring the use of C4 to obliterate a blockage. That’s not something I’d have thought about as a maze designer. Anyone got any examples of people playing mini-games in Rust?

Get In Touch

This is all about you, so get it touch and let me know what you’ve been making.

We have a dedicated forum post, or you can post in the Reddit thread. I also poke around the the Steam Community, so feel free to show me to things from there. You can follow and respond to Rust on Twitter, and I’m on there as well.

*The ‘Burbs spoiler. Sorry.




    Omg, Are you kidding me guys? With just players, bears, and wolfs, rust gets extremely boring, and sometimes servers go completely dead because of a powerful group, which makes rust even more boring, I think a creatively hard PVE add to rust would make rust perfect.



    With The robots, No. Bears and wolfs do fine, As your main enemy are players, You should not have to worry about robots, Keep it real.
    other than that. Great work!


    NedPickering ChristineMotsinger and allso they need to make it a lot harder as its supposed to ber a suvival but all you get is everyone running around shooting you and you should only get guns like you have to find parts to make them not just craft out of a bit of metal yes its a fun game but its cheaply made


    NedPickering ChristineMotsinger they could do a lot more like a bigger world more roads maybe full citys and be able to fish and stuff like that maybe like a dayZ type world but just the map if that makes sence


    MP5kit-NoDec-NoDur-AirDropsx2-InstaCraft-DestroyConnection Info: come join the fun looking for more players


    i wouldn’t say the players should be forced to team up- but give it a benefits deal. I mean, you KNOW that people are going to kill each other immediately after they defeat the monster… i’d love to have it drop multiple items, scattered, so that one person doesn’t get EVERYTHING.

    Also, Conor, i love the idea of the sky changing color, too.


    I like the idea conorw288


    There should be different game modes, one is regular and one is robot apocalypse, which is a set map with abandoned building and airdrops, but the robots drop in like cubes and the players have to team up to kill them. When they get dropped there should be an explosion and the sky should change color


    Perhaps there could be different server types? Post apocalyptic:machina, and post-apocalyptic:nuclear.
    Just an idea.


    As far as the robots not taking account the moss if they get dropped by planes.   You could change the default airdrop model to incorporate some kind of shaggy camo onto it’s side to help mask whether the drop is a supply drop or one of these death robots.


    They could do a modern city after the explosion, and were made ​​by a remnant of the fallen civilization because the remains could be of robots, not that could be still active, with a kind of solar energy are on.


    My friends and I built a very large metal house on a server one time. Once we got to about 5 stories we capped the house and focused on the inside. The 3rd floor was large and empty. By this point we had more resources than we needed. We decided to turn our 3rd floor into an arena where we could safely practice our shooting and other combat skills. We placed some wood barricades around for cover and we had a small room set up with guns, ammo, armor etc. We invited other friends from the server to come battle it out as well. It turned out to be one of the better times we had in Rust, and all from such a simple idea. But I guess that is the beauty of Rust as a whole.




    Yetiman420 Guns only being available to the elite? What. That is a terrible idea. Well established players already curb stomp newer players most of the time, and that’s with newer players having access to shotguns and pistols. You make it where the only threat to established players is other established players, and you create a recipe for endless murder of new players.


    (DEVELOPER please read I, and many other rustys feel this way) Guns in no way should be easy to get. They should only be obtainable by the “elite”, and the elite being the players who have established a homestead, and have made it to where they can easily survive with what they have created. I think it should take a while to work you way up to guns, and as of now there is only a rock, a bow, and a couple types of hatchets in between. I think you guys should seriously consider adding spears, possibly swords, a flint knife which is basically a knife with a flint head. These are all weapons used for survival that are essential for survival. Minus the sword that would be for human defense. What i’m getting at is their shouldn’t be a massive gap between people who are in the first stages of survival, so they maybe have a bow, and a hatchet. Then the next stage up being guns, their needs to be something in between. It is simply to easy to survive! You spend a couple nights in the wild, make a house then suddenly your crafting guns! Their must be more of a survival aspect it needs to be harder to create guns, maybe add obtainable crafting recipes that have multiple pieces to them, and are hard to obtain, maybe only by killing the robots. Also the new map would be perfect for horses the landscape is absolutely perfect for riding smoothly and quickly.


    Kornfed They need to optimize it still, which i’m sure isn’t on the top of their list right now. It can’t be.


    AleksanteriRoiha I think it would be good if, for instance wolfs, attack you in a group and encircle you. If to many of them get killed, the others flee.
    About the guns: I like them in rust, imo it would be good if the “heavy armor” (the metal chestplate) have cons, for example slow you down


    What i think rust should have. No zombies. More wild animals and better AI for them etc. not attacking “packs” of players. I think Rust is a great game but firearms don’t fit in as think. maybe one or two firearms which have considerable cons against their pros. Faster movement if less carried. Keep up the awesome work!


    T4boOo Kornfed RobMcdonald2 this game is not in beta…..its an early acces alpha. meaning the core of the game is still being developed. beta is when content gets patched in…..


    come join my server is a fresh wipe! net.connect


    We have 6 hotels on Pure-PvE – It’s a PvE server with sleepers on, raiding allowed, and no craft C4, among other things. I started with 2 hotels and they’ve progressively filled up. People seem to like just having to bring a door to have a place to stay, at least to start. 

    http://toprustservers.com/pure-pve / net.connect – check us out!


    Don’t put robots in. Here’s why, Rust Is one of the greatest survival games out there and I fell like you should focus on the survival aspect. Also I think weapons should be more rare and for top class criminals, you should add spears and swords and homemade knife and closer range weapons and focus on survival. But… Rust is Amazing.


    T4boOo Kornfed RobMcdonald2 The first version fell by the wayside because it would be, for lack of a better term, completely and utterly fucking stupid for them to bother updating it ever.

    They restarted the codebase because the old codebase was shitty (not so they could add pretty graphics). You can only patch a shitty codebase so much before it becomes an unmaintainable nightmare.

    In short, no they are not “pretending that nothing is happening”. On the contrary, you seem to be pretending that they aren’t doing anything.


    Kornfed RobMcdonald2 T4boOo First, good night. The gameplay of the alpha version, in my humble opinion is much better. Rust does not need graphs beautiful to be a good game. On the message test version, of course I saw and I see every day, and I follow the weekly forum in search of news. 

    Like much of the Rust, I got to play 500 hours in record time and after the development of the beta has been initialized, the first version simply fell by the wayside without receiving any type of update. 

    I just hope the game does not take more to be released.


    MattandKimLosey To quote you…

    jesus fuck.


    MattandKimLosey Dude, they update it about 10 times everyday, check @rustupdates on Twitter


    War Wolf Jack  They want the new Rust to have Workshop Support. SO expect user made clothes and weapons eventually

      War Wolf Jack

    Rust should ‘Officially’ be unique and interesting while ‘Unofficially’ being able to steal all of the customers with ease from the main FPS games and minecraft.

      War Wolf Jack

    (It’s so hard for me to get my point across when I’m at work and rushing to type what I have to say)
    But, you know.. Instead of Uber bows and Uber Hatcher, server admins should have the power to toggle RPGs, G18s, M14s, Dunebuggy vehicles, Parachutes…… You know, any and every boy toy it takes to keep the CODing-Battlefielding-Arma/DayZ players happy while keeping official servers very balanced and sparse with firearms and ammo.


    NedPickering War Wolf Jack You haven’t heard of ‘Sir You Are Being Hunted’?


    RobMcdonald2 T4boOo You two are ridiculous, have you ever seen any dev posts? The “original” rust was a coder’s nightmare and glitchy as fuck. This new and more amped up version has all the correct stepping stones to turn rust into a game that is more than just good, but spectacular.

      War Wolf Jack

    I personally believe the developers of Rust should…. ~Make Professional Mods that the players themselves could decide if they want to use in their Server.
    The basic (vanilla) official server outline goal is…
    #1. The Island starts with a bunch of survivors using basic sticks & stones for protection/hunting/gathering tools… (Bone knives, Stone hatchets, bows and arrows, etc)
    #2. The survivors graduate to gathering scrap parts and schematics from rusting urban bioms for scrappy weapons…. (Scrap revolver, scrap rifle, tools made from scappy rusted urban leftovers and parts)
    #3. Then the survivors graduate to collecting the basic set of (non-craftable) industrial grade weapons from airdrops or (possible military base biomes)
    But for the modded servers the dev develope a [Check Box]  that allows you to toggle “Special” items, weapons, vehicles, and different map terrain for your server. There are a lot of gun nuts that want 500+ guns, and a lot of players out there who just want to play it oldschool (Like 10,000 BC oldschool).
    I think they developers should just develope EVERYTHING. Every kind of gun/ammo/vehicle, etc. and leave it for the admins to decide if they want that.


    AshurGeorge They did add cloth and you can craft a sleeping bag. However it’s next to impossible to fing a wolf, deer , or bear. so good luck finding any cloth.


    War Wolf Jack This is such a good idea! I’ve never heard of a robot survival fps before


    ChristineMotsinger This game is more of a FPS than a survival game. All you need to survive is food and food is everywhere.


    T4boOo i totally agree , all they had to do is combat hackers in the first place .. i love the first release of rust and other than hackers there is nothing wrong with it


    garry comeon man this is getting ridicolous. u still havent fixed this windowed mode thing on mac? hundreds of players are having this problem and im unable to play. this has been going on for weeks now so please take note for us mac gamers

      its me 123456


      its me 123456



    Winrar Trial is and always will be…
    Rust is beta and will always be

    The alpha version was abandoned by developers could release the code so that people interested and who really like the game is an attempt to combat the infestation of hackers in servers. And sad to see how a game that has excellent mechanics, was abandoned so quickly. 

    Do not speak English fluently, I’m spending my time here, using a translator to try to show my indignation to the most spoken language in the world. 

    While the Beta is not corrected or is available to play or even not officially launched, the least you could do is try to combat hackers alpha version which in my opinion is much better than even having a lower beta gameplay.


    Dont know but it could be cool to be able to climb the mountains and trees n stuff like …lets say tomb raider style with rope or axes.


    I really like the experimental version of Rust — can’t wait for more updates, fixes, and this game to be most playable. You’re on a good track developers, keep up the great work!


    I cannot understand why people feel that these survival style of games require a crazy amount of guns…. if you want that, you’ve got plenty of FPS games to choose from, please don’t try to ruin this genre of games.


    jesus fuck. 


    Did they add cloth to experemental yet?


    whatever update just got loaded dropped the frames per second from a solid 60 to about 2-3. Great work on everything guys, but I thought I’d better give you a heads up on the current situation.


    Good very cool


    cool robots hope the come in air drops yaay


    NemesisOxide You can tell that @Nemesisoxide has the most sophisticated and extensive knowledge of guns. Clearly he has trained in the most elite of CoD camps. Sometimes I envy people like this.


    I hope you will work for a special kind of foundation to be placed under water (should be the only foundation with this) r8ight now its unrealistic, I know its on early state, but thinking on the final version, I think that a more expensive foundation like this should be added. So build on water will be a bit harder than build on ground.

      Lord Exposition

    Potentiality for robots, eh? If they’re added they should give a chance to drop a minigun, which could be combined with metal fragments or low quality metal to make a a mounted gun for base defense, and maybe abandoned military bunkers teeming with military variant robots that’d require armor piercing ammo to arm or rockets, and have them able to drop schematics for things like military grade firearms and ammo, and maybe the odd suit of rusted power armor that drinks low grade fuel like an Irishman whose drinks are on the house.


    Thing is this isn’t cod. It’s rust. Couple of pistols, couple of machine guns, couple of shotguns, etc. any other distinguishing is unnecessary for this type of game.


    Sounds cool. But Garry Newman said that he wanted things to be realistic, like manually loading each individual bullet into your guns etc. If a meteorite crashed in my garden I’d have meteorite ore… but I realistically I’d have no idea how to craft that into a helmet with a heads up display :/


    Everything is being transferred over to Unity 5. Check out @rustupdates on twitter. Unity 5 is causing problems right now but it will be sooo worth it in the end.


    Yeah I love the fact that ancient rusted technology ties in with the Rust theme


    I doubt you’ll actually see those ingame. If they are included they will be crafted by duct taping random junk together.


    Also labyrinth is the singer… (oh ye, and that’s kind of his best song)


    Also implement claymores so we can use them as a defence system for our houses, that would be cool (make sure to make them detonate when shot at so it balances the game)


    I hope someone from the dev team reads this because I’m trying to give some helpful tips. I really want to see more weapons being implemented into the game. First off in the pistol section I would like a G18, in the SMG section I would like a KRISS Vector, UMP45 or MP7, in the AR section I would like an AUG A3 and last but not least I would like either an ACOG or 6x scope for the bolt action rifle, as the holo sight is not ideal in the case of long range rifles.

      War Wolf Jack


      War Wolf Jack

    It’d explain why normal human beings flocked to/wound up on the deserted island in the first place.

      War Wolf Jack

    You know, the more I think about it, a Robot Survival game based in the wilderness sounds cool as hell. Glad you removed the zombies. Patrolling robot drones… driving up from the sea… or being dropped from the air…scouting the island for human survivors is definitely an idea.
    It would not just make the game unique, but would also help explain why the game is called “Rust”. Killing them would also give you ammo/rockets and industrial metal mechanical bits to build your own vehicle.


    i dont realy know what you guys did now to make the inventory lag like this, anyway needs to get a hot fix asap ain’t playable like this


    Check out my Rust video! Thanks


    Ok thanks for the update, brought the game 2 months ago and thought it was awesome! until the hackers came along, hopefully this new version will be great.


    Maybe the caretaker will be able to be controlled? Heres how I think it will go : First, there will be a meteor streaking through the sky with a ” Woooooosh ” sound and when it lands its a ” BAKEEW ” and its WAY louder than an airdrop, but with it will be either a caretaker or a supervisor. The meteor itself is mineable WITH A PICKAXE and c4 ( c4 is better because it takes like 5 picks to mine ) and so the minerals the meteor would hold would be large amounts of rocks, iron, sulphur, but the MAIN reason its so important is ” Meteorite ore “. You will have to craft a special furnace made by iron or titanium or something that would like like 5 minutes for one piece of ore. In the end, it will take 10 high quality metal ( Made in the Auto-bench, which is also made by titanium, which is found in the meteor rarely ) and 20 meteorite bars to make a ” Controller “. What it will do is you will hold it out ( Looks like some makeshift wii-mote ) and then it aim it at one of the robots and it will then be on YOUR side ( The eyes would turn green ) and then you will be able to designate it where to go and all. The supervisor will be directed where to go, and has WAY more firepower than the caretaker, so it should be used to guard a storage room. Then, the caretaker, cant be in a designated spot. It can be turned on and off though. It will follow you around and when it spots an enemy it will shoot missles that do 50 damage if they have Kevlar. The remote will break after the robot dies. Also others can hack your robot with a ” Hacker ” version of the remote. Though it will take time. And finally, there will be ” Meteorite armor “. Starting off with the boots, they will increase your speed by 25%, enough to WALK away from a wolf as though it was a bear. The leggings will be a part of the chestplate. They will provide one extra line of inventory storage, as well as DOUBLE the weight you can carry ( If were talking about experimental mode here ). The chestplate, however. will provide THREE slots, but will bring down your max weight to just 50% more. Then, the meteorite helmet, is the overall best. It will give you an overlay that will track the status of your robot, time until the next airdrop / meteor ( Wont tell you where it is though. WAY too overpowered. ). It will also show you a minimap aswell mark off all the people in your vicinity. It also speeds up your crafting. Welp, that’s all I got!


    Really creative stuff!


    guy5199 You don’t quite get what’s going on here do you. Rust is being remade ‘from scratch’. The Rust you are on about with it’s hackers and stuff is  no longer being worked on. This is a new Rust that (hopefully) will have those problems in mind.


    We had an obstacle coarse that was created on the server that I’d played in. Where you had to walk along walls, jump over obstacles and climb up a four level tower without the use of stairs. Mostly through boxes and barricades. It was actually pretty fun getting pairs of people out there to run the coarse.


    Im really enjoyin these posts, keep it up


    I don’t get it.. this game is unplayable because of the hackers! that’s why I and loads of my fiends stopped playing it. seriously you want to impress me with an update plaese sort the hacking issues out then I’ll try this game again, surely the most important update you can do early access or not!?


    CorporalAris 730game 
    Damn right!! People need to stop moaning on here. Don’t buy an early access game if you want a bug free experience..then again.. How many PC games are bug free? Jesus, Even Skyrim was hardly bug free when it came out. It was unplayable for about a month!!!!!
    and for the people who say “Well it should be in BETA by now not starting a whole new engine”. -_- No, You may want to check up on AAA titles that have been half made..and then wiped and rebuilt for a new engine or new ideas. The most famous (to me anyway) Was Black & White. That got scrapt and remade a few times.
    This game is one of the best I’ve played in a very long time. I love the fact that we get new content every few weeks, I love the way the devs keep in touch with us and let us know what they’re doing and I love supporting Indie Devs.
    Rant over!


    Rust Guide gets a mention on playrust.com! Rust Guide aims to be the most accurate, consice, and accessible (think mobile friendly) Rust informational site. I actually just moved all of the Alpha/Legacy stuff over to http://alpha.rustguide.info/ to make room for Experimental/Reboot stuff at http://rustguide.info/. Thank you so much for the link. : )


    <3 thanks


    How about some Experimental love ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pr9iqTV_F0


    730game wtf how so? The game isn’t done, they said so when you bought early access! What the fuck do you want exactly? Constant content updates aren’t good enough?


    If they can fold up into a cube, the cargo plane should drop one that looks vaguely like an air drop crate. If they added that I would seriously buy this game for my friends! thats such an amazing idea!!!!


    WTF? and wtf


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    sex and chocolate, comfort food for the soul


    i gues, we are waiting to much


    This makes me excited for all the new content in the Exp branch! Thanks for putting together this community update, with Garry’s main update I feel very informed about what’s happening.

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