Someone has made Snake in Rust. I’m not even kidding this time. And the Eiffel Tower.


The Rust community is an endless pool of talent. If they’re not coming up with ideas for the game, or plug-ins that evoke ancient arcade goodness, they’re working on art inspired by how they’d like the game to look. That’s where the main image comes from: artist Alessandro Rossi’s contribution to the Rust community is to imagine how the game would look with female character models. If I tried this, I’d probably still have to label the character. Luckily Alessandro is a better artist than I am.

This is a theme that he’s picked up more than once, and recently created a slightly more abstract image (based on the Northern biomes of Experimental) to shore up his position.

Did you spot the airdrop?

Are You Not Entertained?

Trees. You might know them as the things that scrape loudly against buses and wake you from a top-floor slumber, or as places where squirrels plot our doom (they’re not burying food, they’re burying victims), but it’s more than likely you don’t really give them that much thought. That’s why Redditor, er, Mescaline_UK’s contribution to the Rust community is worth commenting on. He has given them thought. A lot of thought. Too much thought? Well, he writes:

“What follows is a collection of thoughts about trees that attempts to link dots between computer generated worlds and the art of bonsai.”

With that sort of opening gambit, I’d argue that it’s the perfect amount. Mesc’s suggestion is spread over 28 images with captions, but the crux of it is that he thinks Rust’s trees would benefit from bonsai artist John Naka’s rules, taking into account “Height (above sea level), incline, and sun path”. There’s a lot here, but it’s worth taking the time to flick through. After all, it leads to the inevitable question: “Could trees be made the enemy?”

My favourite response to this is: “Gary pls put ents in I will sacrifice my firstborn if you do.”


I have travelled across every server, turning over every rock, and discovered there are currently zero snakes in Rust. I thought my noble and worthy cause was over, but it turns out there’s at least one snake in Rust after all. Take a look.

This is obviously not the Rust you know and tolerate, but an example of an Oxide plug-in for the server. Oxide’s power allows server owners to do alter the DNA of Rust significantly, but I’d never expected that it would enable something quite so extreme as a giant screen essentially running another game. If there’s anything else like it out there, I’d love to see it.

Gustave Would Be Proud

The real world doesn’t often bleed into Rust. I’ve seen amazing, wondrous things on the horizon, but it’s not often that I spot something that I can place. That’s why I was thrilled to see Steam Community user sleo’s work. He’s rebuilt the most famous French monument, turning the girdered pointy thing into a solid looking base. Observe!

Of course, now I’m imagining a server full of famous landmarks. The Eiffel Tower sharing a field with the Statue of Liberty. It’d either be an amazing place of wonder, or maybe look a little bit like Las Vegas.


One of my favourite things about Rust is the way it explores and exploits human nature. Dying is one thing, but dying after being lied to stings like a papercut full of vinegar. They’ve not just exploited your skill, but your basic humanity. Trust is eroded in the game, scratched away by the barbed claws of liars and murderers. Unless you’re the one doing the swiping, in which case how do you even sleep at night?

So a sub-culture of art has formed around that idea, particularly the question of “Friendly?” that’s asked when two or more people meet in the fields. I’m sure I’ve met this pair depicted in Steam user MrB3NN’s image.

It’s not a subtle image, but there’s a truth to it. I’ve been naked and afraid and hiding from a voice on the other side of a door more times than I’d like to admit. And with every playthrough and death, my idea of what’s on the outside matches MrB3NN’s.

Experimental Corner

The more I look at Experimental’s progress, the more I’m aware that it won’t have a corner in these posts anymore. It will be the posts. This might even be the last time I specifically call it out. Experimental is so very nearly a game for people to exist in, with houses that are forming servers into places and not just lands. When doors and locks have finally been figured out, I’ll probably finally abandon Legacy (I still keep a house on a server) and move over.

One of the things that’ll keep me there is the view: screenshots of experimental are increasingly taking over my hard-drive, and Youtube Channel TheInfusedNZ has attempted to capture the organic gorgeousness of the game with a time-lapse.

TheInfusedNZ often records updates on the latest Experimental additions, so it’s worth subscribing to keep up-to-date. Meanwhile, Vinesauce had a different take on the world of Rust.

To be honest, it’s not wrong. For every sunset I’ve admired, I’ve also seen fountains of blood spouting from places that blood should squirt from. That video is a few weeks old–those missing textures!–but I do agree. It is a silly place.

Get In Touch

This is all about you, so get it touch and let me know what you’ve been making.

We have a dedicated forum post, or you can post in the Reddit thread. I also poke around the the Steam Community, so feel free to link me to things on there. You can follow and respond to Rust on Twitter, and I’m on there as well.




    smarchenator LeminLyme What the fuck are you bitching about? Hackers in an alpha? Hackers in any game? Don’t go to sleep carrying shit, this is also basic Rust. Are you offended being called dumb? Cause your whining about inane bullshit doesn’t help me not want to call you that. You let someone barricade ko you? While you were carrying an m4? Yes you’re dumb, goodbye. Rust isn’t a game built for casual easy going players. End of story, whether the bugs prevent it now, or how it’ll develop in the future, the mechanics are going to be brutal, player abuse will be not prevented, but encouraged, and I will personally rape you dry if I ever see you in game, because of your wall of whiney text.


    LeminLyme smarchenator 
    Calling me right dumb is not a very nice thing to say to someone new at something for the record. I’ve actually had good experiences on Rust. Hell, when I can, I give everyone I find something of value, food, BP’s and the like. My problem with Rust now is mostly the griefers and hackers. I realize this game is an alpha, early access deal and there’s plenty of things that still need to be worked out. But I still want to like the game.

    For instance, I decided to keep playing in the non-pvp server, and not to my surprise, my character was killed from within my base. Again. I actually had progressed very well, lots of metal frags, wood, tons of shit. All my stuff is still in my base, the base is intact, but I died from inside my base. Tell me how that makes me a “Right dumb player”. Getting killed from within your “safe” structure just shouldn’t happen. My base wasn’t raided in the non-pvp server at all, in the sense that none of my doors or walls have been blown…yet. I’d say it’s actually pretty well set up, tons of metal doors, 4 stories tall. My buddy was also killed from within the base by hackers as well. He hasn’t been on since, but I recovered pretty well, found plenty of research kits, ammo, weapons….I had an M4 all decked out with attachments….then some guy starts running around placing barricades all around me. Had no idea what he was doing, then boom, I get booted from the server because he placed the barricade on me. Lost everything I was holding. I suppose I’m “Right dumb” for that as well? 
    This game has plenty of potential, and like I said, I want to see where it goes. But the ability for people who’ve been on for a while to simply stomp over anyone new is just too easy. I got on non-pvp to take it easy, smoke my weed and build my base. For the most part, that’s how it was going, until the griefers and hackers showed up. Once I saw a dude flying on top of my base. I’ll bet he’s the one who keeps killing me and my buddy from the inside of it. My base is still there I’d imagine, but there’s a huge chance that I’ll get wall hacked and killed, and will spawn somewhere random when I decide to log back in again. Until they fix these problems, Rust really is simply what it’s been advertised as so far: An early access alpha. I don’t think it’s a broken game at all, because it isn’t really a game yet. I just hope for the developer’s sake that they find solutions to all the hacking and griefing, most people aren’t as patient as me. I can’t tell you how many new players showed up on the server, only to rage quit 10 min. into their session because someone disconnected them via barricade, or someone reasonably seasoned on the server logs back in, only to spawn in a random field, all their shit gone, and they are just too fed up with it to play anymore. And I don’t blame them. But I suppose they’re all just “right dumb players”.


    Check out my funny Rust bandit video! Thanks!


    Yea everyone knows that a polished game can be finished in a couple days, just a matter of willpower right? Meanwhile, why can’t NASA get of their asses and fuck go to Pluto already?
    Either have a goo reason to be angry (you don’t have one in this case) or stuff a fucking sock in it.


    Turn of your speakers


    Turn off your speakers

      Lord Exposition

    I have no idea why everyone is bitching about the community, I’ve met some lovely people who admire my ability to abandon a task force heading to help out some mates who are being raided to steal an airdrop for myself, find C4 and Explosives, research said things, and then go and raid the raiders base thinking it was my mates base. The next day I logged I was mauled by a bear and lost everything. So a shift+click instant transfer function would be nice.


    Drek71 i agree, as exciting as the possibility to be raided at any moment is, its not fun when your hours of gathering is abruptly ended by only 1 griefer who can build one barricade to bypass all your walls and foundations and extra foundation and pillars and spam to prevent people from building walls in every free spot., completely ruining someone’s progress for a cheap 2 second laugh.

    I think a sort of personal zone would make sense.
    Maybe having it as an option for server, so we can have a “hardcore survival” and an alternative mode which would allow people to have more long term buildings, obviously c4 or whatever should still work, but barricade ladders and other low cost, but high disruption tactics wont.


    I made a video for the Garry Newman religion.


    I havn’t been on rust for a while as I’m waiting for the experimental but my biggest concern is the base building. Legacy had some issues when it came to people getting into your base. Worst of these was the pillar barricade staircases. I hated the fact to protect your base you needed a forest of pillars around your base that unless done right or until complete left you vulnerable to all kinds of griefing or invasion (not to mention they can cause lag). Surely an exclusion zone can be coded that restricts others from laying foundations too close to your base.


    smarchenator You sound like a right dumb player. People don’t raid what they don’t find, people don’t raid what they can’t afford to raid, and people are terrible in every circumstance ever, not Rust. In a day of play or less you can make a base that would require greater than 20c4 to raid. This basically makes other players ignore you. You can be that guy who builds an epic large base that you can share with your shitty noobs. Protip, build wide not tall. People will cheese to look through walls to find the weakpoint of any base. So make your base as thick as possible and strong from every angle.


    kinebudking JohnathanBringmann Damn that sucks.  I learned early on to take progress pictures.  That way, your time wasn’t completely wasted.


    just noticed the ability to build an entire structure in frames has been removed whether or not it was intentional this exponentially increase build times. it f doesn’t make sense to limit building like that as in RL the frame is built then covered. i hope the team isn’t trying to stop building in water cause that makes no sense either as we can build in rivers and oceans in RL as well. building will be rather tedious and restricted if these 2  things are intended to be in final build. I was rather disappointed when i realized i couldn’t build a galleon. btw cant wait for the hatchet to be functioning


    I tried to like Rust. I played on a PvP server for a while. People raided my tiny noob shack for no reason, died more times than I can remember. Played with a buddy for a while, we actually got some shit done, built a decent sized house for 2 noobs. Next time I sign in, all our shit is gone, house is destroyed. So stopped playing for a bit, then got on yesterday, decided that non PvP was the way to go….had a good experience at first, but when I signed in about an hour ago, I was no longer in the house I signed out from…I was trapped in some dude’s walled off, roofless structure, with a locked metal door on one end. 

    Great concept of a game I still think, I want to see where it goes….but I’m not playing this until it’s no longer an early access game. The community is beyond terrible, it’s practically impossible for anyone new to get into it at all….I suppose you just have to either be an ass-hat and kill everyone you see, or find someone with a crazy big house that you can ally with….and hopefully they won’t make you a slave. There is zero room for being nice if you want to get the most out of Rust from what I’ve seen so far.


    For the love of God, would all of the brain-deads out there displaying their hatred towards the experimental branch just get bent. Let us review a few words and comments from the developer that may have silently swooped over your head while you were hammering out that outstandingly intellectual comment (you dumbasses)
    -Work In Progress
    -Adding things to the game almost EVERY DAY.
    -Will eventually have everything from Legacy Rust but overhauled/modified and much more. (just look at the devblogs please!!)

    And some insight from my side, I do acknowledge that many developers throw an unfinished game at you with early access then run away with their money. However, it is CLEAR that Facepunch is NOT doing this with the amount of activity we have been seeing from them.

    Also, many complain about the amount of time that early access developers take to complete a game:

    -Early access games seem to take long because with regular games, you don’t hear about the development until the team is far in, or nearing the end of, their cycle.
    -When many early access players buy the game, they expect the game to come out MUCH FASTER than it should. The game still has to undergo a long development cycle, and depending on the age of the game when released in early access, this could take years and years. (Just look at star citizen!)

    With all of this, I must say that early access is an exciting new step up in gaming, however, it needs to be revamped. Game should have a required amount of work put into them once they are able to reach early access on steam. I believe that Rust is a good example of this, for the game was in a closed beta on its own website for a A GOOD AMOUNT OF TIME (for early discovery and broad development & game problem solving i assume) before being released on steam early access (in a state that I would refer to as playable and semi-feature full.).

    I also believe that Valve should include a specific contract that early access developers must sign before they can release their product on Steam, and if the developers think that they will not be able to/plan not to fulfill said contract, they can take their game to Kickstarter or another site of similar goals. This would help prevent the money-grabbing, lying or failed developers from doing what has been done many times. (Nether, Kingdoms Rise, Earth: Year 2066, Stomping Land (I think) and many more.)

    I hope that this rant has been insightful for any being of interest, and of course…

    PURCHASE GAMES WITH GREAT CARE!!! (they may not turn out so well…)

    and happy Rusting.



    Misery – The emotion I feel when just the thought of Rust enters my brain.


    JohnathanBringmann kinebudking yes true story keep a eye out. shoot a week back i was building a town alone and kept getting killed took me like 30 deaths and a bunch of console kill’s to get back to it galf half way dont and serve wipe it i was at 40k wood mostly from nodes 15% from random ppl that would help bieng me some lol


    kinebudking JohnathanBringmann Thanks man! I actually heard someone building around me but I couldn’t find where it was coming from!  Gotta keep an eye on potential threats ;-)


    BrewisTheironbrewDark JohnathanBringmann To be honest, only 2 who tried to kill me while i was building it.  I kept re-spawning until i got to a wooded area that spawned a ton of wood nodes.  This was over a course of 6-8 hours.

      Mateo Arguello

    I think it would be awesome if we could build boats and then ships that could be operated by a crew, same with land vehicles and air. I already find it fascinating the social ecological factors that have sprung up in the first version. I am curious to see what more space does on a social political scale. So far I have seen bands turn into tribes and naturally form monarchies of surrounding people, land and resources. It operates (people) very much as natural traditional societies do and monarchies. I am curious to see the different social and political systems that come about in this mass social experiment with people and this procedural world. Having constellations for navigation would be great. Also being able to draw and the advent of in game writing would be interesting to see the dynamic effects it will have as a whole on the game and people playing within. I think games such as these, may even give us possible solutions and ideas for real world problems.


    beefbasket Shut up.


    how can i get rid of the loud annoying footsteps sond ???


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    Cracka Completely agree with you, there should be a team with banning powers on all servers that go around and global ban all complete faggots, especially 12 year old gayboys who think theyre pro wasting 200 bullets to kill  a freshspawn with a m4…

      Mateo Arguello

    Its still kicking me off of the experimental on my Mac – this is what I get for going to the dark side!


    minecraftmavenjack Nagibator777 0 person servers usually have no admins on them. And with no admins you get 0 supply drops.


    “look at this cool stuff you’ve guys done in this minimalist game! just finish this fucking experimental branch already you lazy twat gary.


    Character customization!


    Add male or female choice :D


    killersammich  – Join Lady land


    Lady Land! Come Build and be a noob. Death match arenas. Red Trainer Town for trades and deals. Admins are friendly and helpful. Tp instantly to 2 locations at a time! press f1 at the start-up menu and enter-  net.connect 


    killersammich Make your own!


    Great game; Shit Community


    Vemius go on a 0 zero person server, no one goes on those


    Nagibator777 go on a 0 person server


    So, get weaponed!


    BrewisTheironbrewDark it is a double edged sword. on the one side i would say this prevents people from spamming there houses full whit doors which makes it more realistic. on the other hand i can’t disagree, but why having 3000 doors in a house that ain’t bigger then 4x4x8 ?


    BrewisTheironbrewDark no cunt


    BenJenkinson learn english kid


    mrmoustache magicks dreadlocks AlexGarzke
    smh i don’t think you understood correctly you “tard”. The op was worried about carrying all his keys with him. If someone killed him he’s lost all his keys to the attacker, where as my way, the attacker would have to go to my house, then find each hidden stash,  probably buying me enough time to get back before hes finished looting and have another go at him. Its a lot better then just handing all the keys to him. Hope you understand a little better now child.  You have to have all your keys to each door somewhere, if you think carrying them at all times is a better idea then my idea of hiding them in each section in a stash, which at least gives you some sort of chance that he doesnt find it and buys you time. Then you’re the “tard”. Please use your brain before trying to undermine someone.


    make a singleplayer i hate people killing me ;(
    i wanna make a home and not get raided ;(




    magicks dreadlocks AlexGarzke I love Rust for that kind of tard guy. :) 
    Why would you care to open all your doors with a appropriate key, if a thief can do the same things and just pick them on the stash? You probably should keep them open, you will save your time. If the a thief broke up your frontdoor, he can just access to all the reste of your home with your shitty idea. That’s was a good laught you gave me. thx


    Shrapn3lMagn3t sliferzpwns PR8G4M3R he said a saber which is an old style of sword easily fashioned from materials found in rust


    I hope you can increase Flintlock gun and Dreyse needle gun two guns, and more Homemade rifle and sword.


    JohnathanBringmann i just started building a house right next to you…. well up the hill a bit!
    nice build buy the way 25k wood is no joke


    A smart idea that someone suggested in a game I was in to solve the key problem is to maybe add a key ring that would let you have all of the keys on one tab (maybe limited to 10 or 20) this would be a good way to solve having to have a gazzilion keys in my opinion so I thought I’d share what someone said :) *My idea was to have 1 universal key to open all the doors*


    JohnathanBringmann Exactly how many people did you kill to complete this?




    I made a Castle in Experimental Rust with over 25,000+ wood.


    ozcrak If all you’re going to do is complain and whine about an Alpha game being buggy/broken why would you buy an early access in the first place? Just don’t play it if you don’t like it.


    dreadlocks AlexGarzke why would you carry 20 keys anyway? makes zero sense. you carry you’re front and maybe backdoor key. leave the rest of your keys right outside their designated areas. i.e. i would have my front door key on me, open the door. next key for the next door inside would be in a storage bin/small stash, take it out, open door, next key for following door in storage bin, grab it open next door. ect. sure, it will be a little tedious, but why would you ever leave the house with all your keys?


    wtf is going on with this game…      worst fucken alpha experiance ever.    experimental is pure fucken shit


    AlexGarzke 1. Dont make a house with 10-20 doors as hopefully with the way the game is going a house will not need that many doors to feel “Safe” to a degree. 2. It is a work in progress and i believe the will make it more like the old system maybe with using an action button etc.


    hhmm whenever i try to launch the experimental branch it tells me: Rust Launcher Error:LoadingError – WaitForSingleObject failed (258). it worked two days ago but now it tells me this ?!


    Some suggestions for the dev team:

    1. If you have built your house, you should be carrying about 10-20 keys. Thats not a gameplay feature that is fun to play. Just think about it.

    2. You should figure out a good way to use the popup system, because opening popups each time you open/close a door is not the right way to go.

    Really good work tho, im very impressed by the progress you make each week!


    Hey, I’ve got a suggestion for a feature. With the addition of rivers and such, I think rafts, boats, or some other form of water transportation should be added. Maybe even a raft with a shack on it? a sort of house-boat? Just thought I’d toss my idea out here, The game looks great so far! Keep up the good work!


    I love the work that has been done the past month, not that I play atm because there’s nothing to do, ill keep waiting till they add cloth,weapons and locks before I get into it more. anyway like I said love what has been done and hope that this will be playable as a game soon (meaning of as a  game)=(something you can progress in)


    Please Rust team do add a melee combat system with blocking like M&B: Warband or chivalry it doesn’t matter when just please in final release add more melee!!!!!!


    I was thinking about that too the other day :). Like..axe blocking or some swordfighting like the good old “dark messiha” game that had some awsome swordfights haha


    wh1tegray1 Wow,nice resource.


    sliferzpwns PR8G4M3R I too can create light sabers from the things I find in the wilderness.


    PR8G4M3R Like a sword or saber controlled via mouse?


    Hello Rust Team,

    Are there any chances to see a fighting system in the new branch, so people could fight more realistic and block/counter attacks?

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