You guys turned a glitch into art. That’s awesome.


This week’s main image was painted by Abdulmanap Bogoslovskiy. It comes from an art competition organised by Russian fan site, Inforustpub. I’m a philistine, and I had to crop the original to make it look nice for the page, but the full version is here. It jointly won the competition, with Iwan Burma’s rendition of Rust’s alopecia afflicted citizenry fighting for wood also scoring highly from the judges.

The rest of the entries can be viewed in this post on the Rust forums, and in a sports day kinda way they’re all winners.

“If you hit 2Fort, you’ve gone too far.”

A few updates ago, I discovered an purpose-build deathmatch arena in a Rust server, and I wondered aloud about a server where all the buildings were built to house battles. That goal has changed: after seeing this remake of Counter-Strike’s cs_assault in Rust, I now want to see a Rust server dotted with remakes of classic FPS maps.

Look at this.

If you click the screenshot, it’ll take you to more images of the map. Here it is as seen in the mildly popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It’s a remarkably good cover version.

And here’s the map fulfilling its purpose by playing host to sweary gun men.

Worlds are shaped by our understanding of landmarks, so in the procedural map you’ll need a shared lexicon that all gamers understand in order to find your way. I’d definitely spend time in a world where you’d need to “turn left at de_dust”. Someone build that and invite me.

Our Lord & Saviour

A few months ago, I had a plan for a video series where I would play online survival games and walk around as an “End Is Nigh” preacher. I downloaded a copy of the bible, practised a few barks, and then completely forgot about it. That’s my Youtube career in a nutshell. And though The Game Survivor’s wandering preacher isn’t quite the same thing–he’s more of a door-stepping servant–it is in the ballpark. You can guess the extremes in reaction he receives from the Rust community: from being murdered to gaining disciples, there’s little middle-ground when you’re spreading the good word in a bad world.

To the guy who said: “I’d actually like to talk to you about how you have no dick,” and then ran away. Man, you had a chance to say something witty. To engage. And what did you do? You mentioned a cock and ran off. Embarrassing.

Something sort of similar happened to me on a server this week. I was minding furnace on the top of an abandoned tower, trying to smelt the metal for a door so I could hide from everyone, when I was approached by a chap in full kevlar. He was pointing a rifle at me. I saw him come from a fair distance, and decided that my meagre belongings weren’t worth the hassle. He approached, aimed his gun and squeaked out: “If you live or die depends on how you answer the next question… er, do you like boys?”

I scolded him for his unoriginal line of questioning and then threw myself off the top of the tower. How do you lot deal when threatened in Rust?

Hats Off To You

Experimental is taking shape, but there’s still a lot about the game we don’t know. Excitingly, that means the community offers ideas and solutions to things. They’re often incredibly nerdy and specific, which is pretty rad. Forum user leminlyme started a thread in the Experimental folder called Headgear Vision Obstruction!, and made a plea inside for Rust to include immersive headgear. Like the best suggestions, it included mock-ups.

I’m in two minds over this. I love immersion, but I don’t like my view being restricted in games. Still, Rust is all about the decisions you make. If I don’t like having my view obscured, then maybe I just don’t get to wear helmets?

Experimental Corner

As I’d hoped, there’s more to talk about in Experimental than in previous weeks. I’ve popped into the servers a bunch of times now, and though they’re mostly long, gorgeous vistas dotted with broken builds and half-nude psychopaths, there’s a few dedicated people trying to put down roots in the lawless lands. Is this a tipping point?

Johnathan Bringmann’s maze skills–probably the most terminal of the dying arts–has resulted in a multi-levelled labyrinth that unsurprisingly turned into a deathmatch arena.

Take note of the way it steps down, following the flow of the land. His first build wasn’t quite as in-tune with Mother Nature.

Whenever I try to build, I always try to make it part of the landscape, particularly if doing so hides me from view. Redditor InTheOldWest shares that sentiment. He came across an overhanging rock and, using Experimental’s system of creating a frame before filling it out, made a small house. An unfilled frame acts as a window, while the roof is made up of the natural rock. It has been valued at two stacks of metal and a IOU of not being killed and eaten.

Sevigor’s story of climbing a mountain in Experimental is pretty atypical: you see the landmark, you cagily climb, and you take out other players as you take in the view. There are a few details that make it worth sharing: I particularly enjoyed the transition from the green field at the bottom to the snowy peaks on the mountain. Seeing that being experienced by a player as I watched it come together at Facepunch is lovely.

Get In Touch

You know I can’t do this post without you guys. We have a dedicated forum post, or you can post in the Reddit thread. I also poke around the the Steam Community, but it’s better if you link me to something you’ve seen on there. You can follow and respond to Rust on Twitter, and I’m on there as well.




    tylergg is an asshole, i once found his house while he was out “foraging for supplies” he left this chick locked in the house to make things, whenever he came back i would hide behidn this tree while trying to persuade the chick to get me inside eventually he found me and killed me and just talked all this crap to a naked citizen. anyways GOOD stuff love the transitions from valley to snow :D


    NEW RUST YOUTUBE CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBkqDIhsdoV6emshXLefOBw

      Mr E

    orty2man Keep bitching. Garry’s Mod wasn’t finished for a while. Neither will this. You paid KNOWING it was unfinished and they had NO target release date. STFU and deal. Even if he jacked our money (which he didn’t)i feel i got way more out of the game than 20 bucks. Don’t like it? quit, but leave us who understand alone. We dont care


    Russian fans made ​​a film on the Rust хD http://rustfans.ru/publ/raznoe/korotkometrazhnyj_film_o_rust/6-1-0-55


    ok i love RUST A LOT i remember the zombies they were fun to beat up shoot with my rifle, Are we  getting a new mob or what just animals hunting us being SUPER annoying id REALLY like feedback on the new mobs / creatures i am bored getting chased by bears for 80 miles the getting shot by a shoot on sighter pls fix the mobs


    desiremercy Personally, im a big fan of that, however im guessing the development team will take the game where they want to take it, and from what ive seen so far, im happy to follow them wherever that may be.


    02liam It would make a nice addition, perhaps toward the end of the development aesthetics like that may come about, who knows!


    so when i start up experimental the screen goes red. can anyone help?


    zdzdog1 You can already play the newest version, RIGHT NOW. You have to choose RUST/Preferences/Betas in Steam Client or something like that and find ‘experimental’, can’t remember the details. So it’s out in the sense that you can play what’s already there. But if you’re talking about when that version will have at least all the features of Legacy, I’m afraid i have no satisfying answer…

    I myself am not playing the experimental yet, I’m gonna wait for it to reach Baseline, even though some things are already more interesting than in Legacy.
    …I wonder why i’m posting this, you will probably never see this and all those dumb haters gonna hate anyway.


    I was always wondering what size card experimental rust, decided to build this giant ladder to see entire map. 
    This lesttsinu I spent an hour of time and 11,000 wood. Stairs size over two floors. 
    Wrote for Friday’s blog. 
    Text was translated by a translator because I do not know much English. 

      Allan sensei

    hi , i like your work , realy , but , why theyr  udapte are only for experimental ? we need new content because we are bored! 
    Since when did you not put the game to date? If i remember , a long time , same armor , same weapons is verry bored …


    built this way the hell out in the ocean but without viable food i died alot doing it in parts and then trying to find it repeatedly …. took a while lol and its pretty basic. not sure if its meant to be that way, but when i eat chicken it does not fill my hunger or keep me from dieing… only apples and eating humans stops it…. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=295612426


    orty2man No you need to open your fucking eyes and understand they are using the money to create a new rust, thats what the new experimental rust is for.  They are not working a new game at all. They’re only working on rust.. I suggest you look harder before you insult on their actions or it just makes you look like an idiot thinking when you know what they’re actually doing.


    “If he were to address the development strides that he and his team are making, if they are indeed making them.”
    He does this already: every week with a development update post.

    “you have yet to turn out one completed large scale project, and I am starting to have serious doubts if you ever will”
    Garry’s Mod amassed to become a rather large scale project, earning over $30 million while doing so. It’s been quite successful.
    “You bought an unfinished game and a promise from the developer that you would soon have a completed, polished product.  You spent twenty dollars for a small piece of the pie with the idea that the funding would make the pie better, but instead of using that money to work on a finished product to please existing customers; they have chosen to use that funding on other things that they want to do.”
    No, that’s NOT what people bought and it was rather upfront about it on the early access purchase page. The promise was only ever that they would release the product when it was ready. No indications have ever been given on a timeline.

    You also were not “funding” the project or getting a “piece of the pie” in any way. Facepunch could have easily funded the project internally. You were buying an incomplete game that would eventually develop into a full-game, nothing more. That money is just revenue to the company, coming from that particular game. Facepunch is clearly devoting the majority of their resources toward Rust, as just about anyone with development experience can attest to by their shear speed of execution thus far, but to assume that a game company doesn’t make or work on more than one game at a time is just asinine.
    Early Access was given so that people could help give input during the creative process, not so you could act like a pre-pubescent shareholder with stupid demands.


    babulka  Exactly!


    You people do not seem to understand this.  You bought an unfinished game and a promise from the developer that you would soon have a completed, polished product.  You spent twenty dollars for a small piece of the pie with the idea that the funding would make the pie better, but instead of using that money to work on a finished product to please existing customers; they have chosen to use that funding on other things that they want to do.  Thereby breaking the fragile trust between customer and supplier.  You all can keep defending this person if you want to, but in a year you will be singing my same tune when Rust is still not polished and there are two other betas for sale from Facepunch that come with a tag stating “to be completed when we feel like it.” Wake up kiddies.


    fusionross The twitter lists every change as It’s implemented, the dev blog lists the most significant changes and work from the week.
    On top of all that, this is the COMMUNITY update. This portion of the blog is for us to look at tiny genitalia flapping in the wind atop of a giant metal re-creation of Big Ben, built by some guy who got his pants stolen by a screaming twelvie wielding a pipe shotgun.


    orty2man jesus quit bitching and play something else until its done.


    Wow! It’s great to see how he f’s around in the game, but you know what would be better.  If he were to address the development strides that he and his team are making, if they are indeed making them.  I paid money for Rust.  I did not pay money for Rust so that Facepunch could take that money and develop other games.  And yes Garry, I have heard your argument concerning HBO and Time Warner, allow me to stress upon you that you are not HBO or Time Warner as you have yet to turn out one completed large scale project, and I am starting to have serious doubts if you ever will.  I have had a lot of fun playing Rust but at this point my faith in you is becoming very thin.  Go ahead and continue to ignore the people who are saying the same things that I am saying right now, it will be your downfall.


    i wish u can actually customize my own player! like my head  can either small or big, or my skin color, or even better (when hair is implemented if not already) we can chose how much hair u start off with (cuz im guessing hair grows the longer u play) and like the color or hairstyle. i know it sounds like a time waster and such but it would add another huge aspect to the game seeing different looking players running around


    Hi this should approach the Community blog. What positive people live in Russia. They can build the planes themselves to fly. First, they built a cool plane with the help Remove the great who was really in the air, and after the famous Russian ski stations of Air drop’s ) Fun)  Here is the full video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwKHjqcvVmI&list=UUhAACPJlIswRftkxNyL9LrA


    DJREX I agree, too many oblivious fucks on this comment section whining and bitching that nothings getting done when it is getting done by the Devblogs Garry Newman posts every week of what their progress is. Takes time before they can officially release experimental rust as the real rust.


    долбоебы делайте игру а не всякую хуету


    bucksexington Nice to see another dipshit that can’t take the time to read eh? Just ignore them sir, sadly, every market creates a sub-market so to speak, and the greatness that you guys are on the verge of with this game is going to attract ignorance and trash like moths to the flame. Personally, you guys have done a great job thus far, and speedy too all things considered. Don’t let ass clowns like that get you guys down, I feel like we have only seen the tip of the iceberg with what Rust is going to be, heres to the future of Rust sir, cheers.


    Apparently you can make a bridge, unfortunately not in the deep lakes, since you need foundations (walls)


    i guess adding legs to the firstperson game would be good like mirrors edge or battlefield…


    hanscakestealer Maybe you retard thats why is called a community Update and Garry not Gary is doing a great job so keep you mouth shut!


    hanscakestealer Not in the “Community Update”, no.


    Main Menu
    I’m concerned about the UI when you start the game. I know things aren’t finished, but when I get to the main menu, things get slow (the bear scene was slower, the wolf scene is better but still slow), that didn’t happen on the original rust and that’s one thing I think you should keep. Maybe developers should make a lighter version of the menu (maybe just an image, not a full 3D animated game scene). It interferes with the menu’s mouse hovering. Gets everything slow. ( Spare me the “get a new computer” replies – I have an i5, 6GB RAM with 2GB dedicated graphics card ) 
    The game itself runs fine. Its Menu performance I’m concerned.

    Joining a server
    It bugs me when I want to join a server, double clicking just doesn’t do it. I have to click the server, wait 0.3s, click join server, and then I’m in. Why not just double click to join?

    Setting your preferences, permanently
    I wanted to suggest something. You know the in-game F2 menu ? Looks awesome. 

    How about saving those same settings on the main menu ( add a settings menu? ) and get rid of that first pre-game menu on Windows that I find useless. ( the one with the graphics quality: beautiful, good, fast, etc ) Is it really necessary ?

    Thanks for reading.


    Wow absolutely nothing to do with the development of the game…Perhaps Gary and the other flunkies could get their shit together and start producing productive dev blogs fuckin con artist


    DavidIvashenko That’s just not true, and the website you’re posting it on absolutely disproves that.


    I don’t get it. Nothing is being done. I get the game is “forever in development” so just release a way for people to easily make mods and do the work for you like in garrys mod.




    when is the new rust set o come out

    I really cant wait anymore


    kubertdk The development updates come on Fridays. Pay attention.


    kubertdk This is the “community” update.  The devblog is posted each Friday, which summarizes the weeks game updates.  The game is updated every day though!


    fusionross WOT


    Stairway to Heaven definitely needs a mention in the next one

      Jymi Newman

    desiremercy FFS!!


    This good game


    Hello developers, please fix the bug with the video card, it only works 50 percent, although previously worked at 100 percent, because of this low fps.


    if there is a hacker on the server, your house is worthless. (Tip: do not be home when they are hackers) … wait update 
    si hay un hacker en el servidor, tu casa no sirve para nada. ( consejo: no estar en casa cuando esten los hackers) … esperando actualización


    desiremercy I do like that you are trying to think outside the box, and I hate to piss on your parade but it doesn’t quite seem to fit with what Garry and team have been telling the community thus far, the very idea of a “depraved/humanity” type system is exactly what they seem to be shying away from. That being said, something that would have players considering the ramifications of their decisions implemented in such a way that it felt intrinsic to the game feel, would be very nice to see, sorry to say but this seems like the easy way out. Like I said tho, good stuff and nice idea sir, just not what Rust is about.


    snipers only need that 1% in the center of their aim, limited view is perfect for them.


    la comunidad sube mucha mierda (;


    These are awesome


    Check the Rust Cheats out! http://www.iwantcheats.com/rust-hacks-cheats/

    Look at this!


    so you want us to follow you on twitter, beside of you just posting it to the rust website. Makes alot of sense.


    Follow @rustupdates on Twitter, its all there


    So many updates! Lol Follow @rustupdates on twitter and then you wont look so silly


    The Dev server IS the new game. Current RUST will be left as an option and Dev will become the Standard. That’ll happen when it’s actually playable.


    excuse my ignorance but…when will all these changes in the game? not on DEV server…in game



    This was awesome. Really enjoying the community updates :)


    Sooo? No updates?


    so……what were the u[dates?


    adicto gamers saw guys like these on 2 other servers too … they come through the walls kill you and take your stuff or destroy the whole building and then they leave the server …


    SERIE RUST ESPAÑOL, siii leyeron bien, ESPAÑOL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmsTZ29CfkE&index=3&list=PLKgyaENt-VJWQOaANBVaVRxiJehv0EvXT


    why not enter paintbrush and lions tail/improvised paintbrush


    dcdalex aga konechno


    gorust.ru there is more fun from rust


    I’m really enjoying these community updates.


    Amazing cant wait for more!


    And now you see how many people in that game are faggots!that game is going to be the anger management for useless kids around the world GZ NEWMAN :D

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