What have you lot been up to?


It is written: “Wherever naked men gather with tools and resources, they shall build a staircase. It shall not be wider than one-by-one, but it shall rise upward. Upon that they shall build another. And upon that one they shall add another. And they shall continue until they can add no more, or until the Admin sayeth: ‘WTF? Lag!’, and resets the world.”

This week’s header image is from Redditor Laitine’s Space Program. He built up and up and up, and by the end had made a tower that took about 45 seconds to plummet from. Admin abuse? Obviously, but it’s still an impressive view. The screenshot isn’t even from the top. This is the view from up there:

And this is what it’s like to leap from there:


Back To Earth

A lot of people are willing to strip and run around in fields to make Rust movies; I sit in my underwear as I write Rust blog posts. It’s pretty much the same. Rust: Oxide, by MineDatFunky, explores the highs and lows of a Newman-Veteran team-up, which inevitably ends in monstrous yet casual violence. You can tell a true Rust vet by they way they swat off new players like flies.

I love seeing Rust assets mingling with real-world locations. If you’re keen on making a film, but you don’t possess the dark arts of Windoze Muvie Makur, you could always use this sauna as a stand-in and do it live. The top and bottom images are particularly apt.

Let There Be Light

Take a look at this piece of concept art from Rust artist Paul Bradley:

Now look at Redditor Tylenol_Creator’s real-world implementation of it.

I am impressed by the dedication, if not the photography. We’re building a game about survival and ingenuity, so it’s incredibly heartening to see one of the silly ideas producing a tangible result. I’d ask the maker to do more, but he’s been found with several rock-shaped holes in his head. He should have built a shelter.

Vids Of Games

I’ve been considering placing a collection of Youtube channels on the front page, as well as other community content that we can easily and regularly update. The goal is to turn the community update posts into stories straight from the servers, with reports on amazing societies, interviews with creative players, and any sort of coverage that doesn’t fit a neat hole. I hope to explore what users have made with the tools on hand. Any thoughts on that?

For now, I’m just looking for collections of a reasonable length. The videos needn’t be long, and they can be anything: guides, raids, silly nonsense, and the sort of human interaction that Rust is famous for, but there should be a lot of them on a single channel. I already know about Argyle Alligator’s excellent Rust Reports, and the adventures of the Tuna Bandits, so let me know what else is good and why.

If This Chief ever returns to walking the roads of Rust, he’ll definitely be included. He has popped up in other videos, where people have sought out an audience with the campfire crapping sage of the road. This video is one of the greatest pieces of Rust performance art I’ve ever seen.

That man can talk.

Rebuilding building

If there’s one thing we can trust the Rust community to do, it’s talk (that grinding sound you’re hearing is me forcing that segue to happen). A recent discussion involved the buildings in Experimental. Right now, you can only build featureless walls on the Experimental server, as we’re considering options for how we can make the buildings expressive and interesting. It’s something that passed Redditor VolatileBeans’ mind. He laid out his idea in an interesting post.

His proposed solution is that each side of a building could be made up of nine slots, like this:


Those slots are filled with whatever you find in the world, or can build. So if you’ve crafted some sheeting, uncovered an old car door*, and found some bricks, then your wall could look like this:


It’s a neat take on the problem. It’s something the team has to think about, especially if they want the game to match the concept art.

Experimental Corner

Rust is gorgeous, and when Experimental has more to see I plan on arranging proof via a screenshot competition. If you’ve not yet played the Experimental channel of Rust, it looks like this:

Youtube channel Zero Fox FK captured it rather well, eh?

Also In Experimental

Okay, so it’s not always that elegant.

Bug yada feature yada yada.

Get In Touch

As always, I crave any suggestions from you guys about what to feature. I can’t respond to everything, but I do read them all. You can drop a link or a screenshot in the comments below. You can also join the dedicated forum post, or post in the Reddit thread. I also float around the Steam Community, but it’s better if you link me to something you’ve seen on there. You can follow and respond to Rust on Twitter, and I’m on there as well. Just don’t ask for support, and I don’t really care about server adverts. I also can’t answer that question about when Experimental will be the main game.

*This is not confirmation of cars in Rust, nor car doors. It’s just how he chose to present his idea.




    So, when does this game get parachutes?


    I personally think that this game needs more “fluff” AkA some more types of wood, new foods, birds and other stuff that would compliment the role play part of this game, rather than the cut and dry get a rock, get wood, make hatchet, build a base. What I am trying to say is that this game could use some silly stuff along with the survival aspects of the game. I think that the team is doing a good job at this (looking at all the concept art) different types of armor, lighting and so on.


    Do something about the hackers ._.


    Two of my buddies were both using the crafting bench, came out to be the perfect position for a heartwarming Rust picture!


    I hope those are new ideas:
    It would be really beautifull if a player could craft traps for both players and animals. Something like loops, cages or hidden holes.
    One of the other things that i’d love to see on a survival game are farmable object. Adding the possibility to farm weat, silk (to craft clothes) or other plants will make the game absolutely fantastic.
    Last but not least i’d suggest the possibility to dig holes and tunnel.

      Apu the Cleaner

    RUST the Game: SURVIVAL IDEAS : 
    Hopefully helpful ideas by:  Apu the Cleaner
    Total Scavenging & Usefulness of wildlife / Flora & Fona = jerky,flank steak,sunsmoke dried fish,ribs,eyeball & sockets liver,kidneys, hides, claws,teeth,tusks,bones,whiskers, protein, fat,intestines, paw pads,reptile skin, antlers, feathers,vines,palms,nuts,berries,fruits,vegetables, fishing,etc.. sorry.

    Assigning basic chemical, biological, physical components & attributes; that would allow the creation of: medicine, food storage, tool making,art,gardening, decoration,individualism, commerce, ,trade..that end’s w/power, followers, believers,deceit,cohesion, corruption, betrayal, survive or perish? Ah,to be truly,freely able to craft to survive…A madman’s fantasy or a dream worth trying to fulfill?  I encourage the later for your group, be bold, be daring, make something special & wonderful with RUST.

    Additions (areas,  resources) :  
    Beach,shore,tide,reef life. So many additional options with this group!

    Aerial wildlife: eggs,feathers, nests, bats, eagles, owls,falcon,vultures, maybe trained companions/helpers.
    I love ‘re idea about specific regions, landscapes, scenery,weather,challenges and rewards.  Would love to see region specific insects,birds,fish,reptiles, large/small game,preditors & prey alike.

    Old & Abandoned Government/Science research / Military Complexes. Again mind boggling additions. 

    Electronics, hydrolics, complex & simple mechanics, fluid manipulation & usage,metallurgy, drum making,basket weaving,pot growing.. I mean gardening/botany, biology, chemistry, biochemistry, nuclear fusion even – if old reactors are a option in your world?!?! Once again complex & in-depth but so much good could come out of this project. Left to there own device’s,  man and natural could be all the thrill you need for a cult classic!

      Rabid Bat

    Donnietentoes 45tomer55 How about a piece of paper that just writes itself as we go along, ala traditional ‘fog of war’ maps?
    Trying to draw your own map I think would be a pain in the arse for both the use and devs.
    At least maybe make it so you can add waypoints of your own with a note attached.
    Don’t think it would be hard to have a black and white drawn map with a white fog that would make it look like a piece of paper being filled in as you move?
    I dunno just seems more practical for all.

      Rabid Bat

    pvtcrawley I think Garry has a phobia of Vaginas and a fascination/obsession with Penis. I mean he even puts up screens of penises when posing for interview pics.

      Rabid Bat

    jtudehope02 old rust is now Legacy, how it is is how it stays, only Experimental will be getting updated from what I gather.
    Makes sense, Legacy is not Rust any more, to update it and Experimental would be a complete waste of time and resources. So I’d suggest making suggestion on the ‘new’ Rust if you want things added at all.
    Asking for Legacy to be updated is just wasting your time and energy.


    It would be cool if there was a faster way of transportation, like horses or bikes made of scrap metal etc…


    nikon0iT Yas pls


    Hyanreo There should be a penis-shaped constellation that always pointed north.


    I can tell by the first picture of random shit stacked on top of other random shit that you’re not making ANY progress and don’t even care any more. You’ve been paid by us dumb fucks to piss about with an unfinishable game and now you’re just rubbing it in our faces.

    Come out and tell us that you’ll never finish the game already, you’re evil people.


    This all looks really good.
    I’m really going to miss though, the mysterious darkness that sometimes spread itself across the sky in a terrifying attempt to swallow the world.


    nikon0iT That app idea is pretty brilliant. Don’t know about iOS though. Needs to be compatible with Android too.


    FryBrain No it is not his update.

      Rabid Bat

    TrookLue JaberMohamad or you could use the most basic compass known to man, the sun. It rises in the east sets in the west, if the sun is rising on your right, you know north is forward, if it’s rising on your left then north is behind you.
    Actually the more I think about the less I think a compass is even necessary now.

      Rabid Bat

    Zero Fox FK A needle in a bowl compass would be more rustic though imho?
    If people complain about finding functioning guns, how will they feel about finding working watches?
    (I know of this form of compass, but does it work with a broken watch? I’ve only ever used working ones.)
    Then again, sun rises in the east, sets in the west, so working out north isn;t too hard without a compass.
    Night time would be a bitch though so a magnetic compass would be a good 24/7.

      Rabid Bat

    hachempvz You fall, you go splat, you lol, the end.

      Rabid Bat

    Zero Fox FK Not sure an infinite map is a good thing or a bad thing. Guess it will depend on how many players can join a server at any given time.
    I mean could you imagine a map the size of Australia with 200 or even 1000 players? You could play for years or even forever without ever seeing another player.

      Rabid Bat

    BulletToSkull am_i_adam and one more step back towards being a clone of DayZ.
    If I want hostages or to be taken hostage I’ll play that. Really don’t feel like hanging around from a tree or being a prisoner for as long as the other player feels like it for a few days, just being a play thing to make the game more fun for others. I’d rather be insta-killed and be done with it.
    At least it should be optional, you could have a “I like to be submissive slave/dominant master roleplay servers” While the rest of us with better things to do and no life to waste on such things can just game and have fun. We’re not all kids with Only 6 hours of school and 18 hours left to game and a bonus few weeks of 24/7 free time every few months.
    How about we try and encourage the devs to try and take news paths not seen in other games.
    To make RUST something remembered for being unique. As it stands currently it is hard not to play it and think about 10 other very similar games.

      Rabid Bat

    JaberMohamad Maybe not magically point to your house, but at least north like a traditional compass so you can use poles and landscape cues to navigate easier.
    A “your house here” gadget would ruin the game for me. Not that I’ve ever had trouble finding my houses, I pay attention to the landscape. e.g in Legacy that massive mountian never moves. If it’s on your right when you leave your house, make sure it’s on your left on the way home.
    But traditional non-gps navigation techniques? Definitely has my support.


    make this game different from any other. Think beyond boundaries and outside the box. 

    Make an IOS app that streams a security camera that is placed within a home so that I can see/hear what is goin on when I cant play on the computer.




    Critical Cron If you did more than look at pictures you would know that they are going to finish getting the new build up to level with the legacy build first…….

      Critical Cron

    why you keep posting pictures of stuff without actually releasing any of it ? it feels like you try to keep the people bored so they forget about the game and the payed money


    Did any1 notice that the Road looks like its an penis? :D


    Zingos27 45tomer55 Thanks :D


    Try our new way to play rust:
    New items and new crafting table:


    Crafting table can be found at: http://www.rustnroll.net


    I feel like this game is dieing hope they start releasing some of this stuff we are seeing soon not only on experimental


    https://twitter.com/playrust Not sure if you’ve mentioned this video, But https://twitter.com/SandyRavage and the Chief make an appearance on Rust. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kf0vc7Sdc6I


    This update is Craig’s. Garry does the devblogs so CHILL


    45tomer55  actual how about with the map if you find a rad town or something cool like a cave on your first person screen the game would play music that made you feel like accomplishing something and he would pull out a map and squiggle something in like this here


    Parachutes that can be Found and you would be able to shoot and throw grenades and things like that


    This is your Update Gary? Worthless Turd….


    Horses (This shouldn’t be a new idea, but I haven’t seen anyone else suggest it).
    Books – I would love to find books written by both other players and the game itself!
    Agriculture & Seasons. This would be extremely hard to do, I know. However, Imagine hunting in the winter, fishing in the summer and planting/harvesting wheat in Spring and Fall. Think about having to collect enough firewood to survive a harsh winter, or even protecting your livelihood (or destroying others) with a brush fire in mid-summer!




    CharlieTiraboschi  Omg yes


    jtudehope02 forget old rust. let them finish the new one


    Im not sure what the zed replacement will be either im assuming they are just gonna their dangerous animals (wolfs bears etc) better enemies, i know in legacy they were gonna do “mutated animals” but that seems kind of a cheap idea. And it is hang glider btw, but i agree hang gliders would be perfect for rust not impossible to take down with a bow and butcher the guy with broken legs then viola i gotta hang glider! Fun.


    Boats are the most possible transportation i think we will see, ill build a freighter and transport goods and get attacked by rust pirates, ah sounds amazing.


    I sorely hope if they do this they use original star maps i would love to hear about the stories people connect to new constellations in rusts atmosphere.


    Water definately needs a larger role in rust i agree, birds too are a must have, and they are working on character customization you should check out the dev posts to see some of the art, or google “rust art trello” click the first link to see everything thats being designed or modeled for this game as it happens.


    Love this idea


    Im sure most of these ideas will be on exprust soon, i particularly like the pen/paper thought maybe instead of a pencil we could just use charcoal and cloth could even be the paper, leather could provide a more durable paper and ink could be gathered for more detailed drawings.


    WilliamFrierson  That was….


    Slingshot for small game.
    Spear ( a must imo)
    Messenger pigon
    Reed snorkel
    Handcuff n rope cuff (pleaaaase)
    Fist aid (adrenaline, splint, defib?)
    Climbing pick for cliffs.
    Hope some of these are fresh ideas!


    VictorNoorani pretty sure its HANG glider


    please please please give us a quick update on the original RUST my friends and I have over 1200 hours each and would appreciate a couple of small updates to keep it interesting, maybe fill the last gun slot with a scope? a new weapon maybe? a flare gun? exploding arrows for the bow? a smoke grenade? a vehicle motorbike/quad crappy truck?? cmon gary……..


    KillerChalupa recipe: 130 low quality metal – 40 low grade fuel – +(battery implemented)+  – leather-made wheel


    KillerChalupa yeahh! go make that stuff guys!


    I constructed a bridge in shallow water. It would be cool if we could build big ones across rivers and such for highwaymen to guard.


    Making the environment a little different could make the game very interesting. At the moment the game seems to be set in an isolated area (experimental). Maybe adding something like an city that is out of the way (because it is very dangerous there with all the people holding M4 rifles) so that survivors can make the journey to recover some debris to build a shelter. This can be achieved by making an exceptionally interactive environment. 

    Example: I see a car. The steering-wheel would make a great chandelier so i can grab it.

    It would certainly add immersion,but may not be feasible. The amount of time developers would spend to add tiny details would be large. However, the overall experience would be exponentially more interesting. 

    I would love to be able to walk across an abandoned Train and steal the loud horn off of it and annoy the hell out of my neighbors. ;)


    We really need to add women, getting a little sick of the male butt crack on these videos……….


    hereiamhereibe Ye, but the really big update that changes the normal build.


    45tomer55 That’s some really genius ideas :)


    Hey evroyne.
    I have 3 BIG question’s about this GRAET EPIC GIANT (ok sorry :P) update.
    1. What would you do with the rad towns? couse the map going to create herself for everynew server… :P
    2. will every dropped item get his own animation? not like now, its in stupid burlap sack..
    3. will we could see what gun other players holding? when they will hold Pickaxe we will see it as Pickaxe and not as axe looking like player making to sleep… (xD) and i hope you will change some animation, add crawling, ETC.
    and i think you should guys add pen,pencil, and with the paper, the player could draw the map, mark places etc. :D
    well, last thing, good luck for garry and his team on rebuilding, and repairing this great game.


    I dont get it.


    I would like to see glow in the dark neon arrows be added to the game.  I think i would be cool to shoot someone in the dark with an arrow and see where they are moving to via arrow in their body.  It would also help track animals that you killed in the dark so you wouldn’t lose loot.


    Add sticks that you can pick up and use as a weapon.
    Add flying creatures like birds, maybe some that you can hunt down with a bow and arrow or rifle.
    Add jars that you can fill up at a nearby river.
    Add barrels, to store wine in or water.
    Allow the players to drink from rivers with their hands.
    Add water wells/holes that people can build in their towns.


    Suggestion: I think a survival game needs a way to navigate w/ stars. Perhaps fixed stars that roll across the sky? Not sure if this has been implemented, but it would make the procedurally generated maps more navigable.


    You should add broken down cars that you have to fix up if you want to use and no already working ones, also you should add incredibly rare makeshift helicopter, or airplane part blueprints so that travel is easier for the people who put a lot of time in


    I think there should be junk cars like the buggy from HL2 later int the dev


    Rust winter map!? ;D snow to the top of buildings…to keep warm you have to go down the buildings into the dark :D


    I really like the idea of islands and travelling by boats. If you make it hard t oswim for long distances and make a boat a requierement for island-to-island trips it would be even better. Imagine a group of people building a small boat, stashing suplies and setting sail to another island on the horizont.


    hereiamhereibe  why not a pigeon’s head in a bowl, they navigate by magnetism? or a few bees in a jar?


    iamangryhobbit  marathon run inspired by ray charles and stevie wonder?


    i want npc in rust like CHIEF maybe in some events but if in game wiil be chief there will be guilds who will praise the chief. put him next to the road and he must be invincible because noobs love rock+face you   #praise the chief


    just out of curiosity when are we going to find out the zombie replacement?

    Have i missed something?

    Also i think it would be realy cool if you could dig basements and even cooler if there were HAND GLIDERS, water jets or rafts, quad bikes and BICYCLES(they see me rolling)!!

    Hand gliders could be made a patchwork made from scrap fabric and if someone shoots a hole in it it would fall faster, the hole could then be mended with a piece of fabric. I’ve used hand gliders in games like just cause and far cry and they are INSANELY FUN especially if you allowed the player to shoot with one hand. A wing suit would be even better but harder.

    i also think traps and mines would be awesome


    ChrisTalocka they could try a procedural destuction system like in rainbow six: the siege were if part of your wall is made from a flimsy material a grenade will destroy it but sturdier material would need c4, or something like that

    probably a bit complicated


    Not really a compass is not at all necassary in survival, when was the last time you saw Les Stroud walkin around holdin a needle on a leaf in a cup. Ill give you a hint never! Some one who really understands how the world works just need to look at the sun for a few seconds to tell you what time it is what direction you are facing. Compasses are not needed and in my opinion a waste of developer time and work, all you need is to add moss to the sides of trees or rocks in the apropiate manner. And you have an even more realistic looking game and no one has to get shot in the head trying to figure out a sextant, lol i guarentee nobody here knows how to use a sextant besides the guy that posted that pic.


    The map is already random, its procedurally generated… and infinite apparently


    Are you serious? They update Rust every few days or so.


    Aahhh now i know where one of my server players got their huge tower idea from!!!
    I now feel abused :-(
    But it is fun jumping off :-P


    I would like to beget some ideas :
    1 Soviet machine gun of times of World War II  DShK 
    it perfectly will be suitable as a stationary tourist’s fir-tree for protection of base.
    2 also sovetky Degtyaryov Anti-Tank Rifle times of the second world wars. it differs that that is simple in development, reliably, precisely, and simply and quickly to make it.
    3.1 Soviet SUVs UAZ-469 nickname Kozlik (Goat)
    3.2 UAZ-452 nicknamed Буханка (Bukhanka or Bread loaf)
    4 Soviet panel building of mass building Khrushchyovka very simply in creation of 3D model


    iamangryhobbit dat ass :3


    JaberMohamad I really like this idea, especially if they come up with randomly generated maps


    am_i_adam Could you imagine being a player and getting caught in a trap! that would be awesome…and terrifying


    How to fix “Driver initialization failed (40010004)”


    You should add these!




    I opened up the experimental launcher today and I was so impressed with the ambient, it was really realistic if that was put in the game as well id probably never leave my pc! you asked for suggestions and form suggestions below I think traps would be just awesome, simply just small little snare traps would bring the survival feel really into the game. I think if it were possible to climb a tree or something and see birds flying off In the setting sun while gazing over all the beauty of the land that would be an awesome implement.


    JaberMohamad hahaha, my days in rust i always felt like: “Damned… i can craft weapons, but i cant simply place a piece of metal on a leaf which swims on a watersurface to make a compass?! This is a survival game and a compass is one of the most important survival tools ;(“


    Twenty Rust videos by this guy, and they’re all great!


    When will be new update?


    Yup just adding to the idea, it’s a good one.


    ChrisWheeler1 JaberMohamad cloth can be included into the recipe


    Zero Fox FK JaberMohamad making a watch tho would be more complicated


    Okay how about using a sextant instead, its what people used to use before the compass, figured you could use it to first find the coordinates of your home base, then record it, and then whenever youre out adventuring and wanna know which way to go to find your base, you can just look through the sextant and follow it to your base coordinates. Similar to coordinates in minecraft. And a sextant can be relatively easy to make using wood or metal and a lens which you can craft, or simply combine a gun scope with it to act as a lens.


    JaberMohamad You’d have to have clothes, can’t be naked. You need to have static electricity from rubbing the needle on your clothes.


    I Did some math for the space program stuff , Since Unity uses realistic gravity laws , and i hope that you didn’t change the 9.81 Units/s Acceleration in the physics settings , In 1 Second , He had fallen 5 stairs , that means 5 Stairs = 1/2*9.81*1² = 4.905 Units thus resulting in 1 Stair = 0.981 Units , Now , In total he falled = 1/2*9.81*44.43² = 9682.5921345 , that means he built about Approximately : 9682.59/0.981 = ~9870 Stairs , WOW


    Almost all Rust video from this guy a genius)


    JaberMohamad I can’t see this method working in the world of Rust. This method however seems more ‘Rustic’ especially if it was an old broken watch http://pad1.whstatic.com/images/thumb/c/cd/Use-an-Analog-Watch-as-a-Compass-Step-3.jpg/670px-Use-an-Analog-Watch-as-a-Compass-Step-3.jpg


    You guys need to add a compass of some sort which points towards your home bed because if we don’t have some kind of compass which tells us how to go home then it will make adventuring impossible without losing your house. how about using this simple water bowl and needle design.


    hereiamhereibe That’s exactly what happened in my timelapse video. I left him at the top of the hill, went to make a cuppa tea and when I can back it was daytime but I was at the bottom of the mountain.
    It’s really annoying when you’re trying to place a campfire or build.


    Make compound bow’s with metal arrow heads ! That would be epic … and crossbow’s !!! I can’t wait to play rust again it’s killing me but I swore off the old rust b.c of people using the exploits like crazy and the insane number of hackers. I told myself once this version is done I will start back … and when I mean start back I mean 30000 hours plus! Great job guy’s keep up the good work ! You guy’s are making some real progress and we appreciate it !!!!


    zbartyom Niice! Looks good! Her eyes are a little too big, though.

      Douglas Macedo

    Places to stay like the crossbow Daryl  Ha ha’  u.u


    Possible to have traps like this to hunt or capture people


    Hey people! i’m  finished new Project and uploaded it in Skechfab now. ^__^ You’ve probably thought about this!
    <iframe width=”640″ height=”480″ src=”https://sketchfab.com/models/55700fe480df4130995418bb209452be/embed” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen=”true” webkitallowfullscreen=”true” onmousewheel=””></iframe>

    <p style=”font-size: 13px; font-weight: normal; margin: 5px; color: #4A4A4A;”>
      <a href=”https://sketchfab.com/models/55700fe480df4130995418bb209452be” style=”font-weight: bold; color: #1CAAD9;”>Gasoline Promotion (RUST)</a>
        by <a href=”https://sketchfab.com/skartemka” style=”font-weight: bold; color: #1CAAD9;”>skartemka</a>
        on <a href=”https://sketchfab.com” style=”font-weight: bold; color: #1CAAD9;”>Sketchfab</a>


    Cesar Soder  SPAM much?


    ALSO Garry can you please fix the constant sliding in the experimental version! That is prolly the most annoying thing in it.


    Its funny out of all the youtubers that play rust the most famous person in rust is THE CHIEF! Hail him!


    I’m starting a Rust Top 5 clips series where you can submit your own content to be featured. Check out the video explaining it here and submit your top clips via youtube!


    Translate to Russian (Перевод на русский) http://www.rust-game.info/news/vesti-s-polei-rust-3/


    I love the idea of being able to make the walls out of different materials but a few questions, if I had C4 and wanted to try blowing up that wall you mentioned, would the sheeting blow up before the brick wall (hence allowing someone to walk through the sheeting, not needing to use another C4 on the brick) or will the wall have an overrall rating making a wall with mixed materials a lower rating than a brick wall (which we can assume would be the hardest to blow through)!


    This community updates are the best.


    You know the experimental will be the normal servers, right ?


    I mind when will you finally add something useful to normal servers not just “experminetal”

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