This week: nearly Deadwood, concept art coming to life, role-playing in the real-world, stacking campfires to the stratosphere, and more.


Last week’s community post was an interesting experience. From the response I got after asking for content, I learned that Rust players have created a huge amount of fun things, and like an urban legend they’re slipping from our screens and into the real world. Rust cosplay has happened and I have seen it, but I’m saving it for a future post.

Because of Panic Room, I’m a sucker for things like impossibly large logos appearing on landscapes. It’s a thing. So when I spotted KongoBoom’s wallpaper, I just had to use it for the header image. There’s an HD version here.

The Tale Of RustMart

Rust is like Deadwood, but with a bit more swearing and lot more violence. The right people with the right tools can thrive together on the frontier, living in accordance with their own set of laws, and protecting one another from hostility. Redditor “IIEarlGreyII” attempted to do that by building a small shack on the side of the main road and naming it RustMart. As is the way of Rust, the shop was robbed. A lot. But it also became a haven for night-time wanderers, who hid from the wolves and nudey murderers, who eventually decided life was better huddled around the glow of the campfire in the company of friends.

That’s how it starts: the hiding turns into staying, the shacks expand, and the sharp defensive walls become inexplicably cosy. Then the spaces between buildings start to feel like streets and the place takes on a life of its own. According to Earl: “We built a city hall, a church, a court. We had public meetings, trials, and services most nights.”

See? Just like Deadwood. Here’s a gallery of the server’s slow-build.

I really want to hear about server-based societies that you’ve been part of. How did it start? What did you build? What laws were enacted? If it’s still standing, take me on a tour.

Gladiators, Ready?

I’m not sure if this arena is still standing. I found it on a wander through the Steam Community, but the net connect command isn’t finding anything (net.connect It might have moved to another server, but it’s probably lost forever.

I’m posting it because I like the notion of there being more to Rust than the obvious elements. Well-functioning societies often don’t have much room for a place for spectators to watch people kill each other (not even Glasgow), and it often happens in the wild in Rust. What sort of place legitimises it as a spectator sport? This sort of place.

It’s excellent, but it’s not enough. I’d quite like to see a server with multiple arenas, turning one world into a home for deathmatches. I like the idea of moving from place to place, taking up a position in the stand as a spectator. It’d be like living in a server browser, but one where stray bullets can take you out. Spectating being potentially deadly is very Rust.

Concept Conception

One of the delights of the open development process of Rust is the community’s immediate reaction to the things that don’t exist. Rust’s concept art is one of the highlights of the Friday Update, but the translation from artist’s pen to something that you can see in action is occasionally too slow for some of the community. Take a look at this trap idea Megan put up on the Rust Art Trello. It’s excellent, but it’s also static.

But it was enough for Redditor lluckymou to knock together an animated prototype in Blender.

It’s a bit rough and ready, but it’s also awesome to see the community respond creatively. There are a few things like this around, and I’ve seen everything from interactive 3D models to real-world recreations. I’ll be highlighting more in the coming weeks, but if you’ve spotted something or made something and want to share it, I’ve always got room for more. The internet is never full.

Real-World Rust

I love Rust, but I’m not sure you could convince me to strip my clothes and run around in a field shooting guns in the name of fandom. That’s pretty much terrorism. Anyway, Patrick Mazzolo and his friends have no such worries, and crafted this little slice of real-world Rust a couple of months ago.

That’s good terrorism. Exceptionally good terrorism. Good enough for a poster. I already have a couple of other fan-films in my files, but I’ve not found any machinima that’s up to standard. If you’ve spotted anything impressive, drop a link below.

Experimental Corner

The experimental servers are getting busier and busier, which means more and more people are finding the bugs easter eggs. My favourite is the discovery that you can stack campfires. The appropriately named Lord McWankerson delivered news of his discovery, as well a formula for having fun with it:

  1. Kill nakeds and steal their wood and campfires
  2. Start crafting campfires with the wood you stole
  3. Once your inventory is full of campfires, start building your very own campfire tower
  4. Repeat previous steps and eventually you should end up with something like this.

It’s a feature, right? Does it look like the trail of rocket to anyone else? Anyway, keep breaking experimental so we can post about it and fix things. And if you break something and it looks spectacular, show me.

Hello, Newman

For every naked, rock-clutching new-spawn that enters the game, there’s a question that’s everyone asks: what do we call them? Most of the responses that came to your mind are probably unprintable, which is why it’d be handy to have a neat phrase that people can use without accidentally turning Rust into an obscene publication.

It’s by no means official, but Reddit asked and answered that query and came up with an incredibly fitting moniker: Newman.

I’ve heard “Jimmies” being used a lot on servers, but I can’t get over how apt Newman is. I’ll probably be using it forever, or until Garry starts pointing out how weird it actually is.

Get In Touch

If you’ve already sent me something, I’ll have seen it and saved it on my list, so there’s no need to resend it. But if you think you have something new that I must see, there’s a number of ways to share it. There’s a forum thread, there’s the Twitter account, there’s a thread on Reddit, and there’s the comment system. I check them all.




    jakethesnakecolletti That’s what the devblogs are for…


    ILTX Trey KhadBanks Graissant Hey there Trey, funny seeing you here. Where have you been?


    Could of been cool.



    Zero Fox FK i thought that was a thing Frankieonpcin1080p made up?

      ILTX Trey

    KhadBanks Astromine I have a lackey now? please. Grandth3ftauto and HoneybadgerOC… Dont get so butthurt because i raided your base when u died. not my fault i can headshot you when your standing perfectly still. QQ moar please. And Instead of lackey, call him dave. It was me and dave who raided you. continue qqing though.

      Mael In Patiens

    jakethesnakecolletti your lack of perceptivity is….. distrubing


    jakethesnakecolletti weird that… when it’s a community update…. do you want to wipe the blackboard?


    Cool, so they basically just told us what we the players are doing. We want to know what the developers have been up to….


    ColloseusX This idea is great! Would love to see it! How about Clan emplems on gear? Customize your kev gear with a clan logo? I would love to see more cosmetic features implemented.


    @Graissant We appreciate all that you and your team of RustMart employees are doing for the server. Keep up the great work!


    KhadBanks Astromine I’m actually the owner of the Rustmart, and while there are raiders and bandits, Rustmart’s going great!


    Homer_MG They aren’t going away. Falling trees would take a huge hit to performance, so that will not happen. Randomly spawned items are a must if the world is generated randomly. Can’t pre-place items if the land is changing. If the Cave system goes into effect i can imagine you’ll find metal and sulfur ore in the caves, and wood above ground.


    KhadBanks Thanks for your input, we really appreciate it. Also, thanks goes out to all of the people who have been joining the server today because of my original post. You guys are what makes the community and we are so happy to have you all there. Of course, thank you to everyone who has been a part of our community from the start. We love having you on Rusty Island. That is all for now, see ya!


    I think they should add banners that you can upload a custom emblem too, then you would be able to put flags up around your base showing who you are loyal too, kind of like a clan symbol. Then you could recruit smaller groups that have setup around your base or force them to show your flag on their base as a mark of your territory, what do you guys think?


    Astromine  I never said it was any different than any rust server. I simply gave a warning to anyone else who thought it would be any different as the post you advertised your server on was about things out of the norm in rust like working together rather than being griefed by cheaters. Your server, however, is no different than any other server and no one should go in with the false expectations that it is any different.

    Also, I appreciate your last post as it clearly shows your immaturity and reduces any credibility you have as ad administrator of a server.


    KhadBanks I’m sorry you feel that way. Let’s be honest though, the things you describe are all a part of Rust and happen across all Rust servers. We do our best to handle cheaters as quickly as possible and we try to have an admin on at all times of the day/night. I will guarantee you there is a “RustMart” that some players on the server started yesterday and it stands right outside of Factory Rad. I did at no point say that this server is a PvE environment. If that is what you are looking for I think there are some servers like that but this one is 100% PvP. The RustMart was getting attacked/griefed and I led my crew over there to help and then I posted my original post here looking for help, then I went to bed. This server is one week old today and we do have quite a lot of regulars that are a great addition to the community. On the other hand we do have some regulars that enjoy taking “pleasure” in others demise just as you mentioned. Again, this is what makes Rust such a great game, the diversity. At no point did I say this server would be a walk in the park where everyone was sitting around a campfire singing “Kum ba yah, My Lord”. Also I’m guessing the time you were on was at least 5-6am in which case I’m sure most of the population was sleeping. At the current time when I write this there are 34 people. I know that’s still not much but most are dedicated and have been a part of our server community since the beginning.
    On a side note I did look through the logs to find where you mentioned someone said I joined them in griefing a base (which I can assure you I didn’t, not because it’s a condemned action because it’s not, but because I spend the majority of my time not playing and responding to hacker and other complaints. That’s just the live of a server admin/owner, it kills the game and you rarely get time to play. Have you ever tried to run a server? Believe me it’s hard work.) well they did say that and I agree with them as far as breaking down someone’s stairs being allowable. It’s a part of the game. I’m pretty sure it’s by design. When you build stairs they stick through the wall a little and you are able to break them down, to prevent this do not build stairs on the outer layers of your base. Same goes for a poorly placed furnace, you can break those and even loot them through the walls. There is a big difference between glitching/cheating and poor base design. Again, the server has been up for days now, people have been on resourcing and raiding Rad towns for loot and blueprints. There are definitely Kevs running around with guns, lots of ammo and even explosive charges. This is Rust for you.
    I do apologize you had a rough time on the server last night but if you would like to add me on Steam (Astromine) I’ll be on the server when I get out of work around 5pm and we can meet. If not, that is fine too. I think I hear another server calling your name. Oh, wait, no, they are singing:
    Kum ba yah, My Lord. Kum ba yah.
    Kum ba yah, My Lord. Kum ba yah.
    Hope everyone is having a great day! See you on Rusty Island.


    I played in that steel monstrosity. There were too arenas: an open pit for rock/bow/hatchet fights and that collection of metal towers for P250/9mm battles. Combat would start at the explosion of the C4 and the winner would usually walk away with a free M4. I’ve constantly tried to build a hobo arena on every server I’ve been on but it always gets griefed or raided and I always get murdered.


    Zero Fox FK thank you detective


    Astromine I played for two hours last night/this morning at the prospect of “This is happening right now”. Not only is there no such town as described in the post, but there were two individuals (One kid named Trey and his lackey) kitted out in full kevlar with M4’s running around to every other player destroying objects through walls, glitching through walls, and destroying walls without any use of explosives what-so-ever. 

    So basically, this server offers nothing more than any other server in terms of cheaters, griefers, and all around assholes. In fact, one guy who was bullied by these individuals for the bulk of the time that I was on had everything he worked for destroyed and was constantly spawn camped. The guy asked what they had to gain and they replied, “pleasure”. They also claimed that you, “Astro” told them what they were doing was perfectly fine and joined them in doing this previously. Obviously I have no proof if you were in on it before I logged in but considering they were fully geared, they either had to be at it long enough to get away with this behavior for quite some time OR they cheated in some way to gain the gear. Either way, not a server I ever want to log into again.

    This is all not to mention that with only 5-6 people on at the time, it was probably one of the laggiest servers I have ever played on, including servers that had 80-90 folks.


    Goat skull is used as weapon.


    Pjor1 I think Jimmies is also from the YouTuber Old Man Willakers/Bruce Willakers/Rurikar/Rob. He’s been using that in his Rust series with YTer PauseUnpause and they’ve been using it before they started playing Rust in their Dwarves vs Zombies series.


    KhadBanks   Well I’m the server owner and I couldn’t disagree with you more. Of course every server has their fair share of hackers but my admin teams deals with the ones that attempt to play on our with a swift kick/ban. Besides, I never saw you on the server but you are welcome to join.


    devink323 Everything. It only goes up around 6-7 fps in windowed.


    This is the base that me and my friends built on some server a month ago. They did most of the work, I don’t have the patience to possibly gather crates full of wood.


    I hope we can eventually tag stuff that’s ours. Most games avoid that because the first thing any will draw is a penis. But considering the amount of


    You failed hard with this post. RUST is an amazing thing to be a part of. I’m glad I bought it when I did because when this is done its gonna be the hypest!


    So has everyone in DayZ, since it was first released.


    Have you tried pressing F2 and disabling some stuff so your PC can handle it?


    wounder when the reboot is gonna show up :) rrally like the experimental!


    Astromine Don’t join this server. It is filled with little kids that use wall glitches/hacks and make everyone generally miserable.


    Welcome to ON.RUST server!
    If u want to connect by console, type:
    75 slots
    wiped 18.07.2014
    location – Germany
    This server is powered by Magma. We have some usefull plugins like:
    Crush (you can destroy elements of your buildings with this), Clan
    System (create your team, invite friends, set clan-tag and more),
    SleepingBagExploitFix (this plugin is great, just set which friends can
    put sleeping bags in your base; no more anoying glitchers!), Rank++
    (check who is top killer on this server), DeathMSG (now you can see, who
    was killed by who, on text chat).
    Admins are online usually ~16/24.
    All cheaters/glitchers/exploiters will be banned.Griefing isn’t allowed.Respect other players.Don’t spam on text/voice chat.You can use enligsh and polish languages.Admin can’t spawn items for you.If you need any help, type: “admin” on text chat.


    proportion1 KailJanosky Constantin7777


    proportion1 KailJanosky Constantin7777 True bro) If the game get released)


    KailJanosky Constantin7777 not when. if….. if the games get released.


    This is happening right now on a server called Rusty Island, I’ll post the IP below. These guys just started up their own RustMart and it was going well for some time. There are now bandits on the server and they are attempting to take over. This is a shout out to all who knew, have read, experienced the original RustMart. Get in here and help us, we would very much appreciate it.
    At the Rust main menu just press F1 and then type —-> net.connect
    See you there.


    I know you said grass is faster, but I got some sort of glitch once where grass didn’t render and my fps went from up almost 30 frames. I’m not sure how much optimization is still needed, but currently experimental runs at half the speed the original does for me. With grass off of course.


    Idea for the game i don’t really think there should be military weapons that you can just find in random chests around the maps i mean there can be weapons in chests around the world of rust but try to make them homemade like the bolt action or the revolver thats the style rust should persue.


    Constantin7777 It is if the developers abandon the game. Which, unfortunately, is a real risk with indie games.


    The art is painful…


    I’ve always called nakeds bambis.


    I would love to know that WOOD, METAL ORE and SULFUR ORE are not randomly spawning anymore… Wish trees would fall down after being chopped, I hate random wood piles and etc.


    Constantin7777 but you get to keep the games when they’re released though? so its not really charge for testing

      Christian Wuerden

    kommt alles auf den server 



    Development of the game Rust..


    Just completed my rust fan art. Check it out :)


    GrymThor That’s interesting. I do like impossible shapes on the horizon.



    The City remembers me of a bit of my group.
    We came to a new server, played in the shadows with a 3×1 Base between rocks to gather up basic stuff and C4.
    And after a week we were ready to raid the great Metalbuildings from the big groups and put up our own 9x9x8 Metalblock till the next Day and and build a wall arround Next Valley.
    Ppl started to ask if they can build in the Valley, till there was noone to fight anymore. 
    Got boring after that :D


    So I’ve been working on a server the last couple of weeks.


    This is some work by The Rock God and myself, Though he built the pyramid and the diamond tower by himself, All of them are still standing in a server rented by The Rock God, except the Swastika hotel, that was on another server. The Pyramid is extremely laggy you need to turn down the graphics just to be able to be near it. The Furnaces that light it never go out. being inside the pyramid is very cool.
    I’ll be able to arrange a tour for you Craig if you want a look any of them.


    We had a society we called the Kingdom. We had a bunch of “Inner Circle” Guys who ran the kingdom which was me and a few other guys who founded it. Then we built a huge town with walls, watch towers and the works. The guards at the watch tower ran the gates and made sure only members or prospected members were allowed in the community. It was pretty fun running it as it was on my own server I had encouraged others to do the same and make other big communities within the server in order to have Kingdom Wars. It lasted for a while but then eventually real life came into play and it eventually collapsed as I was not able to admin the server well.


    Busco gente para jugar rust tengo un clan agreguenme en steam: ceronida


    Hey guys join this epic rust server its new not alot of players but if u guys join it there will be !!!!!! 

      Hammy the IV

    I agree with most current Rust players in saying that it is hackers and is unplayable. Even if you just employed 1 full time admin on the main servers to scare off the increasingly growing hacking community, the player count would stop dropping for your game. 
    although this is game breaking, your new rust looks awesome! lets hope you still have a fan-base by the time you release it.


    This is sad game polluted with hackers. Makes it unplayable if you have any hopes of actually logging in each day to have fun.


    At 000[DE] Ollis Ballerbude……
    we have at the Hangar two Churches, an Empire State Building and a great Pumpkin. Fell free to take a look.


    Hey :)
    I’ve build a similar arena once a time with my friend on our server, arena was biggest than it !
    We test it with more friends, it was very cool and fun.
    We’ve build a “teleport” point, at the spectators entry, one for Team A and one for Team B.

    NEED that.


    The deadwood link made me laugh so hard about how many fucks there was in that show.


    Best Rust video imo:


    That video is great! Check us out while you wait for new updates!
    To Connect, Press F1 and type the Following into the console.


    BUT WHILE U WAIT JOIN OUR SERVER CALLED cRust      banks shops jail portals tp to friends starter kit ADULT ADMINS
    push f1 type


    No matter what you say they will always be nakeds to me :)


    love that airdrop video lol


    The Airdrop video was a perfect rendition of oh so many lives lost in Rust, this game is great because of its ability to make you proud of what you do in-game, even if its as simple as building your first campfire and seeing that little Warmth buff for the first time. It is all to real for us Rust vets that this game is unrelenting but even vets feel heartbroken when that campfire is snuffed out.


    Me and my guys call them nudists.


    I always just call them nakeds haha


    The cool part about the arena idea, is my buddies and I were the first to our knowledge to have something like it.  Like a week or two after we could rent servers, we had one up.  It was fun, and pretty successful too.  Teleport naked people, arm them with only a rock, and have a battle to the death, with the winner getting a supply signal.  It was quite interesting and fun. haha


    What happened to cars for admins? Unity glitch right? Any info on when/if that comes back?


    I didn’t think anyone still remembered RustMart. Warms my heart. Hopefully we can try it again in the future.


    Newbies are either Newmans, Jimmies, or the lesser known version derived from DayZ and a specific YouTuber, a Bambi.


    The group I play with always call the naked people ‘Rock Bros’





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