Big builds, little builds, strange builds, and some stuff about the new building system.


Garry started working on a complete overhaul of the building system last week, and I’d hoped to have some nice examples of what you lot made with it over the weekend, but it’s a bit too early for that (though Rustafied was on the spot with some analysis, as always). If you haven’t yet tried out the tools, you need to opt in to the development branch: right-click on Rust in Steam, select Properties and click on the Betas tab. From the drop-down menu you can opt-in to ‘development updates’. This will allow you to join the dev servers, which will greatly reduce the number of people you are playing with and greatly increase the chance you’ll lose your stuff. The cutting edge is super sharp.

Though the dev servers aren’t yet awash with incredible architecture, I did discover that creativity first comes in the form of raiding solutions. The current building system has a cupboard at the heart of it: you place it in your house and it claims land within a certain perimeter. The ‘no build’ bubble that extends out and up from there, but only so far. Running across the lands, I noticed that almost every base was in the shadow of a stepped raiding platform. Like this:

We have a few solutions against that sort of building planned, but it got me thinking: What’s the most important factors when it comes to your homes? Do you generally build for security, or do you build what you want and to hell with the raiders?

Or do you build giant Marios on the landscape, like DarkHouse did for the header image?

It was big enough to be spotted in the wild by another player.

I wonder how many castles he visited?

Castle Call

He wouldn’t have to go far: I think Rust’s setting lends itself to castle builders, who have rolling planes and mountain peaks to take advantage of. That’s what Grayfade did: during a bout of illness, and with only Rust to keep him from turning into a grim, sweaty pile of meat and snot, he got all castley.

As is so often the case, boredom led to building which led to turrets: “I was sick over the past weekend so I had some time off of work, and subsequently a lot of time on my hands. I don’t remember why I ended up choosing to play Rust, but I quickly got over the whole PvP and raiding thing and pretty much just built crap for a total of… like, four days. I spent 40+ hours hammering structures like a caveman. I started out just trying to make a little enclosed area and some stuff inside, but then I found this one hill. I walked up to this charming little mound, and as I was standing at the top looking over the nearby river and forest, I was just like, ‘Yup.’ So, here’s the result of my boredom. The server I play on is probably getting wiped soon so this’ll all be gone in a while. Here’s what I made.”

I love the ‘lived in’ feeling of Grayfade’s creation. It looks communal and homely. Xajar’s castle build— a 31 x 31 foundation castle that took down several forests in the making– is a more formal creation. His ‘epic build’ feels like a show home for a potential client: it’s clean and well made, though. And it’s way better than the 1 by 1 shacks that typify my creations.

I think the choice of where you build has an effect: the beach here is flat and featureless; the grass poking up through the foundations of Grayfade’s fever dream makes it a bit more appealing. He also mixed up a lot of building materials. Can you imagine what the two would be able to build together? A big, big build, but crammed with detail?

Admiring Mayans

The Laws of Rust state this: “Each and every server will have at least three pyramids, be they upright or inverted. They shall be used by players for orientation, and their builders shall remain mysterious.” Well, I’m breaking that law (because I just made it up) and making it clear that the maker of this pyramid is forum user eyraser, who made this.

There is always a pyramid on a Rust server, sitting on the landscape like a tea cosy, but I was impressed with the internal structure of eyrasers’ work. It’s another build that feels like the people who live there have been told to keep away as a photographer documents where they live and work. I can imagine them all flooding back in the moment the screenshots are taken.

Are You Not Entertained?

After that ‘Castle Call’ pun, I don’t see how you couldn’t be. Anyway, this should get you. I made pals with Wessink, the builder of a tower so voluminous that I ran across an entire server to see it. I made him promise to nudge me on Steam whenever he got the itch to build something silly, and I wasn’t disappointed. He created a Gladiator arena on the server he called home, and if people were unaware of what its purpose was, crafted giant signs surrounding it.

I think we need to get him to present his top ten building tips at some point. #1: Chop down a lot of trees…

Get In Touch

Got a song, a suggestion, or anything you want to say about Rust? I particularly want to know what sort of buildings you make, and if you build them to be safe or if you don’t compromise their looks for anyone.

There’s a dedicated forum post, or you can post in inky depths of Reddit. I also shuffle around the the Steam Community, so feel free to show me to things from there. You can follow and respond to Rust on Twitter, and I’m on there as well. We also have a dedicated site for suggestions and bug reporting.

I can’t respond to everything, but I read every comment and take it all in. Just be nice.




    Devs want us to stop building and start wandering around the barren wasteland


    I made something to,




    PatrickRoyKirkby matainsreg I have the same thing. There are a couple dozen or so experiencing the same thing as us after a quick Google skim. They all seem to have given up hope. No one is addressing it, so I can see why.

      War Wolf Jack



    KieferFalk Oh and I did use an external BOSS drum machine a few times too!  :)


    KieferFalk I just use Cubase to record multitrack.  No affects or anything.  All external instruments recorded with mic. and or straight-in, i.e. guitars and bass etc.


    I msged you on soundcloud what Daw are you using?


    KieferFalk ChaiVat I think know exactly what ya mean bro…I am impressed, that shit isn’t easy.  I am also a musician…but I do a bass and guitar stuff  :)  I posted a couple here.  Tip of the hat to ya sir!


    ChaiVat KieferFalk so like making the melody, all the intro is full of arpeggiators and I use a lot of digital synths, so like massive, spire, FM8 and then you can program the synths. every kick snare, high hat was all placed where i wanted it, if I wasn’t at work right now i’d offer to stream to ya and show you how its done.


    Here’s a song!  Take notice of the “door knock”  :)  “Alien Fossils”  Serene, Surreal and Creepy.  This would be a great RUST soundtrack…whatya think!


    KieferFalk ChaiVat So, what does that mean though, “from scratch”?  You multi-tracked using a keyboard and the sounds it puts out right?  Very cool man…skillz  :)


    ChaiVat KieferFalk Yes, I made the complete song from scratch. No Loops what so ever!

      Lehmi (Bob der Baumeister)



    Yea! If you like it you should check out my other stuff :)


    I hope the Dev’s fix the wooden container boxes soon…kinda lame that they patched/updated them to have more storage slots, but can’t open them after placing items inside…kinda pisses me off actually  :P


    KieferFalk With all due respect to the musicianship it takes to “compose” music, is this another “mix” of pre-made sound loops etc, or did you actually play a keyboard and construct this with instruments?  I have sort of a lack of appreciation for people who call themselves musicians (not saying your claiming anything) and all they do is copy and paste pre-made sound clips into a program….ya know?


    notsobrown98 ChaiVat Hey thanks!  I have many more where this one is located…if you’re into the “guitar instrumental’ thing  :P


    KieferFalk Nice did you make this?


    ChaiVat notsobrown98 dude your song is good!


    notsobrown98 Nice!  I have song too!  I also did all the instrumentation.


    matainsreg PatrickRoyKirkby If that happens try hitting F1 then typing “kill” and then “respawn” it should wake you up. My issue is different i think.


    HarryvHam when launching the game there is an option for “play rust” and “Play legacy” click “Play rust”


    tgang69 can you do better?


    i have a song


    Smaller Is Better.Dear Gary.
    I think i speak for a few when i say… 
    i just want to see few huts here and there I dont want to see these sky scraper type builds I think the resources are too plentiful and gatherhing is done way too quickly. I woud like the Rogue aspect to be Better then the rogue aspect of it is now… Whatever you can do to worsen death after respawn do it… there needs to be bigger reprucussions to players actions and to stay with the cult-like following this game has has to be somewhat darker… I need something less than normal, but adequate to something a dying child who you can no longer care for because the sickness will take your life too…. 
    In my opinion anyway. 
    Great work so far.
    But you can do better.


    How can you play experimental please help?


    Why isn´t it working?


    Plz plz keep legacy in the came


    i don’t think it is. your problem is self inflicted.    for example( you: “o poor me my arm fell off”     confused onlooker: “then why did you cut it off”)


    I hate this game because I’m sopposed to be working instead and that’s more valid than most of the complaints I see in these comment sections


    SimonHallewell i think you may hav a .NET framework issue, happend to me were id get disconnected from every server within a 5-10 seconds


    i hade some lag at first from all severs my mane one being saying there was a ping of 290 but i dont think this updates live, when i got in to the game it was fine no problems at all, i would however like to be able to favourite servers and to see friends servers which i dont know why you have not done yet


    same thing for me
    i did find one server that i could join but then i couldn’t wake up.


    everyone is happy, but no one can admire that they are’nt doing anything. Like in the old version of rust…. Bigger spaces between updates…  updates are bringing more lags… and the game is unplayable. I think the best they have done is that they removed unreal online in LEGACY.


    OMG for the last 10 days ive tried logging into a range of servers and everyone disconnects me before I can even got to the wake up screen! whats going on!


    merley presumably, devs can fly


    ok fine I take back what I said


    sshrugg I like the sound of this.


    I started the game building for creativity, but raid after raid spoiled that for me. My goal in rust (my landmark for “winning”) is to hold a base overnight. No success, yet. Hopefully this is helpful : ). Great work, everybody. Early access sounded like a scam to me when it was introduced to steam, and Rust has changed my attitude 100%. Watching the game evolve is inspirational and awesome.


    ChaiVat That’s the server. Server auto wipes when upgraded sometimes.



    y0himba ChaiVat Yeah, I didn’t even see the US server…all I know is that with all the lag and wipes and inconsistencies abounding throughout…not sure I wanna play this anymore…maybe I’ll come back in about 5 yrs when it’s done.  :)


    ChaiVat y0himba There are two of them.  the (EU) server and the (US) server.  Both are int eh server name.


    I have nowhere else to turn but here. I can’t play this goddamn game. Havent been able to for over a month. It freezes at “Receiving Data” and just sits there flooding the console with “Dropping Effect Generic.” It’s great all the progress going into the game, but if I can’t play it, it’s all basically useless to me. Please fix it, and i will continue to enjoy this game.


    ChaiVat Mine as well, however on two servers, and the Washington official, it lags horribly dropping my FPS. I haven’t been able to play on Washington official for days now, and gave up on the other.  I think it is two factors, server hardware and time between wipes.


    nice buildings :)


    I build for security. Hidden if possible, multiple layers, many doors, many code locks. Make it a waste of time for a raider to get in. Keep no loot on site.  Securing the cupboard has been a challenge, I cannot wait for walls and floor plans to be upgradable past stone.

    I am finding it hard to return to the release servers.  The beauty and polished look/feel of the dev branch keeps me on the beta channel. The grass, the LOD, the menus, almost perfect. 

    The challenge of the environment is refreshing as well.  The wolves pack up and chase you, the bears are menacing. The decreased health and need to stay hydrated and fed are a challenge now as well. Building is more expensive, but it is much simplified, and more convenient.


    Arno776 I found your issue, and a solution, don’t play rust on a macbook air


    manly the last one


    Can you please fix rust for macbook air! ;(


    how the hell did you get some of them camera angles

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