Rock talk.


Every part of Rust is scrutinised, including the rock. That lump of stone we give you for free at the start of every life has to be more than a tool and weapon. Sure, it’s slow, and after a few minutes it’s basically just taking up a space in your inventory, but it’s also iconic. It’s the thing every player has in common. There’s been some chat on the reddits about how to make it more useful. Could it be throwable? Could every rock be unique? Why not give everybody googly eyes, as suggested here?

Could it look like wrestler and action movie star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, as suggested by Barbequer?

As Concept Artist Megan put it: “So now you can chase a man around a rock, with a rock that looks like The Rock.”

Funnily enough, Megan and I have both suggested the inclusion of googly eyes in Rust, because we are both fake adults with too much time on our hands. The programmers have yet to bite. We would be thrilled if you had any more suggestions.

Rust Selfies Instagram

I went with a literal title for this. Yes, there’s an Instagram feed and a Twitter account dedicated to ‘Newman’s’ selfie game. If there’s anything that we at Facepunch are known for, it’s riding the zeitgeist for all its worth. This is a fun little exercise, and the results are deadpan and glorious. Observe.

The account takes submissions, so you can have a moment’s fame if you want to get involved. If you do this, don’t forget that talking into your microphone will move your mouth.

10 Hours Of Walking In Rust

We all know Rust is a dangerous place, but there’s more than just a rock to the skull to worry about: ever since we added in voice chat, people are free to say what they want to anyone they see. What’s it like being a naked man walking around a dangerous post-historic procedurally generated world? That’s what MineDatFunky wanted to find out. It’s based on this, for the uninitiated.

Wait, was that Argyle Alligator near the end of walk? What’s he up to, nowadays?

“Praise Garry, Praise The Rock”

Ah, Argyle. This week the best rovin’ reporter on the plains of Rust has been hunting for proof of the elusive ‘Hackpire’, the mythical creatures with strange powers, reported to be able to morph through walls, see through buildings, fly, and suffer no injury to their person.

Argyle was brave, here. He walked into the dark without fear, hunting down supernatural beings on the edge of reality. He took a sacrifice to the sun to get the scoop.

Airdrop Testing

When you make a game with systems, people start doing things with it just for the fun of it. The current build of Rust has airdrops, and if you’re a player with admin panel access then you can make those airdrops come in whenever you choose, contrails scarring the sky as your god-like powers summon the sky beasts over and over and over. And if you choose to record a video, I will watch it.

This is from Youtuber ORYG1N, trying to build a platform for loot to fall into. As you can imagine, it’s a lot of trial and error. Mostly error.

Of course, nothing that they capture is worth the amount of effort they put into building the platform into the sky, but it’s the journey and not the destination that matters. Deep, huh?

Wessink’s Tower

Speaking of platforms, I was merrily skipping along the desert–enjoying that moment between the day and night when the sky burns pink and everything seems calm and welcoming–when I spotted this on the horizon. It was 65 floors tall and built on a 17 by 17 base.

It’s probably the single biggest build I’ve ever personally encountered in NuRust: so big that the inside held a separate base for the builder to hide in. The outside took four hours to build, and the inside was a three-day build. It was huge, but surprisingly lag-free.

The view inside. You can see how the draw distance struggled to keep up with the building’s height: that blue was actually filled in.

Of course, the view from the top was pretty special.

The server has since been wiped, but I’ve made Wessink promise to let me know before he starts on another massive build, so I can arrange to document it from beginning to end.


Just another build, this time from jamonterrell on Reddit. The reason I’m covering it is not because of the little star-shaped tower–though it’s nicely made–but the little monument they made beside the base. Rust’s building tools are focussed on giving people the tools to make a house, but I love seeing things that have no practical purpose being made with them.

Have you made anything that wasn’t a house? As long as it wasn’t a giant swear word, you’re welcome to share it below.

Get In Touch

Got a song, a suggestion, or anything you want to say about Rust? I really want to see if you’ve been making monuments.

There’s a dedicated forum post, or you can post in inky depths of Reddit. I also shuffle around the the Steam Community, so feel free to show me to things from there. You can follow and respond to Rust on Twitter, and I’m on there as well. We also have a dedicated site for suggestions and bug reporting.

I can’t respond to everything, but I read every comment and take it all in. Just be nice.




    you need a “havin a bat” animation


    Last note: I know it’s in the works, but allowing walls of every level to be rendered fully from farther away, as with windows and doors, will be nice too. It was funny watching my wooden castle magically turn to stone the nearer you came.


    I was sick over the past weekend so I had some time off of work, and subsequently a lot of time on my hands. I don’t remember why I ended up choosing to play Rust, but I quickly got over the whole PvP and raiding thing and pretty much just built crap for a total of…like, four days. I spent 40+ hours hammering structures like a caveman. I started out just trying to make a little enclosed area and some stuff inside, but then I found this one hill. I walked up to this charming little mound, and as I was standing at the top looking over the nearby river and forest, I was just like, “Yup.” So, here’s the result of my boredom. The server I play on is probably getting wiped soon so this’ll all be gone in a while. Here’s what I made.
          Some thoughts (that take the building way too seriously and ignore all other aspects of the game): The building kit as a whole is very robust and works remarkably well. Building unorthodox things  is understandably strict and encourages realistic structures (no floating houses, foundation-less bridges across rivers, or intersecting walls that go through each other), but still allows for a surprising amount of simpler oddities (the staircase struts I tried to make, the foundation shapes, etc.) that really made this project enjoyable. The main things that frustrated me were the foundations, foundation steps, and the amount of time it took to correct a mistake or change anything already in place, especially some level 4 structures I changed around. I used a couple things in ways they weren’t meant for, granted, so I’m not presenting this as a critique or complaint; merely a suggestion or two. First, making it so that foundation steps can be placed on the level above a foundation (so that it leads down to said foundation) would make things like building on hillsides, across dips in the ground, and building bridges across rivers much more viable (bridge-building is pretty much impossible as it is now, but would make traversing the map much easier and also allow for more strategic ways to build bases and such). Second, I probably spent more time destroying things than I did building, but the cupboard system seems like it’ll completely fix that (ergo, I’m very excited for the cupboard). Third, one thing that I think would add a lot more depth to building is foundation corners. The 30° triangles are really cool and provide a lot of variety to structures and, in the same way, I think plain ol’ 45° corner foundations and floors would be a wonderful addition. As it is now, you can’t really build soft corners. Your base is either a box, made completely on regular foundations, or it’s a circle, made completely on triangle foundations. You can see in some of the screenshots (especially where the ground meets the big walls) where this can cause some irregularities. All that being said, I’m in love with everything else about the building mechanics, ESPECIALLY the ability to place more than one structure on a given foundations (i.e. a bunch of side-by-side railings).
          Once again, It’s not my intention to rag on the developers. I’m amazed at how far the game has come (the lighting system alone makes me giddy), and I expect nothing but good things in the future. So yeah. The building aspect of this game alone sucked away four days of my life. Thanks for reading.
    Steam username: Grayfade


    Please make maps smaller and dump the procedural system. Seriously, it’s not fun running around for hours and not seeing or being able to find a single person. The maps are too big to learn. 

    Either that or rename it “Running Simulator”


    sry to say but i think ur going the wrong way about loot the fact that ther is none aleast make a placeholder town to loot with placeholder crate .they really need it dont be focusing on things like graphics and that crap its not what the average gamer wants plus if there is placeer stuff to loot while we wait for the stuff you work on  rad towns are what the legacy people want in this game. thank you for all you have done on the game trying to make its perfect for us. but also when you kill a player it doesn feel satisfying add hit indicators pls just on a side note =D
    thx guys


    monster hunter (game) version…. just sayin’


    lootgruppe089 Hackers and cheaters are biggest problems agreed. Do you find some good server without laggs and hackers? I got one :-) without hackers but there are lags sometimes. Experimental is still developed? Maybe somebody likes Dwayne Johnson selfie on rock, but i would prefer one bug less instead. ;)


    Yesterday i failed to connect to any “Rust Experimental”  server. “receiving data” and frozen game. So I asked friend to try. He spend his money either and never saw a game :-/  Like me he couldnt connect to any experimental servers. So we both switch another internet connection and i tried to join on my notebook. same problem… so were feelin very bad that we send you any money


    Very nice that you have fixing the building system guys !
    i am very happy to hear there is no more hammering :D

    am very happy you always listen to the community, however there are to
    super crucial things that still need fixing for rust to become awesome
    again :)

    1: Resource scarcity

    small trees still give like 90 wood if you hit it with a stone hatchet,
    this is not good, this leads to less fighting. and since this is rust
    (which is not the real world) we want to promote fighting so please
    reduce the wood gain from small tree’s to 5 and make resources more
    scarce overall :)

    2: Level 5 & 6 walls:
    5 & 6 walls should only be destroyable by explosives, or else we
    are all just gonna be standing around bashing walls again which is no
    fun, we want to force people out in the field to farm for resources that
    later can be used for quick acess.
    and if u think about its not that realistic that a hand weapon could tear down a metal wall
    rate should be adjusted ( im thinking the time it took you to tear down
    a wood door in legacy would be appropriate for lvl 2 walls with the
    highest lvl hand weapon)

    its also a good fun/scare to run
    around with your explosives because if you lose it you could lose a wall
    in your home and just the overall pain in the ass of farming for it and
    the blueprint alike (which must be super hard to obtain ofc, and also
    the resources to craft it) 
    in legacy the airdrop was the only way obtain the explosives, this was a very fun game mechanic to force ppl to just go all in

    of right now they are really the majority nearly so please do these to
    last things
    You should be able to be safe in your house but it should be hard to setup and even harder to get into,

    so i think the resume of this is : 

    its too easy to get anything in rust, make it harder, thats the
    excitement more scarcity, and raiding should be a lot harder and risky
    for the raiders

    Or instead of having to listen to me
    complain every week you could just take everything from legacy and put
    on that map and make it a little less laggy


    I also think legacy was better and much more Fun. It would ne nice to work on in legacy, too! The only Problem in legacy are Hacker and cheater and some buggs….. Rest of the Game is nearly Perfect!


    And still you’re completely missing the point. It was kind of a rant about all the micro updates that are useless.

    As for the windows kernel, yeah, pirated, sure. Half of the users with licensed Windows 7 can’t run this shit.


    Nice to see my rock on here!


    looks good

      Henry Garco

    ScarfaceCapone Totally agree with you, please add a feature for turning off head bobbing!


    I’d love it if we were able to name our rocks.. and, (haven’t seen this suggested) there was a ”paint”-like mini-system to doodle a unique graphic on it in smudges (like primitive cave paintings)… then I’d paint a red hand with a face … and call him Wilson. xP


    HassoCZ north is snow. south is desert. sun travels east to west. There is your compass noob.


    My Alien guy on Us Colorado!! Everyone loved him, then he got raided. It was a sad time to log on to the server.


    Floating Radar base..


    and this one is my houseboat with rooms for a crew of 6


    ship wreck with storage boxes scattered along the sandbar


    i builded this “swear word” and this “city” on screenshot :D


    The new head bobbing animation are absurd. The game is starting to feel like people need to have parkinson’s just to keep up with the screen, what is your obsessions to make the guy feel like he is have an epileptic fit when hammering or gathering something, fighting is just sickening. I would love to see the effects this will have with someone wearing the occulus rift. I think your definition of realism needs to be revisited.

    is there something to turn this shit off?


    AaronMorris it happens that 2nd releases of games are far from their predecessors. Still got Legacy to play at least for the money


    Gather resources is too easy. I used to obtain lot of materials and it was
    dangerous and hard in legacy than now. Which means fun factor was better. Now
    its SOOO easy obtain resources.Safety
    matches are enough to build whole house :-/ so to have well defended
    (builded) house isn’t so rare… :-/
    2) Pls add
    compass or whatever for at least some orientation… 2 hours I was
    searching for my friend on map :-/
    3) Really
    think u should stick with Legacy concept, add map or compass, add more
    blueprints, kill all hackers and so on. Instead of making tree houses, new
    design of code lock and other not important stuff for now.
    4) Game is
    excellent but I don’t understand why developer saren’t fixing real problems and
    why theyre starting whole ne concept. Because Legacy doesn’t need to much to be
    fixed for everybody happiness…
    For now
    only graphics and new build menu are good in RUST experimental.




    When will the wallls inmune to rocks/etc and only susceptible to bombs?


    I feel like NuRust is having an identity crisis as to what it is. You guys have been just throwing shit at the wall and seeing if it sticks with the community. Like the art direction. not  a huge fan of the new shit.


    #bojack #horsinaround #accesshollywoo



    “unallowed Windows kernel”

    Oh dear, this means you are running pirate Windows, yo shit ain’t legit son.


    By L0ne_St4r and SpaceKadetKiwi.


    gdashevskyy I also have this problem every couple days. The solution for me is to just restart Steam.


    gdashevskyy google it – verify files or reinstall


    Wessink Would love to help if you’re in need :)


    Hi there.
    I know that this game in alpha stage and
    all that good stuff, BUT i’m tired of updates. Every time i want to log
    in and play the game has to be updated. Like 2 times a day. Its very
    annoying, guys, you know. Maybe you should consider making larger
    patches and release them once a week.. at least. Because, literally,
    ALWAYS when i’m trying to run Rust it sais “update queued”.. Like ALWAYS. It bothers me. I bought this game to PLAY it, and not to update every time i launch steam.


    Wessink Let me know. I can help.


    hello, what is the command to know ca position to a release of
    Is it possible to drop a name players?
    thank you


    Oh man, nice to see Argyle getting his stuff on here!


    I’m glad you got some pictures of the tower before it got wiped! I will need to plan something even bigger for you to take pictures of!


    Hey, nice, I made something that got in! :)


    BTW the first time I saw that tower it looked like a skeleton shaped building. xD (in the purple sky’s) I thought it looked pretty awesome.


    amazing :D



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