This week: The Truman Show of Rust Youtubers, and how to build things.


I write these posts to recognise creativity within the community, because I hope it encourages people to do the same! GrymThor’s tree-house builds were documented in last week’s post, and he was then inspired by the use of triangle building parts in the header image of that same post. Everything is connected, people! He saw the post and thought:

I wondered if this could happen without the walls?

It’s probably a thought he regrets, as it took him two days to complete his building. He built a huge frame surrounding a tree, and then knocked most of it away. to create the effect he was looking for.

Here’s the maths, there were 20 door frames/windows per ring, 19 rings top to bottom, that’s 380 windows/door frames, 44 hits per window/door frame to destroy it, that’s a total of 16,720 hits to destroy the entire tower, except about 40 windows for the House itself.

A few shots from the building process.

If you can access the Facepunch forums, the whole thread is here.

Henrik Hansen also made a tree house. It’s 42 stories tall and takes a minute to scale. I love that view across the treetops.

How To Build Mighty Lag Beasts

I hope you’re now inspired to build something, even if it’s just a shack on a rock. As Rust’s building tools get more complex, some help might be needed to show you how best to use them. A couple of posts on Reddit highlighted a few of the ways you can learn to be a better builder.

Storrgie asked:

“Is anyone aware of a software (desktop of web based) that could be used to lay out a base design? I’m really just interested in the foundation square and triangle, not nearly as much in the upper levels. I have been getting a lot of experience with different designs due to this door lock bug that forces servers to wipe (4 times on rustified this weekend). I’d just like to play around with ideas before doing the build in game.

And while there’s nothing like that yet, IGbawNg created a server for people to learn how to build on:

I actually created a sandbox mod yesterday for this exact purpose. Feel free to use the brand new sandbox server I put up, the servers name starts with “Intoxicated Sandbox”.

Keep in mind it’s very basic at this point and will be extended later. So far I have implemented the following features:

You take no damage from the world or other players
You start with building tools and unlimited resources
Placed frames are automatically built to level 1 instantly
Upgrading is instant, 1 hammer hit per level
You can destroy anything you placed with 1 hit
Other players cannot build or damage anything that you have placed
Crafting is also instantaneous

And here’s something you can try on there. Redditor Wyvrex’s pod design works as a single building, or as part of a larger complex of pods.

When I was playing around with the design I made a concentric ring of pods like the third picture. This gave me a 6 pointed star central room. If doing multiple floors this can serve as a stairwell and when properly placed makes a very cool criss-crossing stair pattern when you look up. You could also keep the stairs in the pods and use them as buffers protecting a center room.


Leads to this…

An elegant use of the shapes. It makes me wonder what would be possible if you could angle the walls and floors more?

The Legend of FastDonkeyNads

Sorry, Argyle. I have a new favourite Youtuber. We can still be friends, yeah?

The Legend of FastDonkeyNads is the tale of an inadvertent star. It is basically the Truman Show of Rust, where a player was recording his time in game with a friend, and uploading it in chunks to Youtube. That was all well and good, and the channel made it to six videos before it was revealed to his friend what was going on.

The bit with the prisoner and the keys is hilarious. And there’s some awful language that my mum would not approve of. Watch it before reading below, please.

I hope you watched it before you read this bit. The reveal of what was going on was amazing. I can’t begin to imagine what it would be like to be playing on a server and having strangers react like that, and I’m a bit sad that it’s all over so soon. I deliberately kept from writing about it in case he found out, but now he knows there’s no need to keep it a secret. The full reveal is here.

What A Carve Up

This is so much nicer than grenades and guns that actually work. Jasce made a Rust halloween pumpkin!

“I used a picture i printed of the logo and drew it on with a sharpie. I just used regular tools my family has had for nearly ten years. I even broke one of the carving knifes and the blade flew back and hit my fingers (the picture with my hand). Its not perfect but, I think it looks awesome-considering I didnt see any rust pumpkins when I looked it up. I hope this gives everyone ideas for their own Rust pumpkins! Happy Halloween! – Jasce <3"

One day Rust will have carveable in-game squashes, Jasce. I will hound the programmers until that happens.

Get In Touch

Got a song, a suggestion, or anything you want to say about Rust? I really want to see what you’ve been building, particularly the process you use.

There’s a dedicated forum post, or you can post in inky depths of Reddit. I also shuffle around the the Steam Community, so feel free to show me to things from there. You can follow and respond to Rust on Twitter, and I’m on there as well. We also have a dedicated site for suggestions and bug reporting.

I can’t respond to everything, but I read every comment and take it all in. Just be nice.




    TunsafunMcHaggis SWAT_Speedbump

    How was that remotely racist? Ignorant much?


    SWAT_Speedbump fuck off, racist cunt


    You devs should add some sort of filter for the server browser to insure that you can always find a server with people playing


    A Parody of 10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman. This video was made by me (ethurs) and MineDatFunky (Ian and Quin)


    me and my friend cant play Rust and we could not play the experimental branch. All we can play is Legacy Rust, we keep getting to running self check then it closes any help???


    TheTopMostDog SWAT_Speedbump lol I will take your word for it. I have zero interest in actually seeing what this idiot looks like. Personally I feel that he should just run a nice warm bath and slit his wrists or fall down a flight of stairs. Either way is cool :P


    TheTopMostDog wallyrrr I’m not Jesus, twat nose! Eat something fat, lardtits!


    1. I play on 1600×1000 on full screen 2. CPU most of the time has not very much to do with your FPS. + My CPU is worse then yours… Maybe check your computer on virusses, they give lag a lot.


    SWAT_Speedbump Search his username. His Youtube and G+ accounts are the same. From there, you get his name, and can look him up on Facebook. He’s not young, despite how he sounds. I’m just surprised he’s not Australian; I rarely hear that language outside of Oceania servers. At least they grow out of it soon after their teens, here.


    Rofl! You’re probably too young to understand the words you’re typing.
    I bet your parents are cousins…


    omg i carved the rust logo into a pumpkin but it rotted before halloween T_T


    How would your parents feel about your behaviour, walter?


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    You’re on a gaming board for an alpha (for what, a year?!?) piece of shit sandbox served by a 3rd-rate delivery service.
    You don’t get to act superior.
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    galaxybeatzz Darkfend maybe your resolution is very low. idk. or maybe you’re playing rust legacy lol


    wallyrrr Have you been diagnosed with tourettes by chance? I’m sensing that you lack understanding regarding what an Alpha is and that you might be a bit upset because the game isn’t complete. 
    If I were you I’d go strangle a kitten or do whatever makes you feel good about your insignificant self and take your immature bullshit elsewhere.


    wallyrrr That has got to be one of the most well constructed sentences I have seen in a while. /end sarcasm

      HDShot Zachary

    eduaaa1985 If you open it in Steam, use Legacy, it is the older version with the island.


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    Shit on a cunt pile of fuck. Twat!


    it was a good game and now… sucks


    Darkfend galaxybeatzz I sure did. I went in every biome without them lags.


    Jasonthehuman Darkfend Alright thanks but I believe it’s most likely the CPU giving troubles


    galaxybeatzz Darkfend you’ve probably never went in the forest side in game..


    My server is legit, please support to bring it back in lists
    My server is not present in the search

    it seems my server is blacklisted :(
    Do not create mirror
    My server has not broken any rules
    what to do?


    That´s the way how we griefing :D


    Proposal developers. Make a ghost town


    Agreed, I still think something should be done so as not to allow looking around corners. I’m not saying they need to trash the idea in full, but maybe tweak the way it works


    Still after the animations are done, I like building and breaking best in thirdperson. They could make that the camera doesn’t go through solid objects. That’s better anyway cause it’s fairly annoying when you’re building inside and your camera is outside.


    I’ve been playing Rust since before legacy existed, zombies were a big part of the game and have seen some amazing improvements over time. So with that being said, I would like to make a suggestion. One thing that is kinda is a pain right now is when your building a massive base/tower/building/landmark/bridge, whatever your building but you need to build flooring/platform when your 6-7 stories high. right now you have to build  walls from ground up every 2 spaces away to make connection on that floor. Once you did finish making that floor then the tedious part is destroying all those walls back to ground level and even for lvl 1 walls still takes a huge amount of time when your talking about destroying 20-40 walls. So i have 2 ideas to make building a lot easier when it comes to destruction. 1) have a tool that you can make, (probably really expensive) that will only destroy a lvl 1 building material only, with only 1 hit. If its used against a lvl 2 or higher building material, it does no damage at all. 2) My other suggestion is adding a constructing phase level to building material. the outline that is currently being used is nice, but something gives it solid form to build on. i guess outline would be called lvl 0, and wood would be lvl 1 so constructing lvl 0.5? Oh well those are my 2 ideas to help improved to build quality of Rust. Just thought I would put my 2 cents in.


    In the video it shows him looking through a wall which is obviously a bug, However, the main thing is the ability to look around corners and over walls without being seen that kills the immersion in my opinion. I do see where you,re coming from though I think, seeing yourself is cool and a good way to view animations(once they’re finished) perhaps while in third person mode you can only see yourself? Just an Idea.


    Why is this exploitable. I love I really really love thirdperson in this game, it’s awesome. But tell me, why is this exploitable?


    AlexanderLaheij love the pyramid tower


    zeusmaximus14 LOL where’s the tree?


    SWAT_Speedbump  hi :) since when did u start playing rust?


    Also have a hard time placing sleeping bags in smaller houses.


    Darkfend You should think about upgrading your gfx card. Especially now that the 970 and 980 are out, the 700 series are dropping in price a lot. Here’s a relatively good guide on buying the newer gfx cards,3107.html


    Some pictures / Huge bases/towers and a sleeping bag can be placed in the air (place on rock, axe rock away


    I’ve been getting these in my logs and just wanted to point them out. Also, for everyone having issues with doors, simply play on a modded server. OXIDE has done a great job with plugins that take care of all this. Join or not, my server is Battlefield of the FLOK. I’m active there and work well with players to resolve this stuff so they can play the game correctly.

    This is the type of message I get and get a ton of them.
    StringPool.GetNumber – no number for string fx/weapons/vm_revolver/attack




    geett rid of third person pleeaaassee. Its way to exploitable, you can see this in the video. dont make the same mistake arma made.


    Garry there are hackers active on Rust ( not talking about legacy )
    People can respawn instantly when killed. I killed a naked guy and within 1 second he spawned on his dead body, then we ran for a while before i killed him again and he respawned again. This happened 5 times in a row and he was not using some sleeping bag trick, it was a hack for sure.



    What A View :)


    Looking Back Down


    Looking Up From The Bottom WOW !!!!!


    50 Stories High Tree House :)


    jf3000 SWAT_Speedbump Did you seriously go AFK to let the Kangaroo’s out? We haven’t run into any kick issues and we’ve had to kick a few for racism/homophobia mostly… also a few bans for glitching


    Darkfend I’ve got almost similar specs as you. I’ve got a intel 2 duo processor with the same ghz and 5gb ram and a gtx 650. I play on fast and disable only motion blur, PVT and full reflexions, the rest is on or on max settings. With this I get a smooth 50-70 FPS


    I wonder, is Rust going to be out of Alpha yet? it’s very stable now and seems like it’s almost a beta.


    Please optimize FPS. I have an i3 3.4ghz with 8gb ram and a gtx 650, and I still get some great lag even with the terrain quality and shadow distance at 0 and the draw distance at half and all the other graphics settings but color disabled.


    Server stability…soon please! lol And I think Rust servers should have ping limits like Arma- I fucking hate fighting against people who port around the screen like Nightcrawler and somehow stab you in the back when they are 30 feet away from you…but otherwise keep up the good work you guys are doing a great job.


    SWAT_Speedbump Look Out – The accents are roaming the lands again. The kicking from server is also resulting in the client and server being incompatible.


    SWAT_Speedbump jcv8000 every time i try to join server it says allocating terrain map and its taking to long what should i do???


    jf3000 SWAT_Speedbump

    ROFL. The kids aren’t allowed in the adult channels but I understand. I’m fairly new to the Rust community, what is this LUA fix?


    moronheatseeker Its a simple LUA fix. I dont use TS, thats where all the teenyboppers hang out.


    jcv8000 The genuine fix is to download the setup file from the actual site rather than downloading from a third party site, several people downloaded from a Russian site only to be infected with a keylogger.

    There is a reg file floating around people are trying to offer up, all it checks is to make sure that GamesInstalled”=”12; is actually set to 12 and not 0 which also causes the easyanticheat to fail.


    jf3000 moronheatseeker

    Hmm… when was the last time your server was restarted? The locks, both key and coded disappear after restart. Just seems that the graphic is gone as the door remains locked. 
    What mods are you running? You’re welcome to hop on TS so we don’t spam the comments section :P


    moronheatseeker Well thats news to me I run a modded server and I have never had any trouble and have a fair amount of traffic connect. Plus I don’t have that issue with the doors. They fixed that issue with the code locks yet whilst we still wait for Garry to offer a fix, its safe on the modded server I run.


    jf3000 moronheatseeker

    We run a vanilla server. I heard the modded servers were unstable and a pain to run with all the updates coming out.


    jcv8000 Jump on our TS please. We have a fix that my brother coded. 



    Can you fix the bug with EAC? Every time I join a server after 10 seconds I get kicked and the console says “Disconnected: Easy anti cheat – disconnected”


    moronheatseeker Is your server modded or standard?


    All of this is great but can you guys please put out a hotfix for the door locks? The admins on my server, including myself, are getting tired of trying to explain how the locks are bugged and the work-around for it.


    SmokeyBakey Nothing wrong with Legacy. It works fine. If you’re having troubles with it, it comes down to this:

    The server operator has decided to not update the server files because that would make the mods not work any further, thus leaving the updates out of the picture. Because this happens and because everyone has there Rust on Auto update, when they go to reconnect back to that lovely Legacy server they were playing on, they can no longer play on it because of an update. Your client is now incompatible with the server. Rather than complaining to Garry to fix legacy, how about complaining to the Server host for not updating. This is why you can’t connect. Its logic and its been a proven point.

    Experimental is here to stay.

    One lat point: You do remember that title of Rust did say Alpha :) Have a lovely day.


    Wait, this is a new thing? I NEVER tell people when I record XD


    SmokeyBakey they arent working on legacy anymore, so no. Start playing Experimental, because Legacy will eventually go bye bye.


    Why should they fix it. It’s unsupported and it’s just there for people that still like legacy. But if you care about support consider jumping to the main branch.


    Whoa! A group of my friends stumbled across Wyvrex’s foundation on the rustafied server and started building.
    Wyvrex came back screaming “YOU’RE RUINING EVERYTHING”
    We teamed up and assisted in the build of his blue print.
    The rustafied server wiped 2x over the weekend. We tried building this 2 times. Never got to finish =(
    Here is a snippet
    Will post final results if we ever get to finish.


    minha sensibilidade do mouse esta muito auta alguem pode me ajudar


    THE LEGEND!!!!!!


    fix legacy and also, you only uploaded the pumpkin because of the female in the picture. bloody virgins!


    fix legacy

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