This week: maps, torches and INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM.


There’s been a fair amount of community chatter about the blueprint plans that Garry posted last week. I’d hoped to include some of the feedback here, to go over the merits of the arguments and suggestions, but boy was there a lot. As I’ve only had a couple of working days between that post and this post, I’m erring on the side of caution. There’s a lot to be said, and has been said, about it, and collating it all in a rush won’t help. Garry has dropped a Reddit thread for people to talk it over. We are listening.

So we’re going to do a standard round-up of community things this week, starting with that strange image on the top of the post.


When I posted about a screenshot that showed an entire server’s world, a few people started to talk about in-game maps. With the procedural worlds, there’s a sense of adventure on every server. Unless a server seed’s shared, no two worlds will have the same shape: mountains, water, islands will sculpt a different space for you to live in.

Legacy has only one world, so mapping it was easy. Maps existed out of the game, and with the set landmarks it was easy to find your way around. The challange of a procedural map–and it’s a good challenge–is that it’s initially unknowable, and that you have to put the work in to feel your way around it.

BioClone’s thread on the Facepunch forums was about that learning experience, and how it can be captured in a game. You’d start with a blank map, as above, but as you’d play the map would fill in, which is what the top image is showing (sneakily borrowed from Metro 2033). An additional compass completes his plan.

… if you open the map you will just see the areas you already have discovered (after the crafting of the map), but you just see the explored terrain, NOT your location.

Once a compass is done, then, every time you open the map you should see on the map: “fog of war” (places not discovered), explored areas and your location.

It’s a neat idea, but this is Rust. Why should things be neat? A counterpoint to this comes from the gloriously named grizzlyhuggs: his thread about maps really delves into the sort of detail we like.

Going from this:

To this:

His method requires the player to get outside, but it takes skill and time, and that’s the point.

Firstly no games have done creating your own map that I’m aware of. I also think it would feel like such a personal touch. What if you only had one copy of your map and someone stole it how much would you need to track them down if not to kill them then to ask them to make you a copy.

I’m a fan of player made artefacts like this. Something unique to the maker. Particularly with maps, because when that knowledge is so valuable then it can be fought for and lied about.

Rustin’ In Real-Life

You people terrify me. Rust is a survival game. It is not meant to be copied, because it is not a nice game. And yet there’s never a week when you’ve somehow brought the game into the real-world and then sent me photograpic evidence. I feel like a colluder.

Olle “I rusted in real life for a change” Svensson sent me a pic of his wooden shelter–what Survivorman has taught me is known as a lean-to–and suggests you all try this at least once. I love that he snuck the logo in there.

He was joined in the outdoors by Samuel Doleman, who made a torch based on the in-game one.

This is going to end with one of you wearing frog boots and smashing somone’s skull in with a rock, isn’t it? Please don’t.

Live From The Field…

Full disclosure: Argyle has a lovely beard. I also know he’s been dying for voice chat to work so he can delve into the game and do his investigative journalisms about NuRust. I particularly like the guy who worries that Argyle’s an investigator looking for a murderer, and not an investigative journalist. What does he have to hide? Aside from the murder of a journalist.

Warning: has BAD swears.

I am so glad we got mouth movement in the game. There’s nothing better than the jawy chatterring breaking up the awkward silences.

Get In Touch

Got a song, a suggestion, or anything you want to say about Rust? Have you moved into a cave because you played Rust?

There’s a dedicated forum post, or you can post in inky depths of Reddit. I also shuffle around the the Steam Community, so feel free to show me to things from there. You can follow and respond to Rust on Twitter, and I’m on there as well. We also have a dedicated site for suggestions and bug reporting.

I can’t respond to everything, but I read every comment and take it all in. Just be nice.




    Maps: I love the idea of charting your own maps, but there needs to be some kind of “you are here” in game incentive to prevent people from making/stealing a map and then just taking a screenshot of it before they lose it again. Sure it may be helpful as a screen shot still, but only if you can figure out where on that map you currently are. If the in-game map offered an incentive to use over that, it may prevent people from being cheap.


    My contact email and email for steam is attached to Livefyre to so you know. You would think the creator of Garry’s Mod would be understanding, after making one of the top modded games ever. I would love if they also added a possibility to use full map radar for server administrator’s. would be fantastic.


    You talk about maps like it’s all nothing, but just for using a map mod that showed were i was on a map and then a map of the zone, on vanilla, I was Vac banned. Worst thing about that was i was doing it on my own server that i owned and ran. Now banned for life via VAC for something they are now okay with. So ridiculous, I never use a single fly hack, aim bot, nor speed hack, but i use a map so that while i am following potential hackers i know exactly were i am still, and I get VAC banned. Why would i want to add VAC to my server, when it doesn’t catch all the hackers and you almost need the extra software, but it gets you banned. A friend of mine was using a map that even sees people around him like a radar with a full map and airdrops but i just ran his own server, used it to catch hackers, but got banned for taking extra measures to have a safe relevant solution to tracking hackers. I am glad they have this now but i wish they could un ban people who used the maps previously, especially for an anti hacker safety. Kind of ridiculous… If you could lift this I don’t know would be super happy… i have a second steam with rust but would be awesome to be able to use this account, since its my main. Rust is my only game on my second account and its annoying to switch between accounts.. It also has that VAC ban branded to the account as well which its my first and only ban, and for something so ridiculous.



    the new rust is nice bot i lag


    i play on a intel pentium dual cora g2030 with 3.0 Ghz and 3MB L3 cache, but my problem is that i’m using the onboard gpu and wanna play the game before i buy a offboard one — i also have 4GB of ddr3 ram and 256 mb of video memory, and i can play bf3 with 20 ~30 fps —


    About maps I think it should be like a red alert style map where a you explore it comes up on your map as if your drawing it, would be cool. Good work on game!


    While not disappointing by their removal, I would be happy to see them return in a much smaller (or rarer) capacity. The game doesn’t have to be about zombies to have zombies or zombie-like creatures.


    MichaelMcLind Another one for Miasmata. I think it’s one of the most enjoyable game cartography systems I’ve seen (an area lacking in innovation). Further more, I think it’s a system that is very well suited to the “feel” of Rust.


    About Maps: I really like how the indy survival game Miasmata does it. They have you make your own map and it uses actual uses real charting techniques to have you find your location. This is the best example of map making I’ve seen in a game, I would recommend getting a copy of it on steam to check out their system. Its unique, accurate and fun.


    RealmDweller featuredda_man everything is a copy of a copy, instead of hugging your mum today, punch her in the face, when your girlfriend greets you, staple her hair back to her butt cheeks, because anything less is lazy and uninteresting, even this statement, and the one i responded to.


    I strongly disagree with this statement. Natural talent and originality only carries an artist so far, it’s through study and refinement that one hones their skills. By learning from the failings and successes of others, we humans are capable of making tremendous leaps forward. To ignore the works of others and create in a vacuum is both foolish and primitive. A true genius learns, adapts, and innovates from the knoweledge that has proceded him/her. In this medium, learning from other devlopers results in intuitive videogame logic that benefits the players. There’s a difference between plagiarism and innovating on existing concepts. I like seeing developers that learn from interesting concepts seen in other games, rather than letting good concepts die because they’ve been used before.


    featuredda_man It’s far more respectable of a game developer, or anything creative for that matter, to come up with their own original approach. Anything less is just lazy and uninteresting.


    I say this game should borrow some small elements from other games. I loved the aesthetic of the lighter, map/compass combo, and all that from metro and feel like rust should incorporate the idea of a map like that, because that is a visual orgasm. I also think that the bandage should have all sorts of animations, similar to Far Cry 3, where your character may wrap it around his arm, or his head, or wherever you are afflicted with bodily harm. Just some thoughts.


    Jr912 Nothing about expecting an alpha version of a game not to change is realistic either. I hope you’ve learned a valuable lesson about early access. Plus, you can still play legacy. Go nuts.


    Baron84 Your fault for expecting an alpha version to be representative of the final product. Don’t know what else to tell ya.


    sup guys


    Baron84  From before it was on steam this was already said to not going to be a zombie game, Around mid 2013 I think. The zombies were originally a placeholder (something to fight/attack you) until they could come up with something better. And they were removed from the game 9 months ago…. At no point in the past almost 18 months was this ever advertised to be a zombie game! Get a grip!


    mogur00 Baron84 If the Big Mac was made with Zombie meat I would be happy, it wasn’t though so I would want a refund.


    Baron84 if you bought a big mac under the impression that it was going to taste good, would mcdonalds give you a refund?


    I bought this with the impression it was a zombie survival game. I am very disappointed with the way it has turned out. I want a refund…


    Jr912 I have to agree. This is not what I payed for. The legacy Rust is much more exciting probably because of the small maps, rad towns and airdrops which are really cool since you really need to be careful because you don’t know if anyone is looting the area or not. In legacy rust every now and then you will hear gunshots and this gives players the uneasy feeling. They need to make choice if they will come out or just hide in their houses. That is the feeling that is not on the current rust right now. It’s actually boring now. Anyway, hopefully they can add more things to the new rust or it will be just another game that I won’t be playing.


    Hey, check out my funny Rust bandit video!


    Yeah, you are right, I think the developers definitely have a vision on where they want to take the game. But, like I said before the players are most likely a minority, I’m not saying the minority is 100-1000 people most likely in the tens of thousands – hundred of thousands, which is fine because the developers could really appreciate that number, but it definitely won’t be as popular as legacy. Since legacy is never going to be updated, it will die out eventually. The minority will be the majority but the numbers won’t rapidly grow


    please add the coded doors back in the game keys are probably one of the worst things added to the new version.



    Couldn’t have said it better myself.


    EricNims JerryImonaboatDinan

    get a life? what? 

    I have no clue how you came to your #1 response with “get a life” , sounds more like you are butt hurt.

    Im sorry if what I have stated pissed you off, because the looks of your profile you seem to be a pretty smart dude, however your #1 response is not a smart and constructive response.

    your #2 however I understand how you feel, however you knew the game was Alpha when you bought it, enough said.

    oh and my point of the whole post was simply this. “if you have something to bitch about, do something about it, otherwise it’s not worth bitching about, because obviously you are not part of the solution if you aren’t doing something constructive to fix it”


    Leignheart JerryImonaboatDinan

    you obviously did not comprehend what I have stated. 

    plus Rabid Bat summed it up pretty well. your response was nowhere near constructive. just more bitching.

    Unlike you however, I do something about what I do not like. That was the whole point. the point was not to say bitching was bad, but bitching that did not end in constructive input, action or a solution. Which I gave an example how I am actively working on things I disagree with or do not like. you however, just bitch.


    I’m beginning to think that half of Rust players are probably teenagers who don’t understand what an Early Access game is.
    Don’t revert back to Legacy in any way, shape, or form. It was basically a dumbed down version of CoD.
    Legacy wasn’t even close to a survival game.

    Rust “2.0” has some of the best elements of a survival game, and sooo much more to come.
    Keep up the good work.


    Jr912 you are right mane, legacy is THE SHIT but still the new one is a new concept that is cool, although i will hate the day that devs take away legacy, that should remain for ever in my opinion

      Rabid Bat

    AlexandreMotta MalteNuchelHeggenhougen I think experimental should of applied everything Legacy to the new engine and procedural maps and built on it from there.
    In ways it has, but in others it didn’t.
    I think if they’d made Experimental this way less people would be complaining about it.
    I mean let us compare the 2:
    Both have…
    Firearms to build.
    Choppable trees.
    Mineable rocks.
    Camp fires
    Loot chests.
    Zombie free. :p
    Kill on Site mentality.
    Almost Identical looking player model.
    Customisable clothing.
    It’s mostly the visuals that look different and amounts of resources gathered, how items are crafted etc.
    Modern day guns replaced with ‘cave man’ equivalents. Balance being kind of different.
    But still the now main game just feels less fun and solid than Legacy was.
    I think it’s also an effect of swapping out engines mid stream, it’s given us this illusion of the game should feel further along than it is because of the amount of time since we purchased it. But it essentially reset the clock when Experimental was announced.
    We got given too long with a game and got used to it.
    I kind of expect and understand the mistakes facepunch has and is making after all it is an alpha and I very clearly read the early access box on the store page and I cannot argue I am not getting exactly what facepunch has promised me for my money. I agreed to it when I brought the game.
    But I also understand why some people feel misled and facepunch sort of did bring it on themselves.
    Let it be a warning to all future devs, pick an engine and stick with it. We all know how Engine Swapping ended for Duke Nukem.
    Don’t swap out the game 6 months into development especially when it’s got thousands of players and just as many servers.
    We gamers have good memories next time it comes to parting with our cash.
    As for the gamers. Buyer beware. Read the disclaimers, do your research and accept or do not. Nobody held a gun to our heads when we paid up. If you don’t read the purchase agreement then that’s on you and no one else. Spend wisely.
    All I know is we now own the game one way or another. may as well make the most of it and try to actually help facepunch make this the game we want. That or come back when the completion date is up and see exactly what it is we’ve bought into.

      Rabid Bat

    almarsaint I’d just like to just spawn or respawn in a non heavily populated area for once.

      Rabid Bat

    Leignheart oh look the interwebz police is here!
    Our lives are now much better from your advice. We shall all now refrain from having different opinions and minds.
    Interwebz Police aka Gramma Nazis when off duty.
    Every forum and comment section needs one!


    Plus in reality, nothing in this game is realistic, a gunshot wounds or bite from a wolf would result in an infection and death. Of course this is an extreme point, but what’s the difference in making a m4 than say a Thompson, nothing really, both require the same level of craftsmanship. I think they trying make it more primitive rather than realistic. Which is a bad move according to most players.

      Rabid Bat

    Jr912 Oh and If you want a game like Legacy that will be completed I suggest 7 Days
    To Die, games like it, DayZ and The Forest are why facepunch is trying
    to go in a new direction so they can try and avoid being an outright
    clone and try to be it’s own thing if I’ve read past articles correctly.


    All I’m saying this isn’t the game players originally payed for. And I’m fairly certain other players feel the same. On a side note I think the developers will see a decline in players, but I can most certainly be wrong. Lots of people think rust is going in the right direction, but i will assume based on forum posts that they are the minority.

      Rabid Bat

    Jr912 sadly Legacy that we all got sold on was “not even 10% of the game” if I recall the words on the Steam Store correctly when it launched and it was always designed to be some form of a survival game.
    Yeah not a big fan myself of the overall direction RUST is going, if any where. Feels like every update I am playing a different game. But alas this is what we signed on for when we clicked buy and accepted it was an early access pre-alpha game.
    I think as legacy is in no way being developed some modding tools for it would be good so the community that wants it can grow the game by modding it if none have been released already. It seemed to have a clearer direction to it at such an early stage compared to RUST now.
    All I can say is play Legacy and accept that is all it will ever be, petition the devs to provide something like modding as I mentioned above, or try and let the devs know what it is you want from RUST as it has become, what you don’t like about the main game now and try to get people to support it so the devs cannot ignore it. (Although this is facepunch, a single hipster douche bag seems to have more weight with garry than thousands of paying customers from what I can see. Just because what the majority wants would be soooooo ‘mainstream’.)
    But yes still early days, game could end up anywhere for now especially once real content and gameplay is added. So this is why we’re all early adopters, to at least try and get some input on it. But yeah the more noise you can get made more chance they will have to notice what you have to say. Doing nothing you’ll never see what you want guaranteed.
    I myself think RUST’s main downfall will be the game trying to be to ‘artsy and hip’ over ‘fun to play’. It could be the next big thing but equally as likely the next Daikatana egotistical circle jerk fail of all time.
    It will honestly come down to if Garry and Facepunch will choose balancing they game they imagine with the game customers want.
    Because this IS a commercial product not some art project funded by family.
    Honestly wouldn’t hold my breathe about getting anything new for Legacy though. But you never know if you never ask hey?

      Rabid Bat

    Rustin’ Real Life huh? Top image makes me think of The Forest, bottom Image 7 Days to Die, not RUST.
    You’re fans may want to put in a little more effort with replicating RUST or make sure they’re submitting their pics to the right games site lol.
    Don’t care how it’s done but a map is definitely essential.


    Jr912 Its a survival game. Not a warfare game. and even then people can own their own servers, and make it a war server. yea the old one was fun. but in reality you cant mash up some metal and make a military grade weapon, your more likely to make a frog shoe than to make a semi auto shotgun


    pellehardrock RomanosKazantzidis those ho didnt recive the update restart your steam it works


    pellehardrock RomanosKazantzidis Hmm the only update for me its 2 days ego 28mb 
    i think its steam issue


    So, let me get this straight, I pay for a game that I really enjoyed, big guns, c4 explosives and total warfare, and I cannot forget the huge adrenaline rush in terms of airdrops, only for the developers to take it all out and put ridiculous looking costumes, the most unexciting guns and a x5 bigger map so interactions are far less frequent.
    This game was as good as gold, sold 1million copies in 2 months!!! That’s a lot of copies! But somewhere over the last year, the developers decided to reconstruct the entirely gameplay, ignoring most of the exciting aspects of rust.
    Time will only tell I guess, however I’d actually like to see some statistics/player login trends to see if the developers ideas are appealing to more players.
    In my opinion and its most likely a non valid one in the developers eyes,
    All they had to do was implement additional anti-cheat software,
    Update the graphics,
    And keep the rest.
    There was no need to reinvent all of rust :(. I still enjoy playing legacy, so I’ll switch over if they put some cool stuff it.
    At the moment though, experiemental is not exciting enough to entice me and my friends


    ive got an 250 mb something i think just now


    i’m going to take a shit when i return you better have my update


    i want my update NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I agree with this guy! its way to easy to loose everything you’ve got.
    a guy with a rock came outside our base, and managed to take out all 3 of us because none of our hits didnt register. 
    I will play legacy until this is playable :)


    Leignheart 1. its not really that much more complicated/longer + its still being developed…. aaand the original system was clunky too tbh.. they will fix this with interface/interaction changes that should make it more fluid/natural.. although, locking your door in real life takes a few seconds anyway so at least its realistic. Perhaps they will add in self/auto-locking doors as an upgrade or optional modification for those who find it a long process… would, of course, add the risk of locking yourself out though.
    2. meh.. rock can destroy most things in real life cant it? except solid steel (or other strong metals) ..try bashing everything in your IRL house with a big rock and see how much you can damage/destroy.. id say most things will take serious damage
    3. this is obviously still massively in development… + blueprints were never hard to find.. a few hours of farming zombies is all it took to get most of the useful ones

    and to your other comments… if you are dissuaded from playing this game by the locking door mechanic, vulnerability of walls to rocks, or the blueprint system (which btw im sure they wont fuck up… currently its clearly placeholder dude.. you are not going to start with all the prints, nor will they be “easy” to get.. duh), then i dont think you’re as big a fan as you claim to be

    the game was always in development BIG TIME, even when we were logging entire days in legacy before there was even an experimental on our foreseeable horizons.. most of the systems were clearly placeholders and i for one always took them as such. Rust has always been about the vision of what it could be.. not exactly what it was…

    look to the future dude…




    I know this game is only in its beginning and this is just an alpha but i also really think you should remove those keys, they are just ruinning the game, the old system was better :)


    JerryImonaboatDinan You’re bitching right now Jerry. So you’re being a hypocrite. Nobody likes a hypocrite Jerry. A wise man knows that the solution to a certain thing, is not to do the very thing you’re seeking a solution for. That Jerry, is wisdom.


    Ya know I really love rust, even to the point where I have saved all the images ever made and put up in these devblogs since the beginning. I must say I am disheartened with some of the changes made. 

    1. Keys, bring back the fluid gameplay of legacy rust. The new rust feels too bogged down, a person should not have to keep a million keys just to get in and out of his/her house. What once only took 2 steps to open a door and close it, now takes alot more. 

    2. The ability to destroy everything with a rock. This is neither realistic nor fun. Get rid of it please. Only tier 4 weapons should be able to destroy tier 4 houses. That is just using common sense.

    3. Blueprints. Part of the fun was finding blueprints, it was half of the gameplay, so once you start a new server with all the blueprints, half of the game is already done before you get bored and quit that server. Blueprints should be hard to get, not easy to get. And should only be traded with other players, in game. Plus the only trading system people would be willing to spend real dollars on would be cosmetic only things. THAT IS IT!!!!!

    Those are the 3 biggest flaws of rust experimental. Why? because they are game changers, they change what rust was all about, it means your going into a complete different direction, a wrong one in the eyes of many people. I support this game with my dying breath, but when it comes down to it, if these issues aren’t resolved then you will have ruined the game atleast for this rust player. I wish you devs luck with the game and hope you listen to what I am pointing out.


    Seriously why have you ruined rust ? the game is basically all about hitting walls either upgrading or destroying :( 

    are all the things that really needs fixing for rust becoming viable
    for many ppl again this is not to insult but its true. 

    bring back old doors wood and metal with codes much better system
    really the key thing is insanely annoying and is a very bad game
    mechanic compared to the quick code door which only gave you a slim
    chance of entry if you were an enemy which is a fun game mechanic also
    you had to be extra pro to get out or else you would have your last
    stand great legacy fun. 

    2 the wall level system is
    really a big failure too all the time now you are just hitting walls
    plain and simple way to much time go with that. the old system where you
    had to embark on a mission to aquire c4 was a much more fun way to this
    cause then you have to run around the map and face players doing the
    same constantly but to really make this fun again the resources also
    have to be much more scarce just like in the legacy version. the walls
    should not be able to be hit down with any hand weapons period ONLY

    3 : water debuff shouldent work during day

    4 : bow needs to be as in legacy much more viable 

    5: places to loot blueprints so ppl meet each other more often 

    6: bring back shelters as start up houses

    reduce resource availibilty to bring about more fighting ( I CANT


    if some awesome admin with programming skills sees this please make a mod or something we need rust to be playable again

    also fix the bug when you log in and cant wake up please

    AGREE 100% guy lets bring back fun rust, am i the only 1 with a bugged
    server list in legacy ? i can only join the same russian server no
    matter what i pick :(


    MalteNuchelHeggenhougen Great post. The only thing I disagree with is the bit about the resources. Right now, we’re getting wipes all the time. So I guess they will keep the resources there to make it easier for us to craft stuff. The game needs to be faster right now.
    Experimental is ruined with bad decisions. 1) No incentive to find other players (basically everyone who’s at a landmark is hostile because there’s no other reason to be there besides PvP); 2) building used to be fun… getting enough resources to finish your house was awesome! Now it’s a chore… It’s easy but boring. 3) The keys system is just terrible

    The building tier system is SO lame it hurts. I’m hoping it’s just temporary, to prevent people from building too much, since right now there are a lot of resources around.


    MalteNuchelHeggenhougen You can still play Legacy. You know that, right? I agree that Experimental is broken.


    almarsaint Uh… There are sleeping bags for that. It isn’t thar hard… Kill ONE animal.


    EricNims JerryImonaboatDinan Then guess who didn’t read the EARLY APHA ACCESS section. it could take 4 years to develpot the whole game, smart guy. And yeah… “wow, get a life”, to be onest at least that guy does something for the community, what the fuck did you do with your “life” to help this community?


    JerryImonaboatDinan #1, wow, get a life. It shouldn’t be Rust! #2, if it needs that much work from the community, we shouldn’t have had to pay for it.


    It is coming later to day


    No update this week?


    Hopefully the community becomes less salty towards eachother and begin to work together in getting things done. Everyone just seems to be out for themselves in this rust world. Why can’t we all just get along?


    Some of You people Bitch too much.

    Legacy is dead.. get over it.. or how about you quit your bitching and do something about it, I will be when it comes to these comments, as I will most likely not view these comments anymore and that will be the end of my frustration.

    also, this is still Alpha if I remember correctly.

    so….. just because things are they way they are now, doesn’t mean they will be forever. Also remember just as legacy had tons of mods to modify the game nurust will too. so you can have your doors back and all the other SMALL things you clutch on to.

    I also know that just because something is broken, doesn’t mean it will forever. And if it is something that severely effects you, get involved. I Run a Mac and I have the coherent ui crash on me randomly all the time. did I post on here and bitch about it? no I verified the bug effected multiple people on the Rust bug board by letting the bug board know. 

    And guess what! one of the developers from coherent ui responded! now I have an ongoing ticket that I have been submitting bug reports to so that they can fix the issue. I may not be able to contribute code to the game but I have contributed bug reports and have been actively involved in helping somehow…. AND NOT BITCHING.

    I don’t care how silly, ridiculous, stupid, hard or trivial it may be. Bring it on Facepunch, bring it on! I’ll find a way to adapt and in turn survive and if it’s something I don’t like that I am truly passionate about, I WILL find a way to fix it, but bitching won’t be involved.

    Frankly, no matter how they change the game I’m going to find a way to adapt, which is a major aspect of “Survival”… which if I remember correctly.. this is a “Survival” game.


    Malikfrost I must say I would like also something like “strategy table” where place maps visible for more than one player at the same time-


    Make us start with nothing. Why aren’t hands allowed? We wake up, using our hands we find a rock, use the rock to get materials, cut down tress etc.

    How about bags too? I mean, how can a naked man carry all that stuff? We need to make bags, a belt, anything.


    I agree, I’m not to concerned with the steam blue prints as I’m sure it will only be for skins, maybe for the friends we could make a sleeping bag for friends to spawn in?



    4. Items should be destroyable.
    In order not to make it
    impossible to raid somebody for their gear, this should of course have a
    cooldown depending on the value of the item. 
    But it’s totally senseless to let me craft something, but not purposely destroy it. No, dropping is not destroying it. Dropping is dropping.


    Hey there, Little Fella!
    Name: The Rusty Trombone
    IP Address:
    Heya! If you are interested in playing on a good, solid Rust EXP Server this is the place. Already a quickly growing community, mostly friendly. Admin plays as anyone else, no abuse. Kicks and bans for serious offenses, haven’t had to do it so far. Just a great place to play.
    Come check it out!


    So after playing for a time again now I have a few crucial suggestions:
    1. Procedural maps? -> Procedural respawns! 
    Your first death should be within 300m of the place you died. The next respawn within 600. The next within 1000, and then random again. With a cooldown of course, say, 5 minutes. That makes it a lot more playable. 
    It’s unrealistic to wake up on an island with only a rock in hand. So even if it’s unlikely to “reincarnate” near that place, it should be in the game. 
    I don’t want to build a house and then probably never find it again. That’s just stupid. I’m not gonna play Rust like that in the future. I know people are gonna hate me now, but I am a rare creatue, I play games for -fun-. Not frustration.

    2. Suggestive selection.
    The first option you should get for an item should be the intutitive/most probable.
    Fire -> extinguish. 
          Door open? -> Close
                    Door closed ?

    No key -> Create a key.  Key – Lock. 

    Loot – > Pick. 

    Only if you hold E the menu should pop up. 
    I mean, seriously. In an emergency in RL I’m locking my door in half the time than it would take in Rust. That way, you’re just prey even though you spotted the player early enough and managed to escape into your house a few seconds before him.
    3. Keys should definitely hideable.
    You can skin a naked male and grill his bellybacon but you can’t put a key in a bush?

    No more comment necessary.

    3 changes which need to be programmed quick and neatly. They wlll improve the game 10 times. 

    Make the players vote for it. And do it quick please. :)


    Danya Alimov Shut up. Go get a job then and get off your ass begging..


    MagicMonk New Rust is awesome… Everyone flipped out last week. LoL (so did I until this post).  I just want all these free spawned with blueprints removed, and loot boxes added… and some sort of way to find my Steam friends on a server.  At that point, the game will get serious.  People will start some real multiplayer action.


    I personally like the new rust much better, there are definitely areas that need attention but it is still in experimental, and I don’t want this version to be like legacy.


    I can agree with your opening statement, but this follow-up idea sucks. there’s arleady an over-abundance of drab/mundane crap as is.
    I didn’t buy “Rust” in hopes of them turning it into “Time-out simulator 2000” and making us stare at walls all fucking day.


    how can u love this new rust ? its unbearable ive been i big rust for along time but i cant hold it in any longer im sorry guys the new rust currently sucks the game mechanics are ruined im sorry please make a legacy mod option or something alot of ppl would be happy


    Go play legacy then


    Seriously why have you ruined rust ? the game is basically all about hitting walls either upgrading or destroying :( 

    here are all the things that really needs fixing for rust becoming viable for many ppl again this is not to insult but its true. 

    1 bring back old doors wood and metal with codes much better system really the key thing is insanely annoying and is a very bad game mechanic compared to the quick code door which only gave you a slim chance of entry if you were an enemy which is a fun game mechanic also you had to be extra pro to get out or else you would have your last stand great legacy fun. 

    2 the wall level system is really a big failure too all the time now you are just hitting walls plain and simple way to much time go with that. the old system where you had to embark on a mission to aquire c4 was a much more fun way to this cause then you have to run around the map and face players doing the same constantly but to really make this fun again the resources also have to be much more scarce just like in the legacy version. the walls should not be able to be hit down with any hand weapons period ONLY EXPLOSIVES.

    3 : water debuff shouldent work during day

    4 : bow needs to be as in legacy much more viable 

    5: places to loot blueprints so ppl meet each other more often 

    6: bring back shelters as start up houses

    7: reduce resource availibilty to bring about more fighting ( I CANT STRESS THIS ENOUGH REALLY NEED FIXING YOU GET WAY TOO MUCH WOOD FROM SMALL TREES)


    if some awesome admin with programming skills sees this please make a mod or something we need rust to be playable again

    also fix the bug when you log in and cant wake up please


    AlecHam almarsaint 
    Am I speaking Cantonese Alec? 
    What I’ve explained is:
    Upgrading to level 5 or 6 currently only serves to buy yourself time before the guy with the rock or stone hatchet is inside. That’s if you’re present.
    In legacy, even wooden walls were unbreakable. That’s imbalanced and unreal of course. But in the new Rust, you don’t even have such kind of security or sense in “tougher” buildings. It is totally unreasonable to be able to break a stone or metal wall with a stone hatchet. It definitely should be broken after a few hits. 

    To break down even stone walls you should need a few dozen hits with a hardened steel pickage. 
    You harden metal by tempering it in a charcoal forge and quenching it in oil. 
    So there is everything in the game to do this already.
    “Close” the furnace and ventilate it to make charcoal. Then you take the charcoal and ventilate the oven to temper the steel. You need to stay at the furnace to do this. Then you quench the steel in animal fat. Boom. You got a high quality rare item and not every newspawn can break into your fortified home. Plus, it’s easy to implement with practically zero effort in programming. Just change the ingame model of the pickaxe to a darkblue and you got a hardened steel item. It’s a thousands year old technique. It should be in the game. It makes sense, and it’s easy. 
    Plus it’s totally versatile.


    Please remove the keys its an absolutely shit system. The old way of just having a door that you can enter was awesome. Who gives a shit if it’s more “realistic” if it’s a shitty system. Animals rarely spawn enough. Need meat that stacks. Meat spoils too quickly. Why add items in game when they have no use yet like wolf skulls that is just annoying. The new items are cool! Love procedural maps. The new water debuffs are absolute shit. Put your toe in water and you are going to die lol. The bow is so strange now it used to be awesome in legacy. A map system of some kind would be amazing. If your keeping the stupid water debuffs at least please add rafts or something. In legacy military gear was just used by assholes to KOS everyone nonstop until they just quit the game. It really killed the fun. Hope we aren’t going to have crafted RPG’s from twigs and leaves next that can instantly blow up a base… Zombies were a cool idea actually in legacy miss that. This whole blueprint idea on steam reeks of CASH SHOP pay to win. BOO to that! I have never gave two shits about a trading feature in steam for hats and bullshit. Since last update FPS has dropped dramatically I don’t know whats up. Also very frequent crash to desktop errors. Anyway this experimental looks like its on a good track keep it up.


    Did he say what will be in the update?


    No problem


    Thanks Aram


    To those who are complaining about no devblog, Gary announced on Twitter that he is doing this devblog tommorow instead of today.


    Friday and no update, eh? Things are definitely going downhill. Too many meetings with Steam to shove down useless (but money making) features into the game.
    RIP Rust


    PR8G4M3R I got fucked by a glitcher in a vanilla server, he unlocked my door from the outside while both keys were in the base…. I got pissed and rage quit, hoping to find some solace in a new update… I kinda want an update… it’s friday afterall…


    aye, tis friday and alas there be no update to be found.


    what time does the update ussually comes out


    As for your key issue, you need to make and hide spare keys


    PR8G4M3R That is server side not game side. That being said who ever made the plugin to teleport need to fix the teleportation problem. DEVs have nothing to do with that.


    i liked the first map idea, but make it so i can put my map on a table and look at it


    Hi, if you wanna some idea for the map, check Miasmata. the game got a good map discovery system.


    JonathanBugeja NSWCORPS Chewy Not funny when you get raided under a day


    Something is broken guys. The Modded servers use mods with teleportation or home features that helps raiders to glicht through all types of houses. I mean not only i got raided by these glitchers and lost a golden house without any damage except i couldn’t enter or leave my house without those keys…


    Dannyk90 Game of Stones PR8G4M3R it should come back but with less damage. i think it would be also funny if you could attach them to players and when someone comes home you could explode him.


    NSWCORPS Chewy 
    i find fun this big map with 300 people in it


    Chupakabra i


    KillaMaaki KaydenKemi HAHAHA made my day


    Mordrull It hasn’t been annouced. But probably 6 months at least.


    JonathanBugeja Its working for me on this server “”


    jcv8000 Thanks, I did it.


    sniwiub  This is only for start and make a little shelter not a really house. When you start you can’t have a “safe” house until you have iron for make the lock, this is only a little wooden protect.

      NSWCORPS Chewy

    are too big, especially for a 50 man server which is the majority of them. Small is just ridiculous. Even with the whole seeding map generation there would have to be a way to shrink the map and make a decent sized medium map


    ChuckoMay Walls are destructible up to level 6 I don’t know what you all are talking about, although it takes a really long time, you can destroy a level six wall with a stone axe. If I am wrong please let me know, as of like 2 or 3 days ago I destroyed a level 6 door with a stone axe sooo?


    almarsaint I’m not trying to be mean or anything, but I don’t think you know what you are talking about for one and for two I can’t understand your post. Please revise this so I can understand your point


    Chupakabra Pressing “strat”? *Jamie voice from Mythbusters* Well there’s your problem.


    KaydenKemi You’re a little bit special aren’t you.


    almarsaint There are no explosives in the game… I mean, I see what you are saying.  The Devs probably see as well… but making level 4 and level 4 and 5 indestructible (because there are no explosives yet) make no sense either.  Especially when you only have about a week before updates restart the servers. 
    I HOPE that they make level 4 and 5 as strong or stronger than walls in Legacy.  And Im fairly sure they will… it’s the only thing that makes sense.  Otherwise Imma have to quit my day job and never sleep.  LoL


    Please let us craft combination locks! would map it so much simpler. Plus it’s no different then crafting a complicated lock and key, makes no sense not to be able to craft combination locks but you can craft much more complicated stuff

    Thank you!


    menumber2 Wow. I wish Rust looked like that!


    @RUSTDEVS: Currently the building
    system is not was it was in legacy.
    There is basically no point in upgrading to level 4 or 5
    other than buying a few minutes.
    The problem
    -> imbalanced.
    Durability! We need back durability of items anyway. But this time, and that’s the
    important thing,
    harder materials should wear harder on your gear.
    A stone hatchet
    should be broken after a few dozen hits on a
    metal wall.


    please guy is stable branch currently working for any of you ?




    Exactly. It’d go with that authentic feel they’re trying to create. Which by the way guys – is awesome!

      Game of Stones

    rrwalter  I liked the C4 aspect very much, and I HATE hitting a fucking wall for 3 hrs just to get past ONE, that is NOT FUN when playing a game, and a waste of time from a gamer’s standpoint.  But I think the problem with C4 in the past was that hackers could quickly produce it, therefore there was an abundance of it which is where I see the root of the problem was.
    I also support C4 as it gave home builders a creative design challenge when constructing – that’s part of the fun!


    anyone heeeelp meee pleasssse :(

      Game of Stones

    Holly boring dude! :S
    “no guns, and very rudimentary explosives.  Highest would be a crossbow for ranged weapons”

      Game of Stones

    menumber2  I like


    AlecHam CrimsonTigerMGO the same problem but the file name has been changed :(


    Game of Stones Yes I did find the passcodes fun and well working, however, I don’t think that is what they are looking for in a survival based game. For example notice how they took out the military grade rifle, M4, and put in the rugged looking Thompson. My point is that they are going for a more homemade, makeshift kind of look and feel for the new rust. That aside FIX THE F2 MENU. lol


    menumber2  Wow, I didn’t expect you to actually link me thanks!! Also that map making seems like a really good idea I think they would have to add more features like the wolf statues and thing like that to “triangulate” (don’t quote me) lol. Although I think that is a really good idea, I also believe that this could take a GREAT bit of time to work out the whole map, which I’m sure Garry will think is a good thing. Nice find tho I like it.

      Game of Stones

    AlecHam  Agreed.  And im not able to play until motion blur has the ability put back where I can turn it off, as the lag is unbearable.
    I will also add to put the passcode system back in the game that legacy had which worked wonderful and was fun to use.  The keys are a burden and really frustrating to use & manage.  Its a real nightmare!


    menumber2 I’ve looked it up but I don’t know anyone who has it or I don’t think I’ll buy a $15 game just to look at the map haha. I’ll take your word that it is a good idea. Can you link me to a video about it or screen shots or something. I hear a lot about it when people are talking about how they should implement it into rust.


    Miasmata has a build-your-own map feature. It uses topography. Mapping natural and man made features and their relation to each other. It feels really real as though you did actually do the work to create the map. Its very clever and intuitive. Observe 2 features from another. Map their relation using a compass and something… Draw it up. Boom you have part of a map. So it would carry through the fog of war kinda thing. Its really clever! Miasmata! Look it up on steam.


    CrimsonTigerMGO No worries, let me know if it works.


    AlecHam CrimsonTigerMGO ok thank you i’ll delete it .. thank you both by the way :*


    CrimsonTigerMGO I just told you haha. Just go into steam then right click rust and click delete local content then click reinstall after it deletes it finally click and play it. Simple as that.


    AlecHam CrimsonTigerMGO ok how can i fix this problem now :(


    CrimsonTigerMGO So I am assuming that you can’t fix yours either does it bother you as much as it bothers me? You should re-dl rust tho(:


    yes i have ..


    CrimsonTigerMGO My suggestion, when my Rust fucks up, just go to steam right click it>Delete local content>click rust again>right click install. It seems to work wonders for me. Although that does sound like a more serious problem, I would still suggest my method. Do you have motion blur problems by the way?


    hello guys i have problem … when i join any server this comes out  ” Opps game crashed the crash report folder name “2014-10-14_091704” next to game executable. it wold be great if you’d send it to the developer of the game !


    Here are my suggestions.. 
    1.) The keys to doors are too annoying, way to fix it, make key-chains so I don’t have 1500 keys in my inventory when I need guns and ammo.
    2.) The Map is a great idea there should be an implementation were you can add a friend or something and find their location, or there could be a way to find your coords and your friend could find their and you could meet up.

    3.) Enable the f2 menu PLEASE I can’t stand the motion blur. If it is possible for me to turn it off please contact me, but from what I have tried and heard from my friends I don’t think that it is possible and it takes away from the realistic aspect of the game. I don’t see constant blur when I turn my head, and if you do you might want to get that checked out.

    4.) Please enable to the f2 menu. (I put it on here twice because that is how much I think it is taking away from the game. I just can’t stand it.) Honestly I have quit playing the whole experimental branch until this is fixed. If it isn’t I really can’t play it anymore. It makes me lag and it’s hard to see anything. When I am trying to aim at someone I generally don’t move my mouse slowly so it is nearly impossible to shoot anyone because of the constant blur on my screen when i try to aim at someone. With that being said I play on a med level sensitivity and it really should not blur that much when you move. SOOOO pointless please remove RANT OVER–


    DylanLeeBailey spamenigma RomanosKazantzidis y0himba Oh I know they did.  I was wanting window bars again.

    My idea;  No advanced explosives.  A clay pot type bomb, or a skull bomb.  Fill a skull with gunpowder and use cloth for a fuse, maybe stone for shrapnel.  It will weaken a wall, but not destroy it.  How about pipe bombs?  Metal frags, cloth for a fuse, gunpowder.  Same thing.  If someone is going to attempt to take my stuff, they are still going to need to work for, same as I did farming and crafting it.

    Honestly, if I had my way, there would be no guns, and very rudimentary explosives.  Highest would be a crossbow for ranged weapons.
    In my experiences so far (800 hours or more)the only folks that seem concerned with guns are those who simply do not have the intelligence or patience to play the game, they just want to cause as much mean spirited trouble as possible.


    spamenigma RomanosKazantzidis y0himba They patched it to where you CAN jump in windows now lol.


    RomanosKazantzidis spamenigma y0himba  So I’ve discovered, could have sworn I saw that had been patched??? :)


    I’m just going to throw this out there since i’m thinking about it. I feel like a bit of randomness and strategy need to be brought into construction/deconstruction of buildings. I’m sure explosives and other destruction methods will be brought into the game, but feel everyone knows exactly what is needed to destroy things, and how long it will take. Maybe it shouldn’t ways take exactly 4 explosives to destroy a wall, maybe you get lucky and it takes 3, or maybe not. Maybe there should be some hard to find items that can be used to fortify wall areas in spots you think will be attacked, but the walls look the same to your attackers.
    I’m sure you are chock full of visions and ideas for this game and I hope its every bit of what you imagined in the end, and a little bit of everyone else’s. ;)


    ianmoone95 Dannyk90 yes you can if you try hard.
    I raid lots of players like you who thinks that you can’t climb in windows now.


    spamenigma y0himba yes you can if you try hard.
    I raid lots of players like you who thinks that you can’t climb in windows now.


    Uhu, they need to deploy the game on servers first, i understand what you are trying to say but they dont work live, imagine they lost about 15 minutes to release each build. I cant belive they are making a game this way, the positive aspect of doing that is to easly debug i supose.
    :) sorry for the bad english i AM in the train


    Yeah but this is a nice move from him if he do that, The legacy version is been abandoned, why not release the code for us to improve.


    the produceral map thing makes that you always have to play on a “good” server becuse you cant really have fun in a couple of hours but alot fun after playing on the server for some days but i mean it will be hard to have small fast fun moments like in legacy, i think the server host should be able to decide if it should be produceral or the “rust map” becuse both things are great in its own way i think.


    or Stable Versiion ?


    Release date Beta Rust ? .. :D


    I recently finished the game, Miasmata. I really loved the cartography system in that game. I don’t know if it would even be possible, but I think that system would be really fun in a game like Rust.


    WrotaX 1) Upgrade walls
                      2) Double walls
                        3) Problem Solved


    KaydenKemi on legacy? you mad?


    RyanWalker Right click when you are holding the foundation, it will give you a list of all the building parts -____-


    WhatsUrStack I like the grouping idea, Although maybe not spawn at the same place but at least near each other so a bit of exploring can be done :D


    goldendualgun What antivirus are you using?


    when will you update the Legacy version of the game again? you promised lockpicking doors and stuff like that


    Houses should be a safe zone should not be so quickly destroyed wooden house show me who the devastation one sikierą within 30 minutes do something with this


    So i cant fukn launch since the update, im sad :[ i cant rust out.., (i wish this game sucked so i could say fuck this)


    Game of Stones PR8G4M3R Dannyk90 but lots of c4 kept coming in air drops which was very bad, it should be the absoulte rarist thing ever even to get 1 of them IF it comes back which i hope not.

      Game of Stones

    PR8G4M3R Game of Stones Dannyk90  but they had that much prob. due to hacking man.  4 C4 would take me 4 hrs to farm & craft.  I think it was balanced.


    garry(or anyone else) pls help me evry time i run my game and press strat game the game crashes




    WhatsUrStack You are 100% right. Like the game but get very frustrated trying to find people you game with. I know they are trying to make it as realistic as they can but at the end of the day, all these games are social. That aspect is lost here.


    I’ve been trying to play rust for several weeks now, but it doesn’t load any servers in the server list.
    Does anyone know how to fix this?

    Have a great day


    A dynamic web map of sorts would be great (viewable ingame by a crafted map and via external browser), maybe the world can also procedurally create place/area names too for these maps?


    WhatsUrStack  It is hard work with little to no landmarks to help find friends. However modded servers are starting up since oxide and probably other systems are now releasing. Teleport to friend is available on some mod servers so things are already improving by the community too. Check out some mod servers!


    WhatsUrStack You’re right, I have a better idea…
    Still have this map feature implemented but when your friend on steam is on the same server as you, it should show you where your friend(s) are on the map like GPS :D that would be so cool


    I don’t think the map being unknown is the issue people love the unknown aspect of rust. The problem is that rust in its very nature is a game most people play with friends and it’s frustrating to log into the game and spend 2 hours trying to find them. It’s not the unknown or the danger involved because you start with a rock so there’s nothing to lose. It’s the frustration and sheer boredom of the act. What if you could somehow form a group prior to spawn with other people waiting to spawn and your group gets randomly placed somewhere? Any thoughts?


    y0himba  You can’t climb in windows now.


    DanielJackett  Hold S, then J, then press SPACE and finally wait for a few weeks whilst someone actually makes a map system…… Whilst waiting you can also learn to read!


    PR8G4M3R vishi221 To play Rust “experimental” you need to only launch rust. The experimental branch has been moved to the normal one. So when you launch Rust it asks if you want to Play Rust or Play Legacy, legacy is the old rust, while regular rust is the new one.

    You only need to opt into the development version if you want the daily builds of the new version, which really isn’t recommended.


    Try to repair via Steam. That worked for me


    jordanlang2 kevin9092 EricNims kingofdeadspace 

    Rust, I uninstall steam and rust ^^ delete all file in steeamapp and my pc, I even disconnect the internet and then I turned off the pc i reinstall everything but nothing has changed in my opinion, his client vien and update if I should reinstall rust each update its likely to be very very boring. is the developer of this move ass and find a solution to places to make new dud or anything style that can wait because I already report this bug since at least 1 month. ^^


    pour Rust , j’ai désinstaller steam et rust ^^ effacer tout les fichier dans steeamapp et mon pc, j’ai même déconnecter internet et éteint le pc ensuite j’i tout réinstaller mais rien na changer a mon avis , sa vien du client et des mise a jour si je doit réinstaller rust a chaque mise a jour sa risque d’être très très chiant . c’est au développeur de ce bouger le cul et trouver une solution au lieux de faire de nouvelle fringue ou autre chose du style qui peux attendre car j’ai déjà rapporter ce bug depuis 1 mois minimum.    ^^


    I understand you, I can not build window, triangle and triangle sole foundation, because when I want to use I can not do anything in games. I’m really heart goes out to you that this rule is unplayable big bug I said 1 month ago


    je vous comprend , je ne peux construire de fenêtre , fondation triangle et sole triangle, car quand je veux les utilisé je ne peux plus rien faire en jeux. je suis vraiment de tout cœur avec toi pour qu’il règle c’est gros bug injouable je le dit depuis 1 mois


    vishi221 Experimental changed to -> development – The lates updates – straight from ou…


    Nice progress you have done here Rust developpers. I hope we all can enjoy the game with all it’s features and cool stuff you’re showing us and working on.
    If you are looking for some ideas i can explain one, but i am sorry that i can’t show you right now an Image or a video of my Thoughts and i hope you will understand what i want to say.

    My idea is to improve the Fighting with a “System” that plays random animations when attacking and triggers other animations when you are standing to someone from a special side. As example when i am fighting with someone i Click “Attack” and the opponent is seeing the attack and gets a Hint to Right click (or else) that “Blocks” the Attack and when i am as example behind my Opponent i Click “Attack” (maybe with a hint for stabbing) and i can grab my Opponent and finish him. If he got something like Armor or a weapon he can get the chance of 50% to block the “Stab” and kill instead of him the Attacker from behind or just confuse him and continue fighting face-to-face.

    I am trying to explain that in Rust many people are fighting for surviving, gathering, expanding and for fun. So fighting is really important in this game and it should be changed to make it not only realistic, but give a chance to everyone to show their skills, knowledge and give a smoother feeling when playing this game and a fair chance to win or to lose.


    Game of Stones Dannyk90 C4 is a good Idea, but it should be refined, balanced and be the difficultest thing to craft or to find. I remember how in Legacy so many players earned under a day C4 and blew up my House with 10 metal doors, that was in the corner of the map and i had to run over 3 minutes to find some resources


    Keep up the good work garry . I truly trust you in this game will be awesome. i even enjoyed alot as it  is in  the amsterdam server having alot of ppl in it. Can u pls bring it back so i can satisfy my murder apetite. there is no servers populated at the moment..


    vishi221 Cus its called “Development” now.


    Game of Stones Dannyk90 Its like getting wiped, you come back online the next morning and you find all your hard work just so easily destroyed and gone by the use of c4 – it’s just stupid if you want to be friendly and build and explore etc, not fk peoples work up.. if you find a good spot where all the resources are then theres no need to break into someones house, if you do want to raid then get some friends online and gangbang the house xD
    My pc is quite a beast and the game is very smooth. Just upgrade some parts in your pc rather than buying a whole new one, unless your pc is really quite bad.

    Lol yeah F3 you can do many seeing tricks with :P


    jordanlang2 Dannyk90 Torvaltz goldniko1 what was it like ? I never saw zombies on rust


    Why i can’t see Rust experimental


    LasseAV Your opinion is invalid. Speak proper English, AND STOP TYPING IN ALL CAPS LIKE A FUCKTARD. Maybe then someone (emphasis on “one” because even that much is doubtful) will actually consider whether or not they care about what you have to say…


    yeah i did that i upgraded the foundation to level 6 but still nothing


    Also, locks still don’t work (lock/unlock) unless you hit them with a torch, this has been a problem for WEEKS!! why has it not been fixed already?


    ok, since this blog post I haven’t been able to place walls or wood boxes so far that I have seen, when trying to place a wall or window it displays:

    Can’t Place: Failed Check :!lslnArea

    Also the terrain looks horrible and F2 functions aren’t working anymore, This makes it unplayable not being able to place walls, can’t build anything without walls!


    I’m having an issue getting out of my house. I only found one door that will unlock, however I have to hit it with a hammer first to make it. The Lock, and Unlock functions aren’t seem to be working. Please fix as soon as you can or a lot of people will have some problems.


    Dannyk90 Torvaltz goldniko1 Are all of you guys forgetting they had zombies before???? They got rid of them, which is awesome.


    And08ham They used to have zombies already. The moved away from it to avoid being like dayz. Which is good because it’s supposed to be a realistic survival. Not a zombie game.


    LasseAV Shutup.


    Weedlocks Try typing “sleep”. Then type “wakeup”.


    w00tz0r What a stupid idea lol. Gary already replied to some guy on Reddit who asked the same thing. He said “nah”. I agree haha. He spent so much time on that game I wouldn’t release my code for it either if i was him.


    RyanWalker Did you hit the frames with a hammer first? You have to upgrade your walls and foundations to ‘levels’ and then you build walls. Has to be at least level 1. 6 Is the best and obviously recommended. Level 1 breaks so fast its crazy.

      Game of Stones

    BrettPool  no.

      Game of Stones

    Dannyk90  I agree with 100% of what you said – except I want C4 to be brought back.  The reason, cause some people like to play as lone wolves and don’t want to spend HOURS hitting a fucking wall just to take it down, its annoying, a waste of time, and not fun, and at the end of the day, a video game is suppose to be fun right?  Also, it allows people to play in small sessions in order to get ahead as well, in the busy 2014, people don’t always have time to sink hours a day in order to get a head in a game, sometimes some people only have a hr to play a day.

    I’ll also re-add:
    -Get rid of the NIGHTMARE key system and put the flawless passcode system back.
    -Can’t manually turn off the Motion Blur.  As it stands, with it on the game is completely unplayable unless your rig is purchased in 2014.  Im not buying a new PC just to play 1 video game.
    -Stairs are a pain in the ass to build within surrounding walls & doors.
    -Can’t build doors on the 2nd floor without tweaking.
    -Not being able to see under the base in the F3 view.
    ***Dont wipe the server often!  If its a must for devs, do it once a month then please!  People put in ridiculous amounts of time in quality base building.  Ive since spent 5 days full time building & upgrading my base wiped!  That’s fucking ridiculous!  Common devs, reward hard work, don’t punish us!  Otherwise Im not going to play as its a waste of effort & time, and im sure im not the only one that feels this way.
    -Be able to swim for much longer without dying.
    Ty for everything you’ve done so far, game is coming together amazingly!!


    EricNims Weedlocks  One way I find to fix the sleeper issue, is to connect, and then have an admin kick you from the server. This normally works first time. Although its a retarded thing to have to do.
    Hope it helps some one.


    Weedlocks I have found the issue. I run a server and it happened to me. The updates break things, sort of. I had to re-install the server from scratch (wipe). Then had to work with the server host to “fix” the save files. It’s an issue with the server updates not the clients. Also, when you connect after everything is “fixed”, you’ll most likely need to connect a few times.I noticed in the console that there seems to be a “registration” of sorts with valve. Something called EAC. It appears that on first connect you’re registered, then throws you out. Next, you connect, it says you have a sleeper (you don’t) then you’re thrown out. “Normally”, the next connect will allow you in and says no sleeper found.  I also noticed that people I talked to who ended up connecting, they had to lower the video settings. Not sure if it is included in the work around but worth a mention. It’s a pain in the ass but this is what we are up against.


    Weedlocks Same here :(


    ianmoone95 Dannyk90 Not climbed through although I heard of an idea, put your sleeping bag on the window or in the window and you can spawn in the house. But my problem is people can look in a window and open a box in the house and take the goods and yes they do ruin the view haha xD


    Weedlocks And08ham Why is it that everyone seems to think Rust was meant to be a zombie survival game? It isn’t meant to be one. The point of Rust is to be a SIMPLE, NORMAL SURVIVAL SIMULATION. Not a zombie survival game. The zombies were literally just placeholders until they could come up with a better idea as to how to distribute some things.


    Dannyk90 If they don’t reply they’re not likely to implement them. Second, you have some good ideas, but your zombie idea? Not good. The point of Rust is to be a SIMPLE, NORMAL SURVIVAL SIMULATION. Not a zombie survival game. The zombies were literally just placeholders until they could come up with a better idea as to how to distribute some things. Also, last time I checked (which wasn’t very long ago), the windows on buildings in the Experimental branch of Rust can’t be climbed through, so unless this has changed, window bars are a very bad idea. Plus they ruin the view.


    oh no encouragement.

    its like putting out a chip pan fire with lighter fluid.

    someone save the children! 
    no leave nan she’ll only slow us down.

    well, I hope your proud of yourself, rust :(.

    also thanks :) love the posts


    Без полной версии или хотя бы играбельной бетки- гавно игра


    So I’ve been playing on legacy rust and for the most part seem to be playing fine. But on experimental or Rust you can’t place walls I don’t know how long its been like this but kind of sucks. How am I to survive if I can’t build shelter.


    How do i bring up or craft the map?


    We need Window bars.  Badly.  The views in NuRust are beautiful.  The ability to climb in someone’s windows, not so much.


    I cannot turn off things in F2 it is a bug..


    DJREX EricNims vandal92ssl YOu are clearly not a programmer, I am. The stuff you listed don’t work “live”.If you play on a facepunch server the game can just stop working because they changed something on the fly. No one does that. NOT as a default release. Should have left it as the experimental then that would make sense. Play at your own risk. At least that isn’t the issue with “legacy”. Should have left it as legacy as the default, that’s all.


    MakarovGraal There are plenty of animals and rocks to build stuff, is it possible you have joined a server thats been raided already


    I can’t lauch game , I try click play game and play legacy but always crash game


    EricNims vandal92ssl What about mincraft, dayz, battlefield 4, unturned, star citizen, (which are only games so far you said software so..) java, adobe flash/reader, any software by microsoft ever, antivirus  etc.. the list goes on and on, all were games/software that were/are being released as unfinished products and then completed or added onto after said release. So tell me more how no “other software, in the world, releases it and works on it live”.


    Torvaltz goldniko1 the rad bears were so lame, zombies would be fun..


    I understand this is in alpha but please fix the most annoying problems that have been persisting for a long time.
    Please bring back combination locks, keys get too much and are very dangerous for a game.  Please fix the placing doors bug, it is ok on a foundation but placing a door on a floor is really hard, you have to get at an angle far away from the door frame. 

    The yellow smoke that comes off buildings when building/destroying is really stupid, maybe make it more realistic ? 

    Can you make it easier to remove your own walls etc because once it is level 6 you are screwed if you need to move it.  When you remove something you placed down – you don’t get the item back, I think you get the wood back from a camp fire but everything else just disappears!!.

    The water is now like acid, before we used to be able to swim, now if we try to swim we will die within seconds mainly from “cold” and for  “drowning”  maybe include an indicator when you will run out of breath?

    Please bring back window bars, to stop people stealing stuff though the window.  When you’re walking there’s more steps than there should be.

    I think it’d be really good if you could place windows and walls at a slant so you could shoot downwards from up high defending your house :P

    Please bring back weapon mods – those are really good, more interactable things is always good.  I’d love to see more building plans in the current list maybe more than just wood items too! and more clothes to choose from, when will you enable the armour points – at the moment it is always 0 no matter what you wear.

    I think the weapons are very inaccurate, maybe you are planning to bring in non-homemade weapons with greater accuracy ?

    I’d like to see zombies please, I believe that was one of the selling points for me to get this game, apparently they were in a previous version, look to Cod Zombies or look to The Walking Dead – that is how zombies should be (do NOT look to DayZ – their zombies really suck so much). 

    When gathering wood from trees – the HUGE trees give you such little amount compared to tiny trees ?? Maybe being able to plant trees will be a cool idea ?
    I think it’d be really cool if you could craft a canoe from 1 whole tree ?
    I was trying to place a sleeping bag and I had sufficient space for it but it was still red not placing, maybe look into this.
    Very annoyingly the animals can run into cliffs/rocks and dissapear – please fix this ! I think resources are too scarce but when you do find them they are all grouped together, its not very spaced out…
    Also the animals can attack you from their behinds o_O they’re obviously not turning around to bite you, in the other Rust game meat was called chicken meat only. I hope you fix that in this new Rust so each meat is either named correctly or I think it would be easier if it was just called Meat not Wolf Meat (it would make more sence)
    Most importantly: Please stop the servers from wiping the entire game for each and ever update !!!! It is making the game unplayable. If you can not update the game without having to wipe everyone’s progress and buildings etc then PLEASE release updates ATLEAST monthly!! not every day!

    (what ever you do, do NOT bring back c4 – it ruined the other Rust game)
    This is all that comes to mind for now, even if you wont reply to my suggestions please atleast implement them :)


    oh so good rust! except that there are not animals or rocks to build stuff.




    Have not been able to play for over a week now… 

    How about you release the source code for Legacy and let the community work on that. Make it open source so it will not be any good to create a commercial game but it gives us original rust lovers a working game..  all i want is original rust without the hackers..


    I think your idea just awesome, go even further, to places of zombie, the mutant animals and gouls like Fallout, Stalker because the fact there is radiation brings mutations


    je trouve votre idée juste génial , même aller plus loin , au lieux de zombie, des gouls et animaux mutant comme dans fallout, Stalker car le fait qu’il y est des radiations  amène des mutations


    there is only me who to bug? When I connect to the server, I stay in sleeper I can not join games




    VGFrews  now that a good idea plz add this in the game and they should add safes, cars and cctv


    I think your idea just awesome, go even further, to places of zombie, the mutant animals and gouls like Fallout, Stalker because the fact there is radiation brings mutations


    je trouve votre idée juste génial , même aller plus loin , au lieux de zombie, des gouls et animaux mutant comme dans fallout, Stalker car le fait qu’il y est des radiations  amène des mutations


    As you cant remove grass anymore they should make you able to lay down and crawl in it so that you can use it at camoflage and hide in it from other players.
    # Sneaky


    I think that there should be zombie hordes. So that the zombie alone is easy to kill and very slow, but if you get stuck in a huge horde of zombies you will be overwhelmed and possibly killed. Maybe it would be worth killing a horde if they protected to drop zones…
    Just an idea.


    Torvaltz goldniko1 Ever heard of Red wolves or Red Bears? I would prefer something that was more reminiscent of the apocalypse or whatever event happened before rust takes place. The three different zombie types were nice, but maybe robots could factor in, an alien virus due to space travel, or even just bring the zombies back. I just don’t like the Red animals. Keep them away from me




    I want ninja robot zombies, now!!!


    goldniko1 I was thinking radiated animals, who deal high radiation damage as well as a little extra normal damage every hit, mostly found in radiated areas and fitting the games direction. Would be rare outside of radiated areas.


    Rust needs Zombies or some other stuff, because the animals aren’t threatening enough, but players just make you rage quit.


    sniwiub Goldar VGFrews Actually, what might happen is that while you’re in the house you can do that, but you can still use a key to lock it from the outside but without the extra protection of the large log thing


    plz oficial server in south america


    plz oficial server in south america


    Oficial server are offline? Why?


    need to put zombies in new and back in origanal rust it was fun that way now i dont realy play alot peas add zombies again


    slick1 vandal92ssl
    yes  Rust: Factions (Legacy) was a mess at first. in fact I could only play every now and then, when i got lucky. I eventuslly got a new pc and strangely it worked better. When Experimental was first launched, I tried it out. I thought, “wow, what a mess-but, one day it will be awesome.” Then, I got on to the old Rust. The next time I tried Expiremental, it had been set as the default mode to play (so it was an accident). I decided to pull it up anyway. It was super fun and still is. Not long after, experimental became Rust and Rust became Legacy. And, because I love Rust so much, I haven’t played Legacy in a long while. I love the idea the developers had to let us play as it grew. It’s like they’re the parents and we are the aunts and uncles (or something like that..).


    Goldar VGFrews Except when you leave the place you can’t lock the door. Technically you’re more vulnerable in this.


    vandal92ssl There is the issue. What other software, in the world, releases it and works on it live? I’ll give you a hint….NONE!


    vandal92ssl It’s developed as we play it. Legacy works decent. I imagine Legacy was this unstable at first, too.


    Why make a game in which you can not normally play? 
    Have not you noticed a Scam? is not it? Are you blind? This game does not bring me out of this fun


    VGFrews I absolutely love it. Especially with how vulnerable we are with keys at the moment; this would be fantastic. I don’t want it, I need it.


    cfarmer8 Thats all part of the game man. In real life SHTF situations, factions form for survival.


    Yep i was just playing for about 20 min then it crashed and now i cant load in it keeps crashing


    Same here. Worked fine yesterday. Now, every time I join, it crashes to the desktop while loading the entities.


    Y does my game keep crashing i can run rust legecy on max settings and be fine but when i run the new rust on medium setting it crashes right as i join a server please help


    Can you address Gangs? I understand its a survival game, but these groups are fully geared within an hour of a fresh server and just run around murdering and ransacking buildings no matter the level of walls. I have seen people spend hours on building and it is gone in minutes. I could go on but i’m sure you’re aware of this.


    Yea fix the bugs before they keep adding stupid shit like keys for example lol (fix the performance too jeez)


    Realistic and rust in the same sentence. Wow lol

      Jamal Diesel

    icarohs7 I hate to admit that I play on an All-In-One computer, and it suuuuucks.. But that’s more my problem than anyone else’s lol


    Can anybody not put down a wall/window?


    Who would actually want to play a game about surviving (9 year olds who play mine craft)..? There’s already real life for that


    Who would actually want to play a game about surviving (9 year olds who play mine craft)..? There’s already real life for that


    Strykes Yeah it was one of my first times trying out the new Experimental and I didn’t know any better, but at least I got some footage from it.

      Jamal Diesel

    StephenP34 looks like someone drank their Haterade this morning! Geez buddy, settle down – if you don’t like it, go play Legacy or some other game that’s complete. Everyone needs to appreciate that we’re even able to play this game at all – let alone Legacy AND Experimental while they build it (hopefully) the way WE want it.

    People like you must gives Devs a hernia and a drinking problem.. I couldn’t do half of what they’ve created already and am also frustrated with the current level Experimental is at but trolling and whining isn’t going to help anything. Go take a nap or eat a Snickers, it might help a little..


    Farming for c4 is not easy. Piece of shit what do u mean by “you’re complaining that it isn’t easy anymore and that it’s so easy” lol. You’re just some noob lol it takes more skill actually farming for more c4 to go up each floor (or u could use a barricade)


    Keep up the great work Garry.  Rust is doing great, and I love the new system.  I see improvements every week and you have a lot of pleased fans.  Ignore all the hate that this comment will bring and just keep improving the game.


    icarohs7 Game runs between 30 and 60 fps for me and I have a 7 year old computer.  But then again I bought all the parts myself and put it together.  I didn’t buy it from a store with a shitty CPU.  When in game press F2 and turn everything off except View Distance.  It will work fine.


    icarohs7 the game runs fine for me, how are your specs?

      Jamal Diesel

    Kimjutu they’re still working on the game, so it’s bound to reset many times. Be patient until the game is complete, don’t spend too much time and just know that it’s going to be awhile before servers will be stable enough to truly progress. At this point any other option takes away from what really needs to be dealt with first and would be temporary anyway.


    Jamal Diesel Dankds StephenP34 VGFrews I wouldn’t mind going back to the old system where you only needed to be YOU to get in a locked door and could /share with anyone you wanted.  I think it’s too much inventory space wasted.  Either that, or have a key pouch which automatically stores your keys and tells you which ones they are used for.  Such as Door 1a door 3c.  And yes when you kill someone, you get their keys, but not their house’s location.

      Jamal Diesel

    Dankds StephenP34 – what’s your opinion on going back to the old door/lock system from Legacy? I personally liked the simplicity of the old system, made it so much easier when sh*t hits the fan and you gotta NOPE outta there.. But I like the extra steps the lock & key system implements and the added strategery (thanks G.W.) But I also love the idea of a more basic lock system for a beginner shack as VGFrews created.


    Yes they should focus on having a playable game (for everyone who bought rust) and not add these useless features


    StephenP34 No C4, no Kevlar.  This isn’t world war 3.  This isn’t Pay Day.  This is Rust where you make shit from scratch.  It has to be realistic.  If you’ve been reading, you may have noticed Garry will be adding explosive barrels or something like that INSTEAD OF C4 because C4 is too unrealistic for a bunch of nude people with rocks.


    Wow, think about those people who bought rust legacy but can’t play the new one cus Gary didn’t think of them (they’d have to lower the settings and get a disadvantage, they have to lower view distance to like 3 lol)


    StephenP34 Some “noob” will take all your keys and your base if you’re not careful.  The facts are YOU’RE the noob if you can’t figure out where to hide your keys such as in the water, in a box and have only 1 key to get in the front door.  All the other keys are stored in another hiding spot in side your house.  You have no imagination and you lack intelligence.  Either that or you’re not even trying to enjoy an already better game than what it was.


    StephenP34 You’re complaining that it isn’t easy anymore and that it’s too easy.  1.  It isn’t easy to find friends and isn’t easy to find people in general.  2. It’s too easy to break in.  So you can C4 a wall but not a ceiling?  That was shitty and unfinished.  The new game is BETTER because it’s more realistic.  It shouldn’t be easy to play and this game isn’t for you if you don’t like it that much.  Go play legacy.


    Bring back C4 while you’re at it! (Kevlar and the old building too!)

      Jamal Diesel

    I like where you’re going with maps, it should be possible yet somewhat difficult and take time to complete. Compass is a great idea – other than making the environment easier to tell (like having moss grow on the north side of trees and rocks etc.) 

    –I think the reason everyone was ranting after the blueprint convo is because we try to be patient and put up with bugs that should be priority #1 – so it kinda put people over that edge. It just opened up the floor to air complaints, frustration and to a lesser degree, lack of patience and understanding on our part.. We still love ya, just itching to get back in ASAP and waste our days away on Rust again – like the good ol’ days. Thanks for all you guys and gals do, we’re obviously excited and curious and impatiently waiting for this amazing one-of-a-kind game to be on that next level.


    They shouldn’t have added the key system in the first place. In rust you die a lot lol. Some noob could rock you and take your base. It’s stupid how they keep adding these things without thinking how it would affect the fucking game. It seems like they haven’t even played the original rust for more than 10 hours cus if they did they’d know how perfect that game was. Too bad it got ruined by cheaters…


    StephenP34 Keep on trollin trollin trollin.




    You’re retarded rofl how are we supposed to meet friends?? It’s already hard finding people. I feel like I’m playing a single player game when playing the new version cus I’ve never met anyone ingame


    fix the bug that the windows dont appear to build on 1333×768 screens cause this is annoyning


    Only noobs move from legacy to experimental/’default’. No need to farm C4, you can raid with a rock. No worrying about getting shot while farming or building a base, the map is fucking huge.


    Bring the old map back and fix the lag. Not everyone who bought legacy can play this version. Please. I want to have the old house textures not these logs design and It’d be great if you keep the old building system. Please don’t add this upgrade system to the final version, it’s terrible and when someone’s raiding you could just upgrade your walls. Make the ceilings indestructible it makes raiding harder. Fix movement, and metal bases should be separate from wood bases. LASTLY make the maps smaller.


    VGFrews That looks awesome. You should post it as a suggestion here:


    funny that all those videos are made from BEARZU when it’s the worst guy ever that makes all the fake servers on legacy and experimental. People still get trapped in going on those servers, it’s sad ….


    Drawing the map shouldn’t be that easy, it should be something like crafting, you need graphite, or blood or anything that can be used to draw on paper, and when you want to draw some part of the map, you start “crafting”, and you need to stay in a few meters radius of your draw starting position, or the map wont be completely correct. You could also make it something like a “puzzle”, once the player draws like 3 sheets of paper he needs to connect them in a way he thinks is right, but he’d also need something like a string to connect them


    when will rust experimental have real locks that dont look like squares on a door


    This game is good, fix the instability bugs, the building bugs, the sleeping bag bugs, the steps noises, the key rings, add tons of craftable items, various artistic comunity made 3D meshes for clothes, decorations, more tools, etc, copy minecraft.
    But please, most of all, invent something to allow a server to never, i repeat, NEVARH be wiped. then, rust will be complete and 100% enjoyable.


    *Get rid of the horrible key system and put back the flawless keycode system that you had in Legacy please!!!!*




    Would it be very resource-intensive to just add the real-world zodiac-signs into the game? At the moment the night sky isn’t any help in knowing where you are.


    This game is awesome, but for now the thing i most want is a performance improve to play de experimental version at or above 20 fps, because i love this game and i’m suffering playing it at 10 fps =


    Kimjutu   if u could get ur house to other server, u could simply farm in a empity server, then be “rich” in a full server. rust is a hardcore game dude, if u want this, u can play easycore noob games


    Kimjutu thats just not fun.


    I would play more if i had someway of knowing that my home wouldn’t just disapear with the server at random.
    It’d be awesome if you could migrate homes to other servers. Like a copy past kind of system. but you can only “paste” ONCE per server.


    fantom004 you should be able to play with 4gb ram.




    Stile2410 your lucky you can join a server…


    “SHUT THE F#CK UP WITH YOUR JOURNALISM!!!” rofl that was funny, and another nice community post to read.


    IllbarcodellI Aha, I would still ask if the game will go without mowing when I have 4GB RAM?


    i still got red flashing screen as soon as i enter the game,fix that


    fantom004 same here. tried opt out of beta to, but all versions wont connect now.


    Kaitoon try hitting door with hatchet first. Then the bug should be gone until next time you use the lock.


    am i the only one but since the today’s update, i can’t lock/unlock my doors as usual :/


    it would be nice if we could connect to servers. Keep getting no reply from remote host, or i end up on server, no matter what server i choose.

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