Want to hear an amazing Rust rap? Step right in, and please don’t worry about the grenade. We assume it’s fake.


Top image is via RustBR, a very excitable fan-site who translates dev-blogs into Portuguese for all the fans there.

It’s been an interesting week for Rust. Garry finally made the experimental branch the default on Steam, meaning that launching the game takes you into the uncharted wilds of Nu Rust. Old Rust is still lurking away in the right-click menu, listed as Legacy, but from now on new players will be playing a Rust with procedurally-generated worlds, giant statues, and bucket helmets. Join us!

It’s also generated a lot chatter about some of the components about the game, and I’ll be highlihgting some of that in this post. It was always the intention to see how large numbers of people respond to what’s been going on in Experimental, and boy have you had a reaction.

But first, a musical interlude…


Dan Bull is Birmingham’s premier game-focused rapper, which is a bit like being the biggest game developer in Walsall. That faint praise isn’t faint, really: his work is smart and witty, and he turned his attention to Rust.

If you liked it, you can grab it from itunes. Our response will come in the form of an opera, which will debut at the Palais Garnier in 2018.

Game Chat 3000


This version of Rust has lots of differences from Legacy, and (currently) the most controversial is the key system. We made keys a physical object, which means they can be stolen from you. When someone kills you, if you have a key on you, they can take it and if they know where you live, access your stuff. It’s pretty brutal, but that’s the point. With more people playing the game, the keys have come under scrutiny. Reddit, in particular, has had a say about it. It’s been interesting seeing how convoluted the solutions are, because a physical key is such a simple thing. Via LARgames on Reddit:

I think that with a couple of small features, they could be an amazing way to keep your base secure. One of them being a key ring. It would be a separate inventory from your regular one, but only be able to hold keys. I also think that there should be a server setting that would determine weather you drop your keyring upon death so people that die don’t lose their base. (Also, the keyring would be craftable).

I actually agree that a keyring is needed as a separate inventory, but still can’t see how we could justify allowing the player to keep it on death given the game’s nature. MadMaxGamer on Reddit thinks he has the answer.

First of all let us make keyrings, for those who have more than a key. Then let us take the keyrings/key and bury them. Place the keyring/key in a slot, and with alternate fire looking at the ground, bury them. That way it doesn’t take time to do it, and its a safe spot as long as you remember where they are. Hell, you can even take a screenshot of the spot to remember or to share its location with your friends. THEN make it so you get a “dig up keys” prompt only if you look at that spot crouched and for more than 2-3 seconds. I hate keys, but this would be bearable.

I’m not sure the idea of burying them fits in Rust, when we have craftable containers. Meanwhile, Avea’s solution on the Faceunch forums is sheer elegance in its simplicity. He crafted a lantern, placed it in a nook in the world, and placed the house key in there.

It’s really nice to see solutions popping up. There’s still work to be done on some other issues, but it’s great to see players tackling the problem in-game.


There’s been chatter about the way the inventory stacks, too. The current set-up, where your select a percentage of a stack depending on where the mouse is makes grabbing whole stacks a bit tricky. It’s one of those things where everyone has a solution. A lot of them seem to focus on alt-clicking other keys to specify that you want to split the stack, or you’ll collect the whole thing.

But it’s vegeta897’s solution that caught my eye. He even made an animation to explain it.

I think this, perhaps combined with a quick-selection mechanic that grabs everything, would work.


Watching people solve this is one of my favourite things about Rust. There’s no roads at the moment–the plan is to have them form according to player movement–but for now players have to figure out where they are by knowing about the land. And when every server has a unique map, that requires a number of skills.

I pointed fan-site towards Rustafied last week, and I’m doing so again because it has some great tips on finding friends.

If all that has failed, craft a couple lanterns and place them as high up as you can. Lanterns are visible for a very long distance and a good way of attracting attention. Be warned though, you’re likely to attract the attention of other players nearby and they might not always be friendly.

Sneaky. There’s also a suggestion from Redditor GreySoulx that you use the suicide command to warp around the island, but that’s hardly in the spirit of things.

Head Asplode

Last week, I implored people to not make weapons, and right there in the comments I was defied. At least it’s a prop, prepped for an upcoming fan-film from Let’s Player MineDatFunky

I can honestly that this isn’t even the first time I’ve worked on something where people sent my photos of explosives. Life is odd in games.

Get In Touch

Got a rap, or a suggestion, or a build, or anything you want to say about Rust?

There’s a dedicated forum post, or you can post in timesink of Reddit. I also poke around the the Steam Community, so feel free to show me to things from there. You can follow and respond to Rust on Twitter, and I’m on there as well. We also have a dedicated site for suggestions and bug reporting.

I can’t respond to everything, but I read every comment and take it all in. Just be nice.





    I think keys will ruin solo playing. Even if you are in group and you are alone in server you cant move anywhere, because you might lose your base. At least there should be option to disable keys in server. 
    I also don’t like the idea of destroying walls. Game is quite hard with big groups or really good shooter in servers. Making them easier to destroy houses and getting the loot makes it even harder. In legacy there was at least little time cap before you got your base raided, because they had to get C4 and farm materials. Now you don’t even have that. Most players will just get frustrated and servers will die.

    Please choose gameplay over realistic game.


    Seriously why have you ruined rust ? the game is basically all about hitting walls either upgrading or destroying :( 

    here are all the things that really needs fixing for rust becoming viable for many ppl again this is not to insult but its true. 

    1 bring back old doors wood and metal with codes much better system really the key thing is insanely annoying and is a very bad game mechanic compared to the quick code door which only gave you a slim chance of entry if you were an enemy which is a fun game mechanic also you had to be extra pro to get out or else you would have your last stand great legacy fun. 

    2 the wall level system is really a big failure too all the time now you are just hitting walls plain and simple way to much time go with that. the old system where you had to embark on a mission to aquire c4 was a much more fun way to this cause then you have to run around the map and face players doing the same constantly but to really make this fun again the resources also have to be much more scarce just like in the legacy version. the walls should not be able to be hit down with any hand weapons period ONLY EXPLOSIVES.

    3 : water debuff shouldent work during day

    4 : bow needs to be as in legacy much more viable 

    5: places to loot blueprints so ppl meet each other more often 

    6: bring back shelters as start up houses

    7: reduce resource availibilty to bring about more fighting ( I CANT STRESS THIS ENOUGH REALLY NEED FIXING YOU GET WAY TOO MUCH WOOD FROM SMALL TREES)


    if some awesome admin with programming skills sees this please make a mod or something we need rust to be playable again

    also fix the bug when you log in and cant wake up please


    Why not use a mechanical-based “keypad” system?  It sits on the door and when you “use” it, it pops up as a mechanical puzzle where you have to arrange digits or shapes in a certain order.  Once your character “knows” it, it would be permanently unlocked for you.


    I think your biggest bug now is the animals can go through and fly INSIDE rocks. Also yes key system is very bad. Bring back keypads. The airdrop plane is just bad lol.


    Code locks! Or change the key system. Its realistic i know, but some things arent ment to be 100% realistic.


    Обожаю вашу игру, но с моим слабеньким компьютером не могу теперь играть, а так охота в experimental поиграть(((


    Goodolson “PC Master Race” LoL


    the system with the keys is shit!!! bring the code locks back!!!!


    yes please code locks keys are just another reason to get all your stuff taken and now you house too!


    Bring back code locks!!!!


    KillaMaaki It’s pretty easy to pick combination locks ;)


    whitewolf090 I may be missing something but… how are you supposed to lock the door behind you if you don’t take your key with you outside?


    Alwayscivilmike I tried this but without fall damage working properly it didn’t really work


    I don’t like the idea of keys, just for safety reasons.
    What if you added combination locks? They take more resources to build than a key lock, but are much more secure as only you know the combination (which you can share with friends as well)
    The combination would then be a sequence of three numbers (representing turns of the lock) just as in real life.
    Combo locks are conceptually dead simple to build as well


    McCrory if you can’t wake up press F1 and type “sleep”. Then you should be able to wake up. :)


    Pank_ I deleted the content then ask for no BETA in steam options.
    Restarted me system, reinstalled the 850MB download then it worked again.
    PAIN in the ass, but then worked great.
    Must say the new version looks SWEAT!
    Thanks DEV team, but please test before you release for public testing.


    Alright, I start up legacy and it works fine no problem no errors or anything. I start up Experimental (rust 2) on 1980×1080 and it crashes without even getting to the starting screen. I have talked to some people on steam discussions about the issue and it seems unfixable. if there is a solution tell me.


    RemziOzgen any luck? having the same prob


    This game needs ROADS.  That was one of the great parts of old Rust.  These men wouldn’t be running around a forest area with buildings.  Add roads to procedurally generated, it gives a feeling of some civilization and makes sense.


    Well I still cant Wake Up on rust lol with every update its something new, but I know yall are trying. :)


    I can agree on that note, It’s just part of it being pre-release. I’ve stopped playing for a bit – too much of a life to waste that kind of time under current circumstances – and am waiting to see what they do to tweak/improve/fix or correct several broken things before i take it back up.
    And yeah, sorry… INTJ & stressful day here & hate minecraft lol. I too mean well, but with tendencies to be insensitive and come across as a tyrant >.< I do however excel at scrutinizing flaws in systems/methodologies/ideas/behaviors in order to find ways to improve them. Took a moment to consider, and I can tell you are just lacking confidence rather than intentionally or habitually using suggestive undertones to be deceptive & manipulate (similar to peer pressure). Just have some confidence in yourself, If you have an idea then own that shit and stick up for it. At worst you get an enemy (Means you stood up for something) at best you earn respect. Chances are you come out on top with a little of both – builds character xD


    I appreciate that, and i apologize if I had some sort of unintended undertones in my previous replies. Long week perhaps haha. But I agree with what you’re saying, and I just want the inventory to be better. Bad usability can make me stop playing a game, especially when it’s a core functionality.
    But at the same time, I thought the old MGS games had bad controls until I spent time with them and soon enough it was like the back of my hand. I just need to be more patient and let them rock it.


    Just to be clear, its the method I dislike, but not necessarily the messenger. I can tell you mean well, even if I don’t like the suggestion


    I understand perfectly well what the OP and you have said, as well as what you were implying in the way you passively worded it. Honestly, I have even less respect for people who arent direct about what they wish to communicate. It is the way of manipulative twats. There are still undertones of this in your response.
    It will be bumpy, nothing earned is free and every failure is a step toward success. The reward is that in the end, it will be their own.


    You’re not undertanding what I’m saying. I literally just said “i can understand why they might want to create their own”. The fact of the matter is that what they’ve created, to be frank, is not well designed.
    And I’m not trying to say that as a bad thing, because I know it’s alpha and I know it’s still in development and something being perfect the first time is kind of a miracle. What I’m trying to say that is usability is all about efficiency, number of clicks, and intuition. Their current design is inefficient and click heavy. A user should never need pixel precision when you have an entire square to use.
    I’m sure the system will be awesome when it’s done, I’m just trying to say that deciding to be completely original with usability is a road that will be bumpy. They have their work cut out for them if they want to go that route, and more power to them if they can make it work.


    It’s shameful that someone would even suggest it. 0 respect for lazyness and unoriginality.


    unosami I’ve been trying to say this for a while now.  Nobody seems to listen to me haha.  I can understand why they might want to create their own system and not just use Minecraft’s, but Minecraft really has perfected it.  There is no shame in using a system that is proven to be simple and intuitive.


    With the inventory management thing, couldn’t y’all just use the Minecraft system? 
    It’s pretty simple and intuitive.
    Just right click to pick up half the stack, left click to pick up the whole stack.
    After holding the stack, click and drag to split it evenly between the slots you drag it to, and right-click and drag to drop only one of each in each slot you drag it too.
    Also shift+click = transfer the whole stack to the container you have open, or to your quickbar if you have no conatiner open. (and vice-versa)


    Build broken a few mins ago.
    Rust experimental worked this morning.
    Then another update happened.
    Now it will not run even when i try as admin.
    Same error code 2
    Please don’t just add updates that stop the system working 100%

      Rusted Copper Lamp Shade

    There should be a server option to have the old legacy map in experimental.


    AGlaz  f1 sleep     f1 wakeup   usually fixes the problem for me


    Perfect way to start the Friday.


    RealmDweller  telling people they are stupid for complaining in a forum instead of working around the intended mechanics is counter-productive for everyone involved.  It sounds like whitewolf090 has a hacker mentality. “If I think its broken I will fix it myself.”


    Coolmoe300  well said


    I must say I dont really like the key system.. have you think about made a single key for all the doors, and that to open a door you must do some “steps” like when you open close a lock of one safe? 20º to left, 40º to right, 32º to left again, etc…

    This will allow to people remember “their code” later you can add more advanced keys, so if anybody uses a higher key on a lower lock, he got more possibilities to open it.

    For example: Key lvl1 – Lock lvl1

    Steps= 20º left – 40º right – 32º left to open.

    but if anybody got a better key he got more possibilities to open the lock. Key lvl2 – Lock lvl1

    Lets say every +1 lvl between a lock and one key you got 10º of bonus, so for example you could open using:

    Steps= from 15º to 25º left – from 35º to 45º right – from 27º to 37º left to open. (easier to find the correct code, but still hard)

    Just a different idea.


    So I made this big base with a door and lock. Later, I was exploring around and fell into a giant hole in a procedural map and was unable to get out. So my key to my base is stuck in some hole I can’t get out of. So my base is now lost to a hole in the ground. Well played hole in the ground, well played.
    I don’t know about this whole key + lock idea… hiding/burying it would be “bearable” I guess. I get that its meant to be realistic, but is respawning from death realistic? No, but it makes the game way more fun! I think fun, enjoyable gameplay is 100x more important than simulating realism. Or let me remake a new key from inside my base when I respawn on my sleeping bag. (BTW the in real life the hole’s height is such that my character could grab the rim of the hole with his hands – so if the game was actually super realistic, I’d be able to climb out, but of course I can’t do that in rust right now)


    Umm you made typo in the part after you mention minedatfunky (I can honestly that)you forgot say …just saying.


    “Click here to wake up” button does nothing at all official servers. Please fix it.


    qester1 then don’t minimize when in main menu.
    And also. have you tried hovering the mouse over the place where the buttons are supposed to be? That works for me when the buttons dissapear.


    After this latest patch that fixed the sound I am unable to join any official server for more than 10 seconds without being kicked and after checking the console for errors;
    “Disconnected: Easy Anti Cheat – Disconnected”
    I can join community servers without any problems, I have tried reinstalling EAC, turning off Anti Virus, re-adding Rust to Anti Virus exemptions and nothing has worked. 
    I have been playing Rust for over 200 hours and never had this problem until this latest update.


    Every time I want to join an Official Server in Rust, there´s the loading screen, and after a few seconds a message appears: Failed to Connect (Connection Failed) and im back in the Mainmenu! Could somebody help?


    Great job


    I’m really struggling to find friends (by ‘friends’ I don’t mean “random naked, please be my mate”. I mean, hey we’re on skype together, where on earth are you?). I had no problem finding friends on Legacy (but obviously that is due to its map and the linear road), and I really do like the procedural maps, but I think if they are to be as big as they are, we need something a little extra to help finding friends.  
    It is great having landmarks on each server i.e. the wolf statues/satellite and they do help a bit, but not a great deal. With the amount of water surrounding most of these landmarks, I find myself drowning or freezing to death before I’ve reached my destination, sometimes agonisingly close to each other. Now I was just on one server, so it may be different on others, but I felt like the game didn’t want me to find friends, anyone else having this issue?

    P.s. I like the keyring idea.


    IF YOU MINIMISE THE GAME IN MAIN MENU, Then when you come back, there are no options.. just a wolf standing in the background..


    the Rap is awesome


    Now i cant open my old doors with the same keys like before please Patch that over 3 houres for that hous and the locks -.- Every patch it give a bug but every time the doors are buget :(


    I personal don’t enjoy the key system in its current state, what if when i die if you own the key it breaks and someone needs to collect 3 of your broken key to craft a working version.. idk just an idea to make someone camping outside ur base and they taking everything if u had all ur keys on you less likely to happen


    Please make sure not to forget adding the headshot *crunch* to Rust experimental! Probably one of my favorite things about the game is that rewarding as fuck sound of a filthy headshot at 100m+.

    Just letting you know that this is one of my favorite games, you can really tell you put effort in :p Keep up the awesome work :D


    New rust is like Sandbox now


    hello im having trouble, when i join a server (any server) i have about 10-20 seconds in game until it boots me back to the server list. whats going on ??
    plus the issue for the items separation is simple, just bind left shift to grab all of that item that you click so Shift + hold click then drag the item in order to move the item and the whole amount, why is that so hard to understand you can still keep the current system on selecting more than one item or splitting my point is if you want to move an item eg 100x Bone Fragments you hold shift then click the item you want to move and it automatically picks up all 100x bone fragments , thank you.


    y0himba This is just what I was thinking also. I’m okay with keys at first, but more advanced locks obviously shouldn’t require them.


    How about plans for placing a map inside crates for rust since the map will be huge and if have friends they can see the area’s you marked and so on :)


    ==[Release]Rust EXPERIMENTAL 08/10/14===
                        Donwload: https://www.sendspace.com/file/wrqk98
                   Crackeado Pelo Phoenix332


    broken link.


    whitewolf090 yeah dude, I do that all the time, I wish I could do that with my car keys too but you can only have one spawn point :/


    Arrogance doesn’t warrant respect. 
    Rather, its effect is more like shaming – in that it only serves to fan the flame it’s intended to subdue.


    people shut up about the keys dont take the damn key outta the base you jackass you dont need the key on you outside the base you can just suicide an then get the key outta the base open your door grab the gear its that easy dumb people like you guys take your key with you


    jdtap96 i was going to say “post system specs”, and then realized you said apple… GOOD LUCK!


    Can’t help but be curious what the “Rust experience” would be like while using one of these, since they are compatible with unity after all  xD 


    Hey check out my new rust series. Rags to Riches. Please Rate Comment and Subscribe.


    Hello, I would like to submit an idea for a new locking system, i don’t know if there is a better place to post this but for now it will remain here
    Currently keys and locks are not ideal, with that being said, it shouldn’t be “ideal” because that would be simplistic thus easy to breach. However the current key system makes it so if you die, out of your base (in most cases) You lose all your stuff.  Instead of the unforgiving key system we should revert back to codes, but differently.
    Each door will need a padlock to be locked, and each padlock will be assigned by the user putting it on the door. This way a person knowing the code can move and take off locks similar to the fluidity of the key system. However just because you know the code doesn’t mean the door is unlocked. the first say 20 times you have to enter in the code manually. Then your character will gain knowledge of the code, and when you click the door it opens automatically. The code can be given verbally or written down as a note on paper and given to another player. Ownership of the lock is no longer, i placed it there, and that’s why its mine. Now like the key system a player could kill and loot someone and if they have a code they could in theory break into an unsuspecting players house. A system like this would play out much more interestingly, and would sure clear up inventory for people scared for base security!
    Thank You for reading my suggestion, Have a nice day!


    DiFors Sorry dude, not gonna happen


    Keys are a bad idea.  I was thinking that once the door is upgraded to metal, one could craft a rudimentary tumbler lock, allowing for a combination. That way, the user would need to carry keys up to level five, then they could use a keycode instead.

    Of course we could always hide keys in our anus, then it would be random wither we defecate ourselves when we die, losing the keys…


    why i cant woke up in tust ??


    someone please help me my game without this som.se someone desemvolvdor see this please help me. ” I’m not just that I’m with this bug ‘

    i an brazilian sorry for my english,is bad.


    Hey Rust Team.
    The new “game” itself is really good, you made some real improvements there imo.

    1. I think you should either add zeds or make animals more scary, for example if you get detected by a bear you can’t just outrun him.

    2. I think you should try to make some more weapons, an example could be a crossbow, hard to make and takes time to reload but hits harder then a regular bow.

    3. I saw that you were fixing some more gear as in cloths which is really cool when you can mix some stuff in and so on.

    4. Climb in trees. I think this would be awesome, either that you could actually climb in them or atleast make some kind of tower in it, like a scouting hut.

    5. From what I saw, there’s more water on this map so maybe we could use that with some kind of boat or like a small “fleet” made out of wood.
    Just some tips. Other then that, well done with everything.


    Rabid Bat Vegeta897 I’m going to have to take offense from all of your post, because it’s incredibly insulting.

    I’m not a “Facepunch groupie”. If I was such a fanboy and thought everything they did was perfect, why would I have suggested a change in the first place?

    Keys were not my idea, in whole or in part, so I have no idea what you’re getting at there. I happen to think keys are an interesting system. I want to see how it can be expanded upon to address the issues people have with it. My posts here are in direct response to criticisms of the key system that I do not think hold water. I would have nothing to say to someone who simply said “I hate keys” because there’s nothing for me to respond to. I cannot debate that you hate them, but I can debate the reasons you list for hating them, if I happen to disagree with those reasons.

    You appear to be what you’re accusing me of being. Are you incapable of believing that someone could like something in the game without being a fanboy? Surely there are things in Rust that you like, otherwise you wouldn’t be playing. Does that make you an ass-kissing fanboy? No, it makes you a person who has an opinion that happens to be the same as the developer’s opinion. Further, do you think I agree with everything Garry says and believes about Rust? I certainly don’t, and it’s ridiculous of you to assume such based on a discussion about a single aspect of the game. I happen to think guns should be much less effective and harder to obtain than they currently are.

    Why would I expect anyone to automatically agree with me? It’s like you don’t understand what an intelligent discussion is. I gave reasoning to back up everything I said. Just by expressing my opinion and hearing counterpoints to it, both parties gain something out of the discussion. Can you point me to where in my comments I have been biased? Seriously, I’d like to know. I never even alluded to the fact that my concept was shown in this blog, except to thank the author. The only bias here is in your imagination. If you think any of the reasoning I gave to support my opinions is invalid, you’re welcome to dispute it.


    my rust game won’t load in, but the legacy will. I deleted and re-downloaded the game but still no luck. is there something that I am missing? i play on an apple platform.


    Keys:  please consider a number code lock, where the actual numbers being pressed show up if you are close enough.

    Then, people have an incentive to sneak close whilst watching you enter your code, and you have to make sure your back is clear when entering it to make sure no one is watching!!!


    That’s a smoke grenade, which isn’t technically a weapon (it’s a pyrotechnic!). 


    Although, theoretically, you could lob it in through a window and asphyxiate someone :)


    LOL! I posted this same comment above. Everyone will be going to great extents to avoid losing their keys. Whatever it takes to protect your possesions people WILL do. Like the stupid looking cathedral of columns around your base to keep the enemy from building stairs to the room you sleep in.


    First, thanks to the Rust Team for all your hard work. There are still a lot of hurdles but it’s really shaping up. The graphics improvements alone are worth it.
    Keys: I completely understand the idea behind it. However, how you secure your base is a critical item that effects everything you do (especially since you sleep while not in game). I can see a group of guys getting on a server, making metal frags for pipe shotguns, camping out the first base they come too and just waiting for the person with the key to step out.
    Key Avoidance: I already know what I will be doing to avoid the key problem (everyone will be trying too). I will lock my door and then throw my key INTO the base via a window (neat top of structure). I will create a 2 story hole with a door at the bottom. When you want to get back in the base you jump down the hole and die. Spawn inside and the. Go retrieve your stuff. It’s stupid but that is want making us use keys will mean…annoying avoidance practices.

      Olli L







    I would probably not like rust unless i spent 300+ hours on it. Don´t, please dont make the game more complicated. Add more stuff that is not “required” to use to be able to play the game. I wold like to see a larger wariety of melee and shooting weapons, clothing and buliding materials. More content without making the gameto complex. RUST can NOT be the “New” EVE Online.


    I found some spots in the “old” version of rust 




    MartinAusBerlin Zylar Oh my lord. Do you think that I smoke Crack or something? I know it’s an Alpha. That changes nothing that I’ve said. The fact that it’s an alpha makes it even more necessary to voice my concerns while it can still be fixed updated. So please, SHUT THE FUCK UP with “It’s Alpha” as I’m sick of that line. Seriously, anything else you have to say fair enough but all this “it’s in alpha” bullshit that EVERY EA game uses as an excuse needs to stop. Seriously I KNOW it’s in Alpha. AND? Your point is? Fucking hell. WHAT I SAY STILL STANDS. Yes I understand EA and Alpha, however that is almost irrelevant. It doesn’t excuse IDIOCRACY.


    add me on steam guys!!!! my name is Killzone or nathanoates75 join my crew now we have a big base we are looking for more people we talk on Skype or team speak my name is on Skype in nathanoates or nathanoates75 in England join now


    Garry plz add ps4 controllers or something plz I hate using key board I want ps4 controllers on rust!!!!!!1


    Zylar WTF ? Its an Alpha … cool down !
    Stop playing it and then come back every once in a while to try whats new.
    If you dont like Alphas dont buy them … Its mostly about new content and its a steady work to do.
    After that all the Bugs are handled.
    You could have payed 59,99 for another finished game.
    You are acting like you bought a finished game. Its not !
    Dont be rude to the devs. They do so much -> https://twitter.com/RustUpdates


    The other day me and my bro killed someone who had lots of anti radiation pills on them, and can of beans..  These are not craftable items, at least not in our crafting menu, so where did they come from ? is it admin that can spawn things or something ?

      Rabid Bat

    Vegeta897 Well no offence, but as you seem to be a massive Facepunch groupie with your suggestions being highlighted in the article I doubt any one is going to be able to convince you otherwise.
    Even if 99.9% of players said Keys and your suggestions are stupid and not fun, you’d still be singing it’s praises, because it’s your idea.
    Kind of a good example of the definition of the word bias. Yes you like keys, you like your way of doing things, you’ve said it quite a lot on this page already, no need to keep saying the same thing over and over.
    Honestly who are you trying to convince? Us or yourself? We’ve played Rust, we know what we like. You can try and convince us all day Keys are a good idea and you’ll be wasting your breath.
    Just because you like it, doesn’t mean we all automatically will.
    “Vegeta897’s loves keys and his own suggestions? My god I will love it too because purple.”
    Now move on and stop repeating yourself. We’re the customers, you want to brown nose Garry not us right? So go to the FP forums and kiss his ass there please.

      Rabid Bat

    Deznorth an offline mode would be good also, most other open world survival games I own allow that. Sometimes you just want to play a game like Rust solo.


    Cst Type ‘sleep’ in the console and then wake up.

      Rabid Bat

    Sedalis had a similar discussion a while ago on one of the 7daystoDie devs blogs about fun vs realism vs tedious additions, they were talking about adding the need to bathe, otherwise your body stink would attract zombies.
    It is amazing how quickly small ideas and implementations can kill an otherwise great game.
    Are we going to end up with Rust or a FPS version of The Sims?


    You guys are just really certain you don’t want us to have fun, right? “We can’t justify that” what are you talking about? People spend HOURS, maybe even DAYS building bases and you think we’re cool with losing it in an instance? GET REAL. I don’t have that much spare time. ALSO I built like 3 bases the other day here’s what happened: 
    First one never let me unlock ANY doors after a while even though I had the keys AND the option. Second base literally reset all my shit and my character was reset upon relog. Third base magically disappears the next day. 3 LEVEL 6 WALLS and I die in my sleep? Either a hacker or fucking shit bugs. Seriously wish I never bought this game as it’s brought me nothing but misery. The game is shit at the moment why the hell would you make that the default version when guns don’t even work etc? It’s retarded and rushed. I could also be constructive and list positive things like how nice the new base building system is. However, I will on stead just all caps rage.


    ALSO HACKERS, YOU’LL NEVER GET RID OF THEM WILL YOU? Is there a point in me even having this game installed? Seriously you guys are just FAILING to control hackers in the slightest. Worst game devs hands down = FACEPUNCH.

      Rabid Bat

    Keys sound like a major pain in the ass. Make people do some work for their stolen loot. I can see this becoming a serious game breaking feature.
    Can see many posts in the future from noobs complaining about it as people get followed home and then killed as they arrive so the PvPer knows straight up where to use that key.
    Can definitely see it becoming the next “KoS debate”.
    I know facepunch likes being it’s own exclusive club, but this is a game being sold to the general public. Kind of helps when you make a game that it’s features appeal to the majority of people who purchase it, not just the vocal folks that live on forums and comment sections.
    See this on a lot of games now. “10% of the people who play are on the forum 90% aren’t, 8% wanted keys, 2% didn’t, and the other 90% with better shit to do like actually playing Rust said nothing, so keys it is!!!”
    See it in every game now, even big franchises like Battlefield, and it more often than not fucks the game (If you played BF3 and saw the constant stupid game changes based on the forum monkeys alone you’ll know what I mean, those actually playing the game hated it.)
    I think Valve had the right idea with L4D2 with the in-game voting for mods n features. Perhaps you could implement similar so ALL Rust players can have a say and you’ll know what the actual majority would like.
    Easy for most people to miss a forum poll or a website update making suggestions, much easier for all to have a say if it appears in game where ALL can see it.
    Honestly I like Rust and most of where it is headed and I can see this game ending up being more fiddly and complicated than it needs to be.
    Please do your best to listen to ALL your customers Garry and friends, not the few vocal rabid fan boys. Games need to be fun first and foremost, and real world ideas like door locks often need to be ‘gamified’ to fit that fun.
    Who knows it could turn out to be a great feature? I really want to be optimistic, but I have to be honest and say my gut feeling is physical keys will not be as good in practice as it seems in your head in the long run. Honestly do hope I am wrong, and the average modern complain over everything gamers surprise me for once.


    NikoMaddix Hey thank you for the feedback. I just got a tonne of feedback from another player as well and I am going to be reworking the design of my site over the next two weeks. I have great content–up-to-date, accurate, concise–but I am not doing enough design wise to help visitors find it. I also need to work on the overall look and feel of the site.
    I do not like the blog style of the content of Rustafied but I really am impressed by the design aesthetics. He does a great job of including images that are relevant to the content and giving compelling names to the guides.
    If you are going to check out http://RustGuide.info/ give it a week or two first and when you do drop by check out the ‘Elements’ section. A lot of thought has gone into making it easy to compare and get detailed information on every item in Rust without having to scroll for days or click through a lot of pages (as with the old playrustwiki). I actually use it myself on my smartphone while in game and in the Steam overlay browser.


    Garry, give me zombie!


    RustGuide Personally, I enjoy how straight forward and stream lined the site is to navigate. The site is also updated within minutes of any update release. I learned of the site through the server Rustified.com where players on the server are just as informative and willing to help as the people on the site. The community linked to the site and server are both mature and motivated to make the game as great as it can be. I have yet to spend more than a couple minutes on Rust guide so my opinion is pretty one sided. Ill be sure to check it out!


    in new patch, I get crashes even tho VTR already turn OFF.

      88 Fingers Louie

    Cst had the same problem, in the end i had to switch server. The sleeping bag becomes useless and when you enter the quite large zone around the bag the game crashes.  Hmm sorry im not much help but i’m highlighting the problem.


    that you will take damage if you get cold and so on it is ok .. but I mean it takes less than a minute ago you start taking damage … and then you do not have time to go somewhere.


    If bringing in the keys was an attempt to make the game more “Real” how about really doing that… When a key is first used put a timer on “trying” the key out on the lock, similar to a crafting timer, for each of the keys. This way if someone killed you and took the three keys on your body it’ll still allow for the risk of loosing the stuff in your house, but allow some time to react as the person that killed you would have to try each one of the three keys on the door until they found the right one to use… just like in real life you wouldn’t just instantly walk up and unlock a door holding 3 keys without first trying each one of them to determine which one unlocks that particular lock.


    it sais:
    Not Sleeping 0


    I have an epic bug, hope to find a solution. Here’s what happened
    I was crafting
    I disconnected
    While connecting right after, i found myself death
    I respwan away
    I get close to zone where i was while disconnecting
    I find some how in the body of the sleeper i was when disconnecting
    can’t wake up (tried “sleep” then “wakeup”, comes out “waking” but nothing happens
    after that i have to go spectate or to directly type client.disconnect to exit the situation.
    all the times i get close to that place (close relative, it’s a very long range) i get back in the sleeper
    which is in the grass and nobody kills…


    Sincere question: what would make Rust Guide better or what is it about Rustified that Rust Guide is missing?


    Well I forgot to Say that the water is to lethal. You can’t sein anywhere cause of ‘cold’ ans ‘freezing’. So when you try to find your friends in the map and you have to swim throu a river to get to them and die when you are just crossing is it hard to have fun. Really annoying when you farmed stuff and you have to build where you are because you die so fast in water. And its no difference whe you go to water in desert oder snow. You will freeze to death even if


    How about a little love for Rust Guide, the most accurate and comprehensive Rust site serving the community since March 2013. Guides, item specs, release notes updated daily!


    Personally I think key’s stolen has it’s pros and cons. Given the nature of the game it does make sense that a physical item
    can be dropped but it also leads to that ugly B word (balance) between realism and gameplay. What if I’ve been on for 3 days
    building and gathering and securing a fort just for some schmuck to come along put an arrow in my head and [heaven forbid]
    I’m close to my base now I’ve lost what might be 10 containers worth of materials, ammo, weapons, and armor.

    Now, all because we can’t have a combination lock or keep our keys, I’m locked out of my own base and have lost everything.
    I’m not expecting the game to be as easy & simple as MC or Starbound or <insert other procedural survival game here>.
    But there’s a point where it becomes silly to people who put in a lot of time. I hope there’s a way to get between these two issues.
    Rust itself is panning out to be amazing, I really like all the changes (even the ones people are whining about) but this whole key
    thing is the one thing keeping me from playing and buying it for my friends.


    Man… I’ve liked Rust for a while now, but the key thing is game breaking.  It’s tedious, annoying, and… just terrible.  It’s too easy to break into houses that you’ve spent hours making.  I understand the desire for realism… but there comes a point when it’s not fun anymore.  What’s next?  We going to have to build toilets and relieve ourselves several times a day?  Then waste wood making toilet paper?  If we go too often, get hemroids and can’t sleep?  If we don’t log in, keep soiling yourself every x hours until you die?  Explosives and whatnot I can understand.  Someone who puts the work into breaking into my base is welcome to reap their rewards.  But keys… is killing the game for me.

    There comes a point when “realism” becomes ridiculous.  Please don’t ruin this game.  Experimental has so much promise, but the scale of tedious vs fun isn’t moving in the right direction, in my opinion.

    In the end, no one can make you make changes.  All we can do is move on and give support to someone else who listens.  I’m not interested in having to hide keys around my base and get them 200 times a day when I want to enter it.  That’s the bottom line for me.


    So the update worked the first time, but it glitches out today after it made me download some other update that was not noted on any dev blog and now My game crashes while opening. I’m on a mac.


    And that’s okay, but I’m just thinking about giving more options to people, like a server based option so we could have PvP servers and PvE servers… I myself like to play against other players every once in a while, but I would like to have the option to just go into a PvE server where I could just settle in, build a community, maybe put a good amount of hours building up a base or something without having to worry that tomorrow when I log into the game all my effort and time is going to be gone because someone destroyed my creation, stole everything from me and killed me.

    I’m not saying that rust should only be a peaceful simulator, but I’m pretty sure that adding an option that removes PvP would not take much effort or time from the rust team, and I feel confident that a lot of people (Not all but a good amount) would appreciate it.

    If you can have an additional feature in the game that would make it better for part of your community, why not have it? I’m not asking them to completely make rust peaceful but I would give the server owners the ability to choose having a peaceful server where people could be freed of the “Kill on sight” and “Don’t trust anyone” features of the game… even if it’s for just a while because in the end even peaceful players would go into PvP servers for some action, but having the option to choose makes it way better.


    Sooooooooooooooooooooo, i tried the game again after stopping playing once the remake was announced. Yeah having forced resets all the time was annoying, but I picked up the game again for the first time sense that and what did i find? I was in a frozen wasteland and spent 3 hours wondering around gathering stuff only to find out that animals are non existent? I mean wtf.. Can we get some animals in the frozen wastes of bullshit land? I have uninstalled the game yet again. Although I really want to play it, I am not interested in playing a game that is only graphical but makes a fresh start nearly impossible, if you spawn in the wrong place. How about starting us with a fishing pole or something so at least we don’t starve to death before we can find an animal to kill just to make a fucking sleeping bag or a bow.

    Side note, gj on the hard work. I am yet still looking forward to the game when it is playable. Seems promising still. Would of been nice to find an animal in 3 hours of wondering around naked.


    I don’t think that it is possible to get bored while playing Rust. I recently joined an “experimental rust” server and proceeded to terrorize my fellows with the language of Spanish and Rocks. I was called so many wonderful names like “naked Mexican with a rock” “fucking Mexican with a rock” “sombrero man with a rock” “little Spanish fucker” etc. One man I chased around for about an hour (he must have had loot on him) until he started to blabber in the gibberish that only Rust players gibber: “aggh you agg fucking irgggg getaggggg awyyyyyyyyyyy”. I took pity on my fellow and promptly smashed his face in while saying “puta que morir pedazo de escoria insignificante” calmly and politely to him. I ended my miserable life by freezing my genitalia off in a lake, the victims of the “sombrero man” will never find their rotting skulls in the deeps. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


    FROZE TO DEATH IN WATER AMAZING!!! WELL PLAYED!!, some really cool stuff coming in today.




    I want “Recent Servers” to actually show recent servers, guns to do damage to animals, all guns to work, fix bear traps, fix people being able to vertically climb trees and houses and such, boxes able to hold more than 6 items, tweak shadows a bit, fix those weird ghost trees, make clothes have protective properties, add care package drops or maybe even random bombings, add drinkables, fix breathing under water, maybe not make it so easy to die by every weapon, fix glitchy inventory, fix animals being able to attack you despite your Y coordinates as long as your X coords are close enough, and finally fix animals running through rocks

      88 Fingers Louie

    sniwiub 88 Fingers Louie That is possible… The thing is if you are playing with 3 ppl and have a stone hatchet each you can get through in no time. old rust you needed to prepare and plan for a raid. scout the best walls, take the minimum c4 you require to get what you want. Build up the walls not just run up the side.


    i will come back to rust when that key shit system is gone


    88 Fingers Louie sniwiub That’s weird. Some players have done tests to compare different weapons on the walls to calculate and some say they’ve taken well over 2 hours without budging. Maybe it is a bug in the game or they are being adjusted by the devs?


    brandonlasvegas99 Everyone so desperate for rad towns to come back but  they’re about to implement a bunch of landmark sites with loot to fight over.

      88 Fingers Louie

    sniwiub 88 Fingers Louie just no, how do i know? Ive done it myself


    88 Fingers Louie He must have been hitting your wall for several hours.

      88 Fingers Louie

    Key system sucks big time. Almost 700 hours playing rust, because the old mechanics just worked. I feels like a complete waste of time having your keys stolen….

    I have found solutions to the key problem but its just added work  when the old beloved system worked fine, GIVE ME A COMBINATION LOCK FFS


    Listen to the people, if it aint broke don’t fix it. IT looks great, it still feels like rust and we can all put up with teething problems but not an outright change to the way the game plays. Is it not the point of having the Beta to test what works and what people want?

    Good job anyways.


    Deznorth I think rust should be about the survival of the fittest. Isn’t the end game raiding and building random stuff?


    please fix the crashing thats all i care about crashing and saving your stuff


    Finally. Please work on the stack sytem and implement a change as quick as possible :)




    add two types of maps random generation with rad towns randomly around or a legacy map new and improved bigger better badder. so that its a map you can remember and got a sense of direction to find hot spots for combat and pvp


    MixalisKountouris #GetaPC


    Well, now you should bring back the sound and it’s all good for the moment :(


    you guys are dumb for even taken your key outta the base you dont need to take the damn key fools just suicide at your base then you can get the the key form inside an open the doors dumb ass people take the keys with them lol


    can we get the door fixed so you can’t break them in 4 chops with a hatchet


    Sounds went out after update. Tried everything, validated, uninstall/re-install. Only sounds are when I am hitting wood walls and when I am hitting dead animals.


    You guys should remove the key system, realism is good but is not good for a game when realism takes over the fun. Also I don’t know If you guys know this but not all of your players are highly aggressive players, there’s some people that just want to be able to craft and survive against the environment without worrying about other players destroying everything you’ve done and taking everything you have. 

    You should seriously consider making a peaceful game mode available so that people that don’t want to be watching over their shoulder all the time can play in peace. Of course there should be risk so the game doesn’t get boring but It would be better to have a game were hostility is an option but not the rule…


    MrStalk3r bud,they will add roads and make forests better and all that stuff.But for now they’re making the game organs and muscles,they’re gonna place the fingernails later.i hope you understood a bit of what the heck i said but i didnt find a better way.


    mac client crash after update thanks.


    0nly1fear sadly i agree with you. rust with no hot zones feels lost


    we need more realistic Forest … Its not the same like legacy :(  , we need zombies or what ever ! we need roads and towns !!!!! its totaly lame  to play for myself … then i can play “Life is Feudal”  !!! Why you cant copy all good things from legacy :( , you can change the models step by step .
    Come on Team . Rust is a perfekt Game but Give us lategame content.


    That would be fine, so long as it accurately recognized each as separate inputs. My concern is just making sure that opening an extra menu is done deliberately by implimenting some kind of safeguard ensuring that it is what’s wanted, especially if requiring additional clicks to exit. Otherwise it would be one of those tedious things that speed up how fast I’m going grey.
    Due to lag, even if just a temporary issue with optomization, it would still probably be better to separate the buttons to accomplish this.


    RealmDweller I didn’t show it in my mockup, but dragging an entire stack was supposed to be just like it was in legacy. But clicking and holding without dragging it to a new slot would invoke the split. There is no extra click to finish the split, because you’re already holding the mouse down. Letting go means grabbing the amount determined by where the slider was when you released. Then you click an empty slot to place it.

    Holding right click would be okay too, but then you lose the context menu for things like eating and other interactions.


    If realism is the issue, surely combination locks would exist in a world where the civilisation were able to build huge radar dishes and craft working guns out of raw metal? I can’t actually see what the logic is for *not* having combination locks.


    You need to have places that arent randomly generated like the rad towns in legacy, game seems pretty dull being just one big open map with no hot zones. Also keys where a bad idea from the start…


    you wind up with the amount grabbed and must click again to release it – could have sworn when i looked at the trello link it was a 3-click deal but was pretty tired. either way, most people tend to only move whole stacks while exposed, so even just switching it to holding right click would be preferable, with left moving the whole stack.


    I agree that the keys are a problem. I think it’s a case of balancing ‘realism’ with fun, and currently the key system has a negative impact on the fun of the game. Upgradeable locks would go some way toward solving the issue, starting out with a key, then upgrading to a combination lock which only uses the key as a backup. Maybe you could even upgrade to combination locks with increasing numbers of digits, making low level locks crackable.

    Rather than naming keys how about allowing you to cycle through colours for the lock, or a small element of the lock, with any keys for that lock taking on that same colour? Names would be next to useless when you have multiple internal doors unless the lock itself gave some indication of which named key it expected.


    PLEASE ! Get us some Number Locks !
    Sure its realistic to have keys … if you live in a nice little home and leave it for your job in the office every day.
    Do you think a soldier in real life takes his home keys with him on a mission ? He probably wont !
    Please think about it and dont make Rust to serious. It should stil be fun !


    i mean if we can craft assault rifles, we definitely can craft locks like these. Regular locks could be used when you’ve just started and haven’t found blueprints for better locks.


    ScarfaceCapone Vegeta897 mbarnett25


    RealmDweller How would they get stuck in it? Letting go of the mouse button makes it go away. With your idea of right clicking to open the slider, they’d have to click to get out of it. That’s not bad either, but I don’t see how simply letting go of the mouse button is worse.


    RealmDweller  I don’t think that is happening on purpose, but I have been in experimental a lot lately and the only person that even bothered talking to me in voip asked “do you want to raid with me?” I said no and he shot me.  Everyone else just kills me on sight, regardless of clothing weapons nudity screaming friendly… so yeah that with the lock system makes me really pessimistic.


    key idea sucks, not much point in base raiding if you can just wait for the owner to leave,kill him and get his keys. Combo lock from old version is better so that people are still encouraged to raid bases and find ways in instead of just picking up a key.


    Meant the proposed one – can see people getting stuck in that slider during emergencies left and right.
    The key system can work so long as they introduce a better managment system (names/keyring), add the screwdriver or something of similar/same effect AND have a high-tech upgrade (pin-pad or like) for a reaspectably-higher resource cost. The screwdriver could still work for pin-pads, considering it’s usefulness if you are able to get on the appropriate side of someone elses door.
    The game balance is seriously fucked right now, everything is to the advantage of trolls/griefers and there are no countermeasures to balance it for friendly/neutrals like myself, so I’ll be taking a pause until they show some appreciation for more than just their malignants.


    ScarfaceCapone Vegeta897 mbarnett25  but you can’t necessarily just throw the old system in real quick, unless I’m wrong they would have to put a lot of extra time into a placeholder system that would be temporary, and would probably come with its own bugs and issues.


    The default click and drag on a stack should move the entire stack then have a button like alt that allows you to hover and use a slider. More often than not people want to move an entire stack not just portions of it


    RealmDweller  “The new inventory idea is even worse. Defaulting on the slider is just cumbersome and obnoxious.”

    By “new inventory idea” do you mean the shown in this post, or the one currently in game? If you’re talking about the former, the slider is not the default. My idea was to invoke it by holding down the mouse on the item, but it could be done with right clicking too.

    And yes I agree with your point about needing solutions to the problems the locks create. But again, I don’t think that means the lock system should be scrapped.


    What I’m saying is you can upgrade your ceiling all the way to level 6 but it still only takes somebody 1 hit with a rock and it downgrades it to level 5. But that’s not the point. The point is you shouldn’t be able to spawn into a game with a rock and be able to best your way into somebodies house like that. There has to be a sense of meaning to building things otherwise what’s the point? That’s not realistic at all. Who in their right mind is going to see a house and say hey let me take this rock I found on the ground climb up to that persons roof and beat my way through it. Nobody is your answer. Doors and windows should be the weakest part of somebodies house and even then it should take more than a rock


    Vegeta897 mbarnett25 ScarfaceCapone if something isn’t working you disable it(not write it out of existence), that was my point with the bugs, as they play a large factor as to why this isn’t working, Let me rephrase this, use the old system as a “Place Holder” until the tier system for locks are worked out.

    I Would totally have no issue with having to use a key on  a basic house. In fact I would welcome it knowing that I had to carefully build up resources, to getting the next tier lock for my bigger home, would justify risk.


    The “there’s supposed to be risk” mentality is accurate, but not when applied in this way, to this degree.
    There HAS TO be an answer to every problem. There are ways to make it workable, they just haven’t been proposed.
    let us craft a tool that allows us to quickly change our locks from the inside without smashing down our tier6 doors -it’s called a screwdriver. (HOLY SHIT, MIND BLOWN!!!) = partially solved, but still not balanced.
    The new inventory idea is even worse. Defaulting on the slider is just cumbersome and obnoxious.
    Right click to select split slider (even the very same as seen above) = solved. its not rocket science.
    Maybe the devs have some decent ideas in store for us to restore balance for their morally respectable player base… 
    I’ll check back in a few months and keep my fingers crossed that they stop catering strictly to bottom-feeders.


    mbarnett25 Vegeta897 ScarfaceCapone Agreed, there should be a way to recover these places.


    Hey guys, love what you’ve done with the game so far! One problem I’ve been having lately is when I try to load a server it gets stuck loading “snapshot:6, screenshot:169”. Not sure if anyone has a solution or not, but yea lol


    Vegeta897 ScarfaceCapone  i agree with not using bugs as part of the argument, i just fundamentally dislike the way that I have played for so long and lost numerous houses that ended up sitting there abandoned, atleast in old rust people would loot and leave or move in, now all i see is that they loot and like the place on their way out, discarding the key somewhere off in the distance rendering the house useless to everyone forever.


    ScarfaceCapone Vegeta897 I’ve been playing on Seattle, but I don’t play much. Damn crashes.


    Vegeta897 What ever floats your boat what server you on?


    ScarfaceCapone Vegeta897 Are you saying you’re dying but nobody is taking your key? Can’t you just recover it, then?

    I’m not sure I understand your “hours to loss ratio” argument. If I enjoy playing the game, it doesn’t matter how far I get before I die, because I’ll have enjoyed the time spent up to that point. Yeah, it feels shitty when you die, especially if it was unfair or stupid, but that constant risk is what makes the game exciting. It makes the game more rewarding the further manage to get. It also increases the excitement and tension of near-death incidents.

    You do have a good point about bases that end up abandoned because nobody has the key, and I think there should be a way to access them with some effort or cunning. But I don’t think the key system has to change as a result. Just expanded upon.

    Using bugs to justify proposals of changing the game is never valid. There is no sense in designing a game around its bugs. The alpha’s main purpose is not to be playable and fair. It’s to get features in and fix things. Delaying a feature’s implementation because of bugs is senseless in an alpha. Taking a feature out is even more ridiculous, unless the idea itself is bad purely because of the idea, not the bugs surrounding it. They’ll eventually be fixed, so if the game is too frustrating for you right now, take a break.


    I like the keyring suggestion + we should be able to name keys! (Since in my last session I had 5 keys in my inventory, then I made some copies for a friend and bam, 10 wooden keys. Not only is your inventory blocked but good luck finding all the right keys and giving away the copies. The lantern one is clever and could be used but keyrings should still become a thing.

    Also walls should be stronger and last longer. You can’t even build a little stone (4) house and feel safe in it for half an hour to go eat something in RL. You can’t even build a little metal (6) house and feel safe in it while you meet some friends in RL for a couple hours. If 2 or 3 guys decide to go in there, they won’t have any problems doing so.

    I like the stack handling idea alot! The holdmousebutton+select and the holdkey+drag to move an entire stack should both find their way into the game!

    An option to select snap-into-place walls OR move-freely walls while building would also be nice. (Maybe in the F2 menu)
    Adding to that there could be a tools which allows for 2 foundations to combine into one because sometimes -if you’re working with triangular foundations- there are still places you can’t seem to match up. Maybe a simple shovel or something.


    key system makes sense reminds me of old ultima online. I think it should be implemented similarly as well. If you lose your keys just change the locks and craft new keys. Have more than one key lock combination in the house to guard against invasion. But make changing a lock like a 5 minute process and burn materials.



    You are missing the point completely, you risk losing your place all the time I don’t mind the aspect of being raided or even loosing my base, its the fact that the mechanic does not work its just an annoyance that waste a lot of playable time, FYI I don’t carny my keys with me I hide them, and have never had my place raided with a key. and since the new upgrade system people don’t get very far. The time factor is everything what is the point of building a new base that hasn’t been raided that now just sits their since you lost a stupid key. The hours to loss ratio don’t add up, it doesn’t make sense. I rather loose my base over someone’s effort rather than dumb luck.

    The netcode is also not upto scratch at this point so people are being killed when you think the guy is still miles away from you, not to mention the mem leaks that eventually cause a crash and then a huge risk of simply being looted, if the combat system was flawless and you could actually have legit fight sure then it might make some sense. But there are too many bugs in at this point to implement such an important factor. You RISK all the time mate, you risk loosing all the stuff you just harvested, you risk being raided while you sleep, it is far from not having risk. 

    So lets add even more risk, which again does not work properly it just creates an annoyance. this is something that gets added later not in its current state, as it has not been thought out properly, and the game is too broken for it too work as intended….


    m-p{3} I like your idea of crafting signs, kinda like in Minecraft. Would be alot of fun!


    adamsauce99 It’s not the grass i believe, the experimental is pretty laggy itself, and if so, you could always just hit F2 and turn your graphics down a bit.


    I like the ideas, and i could accept  the way of grabbing items from stacks the way it were animated, but with a way to grab a whole stack in a easy way. I’m don’t like the thought of bringing keys into the game really. I think it will destroying the game in the way many people play it. People like to just drop their items, and run around screaming like a bitch, just for fun. If you somehow would risk loosing your house for it, it will all be so serious. People won’t be able to have some fun and just troll a bit. I feel like that is what rust is, to just mess around. Not being all serious all the time.


    WhatsUrStack  are you saying you can’t upgrade the ceiling or that after you upgrade it, it is still able to be destroyed quickly as if it weren’t upgraded?


    I hate the key system.  I agree with all of your reasoning for it being the best option.  I agree that other systems are less survival oriented.  But this key system makes me not even want to build a house.  Its too much of a hassle to ever be able to keep the thing.  I build for hours only for someone to kill me, take my keys, throw them in the ocean.  Yes I could just plant keys all over the map but how realistic is this?  And the reason he wants to bury a key is because you can see boxes from a mile away.  I check ever crevice as I run around a map.  I would see that lantern immediately, I would take the key, I would never find the house the key went to.  And then the guy that placed it would run for 10min to find that his precious hidden key is now gone to no ones benefit.  Its just really too much for the little bit that we can do at this point.  Especially when i can die to a few rock swings from a donger attacking me out of nowhere.  Maybe later this key concept will make more sense but for now it kinda makes me extremely pessimistic about what i can accomplish in a session.


    ScarfaceCapone I would argue that it would be a waste of time to spend hours gathering and building and have virtually no risk of losing it all. If you want that, go play an MMO. Rust is nothing without the risk of loss. If you got yourself killed, and you were carrying your keys, why shouldn’t you be punished? That’s the entire game philosophy. Conversely, if you manage to kill somebody with a kickass base, that should give you a real chance to take over if they were careless with their keys.

    753 hours “wasted” testing rust? Why do you even play if you don’t enjoy it? If you can’t have fun playing rust even if you die eventually every time, maybe this isn’t the game for you. Rust is about progress under the constant risk of death, not comfortably grinding away with no risk of losing what you’ve achieved.


    How can ireduse lag in the new rust? for me it’s to laggy to even play


    Oh and for the love of god make meat stackable! Nothing like being able to carry around 110000 logs of wood but you kill 1 wild boar and your inventory space is gone! Haha


    Thanks for posting my concept!


    My biggest gripe about the game right now is even if you upgrade your entire building to level 6 walls, floors, ceilings etc. people can still some manage to smash through your metal ceiling with a rock. There’s realism for ya. There’s no point in building a house at this point cause you’re just gonna log back in dead with no house and no keys. If rust were reality I wouldn’t be stupid enough to carry my keys with me either the old system was all in all just much better in that aspect. They aim for realism but they need to think beyond how we go about our daily lives and look more at how what as humans, we would do if we found ourselves in this situation. I’d probably use a combination lock instead of a key :)


    “I actually agree that a keyring is needed as a separate inventory, but still can’t see how we could justify allowing the player to keep it on death given the game’s nature.”
    You cant see how it justifies the player to keep his keys? how about the time HOURS spent in game building something(the fact that players rarely use keys to get into someone’s home). Legacies Door system wasn’t broken in fact it worked really well it did not take away from the mechanic at all. ITS A WASTE OF GAME TIME! I have 753 hours wasted testing rust, and this is the one thing I cant stand about the new system.


    Very good update!


    What I would like is the ability to rename keys. It can be quite confusing figuring out which keys is for which doors, in a base that has multiple locks.

    Also, it would be nice if we could craft signs, and write stuff on them for directions or for identifications.

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