This week: Space Invaders on the horizon, and someone made an actual gun.


The opening image was built on a server by S8.Zephyr and posted to the official forums. It’s a good example of the difference player-created landmarks can make. No-one will miss the giant Space Invader, especially with the torches glowing in its eye sockets.

Of course, it’s also someone’s home. As is this:

A number of questions are raised by that enormous, glowing “Fuck You”: is it a specific insult, or should we all, collectively, feel insulted? What’s it like living in a house that could also be considered a breach of the peace? Thanks to Gachl for discovering it.

Hot House

It used to be campfires that people could exploit for fun and profit, but we stomped out their ability to be stacked to the moon a good while ago. Furnaces are basically big campfires, so it’s only expected that they have lots of exploits for people to take advantage of. And being Rust, they’ve done so in spectacular fashion.

Rust forum user Raidenz spent four hours making a house of furnaces, building what he considered to be an unraidable shell around his base. Though the piles of protective smelters aren’t the prettiest, I can’t help but wish I’d seen them burning in the night. Anyway, Raidenz’s unraidable Base was raided in the time it took him to upload this video.

On the official Seattle server, milkman2040 discovered that you could stack furnaces and use them as a staircase to the top of the server? Why? Because it’s there, that’s why. Their line of hot, sexy stone could be seen for miles.

Where are people getting all these furnaces from?

A Bridge Too Far

If cheap simulation games have taught me anything, it’s that people like building bridges. If Rust has taught me anything, it’s that people can make amazing things from the building tools. This was inevitable, really. The players on the Washington server have recorded the lengths you need to go to to build a bridge. It’s not easy, as it involves getting wet and building up from the riverbed, but the results are lovely and homely.

It was so nice that builder VincentD90 started building a little community around it, and then, well, Rust happened:

I built a settlement around the bridge and we named it Bridgeville, then some marauders came and killed us all. I had good armor and a gun but there were too many of them. Such is the story of Rust though. I’ll be back after they update it some more.

Such is Rust.

It Was Rustafied

Looking to move from Legacy to Experimental–where the streets are paved with C4 and you can call in an airdrop just by wishing really really hard–then the Rustafied site is an excellent place to visit before you do. It’s like having a conversation with a friend who plays Rust and who knows everything. The guides don’t just drop stats on you, but they also suggest the best route to take in-game. Need to know how to build, how to find friends, etc? This is a great resource, full of practical tips.

Eoka Pistol

This fine pistol features the ability to aim down the sight and blow a hole in the guy in front of you immediately. If you played Legacy, you’re familiar with the hand cannon. This is not that. Unlike it’s delayed firing uncle, this bad boy fires immediately and doesn’t fuck around with reloading. It has a beautiful feel and rewarding sound when fired. Mind the time between shots (about 3 seconds). This is the pistol to own.


Don’t make a shotgun.
Guns do not need to be reloaded at the moment.
Bolt and Eoka work pretty well all around. If you’re strapping up, I’d recommend one or both of them.

I think “Don’t make a shotgun” is advice we can all agree on. Though I’m sure the star of the next section agrees.

Yup. Someone Made A Gun

Because we don’t actually make guns, when concept art becomes an in-game model, there will occasionally be a fudged detail here or there. After all, gaming is an illusion, a sleight of hand, a suggestion; the real-world takes a back-seat to other concerns. But people are passionate about lots of things, particularly firearms, and Redditor flatlander5000 had a strong reaction to some of the work we put in the game.

I really enjoy Rust and I love seeing all the new updates and concepts that are coming out but if there is one thing that I cannot stand its the firearm concept art. I understand that it’s a game and it’s somewhat unrealistic but the firearms just blow it out of the water. What made me boil over was the subgun concepts that I saw yesterday. I saw it and I found myself saying that “it’s shit — that would never work without shooting a bolt 50mph into a person’s face” and “WTF? THERE’S NOT EVEN AN EJECTION PORT ON ANY OF THESE” that made me go out the next day and buy a pipe and a end cap and start making a realistic subgun design for Rust.

He spent some time with a 3D modelling program and lengths of pipe. This is the result of a quick bit of work. The rubber bands are obviously there instead of more complete metal work.

Hmm. I love the passion, but please: no more guns! Make a furnace, or a lantern, or a shack. Anything but real-world scary things that scare me.

Moving On!

Ahem. For whatever reason, this is pretty high in the Steam Community, and it comes along just as I was considering ending the post on a fun gif. What a lovely coincidence.

Thanks for sharing, GT4tube.

Get In Touch

Do you have something about Rust you want to share? We have a dedicated forum post, or you can post in the Reddit thread. I also poke around the the Steam Community, so feel free to show me to things from there. You can follow and respond to Rust on Twitter, and I’m on there as well. I can’t respond to everything, but I read every comment and take it all in. Just be nice.




    MineDatFunky Dont be gay bro, this shit is real life man, idk what you sayin


    If you guys are like me and still play lots of Legacy Rust, you will
    be glad to know I made a video tutorial for a base which cannot be
    noclipped or “sleeping bagged” into! The only way in is with some good
    ole-fashioned C4, and it will take lots of it! Check it out if you want
    to make your own hacker-proof base!


    Why when I turn on the experimental version of the rust I write error
    Please help with this problem
    How to make sure that everything worked as it should


    eatonWX it might be a REALLY slow frame rate causing the UI to be unresponsive. You can force it by pressing F1 and typing “wakeup” into the console.

    Then once you’re up, close the console with F1 again and this time press F2 to open graphic settings. Turn off PVT. If it is a low framerate then be slow about clicking it. Don’t spam it or you’ll turn PVT back on.


    When I log in to a server it won’t let me wake up. How do I fix this?


    liviano7777777 Старая версия доделываться уже не будет. Это всего лишь тест движка. И, кстати, в него всё ещё можно играть, выбрав Rust Legacy при запуске.
    Новая карта – процедурно генерируемая. То есть она генерируется случайным образом и на разных серверах всегда будет разной.


    Из за бета версии RUST я не могу в него играть
    Так к системние требования увеличелись и он у меня очень сильно лагает,появылось много непонятного поставьте старую версию RUST или сделайте так чтобы люди могли себе менять версии например по етой причине:
    Купил я раст хочу поиграть запускаю все нормально работает никаких лагов а тут на следующий день он обновился и вот суть обновления
    1. Лагает так що не возможно играть даже на самом худшем качестве  не работает
    2 Ти вспоминаеш какая была хорошая старая версия и тебе хочетса в нее поиграть так как в новой у тебя все завысает одним словом новая версия не работает
    3. У тебя появляетса мисль зачем я покупал-покупала RUST если не могу в него играть

    В овление есть хорошое например можно плавать но я вам говорю как любитель RUST множество людей которие играли в раст сечас не могут его играть так как и я и они зря потратили свои деньги и нерви надеюсь вы поставите старую версию и будете ее доделивать но не менять на другую
    И пожалусто не меняйте карту она всем нравитса зачем вы поставили новую? (((((((((((

    Надеюсь вы меня и всех других услишите


    Due to the beta version of RUST I can not play it 
    So to the system requirements uvelichelis and I have it very much lag, there will be many unknown place RUST older version or make sure that people can afford to change the version for example by etoj reason: 
    I bought the stretch run I want to play everything works fine no lag and then the next day it was updated and that’s the essence of renovation 
    1 Proposes so scho not possible to play even the worst as not working 
    2 Tee vspominaesh what was the good old version and you hochetsa to play it because you have a new all in one word zavysaet new version does not work 
    3 You poyavlyaetsa misl why I bought, bought RUST if I can not play it 

    In ovlenie There is a good example, you can swim but I’m telling you as a fan RUST many people who play in the stretch sechas can not play it because I and they have wasted their money and nerves I hope you put the old version and it will not change dodelivat on other 
    And pozhalusta not change the map it all nravitsa why did you put a new one? (((((((((((

    Thank you! 
    I hope you and all the other uslishite


    Aw shit, Rustafied.


    That bridge isn’t long enough. And if I could like that gif I would. *thumbs up*


    MineDatFunky mine dat funkkyyyy i love your youtube channel BRUH !


    my bridge was bigger and longer! and i have a video too


    Azark Yea I used your tower as waypoint to find my base. It seems that I made the screenshot right in time because not even 10 minutes later the server was wiped ;(

    built that tower. Meh, I was getting pissed off by people always raiding my houses overnight when I was not playing, so I thought I will build something unreachable for myself and others, but.. As you can see it was still raided. They are always fast at it, like it took them only 1 hour to get to the top of it.
    My ”Fuck you tower” as I call it was a giant insult towards the raiders on Amsterdam server. :P


    come joint new server please.


    I recommend this for the next update! It’s the first prop from the Rust IRL I am working on!


    If they report at all…

      Nigger Lover XL

    shit game. shit company and 5 years to make an unfinished game????

    pece fags


    yeah I love the lanterns make really good effects. there are some really good other servers also like SA Rust Frenzy, they had some one build the eye tower thing from the lord of the rings. People are so creative. Love it! keep it going guys, love, live and breathe Rust.  FALCON


    sniwiub Xercodo DylanRose true, however not nearly as helpful as formal bug reports. :/


    Xercodo DylanRose At least the trolls indirectly help developers find exploits to fix.


    Ok, so I’ve put a ton of thought into two very different ideas that should blow everyone’s minds away and revolutionize game play in a positive way after baseline is established, but I’m guessing the majority of players are of the TL/DR category which would explain why I’m not even getting NEGATIVE feedback – seriously.. wtf people… For those of you who care to have an influence in the quality of how this game is going to turn out, I ask you, please read andm if you like the ideas, VOTE… or just leave feedback – even if negative.
    Just have some tact. I put a LOT of thought into each of these for them to just be overlooked – and I’m not even getting paid to do so… It’s just what i do, and if you must troll, have some creativity or don’t waste my time :P

    Severe weather conditions/obscured vision:
    Persistant and Agressive PvE NPC’s assigned to new “strictly optional” biomes:


    RealmDweller Yep exactly!


    skrilexl fan #1 Well it’s not like it’s gonna be left that way forever you sarcastic dick D:<


      skrilexl fan #1

    DylanRose Gayry has made it clear that Rust isnt about playing and having fun, it goes deeper than that. Rust is religion, rust is life.

      skrilexl fan #1

    Oh cool, another community update that 99.9% of people will tl;dr. Big ups on making metal structures as strong as wooden shacks, Gayry knows what gamers want before they want it.


    Rustafied I ran into your monument recently as well xD

    Seattle server best server


    Thanks for the mention! Keep up the great work!


    Getting there… but even the wall upgrades only highlighted just how much the no-life griefers actually lack lives. Once it no longer caters to trolls as the primary demographic, i’ll start playing again. I expect there to be raiding, but not this “Walk up to a wall, place a weight on mouse button, step away for a few minutes until time to repeat” crap that’s going on right now. Fuckers need to be made to work for it.


    You guys are doing great work. Rust is more fun every time I peek in on it.


    DylanRose Hell of a lot more playable than the last few times I poked it. Now it’s my prefered version :D


    Still unplayable…..


    Yeah we loved building bridges now :D

    Current idea is to make a road of foundations and foundation stairs, and using the ability to break down any structure, to build up one story high, place and turn on a lantern, and then destroy the floors and walls to leave floating street lamps.


    Also, fully on bord with waiting for more updates before playing anymore… the game desperately needs defences to re-balance things against no-life griefers. At the moment, that’s the only demographic it really caters to, which is just confounding in every sense of the word.

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