Hey guys – we’ve released a quick patch for a bunch of stuff that popped up over the last 24 hours.


Fixed Community UI not working
Fixed "GameObject is not root" clientside error/kick
Restricted server's ability to run convars on clients (can't rebind keys, redirect to other servers etc)
Fixed dropping items between icons in inventory menu
Added server convar nav_wait (set to false to run server while the navmesh is generating)
Added server convar nav_disable (ai won't be able to move!)
Don't show Physx Cooking error/warning

Hey guys. Someone spawned a bunch of stuff on our Toronto server last night. Checking the logs, it turns out they did it via rcon. After some consideration of  how they may have got the rcon password to the server, I found an exploit. This exploit, if done correctly, reveals the rcon password to a client. I think we caught this one pretty early and I acted as swiftly as I could.

So if you’re a server owner make sure your server is up to date and change your rcon password as a precaution. It may be worth your time checking your logs for any suspicious rcon activity, and check your user lists to make sure no admins have been added.

If you’re a player and you can’t join your favourite server – then it is out of date. I know this is a shitty time to force a server update but this really couldn’t wait.


Fixed rcon password exploit
Fixed item dupe exploit