Every Rust player has a story–or stories–to tell. Some day I’ll tell you of the time I haunted another player with campfires, and how he killed me with a rock. While that sort of bloody revenge underpins a lot of Rust, there are larger stories to tell. Some servers have stories. Some even have histories. Rust Factions has eras.

Seven of them at this point–an era is defined as the period between wipes–where players fought for resources with an ideological purpose above and beyond a need for stuff. Each era the world grew ever more complex, with uneasy alliances, monks, and something akin to the UN all forming at various points. Factions took up the banners of Nicholas Cage and John Travolta (really), re-enacted Die Hard (super really), and built Deadwood. It’s currently on hiatus, awaiting the Experimental version of Rust to reach baseline.

Not being there, not experiencing every twist and turn of the server’s politics, outsiders can only grasp a fraction of what went on. You can skim the server’s subreddit if you want more, and here’s the timeline if you want to see the skeleton of the world dug up and posed. Here’s some highlights.

Rust Town Wars

Unofficially the first era. An early server, and a proving ground of the ideas that will eventually turn into Rust Factions. It included the town of Woodbury (from The Walking Dead), a UK-based town called London, and a paramilitary force called The Republic that attacked Woodbury, leading to the town’s order of Monks to take up arms. Things must be bad if vows are cast aside.

A player named Ruigi watched all this as a hermit from the hills, finally venturing into civilisation after a mugging robbed him of his pants: “A week or two went by, and I started to gather the courage to join a town. Woodbury was booming and monks had opened Three Pillars. It seemed like when I was just about to join one, they got raided. First it was Woodbury and then Three Pillars was attacked as I stood at the gate. I retreated to the hills and remained a hermit for quite some time.” As you’ll find out, Ruigi would take advantage of the server’s strife for his own benefit.

Lechuzza’s concise account of that era is worth reading.

“One day, a travelling old man by the name of Brother Kenneth came to town, preaching the word of Rustia, their goddess. He told us: ‘We are currently building our cathedral of The Three Pillars of Rustia, and are seeking aid! Any who wish to assist in the path of Rustia inquire there! Praise be to Rustia, brothers! Stay the hunger, stay the cold nights. Eat food, be full, stay warm by the fire… but most of all PRAISE RUSTIA!’ Whatever we did, Brother Kenneth would not break character, even in the presence of hostility he would not succumb to it and did not try to defend himself. Due to their dedication, we decided to donate wood and materials for their temple.”

A Rust Town Wars gallery.

Eras 1+2

“When Rust Town Wars closed, the community split into a few different servers,” Ruigi continues. “I ended up on Rust Factions. The first two eras were rough and I remained ‘Ruigi, The Mountain Man’, scavenging and hiding among 1x1s around the map. Population was low and the second era was marked by the tyranny of Lord Bacon in the Southlands. There was a hotel that quickly turned into a prison and many players were run out from their homes for not paying off Bacon and his cronies. This was the first appearance of our map and land claims; now a vital part of the server.”

Here’s a collection of various maps across a number of eras.

Also during that time, for whatever reason, the Papal State of Cage is formed by Father Loonsun:

By his divine grace, our holy lord Nicolas Cage has given me a vision to spread his splendour to the people. The first house of the Lord is currently under construction in the northern town of Woodbury. All shall be welcome in his loving embrace. His house will have a homeless shelter and soup kitchen later down the line so that all children of the one true god will no longer have to go hungry or not be sheltered. Once the church is build weekly sermons will be held as to spread his holy word.

Because the movie Face-Off exists, heretics gathered under the banner of Travolta, and war would eventually break out.

Era 3

A wipe is a disruption in the fabric of Rust. It resets everything, and you need to rebuild society as well as towns and villages. Instead of forming a military response to the roaming banditry that followed this wipe, admin Veinharvest created The Monks of Portugal: “I came up with the idea of a pacifist faction after constantly being KOS’d one night after a wipe,” he explains. “The next day I wrote up a declaration on our subreddit proclaiming that my new faction will not kill or fight so killing or fighting us is pointless. The response, though many didn’t want to join the faction, (we might have had 4 total) respected the idea and lent their services to the monks and to protecting their city, Nirvana. This is Sanctuary, the monks gem, and to others a big ass monastery. At the peak of the city, Nirvana, held the homes of the monks, a large base for our protectors The Knights, a soup kitchen, 1×1 homes for new spawns, and homes for whoever wanted to build within our walls.”

This is the sort of thing I love about Rust: violence begats a peaceful protest and then evolves into a social movement. But not everyone is so socially minded.

Eras 4+5

A time of great strife, which is where Ruigi came into his own: “The fourth era saw a decline in players due to a number of factors, and got off to a slow start. A few big factions popped up: MORDOR built their first Eye of Sauron, and the CRIPS became a force to be reckoned with. I had more or less reverted to my hermit/hoarder status and decided to do something that, at the time, I thought was incredibly stupid. I opened a trading post. A simple 2×2 right in the open, selling guns and C4. I held an auction to figure out base prices and came into quite a windfall. Personally, I had never had even a stack of planks and suddenly I had over 15k wood. I began to open up new trading posts all over the map. I expected to be raided, but it would be another two eras before I was.

“In the fifth era, I revised my designs and set up a trade network. I set a price list and recruited suppliers. Outside of the first day, I never gathered basic resources or even turned on a furnace. My time was spent either looting rad areas or conducting business. I may have been killed once that era. I’d hear a voice from behind, ‘Oh, it’s Ruigi!’ and got left in peace only to hear someone else get KOSd by the same player minutes later. I feared nothing and went about my business undisturbed. I made a pretty decent living as a solo player that era.”

But not everyone was so settled. Could Ruigi’s amoral weapon dealing have created conflict on the plains? There’s a lot more inter-faction violence, and the world seemed to be falling into disarray. Another faction, China, reported of attacks on their engineering project, The Great Wall:

“China Daily News reporting in, foreign intruders have once again attempted to invade China. Zikslol and his band of miscreants were able to breach the incomplete wall on March 3, 2014. Zikslol and his men occupied the junction of the wall and the tower, slowly making their way up the tower with barricades and makeshift stairs. The Chinese fought valiantly to repel the invaders, but Zikslol and his men’s marksmanship was dead on and dispatched of the defenders quickly. ‘There was nothing we could do, our heads were simply too large,’ cited Cereal.”

Era 6

By now the place had taken on an aspect of the Wild West, and the only logical conclusion was to create a saloon. Veinharvest was involved: “The idea was taken from the show ‘Deadwood’, where we had a gambling saloon at the heart of a dangerous wild west town. This faction was by far the most taxing for us, because of how popular the gambling became and how dangerous the town was. The idea we had was that we had a stream going of a deck of cards (for 21) or a roulette or faro board. Players would place bets with wood at the dealer window and the dealer (usually me) would keep a running total of their wins and losses. This gave us coffers full of wood! Players could make deposits and loans from the Gem, as well as invest money in return for share of the profits. This was just an elaborate puppet for my friends and I, who would use that wood to buy munitions from the traders… to help defend the town and town folks from outsiders looking to cause trouble.”

What you see here is a fraction of the faction friction. Check the timeline, and you can see a world that rivals Westeros for a plot twists and backstabbery. I didn’t mention the Red Priests, the Union of Socialist Ducks, nor KFC. I missed out the moment the Browncoat Union realised how strong they were and became a state. There’s war, unions, kidnappings, and there’s even the opening of an amphitheatre. It’s a superb example of what people are capable of of creating given the right tools. Do we need to put monk’s robes in Rust?

Special thanks to Veinharvest, Ruigi and Bryter for gathering all this information together. They are credit to team!

Get In Touch

None of this post would’ve worked if the people of the server hadn’t contacted us. Do you have something about Rust you want to share? We have a dedicated forum post, or you can post in the Reddit thread. I also poke around the the Steam Community, so feel free to show me to things from there. You can follow and respond to Rust on Twitter, and I’m on there as well. I can’t respond to everything, but I read every comment and take it all in. Even the mean ones.




    Shamed Medic Sofa499 Hitting F2 in game allows you to turn EVERYTHING down. My rig went from running at 10 FPS to 60 FPS within seconds

      Shamed Medic

    hereiamhereibe Yeah, no. They would rip the game apart. And what do you mean, faster? I’ve seen more content drop out of this game in the past month and a half then Minecraft had in 6. And that was another indi company. Do you see Microsoft or Zenimax pumping out 5+ new concepts/items/AI/Optimizations every week? Fuck no.

      Shamed Medic

    Sofa499 Make sure you have a pretty stacked rig or dont bother. I bought it and can’t run experimental above 20fps. And that’s with an aftermarket $300 NGC and i5. Just… Make sure you can run it or it will be a very big disappointment.


    DaveBonk a 2 sports medicine degree holding IBO huh?!? *whistles* Good luck juggling your “business” with your job in Chicago. At least if your employers see your immature, responses here you know you can always fall back on your “business”. The quotes, or dripping sarcasm symbols, are to insinuate that you do not in fact own a business. I understand that as a professional in the sports medicine field, you should leave your profiles public, but you should refrain from erroneous and immature comments because of that fact. By the time you are financially secure enough to be qualified to speak on the matters of money, you will not make the same statements. Guaranteed.


    Bryterlayter23 pellehardrock oh okey just woundering whats was going on :)


    pellehardrock Yes, I see no servers for couple hours


    pellehardrock “It’s currently on hiatus, awaiting the Experimental version of Rust to reach baseline.”
    Right there in the article.


    anyone else finding no server at this point`?


    Rust always interested me, but in my current circumstances, I can’t just whimsically throw down twenty bucks anymore. The story of the above server, and potential for similar servers to exist, however, has pretty much made my mind up. Once I have the time and money, that is.


    hereiamhereibe Yes, they would finish it faster, and have more bugs, and not care about the community, and have hardly any content, and probably introduce unfair systems like microtransactions. 

    You want Garry Newman to give up HIS game to some company to make money off of. You sir are a genius.


    Honestly garry it would be really cool if you sold out and some day i hope you do, i love your work and your teams work dont get me wrong but i do feel like a full fledged AAA production company would get this game made and finished very quickly. But im pretty certain a company like Sony or Microsoft wouldnt hurt this game in fact its so early in dev it could still wind up being anything, so i would say until this game is a few months past baseline please dont consider selling it or Rust will likely never happen.


    Who is selling out?


    glad you liked it and thanks for the awesome words .. we will be back and hope you come as well.


    Monks robes!  yes!  It would be awesome to allow the community to create outfits as well, ala TF2.


    opassnmr improvised!


    opassnmr loololollol


    I love the idea with the catpult (from reddit). You would have to set it up and then you can break down wooden walls, throw stuff through windows etc.
    I think you should have to build it up, so defenders can see it comming.


    opassnmr Best. Gas Mask. Ever.

      Michael D Kardzhilov

    Cant wait for the Devblog, and community update, they are the thing i look forward to on fridays :)


    DaveBonk Yeah. Hiring people, covering office and equipment overheads, rebooting a project that was already successful. Totally greedy.




    DaveBonk 4 years your elder, and far more accomplished than yourself. At least learn to use your words appropriately if you’re going to act like a bitch on the internet but hey, it’s not my job to educate you… May want to demand a refund for those supposed “degrees”.



    “My mental capacity is already farther reaching than yours”
    “Stop jocking my dick bro.”

    It’s like you were trying to place yourself up on a pedestal only to promptly slip and land on your face in the process.


    DaveBonk “Selling out” implies betraying one’s own moral composition for immoral reasoning. Not possible if that composition was non-existant to begin with and there are no immoral implications in doing so. Grow the fuck up.


    Impressive of someone who never matured beyond an adolescent mentality


    Also: I don’t mind the abundant resources for the sake of testing… it’s actaully a nice change of pace after they have been far too scarce for so long. Love the new landscapes, lakes/rivers/forests/mountains… hope they keep em like this, add caves and improve a bit.
    Any idea when metal stuff will be implemented, or wood will be made tougher at least? Not a fan of butterwalls being taken down by stone in only a few seconds… at least make it require a metal hatchet or something… Please? >.>


    Community servers seemed to work fine for me… dev server kept spawning me at the peek of the atmasphere and dropping me to my death… when it wasn’t completely freezing my computer just trying to load/respawn.
    Also, i don’t mind the abundant resources for the sake of testing… it’s actaully a nice change of pace after they have been far too scarce for so long. Love the new landscapes, lakes/rivers/forests/mountains… hope they keep em like this and improve a bit


    It’s easy to think that way… when you’re a teenager still living off your mama’s teet.


    Please do not carry this lock and key method on into baseline… bases having 50+ doors are bound to be the norm and there is no way to manage keys for that in this manner… perhaps return to the pin-code for the person who built the door and allow them to create keys like this to give to other players/add to a keyring that doesn’t get dropped when killed or something (or is retained, but is also lootable by the killer)… anything that isn’t insanely tedious, like it currently is.


    I think you’re taking it too far, and implementing these ideas as hard-wired in-game mechanics would completely kill the spirit of what rust is. Most of that is possible if you just talk to the players on whatever server you use, if they wish to cooperate. That’s part of the beauty of it.
    Rust is about the freedom and batshit randomness that ensues of it’s players.
    Try and start that utopia on your own server… if the other players don’t like it they’re free to canabalize you for trying while building their own sadistic utopia. You’re free to retaliate as you see fit, be it by trying to recruit a group of justice-dealers, mercinaries, hermits or what have you.


    Best server that’s ever existed in Rust. This was my main server the past few eras.


    Dear Garry (I hope you read this, or someone else from the devteam),

    This is a pure suggestion: the moment someone spawns and comes to life, is afraid of other people. Why? Because you will be killed right at the moment you meet another player (there are exceptions ofcourse). Why? Human nature I guess? *I WANT HIS LOOT!!*. Couldn’t you guys make a better gamesetting where nature is your worst enemy? A setting where you will be HAPPY to see another player, to help you. A setting where trading and economy is a big part of the game and killing another player is a big crime. A setting where towns rise, where people create there own quests, where players rule over other players (and decide to be kind to their people, OR EVIL >:) (By asking high taxes, gnegne..)). Decisions, decisions, decisions. Politics, trading, economy, building, crime, etc. etc. That would be alot cooler then the original setting (not that I am unhappy with the game, It’s awesome!). The game is too easy right now: Spawn > Collect Recources > Build your mansion with a lock > Gather some more stuff to deposit in your crates so you can hold out forever > KILL OTHER PEOPLE (Cause theres nothing else to do anymore).. 
    Some simple things: You cut a tree, wood appears in your inventory while you don’t got a bag.. You don’t even carry your loot. It would be alot cooler to carry wood on your back, carry it to your plot, build your farm, house, whatever you can think off. 
    I have alot more suggestions, all to expend the idea explained above, but it will be a sort of book then. Conclusion for now: the multiplayer aspect of this game should be alot bigger.. 

    Hope you find yourself in this suggestion.



    PS: (Sorry for the English, I’m Dutch :-))


    DaveBonk so friend it seems you have made a great game now if you like you can continue working everyday making what you do and looking forward to what may or may not happen in the future or here is 10 million dollars right now you can stop working and just live happily what would youre choice be. As bitchy as selling out sounds i dont think many of us in that situation would turn down that oportunity


    Make a communityupdate abaut the best concept and ideas made by user !!!


    Why did u reset experimental yesturdat? x) It was running well and now its impossible to build anything
    There is to much metal & animals on the map. but forest are great.

    The cooking work well ^^ But the hammer dont work and we can’t use bed or something.

    One day after this fuckin reset it still don’t work …. What a shame.


    EpsilonNaut Look a couple months back, they show the caves that they have made. Just scroll through the page and hit ‘click more’ on everything until you find the cave. The caves they have made look sick af!


    RX Painkiller that was done with a mod: http://gomagma.org/community/index.php?resources/building-manager.83/


    RX Painkiller pussy bitch


    RX Painkiller thats part of the game to be killed and looted, keys are stupid but saying they arnt then giving a pussy excuse to why you dont like their features is weak

      Rafael Barros

    RX Painkiller, wow! Very good one!


    RX Painkiller “when you leave your real home, do you fear every second someone is going to take all that you have worked for?”

    No, but I also don’t leave my home to go kill a boar with a rock so I can survive another night.  If you really want to compare apples to apples, in the real world, if I was forced into a survival situation (let’s say some huge natural disaster) where I had to scavenge to stay alive, then YES, I would be worried every time I left my house of coming back to it pillaged!


    Jabba  BrickTamland Thats why you make two copies and keep one inside your house..


    Please add cave systems into the rocks and mountains. There is still a lot of land that players don’t frequent. Adding underground cave and tunnel systems would be pretty awesome, plus you can put bears inside the caves. I’ve read in a comment from below about a beard idea, which would be fucking great as well.


    Cooldudes4208 This is what happpens when you don’t let cage into your heart, Travolta takes the space


    A UK town called London? Really?


    RX Painkiller Worst idea EVER… I mean EVER.


    BrickTamland Game = Early Acces = Still in development


    RX Painkiller This game is still in development, will probably be tweaked…

      RX Painkiller

    You know what would be genius, and I don’t know of any other game having this idea. Connecting an alarm system to the players accounts so when they are completed with their homes and have established an active alarm system of some sort,(of course making an alarm system very hard to make). If a player is not in the game he gets a flash e-mail or some sort of notice his place is being broken by his alarm system. You’d have a lot of players coming back into the game much more often.

      RX Painkiller

    Keys are fine, as long as you make one and it’s permanently on you, having to knock your door down because you got killed by someone who says they are friendly and lies, truly sucks monkey balls, Thanks, PK

      RX Painkiller

    The new rust is looking very nice, but you must make the housing much more durable, I’m talking close to impossible to get into. I mean when you leave your real home, do you fear every second someone is going to take all that you have worked for, not really. At least make some kind of defence system that will sway others to stay away. Especially large groups picking on very small groups. Other than that your heading in the right direction. thanks, PK


    BrickTamland also, having lots of doors, makes you carry lots of keys. and atm you dont konw what key fits in what door, if you have to give a key to another player or something. Maybe if  the key system is changed somehow it could be cool, but at this time, its kinda sux :(


    BrickTamland I agree. Keys are cool but its not all cool. All the times ive been on experimental had been ruined when i was killed. You make a door, create a key, lock your door when you go out.. then if o get killed and you spawn inside your base ( where you most likely have your sleeping bag) you cant get out of your own building because door is locked -.- Kinda lame xD


    Can we remove the making of keys in the new rust? I think it will ruin the part of games.


    deyrivative You would be happy to know this idea is already very common and http://ausrust.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/i1ItZKh.png

    That was on the trello before, no longer is as far as I can tell though.


    bioclone_ax45 Just learn coding and make mods/plugins.


    Tordyn That was before my time, man…those eras were Vein and Ruigi’s doing in the timeline.


    Please Garry! Make a way (app or something) to allow us to create our own gamemode without turning ourselves crazy! (like happened on GMod) maibe any tool like the ones you were doing 4 skinning and – preview armor models and more.

    I love all what its exposed here, but for anything like this you need a TON of admins, would be nice for hosts to give then some ways to add / change a bit the “rules”.


    What about the great war I started by infiltrating the top.dogs of.avron and getting his own guys to back stab him lol epic


    Server is Down atm until the game comes back and is farther along. Yes ill have the ip as I’m the guy who runs it LOL. Please follow us on our Sub reddit.


    loonsun i think you mean john denver


    Zero Fox FK

    Or what exactly the 233.35mb update includes? That’d be terrific.


    Rust needs a way to distinguish players who die frequently and those who are survivors, going long periods without death.  I would like propose the idea of beards that grow in length, this would give a greater feel to the idea of Rust aswell.  You stumble thru the woods onto a cave with the light of a campfire flickering, around the fire stands 4 bearded men all laughing hysterically from all the human meat they have consumed.  Cave dwellers will be freshly shaven no longer!!!
    I know you have talked about this idea before but I sort of feel it has
    been somewhat forgotten, baseline may be the priority but I would love
    to see this as new content after the fact.  Which brings me to something you have also hinted at, the laughing disease cannibals have been known to get.  Hysterical laughing from a band of raiders would be scary as shi*!* and would also prevent people from eating human meat when they don’t want the added attention.

     As far as factions go, bearded monks!?  Hyenas of the Wasteland?

      Rafael Barros

    Tordyn, you know the server ip?


    Zero Fox FK

    I mean, it’s not unreasonable? There’s a bunch of programmer lingo in there that not a lot of people understand…it would be NICE if there was a list of changes that players can easily identify, such as, “updated animal death animations….added rad suit….IMPLEMENTED SAFETY IN HOUSING AHH HEMMM” ….all in one clean list, like the dota updates. Sorry if I offended anyone.


    I laughed so hard. My thoughts exactly :)


    Dawija1017 “I want a list of changes!” “These changes are too technical for me to understand!”



    Krammy Dawija1017

    A lot of that is technical stuff I don’t understand=/


    cookcreeperz NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Love that this is here.  Rust Factions would not be the server it was with out the loyal members.  New trolls would enter daily to try and thwart a great server, but it was the members who stuck strong and broke them down.  I am personally proud of all the achievements this great server once had and it will reign again.  Thank you all for making the server great..



    Everytime my Rust updates, it takes me to THIS page to view the changes….yet, I never find an organized list of all the changes in each patch….that would be nice to have.


    I had a faction once, we lasted for 5 days but we had a traitor on the inside. When the enemy showed up for an attack he killed our marks man and opened the flood gate. After the attack we were scattered to the wind.


    cookcreeperz What about that version and why do you prefer that?


    cookcreeperz By the love of Cage, No.


    cookcreeperz No


    The great lord will return to us in time, as said from the holy lips themselves”I am not a demon. I am a lizard, a shark, a heat-seeking panther. I want to be Bob Denver on acid playing the accordion.” – Cage 3:69, from his sermon on the mount


    cookcreeperz No.


    hobblinharry I put it in the timeline…your victory did not go unnoticed!


    A cultural victory was actually declared at the end of the 3rd Era by the Bungle Boys


    This is why I love rust


    Bring back the old Rust from August 2013!!!

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