It’s a new one, and we’re working on it again. More news as soon as it’s available.


Update 2: We’ve released a server and client update; Old clients will not be compatible with new servers, so make sure you’re updated on steam. It may take some time for the update to propagate through the community servers, however.

We’ve just put a small update out that should hopefully solve some of the DDOS problems we’ve been having over the last few days (fingers crossed!). Thanks for everyone for their help with this, especially everyone that emailed in information, Steve from Multiplay for his feedback and analysis, German Hoeffner from Ideal Hosting for his debugging and advice, and of course the MuchDifferent guys for their swift fix.

Servers will need to be updated before you can join them, and your client will obviously have to be up to date. If your client isn’t updating try restarting Steam.

Thanks for sticking with us and being patient while we’ve muddled our way through these issues. The servers aren’t bulletproof, but hopefully we’ve made it a bit harder to completely take them down.

If you have any information about the DDoS attacks, please email me at

We already have quite a bit of information – but we’re looking for people to confirm suspicions. So if you have any information on who is attacking us, how they are attacking us, or where they’re attacking us from – please let us know on the address above. Even if you think you’re repeating what we already know it can be very useful to us because it will add weight to them.

If the attackers want to contact us on the above address to work with us to fix exploits then feel free.. but please don’t expect anything in return. Attacking us is not the way to get what you want. In fact, it’s a pretty good way to guarantee that the opposite will happen.

Thanks for all the help guys – we have everything we need for now :)

Hey all, we’re still working hard with MuchDifferent to solve the attack issues. We’re really sorry about the downtime and are working to have it resolved as soon as possible. We’re doing our best, and as usual we will post new information as soon as possible. Thanks for playing everyone.

I have updated the server browser to only display a subset of servers, in a paged manner. This should solve the lag we were having when it was listing 2,000 servers. Let us know in the comments if I totally broke something while doing this. I changed the chat text colour too.. but I didn’t have time to do anything else today, sorry guys :(

As mentioned in the previous post, Helk and Pat are working with MuchDifferent to try to reduce the impact the DDOS attacks can have on Rust. We could not be happier with the dedication they’re showing us right now (doubly so considering it’s the weekend, and the holidays)

The attacks are still happening on and off. We’re doing everything we can to stop them from happening – and will hopefully have a longer term solution in place in the next few days. We once again apologise for them. Lets get through this together :)

We’ve added some countermeasures, server admins should update their servers and let us know how it’s running. Will have more information tomorrow

Just a quick bit of information, We are working directly with the uLink staff in an attempt to solve this issue. ┬áMore information as soon as it’s available

Most servers seem to be running along okay right now. I guess the attackers had to go to sleep at some point. But the exploits remain so we can’t just forget about it at this point. We can’t have the fate of your Rust hanging on the whim of script kiddies.

We’re in touch with MuchDifferent – and despite it being the weekend and everyone being on holiday, they’re making a real effort to help us out. So hopefully the dedicated server will get a bit more bulletproof over the next few days and we can all get back to hitting each other with rocks.

Sarah has given me permission to work tomorrow (on a Sunday!), so I will be fixing as much stuff as I can. The server list is a bit of a priority at the moment, it was never really tested with the amount of servers we currently have – so the performance is terrible. I’ll be reconfiguring that to work better. Anything else you want fixing let us know in the comments and I will try to cover as much as possible.

I am hearing a lot that you want us to do something about cheats, the aimbots and wallhacks that have cropped up recently. We probably haven’t made it clear enough what our strategy is, or how it works. VAC is active. VAC doesn’t ban people straight away. It doesn’t try to stop people cheating. It logs them. The bans are validated. Then they are all banned in a wave. This could take a week, it could take a month, it could take 3 months. But rest assured that hackers will be VAC banned – so please do not be tempted to cheat.

So after some investigating it appears that the servers are receiving DDOS attacks. Not the usual, send loads of traffic at a server until it chokes and can’t take any more ddos attack. It kind of seems like someone is periodically grabbing the server list and attacking any occupied server with a bunch of empty packets.

We use a networking library called uLink. It works well for us. We can get 300 people on a single server. We’re happy. But it is not without its issues. I get the feeling that it’s not that widely used – so there’s a lot of relatively simple exploits that haven’t been found. We’ve reported issues. A lot. But always seem to receive the same responses. Basically – it’s going to be fixed in the future, in an update that is planned for the next month, that never really gets released.

I’ve optimistically reported the latest issues to them, but we’re not that hopeful that we’ll get a timely fix. We’d love to take matters into our own hands but we can’t look into the issues and fix them ourselves because all their code is obfuscated.

So we’re stuck. We have to either convince them to fix the exploits for us, use a different networking library.. or write our own. This is something we have to have a long discussion about internally.

In the meantime we have to apologise for the ddos attacks. We know it’s not totally our fault – but at the same time it is. If you have exploits then people are going to exploit them. That’s just how the world works. We hope they get bored soon and everyone can get back to playing and we can get back to making. Until that happens we all have to suffer through this crap – which unfortunately we can do nothing but apologise for.

Hi guys, we’re working on some of the connectivity issues being reported, will post more information possible.

Also we’re looking into some of the server browser issues (it can be quite slow due to the large number of servers) and will attempt to fix this as soon as we can.